Eastern reflector, 29 December 1911

E ,
And Other
We shall have on display
constantly from now
Christmas the newest
Neck Fixings, Ribbons,
Laces and Novelties
too numerous to mention
the wife or the
the sister
or the other fellow's sister
So come to us and please yourself
and please the many others that
you want to pleas by sending a
gift from the STORE who
cater to the wants of woman
kind and their opposite.
j. R. J. G.
suits, Pulley Bowen's
nuts, candies, at S. M.
To many, winter Is a season of
trouble. The toes and
Angers, chapped hands and lips,
cold-sores, red and rough
skins, prove this. But such troubles
before Salve. A
trial convinces. Greatest healer of
burns, boils, piles, cuts, sores,
eczema and sprains. Only
at all druggists.
gloves in white, black and charges,
at Pulley Bowen's.
I have taken one yearling, reddish
brown color, marked slit in left ear
and ragged slit in right. Owner can
get same by proving ownership and
scenic post cards, either brown or
in colors. Our prices arc cheaper
and the work as good. Let me show
you samples. Closs Hearne. The Re-
chiefs for Christmas, the prettiest
line we have ever had. Pulley
K. F.
Dec. 1911.
D. Greenville. N. C.
able Christmas present.
Pulley Bowen's.
now offering
fly virtue of the power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed,
executed and delivered by W. H.
Crawford, F. Crawford and
Allen Crawford, to Andrew J. Moore,
trustee for D. C. Moore, on the 25th
day of February, 1908, and duly re-
corded in the register of deeds office
of Pitt county, North Carolina, in
Book Z-8. page the undersigned
will expose to public sale, before the
court house door in Greenville, to the
highest bidder, on Monday, January
1912, a certain parcel of
laud lying and being in the of
Pitt and state of North Carolina, and
described as follows, Lying
and being In township and
beginning In the run of creek
In the of the lands of Ben-
Daniel, deceased, and running
S. W. poles to a maple, George
Moore's corner, then with said Moore's
line S. E. Ill poles to a stump;
thence with bis line again S. E.
poles to a stake; thence again with
his line E. poles to three
pine stumps, E. P. Daniel's corner;
COATS; E ARE thence with said Daniel's line N.
at greatly reduced poles to a stump; thence with
line of Christmas goods and
are better prepared than ever to fill
the wants of Christmas shoppers.
Pulley Bowen.
and children, make a very
For sale at
in black, packed one pair in box,
at Pulley Bowen's.
Greenville Banking and Trust Co.
the state of North Carolina, at the close of business, December 1911.
Loans and
Overdrafts . 2.258.18
North Carolina State bonds 3,030.33
All other stocks, bonds.
and mortgages . 761.74
Furniture and fixtures----- 6,216.86
Demand loans . 10.000.00
Due from banks and bank-
. 66.687.97
Cash Items . 8,059.25
Silver coin, including all
minor coin currency. 891.27
National bank notes and
other V. S. notes .
Capital stock paid in J 75,000.0
Undivided profits, less cur-
rent expenses and taxes
paid .
Notes and bills re-dis-
counted . 6,000.0
Time of de-
Deposits subject to check
Due to banks and bank-
Cashier's checks
Stale of North Carolina, County of Pitt,
I. C. S. Carr. cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
C. S. CARR. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before 12th day of December, 1911.
H. A. WHITE. Notary Public.
J. EVERETT, My commission expires March
The Bank of Ayden,
In the state of North Carolina, at the close of business, December 1911.
Loans and Capital stock paid in 26.000.00
Overdrafts . 2,255.65 Surplus fund . 18,126.00
rices to close out.
Pulley Bowen.
his line N. 1-2 poles to the road;
thence with the road to where it
makes a square turn near E. P. Dan-
house; thence N. 1-2 E.
SHOE STOCK WAS -NEVER the run of creek;
more complete than now, and we thence up said creek to the
are in position to save you money containing acres, more or
your purchases in the shoe line
Bowen. deceased, and being the land
James and wife
slippers, in all styles, at Pulley
Condensed Statement of
The National Bank
At the close of business, December 1911.
Loans and discounts
Overdraft . 960.90
V. bonds .---- 21,000.00
Stocks and bonds . 2,600.00
Furniture fixtures . 7,136.30
Exchange for clearing house . 12,033.14
Five per cent, redemption fund . 1,050.00
Cash and due from banks . 94,208.93
Surplus . 10,000.00
Profit . 666.25
Circulation . 21,000.00
Bond account . 21,000.00
Dividends unpaid .
Re-discounts . 13,400.00
Cashier's checks . 339.01
North County.
In the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore. Clerk.
F. C. Harding, administrator
of the estate of J. J. Per-
kins, decease
J. W. Perkins, R. A. Tyson
and wife, Clyde P. Tyson,
Annie Perkins, n. C.
and wife. Helen Flan-
Virginia Perkins,
Virginia H. Perkins.
White Perkins. Mercer
Tyson, of J.
J. Perkins.
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made by
D. C. Moore, clerk, on the 27th day
deeded by D. H. James and wife to
W. H., Clemmy F, and Allen Craw-
ford, recorded In Book H-8, page
In the registers office of Pitt county.
Terms of sale cash.
This 28th day of November, 1911.
Trustee for D. C. Moore.
Furniture and fixtures----- 643.30
Demand loans . 4,000.00;
Cash items . 33,386.54
Gold coin . 200.00
Silver coin, including all
minor coin currency----- 92.50
National bank notes and
other U. S. notes . 4,177.00
Undivided profits, less cur-
rent expenses and taxes
paid . 2,086.52
Deposits subject to check. 66,499.22
Savings deposes . 30,699.79
Cashier's checks
. 904.64
North County.
Norfleet Mayo
The defendant above named will
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced In the
Superior court of Pitt county to pro-
cure a divorce from the bonds of mat-
And the said defendant will
further take notice that she is re-
quired to appear at the next term of
State of North Carolina, of Pitt,
I. Stancill Hodges, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and be-
Subscribed and sworn to before 11th day of December, 1911.
R C. CANNON, My commission expires Feb. 1913.
of November, 1911, the undersigned, court
as administrator of the estate of J. . . . . ,. .
J. Perkins, will, on Monday, the th Monday before the first
day of January, 1912, at o'clock, I Monday In March, it being the 23rd
noon, expose to public sale, before day of January, 1911, at the court
court house door in Greenville, to of in Greenville,
the highest bidder, for cash, the fol-
lowing described tract or parcel of
Lying and being in Bethel town-
ship, adjoining the lands of Annie
Randall Whichard, Frank-
Bowers, and others, and known
as the Britton land, containing
acres, more or less. This sale is
made tor the purpose of making as-
sets of the estate of J. J. Perkins,
This the 18th day November,
Administrator of J. J. es-
N. C, and answer or demur to the
complaint In said action, or the plain-
tiff will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in said complaint
D. C.
Clerk of the Superior Court
Julius Brown, Atty. for plaintiff
The new Steamers Just placed In service the OF NOR-
and OF are the most elegant and
up-to-date steamers between Norfolk and Baltimore.
Equipped with la each
meals served ea board. Everything fer
comfort convenience. t l s t l
Steamers leave Norfolk p. m. dally, arriving at Baltimore
a. m. following morning.
Connecting at Baltimore for all points NORTH, NORTH EAST,
Very low round trip rates to Baltimore. Washington. Phil-
New York. Atlantic City. etc.
Reservations any cheerfully
Read The for All the News
By virtue of a power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed, ex-
and delivered by Robert
and wife.
to R. L Smith and
Oscar Hooker, trading as R. L. Smith
ft Company, dated June 1906, and
duly recorded in the register's of-
In Pitt county. In Book J-8, page
the undersigned will, on Mon-
day, the day of January, 1912. at
o'clock, noon, to public
sale before the court house door In
Greenville, Pitt to the highest
bidder, for cash, the following de-
scribed tract or parcel of land, to-
Lying and being in town-
ship, Pitt county, and adjoining the
lands of Alfred W. L.
F. Corey, and others, containing
acres, more or less.
This sale will be made to satisfy
the terms of said mortgage deed.
This the 11th day of December,
It. I. SMITH, and
O. HOOKER. Mortgagees.
E. I. owner of debt.
By F. C. Harding, Atty.
And Cents Store Open.
Having been appointed receiver of
the mercantile business known as
and cents store, and
completed Inventory of same, the
store will be open to the public on
Wednesday, December 20th, and con-
open until the stock Is disposed
it is to the of holiday
shoppers to visit this store on Dick-
N. W. OUTLAW, Receiver.
By virtue of a decree of the Superior
court, made in Special Proceeding
No. 1704, entitled Sadie Turner, et
, against Lucy Elks, et the
undersigned commissioner will sell,
for cash, before the court house door
in Greenville, at noon, on Saturday,
January 1912, the following de-
scribed piece or parcel of land, situate
in the county of Pitt and in Con-
township, lying about two
miles from the town Ayden, ad-
Joining the lands Ed Harrington,
Joseph Dixon, Mary Ann Vincent, Mat
and others, containing
acres, more or less, being the share
of land Inherited by Ann Elks,
deceased, mother of said tenants In
common from her father, Aaron
deceased. Said land sold
for partition.
This December 1911.
Having qualified as administrator
of B. F. Crawford, deceased, late of
Pitt county, North Carolina, this Is to
notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased to
exhibit them to the undersigned on
or before the 12th day of December,
1912, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to said estate
will make Immediate payment
This 12th day of December. 1911.
F. G. James ft Son, Attorneys.
North County.
In the Superior Court, before the
A. G. Cox,
Emma Harris, R. L. Griffin,
N. S. John Griffin,
Will Griffin, John Williams,
and Wife, Lou B.
Maggie B. Stocks, Nannie
Braxton, Clara
ton, Elisha B. Jones,
Griffin, Warren Avery, Mary
Avery, Edwards,
Edwards, Bettie Ed-
wards, Annie Edwards, El-
wards, of James
Braxton, Reedy Branch
Church, of Pitt county;
Ham and
E. A. Avery.
The following named defendants,
R. L. Griffin, John Griffin, Will Griffin,
Elisha B. Jones, Joe Griffin, Mary
Avery, Riley Edwards, Ed-
wards, Bettie Edwards, Annie Ed-
wards. Ellen Edwards. Ed-
wards, J. H. Edwards, of
James Braxton; William Laughing-
house, E. A. Avery, will take notice
that a special proceeding entitled as
above, has been commenced before
the clerk of the Superior court of Pitt
county, to sell for division the tract
of land in said county, known as the
Felix Braxton home place and devised
by said Felix Braxton to the defend-
ants above-named; and, the said de-
will further take notice that
they are required to appear and an-
or demur to the complaint of
the plaintiff filed In the office of the
clerk of the Superior court in his of-
on or before the day of Jan-
1912, or the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief demanded
in the complain.
This the 12th day of December. 1911.
Clerk of the Superior Court
S. J. Everett, Attorney.
handled umbrellas, made up
for Christmas trade, which we
are offering at reduced prices.
Horses that furnish the motive
power for brewery wagons are driven
to drink.
When you have a cold get a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
will soon fix you up all right and will
ward off any tendency toward
This remedy contains no
opium or other narcotic and may be
given as confidently to a baby as to
an adult. For sale by all dealers.
Y. W C. A. Services.
President Wright conducted the
Christmas service of the Y. W. C. A.
on Sunday evening. His theme was
He said that real love does
not develop until the human being
begins to reach out beyond self. In
young manhood or womanhood love
comes in from a different
as the mental broad-
of money, fame, nature and
other creatures and God comes to
him. The brightest type of man is
the man whose love reaches out In
the most directions and who gives
his ear to only the lightest and best
calls. He understands love In Its
de pest, broadest, truest sense.
The singing of Christmas songs
was an enjoyable feature of the
On Friday, January 1912, at
o'clock, at the home of the late B.
F. Crawford, at Arthur, N. C, I will
sell for cash, a lot of personal prop-
of farming implements
of every kind and description, carts,
wagons, two mules, one horse, a lot
of cotton seed, corn, fodder and other
personal affects owned by the said
B. F. Crawford.
I will also sell at the above men-
time and place, the entire stock
of general merchandise, now in the
store formerly occupied and run by
the said B. F. Crawford.
This December 1911
J. G. James ft Son, Administrator.
Stray Taken
I have taken up a male yearling,
black and white spotted; unmarked
Owner can get same by proving own-
and paying charges.
W. H. JR.
R. F. D. N. C.
Union Officers.
The North Carolina union,
at Wilson, elected the following of-
President, H. Q. Alexander, of
Matthews; vice-president, J. M.
of Cary; secretary and treas-
E. C. of Charlotte; state
organizer, J. Z. Green, of
business agent J. R. Rives, of San-
ford. Most of the morning session of
the convention was consumed in the
election of the committee.
The following were W. O.
Crowder. of Wake; W. B. Gibson, of
Iredell; C. C. Wright, of I. P.
of and W. H. Moore,
of Pitt.
Prefers a Goat.
The Sunday schools of Dublin were
studying a missionary lesson, and the
teacher was telling of customs among
the She have read
an article by a traveler among these
people, and it Is the duty of the Es-
wife to chew her husband's
clothes to keep them soft and pliable,
as skins get stiff. And therefore a
women is chosen according to her
chewing ability, every man
to get a wife with strong
One little boy with a look of nausea
on his face blurted ain't
they fools t Why don't they get
a Dispatch.
Miss Fay and De Wolf
Hopper are getting ready for a re-
viva of the opera
which Gilbert and aimed at
the aesthetic of the mid
when Oscar Wilde was at the
height of his glory.
log oxen and cart; nearly new;
to be suitable for large
logs. G. T. Tyson.
Post office officials have been
considerable trouble with the
mails here recently, and have b en
a loss to account for It. Whole boxes
of mail that been distributed
properly and found its way into a
certain box, would later be found in
another box in the extreme opposite
end of the building. It had reached
that point where all were
watching to see the wonderful trans-
position- Vigilance, however, re-
warded Two youths who had
been stopping in regularly on their
way to school, and who seemed very
much interested in the boxes when
no one was looking and very
when watched, were suspect-
ed. They entered Saturday about
o'clock and found the
quite busy, but not reckoning with-
out their host. A close watch was
set upon the youngsters, and they
were seen to commence the
pillage. As soon as detected, Deputy
J. A. Potter was called
over the phone and arrived In time
to catch them In the building, and
with the packages on them that they
had attracted.
Arresting them, he took them he-
fore United States Commissioner W. H.
Ruse, who admitted them to bail
under bonds of to the spring
term of the Federal court.
The mothers of these boys have
the sympathy of many friends, and
this kind of news the reported
ways prefers to withhold. Inasmuch
as they are children of parents who
have been victims of many
circumstances of a like nature
Meeting The Association
Has Ever Held.
the assembly hall of the new National
Museum President Taft this morning
delivered an address of welcome to
several thousand scientists, members
of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science, who have
gathered here in annual session to
make report on the scientific
of the past year, to read pa-
describing remarkable
and to Indicate the direction of
research during 1912.
It is one of the largest meetings
the association has ever held. In
addition to the association itself,
with its sections devoted to
mathematics, botany, some
affiliated scientific societies arc to
hold meetings during the next few
LADY I HI slim BE-
through the mud on a dark road In
Virginia a few miles south of the
highway bridge, early today an auto-
mobile belonging to Alexander
ham Bell, containing eight
overturned against an embankment
and Miss Margaret Van was
pinned beneath the car, and probably
fatally injured. The other
were badly cut and bruised.
Taft. who makes the laws for the
Panama Canal Zone, today amended
a recent executive order regarding
the practice of medicine in the zone,
so to explicitly sanction the use of
Christian science and other non-med-
render of General Bernardo Reyes at
Leon, yesterday, it is
believed here, marks the end of the
most perplexing problem yet brought
before the government. Seem-
nil over the country recently
have sprung small revolts and most
them were in the name of the for-
mer military leader of the country.
His following in Mexico was con-
very strong for years and to
this was attributed much of the
the government when
he started Ills revolution. He former-
was governor of the state
no more meetings of President
Taft's cabinet until January the
meetings for today and Friday having
been The president is de-
voting his time largely to
of Judicial vacancies, Including
the one on the Supreme court.
Too often the profits of farming are
less in evidence than the of
farming; the pity
PEKING, China, Dec.
Yuan has submitted to the more
prominent Manchus here the proposal
emanating from for the
meeting of a special national assembly
to decide on the future form of gov-
which shall be adopted for
China. This step by the premier
means that he asks the court
to decide its own fate because the
CHICAGO. Dec. the
trial of the ten Chicago meat packers,
alleged criminal violation
of the Sherman anti-trust law. was
resumed after the holiday
today before United States District
Judge O. A. Carpenter, the govern-
began the presentation of its
case to the Jury.
The government has
witnesses and is carefully guard-
list of names.
District Attorney began
by having witnesses tell the story of
the old pool, which Is said to
have operated prior to the
of the National Packing Company,
The defense may decide to admit
that such a pool existed and if this
course is followed by the hearing may
be materially shortened.
The government will then trace the
history of the alleged com-
step by step, to the period
in the indictment in an effort to
prove that the Chicago packers fixed
prices of meat and suppressed
Attorney John S. Miller, in behalf of
the packers, created a surprise by re-
the famous Immunity plea
used by the packers several
NEW Dec. M. Wooten
Fort liar ii well, brought to this I years ago.
the Sunday Claude Grant, colored, of J Attorney Miller moved that all
announced changes of the tobacco j Dover, and placed him in the Craven in the present case relating
business, there Is none of more to await the next term of to transactions prior to July 1905,
than the announced one that Superior court Grant is charged be excluded as Incompetent
the small markets are to be cut out
and business done in the larger mar-
This Is made necessary on account
of the competitive basis upon which
the tobacco business bas gone. There
members of such a national assembly
would decide in favor of a republic.
