Eastern reflector, 17 November 1911

Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and The
Eastern Reflector for Winterville and vicinity
Advertising Rates on
N. C, 1911.
Mrs. J. Rollins the
convention of the Disciples at
Harrington. Barber and Company
Will save you money on your paint
bill. They have a very well assorted
stock they will be glad to figure
with you. ,
Rev. M. A. Adams started a
val at the Baptist church Wednesday
night. He will be assisted by Rev.
T. D. King of Raleigh on Sunday
night and afterwards. Everybody is
If you need a nice pair of pants
you will find a nice at
A. W. Ange and Co.
Your name would look well on our
book. Let's put it there today.
bank account will give you a better
standing in the community The
large depositor and the small are
welcomed alike. It is not what you
earn but what you save that makes
wealth, Let us have your name to-
day. The Hank of Winterville.
Mr. G. H. Cox and Miss Esther
Johnson attended the convention of
the Disciples at Wednesday
night with leisure.
Barber and Company
run a special counter they
have some wonderful bargains on
that counter.
Mr. J. Cox came home
night attend the county
i. .-.
Ii J . of a good sew-
will pay you to ex-
the at A. W. Ange and
One hundred and eighty-one of our
people attended the Pitt county fair
Hopkins hospital. Baltimore, for
r. member Harrington. Barber and
I any are still running a
counter and it is full of real bargains.
Come and sec them.
I Theodore took his
up to the Pitt county fail-
but he failed to get premium on
Rev. C. J. Harris went to Washington
where he delivered one of his excel-
lent sermons on Sunday.
The weather is turning cooler and
you will do well to see Harrington,
Barber line of blankets and
Mr. C. T. Cox visited Ayden Sun-
day evening.
Don't forget that you can get suited
on children's and jackets at
A. W. Ange
Mr. O. W. Rollins, of Ayden, was
in town Sunday evening.
Harrington. Barber Co. have a
well selected line of men's pants and
their prices are low.
Mrs. R. G. and Miss Chapman
went to Kinston Monday evening.
A bank account makes you system-
I and encourage you to save a
par of your income. We will be
pleased to explain the many
of the checking system to you.
Hake the start to save. It means in-
for you. your name
with the thrifty class, with the savors.
Do it today. Would all the ablest
business men of our town have a
bank account If there was no help or
advantage in it You envy them their
prosperity, Why not follow their ex-
ample which would be a good start on
road to Why not start
today with the Bank of Winterville
Mr. J. R. Turnage. of Ayden. was
in our town Monday evening.
B. K. Manning, our clever col-
buyer, went to Snow Hill Tuesday
in interest of the fleecy staple.
When the weather turns cold you
will Slid plenty of heavy underwear
and thick shoes at A. W. Ange
C. J. Harris left Tuesday morn-
taking his little boy to Johns
We hope it will he
and will soon return.
Mr. H. Hardy, of the News and
Observer, was in town Tuesday.
Miss Sadie Barker and Mr. C T.
Cox visited Ayden Tuesday evening.
A new arrival in son at
Mr. J. K.
It Attracted Much Attention at The
Before the echoes of the great fair
held in Pitt county die away, The
Reflector wishes to state that the
graded school, of this city,
the of C. M. Epps.
by its splendid exhibit showed to the
public that our board of trustees have
Shoots at a Man, Kills a ling and
Wounds Another Man.
Saturday night a named
Abe Little, living on the Nobles farm
about six miles from town, seemed
to get mad with any and everybody
in sight, and arming himself with a
double-barrel shot gun went out on
a rampage. He emptied one barrel
of the gun at his father, but the shot
acted wisely in the selection or missed the mark and killed his own
and teachers. dog. He then the other barrel
NEW telephone message
received he-e tonight from Dover,
stated that Reich, the seven-year-old
son of Mr. If. A Richardson, who
lives about three miles from that
place, had been killed this afternoon
in a very peculiar manner. One of
Mr. Richardson's laborers had brought
a load of wood up to the residence
and was throwing it over the fence.
The lad passed by during the time
that he was engaged in doing this
and was struck on the head by a
heavy stick of wood. Death resulted
within half an hour.
Judge Connor, of the Federal court
for the eastern district of North Car-
rules that a man who furnishes
supplies to an illicit distillery is ac-
countable to Sam for violating
the internal revenue laws. A mer-
chant who sold a distiller molasses
was caught in the meshes of the law
by virtue of this ruling. Under this
ruling a man who sells meal or fruit
or anything else to be used for dis-
tilling is Land-
home of Mr. Jno.
R. Bradford, in No. township, this
county, was destroyed by lire about
o'clock this afternoon his
Miss Battle Bradford, about
years old. lost her life in the
The house was razed to the ground
and practically all of the contents
were lost. The house was a sub-
two-story structure and the
loss is quite large, the exact figures
being unobtainable at this hour. The
insurance will only partly cover the
night, on
the plantation of Henry Media, in the
Zebulon section, at a corn-shucking.
Charles Williams, colored, shot and
instantly killed Mr. After
the tragedy Williams broke and run
and was pursued by a large crowd.
Constable H. cousin to the
murdered man, was in the chase and
shot at the wretch twice, but without
Club Launches Out On a Campaign
For Greenville's Progress.
The taxpayers of Greenville and
North Carolina are requiring more of
the practical in our school course
than heretofore, and that man of the coat tail of another
race who has seen the sign of Islanding near.
at Charles Boyd, putting a load of
shot in the hitter's thigh, some of the
stray shot also cutting through the
colored man
the times and seeks to inform his
people is wise and will have the sub-
support of our entire white
The exhibit presented by this school
cost the tax-payers, we are informed,
not I penny.
Our colored people are blessed in
having one who knows how to win
the. friendship of the white people.
is doing things and is deserving
of all the support he may get.
We are satisfied that If the ideas
of intelligent service are taught in
our schools In the future will have
more wholesome conditions in the
state. This school Impressed itself
so much on Mrs. R. R. Gotten that
she refused to take the premium
awarded her, so that the fair manage-
could encourage Greenville's
school for the race by giving
them a premium.
Plan Canal Across Florida.
The proposed canal across the state
of Florida, which has been under
Sheriff Dudley went out Sunday
night and captured Abe and brought
him to jail.
discussion for many years, was
brought one step nearer to becoming short time before of the
Women hi North Carolina.
The Winston Republican asserted
that no woman was ever hanged In
North Carolina. The Landmark
corrected the statement by calling at-
to the fact that a white
man was hanged in Burke county
many years ago for the murder of her
husband. Her name, If memory
serves us. was or Fran-
Silvers. The papers have pub-
in recent years a lot of bar-
stuff she wrote
while she was in Jail awaiting
execution. In mentioning the Burke
case The Landmark expressed the
opinion that other women had been
hanged in the state. The Raleigh
News and Observer demanded to
know when and where. By way of
answer a correspondent informs the
News and Observer that a
man hanged in
as late as 1882, and Mr. G. H. A.
Lilly mentions the hanging of a
woman in Montgomery county a
an accomplished fact today, when
the board of army engineers appoint-
ed to determine the most feasible
route met in this city to prepare Its
final report to the War Department.
The Florida canal scheme Is regard-
ed as one of the most Important of
all inland waterway projects In this
country. It would obviate the pas-
sago around the Florida of all
ships between the Atlantic and the
Gulf and would be valuable for naval
and military purposes as we as tar
Worry kills more people than does
and work worries more
than anything else. So what's
the remedy
was only one woman who
loved a donkey.
Civil war. In fact. In the old days,
when the people in hell,
hanging and women who
committed capital not in-
frequently paid the penalty the same
as men. But later there came a feel-
that to put a woman to death was
barbarous, and following this It be-
came a custom to excuse men so
often that now it is almost impossible
to inflict the death penalty on any-
body save a or a mighty
nary Land-
The weather was so bad that there
was not a large attendance of
at the meeting of Carolina club,
Monday night, but those present filled
the meeting full of enthusiasm.
That some work has been going on
was shown when applications for
membership were called for, twenty
active and two honorary members be-
elected at this meeting. The
honorary members were Revs. C. M.
Rock and J. H. Shore.
The question of deeper waterways
and sending delegates to the coming
inland waterways convention in
Washington City was announced for
discussion at the regular monthly
meeting the first Monday night in.
A committee was appointed to
respond with a view of having pros-
from the West, who are to
have an excursion to Eastern North
Carolina in December, visit Green-
ville on their trip.
The club voted unanimously to co-
operate with the Civic League in the
effort to a better and more beau-
Thus it will be seen that Carolina
club has started out on a campaign
to do things, and it wants all men
of the town to enlist in the work.
The canvass for new members under
the half rate admission fee for thirty
days will pushed, and a special
meeting of the club to act on
cations will be held on Tuesday night,
An Interesting Occasion At The Train-
The initiation of the new members
into the Edgar Allen Poe and Sidney
Lanier Literary Societies on
day evening was an event of great in-
to the Training school
At eight o'clock the societies met
separately in business session.
At nine o'clock they met together
for a party as the social
feature of the initiation.
The members, masked in cos-
marched from the first floor
to the third, announced by two clowns
dressed in society colors. Two witch
ushers then led a procession of
witches, bats. cats, ghosts, the three
fates, a sibyl, Bo Peeps,
girls, a lettuce girl. Mother Goose.
Sam John Bull and a red
and a black devil. After marching
around the large hall these fell into
groups. The president of each so-
dressed as yellow and black
witches, led their new members in a
joyous in and out among these
groups, amidst the moaning ghosts,
crying cats, shrieking of witches.
of bats and capering of
clowns and imps.
Each old member took charge of
a new member to her the round
of the fortune-telling booths and to
see that she did not hear a dull mo-
The sibyl in a corner read
from her big the interpretation
of tile symbols on leaves plucked
from an over hanging bough. The
three silent fates, one holding the
distaff, one measuring the thread and
the third cutting It. gave interesting
fates to inquiring mortals. Two
pumpkin girls twirled the wheel of
fortune. The old witch in the room
swept down cob-web fortunes. A
merry crowd gathered around the
witch pinned to the wall and, blind
folded, tried to stick her broom in
her hand.
At the door of a a witch
demanded the pass word,
you the broth may drink
Stop a moment, pause
Say in solemn syllables slow.
Words which every guest must
Each one then had to give the pass-
Witches, which is the witch which
hath the switch with which to
the witch that girth the riches from
the, pot of the
At the end of a spooky
bordered by pine boughs and lighted
by witches served
punch from a Souvenir bats
were given to each Lanier member
and cats to each Poe.
The evening closed with merry
march around the halls.
famous library
at Oxford first opened to the
Milton, the famous Eng-
poet, died. Born Dec.
Win. who was the
candidate of the
party for President in
born. Died Feb. 1834.
Christie, founder of the
famous auction rooms in Lon-
don, died. Born in 1730.
and the
commissioner, taken from
the steamer Trent.
Lincoln re-elected
President of the United States.
Bernhardt made her
American debut at Booth's The-
New York.
through train from Mon-
to Vancouver.
admitted as a state of
the Union.
Roosevelt elected
governor of New York.
Large Congregation at Tues-
day Night
Good weather took out a large con-
to the meeting in the
church, Tuesday night, and an-
other strong, forceful sermon was de-
livered by the pastor. Rev. C. M.
Rock, on the general subject
Needs and Means of The
special of this sermon was
Jesus Willing to The
closing one of the series of four
mons will be tonight from the sub-
You Want to be
After the service Tuesday night the
choir remained for an hour to practice
the songs in the new books that have
been received for the meeting. The
are good ones and the singing
will be a feature of the services.
Evangelist Holcomb. who is to take
charge of the meeting for ten days or
longer, is expected to arrive Thurs-
day, and with him will come Prof, and
Mrs. Blankenship who are to lead
the singing.
will it the dyspeptic from many
s of misery, him to cat
They prevent
c. .-ft the food to assimilate and soar-
the body, give keen appetite,
I mM muscle. Elegantly
No Substitute.
Chinese for China.
The following table of Chinese
words appearing, or like to appear,
in news dispatches, may help readers
to follow with a clearer understand-
the progress of the revolutionary
movement in the Flowery
of the blood.
or family.
or ruler of
more than one province.
of a province.
military officer of a
of a city.
east of the
or mountain.
where official
Is transacted.
city of the first class.
Ting or city or town of
lesser importance than that
ed by
city of a dependent prov-
Wilmington Woman Makes II Hot
For Midnight Intruder.
beth No.
street, had a lively time with a squat
black in her home late Sat-
night The entered her
home with the evident purpose of
looting the place. Mrs. Is
a widow and lives alone. She was
aroused from her slumbers on hear-
some one strike a match In the
kitchen. She went to Investigate and
found the intruder to be a low,
chunky-built who, on her
rival, made a break for the window,
by which he had entered. Mrs. Fort-
man grabbed him by one of his legs
hauled him back into the house,
calling lustily for help the
Ono of the man's now-quarter
shoes came off In her hands and she
used this as a beat over
the head. The made another
attempt to leave by the window and
Everybody's business is nobody's i again she hauled him back and
He Recalls Another Procession Here
Fifty Years Ago.
This writer attended the great Pitt
county fair Friday. Oh, wasn't It
wonderful that this grand old county
could get up so many exhibits and
so many bright, white children, solid
Saxon yeomanry, their sons and fair
daughters everywhere. I feel proud
that I first saw the light here. One
mistake the managers made was to
have speakings and the fair under
one roof. That procession of boys
and sweet Southern girls that arc
soon to be husbands fathers, wives
and mothers. Soon they are to be
at the helm of state. And we old
antebellum people will soon pass
over the river.
Well, I saw a long procession of
militia men of Pitt county in Green-
ville the last general muster before
the Civil war. It was. I think. In
October, 1861. They formed in front
of the court house, down
Evans street to Fifth street; thence
east to street; thence south
with he New Bern road to the Greene
plantation, pulled down the old rail
fence to the right and marched In
to drill. There was no crop In the
field. It Is now L C. Arthur's plan-
and about the southern limits
of Greenville.