If the Manchus agree to adopt the
their decision to do so will
be promulgated as edict
Shanghai. China, Dec. no
reply has yet been received by Tang
Ki to his dispatch to Premier
Yuan pointing out that the
acceptance of the idea of a republic
is the only means of securing a peace-
solution of China's troubles, the
revolutionaries are demanding vigor-
the Immediate election of a
president of the republic and asking
that the government of China shall be
proceeded without further notice be-
taken of Peking.
The conference held yesterday be-
tween Dr. Sun Sen. the proposed
president, and Wu Ting Fang, the
chief of the revolutionary delegates
at the peace conference, resulted In
complete agreement between the two
and th revolutionaries are now
showing a more united front than
are now many buyers in the field
and each company has to work hard at-
to get its share. Heretofore the
American and the British American
Tobacco companies took nearly all
-hat was sold in Durham. There is
real competition today. The buyers
of the American, the the
with destroying a barn owned by R.
A Richardson, of Dover, and also
at a party of hunters.
On the night Mr. Richardson's barn
was burned the chief of police at
Dover attempted to arrest Grant when
he supposed caused fire, and was
On following night a
party of sportsmen of that place
started out on a hunt When
about three miles from town they
were fired at from ambush and one
member of the party received several
Counsel for the government con-
tested the motion on the ground that
the court had already passed on the
question in ruling against the plea
in abatement
Judge Carpenter reserved decision
on the motion and directed the gov-
to proceed with its case.
Albert H. attorney for Swift
Co., was the first witness.
Attorney said he planned
the organization of Swift Co., the
corporation In 1885, and had been
for the corporation ever
of martial law at fol-
lowing the dismissal of W. Morgan
by the Persian Cabinet and
the fragmentary reports received
to a bloody massacre by Russian sol-
are causing serious
apprehension here. Little
information regarding the reported
massacre has been received.
According to the latest advices the
the most suitable place for the
of the new republic.
Among the revolutionary troops con-
in and near to the
lumber of nearly there is great
agitation about the breach of the
by the imperial troops. The
revolutionaries profess themselves
ready to advance against the imperial
army reported to be marching from
the north under the command of Chang
main trouble occurred lust Sunday. I
China, December
commander of the expedition which
was sent to the northern roast dis-
on December . to restore or-
there reports th In the towns of
shot In his face and neck. Neither of counsel
and Myers, the Imperial, Ulla Buns and of course were since.
R. J. Reynolds and British catch the assailant Sus- The witness said he assisted in the
must get into the game now. all along pointed toward i organization of the National Packing
All over the tobacco belt there are Grant as being guilty, and he was Company March 1909. He acted
small towns that are getting a great watched. Enough evidence as general counsel for the corporation
deal of tobacco away from the big him was secured and he was for a year. He said Swift Armour
towns. There is no kick on that, taken before a and owned the stock of the
but where the market runs into Just at Dover. He swore that Packing Company.
a few thousands, It will be seen that both nights he was Buying at
there cannot be maintained half a of a friend and attempted to CHAMP CLARK ON THE
They make alibi In this manner. How- STUMP EN OKLAHOMA.
on commission and the cause was found and
can't paw them salaries. could not a bond he was KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 27.-
These markets are dotted all over committed to Jail. Grant is known to Champ Clark, speaker of the national
the map. Such places as a number of threats against house of representatives, arrived hero
Springs, Stem, Wendell. Zebulon Richardson. today on his way to Oklahoma on a
others, hardly reach the million mark speech-making tour. He will leave
and serious talk of abolishing the; The man invested In j late today for good
markets, not because they do not stocks is seldom in a Democratic Speaker
Clark said, would be his subject He
will speak Thursday night in Okla-
City; Friday afternoon in
Friday night in
and Saturday in Tulsa, and
Vinita. A speech for Guthrie
row night has not been arranged de-
The total sales of leaf tobacco Clark start on
return to Washington Saturday night
ever. is regarded by them as a deal but because his ore
they make the expense of maintain-
a buyer great, is going on.
Durham has had a lot of that ex-
A few years ago the city
sold 15.000.000 pounds of tobacco
a year. This was the Danville of the
and tobacco came from every
section. Soon there was developed
the Roxboro market, then it had its
tributaries. Oxford became famous
and had Its feeders until every town
of size in all counties is
a tobacco market.
The smaller markets have done a
from September to December
were pounds for
an average of per hundred
For the corresponding period of
last year, August to December
A. T. Men at Charleston.
representing many of the
great service to the farmers sales were pounds for leading colleges of Virginia and North
great distance from or, an average of per and South Carolina met in this city
in time to reach the capital for the re-
opening of congress.
Loon and later of when the killed at are said to
the army. This last position he held
for some years, under President
holding the rank at the time of the
hitter's resignation.
CHICAGO, Dec. the
presence of u distinguished gather-
or clergy and laity Rev. William
Toll was consecrated Episcopal
op suffragan of Chicago, today. The
ceremony performed In Grave
church. Toll
elected to the office several months
being the third bishop
the Statue. Ho was
ordained in this city in and has
been of the Chicago
since 1907.
have numbered including some
women and children. Direct dispatch-
es from make no reference
to these serious conflicts and a re-
port from the Russian consul at that
point states that order is now
ed although he is preparing for fur-
The point of Tabriz,
miles to the northeast of is
another center of constant and serious
collisions between the Russian and
Persian elements. The force of
Russians that has been I
there for some time were recently re- began ii
The Russian troops have
come into contact on several occasions
with the populace and one dispatch
Crow and quiet his
been re-established, i i the country
districts, however, conditions are
rather serious and there has been
considerable resistance. Two
have been burned by the troops
on account of their inhabitants
harbored robbers.
A temporary of light-
has been brought about at Hui-an
during the presence of the troops.
received here says the
swept the streets, while
To Aid in The South.
ATLANTA. Ga., Dec. an-
fleeting of the Society for the
Education In the
this city today with
an attendance of prominent educators
from sixteen states. The leading sub-
scheduled for discussion
Oxford or Roxboro. It is so in other hundred pounds.
counties near Durham. This shows increases for the pros-
it Is believed that while the season of pounds,
of the small markets, the in price, and in average
would handle double the tobacco that hundred pounds.
it now has. It may raise that old The market will re-open after the
question of rural vs. urban, but it holidays on Tuesday, January 9th.
Isn't that. The necessity for re-
the number of buyers,
those with salaries, is grow-
The message of efficiency of the
teacher, the distribution of
I in training for citizenship and
the work of the Institutes
are the three leading topics to be
considered the annual convention
opened here today by the Montana
Association. President
of Ohio State
Florida Association.
the three session are organ- Thompson
Of educational forces. Jordan of Stan-
through Russian sources, says that am, the work are among the
Atlantic Coast Line.
North- South-
bound, bound.
p. p. m.
a. m. p. in.
hi Southern.
today for the provincial congress of
tho Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.
Tills fraternity was formed in Rich-
shortly after the close of the
war to help in restoring good feeling
h tween the North and South. It
now has about sixty chapters,
led from Maine to California and from
Texas to Michigan.
a. m.
p. m.
a. m.
a. m.
p. m.
condition of exists, even the
JACKSONVILLE, Fla Dec. being without adequate military
With n bat Is will be the to protect their funds. Tho
letter is evidently a suggestion on the
est attendance In the history of
the Florida
Association assembled in this city
for its annual convention, The gen-
I begin tonight and will
rue until Friday, various
addressee and discussions particular
attention iii he given to the prob-
cT rural schools.
the Southern corn clubs, library re-
and exhibitions of Southern
literature mid art.
Golf Tourney
N. C. Dec. 27.-Th.
part Russians that n strong
military force is essential to ante-
guard vested properly Interests in
Persia and as giving an explanation
of the decisive exercise of force by
the Cossacks at various points.
Washington, Further than
n message from American Consul
Paddock at Tabriz. the
ii colony there was as-Seminary.
Tun Fraternity,
YORK. Doc.
annual convention Zeta
Bel Tan Fraternity, one tho lead-
medical of the
try, began the Hotel Astor today
and will continue over tomorrow.
feature of the meeting will lie an ad-
dress by Dr. Solomon
president of the Jewish Theological
of Texas
WACO. Texas. Dee. 27.- The school
teachers of Texas and several organ-
affiliated with the State
Association will be much
in evidence In Waco during the
this week. The Slate
Association began its an-
meeting in Carroll Chapel today.
Tho covers three days
provides for the discussion of a wide
range of topics by educators of prom-
in Resilience.
A night or two before Christmas.
Washington Slate Teachers,
-The Washington
is holding its while Mr. and Mrs. James Long Were
meeting In this city. Tho pro- both busy in his store, some one
began this morning with a broke in his residence near the store.
meeting of the educational council The thief took Mr. Long's pistol and
Oklahoma City.
The Oklahoma State As-
began its annual convention j at which it. J. of the few dollars in change belonging to
in this city today with n large Normal school, presented a re- Mr. Long,
During the three day's, port on normal training in high I
meeting addresses will be delivered schools. The sessions begin
by Dr. Henry S. Curtis or Clark tonight and will continue until
George F. James of the day.
of Minnesota. Dr. ard A.
of College and State
Superintendent J. Y. Joyner of North
j Carolina.
, annual holiday golf tournament on and that
opened today on the links of the everyone was well, the state depart-
burst Country Club and will
continue through the remainder of
tho week Among the participants
Special Meeting i Inn.
Carolina Club have a called
the week Among co cue
prominent golfers from this government Is being kept
both, north and south. by press dispatches.
Voting Lad Hurt.
lit had heard nothing from Persia. I While trying g. t out of the way
the lack or re-lot n cannon cracker on the Thursday at o'clock,
ports from to the fact that Saturday night, Mils Mills Wilson which all the members are urged
Mississippi Live Men.
Miss. Dec.
annual meeting of the Mississippi
Live Stock and Dairy
met at
Station here for a three-day's session.
progress of the work of
Near Being A liaise.
About II o'clock Saturday night
there came near being a tire In tho
barber shop of Herbert
caused by upsetting a can of gasoline.
The blare was put before any
damage was clone.
was run over
a horse end pain- to be present business of import-
It-Mp of Captain.
The marriage Mis. D, P.
the cattle tick was the principal thy and Captain Harold P. Norton, U.
subject discussed st the initial N. took at noon today
this afternoon. home of the bride In city.

. .-.
Die Chief Events of a
Notable Year.
History of the
World In Paragraphs.
Affair, Flight,
Spot-tin and Personal Item Lou
and Property by Accident,
Shipwrecks, Storm and
J. C.
V. ft N. of th law J. C.
V. ft A. at
It and municipal
killed In battle with rebels near
It United States supreme court
affirmed constitutionality or the
ration tax.
lb Disaster, is killed under fulling walls
In Nashville. Tenn.
Obituary W. D. el-governor
of Florida, at .
Frank Work, capitalist, famous lover
of who never entered an auto-
mobile. In New York aged St
First war
at Sen Antonio. Tex., by
Ben U U. A., who flew
miles In s minutes.
guaranteed protection to lives and In-
of foreigners then In Mexico
and reimbursements for losses
soon as the triumph of the provisional
government will have become
by the capture of Mexico
If. Col. Roosevelt opened great
Arizona dam bearing his name.
Ernest Crofts. R. A-. noted
painter and keeper of Royal academy.
Teddy In car
established four worlds records at
a. Panama Libel The United
supreme court decided the govern-
libel suit against the New York
Worn la favor of the publishers.
A I towns wracked In
loss of lite estimated
ft. United States
u of West Virginia died
in Washington, aged
t. financial The Carnegie Trust
of Torn, holding deposits of
nearly was by the
state banking authorities.
Aviation- Meet at San Fran our i
aft Una. George B. Dandy, U.
ft AW retired, a veteran of the Mex-
and civil wars. In fork city;
Tb chamber of commerce In
destroyed; loss
O. Tb Civic fed-
in annual session In New
Ian. Hut,
a noted hostelry built la totally
In the of
battleship Delaware killed S sea-
Angeles, Ralph de M.
need In at V In N. J.;
t. Sporting Zeus. net new
track record at by running
furlong la
Convention National peace conference
opened at Baltimore by President
Sporting William American
distance won world's Is mile
In New York, defeating
Tom out, time hour minutes
M Hancock,
widow of i he noted near
t form of government
adopted, with Prince premier.
First court in King George
V at palace.
Col Thomas Wentworth
author, historian and soldier,
at Hass.; H
Aviation Lieut. Q E. M.
Rally, States signal corps, kill-
ed at San Antonio. Tex.
Mexican Juarez was
rendered to the after
losses killed
wounded; established pro-
and Queen
festival of empire at
Crystal palace, London, their pub-
and first of coronation
institute of
Sir Francis noted
and writer. In Lon-
iced -a.
B. Ely.
flew from the San Francisco
field to deck of the cruiser
Philadelphia, It miles, and back to
starting point.
t. Paul Morton, financier, for-
secretary of the In New
York seed
at David Graham
Journalist and novelist, shot down
la the streets of Now York by Fits-
killed himself.
ft. Japanese anarchists
conviction for conspiracy to kill
and hi family war
at Tokyo.
David Phillips, the
died from wound received on
Charles English
1st London;
at A rush waters follow-
upon eruption of Mount
In Philippines, destroyed
the shores of Lake
death reported.
John Mac Will Her. noted
painter. In aged
A. American
aviator, flew from Key West. Fla , to
within miles of Havana. Cuba, win-
n of from the Havana
M Post.
I. killed, hundreds hurt by I
at pier Can- I
Railroad of New Jersey;
Rear Admiral Charles S. .
commander of the bat-
fleet on Its world cruise.
In Washington; aged
A Gen. A. Doer
leader In war with England, in
Gen. rebels In
all day government troops en-
at night,
at Jefferson City. Mo,
burned; lot
I. John Graham Hope
married Helen
Gould, daughter of George J
Could. In New York,
ft Rear Admiral W.
U. N. In Washington; aged
The Arizona constitution adopt-
ed by popular vote,
fa Dr. Edward O.
noted New York at Summit.
-I. aged
XX Gen. Alexander Webb,
whose brigade held the
st Gettysburg, at N. Y.;
U Roar Admiral Arthur P.
U. . N. at
Plains. Mass.; aged Rear Admiral
W U. N aged
Mexico, under martial
fa. C. M. Daniels lowered
meter swimming at New York
Athletic club. United States won curl-
tournament, beating Canada, at
a. Sam Langford
Lang In London.
a Parker, world's
richest Indian, most famous of
tribe. In Oklahoma; aged
Interstate commerce
Increased freight rates;
V- roads affected In east and middle
M United states senate
new treaty with Japan,
fa. House approved fortification
of Panama canal, appropriating tS.-
Frederick old
novelist. In aged r
Walter Foss. poet and lecturer.
Cambridge. Ms.;
at Resolution to elect United
States senator by direct vote of the
people lost In senate by votes
commercial con-
nut at Atlanta
Ellen Wade Colfax. widow
Vice President Schuyler Colfax, at
South Ind.;
t Minneapolis. loss nearly
by the of the
France flew
a tram M of
off Italy. mile, to date for
T. P Tail I
of Richard A.
of the Interior, Walter I.
Fisher of
and 19.10 United St sol-
If, and MOO .-r
the Mexican and I
for mimic
driving a mile race finished In
hour U minutes 1-5 seconds,
a. Battleship Texas, of bay
fame, sunk by high
tiles In test
Fire At P. by
the burning of a plant.
EL Col-. Lincoln,
cousin of i. i Lincoln and Ions
connected federal diplomatic and
departmental services, at El Reno.
county court-
j erred U
two miles In monoplane In
France, breaking record to date.
Roger French bl-
broke rec-
carried it passengers.
British Columbia steamer
In gale off Vancouver Island;
X Fire lost lives In lira
Washington New York.
Railroad Atlantic Coast line
Dixie Filer wrecked near
t killed,
Nearly 11.000.000 loss In
M. Brig. Gen. Ira J. Bloomfield.
civil war hero, at Colo.;
aged Gen. Hamilton Hawkins,
veteran of the civil and
wars, at Glen Springs. N. Y ;
Pennsylvania and New
swept by devastating windstorm
extending to North Carolina; Law-
Pa, practically destroyed,
a. Lieut with passenger,
flew In biplane from near Berlin to
Hamburg, miles. In hours min-
C. M. Daniels set new world's
swimming record. 7.26 for Ml meters
In at
loss at building.
Albany. N. T.
Sir Casper Clarke,
former director of Metropolitan
of Art. New York. In
M. Bob
JO mile In II minute
mile an hour, a at Pablo
Beach. Fl.
H. James
supreme, court Justice, elected senator
from York,
Louis at Pablo Bench.
Fla. made world auto H miles.
If minutes a seconds, too i
hour M minute
previous for this straight-
away I hour minute Co
Otto man, la
New York city; aged
Martin lyric poet of
modern Germany, at Austria-
Oxford won 68th annual boat
race from Cambridge, breaking Oxford-
Cambridge records.
t Personal- Carter H. Harrison elected
of Chicago for lift It time.
t lark speaker.
I. Mine men and boys per-
In Ills at
Pa s lost In the Banner mines.
Steamer founder-
ed off Coal island. British Columbia;
lives lost.
Tom L. Johnson, former may-
or of Cleveland. O. noted for hi
for cent railroad fares. In Cleveland;
aged SO.
National and
league baseball season
It Missouri. Kansas. Arkansas
and Oklahoma killed,
over Injured; loss In St. over
William Keith, landscape
painter, Berkeley. Cal.; aged
Thompson, the ac-
tor, at West N. H.; aged
George Cary author. In New
president accepted resignation
of Dr. David till,
to Germany.