The men had their muzzle-loading
guns, some with the old flint and
steel. The county was then divided
In districts with district captains and
other company officers. These met
to drill at the county muster ground
as it was called, on July 4th, and at
other times. The general muster was
the meeting of all the country dis-
annually. This was a
and was officered by Walter
Newton, near Falkland, as colonel.
What Congressman Small Thinks Of
Congressman John H. Small, who
spent one day here at the recent Pitt
county fair, paid the following tribute
to it in his home paper, the Washing-
I had the opportunity of spending
last Thursday in Greenville in at-
on the Pitt county fair.
The exhibits were fine as to quality
and variety. The products of the
farm, the poultry and the handiwork
of the good women of the county
were especially interesting. The
of household and domestic
such as canned and preserved
and vegetables, were really a
able object lesson. The fair
for two days during Thursday
and Friday. A large crowd was In at-
and not the least Interest-
and profitable feature of the
was the mingling and social
intercourse among those In attend-
Men of all ages, wives,
and boys, made it a day of profit-
able social intercourse. The pride of
the exhibitors and their products, and
admiration of their neighbors
aroused in the minds of many an In-
to do likewise.
Nature Gives Timely Warnings That
No Greenville Citizen Can Afford
To Ignore.
from the kidney secretions. They
will warn yon when the kidneys are
sick. Well kidneys excrete a clear,
amber fluid. Sick kidneys send out
a thin, pale and foamy, or a thick, red.
urine, full of sediment and irregular
of passage.
from the back. Back pains, dull and
heavy, or sharp and acute, tell you of
sick kidneys and warn you of the
danger of dropsy and dis-
ease. Bonn's Kidney Pills are en-
by thousands. Here's
James Long, Dickinson avenue.
Greenville, N. C. says. am certain
that Kidney Pills are a remedy
of merit and I do not hesitate to re-
commend them. When I was
from backache, pains in my
kidneys and other symptoms of kid-
and bladder trouble, I got a sup-
ply of Kidney Pills from the
John L. Wooten Drug Co. It did not
take them long to bring me
For sale by all dealers. Price
cents. Co., Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
To Take Up Case.
court of appeals of Virginia,
which convened for its autumn
today is expected to take up next
In the at Bear
Clay Jr., the young man now
under sentence for death of the
of his wife. Should a writ of
nobody's business is every- whacked him stoutly across the era- be allowed It Is probable that
i business; therefore, business His terror at I st gave second trial will be set for
added and he broke from the January term.
her grip and escaped by the open
door- I Subscribe to The Reflector.
is business.
Bill collectors seldom dun as they
would be done by.
Here is mighty good advice from
the Asheboro Courier, whose editor is
a fine of the things
which all neighbors should do Is to
arbitrate all minor differences In the
nature of civil actions. An
court is not difficult to organize.
The should be sworn to do
their duty and administer justice
partially. The witnesses can be
sworn and state their case. It is not
always necessary to have a lawyer
or any one else as the case may be
submitted without argument.
In court is slow and expensive.
It does not pay to take matters
into court where the amounts and the
Issues Involved are It is bet-
often to submit these little mat-
to one's neighbors and friends
than to seek an adjustment through
the slow and times uncertain
process of the But what
does Brother Hammer mean by such
advice Does he want to put hi
brethren, the lawyers, out of
They ought to have him up
and Rec-
Seven Brothers Hide the Goal.
PALMYRA. Nov. event
believed to be without precedent In
the history of Freemasonry was fur-
at a special communication of
the Masonic order here today, when
the degree or Master Mason was con-
on seven brothers. The
are Albert, Morris, Robert. James,
Edward and William Robs, all farm-
living near Palmyra.
One of the best ways of hang on
to your faith In human nature is by
always taking good security on your
The Conference Plan.
The conference cf governors of the
cotton producing states held in New
Orleans has made its
looking to an adjustment of the
price of cotton on a profitable basis.
The first paragraph of the
We earnestly recommend to the
planters of the southern states to fol-
low the example of Louisiana and so
diversify their crops as to produce
everything necessary for consumption
on the farm and let cotton be the
surplus crop even If the quantity
raised shall be per cent less than
present crop, as then they will get
just as much In return for much less
labor than this year's crop will yield
at present prices, will soon free them-
selves from debt and be In
without any financial aid, to sell
their crops gradually, as the demand
shall exist and not market the work
of a year in or days as they have
been accustomed to do.
That recommendation has the right
ring to it, and is Identical with the
plan repeatedly urged In these col-
as being the most practical and
sensible one to follow. A farmer with
a store debt for supplies and for fer-
account cannot hold his cot-
ton. He is forced to sell at whatever
price ho can get whether above or
below the cost of production. But a
farmer who has had the foresight to
make all his supplies on his farm
meat and vegetables, and
grain and hay for horses and cattle
and has not had to Incur debt for
these things to make his crop, with
another year's supply in his crib
and barn, can hold his
cotton and continue to live at home.
The recommendations go
further and advise every farmer to
not only reduce his cotton acreage,
hut to plant the so reduced
in some grain crop that will make
food for man and beast We believe
that per cent of the present year's
cotton land sown to wheat and oats
this fall and followed next summer
with peas for crop and soil
will go far toward solving
the News.
have a circulation
of 1,200 among the best
people in Eastern North
Carolina and invite those
who wish to get better
acquainted with these
good people in a business
way to take a few inches
space and tell them what
you have to bring to their
are low and can be
had upon application.
Greenville is the heart
of Eastern North Caro-
It has a population
of and is surround-
ed by the best farming
country. Industries of
all kinds are invited to
locate here for we have
everything to offer in the
way of labor capital and
tributary facilities. We
have an up-to-date job
and newspaper plant.
Agriculture Is the Useful, the Healthful, the Most Noble Employment of Washington.
of Those led in The
Below is given the names of the
premium winners at the recent Pitt
fair, as reported to the officers Jr.,
by the judges in the different de- j
of the exhibits, and the
amount of the premium In each case.
The president and secretary have
gone carefully over the reports of
the judges, comparing it with the
premium list and the book of entries.
If the list below does not contain the
Pollard, second. Hall.
Best trio white Leghorns, If. H.
White, second, W. L. Hall,
Beat trio brown Leghorns, Mrs.
Best trio Island Reds. J. H.
Tucker, second. D. A. Jamie.
Best trio white
second. J. Morrill. fl.
Best trio Games, Larry Stocks,
second, S. J. Vincent. SI.
Best pair Bantams, Laugh-
Best pair pigeons. J. F. Pollard. SI;
second. W. O. Manning. cents.
Best pair turkeys, J. II. Cobb,
second, J. P. Pollard.
Best pea fowl, J. F. Pollard. SI.
Best Guineas. J. F. Pollard.
Best geese. J. F. Pollard,
name of any exhibitor who holds a
Best trio red Buckeye. B. H. Lewis. SI.
Best wine. Win. sec-
J. K. Pollard, cents.
Best honey in comb, J. S. Barber,
second. L. B. fl.
Beat butter, Mrs. A. P. Turnage,
second. Mrs. O. L.
Best Mrs. G. V. Smith,
second. Mis. E. T. Cox. cents.
Best citron. Mrs. Annie Lt. Thomas,
Best corn bread, Mrs. B. T. Cox,
Best sweet pickle peaches, Miss
Daisy Tucker. second. Mrs. A.
Best encumber pickles, Mrs. W. L.
second. Miss Palsy
Best grape juice. Mrs. W. M. Moore,
premium card issued by the fudges
Best trio M. H. White,
blue or red and they will
this fact promptly to the pres-j f j R
or secretary of the lair together
with their entry tag. such will also be
We told you yesterday just what
we are going to give you between
now and the close of the contest
the way of offers. Did you read it
If you didn't you had better hunt up
that paper and read it thoroughly.
Until Saturday, November at
nine o'clock in the evening we are
to give you a fifty per cent in-
crease in the regular schedule of
vote issuing on every subscription
you turn in up to then. How does
that to you Don't you think
this will enable you to roll up a
mighty good reserve force It will, if
will Just get out and hustle, and
that is one of the most essential
things in this contest of energy.
It will be greatly to your
age to get together all of your friends
and secure every subscription you can
possibly get bold of before nine
o'clock, Saturday, November p. m.
The vote schedule will decrease
after that date and for that reason
we urge you to do all you possibly
can between now and the 25th. Your
friends are all ready to help you if
you only ask them. But don't stop
with simply seeing your
every person from whom you think
you could got a subscription.
There are hundreds throughout
this City and county who are waiting
Tor you to conic and ask them, so start
out today and make a systematic
canvass of your entire neighbor-
Below we give the vote schedule
which will be in force up to the close
of the contest and every contestant
should clip it out and keep it well
before her. She will And this great
help to remind her that the sooner
she sends In her subscriptions the
votes she will receive on them.
November to
Votes will he allowed on all sub-
months . 4.500
months .,. 10.500
year . 30.000
years .
f, months.
year .
years .
years .
i years . 150.000
to December
Will be allowed on nil
and paid be-
tween these two dates according to
months . 3.000
G months
year .
years .
months .
year .
years. 12.000
years .
years .
This is the original schedule of
votes which has been in force up to
the present time and votes will be
lowed according to this schedule only
between the dates of November and
December and up till nine o'clock
on the night of December 2nd.
The last Week.
From December to the close of
the contest, Saturday night, December
at o'clock, votes will accord-
to the following schedule, on all
subscriptions and paid in
during those
placed on the premium list. But such
omissions, if any, should be report-
ed at once. The list of premium win-
must be submitted to the State
department of agriculture, as the de-
contributes half of the
premiums, and as soon as
Graham and returns
the list the treasurer will be ready
to pay the premiums.
G months 1.750
year 3.750
This schedule Is a decrease of the
original vote schedule and will be in
force right up to the close of the con-
And Remember Thai,
All the time you are boosting your
total towards that Piano or any of
the valuable prizes you are getting
within range of that lovely Diamond
Ring that the Contest Department is
offering as a special prize. This
handsome Diamond Ring will be
awarded on Monday. November die
27th, to the young lady who turns
in the most subscriptions from the
to the of November. In this
way does the Contest Department
want to show its appreciation of the
good work done by contestants.
This special prize will a most
handsome and fitting Thanksgiving
offering to the young lady who proves
herself worthy of the ownership
Seldom does a publication place with-
in range of its readers a total of
prizes of the value and usefulness
offered by the Daily in the
Big Piano Prize Contest and
therefore, when the contestants set.
to work will, it was de-
that an prize would be
awarded. On Monday, the 27th, some
deserving young lady will possess an
ornament of great value and beauty
and the Contest Department will be
pleased to know that It had done Its
live Stock.
Best stallion owned in Pitt county,
L. Patrick,
Best stallion raised in Pitt county,
W. H. Jr., Second, W. H.
Rest brood mare and colt, H. C.
second, A. L. Gains,
Best drive horse raised in Pitt
J. F. Pollard, second,
A. Jr.,
Best work horse, C. H.
second, E. F.
Best spring colt. J. R. Lewis,
Best yearling colt. J. R. Barnhill,
second, Robert
Best pair mules, W. H. Jr.,
Best mule colt, A. L. Garris.
second. J. W. Martin.
Best Angus bull. G. T. Tyson.
Best Angus yearling. G. T. Tyson,
Best beef cow, L. Joyner,
Beat Jersey bull, Horton,
second, A. G. Cox,
Best Jersey heifer,
Best bull. J. o. Proctor
and Bro
Best cow, J. O. Proctor
and Bro.,
Best grade cow, D. D. Haskett.
second. W.
Best Berkshire boar. J. B. Tucker,
second, W. H. Jr.
Best Berkshire sew, J. B. Tucker,
second, A. J.
Best Poland China boar, J. O.
tor and Bro.,
Best Poland China sow. A.
Best boar, O. L. Joyner,
second. C. It.
Beat sow. c. it.
Best sow and pigs W. H. Dull, Jr.
Beat pair sheep, G. Tyson,
Best pair pigs, O. L. Joyner,
second. J. O. Proctor and Bro.
Special Stock Premiums.
By It H. White for best colt
by Col. Patrick, W. H. Jr.
second. H. C. Edwards,
Best trio barred Plymouth
H. G. second.
Best trio white Plymouth
J. B.
Best trio white
E O.
duty by the In this the
contestants are an
to make great strides towards the
prize they set out win and at the
same time, winning a lovely and
costly Diamond Ring.
, . .
Best bale rye hay, J. Dixon.
Best bale alfalfa hay. J. W. Mar-
Field Crops.
Largest squash. E. E. Williams
Garden Huckleberry, E. S.
Best peck turnips. F. M. Smith.
second, W. L. Hall, cents.
Largest turnip. John F. Evans,
second, R. A. Mobley, cents.
Best bushel corn in ear J. W. Mar-
tin, second. Joseph Fleming, II.
Best ears corn, J. B. Tucker,
second, J. B. Tucker,
Best S stalks corn, J. B.
Best earns popcorn W. B.
Lawhorn, fl,
Best stalk of cotton, J. B.
second, J. T.
Best pound lint cotton, William
second, S. I. Fleming,
Best bushel sweet potatoes, W. E.
Tucker. second Chas.
Largest dozen sweet potatoes, Dal-
ma Cox, second, W. E. Tucker.
Best barrel potatoes, G. G.
second, W.
Largest A. A. Joyner,
second, J. J. cents.
Best hale clover hay. W. C.
Best bale hay, C. G. Little.
second, W. C. Faucette,
Best bale oat hay, J. Dixon,
Largest pumpkin, E. P. Wilson,
second. J. W. Pope,
Best collard. W. H. Evans,
second. Miss Helen Dudley, cents.
Best gallon oats, W. Barfield.
second, J. K. Barnhill. cents.
Beat seed wheat, J. Brooks,
Best Japan peas, J. O. Proctor,
Best white peas with black eyes,
W. A.
Best black peas. Chas.
peanuts. Shade Gray.
Best, cabbages, W. E. Tucker,
second, W. cents.