It. The th United States cavalry
ordered by president to protect Amer-
along Mexican border
P. won national gym-
championship. 147.70 points. In
New York William ran mile
In minute 2-5 seconds In New
new world's Indoor record.
It repulsed federals
to recapture Bullets
wounded Americans In Ariz
of the American Revolution
in Washington.
steamer Son Fer-
set-K off
a Mrs. Matthew T. Scott of
Illinois elected president general
Notional A It
Hear Admiral Richard Inch
U. N . retired, at
Harry artist who made- Urn
gift book Illustrations produce. In till
country, at N. aged
a lost In-
match, c to
British players won cup
Auto lie. Bob did mile in
to lowering n world's rec-
mad day He also
Barney s I mile record on
same lime seconds.
of England
ran miles In minutes second.
minute at
rink. New York.
political; proposed
arbitration treaty
retired n tbs London
In In M-
i. i I.- part Wipe-
assembly In Rome.
U. Oil United States
court ordered dissolution of
Oil company within six
Aviation, records with and with-
out a passenger twice beaten in mono-
plane- at Henry
American. Hew miles
hour and French,
miles an hour
It United Confederate Vet-
i at Little Rock. Ark.
Order of the Founders and Patriots of
loss at Portland. Ma
Obituary W. B Baker,
and father of rural free delivery,
It General of Pres-
church at Atlantic City. N. J.
H. Miss Dorothy Campbell.
American, won woman's golf
of Gnat Britain.
Great Britain's first air-
ship launched.
Frederick P. noted
portrait painter. In aged
Peso agreement between gov-
and signed.
Aviation Henri Maurice Ber-
French minister of war. killed
A. E. B. premier hurt
when monoplane plunged Into crowd at
Henry L. took oath
as secretary of war. succeeding Jacob
II. Dickinson, who resigned on the 12th
New York Public New York
city's 18.000.000 public library dedicated
and opened,
House of representatives voted
to admit and New Mexico to
original home of
George signer of the
of Independence and said to have
been oldest residence In America, burn-
ed at Hampton. Va.
M. Congress on
arbitration at Lake N Y.
S. resigned as
president of Mexico.
Battleship Wyoming, largest In
United States navy, launched at Phil-
Lieut. French
et mark by flying with
gar mile In I hour minutes In
United re-
public of Portugal.
First remain
from wrecked battleship.
Centennial Hundredth anniversary of
cotton weaving at Fall River, Mas.
B. King George gave state
banquet. Shakespeare ball In Albert
ball, London,
The Olympic White Star liner reached
New York first trip time
days hours minutes.
King George V. crowned
In Westminster abbey; John Hay
Hammond represented United States
s- special ambassador.
Rear Admiral Charles
Norton. U. S. N. at N. J.;
The Society of Friends
commemorated Its 25th year-
meeting at R. I.
Of Venezuela s Independence
Imposing International
val review in honor of king at
killed by a boiler
on the Mississippi steamer St. Jo-
at Landing. Mo.
. Sporting Grand de Paris won
by Marquis de A
Paul de noted
painter of flowers, at Hollywood,
Russia's first Dreadnought, the
Sevastopol, launched
Harry won English
open Rolf championship at Sandwich,
L Heat a spell of
intense throughout northern
and states.
Business part of West Salem. Wit;
loss 1500.000.
Eugene F. Ware, and
poet, at Colorado Springs; aged
i Heat Thermometer In New
York. in hottest 4th
known in New York.
Fifth day of deadly beat wave
In east and middle west.
Christian Endeavorer at
Atlantic City. N. J.
United Great Britain.
Japan and Russia signed treaty for
preservation of the fur seal.
Gen. Clement A. Evans, ex-
commander United Confederate Vet-
at Atlanta. aged
The Pacific Coast liner San-
Rosa stranded near Point
JO lost.
I King V and Queen
Mary welcomed on first visit to Dublin
as sovereigns.
Elk grand lodge at At-
City. N. J National Education-
association in San Francisco.
Train Wreck; Federal express. Wash-
to Boston, crashed down m-
at Bridgeport.
killed, hurt.
Mystic in
N. Y.
and Mich.,
Harry N. Atwood reached
Washington, having flown from Boa-
ton. mile, winning a York
Time trophy and establishing long
distance American record.
U South Ms.,
loss 1300.000
It Edward, eldest eon of King
George V., installed of
Wale. Tablet to William
Pen unveiled In Church of All Hal
lows, London.
M First for China's mod-
navy launched.
II. Mine killed B at
There is no wrong end up
with, an
with this safety
fountain pen. Just
stick it into your pocket
any way it happens to go.
One little twist makes it leak-
tight, ink-light, air-tight.
Come in and see how the little twist
corks it up and how quickly it fills itself.
Wool on Commission. Wills price-
list mentioning this ad.
m son- In American
i Louisville.
J. House of commons voted
ti. . i to
and Instructor, In i l
n. Fowler, n i
of original i,
. i
Pierre finished first
In the Paris to race, winning
In prizes
Ex-President Dial left Mexico
secretly and embarked at Crux
for Spain
amusement park, destroyed; loss
M. Martin J. Sheridan threw
discus feet Inches, beating his
lOll record nearly feet.
The Courts- Supreme court found
American Tobacco company guilty of
violating Sherman anti-trust net and
ordered corporation to dissolve unless
Railroad collision on the C.
It Q. Neb ; U killed.
W. S Gilbert, dramatic
librettist, who wrote
the and
oilier favorites. In aged
Hay Won mile
International auto sweepstakes at In-
time ii hours minutes.
Finnish made
American record miles New
York; hour minutes sec-
a. won the English
team defeated
In Hist match for
polo cup at Meadow Brook.
score to
I Sporting- II II Hilton of Liverpool
won the amateur golf
by I up and to play at
Heavy wind and rain storm
swept over northern and central
many estimated loss 8.000.000.
terminal, world's
second largest for -so of one railroad,
opened In Chicago by Chicago and
a. Obituary Edward famous
old time actor and playwright, in New
Mexico. Francisco l director
or revolt, entered Mexico
City, the populace flowering him with
Mexico deaths es-
from aw to
Roar Admiral B D.
U. N. retired, who was
with Parry In Japan In In Wash-
n American players won
and derisive international polo
at N. Y., de-
team to
champion in aged
lo-U. Notable storm on the At-
at New York.
won the
Jockey Club known as th.
French over the
International Woman
alliance In Stockholm; Mrs. Oar
Chapman Catt
Flag Tablet unveiled In
to who made Mrs
In St.
Edward admiral
s N. retired, at Chestnut Hill. Pa,
Prof, Hole.
author educator, at Ithaca. N V
Mexico, Spain
Martin J Sheridan
the in r-.-t Inches,
May record by early
Paterson, K.
. I
Martin and M
and two ired I
Ob Proctor Knott, .--
of Ch
, Lebanon. Ky.; I
II. Mrs T f ,.
on Oliver wedding
If. Belgian aviator.
nary Will
a. Atlanta, Birmingham
Memphis and points. West,
and Florida point,
at Hamlet Charlotte
a. For For Union folk
with coaches and parlor car Con
ton, Baltimore, New York. Boston
and Providence.
a. Richmond. Wash
and New York
day and if car I
Connects at Richmond C
railroad and B. t
and points west
p. Atlanta. Charlotte
Wilmington, Birmingham Memphis
and point West Parlor car to
p. m., No. SO
6.00 p. m No for
O. for Cincinnati and
and Jack
and all Florida point
g m.
a m
p. m. Pi -i
service to unit N--
II. . v
Mill. D- P. . N.
is nearly
here with all of it's joy-
giving and yon cannot
give that newly married
couple, that wife or that
sweetheart, a more
thing and one
that will give more real
comfort and joy than a
made a world's record of an
flight of miles at
previous record held by KS
lg. International Order of
Good In Philadelphia.
The annual naval war game be-
off the New England coast,
a. Charles Walter Stetson,
noted in In Home; aged
60th anniversary of first
Bull nun battle celebrated at Manns-
Marcel flew
miles, remaining I hours min-
then a distance and duration
a Senate passed Canadian rec-
bill, to
Most oppressive In Paris In
years; thermometer registered in
Fire In the
district of Constantinople caused a loss
of and left people home- SALE OF TOWN LOTS.
sea . By virtue of a decree of the Superior
W. U. t p,,, t d th ,,
of December. 1911. In a certain
Political; President signed bill for rec- special proceeding therein pending.
with Canada entitled L. Gay and her
Andre won band, B. F. Gay, against Mollie E
for circuit of Owens and I will, on Tues-
of 1.010 miles; second. January 1912, Sell at public
Typhoon and tidal wave de- Ba court house in
houses and lives m a or of
in possession of situate in the town of Pitt
all cities on Island but the capital; county, and described as Be-
states warships ordered to pa- ginning at the southwest corner of
coast. lot No. runs the line of lot No.
St. Johnston stayed In jg northerly 1-2 feet; thence
air hours minute and a fraction. parallel to Wilson street
breaking American record to date.
American feet; thence southerly and with the IS
f Den Murphy to street; ft
N V ; aged thence with Wilson street 3-4 feet J
Table or
Our store is over-
stocked with such good
mill useful articles
ed and we invite you to
come to see us whether
you buy r not. Look
over the stock and we
will leave the rest to
your good judgment.
Yours truly,
Greenville. N. C.
Mousy Talks With Us
killed and SO In- to the beginning. It being known as
lured on the Bangor and No. in the and Wind-
near Grindstone. Me. ham division of lots.
AUGUST. Terms of cash.
A. Abbey, American
decorative artist. In London axed
International permanent
bureau of peace opened
of Columbus In De-
and Fran-
treaties signed
by President Tuft.
who Japan's victorious In the
war, lauded at New
Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma;
Admiral Togo, of hon-
or at While House dinner.
Hob made auto rec-
for a mile on a half mile track,
time I I seconds, at
Elisabeth Allen, the
poet, author of Me to Sleep.
N v aged Tl
Parry. Utah pioneer, fa-
of at Ogden,
t Admiral visited con-
both homes taking recess to re-
United Stat. Senator William
of In
aged John w.
in Paris; led
John O. A, appoint- j
ed American ambassador at Berlin to
succeed Dr. Hill,
. French Emir
foundered on Spain; M live j
This the 1911. of Frost Proof
gale. The
Commissioner. .
Large Late Drug.
surrendering to the house of corn- Head.
. should you con-
II. A. Ii. civil
war and Journalist. In
go; aged
trotted half a mile to
wagon In seconds at Cleveland,
breaking record of min-
made by Major In 1906.
It, Josef Israels, noted Dutch
artist, at The Hague, aged h.;.
Prepare shipment Ii lots
from W per thou-
Ai sand; over 11.00 per thousand.
formation as a town years
F. O. B. N. C
and guaranteed.
R C.
meet at Chicago.
Henry Heed
a military aid to Lincoln, who grappled
with Booth, the president's assassin,
when latter his fatal bullet.
In Hanover, aged
Harry N. AtWOOd reached Chi-
from St. Louis, miles, with
two Mops; time i hours minutes.
International Typographical
union met In
Aviation Disaster W, R. Badger of
St Johnston
Chicago killed meet. I
All., rt French v
Hard in Paris.
U. Senate passed to
admit New into Autumn
Why not use
W. com- , u Av. w ,. Beatty In Wright Li-
in chief duration
; . . . . intern-
Flower. Alf-
Carnations and
for plaining V
world famous rifle In An
aged M
Jules Ines hew . mile
I in .
Pol in Bi II h lord
, ti,, Ml
mast III Chicago, hours
a. U A. It. national encamp-
Ho Hester.
reformer , M
and political economist, at
I. Co.
N. C.
Round Kernel Are Stronger and Rich-
Than Flat Ones.
Everybody hi more or less familiar
With the term applied to
coffee. The term refers to the form
and style, not the sex.
An examination of any kind of coffee
will show that about one kernel In
twenty-five Is quite round. Ilk a
bean, while all the others are flat on
one side, like half of a split bean.
These round or berries are always
found on the young, vigorous, new
wood of the previous year's growth at
end of the
The old wood produces flat berries
only Each or fruit of the coffee
tree contains either two flat
berries or but one round one. The
of the fruit In the one case
all goes Into single male
In the other It Is divided among two
flat ones.
This undoubtedly accounts for the
greater strength and richness of the
male berry. In private plantations,
where the trees ore carefully pruned
and cared for and the ground well
and fertilized, the coffee Is
ways of finer quality and the
of male berries Is larger.
The round berries may be seen In all
kinds of coffee. Ceylon.
Mocha and other varieties contain
them as well as the
They Were First Seen by s White Men,
John In 1841.
It was on June that John
discovered the of
California. He was the waits
man. so far as we know, who ever be-
held those monarch of the forest.
Nine years later a hunter named
Dowd was led Into the company of
forest kings by a bear that be was
chasing, and It was by Dowd that the
knowledge of the monster trees was
spread abroad, but to belongs
distinction of having been the first
man to gage upon the wonder-
The as the mighty
are called, are found In
county. Cal. in two
and the Marl-
at an altitude of about 5.000 feet
above the sen. They are probably the
remains of extensive woods belonging
to a long past epoch Unfortunately
few of them are left, there being only
e few hundred all told.
These mighty conifers are easily the
most remarkable of all trees both in
age and in bulk. They are from to
feet In height and from to
feet In Herald.
It la Bad Fee Their
to HealtH.
much love kill many
Is the opinion of Mr. Mary nines, for
years matron of the day
nursery Id Boston. Is too
kissing, find line and con-
the matron. are not
any happier when coddled by mothers
or neighbors. In fact, it makes many
of them miserable. I have known a
number to pine away die from too
physical affection. Take your-
self for an example. When not feeling
well would you rather He by yourself
on a couch or be close up against
one Well, that Is the baby's feeling
exactly unless bis constant handling
has made him prefer
Is bad for children, because
It might give them serious disease,
and It certainly does no good. If
mothers would consider that a baby
has rights the same as a grown per-
son there would be fewer sick babies
and much of this harmful affection
would be
love of many mothers seems to
be wholly to gratify the whims of the
child, which Is not s love. It Is
really true in my experience that
where there Is a large family of
the Individual child is stronger
that because only the fittest
was asked.
at replied the matron.
Is simply each child does not
get so much attention and therefore
Is not weakened by an excess of
It learns to stand up for
Chinese Complexion.
A French writer has given In
the results of his ob-
on massage In China. He
remarks that the exquisite complexion
of the young Chinese women is due
not to enameling, as bus been
but to careful manipulation of
the face done by expert masseuses.
They begin by a gentle pinching of the
cheeks between the tips of their An-
lusts fully ten minutes,
then apply lotions absorbent cotton,
then an unguent, and finish by knead-
the chocks with an extreme deli-
of touch, always proceeding from
the nose and of the lips
toward the ears. This Is a harmless
and physiologically correct process
which can be recommended In cases,
rarer than they should lie. where tho
physician is consulted concerning a
faded or otherwise unattractive com-
Where Israel
As soon as our loads were arranged
i ml i he riding camels selected we
and rode off across the desert
or plain of In a northeasterly
direction, aiming for the Wadi
Tho wind was hard and the
sand stung considerably. In ancient
times was called the Wilder-
of Sin. This was the place where
the children of murmured
against Moses and Aaron, lusting after
the and bread had left
behind in and this was where
God. hearing their cry. sent them man
which was supplied for the next
forty years. This desert presents an
-awful picture of desolation, for.
the exception of some hushes that per-
In growing in of the arid
all that the eye meets are
and gravel. Wide
World Magazine.
A Scheme That Two to Ride
on One Ticket.
There were two comedians who
been stuck In a village near Canton,
with Cleveland many a mile away.
the first comedian, being the more
witty of the two being, further
more, what they call of
the team, says
we do
tell count the
They emptied pockets
found that by squeezing a cent or two
they could manage to buy a ticket to
ticket. They did It and
started forth, the two grown men. on
a single piece of Of course
the conductor kicked.
There's only one ticket he
said one of the actors.
put in the other
you can't both ride on one
the conductor. have
to put one yon off
squealed the actors in
chorus. me off-go ahead do
I can't do It here, hut one of
must off the next
Hut three local stations passed,
the didn't come back. As a
matter of fact, be never appeared
just before Cleveland was reached.
think somebody's a lie
remarked in passing, my orders
are to take the safe when
a possibility of mistake, night.
I can lick either of you if I
see you Plain Deni-
A Cynical Critic
all. am said
actor. the moment I make my
entrance on the stage I forget every-
thing but my part. I leave my own
personality behind me. I am
Hamlet. Leer. The theater vanishes.
the audience
noticed interrupted the
the audience
youth's Companion.
Dark Deeds.
is a man whom my husband
employs who openly shows a tendency
toward low places and who Is noted
for bis dark
then, does your husband em-
put coal in our
There is only one way to get ready
for Immortality, and is to
this life live It n bravely and
cheerfully and faithfully as we
Economy is the battle of life.
It Is not so hard to earn money a to
pend It
Th Small Boy and Hit Hat.
He flings his but across the dining
room when he comes in school or
leaves It In all manner of places
house, in the coal bin or on sister's
He loses it Just at
time spoils the spirit of family
reverence and piety. An family
enters the church anthem Is being
suns, and the disgrace of being late
again Is laid the Innocent bead
piece clutched In the hand of
small boy who bus forgotten
the confusion of which he was the
cause twenty in
also one's hat Is removed on the
way to school by the hand of one's
friend, passed down the line of
surrounding boon companions, stuffed
Into pockets, while dire
thoughts of ultimate loss hold one In
their grip, and the reckoning to be
et home wraps the world In
I,. Parker In Atlantic.
Read Wrote Standing.
One peculiar fad with regard to bis
writing Charles Reade shared
other famous could not
remain seated at a table, but did his
work standing at a high This
was characteristic also of Victor Hugo.
who wrote whole of
Collins, too.
declared that his thoughts more
freely when standing his feet. In
direct contrast, one recalls that Mark
Twain did much of his work propped
up in bed and that Sir Walter Scott
found his brain clearest when
comfortably on a
Making Good Start
may Joke about women's con-
but think women are pretty
wise. Now. my wife's club appointed
a committee to study economy In
storied out by going to a mu
steal Herald.
Th Bettor Way.
Is better to trust be deceived
than to be suspicious of
but It is as well as a rule
to keep your bank account In your
wife's name If you are going to do
any widespread
i hurt-lies. Lodges and Social
Clerk Superior C. Moore.
SheriffS. I. Dudley.
Register of M Moore
B. Wilson.
P. D.
J. Holland. J. J. May. B. M. Lewis. W.
E. Proctor.
M. Wooten.
C. Tyson.
L. Carr.
Chief T. Smith.
Fire D. Overton.
E. Nobles, E. B.
., W. A. J. S. J. F.
Davenport, B. F. Z. P.
H. C. Edwards.
Water and Light A
C. It L.
Baptist, C. M
Rock, pastor; C. C. Pierce, clerk;
C. W. Wilson, superintendent Sun-
day school; J. C. Tyson, secretary.
C. C. Ware, pastor;
J. G. Latham, clerk; C. C Ware,
superintendent of Sunday school; J.
A. Lang, secretary.
Episcopal, St. rector at
present; H. Harding, senior warden
and secretary of Vestry; W. A.
of Sunday school.
Methodist, J
H. Shore, pastor; A. B. Ellington,
clerk; H. D. superintend-
of Sunday L. H.
Robert King,
pastor; P. M. Johnston, clerk; P.
M. Johnston, Supt. Sunday school;
Miss Olivia House, secretary.
I Chapel
W. pastor.
Greenville No. A. F. and A. M
R. Williams, W. M.; L. H. Fender.
n, U. D. A. F. and A. M.
H. Ha. ding. W. II; E. E. Griffin,
Greenville Chapter No. R. A. M.
R. C. Flanagan, H. P.; J. E.
Covenant No. I. O.
Brown, N. G.; L. H. Sec.
Greenville Encampment No. I.
W. C. P.; L H.
No. I. O
it. S. J. L.
Evans, C. of R.
Tar River No K. of P.-G. J
Woodward, C. C; A, B, Ellington.
K. of R. and S.
Tar River Ruling No. F. M.
W. Brow W. K.; J. W. Little
W. C.
L. Hall, president;
M. R. secretary.
End of E. O.
fries, Mrs. E. B. Sec.
president; Mrs. W. L. Hall, secretary
Round K, R.
president; Mrs. S. J. Everett,
Civic W. H. Hicks,
president; Mrs, E. V.
Daughters of L
J. Jarvis, president; Mr. J. L.
The Kings
Blow, president; Mrs. J. G.
How th Growth of Crystals May
Be Plainly Visible.
It is not commonly known that fresh
water may sometime be than
and that the growth of Ice
may be made plainly risible An
interesting experiment to show this
may easily be made.
Fill a clean pint bottle with distilled
water. a hole In stopper
large enough to let a thermometer
piss through it- The kind of
used In
la most convenient Insert the stopper
In the bottle and let the thermometer
reach nearly to the bottom.
snow or Ice and salt round bottle
as you would pack an Ice cream
freezer. If the bottle Is not Jarred
the may be seen to drop
several degrees below the freezing
point without freezing the water.
If the stopper thermometer
now removed and a small piece of ice
free from any trace of salt is Inserted
In the bottle and pushed down into
the water, crystals of Ice may be seen
to shoot out in all directions from It
After this experiment has been made
it will be Interesting to observe the
slower growth of crystals In
the quiet pools of clear water that you
sometimes see In spring and fall, and
you will have some understanding of
the network of Ice girders which Is
beneath the Ice coating of small ponds.
Youth's Companion.
A. L
N. S. Schedule
Vision That Cam In
Warned Hr From Death.
I have never had much faith in
dreams, hut about a year ago I had
one which was the means of saving
my life, and since then I scoff no
I dreamed one night that figure
of an old man dressed In black
mo and asked. you
taking him for the
of shuddered and replied,
and the figure vanished.
When awoke and related dream
to my mother she told me not to worry
over It. as bad dreams meant
good news.
A few days later I bad to
visit a girl friend her office in a
large office At the conclusion
of the Visit my friend walked me
to the hail, where we waited for the
elevator to take me down. When the
elevator car came to our floor I was
el talking to my friend, and the
valor runner inquired,
I was about to say and step
when the question struck me, and I
glanced at the elevator runner.
I immediately drew back and replied,
never mind; I'll wait for the next
Tho car fell, killing the occupants.
Mini.- In New York Telegram.
And Other
Repenting at Leisure.
Agnes was a little tot of live, with
curly, flaxen complex-
a will of her own. Sin- bad
been advised, to say deliberately
naughty, at the dinner table, and
had dismissed her lo her bed
room, to remain In durance vile till she
should express due for her
behavior. Agues cheerfully obeyed
the parental order and showed no
of repentance at the end of the first
quarter of nil hour. When thirty min-
bad elapsed called from
an adjoining
aren't you V
There was no reply from the dark-
Ten minutes the question was
repeated. Back cams the reply in
patient dignity and childish treble of
please don't ask me
more. I'll come and lei you know when
Christmas M
We shall have on display
constantly from now
Christmas the newest
Neck Fixings, Ribbons,
Laces and Novelties
too numerous to mention
the wife or the
the sister
or the other fellow's sister
So come to us and please yourself
and please the others that
you to please by sending a
gift from the STORE who
cater to the wants of woman
kind and their opposite.
J. P. J. G.
N. following schedule fig-
urea published as information ONLY
and are not guaranteed.
East Bound
a. m. Pull-
man, Sleeping Car for Norfolk.
a. m. Dally, for Plymouth, Eliza-
beth City Norfolk. Broiler Car
service connects tor all points
North and West.
p. m., Dally, except Sunday, for
West Bound
a. m. Daily, for Wilson and
Pullman Sleeping Car
ice connects South and
a. m. Dally, except Sunday, for
Wilson and connects for
all points.
p. m. Dally, for Wilson and
Broiler Car service.
For further Information and res-
of Sleeping Car space apply
to J. L. HASSELL, Agent, Greenville.
N. C.
w. k. W.
General Supt., r. a.
Norfolk, Virginia.
This Small World.
is getting to be a mighty small
world compared to what it used lo
said a telegraph operator.
handling a cable wire now. The oilier
night the cable editor of one of our
dally papers called up ever
phone and ashed me whether hi
respondent down Cape
filed anything. The wire from Cape
had Just called, and told him
to wait a moment. Then went to my
key and in an learned that the
correspondent had just tiled a thousand
words. I k to the telephone
and reported tact to the editor. Ii
didn't take nearly as long for him to
get that Information nil the way from
Cape more than n thousand
miles distant, as it has for me to tell
you about
It Had.
dear sir. am much flattered by
your to hear the remainder of
my story all the other
ran away at the sound of the din
tier said the ocean going pest to
his sole remaining auditor.
Has the dinner bell
replied the slightly deaf listener, and
he went below In a hurry.
Greenville Banking and Trust Co.
In the state of North Carolina, at the close of business, December 1311.
Capital stock paid in J
. 2.258.18 Undivided profits, less cur-
Overdrafts .
North Carolina State bonds
All other stocks, bonds,
and mortgages .
Furniture and fixtures.
Demand loans .
Due from banks and bank-
Cash Items.
Sliver coin. Including all
minor coin currency.
National hank notes and
other U, S. notes .
rent expenses and
paid .
761.74 Notes and bills re-dis-
5.215.86 counted .
10,000.00 Time Certificate of de-
56.687.97 Deposits subject to check
Due to hanks and bank-
Cashier's cheeks
12.101.00 232.837.7
Total. .
Male of North Carolina, of
S. Carr, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above Statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
C. S.
Subscribed and sworn to before 12th day 1911.
H. A. WHITE. Notary Public.
S. J EVERETT. My commission expires March
Though flattery blossoms like friend-
ship, yet there Is a great difference in
nuts, candles, -ii
s. it
Hopeful of
wife Is taking s tremendous
Interest In abstruse economic
replied Mr. I'm
glad of It. Maybe It will result In
conversation's putting me to sleep in-
stead of keeping me
Hard to Suit.
girls said they would rather
flan than
now they are kicking because
we added two waits numbers and cut
down the supper to
Pittsburgh Post
Condensed Statement of
The National Bank
AI close business, December
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts .
U. S. bonds . .
Stocks and bonds .
Furniture and fixtures .
Exchange for clearing house .
Five per cent, redemption fund .
Cash and due from hanks .
. 960.90
Capital .
Surplus .
Profits .
Circulation .
account .
Dividends unpaid .
Cashier's cheeks .
Di posits .
Total .
,. 21.000.00
. 7,138.30
,. 12,033.14
. 1,060.00
. 94,208.93
. 50,000.00
. 10.000.00
. 21.000.00
. 13,400.00
. 209.335.07

it week;
D. J.
Six months.
rate may be had upon
application at the business office in
Building, corner Evans
and Third streets.
All cards of
reaped will be clunked for at
got word.
was killed by It It would Russia is again trying to Let mixed
be Just as insane to tie a rope around up in a war. Again the type setters
our necks and let ourselves drop from will exhaust the and Ks and
three-story building, to a soft mat- Such paragraphs as the following
tress in the sidewalk. It would be will again come to the front,
all right as long as the rope were and
the necessary length to allow us to get pushed back a few miles. This is
light in the mattress. But a stratagem cleverly
that the rope fell short. No Russians killed and wound-
Old Santa Claus has been playing melon quarts; rhubarb,
set-back these few past days, and has Quart,
won many games. A lot of bank ac-
Am still canning tomatoes. Have
four or five dozen quarts yet that I
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec.
American Philosophical association
began its annual meeting at Harvard
expect to All with tomatoes and late University today with a large
of medical skill can bring a
dead man back. Just the same as
Duly censored by the
MM is the
human power is able to restore to name given the Czar Nicholas
a little boy that eye that the giant Are
cracker robbed him of. Some years
ago. Life, one the best edited weekly
humorous papers in the world,
counts have been and it will
take some months to get them on beans, which are Just beginning of members and Invited
their feet again. set on good. Besides, we have dried chief feature of the mooting will
few apples and made a lot of the annual address to be
The news way of Durham a N tomorrow night by Professor J.
have plenty of peas and sweet j.; of Columbia
that because of the expense in keep-. of ,
so many buyers employed, there expects to supply her table from
is a movement to close the smaller home produce this David
markets on which only a little in The Progressive Farm-
by his
The handsomest Christmas
of any weekly paper in the state
is sold.
MInter On of Machinery.
says that he is One of the first things to do when
that will not you buy a wagon, buggy or other
To Address Teachers.
Governor Woodrow Wilson and Dr.
J. P. States
of education, are on the pro-
gram for addresses at the
ed its course and in serious that we have seen, is the have it again, while or when you invest your hard convention of the New
Communications advertising
be three
cents per line, up U. line.
Bartered second class
August at the post office
Greenville. Not in Carolina,
act hi March
manner look up the powder burning
proposition. One of its artists drew
a picture that told an oft told tale.
Chief. contains is going to ., put ,. M , a
paper and carries two hand- Colonel as a duty. So , Io h But TOT
on book
some holiday covers in colors. Editor you arc.
Two weeping parents and a Barker certainly covered
little girl are sorrowfully gr.; in this splendid
over a little boy laying on f paper.
a couch. A bandage is over the lit-
boy's eyes. Celebrating the Fourth
of July cost that hoy his eye-
building sheds and houses for tools
land machinery will not save the ma-
Reyes, who at all, if through
Trip For Dartmouth Head.
monarch of Mexico, a few ,, f Dartmouth College,
after using. The shed may be large-
three session.
Lit today for his annual tour if the
Sight. since the picture saw g, K,.,,., k of
light Life, every year many ,,,,.,,. court, died at his in
re-print it from a and Rev, P. R. Law, editor
ago, is locked up in a cell
Carolina two good cit- In He has it all over a , put i alumni associations of he West. HI.
and his 100-day reign. this is where we have noticed far m
o the greatest neglect. It was not Do-
by death on Saturday. Col.
. , . . . . cause there was no place put
Mexico is to follow Sams , . .
things away, hut because t
example and establish postal savings.,, y., ,,, ,,.,.
ad- , Presbyterian Standard, died In banks Way not also follow Uncle south would save thousands of
mire's Life's stand in this ma
Nineteen hundred eleven For
will include meetings to be held
In Syracuse. Cleveland, Chicago. St
Washington. Hart-
ford, and several other cities.
had been troubled with
Chris in little I take our
table in outskirts of
Guided by the luminous
latter where he had gone method f electing every year by attending to this M of
a low ,,,,. .,., i -o-------- item And then i, gives a farm to Tenn.
. . . so much better appearance to see the
well advanced in and were very Another effort to get a pardon for ad do for
Our Special edition which was is-1
Star that kept over Wednesday received many COM-1 King George, not busy having to g
humble since the ad- from our patrons. We high-1 a crown fitted, has had time to kill
vent of the Saviour, Magi, appreciate their congratulations, one stag, three rhinoceros, seven
Morse, the bank wrecker, hue met- tan j. K. Williams, of Middle
I the same fate as previous attempts of rotting and of
Stomach and Liver
cured For sale by all dealers.
I with the paint bright on in-
stead of sitting
I advertising their owner as a poor
A Christmas fire cracker cost Elm
the kings of the Bast, It was a success in many and eighteen tigers while in the neighborhood of a
and Balthazar, it was not all that we wanted it Please note the absence minion dollars. So much for
ed from far and with presents be. In fact we never have been brass bands and magazine articles and celebrations.
manager. If you haven't put
away, then get at it now. mid make a
habit of having a place for your tools
and then keeping them in it when
representative of their kingdoms thoroughly satisfied with our efforts.
adore the the paper was a failure.
the most humble surroundings We did more than we could afford,
did they bow low to the King of When we hutched our scheme we had
kings laid their offerings that we would receive aid which
the foot of the blessed Was not finally had, and the
about it. It simply goes to that
whilst King George is a good hunter
he is a mighty poor press agent.
You may notice it when you will,
that it matters not how heavy is the
years later, we, we were not to get this at Christmas or any other time,
celebrate Christ's nativity and came too late for us to renege. Bad the patrons of the Greenville post-
emulating Magi, remember business Indeed, it was, but are served promptly and well.
our friends with tokens that limit and progress already made much for the obliging and
with them the spirit of the kept us from proceeding more work of Postmaster Flan-
day. The atmosphere of Christ- and we trusted. But and
mas. with its sweet remembrances truthfully say that Greenville and
of all that is dear to us reigns Pitt county had a paper that was
Mr-. K. J. Hi hi re Dead.
The remains of Mrs. E. J. Moore.
they are not in use.-J. W. Nash died in Norfolk, Tuesday, were
The Progressive Farmer,
brought here on the Atlantic Coast
Line train today for interment. Her
son. Mr. Joseph died there last
week and death quickly followed
Democrats are plan- his. They moved from Greenville to
a big Jackson day banquet next a few years ago.
for Mountain Whites.
NEW YORK. Dec. initial
energetic business man should
plan for a vigorous advertising cam-
the coming year. That is the
way to make more business.
,, . . .,. j The Georgia Democratic State corn-
He that dances must pay the ,. .
has decided to hold a performance of the Thackeray
A few days more bills for primary election some time consisting principally of tab-
Christmas presents will be staring June representing characters and
you in the face.
If the governor is to make a Christ-
mas present to one of the would-be
Col. Roosevelt has written up a judges, the appointment will have to
friends forgotten in every way. for we have never card to the dab made pretty soon.
Come back to our minds and seen another such a one and we have for Saturday Evening Post. It
scenes of by-gone Christmas days the satisfaction of knowing that we does good old days of
return to us with a Lucidness that our st. we hope the If
bids fair to eclipse the light of the town and community . for A c he would be as as
sun. Christmas days that gets from such an issue will redound have brand
It is a good thing that Santa Claus
comes but once a year. If he came
some of did spend in the midst to the benefit of us all.
of our own dear people and It is not long after a Vander-
now come back to us to make us. The time has come when the board
feel the utter of the aldermen of Greenville should week. Everybody down the line something a Vanderbilt
stranger ill strange lands. stop to the use of fireworks in meeting trains and getting
which as has been said in town. The privilege that has been That's what was the mat-
scenes from Thackeray's novels, was
Jud La has been a member given in the Sixty-ninth Regimen
of the North Dakota senate ever since Armory this afternoon. The affair
the was admitted to the Union is under the of the South-
In 1889.
New Mexico hopes to have tho of-
recount of the returns of the
recent election completed in time to
em Industrial Educational Society,
for the benefit of the mountain whites.
with cars. as
can get it, will get It In spite of Car-
Nation and her hatchet.