Best green cucumbers. J. O.
tor, cents.
Beat tobacco. T. A. Pearson.
Best vegetable Miss Helen
Dudley. second, Mrs. J. L. War-
Best stalk green pepper, Mrs. Ma y
E Tucker, fl.
Best lemon tree, Mrs. W. E. Tucker,
Best dozen L. D. Eagles.
second, W. A. Stokes, fl.
Pitt county grown chestnuts. Mrs.
L. Warren, cents.
Pitt county grown English
nuts, Amos Elks, cents.
Best green tomatoes, W. L. Hall.
Best ball pepper, W. II. Evans.
Pantry and Dairy.
Best Jelly, Mrs. A. P. Turn-
age, second, Mrs. J. S. Norman,
Best home made soap, Mrs. Lucy
Best vinegar. Mrs, W, M. Moore,
fl; second, W. H. Evans, cents.
grape Jelly, Mrs. A. P. Turn-
age, fl; second. B. U. I.- cents.
Best preserves, Mrs. Chas. Me-
Arthur, SI; second, Mrs. J. J, Jenkins.
Beat display of canned fruits, Mrs.
Evans, second, B. M. Lewis,
Best lard, R. L. Dudley,
Beat loaf bread, Mrs. W. C.
second Mrs. Hattie Jack-
Best rolls. Mrs. J. T. Worthington,
fl; second, Mrs. J. J. Jenkins,
Best biscuits. Miss Helen Dudley,
second, Mrs. Ida Harvey, cents.
Best hams, Mrs. W. M. Moore
second, Wm. fl.
Heaviest dozen egg J. S. Corbett,
second, Mrs. Lucy Nobles, fl.
Best cake, Mrs. Hill,
Best gallon honey, Mrs. S. C. Which-
Special Prizes.
By J. B. Higgs, for baking with
First prize. 1-2 barrel flour,
Mrs. Ida Harvey; second. 1-4 barrel
flour, Mrs. P. M. Johnston;
third, 1-8 barrel flour, Mrs.
W. E. Hooker.
Plain and Fancy Work.
Best collection, Floyd Dixon,
second, Mrs. E. E. Griffin,
Best sofa pillow, Miss Lucy Nobles,
Mrs. E. E. Griffin, fl.
Best handkerchiefs, Mrs. R. W.
King, second. Miss Etta Hines,
Best Mrs. Lydia Purser.
second. Miss Emma Campbell,
Best rug, Miss Hill,
Mrs. G. W. fl.
Best shuck mat. Ida Foreman, ;
second, Joseph Fleming, cents.
Best shuck basket, Ida Fireman.
Best home made cloth. Miss Celia
Case, fl,
Best collection of fall flowers, O. E.
Warren. second. D. Haskett.
Special premium by a friend to
graded school on collection of
work. fl.
Grange In Session.
Grange, the largest and most
Influential of farmers In
America, for its annual session
In Columbus today with delegates
present every Slate. Additional
interest is given the meeting this
year by the probability that Its at-
will be called to the charges
made that the organization Is con-
by certain powerful factors
whose activity In national politic
has militated against the success of
the National Grange Ml minimized
am to recommend
Cough Remedy as the best
thing I know of and safest remedy
for coughs, bronchial
writes Mrs. L. B. Arnold, of
Denver, Col. have used it re-
and it has never tailed to
give For sale by ill drug-
All Should Take An Interest
The town of Greenville is quite
fortunate In having in its midst such
an organization to work for its
and development as the Civic
League. These few ladies that have
banded themselves together with a
definite purpose that stands for sonic-
thing, deserve much credit, and should
have the sanction and support of
every true citizen that loves his town.
Some may the ladies as
out of their sphere, and that
such movements tend towards
man but if woman
consists of such work as the
Civic League is doing, then it would
be good for Greenville
The same treatment and care that
an intelligent individual gives him-
self is good for the community in
which we live. Our streets and other
public places should be kept clean
and made to have as good an appear-
as possible. And it is this great
undertaking that the Civic League
for its immediate object. If there
is no garbage can law there should
be one and it should be enforced. A
filthy, trashy, street is no
more attractive to the people that
visit Greenville the dirty, rag-
individual Is to
visitors are no more impressed with
the dirty town than you are with the
like individual.
As to improvements of our streets,
of course that is a matter for the.
board of aldermen to take up, to
push, and to accomplish, owing to
the Training school, water and lights.
and other improvements that you have
already made, the town is bonded and
In debt, and there does not seem to
be much capital for the aldermen to
operate with. But if such light
as we are able to make
will be put through whenever
the opportunity for them arises, and if
the property owners will co-
operate with the aldermen by doing
their part, not six months later after
much damage has been done, but in
conjunction with the town, much good
can be accomplished. To be more
explicit, suppose the town grades a
street and puts on sand and clay, and
the property owner does not put up
curbing as is required by law, but
not enforced, what happens Dur-
a rain the water that does not
wash across the side walk puddles on
the walk along the side of the walk
where the gutter should be. thereby
softening the newly street and
causing same to muck up become
worse than before improving. Any
pedestrian who has to use these
curbed side walks can tell you of their
condition in wet weather. It would
be a great Improvement from a stand-
point of looks and comfort if every
properly owner on unimproved as
well as improved streets would put.
up curbing and pay some attention
to their But there is no
use building sidewalks If you do not.
protect them With curbing of some
These suggestions are made in the
spirit of Interest that have in Green-
ville, and I hope you will take them
for what they are worth. Such
can be made at very lit
tie coat to any one. There are many
other such Improvements that would
be of much benefit to our town, so
let us all make suggestions that we
think will be helpful, and come to-
in concerted effort
to improve and make It
more attractive, not only to ourselves
but to those who us. that they
may be persuaded to cast their lot
in Greenville, thus helping hear our
burdens and enjoy our pleasure.
m- W .

. i i
Hut Like Other Was Prevented Sermon and Soul Stirring
Chatter From Hearing the Speaker,
HANRAHAN. N. C, Nov. There was I large congregation at
has so much cotton in the fields meeting In the Baptist church,
to house, and so many peanuts to dig M night, and the service was
and care for. and tobacco has been marked with much Interest The song
graders so service preceding the sermon, led by
was entered into
past three weeks to attempt enthusiasm spirit by the con-
pencil paper. Hut today gallon. Special songs were an-
so high, and
scarce, this scribbler has been to busy
for the
to put pencil pap.
there is a somewhat lull In the sound Other beautiful solo by Mrs. Blank
decided to write and an equally beautiful duet
Evangelist for the
, evening sermon was Their Hearts
I hope these will find
you so in health and so busy
in writing receipts renewals of
old subscriptions and Placing new sub- ,
on book, you , .
find no lime to pass upon the de-
merits of this, and that your foreman
will let it go in print.
of machinery, so
you a few lines, telling you
my visit to the first Pitt county fair.
Were Not Right With God. Prepare
to Meet Thy The children of
Israel Ailed hundreds of thousands of
d land
not right
because their hearts were
with God. And so it has
Wants the lo Continue Along
The Same Lines as the One Held.
N. C. Nov. 1911.
Our fair indeed a roaring
thanks to our wise selection of
a president secretary, who were
enthusiastic and hopeful and wise,
and prudent. hope this fair will
grow and last as long as the old
musters my friend,
Q. T. wrote about last week. These
muster were a necessity when first
introduced and were always help-
I want to a word of praise for
the people of Greenville. It seemed
; me that the town did its very
best. The people came Thursday and
stay, d all day, or if they left it was
one a time, and the allowed
for exhibits was never The
, , , M good women prepared dinner and In
true that I had to make a .,,,, ; country acquaintance, an,
c their hearts are not right with , bu, , lad .,
I is carried with them. On
standpoint So days be- e
i I .,
Trial of
Cases on the
been ,
forehand I laid my plans before
i asked her to
go with me. She said could
afford to go there behind Levy, our but
blooded ox. when there was a rail-
road running by our door. Said I.
he is a line beast and must needs
show him. Said she. you can go show
your blooded ox. I'll stay at home
and look alter the children, for I
don't believe In carrying babies to
such places. So we agreed to dis-
agree, and I would go and she would
stay. That is usually the way these
mothers tarn out. the father goes and; L. Mock, of Mock, Ark., believes
the Bother stays and bears the bur- no has saved many lives in his
heat of the day. years of experience in the drug
as none of family were
The heart is made right only by myself. did not take
cross tor the sins of the world. This me so t an
is done through simple belief and to dine in town. That was
, about the nicest and best
belief that comes from the heart, ever. The hostess and her line
Prepare to meet thy God. husband were at their best and it
The sermon was one of power, and would give ,
dinner every year and that you would
be fortunate enough to be there.
Others laved equally as well. The
through the guidance of the Holy
Spirit awakened much interest. There
were live professions of faith at this
whole family were Invited
Friday, but as we had dinner with us.
we ate it and saved our welcome for
another occasion. for Green-
and the people of
Farmville school had the prettiest
always to and the
recommend Dr. drilled students. Next time
schools will do as Tell.
It is the wish of your humble
that Die fair be conduct-
ed upon the same line, that Is,
and social. Don't let's try to
have big a tiling, but let us
The following cases have
disposed of since last
Hen Cannon and Alonzo Smith, high-
way robbery, guilty of robbery, Smith
sentenced to years State prison
Cannon years on the roads.
Arthur Jones, larceny, pleads guilty
sentenced mouths on the roads.
another case same defend-
Judgment was suspended.
Stan Kennedy, disturbing religious
worship, pleads guilty. Judgment
pended upon payment of costs. In
a case for carrying concealed
on same defendant a flue of
costs was Imposed.
Charles Green alias Robert Cox,
larceny, guilty.
James Turnage. affray, guilty, sen-
months on the roads.
William Atkinson, and Mike
son, larceny. Mike Atkinson not
guilty, William Atkinson, guilty.
Joe embezzlement, not
guilty two cases.
Bummer assault with dead-
weapon, guilty, lined and
Robinson and John
affray, guilty. Judgment suspended.
John carrying concealed
weapon, guilty, sentenced t months
on the roads.
Jim Robinson, carrying concealed
weapon, guilty, sentenced months
on the roads.
Cleveland Moore, selling liquor,
Herbert Rowe. larceny, sentenced
years in State prison.
Ed Harris, larceny imposed sen-
years in Slate prison.
Lena Little, affray, not guilty,
verdict same
for carrying concealed weapon.
Mack Harris, murder, plead
of manslaughter, sentenced months
on the roads.
Friday morning I rose I
my best robe, hooked Levy, lie writes, to
blooded ox, to the sulky cart, and King's New Discovery for weak, sore
started for the fair, thinking sure hard colds, hoarseness
get there in time to enter him for the coughs, la grippe, croup,
first prize. But alas. had not taken ma. or other bronchial affection, for
into consideration the fatiguing con- I feel that a number of my neigh-
of the roads. Perhaps I got the are alive and well today because
wrong road, surely after so much look my advice to use it. ourselves with a county
the main roads of our believe its the best do not let us runaway after
are In better condition than the and lung medicine that's Easy Patronage, Next year we should have
one that I and when I lo prove he's right. Get a trial hot- a the horses
reached the suburbs of your city, poor or regular or at least he
Advertising Medium.
With its large and constantly in-1
creasing list of subscribers. The Re-
is a fine advertising medium.
Any business man who wants to
help his business can do so by joT
Levy's tongue was out and he looked
more like a beast of years ago
than a blooded. Guernsey
rested condition would have taken
the first premium at any state or
fair. So. worried, grieved and
almost out of patience. I hid poor
Levy In a secluded place and footed
it into the city, thinking how proud
I would have been could I have reach-
ed there with Levy, the ox. In his
royal splendor. Cut thus it has been,
from childhood hours. have seen my
fondest decay. Kill amidst our
deepest, sorrows there a light
to cheer and bid us go forward.
So on my way up your beautiful
street that from that
temple of justice out of town via Sir John Moore, who conducted
in this paper. No paper
that circulates among the people of;
Pitt county is read more eagerly.
It seems to me that a list of those
who drew prizes should be published
in The Reflector. So I will mention a
few with your
Mr. Joseph Pollard received first on
pigeons, turkeys, guineas and best
buggy horse, in fact, I think Mr. Pol-
At the recent Pitt county fair, Mrs.
R. R. Cotten had on exhibition a craw
quilt, made by herself, and on the
of It was the following verses,
she composed.
Scraps that are sombre and scraps
that are gay,
All put together in a fantastic way;
Colors in contrast and shapes that are
Silk, satin, velvet and plush are all
Demented fancy In gorgeous array
Rival the rainbow in brilliant display.
are the quilts we call crazy to-
Come and learn modern, quick, cheap and
safe way to use giant dynamite to
Remove Stumps and Boulders. Plant Trees. Dig Ditches.
Break Up Subsoils and Make Old Farms Produce Big Crops.
Will Be Demonstrated the Farm
C. T, mile of town, Nov. 23rd, a.
Red Cross Dynamite is sold by Yelverton
N. C; Cutler-Blades
New Bern, Hadley,
Greenville, N. N. Jacobi
N. C. B. F. Manning. A. C. Cox
of N. C; J. W.
Quinnerly Bro., J B. Smith
November IS.
Painter, of
Mass., publicly whipped for re-
to have his child
any one.
Mr. J. H. Tucker received and
I second on yellow com; first on
I shire boar mid sow.
Mr. J. II. the best
stalk of cotton.
Dr. received first
on yearling colt.
Proctor received first on Po-
the Atlantic Coast Line depot. I met
your courteous mayor. was born
and reared on a therefore
knows how to treat us country folks
with kind After pass-
the compliments of the day taken by th
bidding me a hearty welcome to all under Prince Mural.
the privileges of tie city, he told m Win. of
how to find his office which was warm came
and cozy, and just across the street
the south front of the
the memorial British retreat to
born. Died Jan.
Moody was hanged in
Philadelphia us a British spy.
The world is itself but a crazy quilt
and old natures arc
with care;
Man is a scrap of complacent
, Woman, a scrap of true tenderness
land China hogs. Mr. Hardy on Some right
I pride.
Mr. exhibited a mule foot-
ed horse, which attracted much at-
Mr. Mumford beat me on
Rock chickens, because my
rooster had shed his tall.
Mr Patrick exhibited a fine
Some are like plush, soft and easy to
Life is a patchwork of smiles and of
Piece added to piece by the untiring
adopted a state con-
house. He assured me that the
cession would pass that way. So declined the French
proposal for joint medial ion in
the American civil war.
i yellow is sunshine, the purple is
. . I hope some one who knows will i
Attorney-, of the ,,,.,,., . .
all the names of the
I States. ,, , . ,.,
fill exhibitors.
rested until heard the sweet strains
of the band that led the procession.
Then I hastened down to the side-
walk, and being charmed found that
I had stopped in front of some law
offices. decided I would risk stand-
there, and only been there a
few seconds when a gentle and ex-
clever gentleman stepped
out of the office. He had
eyes, a kindly smile and a smooth
How of select words, just one of those
kind to make a country fellow feel
free and easy. Sc we chatted until
Rossini, the com-
poser, died in Paris. Born in
Italy, Feb. 1792.
Wireless communication was
effected by Marconi between
Italy and Nova Scotia.
A. J. MO YE.
entire list is being prepared
shadow and sunshine experience
is made.
The reds and the blues are tints
sorrow and pain are
brown and gray,
TO brightens by contrast our
earthly pathway.
Those In Arrears Should Let Hear
From Them.
We regret to have to call attention
to this so frequently, but subscribers
Before be marries her a man owe for The Reflector are not
to cherish a girl's gloves; up as promptly they should
it's hard for him to think of her A large number are now In or-
health rears and the money is needed to
I In- obligations of the pa-
may of many of us. about the time We are using printed mailing
designs which make the
quilt gay,
Are pleasures and duties we find on
our way.
Hope, and kisses are stitches so
Which decorate life with gleams of de-
While sympathy sweet is the lining to
The Greenville Banking
Trust Company
Capital Stack.
the United State Government
Depository for
Of the Greenville Post Office
the procession turned the corner and the most the date to which each sub-Tho old scraps of fate which we can-
came in full view. Then we Were
both so charmed that we forgot, to
part of his address, behold paid after the name. By.
tell how
Willie, who look the premium for subscriber can
speak and could only look and won- peas at the fair, came In, and woman h It should not be
at such a sight. of necessary for us lo mail statements.
Just, before the head of the pro- stand just in front of some teachers Look ill la date after your name and
cession reached us I glanced at the T ., as drew nigh this
young lawyer and saw his head of his rose to her feet and be-
was bare, so I reached up and off shrill to exclaim
came my hut. There we stood with Willie, I am so glad got. the
lei us have a payment. an error
Is made in any date or it does not
correspond with your receipt, ad-
vise US and it will
not control.
We are all better than patchwork be-
cause of the soul.
good paper by paying your
promptly. Let this reminder be
sufficient to bring a payment.
There Is danger from a cold or
heads and Charmed lo silence . Judge J Friends, you can help us send you a
until the rear end had passed us. Then , WOuld have gotten it on
I could only say it is beautiful Then she told him how to And her
to describe, and we parted, ha to kitchen, and told of the dinner he
his office and I to the ware- would find If he would Just go there.
house hoping to secure a seat near and until one
the speaker's stand to hear the ad- of the teachers got so brought up an attack of the except
dresses. secured . , , .,. .-.-- said II when followed by pneumonia, and
amidst several teachers who were as wish would bush. Then this never .
Intent on hearing as was I. said, they are my sen-j Iain's Cough Remedy is
All went well until Prof. Rag. dale But she still kept on. j remedy has won Its great reputation
finished his gem of introductory, i must close, but let mo say that j and extensive sale by Its remarkable
Of course the chatter of bad roads kept mo from getting the of colds and grip and can
childish joy Interfered what with first prize on my ox. and a rude upon
hearing this, but childish Joy is ever man's tongue kept me with many
Then I tucked up my ears others from hearing that most excel-
the hope that I would Prof, lent address.
Joyner's masterpiece, but to the. U-KNOW.
with confidence,
who starts out to
trouble never gets halfway.
For The Ladles.
Though C. T. big store
ex busy with the special
sale in progress there, the millinery
department is going right ahead as
usual filling orders. The ladies
charge of ibis department are skilled
in their lino and know the needs of
me trade In style and Quality. The
lady who buys her millinery at Mun-
does so with the satisfaction
that she has best. His stock of
tailor made coat suits and ready-to
for ladles is also com-
ard contains the best to be had.
Let your motto be to go to
for the best at the least money.
For pains in the or chest damp-
a piece of flannel With Charmer-1
Iain's Liniment and bind It on over
the scat of pain. There Is nothing
better. . r sale by all druggists.
T. Tyson, Pros., Jas. L. Little,
Sec. Si Treas.
AGENTS--R. Williams, R. W. King, Jones.
Dan TownshipS. V.
Township A. Slum-ill; Bethel Township C. J.
Carolina Township -A. Congleton; J.
Elks; Township Jesse Falkland Township
T. L Williams; J. Greenville
-J. A. Lane; Township- A. N. Waters; Swift
I. Little. Secretary and Treasurer f the above Branch do
certify that the following statement is correct;
Fiscal year Ending November 1910.
Total 21.781.24
Total 23,740.20
or hand 41.04
Ir. ; tor years, on each
Insurance bus been M 9-10 cents. includes losses
by fire, wind ind Respectfully,
I. LITTLE, Sec. and Treas.
th nil find lie
J. . Fit
Held Under Auspices Farmers
oat to ask whit yarn will take t
It and yon fix the It Is
i not when you bring in a bale of
You take the bale of cotton 8888888888888888888
lo the merchant or cotton buyer and
ask him what he will give you for interest in the
it. The merchant or buyer cannot Union movement is being taken in
tell you he asks the commission southwestern Missouri,
man in Norfolk or New York, and
the commission man in turn has to There is considerable unrest in the
ask Liverpool. So the farmer has no engineering trade of Hungary which
voice whatever in the price of may lead to a general strike or lock-
cotton. out U this industry.
I He said be did not know what so-; .
Small And Others to oiler for this problem, but The International Association of
Speeches on see the wisdom of the Bill Posters will hold its next annual
I resent Problem-Resole- warehouse plan. With the statistics convention in St. Louis during the
Adopted- Farmers I t the whole world on the cot- week beginning December
Raise Home Supplies. crop, the buyers know just how Pa., will be the
Judge Whedbee ordered a of is stored in the ware- eastern lo have a bakery con-
court at o'clock Saturday morning houses ll out ducted by the Union
give way for the farmers to sooner or later. While Bakery and Confectionery Workers,
she court room for the mass be I
the cotton problem. He raise the Present large The number of trade disputes re-
said this much was due the he advised every farm- ported during September was eleven,
as the subject they were could do so to hold his cot- a decrease of three with
was one that concerned us all, and as he felt sure
that he would see that the little time Price higher then.
of the court would be amply made i His advice to the farmers was to
up. learn how to produce more at less
A large crowd of business expense, and never buy a bushel of labor Is eleven hours a day, but it
aid professional men were present at corn, a bale of hay, or a pound of Is exceeded, under permit by a large
the mass meeting which was These wagons coming to town j number of working people.
to order by Mr. W. II. Moore, and Mr. I haul out corn, hay and meat do ally in the textile trades.
H. L. Little was chosen secretary, indicate wise farming and there ought . . .
Congressman John II. Small ad-; to be a change. The smoke house I There are Strikes in the building
stressed the meeting. He commended and barn should be on the farm and trades and the textile industry in
August and a decrease of three com-
pared with September, 1910.
In Austria the legal maximum of
v I AT
K. L.
and door to John
. hew
occupied by t. L
At Close of Business September 1911.
W. H. Loni
several towns of Brazil. The build-
trades obtained the eight-hour
day several years ago. and are now
the Union for k work and enough raised on the farm lo supply
said every farmer In Hilt it. The farmer who raises at home
should be enlisted under its banner, all his needs, can snap his linger at
is through co-operation that price of cotton and not trouble J striking for higher wages.
consequence are accomplish-1 himself about it. To do this our i . . .
ed. This union stands for the system of fanning and running the The United Hatters of North
for every child, and It Is by on lime should change. lea report that most all of the man-
touching dhows with each j The committee on resolutions made who In banded them-
local tax districts following report, which was selves together and decided to dis-
been established, better school houses with the union label on their
built, and larger school terms our is now are now using the label.
ed for. We have been going through cost of and
the past content to give we is a i In Germany, owing to
special training to who were the the Increase in the cost of living.
En professional or mechanical
pursuits and who
e to I farms needed no
special training. Tins has changed
ow, and we have awakened to the
the boy who Is to the
price of cotton;
We Resolve, Thai we urge all
of the I and cit-
wages have been raised in many
the factories during year or
two. The daily working time has
upon their calling
also stands
and make it surrender the
i of bi pi should be
as well educated as those in other
avocations. This is one of the strong
poses of the l to
see the boys of the farm are
and look
with dignity.
Tue Union
for Improved highways, Is real-
that the old system of building
and maintaining the public roads is
antiquated and no longer practicable.
Individuals cannot build good loads
hut there must be co-operation. The
same thing is true as to drainage for
the redemption of our swamp lands.
These things come by unifying and
welding the people together one
common purpose.
You must consider the cotton prob-
the subject which this meeting
was called to discuss in the same;
way. There must be co-operation and
organization. The world needs
bales of cotton from the South.
We are unable understand why the
Manufacturers of cotton products, as
they claim, cannot sell their man-
at a price that will justify
who are iii sympathy with
cause, to sell a bale of cotton be-
. been reduced from ten to nine hours
vend their absolute necessities
the present prices. We ask the
operation in matter of
business man, banker, merchant and
We urge the re-
of per cent, in acreage
cotton for the coming year, and pay
more attention to raising of stock,
grain and all home supplies. ask
the department of agriculture, both
stale and national, lo make a State-
of how many cotton mills there
lure, and the number of bales of cot-
ton consumed each year by them.
G. T.
H. G.
Speaking on the resolution
R. R. Cotten urged co-operation of all
interested helping the farmer to
hold his cotton until the price gets
G. T. Tyson also urged the farmers
to hold their present cotton, and
give more attention to home sup-
plies. He also referred to the ten-
ant system as a bad one. as it caused
too much of what is known as dis-
tress We make our own
paying more for the raw material, as
and corn cheaper than the West can
raise it for us. We arc going to be
I of wood and drawers of
I as long as we buy our sup-
plies instead of raising them.
V. Evans was called on and
i touch he did not know what solution
to offer for raising price of cot-
ton, but he thought the warehouse
manufacturers in oilier lines do. If
the government is to furnish
statistics as to the
of cotton, should also furnish
the farmers statistics as to the world's
needs of cotton, so that the supply
One Step mentioned as a
to the problem, is the cotton
warehouse. Here co-operation is
so needed, as no one man cm build
a warehouse. In this you need
proposition was most practical
that has been made. The farmers
must get together, hold their cotton
, and say to the commission man and
only the Of the farmers,
bin of business people in town
Well. The country and town arc
largely upon each other.
M is a foot Hint the people of the
towns do not take the interest In
manufacturer got the cotton,
but you cannot have a pound of it
until you pay us our It is all
lo raise our own supplies, but
cotton will continue to be our staple
cop and we must do something; to
in glass factories.
Consular reports show that, ac-
cording to statistics based on pass-
ports, foreign workmen were
employed In Germany last year.
these engaged In farming. There
were 323.326 Poles, 82.092
Hungarians and
Russians and Austrians.
The recent convention of the
Association of Electric
way Men and Car Men decided lo
Create an internal fund for bonding
of officers of all unions instead of
paying the premium amounting to
about a year to fidelity com-
as heretofore.
The Pacific States Company, a San
Francisco organization composed of
Journeymen cigar makers working on
their own account and of small deal-
has been organized for the
pose of fighting American tobacco
trust products of advancing the
consumption of homo products in
From Paulo, the center of the
coffee district of comes news
of strikes in the plantations. The
wages of the pickers have been
for fifteen years. These men
are very badly paid, considering the
nature of work, but as they are
entirely unorganized no conceited
movement has been possible.
The New York Women's Trade
Union League in its report for the
pi year staled its membership
through union affiliation has reached
of which number are
women. Among the new features of
the year has been the
of a strike council. Incorporated
with a fund of to used for
emergency strike purposes during
strikes for women workers.
pertaining to the that manipulate the price,
they should take, yet their very President Moore thanked all who
and opportunities should make spoke for the Interest each had shown,
then leaders in movements for the and urged the farmers to live more
welfare of the The leader jot home and have less of the disease
Of than heretofore.
A vole of was extended the
court for adjourning lo give way for
mass meeting.
who has no to grind nor selfish
Motive will find the farmers ready to
such leadership.
After Congressman Small's speech,
motion n committee consisting of
Alston Grimes, H. G. Mumford, c. T.
Tyson, EL R. Cotten was appointed
n resolutions.
While the committee was out
Governor was called on to ad-
dress the meeting. He said he was
raised on the farm and always felt
an Interest in the farmer. It was
to refer to the Interest he
look, while governor, in the
department the state, nor to
the interest then and since in the
cation of the children of the slate.
No man would be more delighted said H. D, Ely, Bantam, Ohio,
he to be able to give a solution to horrible ulcer had been
this cotton problem. The law of sup- the plague of my life for four years.
ply and demand prevail, and Instead I used Urn
lore an i completely
there is a demand for it Is hard to Heals burns, bolls, sores,
tell how the price of such article bruises, pimples, corns.
be kept up. cents at
If you farmers bring to town a
Stray Taken
I have taken up live pigs, three
spotted and two black color, weigh
about pounds each; all unmarked.
Owner can get same by calling at
my farm, proving ownership, and
paying charges.