Mayor and Mayoress Shanks of
beautiful song and Burn, extended from year to year through a
All these comes from the heart to suspension of the ordinance and per-
in Christmas and help us fell milting fireworks during Christmas,
for the ones who are absent. From so abused that it has grown Into a
those that are gone to return no nuisance and a menace. There is
more. From passing acquaintance such utter disregard for tho safety of have been tending a
that left a scratch in tho record of person and that it should-bargain counter In their town. Sell-
minds. We think of them all not be allowed to go on, and the potatoes below
now, for this is the time to should put a stop to it by seems hardly a mayor's Job,
member. Memories and not allowing fireworks to sold or goes a long way to show what a
It is not within our used at all In the town. The time to good mayor can do.
power to define what these on this is early in the year so
words mean at this time of the that dealers can have ample notice
year. The joy of giving; the joy and not place orders.
of making others happy. The
pain in the recall of gatherings. What has done for himself In
that are to be no more. politics is something to make will never be. Is It because
Illinois Teachers Gather.
inaugurate William C. of school teachers from
the first governor early In part of Illinois assembled
the capital today for the annual con-
. of their state association.
Maine and Island are the-The sessions will last three days and
only New England states In which will have for the central theme o
women have not granted the discussion education of the child
All trains were mighty late the wedding before you hear vote for com. for
Historians at Buffalo.
N. Y Dec.
Roosevelt is slated for election
,.,,., ,,.,. ,, , ,. party the presidency of the American
to a stand-pat platform. Association, which
its annual meeting bore today la
Col. assertion that the
United States will go to war with
Japan, is proof, Japan says,
that war between Uncle Sam and the
Former Speaker Joseph G. Cannon
,., expresses the opinion that the
New York is going to buck against ,
I lob son is in a class
And so does Christmas come , a short
us every to remind us that he has ascended more rounds In
we have forgotten. That whilst , than any other
we have been trying to live for From secretary to the
ourselves, we have utterly to chairman of a
that once a man was born is m four I wool. Old William always had
next national Democratic convention.
The pictorial edition of The Daily
Reflector has gone forth on its mis-
for Greenville and Pitt county.
The best present for an absent rel-
or friend Is a year's
to The Reflector.
That was a big molasses boiling
they had In Boston when a fire de-
a million gallons,
The misfit presents will do to swan
Charles W. Pool, who was speaker
of the Nebraska two years ago.
has announced hie candidacy for th
Democratic nomination for governor.
Governor Harmon, of Ohio, for
president and Governor Burke, of
North Dakota, for vice president Is
the national ticket conceived by some
of the Democratic politicians.
In Massachusetts election last month
the Socialists polled less than
votes, as against a total of nearly
votes east for their party
dates in
The ballot for tho election In Hus-
ton on January will he the smallest
William II. is going to come all
the way from Jamaica to on
There has not yet peon enough presented for an election in that
weather to kill out the flies.
on the ballot, as candidates for the
council and school committee.
that lived for all of us.
A funny thing about soft Even running for president. If
latest success is he Started his PO- they Hearst. William
career as secretary fur Hearst, what will they
Now he direct a Bryan
The Christian holiday of holidays campaign against That is, 0---------
Is over, mid well may We ask ourselves t course. If the founder of the An- San Francisco boasts of open air
this Was it a sane Christ- Club gels in the race. Once celebration of Christmas. New York
mas If we remember, and Ibis hi more ire will call upon. Kale and forward mid claims that the
hard, the amount of useless noise irony, or the Irony of if you weather up there Ibis year was as
The turkey crop will be ripe again; Louisiana's next governor will be
next Thanksgiving. selected at the Democratic primaries
o I next month, The contest Is n spirited
Surely this is Greenville, one between John T. Michel,
date for the
fours if You Come.
conjunction with that of the
can Political Science Association.
Mr. Roosevelt Is now vice-president
of the organization.
When you have a cold get a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
will soon fix you up all right and will
ward off tendency toward
This remedy contains no
opium or other narcotic and may be
given as confidently to a baby as t
an adult. For sale by all dealers.
u the good government league
call be getting your new year
resolutions ready.
B. of Maryland
became Attorney-General of the
United States.
Lamb, the famous
and poet.
in London in 1775.
Sherman's army landed
In In
for the attack on
1807 First meeting of the On tart
and judge Luther B. Hall, candidate new chamber of Cora-
was opened in
of Fruit.
child, what are you going
to do with so much canned
you will have enough
to last you two or three years, won't
are foolish to spend so much
money for
These some of the expressions
that me when I tell my
deal Of trouble ; a great many la the originator of what may enough to contend with taking how much fruit I have put up
made during the nights of the like it better.
and are bound to answer
NO It is not that want to go
tradition. Nothing of
good as What about Green-
ville- From the weather point of
It wouldn't be at all surprising to
see President Taft actually flop over
the kind. It simply is that the ,,,,.;,. Atlanta Tho Paris woman who Is predict-
waste of powder consumed ling all kinds of things for
those two might mean great To our knowledge the Atlanta to be locked up. People
Present indications point to a live-
three cornered for the
Democratic nomination for governor
t Illinois at primaries
April. The prospective candidates for
the nomination are Samuel
j of Aurora, former Congressman lieu
F. Caldwell, and former Mayor Ed-
ward P. of
Young people especially. itself. Rumors of the Taft- as they come, without having
Innately, no serious accident has been Roosevelt warfare under cover. direful prophecies.
reported, but this is only a powerful the above paragraph some
amount of good luck and nothing With the Progressive The print shop Is to
else. Fire and powder are mighty pulling hard to nominate the pages of wool matter
dangerous to with Colonel for the presidential race, it j,, volumes. This is to he a set-
amount make lust possible Taft feels w .,,
does not begin to the G. O. has all It can do looking Ker Cheater, Sir Arthur
amount pain that it has Its favorite son. Perhaps tho Doyle et
humanity, over since the Inventor of Democratic party might be a
a German monk, called boat.
good ,
The tomato can but will It
this year. It was all raised on the
i inn here, and the only outlay was
i he price of the jars, which, of course,
I will still have, barring a small per-
Of breakage next season. I
and we love It and I am going to
could not see the fruit go to waste.
end the readers a list of what I have
pat up and see tons. .
Apples, quarts;
marts; beans. quarts; tomatoes,
quarts; boots, quarts; water-
1886-Tho Temple
destroyed by fire.
Installed as
president, of San Domingo.
Roosevelt invited
Canada and Mexico to Join
the movement for tho
of resources.
Of tho twenty-six occupants of the
president's chair six have been
The quicker a cold la gotten rid of born as Grant,
the less the danger from pneumonia Hayes, Benjamin Harrison,
other serious disease. Mr. B. W. and Taft. Virginia has
Hall, of Waverly, Va., seven. Seventeen of the
believe Chamberlain's Cough were college graduates, the nine
Remedy to be absolutely the beat non-collegians being Washington.
the market for colds. I Jackson, Van Huron. Taylor,
it to my friends
and all agree with For
all dealers.
Lincoln, Johnson, Cleveland and Me-
Footprints on the sands of time are
The is secondarily right, but be careful not to make
for the big millinery hills. on mother's clean kitchen
loss not part with Its At any rate the clam knows enough
I to shut up.
It Didn't Do to Liberties With
Our First
President Washington went to
congress on public except in a
I Thy In Records In
Colonial Times.
are to j-o out
Stagecoach drawn by six cream colored. m long most These generally arise computation of a ship's longitude an
n n Is t. .- a
coach was an object winch
would excite the admiration of the
even now In our streets It
was built in the of a
will speak of their
its panels were adorned with Co- or
surrounded with flowers and not- it
fruits. The coachman and postilions to customary to titles consist In wanning stomach with latitude and sail.-d fro
alkaline water or pure glycerin, fol- last course or dire
lowed by the Ingestion of alkaline sailed as by
oil and white of eggs compass, the rate of sailing,
Ml we up. Some years however. Ir. from time to time by Hie log. and It
showed that tincture of time elapsed.
dine, administered In fairly The various principles or d
doses, may give better results followed In arriving at the
On one occasion when called in to ere known among navigators
attend a young who. thinking and latitude sallies
However, the data thus obtained hp
always liable to considerable error- i,
of currents, leeway,
of the wind and changes in the c.- I
nation of the The
at by dead
fore, must of m- i, .
were arrayed In gorgeous liveries of official records, as was
and scarlet habit, according to the archives
Philadelphia Gazette, a govern- i of of our states.
organ, regularly gave out court Dutch records
news for edification of the citizens, j nave alias
From this journal the people were per- ; the from
to learn as much It was Indians, dated In one of
deemed proper they should know about boundaries is u land
president's and a fair Hans and In the
amount of space was also devoted to I dated On i he was drinking had swallow-
Mrs Washington, who was. however. I one of boundaries is the ed a quantity of a strong solution of
not referred to as Mrs. Washington. Swede's In the carbolic acid and who consequently
but as amiable consort of our be- Kings county records, a man is named I was severely burned about tips
When Hie president at as the j throat. Dr. hurriedly
made his appearance at n ball or s , j him swallow a of
public reception a dais was erected for I common council of New York , of iodine In n cupful of water. A few
him. upon which he might stand apart ordered fish to lie into minutes the patient was
from the throng, and the guests or vis. tee doc I he city ball side to some milk
bowed to In in in solemn silence. or the house that long Mary became easier,
Ins only lived and in the same year an j he very completely recovered,
come In later times, few order was passed Topknot Hetty j The same Immediate and complete
presumed to shake hands with General I end her children be provided for us effect obtained on
Washington. One or Ills friends. Goo- objects of charily j of Iodine in doses of live
Morris, rashly undertook for The explanation of tins In. In water In ease of a three-year
s foolish wager to go Up to him and many cases was that persons in old boy who had Just swallowed some
slap him on the saying. question either hail no family names carbolic Held
dear general. I am happy to see you so or bad forgotten them, so that the use Similar success was met with In
At least there Is a tradition to, their nicknames third case of sold
that effect I a necessity So numerous the victim being s child of two
The moment fixed upon arrived, and were Smiths living upon Is- of age. In tills- Instance tho Iodine
Mr. Morris, already half repenting of that It was thought necessary to treatment could not be till
bis wager, went up to Washington, distinguish the various original fa mi- hours after the Of the pol
placed bis hand bis and by some peculiar name. Thus we The Storming symptoms soon
uttered the prescribed words Wash- have Rock the Blue appeared under the of line
as the story has It. steppe, mid- Smiths, the Bull Smiths and of Iodine given every four hours
Tincture of Iodine. It Is Claimed. Gives
Remarkable Results. One Way of Determining j
Among cases of accidental poisoning Course on an Ocean Voyage. In Squares With th
those caused by carbolic acid are the Dead reckoning simply means Kind Scenery.
From toe beginning the
the old miracle
of the twelfth century to the
rate and o-
the twentieth is h far cry. No
only was the work these early a
tors far below- modern histrionic stand
but lie stage selling,
most complicated were
templed, was of The
were in the town
on two story scaffold,
remains what It Is will through a solution of cur- latitude from her movements as
nickname each other, will acid for some medicine or. s forded In the u and without
nickname their professors, mid sol
me medicine or. es
occurs vary often, for some alcoholic recourse to astronomical observation
liquor. The elements from ti
The remedies employed In reckoning Is made
with kind of poisoning The point of departure--that ts.
Women Equal Partners With the Men
In All Amusements.
Frenchmen cannot there
must always I-- an Eve In their para-
The bachelor parry, is a
common feature In Flutist life
is unthinkable In How ca i
enjoy without women
Woman is their enjoyment.
It only cold Englishman
wants to leave bis wife at while
he banquets or golf. French
man's first In and an-
game are always by
s feminine retinue-bis wife, his aunt
and bis It ts only when
mil angels ended Be makes progress game
above on very risible The good realizes the niceties of Its etiquette
and the Bed sea were I; that be to separate himself
punctiliously arranged than those
our first president-New York Press.
in doses of live drops In a teaspoonful
of water. The little patient was cured
The tincture of Iodine the
or phonic acid by forming
In the Day. When
. .,. i therefore harmless
New York Herald.
back. Used his gaze upon Morris Weight Weekly.
for several moments with an angry
frown until the latter retreated
ed and sought refuge in the NEWSPAPERS,
one else ever tried a similar expert- A , London
Price. Were High.
A London newspaper, the Dally
News, has nu Interesting
document which goes back to the days
Restaurant Etiquette. dear newspapers, when these papers
When a man escorts a lady to a res- were taken ,,, lo , , One of the Powerful Flavor-
he pauses a entrance with for so many at an hour Agent. Known,
until head waiter Indicates the Tucked away. It says. In the leaves of What would you consider one of the
seats they are to occupy The head an old guidebook to the Crystal palace. I powerful agents with which to
waiter precedes the woman to the , dated 1854. has been found a little flavor water Would it lie iron
the man following. The waiter printed leaflet. Issued from I part per million of Iron in
may remove the lady's coat If she has library and newspaper office. St. j water Is detectable by taste, and more
not already removed It In the George's place. Hyde Park Corner. four or five parts make a water
dressing room, where It will lie safe making the following unpalatable. In some mineral spring
and out of the way The man who j be bad from the office by constituent which Imparts
prides himself on bis courtesy may o'clock In morning, to keep at medicinal value to water, but
give this little attention himself and cents per copy, or lent to read for three i ordinarily It Is undesirable,
may assist the lady to her hours at or two hours for More than 2.5 parts per million in
wrap, hand It to the waiter draw per week. It also be sup- water used for laundering makes n
her chair. If he leaves this service plied at o'clock In afternoon at stain on clothes. Iron must be
to the waiter be should under no the reduced price of II cents per copy ed from water from which Ice is i
Often . at ion of
navigator won
risk relying on this method i
determining i i- position on an area
voyage.-New fork Tunes.
Pointing the Point.
the n. I ever v
Teeth Extracted While l,
laughed long loudly
this, and shortly afterward be
mend it he said,
me of a funny sign had seen
extracted While You Walt.
is there funny about that
he asked. don't quite catch n
you see man who
up that used live words when on
would have enough. The w.
covers the whole round E
dentist Is supposed to pull
I see. ha.
York Mall.
a bole dug square Bib
with water and so that s rev.
might only with difficulty
j around therein. Here sea
I were made from Marseilles to i
. tine with one shove of the oar.
ware properties. Irrepressible i
Imagination tin- rest
The mystery were drama .
lions of the mice
I different trade guilds the
each guild i the part
established as it; own by
from ail I be country round throng
into York in a pa
was lo be ft
the Four Hess.
for hour or two from feminine so-
he plays advanced golf
be will always prefer wife's society
on the links to that of a man
That is why club life la Impossible
In except life of a
sort, involving baccarat for high Stakes
appealing to a rich and leisured
class. Yet In this ease compensations
ac offered to the offended goddess
momenta j abandoned while her bus
goes to the she is in-
I to weekly theatrical entertain-
i et pro
for. lit the way. by the card
squandered by the men And
ex I of all sorts flourish
at labs nearly every one baa some
mission so many
for mingling of the
i u and the . by
take bis sent until the lady or posted Into the country at per
Is comfortably Mettled. same rule quarter, payable in
applies when leaving restaurant-
Baltimore American.
In those days Dally News bad
started only eight years under
the original editorship of Charles Dick-
ens and was still published at cents
Its editor at the time was
A of
It marvelous bow she managed
Iron pick. Its movement seemed and Harriet
incessant in her bands First there Perhaps the first woman In England to
was s quick dive, like s regular Journalistic work.
then a skillful tees. and. of writers of leading
she never once looked behind the
bit of refuse, whether rag. food, The of hiring did not
or paper, took Its certain Quickly. Certainly down to orally amounts to little.
or a cloudy discolored product will re
suit. An Iron content of over two or
three parts per million lo water used
in the manufacture of paper will stain
the paper.
Iron la harmful In water used for
steaming, for It Is In equilibrium with
which Inside tho boiler become
dissociated, with result the
free acids corrode the boiler plates, but
amount of Iron carried in solution
by most waters Is so small that lbs
damage It does to steam boilers gen
Arm In Arm a
It Is related of Sir Edward
that he once walked arm In arm. so
speak, with a tigress. He was
shooting and. always a fearless snort
man. had to close quarters w II
his quarry He Bred, and either
ball fatted to take effect or but
wounded the animal. She
st bin and his left arm aim
the elbow The pain must have In-
but Sir Edward kept com
that it would be deal .
to drag his arm away .
low her to spring at him. he
walked a few
paces until bis comrade was able i
take aim and kill the brute. Thus I. .
courage saved bU life, though the in
of his arm at
proved necessary.
It Was Mary Bins Who Set i
For Color.
The majority or moose
when selecting wedding
cause it is the color,
i many persons are opinion
; it always been As a in.
fact. Is of comparatively in
origin, In most eastern con;
tries pink Is the bridal color,
lulling the middle and In II
I renaissance period brides wore
son to of ail other
, of In- and
l queens were married ill that vivid bu
winch is still k, mar in parts of
i tony, when- the bride ts
j dressed in crimson
Stuart who chance I
color of the bridal garments.
, her marriage with II. of
I in which took place
before altar, but before the great
doors of Notre lbs was gown. I
white brocade, with n train of pule
blue Persian velvet sis yards In length
This Innovation caused a great
In the fashionable world of that time
It was not however, until quite lb
end of the seventeenth century that
pure white the color worn by royal
popular for bridal
j garments. Sketch.
flight Into sack, which yr there were many households
such gigantic proportions that which the Times was still left on
s general overran seemed Inevitable. would be
lint. no. Having Oiled It lo bursting. to when the system
the little worker shook -l Monitor,
herself free a
cumulations and disappeared down the
you know U-
her scepter with all the
aplomb of her B.
Waller In
Monte Pension List.
Monte Carlo, famous gambling
, den of France, bas probably the most
pension list in the world.
Men and women who absolutely
themselves at the casino are allowed
small for the rest of their lives
The pensions vary from f francs to
a day. to the amounts
lost at the tables, states Hie National
Magazine. A Scotchman who lust
about st roulette Is said
receive a day This gentleman re
sides today in a tiny villa at Nice
Every year the casino company pays
out some In pensions.
Tho Farmer.
am an actor out of work
yon give roe employment on your
can. But a day on a farm is no
twenty minute
right, fonder Is your room.