Hulked at Cold Steel
wouldn't bi a doctor cut my font
DR R. L.
a. W. CARTER, M. D,
to cf
Ear. Nest
S. f. a.
office with Lr. L-. L
t a m.
U. t
. aw
Overdrafts . .
S. bonds .
Stocks and bonds .
Furniture and fixtures.
for Clearing house . .
Cash and due from banks
per .
Total . .
H. r. M. Clark
Civil Engineers and
i S. WARD. C. ;. PIERCE.
ii c . .
Q . C
merit En all Court,
ii. Wooten
Capital .
Surplus .
Profits .
. .
Dividends unpaid
Cashier's checks
Total .
. 21.000.00
. 7.136.00
will received for the P. M.
s. stock of furniture,
rugs, mattings, etc., one new piano
and one Included in stock.
which Inventories 12,600.00. The
hearse originally cost i
If not sold privately same will be
sold at public auction on Monday.
Nov. LO. 1911, at in.
Trustee In Bankruptcy.
Tarboro, N. C. Nov. lo, 1911.
Starts Much Trouble,
if all people knew neglect
would result iii severe
Indigestion, yellow jaundice or
lent liver trouble they would soon
Dr. King's New Life Pills, and
end Its only safe way. lies
for headache, dyspepsia,
chills and debility. LT. cents at all
Invites you to visit his store and
also his nice line of
for ladies and misses
Ills line of clothing for men and boys
is also best.
Call at his store and you will be
pleased with and prices.
N. C
Bulbs, Cut Flowers
and Plants
our of French avid
are DOW
yo-j get the . re-
Weave in i -i
offering, fine
plants, . . Hodge
and trees.
Price list on application. Mail,
I and orders
; by
L. Company
Phone. N. C.
On account of the above event
From Greenville to Savannah and return. Correspondingly
low rates will made from all other points on the
Line from many Cities.
Tickets will be on sale from points in North Carolina.
I Mia and points north thereof on d and from
points in all other states on lo inclusive, limited,
returning, to roach original starting point not later than midnight
I December -I. 1911.
CHILDREN years age. and under fare.
Handsomely illustrated folder, complete with Information, re-
riling the races, mailed on application.
For tickets, schedules and further Information, call on II. S.
WARD, ticket agent, Greenville, N. c.
W. J. T. C. WHITE,
Passenger Manager, General Passenger
Don't Judge A Manure
Spreader By Looks
cut m co.
Full line of
ll kinds Stone
See us for prices on anything
in above lilies before
Placing your orders.
Office near Norfolk Soul
P. Morgan has just paid
a collection French
manuscripts. Ho can't worrying
much about Gazette-
Barber Shop
In of
Four chairs and each
out, v,.,. ever t
barber. waited their
Every manure spreader is not a that looks
like one. You can't judge a manure spreader by its looks
because there are many features which arc found in the
construction of one machine that are not found in others.
Cloverleaf manure spreaders are the most easily operated,
the strongest and best machines on the market. If you
will examine one critically, you will agree with us that the
best e you ever looked at. Drop in. Let us
discuss the manure spreader proposition. Let us explain
the many meritorious features found in Cloverleaf con-
Better still, buy one, then you will be in a bet-
position to know why you can't judge a manure spread-
by its looks. If you are not ready to buy, call and get a
it is filled with valuable information on
maintenance and y. We are reserving one for you
Won't you call and get it today
Greenville, N. C.

a week,
Published by
Ml. lac
D. J. Editor.
-vie year.
Six months. . .
business at home and roar have. Like the Chronicle. aspirants for the presidential
prosperity will be much greater. We believe we are going to them, and nation are trying to earn their money.
cannot build an ideal town and com-
while patronizing enterprises
in other towns and communities.
When one buys an article of
they not be long coming.
Local as a class, are
against the people patronizing city
home building houses and they have a
material, furniture, or anything that right At the .,
rates may be bad upon
Application at the business In
The Reflector Building, corner
and Third street.
All cards of thanks resolutions
respect will be charged at I
cent per word.
can be bought in ones own town, even
though a few cents may be saved by
doing so. it reacts upon the whole
community, but most heavily upon
the one who does it. He creates
enemies of the ones who should be his
friends and his monetary gain and
more is loss. Community co-operation
should be the watch-word ever.
C. W. H.
Communication Advertising
-kites will be lit three
cents per line, up to lines.
I Kills.
second class matter
Ice a
might look into their own affairs a
little to see if they themselves are
not patronizing mall order businesses,
is, giving orders to go out of
town things that can be pro-
cured at home. Those business men
who do this may argue that they save
a little by sending the orders away,
and that is the very same line of
that the patron of the city
mail store uses whether the
holds good or not The people
a town are dependent largely upon
each other and the to have a
good town is patronize home stores
Standing to-
are going to ask a favor of our
brethren of the North Carolina press
August 1910. at the post office a and is that each of them write home enterprises.
strongest editorial he can is the way to succeed,
upon importance and practical I
value of the proper celebration of
I Considering that American consuls
Greenville, Carolina,
act of March
i day.
bop the basal idea of this fall throughout the world bare
SUCCESS THE STATE PARK teas say dominant, number of
but they are wasting lots of stamps,
stationery, typewriting and printing
in the stuff they are flooding the
newspapers offices with.
and around Washington they do
not get through with one investigation
before they launch out another, just
dabbling a little here and there with-
out making anything thorough. The
last investigation started Is after tel-
and telephone rates.
The list of premium winners at
the recent county fair, published to-
day, does its own talking for the
people of the county. There is no
mistaking the fact that Pitt county
can do things when she out
for that purpose.
There was a hope that Marion
was out for good. But he bobs
up again to remark that the Demo-
are responsible for the low
price of cotton. That is about in
id biles to his usual record for
for Baltimore to get the eon-
unless the convention going
there will bring the state back In the
right column.
j namely, the pouring out of our treas- lo
lures in a spirit of thankfulness for
supply foreign
The papers have been talking we have upon
about the success of the state those who are weak and needy. manufacturing purposes before
The various Orphan Homes of North September 1912, m bales,
farm this year, emphasis being are waifs y nothing of what will be need-
to the fact that on 1,500 acres into valuable and hon- y in
were raised 1,500 bales of cotton, citizens, and nearly all this
. . , crop this year does not look any too
that in addition to this the farm pro-, great work is being done without
. . . , ,, drawing one copper cent from the other Influence
a large quantity of peanuts and ,,
of the These keeping the price of cotton down be-
enough corn and forage to supply the gad n
farm for two years. At the same o sacrifice, but is it too
the farm, buildings and stock to ask that our people pause
been Improved and much work done j this one day In the year to lend a
helping hand
Brethren of the North
on the. river that protect the
lowlands from overflow.
That the population of the
United States is Increasing less
Carolina than it did in previous de-
Press Association, we count on your ,,
In speaking of this success SUpport g our effort . , .
,,. , . . white race is shown by census figures
comparing it with former to reach and stir every section of our
calling that it has been no great while good state. Will you not And pleas- continental United States in 1910
this state farm was talked about in bearing your part in this there were 81.732.687 whites, or 88.9
, , . ,,., great service We know you will. cent of the total population;
a losing proposition and looked,,. . .,.
. . and Children. or 10.7 per cent, and
T r . I a mUCh . Chinese Japanese,
operated with large profit to -he state for the Brother, qt cent
the question naturally arises as b himself in the ,., , . , , , , ,.
. . . . , j , e constituted 13.1 per cent of the
what brought about this marked we are copying it from
believe the reason can be paper not j p
given in one
In years by. and in the
with this, for from time to time be- j Another company of Ohio prospect-
now and Thanksgiving day we on will start on December 5th for
of all of us, the state prison our readers to liberally an excursion through that portion of
and farms have had as managers member on that day. It North Carolina traversed by
different times a school teacher, a most Norfolk Southern railroad. Car-
West Point graduate, a cotton Thanksgiving, and we show club has sent them, through the
two or three lawyers, neither of
our gratitude to God for His bless- officials of the railroad, an
whom had any knowledge of how to Bf , more fling way in Greenville on this trip,
conduct a farm, hence it is not and for Though a reply to the Invitation has
prising that under their management fortunate ones. Truly a great not yet been received, we hope it
the farm proved a failure. The pros- work is w, be accepted and that they will
cut governor had an eye to the U, in this state.
of things, so concluded that a real Q
farmer was the right man to put in
charge of a big farm if success was
come to Greenville.
The new venture In the printing
to come out of it. and In looking, , m The Elector and think Co., pub.
around for a suitable man for super- ,, ,. , good ,,, for .
selected one in Mr. J. and want to see it bigger ls a word and
Laughinghouse. who had already M- , y your I ,, ,,
his as a by , ,,
He carried his skill, hi, its when you are L,, or
experience and his energy with for y
into the management of the farm, and advertisements and Job ,, honey Qr
work to us. asking your neighbors printing business.
to this the changed condition is at-
and friends to do the same. Then you
to every citizen of the state, The Re-
feels an especial pride In it
because the man who has
this about is a Pitt one
born reared among us, one who
lived on the farm and made his farm
a success. If the men for all places
of responsibility were selected be-
cause of their especial fitness for the
position, there would be more
in administration.
While the present success of the have be proud
state farm is a cause of gratification paper and t- plant, for and
progress is only enhanced by the pat- J for the founding and aid-
it receives. It is now of libraries and educational in-
our made It This gift Is bestowed upon
can only advance further with the a corporation which will have charge
proper support and help to do so. If investing the
you do not like The you principal and applying the Income to
certainly can't help it improve by indicated. Mr. Carnegie
patronizing other printing offices, mail been in ha benefactions,
order houses and sending your
away from town in other ways.
That's a cinch. The Reflector has
reflected will the
support and patronage given it by
the people Greenville and com-
is the best man for your This is not merely a play
The one who Invests his cap-
ital, energy and interest in the com-
as an adjunct to other
Henry the Richmond wife
murderer under sentence of death, has
been removed from the city jail in
Richmond to the state penitentiary.
He will be electrocuted on the 24th
but, unless the Supreme court grants
on words, but it Is a fact. Give new trial or executive clemency In
your help If you want to see us grow The appeal Is pending be-
and continue to ho a factor In our
that all may by his be-
here, employing men who spend
money for a living amongst you or
the one who gets his living from the
business of your town and Three the Chronicle Is going
never adding one penny to put in its book for future reference
resources except his personal taxes. real commission form of gov-
for mail order houses, which Charlotte; Torres title
law, and dog law legislators. And
we believe we are going to get them.
Charlotte Chronicle.
fore the Supreme court.
the place, and forever working against
established and home building enter-
prises I think the former
Those business nun who think they
are economizing by not advertising.
a mistaken Idea. The
of the best business men shows
the value of liberal advertising.
Those who do advertise, do so
because It pays them. It is the
to business that every one needs.
These are three good things, too,
and others join In advocating
your encouragement, aid them The commission form of gov-
support mat he may hi something that not
They do not seem to mind digging
down after old things up around
Asheville. An old land suit that was
on there over a hundred years ago.
has been revived. Wonder how they
will get witnesses at this late day.
The business men of Greenville
show their Interest In the farmers
by attending the mass meeting in the
court house, Saturday morning, that
has been called by the Farmers Union
to consider the cotton problem.
If Chicago policemen succeed
stopping gambling in that city, as
they arc said to be trying to do, they
may be called upon to learn some
other sections of the country how it
was done.
We think it is cold here with the
thermometers just fairly to freezing,
but suppose we had the blizzard and
cyclone that struck the Northwest.
We folks don't know bow to be thank-
It looks more serious for
the Virginia court of appeals having
refused a writ of error In his case.
His only hope left of escaping the
electric chair is executive clemency.
Despondent William has got back
to the white house from his long
junket through the West, and Is
paring to tell his woes to congress
when that body assembles.
The Reflector is laboring to
Greenville and Pitt county. Do you
help It do this when you send your
work away to help build up enter-
prises in other towns
The holidays will be along almost
before you are aware of it, and yet
some business men are not awake to
the importance of advertising.
The loss of tho Now Jersey
does not help Governor
son's chances for the presidential
As Thanksgiving day approaches
remember to lay something by In
readiness for a liberal donation to
the orphans.
The Southern, Seaboard, and Nor-
folk Southern railroads have all been
catching trouble with wrecks recent-
If you will not boost Greenville
yourself, stand out or the way of the
fellow who wants to boost.
If you feel disposed to kick your
town, turn your mind from that and
talk about the weather.
Carolina Farmer.
He took me to his home In an auto-
mobile he has a right to run one.
his net Income In 1910 was
and we got out and went into a
ball lighted with electricity; when I
went to my room I found the house
was fitted with an up-to-date system
of waterworks, and there was a type-
writer on my friend's desk and a
phone sat beside it. And this man is
a farmer and has made his money
fanning. His name is W. S. Cobb.
county of Robeson, State of North
Carolina; age. Eighteen years ago
he was an ordinary looking 18-year-
old Southern farm boy. with eighty
acres of land, two mules, one horse
and some hors power plows, and
Just one thing plenty of pluck.
Now he crops acres of land, has
twenty-seven horses and mules, be-
sides a gasoline engine, a shredder, a
hay press, a manure spreader, a grain
drill, a corn binder, a wheat binder,
harrows, listers, cultivators and the
like, his neighbors call him
Cobb he is a member of the up-
per house of the general
and he expects to sell With
of his stuff this Poe.
in World's Work.
The Panama canal will cost
but may be worth it in the
long run.
stay among you. and that tho com-
spirit which allows the latter
Charlotte, but also every town of con-
sequence ought to have. And the Tor-
to exist Is bad, to say the least. Co- title law and legislators that
operate with and help your will pass an effective dog law are
enterprises, thereby keeping that every county tho state
It is right for people to be
in business, but the same verso of
Scripture In which that command is
recorded also adds, fervent n spirit,
serving the He who gives all
his time to business to the neglect of
his soul, Is the loser thereby.