When you hear a born toot about
s. in. that's your cue News
A Noble Sacrifice.
understand that her father died
In the Insane
too bad. bad
. I know He accumulated
a million dollars before be went In
Detroit Free
Another Instance.
make proverbs and fool
That's agrees B the way.
who was the author c that
Cleveland I Main Heeler
Two of Husband.
There are two f
home early
mm tan i
A Draw.
cents this eon-
s whole half cried
his mother. What did you
do with
Jones was so I gave him
generous boy Did you do
that of your own
we derided that
would be
He didn't whip you
make you give up
Waters having high Iron content
have In some places caused tin
amount of trouble and expense
when used as city supplies, for they
favor the growth of to such
s degree that the water pipes become
with the Iron sheaths of the
organism. The removal of iron from
water Is easy and some
times very -Geological Survey
Twining of Plants.
One of to be
In connection with the twining of
plants Is the fact Hint with very few
exceptions all the Individuals of one
species always twine In the same
Most plants twine In the op-
course to the movement of the
No. If he'd licked me he'd or bands of a watch. Such
had it alL The scrap was a ; twiners the morning glory.
Cleveland Plain Denier. j wax plant, trumpet creeper and
many others. Among those
Fluid. opposite direction the hop
An excellent homemade cleaning bindweed, or climbing
fluid useful generally for many
Is made by dissolving four
ounces of soap In a quart
of boiling rainwater When add
two ounces each of alcohol, ether and
glycerin, four ounces
finally one gallon of rainwater and
then bottle. This will remove grease
spots from clothing spots from
covers, carpets and rugs.
familiar examples.- liar
Fire Extinguishers.
About a Mr Philips m
London an apparatus fur put
ting out tire, It was nut .
success. When put In action the i
acid which were to r.
flames were not
to do the
work. A Frenchman named
patented a fairly successful satin
In i since which date
have used more or less all over
the world to put out Incipient lire,
though, of course, they are
after the baa acquired much heal
The Gladiators.
Usually gladiators were matched h
pairs. They fought in different ways
blindfolded, la chariots, OS
In full armor and with the lasso.
were used by some, who, lifter turns
one over the head of an
dispatched him with a three
pointed lance or trident.
nick-Bill writes that he's living. In
magnificent cottage
so small that you can stand on Ills
roof, reach down I he chimney a ml ,
the front Louis Republic.
j tho Patent Office.
The first patron of our
was Thomas Jefferson, who
three years gave his personal ,
to every application for a patent
used to call the secretary of war
the attorney general to examine gild
scrutinize with him. they did II s
thoroughly one first
they three patents. Tie
very patent of nil was given
Hopkins In for pearl ash
, ea. Mr. Jefferson held that
system was nut one for creating
hut for encouraging a product., i
of that which Is he of tn the
whole people lo twelve years
s single clerk In the Mate
and s few pigeonholes were all it
the business or required
Then s took charge II
sad devoted to It as a hobby
Not So Very Long Ago It an
known Institution.
Indifference Plays Havoc With
In too Homo.
The foe of married happiness is in-
The real wrong to the wife,
real failure of the husband, is
when he becomes unconscious of what
she Is doing for him what she is
in herself. Al first ministries and
her affection delightful to him
Then perhaps they become thing of
course -received, enjoyed in a fashion,
but hardly thought of. And some-
times, though not so frequently, the
wife of her bus
into most marriages there
creeps on one side or on both some-
thing of this Indifference. Husband
and wife live together in th chiefly
external relation He is the
is the They ac-
each Other's good qualities as men
wear easy titling clothes without no-
They put up with each others
defects with a smoky chimney or
any other annoyance
They would to no alienation.
They have only got used to each other.
It is same that robs
life of its brightness; that us
blind to the and the clouds
the bright procession of day and
year, because we have seen them so
often; that keep, us mostly a numb,
half state, from which only
are we roused to feel that we
are living In a divine universe
ourselves S
Man of
Knighthood For Woman.
It is not at all well known that
knighthood bas constantly been con-
upon women Many
ladles the many
more were members of such knightly
orders as the Darter and St.
When Mary bold
lady of was knighted by
Elisabeth for
en taking command at
by did she
know that a of Spanish
men, the gallant of
been for that city
from Mary and
had both bean knighted at their
but by th tho
second Mary and Victoria ascended
,, , the throne II had been quite forgotten
We boast ourselves, n cleanly people ,,,, ,, . t ,
Z . ; that, according to aw and
I am not going to marry him
cannot trust him He Is too de
pretends to like my
Force of Habit.
have to be ready on time. My
won't wait a minute for
You see. In m youth he
a elevator Free
roe Vices
Childhood has
then. H la soothes by memories of
sorrow MM
Who t the swell ye
was to. p
Aw. an wasted
s one my
Horse Marking.
Among horses. Irrespective or the
of breed, is much more
Commonly seen on the hind legs, or on
of them, than on the fore leg.
And when the bitter while it e
practically always true that you
white on I he hind legs too.
cording lo the World.
markings are present both behind in
front those on the bind limbs
be more extensive
Going Too Far.
Mrs. I read in the paper i
woman In looking another v,.
man to see what she on fell mil
of a window. Mr Well,
only goes to show that some women
In Irving to follow the fashions mi
far- Illustrated Hits.
Clerk Ito hoy after senior part
has told poor don I
yon laugh tool don't
need to. I'm leaving on Saturday
Hid are apt to scorn foreigner who
not daily perform the ritual of
the tub. Yet, the Medical
points out. it is not so lung ago since
had the reputation of being an ex-
dirty people. In the year
1800 there was not a single private
house In London provided with a bath-
A witness stated before the health
about the middle of the
Inst century that the only two
which one of the laboring
classes was washed all over was
mediately birth after death.
at the present our content
doubts If dirtier people could
n woman who tilled n man's office
acquired nil and was
from none of dunes London
Too Volcano
mi the island of Hawaii, as
high as twice as wide,
lies thirty miles from Hie sea In a
range There have i
outbreaks of m the last
hundred years In there was a
brilliant eruption of lava, the light of
Which, it was reported, could be seen s
hundred miles sway Where the
flowed through forest it left curt-
ails relics n shape lava arches.
bridges and great vases
were formed by the lava piling Itself
about some lofty tree trunk, burning
the wood sit bin killing the
upper par of the In
f seeds were deposited in the
top. plied with
until now mere is s vase
holding terns powers vines.
asked me to
sat . nu.
ma H I can sing.
Many a Fracture I. Averted by It
Great Elasticity.
Fortunately the human skull,
though composed Of bones, ts
much more so than one would think
The average male adult skull. In fuel, found anywhere In the world than
says the Relenting American. Is so our lower classes. French
elastic that It may compressed workman would be ashamed to wear
laterally In diameter by n blow or by the dollies which the British labor
pressure, applied at center of urea goes to his dally work. There Is
at right angles to the that nothing that tramps who apply
point, by one and a centimeters or workhouses think I more brutal
six-tenths of an Inch. than enforced
Its original diameter form without In the middle ages, reminded.
breakage. our dirt and squalor were the theme
The material of which our bones Is of comment by foreign visitors. Three
made Is so highly resistant Hint a Centuries ago what mast struck a
cylindrical piece thereof only one traveler In was the
square millimeter or 0.00100 square that the English gentry never
inch In area e . only washed. Erasmus bus left a picture of the word
or Inch In has n leash of dirt prevailed In the houses set out In the Louden Times
Strength of kilograms or thirty of noblemen. hundred ago sup
three pounds avoirdupois, figuring is not difficult from this to Imagine per consist, of a variety of
st per square what the state of things must have The subscribers this
been among classes. Atone save a bill of fare presented to
A similar sample of hard wood, men women who were with a number sash dish.
ed in the same manner, beta only lea careful of their cleaned let which be draw, to
kilograms-that la. has to per faces a dry white linen the marked against It, which
tensile than wood because It was believed that with um
A hone filler hi shown In the washing face with water made It or sense a The
hygienic In winter st I.,
from Ce. IS 1775. when ans I ,. weight of live or SM summer The story of Mk , g who forms
Few people know
The Navy.
The f American
Che of I we
Be net to be
en pounds op,,
This Rapid Age. .,, i had no Tor
virtue is mis fa pace , an. of sag
f ours bas to far as
Mat. bands . mo see Mil et ran. as u. Is
m iT- by people
last, each strives thus a
Set can
beset the of cast

Ring Out The Old.
Ring In The New;
out the old year,
every country of
world where civilization
mankind importance of eel
his holidays brazen
bells will obey Injunction at
midnight moment which marks
passing of 1911 Into 1912.
Every every chime, every
come it from brass or steel or glass
in beauty in tin
of murks the .
of a custom goes back not
than fifteen centuries.
Hag out the old year, ring In
new. is not an impulse to celebrate
with mere noise awing of Fa
Time's scythe. The custom
a a beauty of .
with MOM of the earliest
of the church.
From antiquity bells
ed a part in religious worship. In
the feast of Osiris announced by
the ringing of bells. Aaron and
Jewish high priests wore bells attach
ed to their vestments. In Athens the
priests of used bell In
rites; Greeks employed It
camps ard and the moat
solemn moment in the ritual of tin
Catholic church Is preceded by the
ringing of silver chimed bells.
bishop of Nola.
into the Christian worship ii
the year A. D.
The were made in fain
hence the term campanile or Del
The adoption of the bell into th.
services of the church soon gave tin
chimes the comforter's office in tin
minds of the devout In their
faith the worshipers believed that con
bells had power to
vent storms, to drive away evil
and to repose to the sufferer.
The direct forerunner of the
Year bell is what was known us
This was rung at the
death of a believer theory
troubled the expiring patient.
But the of a consecrated bell
were believed to possess a potency
that the must malignant of devil-
could not withstand; hence with
death the ringing of the holy .
exorcised the evil spirits and
j the soul a happy panning Into a
untroubled peace
From this ancient custom develop
I easily and naturally habit of ring
the old year and ringing ii
I the
Centuries have a thousand
years, and QUO have I.
numbered since the New Ye
was hailed by musk- of
brass. Inn man still tile
beautiful comforting, and
I win ii.- sainted by more peals than
The bell favored is made of tin
I and copper. In the reign of Henry II
I experts decreed a bell should have
I two parts of copper and of tin
When Mr. made bis famous In
I of the ruins of Nineveh h
I beautifully toned bells where
j the proportion was ten parts of copper
I against me of Later experts have
I decided thin four lo one is the
I right proportion. have
i also been made with bells of brass
silver, real silver and gold
Home made steel were shown lo
have a beautiful tone,
from the t that it could not be
tallied balls thickness
give nut nu exquisite melody, but the
malarial i too brittle to withstand th
constant impact of the clapper.
So most the bells that greet
will lie made according to formula
of four parts copper in one part
The most famous the hells that
have New Year are now
fur all time. One is a prized
of the world's greatest autocracy;
the other Is a worshiped memento of
the struggle for liberty that launched
Into existence the world's mightiest re
The great hell now lo-
i in the Kremlin, was cast in
1734 it was design of Its makers
I that it should fill the air with a vol
i of melody I hat. should make It
, world famous In both height and
I this colossus bells is twenty
one feel It weighs tons
Hut how Is planning
mankind is proved by the tragic ca-
of this monster of sound.
for three years did It toll forth the be-
ginning of new year, fast In
1734, It remained In Its place till 1737.
Then It fell during a fire and from
great weight sank deeply Into the earth.
For exactly one century It was per-
to remain burled.
Then It was raised, but the
found In Its side a gaping bole,
where a great piece had been broken
out. No more should bell ring.
Rat they raised It, It on a solid
foundation, and It now forms
dome of a small chapel made by ex-
the space beneath it. Now,
though It may no longer ring In the
new year, it can be the sanctuary for
the Now Year prayers of the faithful.
Every New Tear eve citizens of
Philadelphia gather around shrine
of liberty. Independence hall, to bear
the new year rung In. Formerly this
service was performed by the bell now
known as the Liberty bell.
memorable day la
when the fathers gave forth
to world their Declaration of In-
dependence. was her-
by the ringing of Liberty bell,
the old bell bad been used lo ting In
the year.
for our fore
fathers, the had
claims to literary merits In
their day. Reading matte-
was scarce outside of the larger
of the colonies. Magazines were
unknown. Filled with
as to weather.
snatches of wisdom and humor,
and essay, the almanac
a compendium of useful
that most eagerly awaited
was hailed as an Important event in
many a borne. One might say that
was treated as a household god. for.
hung upon a hook some corner. Ii
always was ready for instant refer-
The wise saws and quaint say
which ran through its pages
read over time again by ever
member of family.
There were numerous almanacs pub
during days In
country The popularity of Poor Rid.
Almanac, edited by Benjamin
Franklin, wont band in hand with
of Its illustrious maker.
The first Ames Almanac, issued
was conventional in form
closely followed other almanacs
the period Its maker was a phys
clan It contained a table of tin
movements of the planets and
prophecies concerning the weather
That the doctor was afraid of sever,
criticism of this first effort Is
ed the following stanza, which
Illustrates the style of his
Had. then, learn, but don't all fault
Since they can fudge can co-
To whom my works appeal, If I And
sons of art lo favor them
With their propitious It shall nu-
To counterpoise tho frowns of a
An examination of the files of
Ames Almanac shows near.
every conceivable subject was dis, us-
ed by the doctor Its nearly fort,
years of publication Sometimes b
Indulged flights of imagery, as In
Old winter's void of all
With trembling Hit bead la be ,
and white.
His hair with robes of is hung
His confound hi
He makes the rich to spend and poor t.
For want of would their
In the opening lines of the
for Pr Ames takes a ding at
priests doctors and blame
old. overburdened Adam for their
Had Adam ill nil no
And his bleat sins had hold
No labor hid h
ills youth, but spring had ever
No lust for pelf nor heart distressing p ll
Had seized the nils-r the
Nor vice, as now with I ,
And heaven's omnipotence itself defy d
Nor lawyers, priests nor doctors .
If man had stood o
Hut, oh, he fail And so we be
world la now obliged lo use all
Probably the most interesting
of almanacs the
of wisdom and humor which v en
Office opposite R. L. Smith
Stables, and next door to I
Buggy new building
. . Carolina
iron of
In the State of North Carolina, at th e close of business. December
Office formerly occupied by J. L.
Greenville, North Carolina
In Edwards Building
Court House Square.
. North Carolina
L. I. Moore H. Long.
Greenville, North Carolina
North Carolina
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts . 1,630.32
Ranking house
Furniture and fix. 4.327.32 8.527.32
Demand loans . 2.192.65
Due from banks and bank-
Cash Items .
Gold coin 50.00
Silver coin, in-
all minor
. 815.65
National bank notes
and other U. S.
Capital stock paid In
Undivided profits, less cur-
rent expenses and taxes
paid .
Time certificate of
Deposits subject to
Cashier's checks
Practice limited lo diseases of the
Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat.
Washington. N. C.
Greenville office with Dr. D. L. James
a. m. to p. m. Mondays.
Attorney at Law
Office In building. St-
wherever his services are
North Carolina
W. D. M. Clark
Civil Engineer Attorney at Law
Civil Engineers and
Greenville, Carolina.
N. C
Greenville. X. C.
in all the courts.
Office in Wooten building on Third
N. C
State of North Carolina, of Pitt,
I. James L. Little, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above is to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
J. G. MOVE. this day of December, 1911.
R. W. KING, Notary Public.
Directors. My commission expires Oct.
130- DAY -30
My Entire Stock being Sold at a Sacrifice to
make room for new goods
to get what you want from the most unique
line of fancy and merchandise
ever offered in Greenville. Ladies
and gents ready-to-wear
garments a specialty
with Calendar month. A
will to Um I
of that amused ancestors
with a short I. t
their to Attend
Th farmer ho will not
While he tobacco,
good t
Those that good
Should now get in their cider, and
An friend la good company, but
a good is the beat
Virtue is than followed.
To men their country la their
and are of their
and Time.
New Tear, of your good
from face
and weary now he
Bring him back the
him April
the light Into
him back to momenta fled
Love's from the
the New Year day
now the thorn.
th it born.
tho of bereft,
keep the left
la the wintry morn
It and Lot la
S. M. Schultz
and Retail Grocer and
Furniture dealer. Cash paid
Hide. Fur. Cotton Oil Bar-
Ems, Oak
etc. Baby Car-
Go-Carts. Parlor Suits,
Tables, Safes, P. Lori-
and Gail Ax High Life
tobacco, Key Wot Cheroots. Hen-
George Cigars, Canned
Peaches, Apples, Syrup. Jelly.
Meat, Flour, Sugar, Soap,
Lye, Magic Food. Matches. Oil,
Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls, Gar-
den Seeds. Oranges, Apples,
Nuts, Candies, Dried Apples,
Peaches, Prunes, Currants.
Glass and Wooden-
ware, Cakes and Crackers,
mm. best Butter, New
Royal Sewing machine and
numerous other goods. Quality
quantity cheap for rash. Come lo
Phone Number
S. M Schultz
United States Phonograph Records
Everlasting as the Pyramids
As your love of music is a reason for owning a
Phonograph, there are reasons why it should be a S. Com-
in preference to all others; and in which
the past faults in Phonograph construction have been avoided
and the new features added with absolute technical pitch with
correct musical intonation and value.
You will the S. and the unbreakable
Records at K. HAYWOOD'S store, Evans St. Free Music
upon request. Place your orders now, so can have what you
want by Christmas.
W. E. Hay wood, Evans Street
J. A. Manager.
Full line of
head stones sis
All kinds of stone for
See us for prices on anything
In the above lines before
placing your orders.