The butchery going on in China Is
about as brutal as history has record-
And Enough Corn And Forage For
Nearly Two Tears,
The management of the state
prison since the Democrats returned
to power in 1898 ls one of which the
party and the state have a right to
be proud. Under the Republican
administration it lost money and at
one time became an object lesson of
bad management, and some of its
were guilty of crime worse
than those of which many of the con-
had been convicted.
With the election of Governor
cock, all that changed. The manage-
was capable and it made a good
record; the record was Improved
under Governor Glenn, and It con-
to improve under Governor
When the Republicans ran
the prison, the state had to issue
bonds to pay the deficit. Now the
penitentiary earns more than the cost
of maintaining the convicts, and in
addition money Is turned Into the
state treasury.
I was talking yesterday about the
good management of the farms under
Superintendent Laughinghouse short-
before meeting him on the street,
lie looked like a man who L .
doing a good year's work for
state. He is a farmer and a good
farmer and he knows it and has a
right to be gratified at the success of
the state farms under his practical
have made the best
crops on the state prison farms ever
he said in answer to a
put 1,500 acres in cotton
and we will make 1,500 bales. We
will gather bushels of corn. We
have made enough long to
support the stale prison for nearly
two years. Besides, we have built
spacious barns doubled the room
for caring for stock and storing our
provender. Best of all, we are build-
up the on Roanoke river
and if there Is no big freshet next
spring we will so protect our low-
lands on the Roanoke that we will
raise so much com as to surpass the
whole state. The breaking down of
the years ago has caused much
of the state's land to grow up in
bushes. As soon as we get the
finished the state can grow corn to
That is good news and will please
nil North Carolina, whose people will
congratulate Captain Laughinghouse
and all the other officials, directors
and who have worked to-
for the good results which they
have brought News
and Observer.
Sloan's Liniment has a
soothing effect on the
nerves. It stops neural-
and sciatica pains in-
Here's Proof
M- Johannesburg.
Mich., writes Moan s is
the t- in the world. has
relieved me of Neuralgia. Those pains
have all pone I can truly say your
did stop
Mr. Andrew r. of Gay Street,
Cumberland. Md. have
used Sloan's Liniment for Neuralgia
and I certainly do it very
is the best remedy for
backache, sore
throat and sprains.
At all dealers.
ell E
I . I
Hep .;
by nut int.
Earl S. Sloan
Boston, Matt
How a County Farmer Works
Dr. Fred T. Ford, Bundy's town-
ship, visited the city Tuesday and re-.
a promising piece of
corn he had a News man asked him
how it turned out. The doctor
bushels on about acres. He
nutting this land in wheat this fall.;
From 1-2 acres he has made
bales of big boll kind,
many stalks having bolls. He
made this by broadcasting a vast;
amount of manure last fall, and us-
pounds of 10-4 fertilizer to
the acre, pounds before
and under the seed. The rows
were feet apart mid the stalks
inches apart. Dr. Foard Is one of the
county's crack farmers, and lie makes
things hump on his
County News.
Don't Let a Liver Knock
Out of a Day's Work.
A man feels very little like work-
and a child don't want to go to
school when bilious or constipated.
If you try to cure you the
chances arc that you will be . i
weakened by its after-effects
you will be laid up for two or three
days or more. So we say take
We have a perfect sub-
for right here in
store, that we can fully guarantee
to cure constipation liven tip
tile just as quickly as
but without any of the bad after-
effects of The
tonic is Hudson's
It is a pleasant tasting vegetable
tonic that mildly stimulates the
and causes It to work right to
cleanse the body without any
When you try ii
If you do not say that It Is a
substitute for come
light i get your money bade.
Counting Arizona and New Mexico
there will be votes In the elector-
college which will elect the
dent of the States in 1912. Ac-
cording to the usual method of
It is safe to count cs surely Desi-
the following
Arkansas Florida Georgia
Kentucky Louisiana Mary-
land Mississippi Missouri
North Carolina Oklahoma South.
Carolina Tennessee Texas
Virginia total
States that have strong Democratic
and may be reasonably de-
pended on Colorado C,
New Mexico Total Tills
gives a total Democratic strength
leaving to be obtained frost
the doubtful states.
Leaving out all other states that
went Democratic In 1910 we find three
stales which will give the Democratic
candidates the necessary votes.
are New York Ohio Indiana
total Grand total
Under the new apportionment
will electoral votes to
elect, so these figures show a
Suppose, on tho other hand, the
Democratic party should decide to
make Its fight for the west. It
be necessary to carry Wisconsin IS,
Iowa Kansas Nebraska Cal-
Montana North Dakota
South Dakota Oregon
With the exception of South
all these have Republican gov-
and the Democrats do not
the congressional delegation in
a single Dem-
The press agents of the different
This cold wave lapped fur
to the Southward.
After all the Democrats lost Mary-
land. That may not make it so easy
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Ho not sicken or gripe, and
may be taken with perfect safety by
est The old and feeble will
so find them a most suitable remedy
for aiding and strengthening their
weakened digestion and for
the bowels. For sale by all drug-
Southern Railway New York and Now
Orleans Pullman train, consisting of
two mail, one combination sleeper
baggage, and seven Pullmans,
forty minutes late, was wrecked
way between and Greens-
tills morning. Engineer
W. A. Kinney, of was
killed and his colored
of Spencer, was badly hurt
In the buck and hip.
Legal Notices
North County,
the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore, clerk.
Harriet Carr. Ada
bridge and husband, Gilbert
William Lang-
and Lucy Langley.
Joseph Langley and I
Langley. j
virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made by on same from the it day of
u. o. Moore, clerk, in the foregoing November, 1909, due said plaintiff by
entitled cause, on the 25th day of which summons is
the undersigned com- able before said justice at
missioner will, on Monday, the 27th N. C. township, on the
November, 1911. at day of December, 1911, at
noon, expose to public sale, before
North County.
S. C. Carroll. J. P.
A. W. Ange Co.
John Daniel Cox,
The defendant above named will take
notice that a summons in the above
entitled action was Issued against
said defendant on the 19th day of
1911. by S. C. a justice
of the peace of Pitt county, N. C, for
the sum of fifty-seven dollars and
seventy-live cents with in-
o'clock. p. m.
day of November, 1911.
A kitten is mild and Innocent, but
It always grows up to be a cat.
the court house door In Greenville,
Pitt county, to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described parcel
land, Lying and being in
the town of Greenville, and bounded
as follows beginning at a stake at I
the intersection of Pitt and Fourteenth
streets, being the corner of lot No I NOTICE OF SALE.
II. and runs with Four-1 North County.
street feet to a stake in I In the Superior Court.
e dividing line between lot No. Notice of Execution Sale,
id Thence with C. West
said dividing line about 1-2 feet vs
U the beginning, containing the C. L.
southern half of lot No. as shown virtue of an execution directed
o a map made by p. Matthews, in to tho undersigned from the Superior
MM, of the William Moore lands. court of Pitt in the above en-
sale will made for the titled action. I will, on Monday, the
of among the tenants 4th of December. 1911. at
fie 25th day of 1911
North County,
the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore, clerk.
F. C. Harding, administrator
of the estate of J. J. Per-
kins, deceased,
J. W. Perkins. R. A. Tyson
and wife. Clyde Tyson,
Annie Perkins, R. c
and wife, Helen Flan-
Virginia Perkins.
H. Perkins. Harry
White Perkins, Mercer Ty-
son, at In of j. J.
The defendant. Mercer Tyson, in
th foregoing entitled special pro-
will take notice that an ac-
entitled as above has been com-
before the clerk of the
court of Pitt county, by F. C.
Harding, administrator of the estate
of J. J. Perkins. Tho object of this
special proceeding is to subject the
lands of the late J. J. Perkins in
township, Pitt county, to sale
for the purpose of making assets of
the estate of said J. J. Perkins, and
the said Mercer Tyson is hereby
to take notice that said special
proceeding is returnable before D. C.
Moore, clerk of the Superior court
e Pitt county, on the 23rd day of
November, mil. and the said Mercer
Tyson is hereby notified that he is re-
quired to appear at the office of the
clerk of the Superior court of Pitt
county. In Greenville. N. C. on or be-
fore the 23rd day of November, 1911,
and answer or demur to the petition
tied by the plaintiff in this cause or
the plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief demanded in said
the 25th day of October. 1911.
o'clock, noon, at the court door
of said county, sell to the highest
bidder, for cash, to satisfy said
all the right, title and interest
which the said C. L. Wilkinson, the
defendant, has in the following de-
scribed real estate,
lot and building on Dickinson
avenue, in the town of Greenville,
Pitt county, and adjoining the lots of
Mrs. W. T. Goodwin, Higgs Brothers,
and R. L.
This 2nd day of November. 1911.
Sheriff of Pitt County.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as executor of the last will and
of J. S. Cannon, deceased,
notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the estate to make
payment to the undersigned;
and ail persons having claims against
said estate are notified that must
present the same to the undersigned
for payment on or before the 23rd
day of October, 1912, or this notice
will be plead in bar of
This 23rd day of October, 1911.
of Estate of J. S. Cannon.
fly virtue of the powers contained
corded by John L. Beet, Car-
township, Pitt
the undersigned executor, with
full power to sell and convey his
lands referred to in his said last
will and testament, as appears of
record in Will Hook------. page-----, of
the clerk's office of tho Superior
court of PI county.
will, on the 4th day of
December, loll; under by virtue
of the authority contained in the
last will and testament of John L,
Ross, expose before tho court house
door, in Greenville, the following real
One tract of land lying and being
in Carolina township, bounded by the
lands of W. S.
William Keel, Robert
containing about acres.
Also another tract of land known
and designated as the land conveyed
by John R. and wife, to
John L. Ross, as appears of record in
Book P-S. page of tho register's
office of Pitt county, said laud being
more particularly described as fol-
the land of W. T.
Keel, and others, and being our
right, title and interest of the said J.
R. in to all the lands of
which the late C. Gray died
and possessed, containing about
Both of the above divisions contain-
by estimation about acres.
sale Is made for tho purpose
of a division of the proceeds among
the grandchildren of tho said John
L. Rosa, as directed Ills will
and testament. Terms, cash.
This 18th of October. 1911.
Executor of John L. Ross.
Harry Skinner, Attorney.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county as
executor of estate of Zeno. T. Evans,
deceased, notice is hereby given to
all persons Indebted to the to
make Immediate payment to the
and all persons having
against the said estate will
take notice that must present
the same to the undersigned for pay-
on or before the 6th day of
1912, or notice will be
plead In bar of recovery.
This u-j Mil.
Executor of T. Evans.
An, aged Ohio physician claims to
led lo more than
, hut the m,
of the par
e Is married.
The undersigned having this day
as administrator of the es-
of L. A. White, deceased, before
D. C. Moore, clerk of the Superior
court of Pitt county, notice is hereby
given to all persons indebted to said
estate to make immediate payment to
the undersigned administrator and
persons holding claims against said
estate are hereby requested to file
their said claims with the undersigned
administrator within twelve months
from the date hereof, or this notice
will be plead in bar of recovery of
said claims.
This the 1st day of November. 1911,
of the estate of L. A. White.
F. C. Harding, Atty.
Having this day qualified as ad-
of the estate of R. C.
White, deceased, late of the county
of Pitt. North Carolina, this is to
notify all persons having claims
against said estate to present them
to the undersigned for payment on or
before the day of October, 1912.
or this notice will be plead In bar of
recovery. All persons Indebted to
said estate will please make
This October 1911.
Administrator of the estate of R. C.
White, Deceased.
By of a decree of the
Court of Pitt county made in
Special Proceeding No. 1689, entitled
J. H. Barnhill and wife et against
Edgar Barnhill el alB. the undersign-
ed commissioner will sell for cash
before the court house door in Green-
ville at noon on Monday, December
11th. 1911. the following described
real estate,
One tract of land in Bethel town-
ship at known as lot No.
in the division of the lands of Eliza-
beth James and being the lot allotted
to Susan J. Barnhill. beginning
Creek and running South
West to a line of marked trees
poles to the county road
Whitehurst and Augustus James
thence down tho road to a stake
a corner; thence North East
poles to Creek; thence down
said creek to the beginning contain-
acres more or less.
Also one other tract adjoining the
above described land, the lands of
B. M. W. James and others, contain-
acres more or less and being
the piece of land conveyed by Mary
J. to H. L. T. July
2nd. 1875, which deed appears of
record in the office of the Register
of Deeds of Pitt county in Book
page reference to which is here-
by made for an accurate
Also one half undivided interest in
that piece of land at known
as the Gin House lot, containing
acres more or lets and accurately de-
scribed in deed from II J.
to B. T. L. Barnhill and B. XI. W.
James, dated Oct. 21st, 1870 and re-
corded in Hook is-4 page
Also one lot in the town of Bethel
described fully in a deed from Albert
Ward Wife to B. L. T. Barnhill.
Edgar and L. B. Barnhill, which deed
appears record in the office of the
Register of Deeds of Pitt county in
Book L-4 page beginning at the
northwest comer of the old J. II.
Ward lot and with the street
2-3 yards; then South West
yards to Carson's then with
Cat son's line 2-3 yards to the
Ward lot; then North with the line
of the Ward lot to the beginning, con-
1-3 square yards.
Also one other lot in the town of
Bethel described fully in a deed from
Albert Ward and wife to B. L. T.
and L. R. Barnhill dated February
22nd, 1886 and recorded in Book Y-4
page beginning at White-
North on East side of
James Street and runs with said
line feet; then North
with James and Main streets
feet to a corner of the wall; thence
West with said wall feet to James
St.; then South with James St.,
feet to the beginning, containing
square feet.
Said land is to be sold for partition
This November 11th, 1911.
F. G. JAMES, Commissioner.
. i i
Read What Mr. gargle Says
G and Hi.-d Tim m
are and durable, u,,.
and arc x
from better
T. W. Co.,
neat ti
u . i n . i
of tits
It i ,
i Von must the
rec. .
tie tin.
Mock into every part, J
perfectly and .