Office and yard near Norfolk Southern
Moved to new Quarters
I bare moved my Piano Store lo
the new adjoining Savage
and White's on the street
leading to the Training School, lust
east of the City Market House
I can be found there with a fell
line of the very best Pianos.
Sam T. White
A new hi v MAT
I also sell and cut Window Glass, any
size, no charge for cutting.
Gardner's Repair Shop.
Do Not Wait-Come Now
Our Holiday are ready your selection. Avoid the rush by
buying catty. If you wait possibly the article you wish will be sold.
A. B. Ellington Co.
Agent or Talking Machines
The Home of Women's Fashions
Pulley Bowen
Roofing and Sheet Metal Work
For Slate or Tin, Tin Shop Repair
Work, and Flues in Season, See
Phone Greenville. N. C.
t. a
General Merchandise
Buyer of and Country Produce
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of N. Y.
Insurance In Force
Annual Income 81,991,241.98
Paid to to
H. Bentley Harriss
Central Barber Shop
Located In main business of
Pour chairs and each
one presided over a skilled
barber Ladle waited a at
Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and The
Eastern Reflector for Winterville and vicinity
Advertising on
N. C. Dee,
Rev. W. J. Fulford, of Ayden. Oiled his
regular appointment at the Episcopal
both Sunday morning and
Co, now have
on hand a good supply of bush-
axes, shrubbery blades and a general
line of tools.
Mr. j. K. who for several
has r the Pitt
County till company, moved his
family hack to his old neighborhood.
We regret to lose Mr. and Mrs. Barn-
When you kill your hogs, don't for-
get that A. Co. have plenty
of Bait, lard-stands, meat choppers
Rev. M. A. Adams Oiled his reg-
appointment at the church
Sunday morning and night.
We give particular attention to the
business of farmers and cordially in-
them to make the Hank of Win-
their hanking house.
Mr. H. T. went to Kinston
Sunday night and returned Monday.
Harrington, Barber Co. are head-
quarters for pumps and piping.
Misses Helen Dixon and Lizzie Cox.
accompanied by
spent evening mar
and report a good time.
. Make your wife happy by buying
a nice sewing machine for a Christ-
mas present. A. W. Ange Co. have
the most up-to-date and prices right.
Mr. U. F. Manning, our clever cot-
ton buyer, has been on the Ayden
market several days this week.
Harrington, Barber Co. have re-
another supply of
patterns and magazines.
Misses Maggie and Mantle White-
of Bethel, spent Tuesday night
with Mrs. M. Q. Bryan.
Harrington. Barber Co. carry a
nice line of scarfs and
Misses Minnie Williamson and
Dixon. who arc teaching near
spent Tuesday night with
Miss Clyde Lee Chapman.
The Bank of Winterville will be
closed Monday and Tuesday, December
25th and 26th. as holidays.
Mr. Grady Dixon, who is taking a
course in medicine In Richmond, came
home Wednesday to spend the
days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Dixon.
It will pay you to see Harrington.
Barber Co. for your stalk cutters
and disc harrows.
Miss Nora who has for
some been in Mass.,
came in Tuesday to spend the
days With her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Wingate.
Wednesday evening, at the home
of Mr. W. A. Shivers, near here, his
daughter. Miss and Mr.
John Harris were married. We wish
them a long and happy life.
Mr. W. S. and wife, of
Mass., are spending Christ-
mas with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Win-
Miss Mamie Chapman, who is teach-
near came home
Wednesday to spend the holidays.
Harrington. Barber Co. have re-
a shipment of the T. T. mo-
lasses, the very best molasses.
Miss Helen Adams home from
College Wednesday to spend
Did It ever to you why all
good business men keep a checking
account with a bank Call and let
us tell you the reason. Dank of Win-
Mr. C. K. came home Wed-
night from Chapel Hill to
spend Christmas at home.
Mr. H. T. says he grinds
your corn and and dove all
kinds of repairing. Also makes curt
bodies and wheels.
Miss Mimic Cox. who is teaching at
Aulander. came homo Thursday to
the holidays.
For all kinds of Christmas goods
ace A. W. Ange Co.
Rev. C. J. Harris left Friday morn-
for where he delivers
of bis excellent
Harrington, Barber Co, for
your shoes during the bad weather.
They have the latest styles and prices
Mr. II. J. came home
Thursday from Wake Forest to spend
the holidays.
See ll. T. for all kinds or
tamed work and Also
dinging tables, kitchen safes, ward-
robes and many other things.
Miss Chapman, who is teach-
in county, home Wed-
to spend Christmas.
i I re head
quarters for cheap clothing and
Mr, D. s. Chapman en. home Fri-
day from Durham to spend a few-
If you need one of the latest mod-
els in a stalk cutter, see Ben Forrest.
at A. W, Ange Al-
Ho Led Heads Pay
Do good roads pay Before good
roads were built in Mecklenburg
county, land eight miles of
Charlotte could be bought for the
acre. The same land is now worth
from to the acre.
Jackson county. Alabama, built
miles of good roads in two years at a
cost of In the average
value of the land reached by these
roads was the acre. ready
purchasers would be glad go
them at to the acre.
In Hall county. a farm
containing acres was sold for
A macadam road was build
through farm and the owner was
forthwith offered for it.
In county, Tennessee, a
farm near Morristown was sold for
before good roads were built
In that county. Since the good roads
were built it has been sold for
In North Carolina, u farm at Apex
was sold for before a gravel
roads was built- After this road was
built, It was sold for
good roads enthusiast in Penn-
bought one thousand inches
of advertising m a local paper to toil
good roads. As a result the town-
good roads. As a result the
has become one of the most
notable in the state in the matter of
The very interesting notes are
taken from H. B. monthly
magazine Southern Good Roads, pub-
at Lexington, North Carolina,
which has done so much for the
cause, and seem to answer In a most
satisfactory way the Do
good roads pay We must say, how-
that the example of the
of whom honorable men-
has been made, appears to be
of the most effective of
pressing the people with the import-
lance of better highways for tho
If some enterprising man in
I every neighborhood would take a
I thousand inches in the local paper to
preach the gospel of good roads, it
; would not be long before the light
would spread and the country would
be criss-crossed with roads that would
save the people who must use them
millions of dollars. It is so simple
a proposition that the wonder It
should require any preaching to
press the benefits of such improve-
upon any reasonable mind.
The convention in Richmond this
week will light a torch which will he
seen all over the Ob-
Lightning Kills Few.
In lightning killed only
people In this whole country. One's
chances of death by lightning are
less two In a million. The chance
of death from liver, kidney or
trouble is vastly greater, but not
of Electric Bitters be used as Robert
Madsen, of West Burlington, la.,
proved. Four doctors gave him up
after eight months of suffering from
virulent liver trouble and
jaundice. Ho was then completely
cured by Electric Bitters. They're
the best stomach, liver, nerve and
kidney remedy and blood purifier on
earth. Only cents at all druggists.
For the week ending 20th, the
Chattanooga Tradesman the
following new Industries for North
construction com-
cotton mill.
railroad com-
furniture factory.
realty company.
vehicle factory.
realty company.
While bank.
This popular remedy falls to
Constipation, Sick
And ALL i M.-i , arising from
liver and Digestion
Inc It appetite
and solid flash, Dow
sugar coated and to
No Substitute.
Prominent Kinston Young
Married In Christian t
The church was this
morning the scene of a marriage of
usual importance to social
circles of Eastern North Carolina,
when it o'clock Miss Bliss Per-
bee. ma the bride of Mr. Joseph
Cony, being performed
by bride's pastor. Rev. Bernard
P. Smith. Long before the appoint-
ed hour, the church was thronged
with friends and relatives of the bride
and groom. The beau-
and artistically decorated with
palms, ferns and smilax and
a peculiarly pleasing affect
While awaiting the assembling of
the bridal party, the bridal march
from was superbly
by Mrs. S. at the
piano and Miss Jessie Wilson the
organ, after which Miss Katharine
accompanied by Mrs. Sit-
and Miss Wilson, sang in her
remarkably sweet and clear soprano,
Cod Made by
was next rendered in a most impress-
and effective manner by Miss Ha-
Mitchell on the violin.
Preceding the processional, the
guests of honor and the members of
the club of which the bride is a
entered and were riven seats of
honor reserved for them.
Then it was that a chorus com-
posed of Mrs. N. J. Rouse and Miss
Neva sopranos. Mrs. H. F.
Brown and Mrs. J. Hyman
altos. Mrs. W. Hood and Mr. J. Hy-
man tenors, and Mr. H. ft
Moseley and Mr. R. L. Blow, basses,
sang to the from the
third act of Lohengrin, and the
party entered. First come the
ushers. Mr. A. L. C. Hill and Dr. D.
W. Parrott, who took positions at
either side of the steps to the
Then came the ribbon girls.
Miss Lois Best, of Warsaw, and Miss
Frances Pollock, who formed a chain
of ribbons leading to the altar. The
maid of honor, Miss Susie Perry,
gowned in pink chiffon with beautiful
picture hat of lace, and carrying
roses, entered and ascended
the steps of the altar, followed by
the little Master Dock
Mitchell. The bride entered on the
arm of her brother, Mr. D. E. Perry,
and was met at the altar by the
groom, on the arm of his bust man.
Mr. Julian R. Carey, of
Md. The bride was gowned in a hand-
some blue tailored suit with hat and
gloves to match, and carried a co-
of bride's roses and of
the valley.
The beautiful wedding ceremony
of the Christian church was read by
the pastor and the happy couple pro-
man and wife, after which
the bridal party left the church, as
Mrs. and Miss Wilson
the sublime wedding march of
The bride is the daughter of the
late Dan and Mrs. Lillian Perry, of
this city, and is connected with some
of the most prominent families in
North Carolina. She is a young
man of exceptional personal charm
and remarkably talented. She is ex-
popular among the large
circle of who are privileged to
know her. The groom is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Carey, of
bury, Md. and connected with some
of the most respected and oldest
in that state. For some mouths
he has held a responsible position
here with the Kinston Manufacturing
As an evidence of the esteem In
which Mr. and Mrs. Carey are held,
was the large number of handsome
and beautiful wedding presents.
After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
Carey left an the westbound Norfolk
Southern train for a honeymoon trip
to Northern cities, during which they
visit old home of the
groom. They will return to the city
about the of the year and make
their home here.
Out-of-town guests present
Mrs. Spencer, of New Bern;
Mrs. W. Dixon. or Snow Hill;
Miss Whichard. of Green-
ville; Miss Martha Hackney, of
son, and Miss Katherine Turrentine.
of Durham.
A reception was tendered the
party by the bride's mother. Mrs.
Lillian Perry, at her home on
ton avenue. Tuesday night. The
home was most beautifully and
decorated in red and green
throughout and the tables on which
the exquisite presents were displayed
afforded a beautiful spectacle. A
three-course luncheon was served in
the dining room, which was most
brilliantly decorated. Only members
of the family and of the bridal party
were Free Press,
A Terrible Blender.
To neglect liver trouble. Never do
It Take Dr. King's New Life Pills
on the sign constipation,
or Inactive bowels, and
vent virulent indigestion, Jaundice or
call stones. They regulate liver
stomach and ,.
your health. Only cents at all
Appeared In Official In
Nicknames are not likely to go out
of fashion so Ion as human
remains what it Is will
nickname each other, will
nickname their professors, and sol-
will speak of their commanders
as Fire r
not. In these clays, however, it
is not to spread titles
upon official records, as was formerly
the habit, according to the archives
of several of our states.
In the Dutch records In we
have John alias Friend
John. In the New town base from
the Indians, dated In of the
boundaries is n Dutchman's
called Hans the and In the
patent, dated
one of boundaries Is the
Swede's In in tile
Kings county records, a man is named
living at as the Fish-
The common council of New York
In ordered to he brought into
the dock against the city hall
or the that Long Mary former.
lived and in the same pear an
order was passed Topknot Betty
and her children be provided for as
objects of
The explanation of this custom In
many cases was that persons in
question either had family names
or had forgotten them, so the
f their generally accepted nicknames
s necessity So numerous
were Smiths living Long Is-
land It was thought necessary to
distinguish various original
lies by some peculiar name. Thus we
have the Rock Smiths, Blue
Smiths, the Smiths and the
Weight Weekly.
A Draw.
found cents this con-
a whole half cried
bis mother. line What did you
do with
Jones was along, so I gave him
generous Did you do
that of your own
we decided that
would be
He didn't whip you and
make you give up half
If he'd licked me he'd
had It all. The scrap was a
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Cleaning Fluid.
An excellent homemade cleaning .
fluid useful generally for many enter-
Is made by dissolving four
ounces of white soap In a quart
of boiling rainwater When cool add
two ounces each of alcohol, ether and
glycerin, four ounces of ammonia and
Dually one gallon of rainwater and
then bottle. This will remove grease
spots from clothing spots from
covers, carpets and rugs.
I am not going to marry
cannot trust bin He is too de
pretends to like my
Houston Post
Don't judge a manure
spreader by looks
A Custom In London In the Days
Prices War High.
A London newspaper, the Dally
News, has unearthed Interesting
document goes buck to days
of dear newspapers, when these papers
were taken around to houses and hired
for so many hours at so much an hour.
Tucked away. It says. In the leaves of
an old guidebook to Crystal palace,
dated 1854, has been found a little
printed leaflet, issued from
library and newspaper office. St.
George's place. Hyde Park Corner.
making the following
be had from the office by
o'clock In the morning, to keep at
cents per copy, or lent to read for three
hours at cents or two hours for
cents per week. It can also be sup-
plied at o'clock In the afternoon at
the reduced price of per copy
or posted Into the country at per
quarter, payable In
In those days Dally News had
been started only eight years under
the original editorship of Charles Dick-
ens and was still published at
a copy. editor at time was
William Weir, and Harriet
perhaps the first woman In to
undertake regular journalistic work,
was one of the writers of its leading
The system of hiring did not
pear quickly. Certainly down to the
year there were many households
In which the Times was still left on
the same terms, It would be
to say when the system Anally
died Science Monitor. I
Every Manure Spreader is not a Cloverleaf
that looks like one. You can't judge a Manure
Spreader by its looks because there are many
features which are found in the construction of
one machine that are not found in others.
Manure Spreaders are the most easily op
the strongest and best machines on the
market. If you will examine one critically you
will agree with us that the
the best machine you ever looked at. Drop in.
Let us discuss the manure spreader proposition.
Let us explain the many meritorious features
found in Cloverleaf construction. Better still,
buy one, then you will be in a better position to
know why you can't judge a manure spreader by
its looks. If you are not ready to buy, call and
get a Its filled with valuable
on soil maintenance and fertility. We are
reserving one for you. Won't you call and get
it today
Hart Hadley
When You Want to Buy a
See Sam White Piano Co
Greenville, North Carolina.
They will sell you a first
class instrument cheap and
on easy terms. They are
home people and will treat
you right. Visit our store.
The Sam Whit Piano Co
of Habit.
have to be ready on time. My
husband won't wait u minute for
see, In bis youth he
elevator Free Press,
the- swell guy yo
was to.
Aw. fer
the editor one my
They asked me to their
but It wasn't because like
II only can sin.
She- Oh. I'm sure
. V- Of
Pains All Over
are says Mrs. Nora of Broken
Arrow, Okla., use my letter in any way you want to,
if it will induce some suffering woman to try I had
pains all over, and suffered with an abscess. Three
failed to relieve me. Since taking I am in
better health than ever before, and that means much to me,
because I suffered many years with womanly troubles, of
different kinds. What other treatments I tried, helped me
for a few days
Don't wait, until you are taken down sick, before
care of yourself. The small aches and pains, and other
symptoms of womanly weakness and disease, always mean
worse to follow, unless given quick treatment.
You would always keep handy, if you knew
quick and permanent relief it gives, where weakness
and disease of the womanly system makes life seem hard
to bear. helped over a million women. Try It.
Dept. Medicine Co . lend.,
for mil Hume lot free.

Ill T Prevent The Of
state Law.
Another serious attempt to pass N. C., Route,
through congress that will man Stokes, who has been
prevent agencies of interstate ins school at came In
commerce being used to the to spend the holidays at home.
prohibition laws many of the stales
and territories will be made this win-
The first step was taken today
when Senator Kenyon, of Iowa, intro-
a bill forbidding any Intent
common carrier to transport in in-
commerce or to accept for
transportation through Interstate
any consignment of
liquors the shipment of Which
would be in violation of the laws
of the slate, territory or district
Into which it was shipped. An ad-
section of the bill provides
that any common carrier accepting
such under such cir-
acquire no property
right in the same.
The Kenyon hill Is a well consider-
ed measure. It Is the legitimate
of the bill,
which so much attention a
few years ago and was the last
attempt in congress to remedy
an evil of which the prohibition and
local option states have constantly
complained. The Judiciary commit-
tee of the senate considered the mat-
at some length about four years
ago. and the nearest of the
problem at that time was a
that when a common carrier ac-
a consignment of Intoxicating
liquors to shipped Into prohibition
territory it should be to make
certain that the shipment was to an
actual consignee and not fictitious.
This was Intended to prevent rail-
roads and express companies from
shipping liquors Into prohibition
states In various quantities of com-
size consigned to
or other fictitious persons and de-
livering It at it destination to who-
ever might call for It accompanied by
a thirst and the price.
Senator Tillman pointed out to the
judiciary committee that this
Mr. Clearer. and family,
Raleigh, are slatting relatives here.
Mr. Stokes, of Fairmont, cam
in Saturday to spend the holidays
with relatives.
Mrs. Haggle Stoke and children
Messrs. Tom Purser
pent Saturday night here with
Messrs. Stokes, Stokes.
W. B. Harper. John Stokes. Henry
Stokes, Wyatt and
others went to Ayden Saturday.