You nuke a in
i .
v ti.-.,
If no convenient to to see us, write us stating size and style wanted
we will name lowest price delivered at your nearest shipping
us have your inquiries and orders, and we will make price
Factory. Address,
and terms
North County.
Norfleet Mayo i
defendant above named
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced in the
Superior court of Pitt county to pro-
cure a divorce from the bonds of mat-
And the said defendant will
further take notice that she is re-
quired to appear at the next term of
said court of Pitt county to be held
on the Monday before the first
v Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm an
Eastern Reflector for den and vicinity.
AYDEN, N. C, Nov. Our
Monday in March, it being the are of rye for winter
day of January, 1911, at the court
house of said county. In Greenville,
C, and answer or demur to the
complaint in said action, or the plain-
tiff will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in said complaint.
Clerk of the Superior Court.
Julius Brown, Atty. for plaintiff
The having this
qua lined as executor of the last will
and testament of John H, Cherry, de-
ceased, notice is hereby given to all
persons Indebted to said estate to
make immediate payment to the under-
signed executor and persons hold-
claims against estate are
hereby notified to file their claim
in twelve months from the date here-
of or this notice will be plead in bar
of recovery.
This the 11th day of October,
Executor of the hist will an
of John If. Cherry.
K. C. HARDING. Attorney.
By virtue of three several
executed and delivered by
and wife, Sidney F.
F. J. Forbes, one dated April
and recorded In Hook Q-s, page ;
one other dated August 1910, and
recorded in Book page and
the other dated November 1910, and
recorded In Hook 0-9, page in the
office of the register of deeds of Pitt
county, undersigned will sell for
cash, before the court house door In
Greenville, on Saturday, December
at noon, the following described real
and personal property situate, and be-
Li the town of
One lot beginning at the northeast
corner of 14th and Washington
and runs north with Washington
street feet; thence east parallel
with 14th street feet; thence south
parallel with Washington street to
14th street; thence with 14th street to
the beginning, containing 1-4 of an
Also the lost adjoining tho afore-
said lot on the north and fronting on
Washington street and running back
parallel with the first described lot
feet, containing 1-4 of an acre.
Also one other lot adjoining the,
second lot above described and front-
lug feet on Washington street and
running back feet, containing 1-4
of an acre, being the same three lots,
deeded to Sidney F. by Moses
King and wife,
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as administrator of the estate of It.
S. James, deceased, notice is hereby
given to all persons indebted to the
estate to make immediate payment to
Mr. Clarence Hart made a business
nip to Fort Barnwell Tuesday.
Edith Mumford is teaching
Martha is teaching at
Pierce's school house.
Owing to our rush of business and
other duties, we could not attend the
Christian convention here the first of
November and failed to enjoy its
There were fourteen Odd Fellows
initiated here last Monday night.
Pitt county fair was a flue
and or r are
the undersigned; and all persons P. . .,.; . . .
lug any claims against said estate are
notified that they must present the
same to the undersigned for payment
on or before the 14th day of
or this notice will be plead
in bar of recovery.
This 14th day of November, 1911.
Advertising rates furnished
Eggs are selling for cents per
dozen and chickens to 1-2 cents
per pound, sweet potatoes cents
per bushel and Irish potatoes, fall
crop, per barrel.
Cotton seed meal and hulls are
much cheaper than last year, to
the delight of the faithful old cow. All
for sale by J. R. Smith Bro.
Ex-Judge J. L. Hobgood spent Fri-
day night in town.
Lime, cement, hair; both rubber
and metal roofing, at J II Smith and
Let gin your cotton, grind your
corn, repair your vehicles, and do
your fancy cabinet work. Saw dress-
and other custom work. L. L. Kit-
The literary Digest printed a
of the governors in
while in his
of R. S. James.
J products.
There was
paring for greater things next fall.
in the way of stock.
Mr. C. L. Patrick's horse took the
first premium at the Pitt county fair. I
Ayden is among the first when it
Comas to nice stock and agricultural
s u criminals, and was the only
j governor that had no Void We
a private move mate are surprised that some people are
during the Christian convention hero , ., ,
fiSH Wilton, power to dissolve
to Palestine. American Tobacco company and the
Quite a nice purse was raised here standard Oil trust at will,
among the doctor s warm friends, but
we sec that the reporter in the News
and Observer of the 10th the
town of Wilson and the Christian
church there credit for it all. We
are glad to contribute to such a laud-
able cause, which will give the doctor
a pleasant vacation and also add to
his wonderful store of
Mr. John who moved from
Mr. here last spring to Middlesex, has re-
The report circulated through your considered, sold his farm and return-
county that I will not run my Wheat here. When inter-
to next year is false. I will con-1 viewed him he remarked that wise
of Joseph deceased, late of a complimentary trip
Pitt county. N. C, this is to notify
all persons having claims against the
estate of the said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned on or before
the 30th day of October, 1912, or this
notice will be plead in bar of their
recovery. All persons Indebted to ,
said estate Will please make
This 30th day of October, 1911.
deed Is hereby made for accurate de- .
to run and grind wheat in changed.
Also that lot bounded by for customers and give Mr. W. Samuel Manning bought the
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
executor of the last will and
of John L. Ross, deceased,
notice Is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the estate to make
payment to the undersigned;
and all persons having any claims
against the estate are notified that
they must present the same to the
undersigned for payment on or before
the 28th day of October. 1913, or this
notice will be plead In bar of
This day of October, 1911.
of John L. Ross.
Having qualified as administrator
on the of Zeno deceased,
all persons Indebted to the said estate
are hereby notified to make
against said estate must present them
on or before the 23rd day of October,
A. 1912. properly authenticated,
or this will plead bar
of their
This October 1911.
street and Tar river which was re-
conveyed to W. B. by
Reuben Clark and Emma, his wife,
by deed, which appears of record in
Pitt county, in Hook P-9. page
and all the improvements, milling
plants, machinery and every article
of every description now on said prop-
or lot.
Said property is sold to satisfy said
three mortgages.
Tills November 14th. 1911.
J. G. James Son, Mortgagee.
them a good article of Hour. Thank- homestead of the late Luke
you for past business and hoping
have a continuance. I am.
Very respectfully,
notice TO
Having duly qualified before the
court clerk of Pitt county
as administrator of the estate of A.
J. Jefferson, deceased, notice Is here-
by given to all persons indebted to
the estate to make immediate pay-
to the undersigned; all per-
sons having any claims against the
estate are notified that they must
present the same to the undersigned
for payment on or before the 31st day
of October. 1912, or this notice will be
plead In bar of recovery.
This 31st day of 1912.
of A. J. Jefferson.
Stray Taken
I have up two black sows,
weighing about pounds each; crop
and slit in right and half crop In left
ears. Also a sandy bar, weighing
about pounds, with same marks.
Owner can get same by proving prop-
and paying costs.
R. F. D. No I, N. C.
Congress In Montreal.
MONTREAL, Nov. 15.-The three-
day Men's Missionary Congress for
Which Montreal has been preparing
for many months, opened in the
American Presbyterian church this
afternoon with Rev. Robert Johnson.
presiding. The features
of the initial session were addresses
by Rev. Robert on World's
Debt to and Rev, Cannon
Gould on Central Place for Mis-
the Life of To-
Of James While.
Application Will be made lo the
governor of North Carolina for the
pardon of James White, convicted morrow the congress will have as the
the August term. . of the Superior leading speaker Sir Andrew Eraser,
court Pitt county, of the crime of ,.,,,, Bengal, who Is re-
robbery, and sentence, lo the slate s ,., , , ,,
as one the worlds greatest
of Zeno Brown, lo
prison for a term of five
All who
of said pardon are Invited to for-
ward their protests to the governor
without delay.
This the 30th day of October, 1911.
Attorneys for James White.
horn, which was sold last Monday for
a division. Twenty-four acres for
twenty-five hundred and live dollars.
This farm la within 1-2 miles of
All grades of hardware, guns and
at J. R, Smith
There are many cotton fields around
here that have not been picked over
yet. What is the trouble We would
suggest to open up negotiations with
foreign Immigration agents or
our present methods of pick-
cotton, or the average tenant who
usually moves every year can't move
until the middle of April or he will
leave his crop In the field. The only
difference hit ween our state and Tex-
as Is we do house one crop in time
to plain the Best year's crop, and in
Ti they plant a crop every other
We were glad to see our old friend.
Mr. W. L. House, in town Friday. He
moved his family to Florida last
year and we understand Is succeed-
Mr. It. H. is having built on
his premises near the Baptist church
B garage and we hear he will move
from his beautiful country home and
try a sample of city life.
Mr. J. E. Jones from the Ghent
section of our town, has moved
family to the Joe E. Jones residence,
on Lee street.
Mr. Bill Phillips, of Lee street.
is I lie proud father Of a boy.
Ranges, stoves, heaters, graters,
pipe and repairs at J. H. Smith
Dennis Dupree. a worthy colored
man, who lived near here died last,
night. Dennis was above the average
for intelligence and -integrity,
and had been suffering from abscess
of kidney and hip joint for a year or
Miss Cannon spent Sunday
with friends at Farmville.
School books, seed rye and most
anything else you want at J. R. Smith
Dr. W. H. Dixon and B. S. Sum-
both have new automobiles.
C. T. Ange Bro. from Everetts,
are moving to Ayden.
Cotton sold at cents hen- Friday.
Mr. Farmer, you can always get
highest price for your produce at
The Alarming Part el Silence.
long and continued
may mean that he Is preparing
a new series of verbal batteries. Miss May Smith spent Sunday with
Memphis Commercial Appeal. at Middlesex.
To Norfolk Via. S. II. K.
The A. and M. College of North
Carolina vs. V. P. I. of Virginia,
Thanksgiving day. Thursday, No-
Special Sleeping cars Will be placed
at Raleigh, Wilson, Greenville and
9.15 pin
11.30 pm
12.30 pill
1.07 air
Sleepers may be occupied at
son, Greenville, Washington,
p. m November 89th.
Returning, train No. leave
Norfolk at p. m., and special
train p. m 30th.
Passengers using Pullman service
may sleeping cars until
a. m., December 1st, Washington,
Greenville Wilson.
Tickets sold for trains Nos. and
and train No. leaving Raleigh
November 29th, tickets good to
on train No. C leaving Norfolk
p. m. December 1st.
Sleeping car space should re-
served through local agents once
to insure satisfactory

r coot. oh it his
Accounts Reports and
Jury List.
The board of county commissioners j
were In regular monthly session the
and all the members being
The following aggregate sums were
paid in orders on the For
health. hookworm
to Pitt county
county home,
smallpox, house.
jail. constables.
juries. board of health.
printing and stationery supplies.
Superior court.
of deeds. sheriff.
commissioners. salaries;
clerk. register of deeds.
treasurer. sheriff, post-
age. general roads.
roads. Falkland roads,
roads. Swift creek
w feral officers presented their
. the month. The
. . g -riff.
of clerk.
Ob Matter. Concern From The
Standpoint Health.
Last week spoke to you on health.
I wish lo say a few things to you
this about a matter of con-
to you from the standpoint of
your health.
I r Bible tells us to be temperate
in all things. Are you temperate
your A person with
is really not tit for
say any kind of mental
If you do not take care of your
digestive organs. I fear you will never
develop an amiable disposition. If
the arcana of the body that supply
physical nutriment are deranged the
whole body is deranged. If the
is subnormal, mental energy is
less than it should be.
It Is one of the purposes of this
to plan each menu so your
body will be properly nourished. The
first year of the school saw the
need for a balanced ration and so pro-
cured the services of a well trained
dietitian to plan our meals.
that time until now, each meal has
been carefully planned. This has
been one of the best investments our
school has ever made. Sickly
dents make scholars. To fur- . were added to the
promote health conditions we per list for monthly allowance,
ban changed dinner from the y were drawn u serve
of the day to evening; placed the .- jurors at December term of
hour a half hour lab r; Newsome W.
J-- .-
Haddock. C. If. Jarvis M J
Tucker, Jr. Ellington
; II. U. i
school- II. Pi rider,
i i and Social
Clerk Superior C. Moore.
Sheriffs I.
Register of M
Treasurer- W. B. Wilson.
Coroner-- Dr. C. OH
P. D.
I. Holland. J. J. May. B. M. Lewis, W.
Mayor-F. M. Wooten.
C. Tyson.
L. Carr.
Chief T. Smith.
Tire D. Overton.
E. Nobles, E. B.
W. a. Bowen, J. S. Tunstall. J F.
Davenport, B. F. Tyson, Z. P.
H. C. Edwards.
Water and Light A
White. C. Laughinghouse. R. L.
C. Couch
Hook, pastor; C. C. Pierce, clerk;
w. Wilson, superintendent Sun-
. .-chi J. C
C C Ware, i I
, Latham, C C War,
i of school; J
Lang, secretary.
St. at
H. Harding, senior warden
of a.
b, F. A.
. ;,. .-. Warren, C. M.
K. James H.
u ye, W. A.
. i. S. F. Han la.
each. AH of this bat bi in done
promote health conditions.
I do not know another educational
Institution in . out of our
ital re mot i , a I tight
is to J
prospective should
s me
If you I i ti r no.
it is to otter you i u b
day, the feed you need to keep your
bodies properly nourished.
go yon daily add i- OUT C
ml I of too Ital ; I h
, , . or a few slices rich I learn
I am your homo, or i relief Is within
kind of food. Will
do not think they would
you not tee all of our of our
Han Readers Hare Heard
Hid Profit d
news ti the
k In
Those Who
Coming to N. C.
on Saturday, Nov. 18th
at Hotel Bertha
Dr. Francis S.
of N. C.