Wedding bells are ringing about
here now. and we think there will be
something doing soon. It reminds us
of Hie fact that its time we old
were getting a hustle on us.
Mr. Jim Collins and family
Sunday at G. T.
Messrs. Roy and Calvin Stokes
went near Gardner's
X Roads Sunday.
Christmas passed off quietly.
did not see a drunken man or have
any disturbance, except the boys
shooting fireworks.
To I lie Tear.
Mr. Clarence Poe, who went to
China last year, found out that the
Chinaman has a rule to settle every
debt at the New Year, and It doesn't
matter what sacrifices he must make
he gets square with the world and
starts the new twelvemonth with a
clean sheet, a clear conscience and a
if he ha only rice
it It. Bad Far Their and In-
to Health.
much love kills many
the opinion of Mrs Mary for
year of the day
Boner In Boston. Is too much
kissing, fondling and con
the matron. are not
any happier when coddled by mothers
or neighbors. In fact. It makes many
of them miserable. I have known a
number to pine away die from too
much physical affection your-
self for an example When not feeling
well would you rather lie by yourself
on a couch or be close up against some
one Well, that Is the baby's feeling
exactly unless his constant handling
has made prefer It.
Is bad for children, because
It might give them serious disease,
and It certainly does no good. If
mothers would consider that a baby-
has rights the same as a grown per
son there would be fewer sick babies
and much of this harmful affection
lore of many mothers seems to
be wholly to gratify the whims of the
child, which is not a love. It is
really true in experience that
where there Is a large family of
Individual child Is stronger
and healthier.
that only fittest
Ks at replied matron.
Is ch child does net
get a and therefore
Is not weakened by an excess of
It I eland fer
I a-n .
CH The. err the bast
up t raw. and easiest
I lo. th, an ex.
sic I lbs
Read What Mr. Says
Q and then come In and let you the superior amities the n
will juntas Mr. tarsi- did that th.-s.- Masai
re stronger and more durable, because they are made
and are than and why IS
give such Come in and see
T. W. Co.,
A Scheme That Enabled Two to Ride
en One Ticket.
There were two comedians who bad
been stuck In village rear Canton.
enough left to last the family a week i Cleveland many mile array.
and mighty little clothing except hi. ADd
ma-tail I being, further
. ,. . , I more, what they call of
W e have a notion that the Chinese
of the stamp of approval
of hundreds of thousands of wagon users;
end the highest laurels a wagon ran win are bark of
every The only way such a
r . ,
exact photograph of the been made for the -OLD by putting
pf wagons by cot, however You them handsomely and durably.
to really appreciate Its splendid qualities. You mate no in selecting the
you are in town, wagon
Made only by the WAGON CO. Lout Ky.
are distributors of the and
ons for Lenoir, Greene. Pitt. Jones. Craven. Onslow and counties. We
buy in car loads, get the lowest possible freight, and sell on the closest margin
If not convenient to come to see us, write us stating size and style wanted
and we will name lowest price delivered at your nearest shipping point. Let
us have your inquiries and orders, and we will make price and terms
are heathen and but the
more we learn about them the more
we find that there is much we can
learn from the Chinese. It is a bad
as habit for one people to think they
the favorite method of selling liquor know It all. The Grecian called all
in the Southern States In violation
of local option laws. The state of
Oklahoma tried a new method to
put a stop lo the shipment of liquors
Into that state b their local
officer the property on the
ground that It had been brought Into
the state In violation of its law, but
the railroads and express companies
promptly checkmated this move by
going into the Federal court and ob-
injunctions against the state
officers restraining them from In-
with interstate commerce.
After being blocked In this way
Oklahoma tried an unusual remedy.
The state applied to the United
State Supreme court for the extra-
ordinary writ of prohibition to
vent the Federal courts from inter-
with the state of
Oklahoma in the exercise of her
lice The Supreme court
denied the writ
The whole question has turned up-
on the conflict between Federal and
state authority. It began when the
state of Iowa sought through her
prohibition laws to prevent shipments
of liquors into that state. The
court in the original package
decision held that state legislation
could not be effective In Interfering
with the shipments so long
as the original package in which the
liquor was shipped was not broken
In Interstate commerce before reach-
the consignee.
What congress has been striving
for is to find a way to pass a law
that will protect Interstate commerce
and yet not interfere with the police
powers of the state. Senator Ken-
yon has consulted many of the lead-
lawyers of the state. He has
studied the legislation that has been
attempted heretofore and read all the
reports on the question. He believes
that his bill will be a constitutional
enactment, and as he has
team, nay
we do
tell count the
They emptied their pockets and
found that by squeezing a cent or two
they could manage to buy a ticket to
ticket They did It
the world outside of Greece bar- forth, the two grown men. on
and later the Roman. piece of pasteboard. Of course
is. i a . the conductor kicked.
likewise. e need to learn that; k. .
only one ticket here, be
there Is much China can teach
America, and if we can learn and i -That's one of the actors,
practice Its customs of paying up put in the other
everything and starting the New Year i politely.
with a clean sheet it will be one you can't both ride on one
the most valuable lessons that can said the conductor. have
be Imparted. If put into practice it I o one of you off the
would make the wheels of M it,
revolve with more ease and be a
North County.
In the Superior Court, before the
A G. Cox,
Emma Harris, R. L. Griffin,
N. S. Avery, John Griffin,
Will Griffin. John Williams,
and Wife. Lou B.
Maggie Stocks, Nannie
Janie Braxton, Clara
ton. B. Jones,
Griffin. Warren Avery, Mary
Avery. Riley Edwards.
Edwards. Bettie Ed-
wards. Annie Edwards, El-
Edwards, Ed
wards, heirs-at-law of James
Braxton, Reedy Branch
Church, of Pitt county;
Hum Laughinghouse and
E. A. Avery.
The following named defendants,
R. L. Griffin. John Griffin, Will Griffin,
B. Jones, Joe Griffin, Mary
Avery, Riley Edwards, Ed-
wards, Bettie Edwards. Annie Ed-
wards, Ellen Edwards, Ed-
wards, J. H. Edwards, of
James Braxton; William
house, E, A. Avery, will take notice
that a special proceeding entitled as
above, has been commenced before
the clerk of the Superior court of Pitt
By of the power of sale con-
In a certain mortgage deed,
executed delivered by W. H.
Crawford, Clemmy F. Crawford and
Allen Crawford, to Andrew J. Moore,
for D. C. Moore, on the
day of 1808, and duly re-
corded in the register of deeds
By virtue of a decree of the Superior
of Pitt county made on the 16th
day of December, 1811, in a certain
proceeding therein
entitled L. Gay and her
band, B. F. Gay, against E.
Owens and I will, on Tues-
day, January 1912, sell at public
of Pitt Carolina, in before the court house in Green-
Book Z-8, page the a certain lot or parcel of land
will expo to public sale, before the situate in the town of Pitt
court door In Greenville, to the
highest bidder, on Monday, January
1912, a certain tract or parcel of
county, and described as Be-
ginning at the southwest corner of
lot No. and runs the line of lot No.
land lying and being in the county of northerly 1-2 feet; thence
Pitt and state of North Carolina, and westerly and parallel to Wilson street
described as follows, feet; thence southerly and with the
and being In township and
beginning In the run of creek
at the corner between lots No. and
line of Ben Murphy to Wilson street;
thence with Wilson street 3-4 feet
to the beginning. It being known as
In the division of the lands of Hen- lot No. In the Townsend and
Daniel, deceased, and running ham division of lots.
i chorus. me ahead and do
blessing all around. Indifference j can't do It here but one of for division the tract
obligations and delay in paying mu., , off . county known as the
are among the most annoying ft S.
that trouble business the conductor didn't come back. As a ants and, the said de-
matter of fact he never appeared until will further take notice that
Just before Cleveland was reached. are required to appear and an-
T think somebody's a he Ber or demur to the complaint of
remarked In passing, my order tho Plaintiff filed in the office of the
are to take the side when of the Superior court In his
a o
I can lick either one of you if I ever court for
News and Observer.
Carriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses were issued to
the following during the past
John Norris and Malissa Shivers.
Cox and Zora Edwards.
Harvey and Callie
King Sutton and Nannie Orman.
see you Plain Deal-
The Small Boy and Hit
He fling bis bat across the dining
W. H. Britt Mary W. room when he comes In from school or
Four Things To Do.
There are four things in
of being an able lawyer his with our live stock which should
views on the subject are considered receive more attention this
Fred E. and Marie Blair.
Jno. H. Little and Minnie Case.
A. C. Monk and Emily L. Turnage.
L. I. Andrews and Daisy Jones.
Geo. L. and Melissa
H. G. and Rice.
Eason James and Martha M. Parker.
II. L. Gary and Reba Page.
James Williams and Annie Smith.
S. L. Moore and Sula H. Hart.
Ben Williams and Clyde House.
Daniel Edwards and Sue Vines.
Chas. Boyd and Florence Alston.
Jesse Peyton and Mary Morgan.
Jam Parker and Annie
Robert and , Dixon.
and Alice Rollins.
leaves It in all manner of places in the
In the coal bin or on sister's
in the complain.
This the 12th day of December. 1911.
Clerk of the Superior Court.
S. J. Everett, Attorney.
bureau. He loses It just at church County.
time and spoils the spirit of family
reverence and piety. As the family p administrator
enters the church the anthem Is being
sung, and the disgrace of being late
gain Is on the Innocent bend
piece clutched In the of the
small boy who has already forgotten
the confusion of lie was the
cause twenty minutes ago In this
stage also one's hat Is removed on the
way to school by the of one's
bosom friend, passed tile line of
surrounding companions.
Into pockets. while dire
of the estate of J. J. Per-
kins, decease
J. W. Perkins, R. A. Tyson
and wife. Clyde P. Tyson.
Annie Perkins, R. C. Flan-
and wife, Helen Flan-
Virginia Perkins,
Virginia H. Perkins.
White Perkins. Mercer
Tyson, heirs-at-law of J.
By virtue of a of the
S. W. poles to a maple. George
corner; then with laid Moore's
line S. E. Ill poles to a stump;
thence with his line again S. E.
poles to a stake; thence again with
his line E. pole to three
pine stumps, E. P. Daniel's corner;
thence with said Daniel's line N.
poles to a stump; thence with
his line N. 1-2 poles to the road;
thence with the road to where it
makes a square turn near E. P. Dan-
house; thence N. 1-2 E.
poles to the run of creek;
thence up said creek to the begin-
containing more or
less. It being known as Lot No. in
the of the lands of Benjamin
Daniel, deceased, and being the laud
Terms of cash.
This the 16th day of December, 1911.
By virtue of a decree cf the Superior
court, made in Special Proceeding
No. 1704, Sadie Turner, et
against Lucy Elks, et the
undersigned commissioner will sell,
for cash, before the court door
In Greenville, at noon, on Saturday.
January 1912, the following de-
scribed piece or parcel of land, situate
In the county of Pitt and In Con-
township, lying about two
miles from the town of Ayden, ad-
deeded by D. H. James and wife to joining the lands of Ed Harrington,
II f . J w , s s
W. H., Clemmy F. and Allen Craw-
ford, recorded in Book H-8, page
in the registers office of Pitt county.
Terms of sale cash.
This 28th day of November, 1911.
Trustee fer D. C. Moore.
By virtue of a power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed, ex-
delivered by Robert
and Wife,
to R. L. Smith and
Oscar Hooker, trading as R. L. Smith
Company, dated June 1906, and
duly recorded In the register's of-
in Pitt county, in Book J-8, page
the undersigned Will, on Mon-
day, the day of January. 1912, at
o'clock, noon, expose to public
sale before the court house door in
Greenville. Pitt to the highest
Joseph Dixon, Mary Ann Vincent, Mat
and others, containing
acres, more or less, being the share
of land inherited by Sallie Ann Elks,
deceased, mother of said tenants in
common from her father, Aaron
Lawhorn, deceased. Said land sold
for partition.
This December 1911.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as administrator of the estate of
Fernando Ward, deceased, notice Is
hereby given to all persons indebted
to the estate to make Immediate pay-
to the undersigned; and all
persons having claims against the es-
are notified to present the same
for payment to the undersigned on
or before the 8th day of December,
. 1912. or this notice will be plead in
bidder, for cash, the following de- .
This day of December, 1911.
of Fernando Ward.
of ultimate loss hold in parlor court of Pitt county, made by
their grip, and the reckoning to C Moore, clerk, on the 27th day
paid at home wraps the world J of November. 1911, the undersigned,
L. in Atlantic. administrator of the estate of J.
J. Perkins, will, on Monday, the
cf some importance by his colleagues.
New York Sun.
Duke of Norfolk.
The Duke of Norfolk, the premier
peer of Great was born in
Carlton Terrace, London, December
1847 and succeeded to the peerage
on the death of his father in 1860.
His family is the oldest Saxon no-
In England and were ancient-
the As earl-marshal
of England the Duke of Norfolk
ranges the processions of state on
of royal coronations and
the like ceremonies. Although
the Duke Is one of
the hardest worked men in England.
He has served faithfully as county
of London, as mayor of
Sheffield and as postmaster-general
kingdom. H WOO if
great interest In all matters relating
to his church. In 1887 ho was
pointed by Victoria as her
envoy to attend the jubilee
of Pope Leo XIII.
Better protection from wind
and rain, especially for the young
animals and the milk cows.
More and feed.
Protection from lice and ticks.
More and care of the
II we prepare to do these things.
and add them, much more profit w-ill
come from our live Pro-
Interesting Sen Ice.
There was a very interesting
vice in the Methodist church Sun-
day morning, resulting in several con-
versions. Misses Madeline Brown
and Mr. Joseph Nor-
man, Jr., were received into the
of the church by baptism and
Reade Wrote Standing.
One peculiar fad will
regard to his
of January, at o'clock,
noon, expose to public sale, before
court house door in Greenville, to
the highest bidder, for cash, the fol-
other famous could not described tract parcel o.
remain seated u table, but did bis Hand,
work Standing It n desk. This Lying and being in Bethel town-
was characteristic also of Victor Hugo. ship, adjoining tin; lands of Annie
who wrote the whole of Randall Frank-
standing Collins, too. Bowes, and ethers, and known
declared hi thoughts flowed containing
freely when standing on his feet. In
acres, more or loss. This sale is
.,,, one recalls that t
Twain did much of Ins work propped
up In bed and that Sir Waller Scott
found his brain clearest
comfortably on a
Making a Good Start.
may joke women's con-
but I think women are pretty
This the day of November.
Administrator of J. J. es-
By virtue of a mortgage executed
wise. Now. my wife's club appointed lo me on January 21st 1905, and
t committee to
started out by going to a mu-
comedy Herald
Better Way
study economy in Hook X-7, page In Pitt
county register of deeds office by L.
T. Ross. I shall sell, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the court house
door in Greenville, at o'clock,
Wednesday, December 1911, the
following described Lying
being in the county of Pitt, town
Record Herald.
When your feel are wet and cold.
and your body chilled through and
through from exposure, take a big
of Cough Remedy,
bathe your feet in hot before
going to bed, and you are almost Though blossoms like friend-
to ward off a severe cold. For u difference
sale by all dealers. .
Is better to trust and be deceived f and being four lots In
than to be suspicious of block I of the plot of said town
but II Is just as well as a and a full
to keep your bunk account in of which can be bad i referring
If yon to Carolina Lund and
scribed tract or parcel of land, to-
Lying and being In town-
ship, Pitt county, and adjoining the
lands of Alfred W. L.
F. Corey, and others, containing
acres, more or less.
This sale will be made to satisfy
the terms of said mortgage deed.
This the 11th day of December,
R. L. SMITH, and
O. HOOKER, Mortgagees.
E. L. owner of debt.
Hy F. C. Harding,
virtue of n mortgage made by
II. S. Harris, to Townsend
I will, on January 1912, offer
for Bale to the highest bidder at the
court house door, Greenville. N. C,
one lot being and situated in the town
Of N. lying on the east
side of street and beginning
on said street 1-2 feet south of
street, and runs east-
1-2; thence southerly 1-2;
westerly 1-2 feet, to
Waverly thence with
street northerly 1-2 feet to tho be-
Term of sale, cash.
This 18th day of December, 1911.
any widespread
. . E. Boss. The sale Includes all
buildings on said
This 27th day of November, 1911.
S. J. Everett, Mortgagee.
On Friday. January 1912. at
o'clock, at the home of the late B.
F. Crawford, at Arthur, N. C, I will
sell for cash, a lot of personal prop-
of farming implement
of every kind description, carts,
two mules, one horse, a lot
seed, corn, fodder and other
personal affects owned by the said
r. Crawford.
I will also sell at the above
Urn and place, the entire stock
of general merchandise, now in
store formerly occupied run by
the said II. F. Crawford.
December 1911
J. W.
G. Son. Administrator.
Having qualified as administrator
of B. F. Crawford, deceased, late of
Pitt county, North Carolina, this is to
notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased to
exhibit them to the undersigned on
or before the 12th day of December,
1912, or this will be pleaded
in bur of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make Immediate payment.
Tills 12th day of December, 1911.
F. G. James Son, Attorneys.
Stray Taken
I have taken up one cow, white
color, about years old, marked
smooth crop and two slits in both
ears. Owner get same by prov-
ownership and paying charges.
December 1911.
Route Greenville, N. C.
SI raj-Taken
I have taken one yearling, reddish
brown color, marked slit in left ear
and ragged slit In right. Owner can
get same by proving ownership and
paying charges.
R. F, D. Greenville, N. C.
Dec. 1911. ltd
Stray Taken
I have taken up a male yearling,
and I h I
Owner can get same by proving own-
paying charges.
R. F. D. G, Greenville, N. I.

Eastern reflector, 29 December 1911
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
December 29, 1911
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