One Day Only
Consultation and Examination Con-
Invited and FREE-
Ula Our are tell-
are thrown u of experience j
Bo am going to ask you lo write to
your home people, It the are
Hi n
to send you a for
and bag them not to send the
box. You may tell them If the
is sent you will eat contents, for
they you into temptation. You
may tell them, I hod rather they would
send you a barrel of apples than a
. i . r H
l. G.
el. Greenville, N. C
have been so greatly by
Kidney that i am glad to
. i them. My back ached
nearly all the time and could not
rest well. kidney
caused me annoyance and it was
pound of candy or a pound-cake, for
there is less harm in the apples than that I was suffering with kid-
in of the others. You may add j trouble. Kidney Pills
as a postscript, that prefer that they which I got from the John L. Wooten
do net scud you things to eat Drug Co. relieved my aches and
There is one day this year we hope pains and improved my condition
to give you at least all you should greatly. cannot praise this remedy
eat. That is Thanksgiving. Let me too
For sale by all dealers. Price
cents. Co. Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
assure you, you will not need any of
Our health conditions this fall have
been too good to be ruined by boxes
from home. You have too much at I Remember the
stake to ruin your health by no other.
one of the fundamental laws of nature,
prudence In eating. Thoroughly I.
you food. each
mouthful and see how much better Passenger Train Into
you feel at the end of a week. If Switch.
you are careful you eat and how . . . c ,,. , ;, bound
yon eat, you will not only add to your I ,., r ,,.,.,, Norfolk
usefulness, but you will add days to ,.,, open switch just
Robert King,
; P. M. Johnston, clerk; P.
.,. Johnston, Sunday school;
Olivia House,
. Move
No. A. F. and A It
V. W. M.; L. H.
ill a. D A. F. and A. It
W. E. E. Griffin,
Chapter No. R. A. M.
R C. Flanagan. H. P.; J. E. wins-
Covenant No. O. O.
.; , N. C; L, H. Sec.
i Encampment No. I. O.
W. C. P.; h. H.
Pender Scribe.
Tribe No. I.
i; Sachem; J. L.
c. of R.
Tar River No. K. of J.
Woodward, C. C; A. B. Ellington.
K. of H. and S.
Tar River Ruling No. F. M.
W. Brown, W. R.; J. W. Little.
W. C.
L. Hall,
M. R. secretary.
End of E. O.
fries. Pres.; Mrs. E. B. Sec.
Mrs. W. L. Hall, secretary
To r--1
E as may wish to him.
. a and the Public
where for more than
an- Cure of Chronic
ct bad
ill bis i work, lat I I curing
. ran Women and
Patient lie I
had up all hope
Cured ma numbered by toe
. He is a kin generous.
. . ,; V to nu . of
. and dignified per-
. . u Br inter
his advice. He doe
i I for Treatment unless
i a the Case. The
t . feature of his
d to the ordinary tick
. ; fact of bis charges bang
i la to make It
r even t-. very
. . the i to
in i u mt
. , i own medicines,
. . no C it
. . i i. four to six
I Cure a Case
on i hi-, a
or Hopeless, hove
been Cured and restored to perfect
; I Brilliant Physician the
methods be employ.-.
If you want to meet him am have
examine you, go to see turn, and talk the
matter over with him. it will coat j on
nothing ii he does pat you under
treatment. If he takes your case it v ill
yon a very small sum to set veil.
Remember the date, Sat-
Nov. and come
The Bank of Greenville
Capital 50,000.00
Greenville, N. C.
A Record of Years of Successful Banking
Among our directors are men who bow made a
able success of their own business. Having been
successful with theirs, they will
yours with safety.
K. L. of H. L. Davis I X. C
J. A. Greenville, K. G
W. E. of J. O. Praetor Bro, I. C.
It. W. N. C.
J B. General S. C
J. G. General Merchant, K. C-
B. B. N. t.
S. T. HOOKER, Prop. Green Title, N.
H A. of A Co., S. C
H. W. MOSELEY, of Bros Greenville, N. C
W. B. Merchandise Broker, N. C,
JAMES 1-. LITTLE, fir.-, C.
A small account opened now may prow in-
to a large Invited
It I, DAVID I. Cashier.
T. H D.
your life, and and
to the lives of others.
Round K. R.
president; S. J- Everett.
, I c W. B. Ricks,
E. V. Smith,
d I.
i Jarvis, president Mr. J. L.
an, secretary.
below son. The engine and The A. I-
car left the tracks and turn- print. Mrs J. G.
ed over on the side, The fireman,
colored nun. Jumped off and sustain-
The passenger
S. M. Schultz-
Grocer and
Furniture dealer. Cash paid
Hide,. Fur. Cotton Seed. Bar-
tab, Turkey,, Eggs, Oak
Tablet. Lounge,, Sal.-, P.
Gail Ax Hi -h Life
tobacco. Key We Hen-
George Canned Cherries
Apples, Syrup. Jelly,
Meat, Soap.
Magic Food, Matches.
Mulls. Gr.
Seeds. Apples,
Candies, Dried Apples,
Prune, Raisins
Gilts and
Mar, and Crackers.
best Nerf
machines and
vis oilier and
cheap Come to
A Solid Carload just at
f r
rill's New Judge Presides.
it was very appropriate that use ,, a broken leg.
Superior court judge to ,.,.,; remained on the track, and
aide in Pitt's new court house Should ,,, .,,,, , ,,, wen-
be Judge the first ., .,
iii n number years. H baa injury. The accident cam-
already made reputation on the bench ., , , , ,,
and Pitt Is justly proud of him. His
remarks when he spoke the
words Chi new house was In
congratulating the people of hi
their handsome temple of
Justice, rejoicing that Pitt had D. r
had a lynching and believed in
law taking its course, and In express- I
his deep appreciation Of the .
or of electing Mm to the i
.,, ,,,,,. ,,., ,. and he improved
. is ,,,,
support of the people of the county, wonderfully iron, taking six bottles.
have fallen on any one who
N. S. Schedule
Phone Number
-S. If.
,, Mich., but he was
attacks of Kidney
tors could nut help
i said he, day may never
come when I will th. loyalty aw.- Bad a, tired feeling,
people to me In this, my
public Raleigh Maws and Ob-
trouble that many end in dropsy.
B disease.
Take Electric Hitters and be safe.
Every guaranteed. cents
Special Sale.
The among the buying
public at present is the special Bale
in progress at C. T. big A Thoughtful Man.
Those- who have been there and Ons of the most thoughtful men
examined the prices are convinced in Greenville about contributing
that they are marked down to figures pleasure to others is Mr. O. K. War-
make them real bargains. Ii is the florist. Ho seldom
not every that good goods can be pass without placing
. . i. the vise- of cut flowers In the
thing to do is take advantage of this churches, and the congregations
special sale while there is greatly enjoy these.
On many articles tho price
cut to about half of the usual The
price. Your money
at for loving a man the more they
I are in her Imagination.
N. schedule fig-
published as Information only
and are not guaranteed.
a. m. Pull
man, Bleeping Car for Norfolk.
a. m. Daily, for Plymouth, Bliss
both and Norfolk. Broiler Cat
service connects tor all
North and West.
p. m., Dally, except Sunday, for
a. m. Dally, for Wilson and
Pullman Sleeping Car
ice connects Norm, South and West
7.51 a. in Dally, Sunday, tot
and connects for
all points.
p. m Dally, for Wilson and Ital
Car service,
tor tunnel i.,,.
of Sleeping Cur space
to J. L. HASSELL, Agent, Greenville
N. C.
W. W.
General Supt., Q. P. A.
Norfolk, Virginia.
and Sheet Metal Work
For Slate or Tin, Tin Shop Repair
Work, and in Season, Se
Greenville. N. C.
You can expect good sales when you sell
with C. R. at the Plant-
Farmville, N. C.
J. R. RIVES, Prop.
General Mail Order Mer
If it exists I can get it
for you.
Give me your orders
anything. P
Office in Elliot building,
formerly occupied by C.
The Mutual Life
Company of N. Y.
Insurance in Force
. .
H- Bentley Harris
The survival of the fittest
always prevail in politics.
The Home of Women's Fashions
Pulley Bowen
Millions of thoroughbred Frost Proof
plants for sale. The fol-
large lute Drum
This selection should give you eon-
heading through the entire
prices n . PM
tor in lots of
to 10.000. per thou-
over per thousand,
i N r
order of sis.
Count and guaranteed.
and attractive, the
best barbers hone.
j . i a
A lot of AND MAT
I also sell and cut Window any
Subscribe to The Reflector.
Church Marriage Wednesday
At Burlington.
Street Methodist church the morn-
lug of Wednesday, November at ten
of The Most Men In o'clock was solemnized the marriage
of Mr of
Ind., Nor.
far many years has a murder trial
caused so great a sensation and at-
such general interest this
and Miss Dora A. of
this place. For this occasion the
church had been beautifully and taste-
section of the state as the trial to fully decorated with palms, ferns and.
here the Plants. The chancel rail-
next Monday, of John W. Intertwined with green and
a prosperous farmer, Itself was banked with
is charged with having I yellow and white
one of his German I blended
hands, In December. 1909.
is not morbid curiosity alone or a the moments Just before the
desire have an opportunity to Us- of party a musical
lea to the revolting details of a by Miss Sus-
la crime that cause this of Durham, and
barest The feature which more than Miss Muse of Carthage,
and Junior Suits and
Coat Suits
Our new fall styles of suits and now here, exclusive and classy. Severely
plain also fancy trimmed, in the newest fabrics, plain serges, fancy
mannish effects, and fancy mixtures, in all the prevailing shades. All
th Guaranteed Satin, finished with dress shields.
Other appeals to the heart and oh and by Can-
of people is the brave Miss
which Grace Poole, the
of tic I nun Is making to organ, before
save her father from the gallows.
i ant then
Grace alone Of ail the
i r- of the Poole family faithfully
stands by her father, her mi .-
gar earnings as in the Wheat-
laid public defrays the cost
c defending her father in the coin-
ii g trial. Poole's Wife and his
daughter nave turned against
sod have refused con-
to the fund of Poole's defense.
His son, who has been
prime accuser of his father and
has left literally no Stone unturned
evidence against the old man.
to maintain his attitude of
extreme hostility and has openly de-
that would not rest until
Sib father had been hanged.
John W. Pools of the most
substantial men county.
Fie owned several prosperous farina
bat, owing to some financial trouble
a few years ago, transferred the title
his property to his wife. Joseph
whose murder
is charged, for during
I lie summer fall of 1909, Ho was
the strains of the groat wedding
march an i d the bridal pi .
came M
E. S. Dameron and Miss B i i
Stephenson, Mr. J. A. Hornaday, Jr.,
and Miss Nettie Dailey, Mr. John
i . Jr., and Miss Ida Edward
Mr. Z. V. Judd and Miss Lola
preceding the dame of honor, Mrs. C.
I. Hornaday, came- the little Bower
pills. Misses Catherine Buchanan .-. d
Mildred and then came the
bride with her Miss
Hornaday, maid of honor, and the
groom with Mr. J. E. Pegram, best
Daring the ceremony Schubert's
serenade was softly played and upon
the of the mar-
ring vows tho great organ pealed
the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding
march, While the wedding party re-,
tired in the order of entrance.
The bride was tastefully gowned In
white crepe silk meteor and carried
a bouquet of miles of the valley and
the bridal veil was caught back with
last seen alive on December or of
and since then every trace of, maid of honor wore white
was lost. It was supposed that
had left the farm to bud work white picture hat. and
the lumber Damps Of Michigan. carried a bouquet of yellow
suspected that had The dame of honor wore
keen murdered, until Poole's sou, blue over blue satin and
informed the authorities of blank picture hat, also carried a
bis ballot that his father had killed of yellow Chrysanthemums. The
and buried his body some- bridesmaids wore white
where on the farm. The elder over white with pink cords,
was arrested on March IS. 1811, and There were many beautiful and val-
d with tho murder of presents, attesting the esteem
but he was discharged on the same in which the bride and groom are held
day, because there, was absolutely no by numerous friends.
evidence against bin at the time be- The groom is a successful young
the mere accusation of Emory business man of Raleigh, and the
Peale. bride Is the popular daughter of the
Young apparently convinced pastor of the Methodist church in
hat bis suspicion was well founded Burlington.
determined to find the Immediately after the ceremony
for the guilt of Us father, con- happy couple loft on tho northbound
These garments, both suits and coats, are made by expert tailors who have ac-
quired a reputation for skill. The styles are absolutely correct and For
these superior made garments we quote the following
2.50, and
An y inspection whilst colors are complete. We would
advise you not to purchase your fall garments until you have visited our store, arc;
have been convinced that our styles are the latest and our prices the lowest.
to for body, train for Richmond, Washington, and tired American The members Of F. so-
every part of grounds other points north for an absence of vessels in the harbor of club held their meeting
that object in view. per- several days. After November S. C. day evening at the home of Miss
severance was apparently rewarded, home in Raleigh. Marquis Lafayette Forbes. This was, indeed,
from the prison at IS most enjoyable and interesting
for those present
November n.
Is tho middle of a big corn field, about Raleigh News and Observer.
half a mile from tho Poole
found the decomposed The bride lived several years In
remains Of the human body, mingled Greenville while her father. Rev. J.
with tho remains of a hog's carcass. A. Hornaday, was pastor of the Moth-
He notified the authorities and church here. She has a host of
though the remains of the human body friends this town who extend best defeated at battle of
were far beyond Identification, Insist-
ed upon that the body was
that of Joseph whom, he ac-
his father, of having murdered.
John W. was again arrested
and brought to Fowler, where
he was arraigned before Justice I.
B. on May last. The
was preferred by
Poole. who submitted practically all
the evidence. pleaded not
guilty and was held to tho grand jury
without bail on a charge of murder,
la due course of time he was In-
and his trial was set for next
Although Poole Continued tO main-
his Innocence of having commit.
wishes. Chrysler's farm, on the Can-
bank the St. Lawrence
Japan, nearly destroyed
it Is Vet Ready Per u earthquake.
London performance of
American with
Some days ago The stated
that tho list of premium winners at
tho recent Pitt county fair would
probably published one day this
week. The preparation of the list
has proven a greater than
was at first anticipated, and the
dent secretary of the fair
both had many tilings
to hinder them this week from getting
the list ready. Another thing that
soldier in tho Mexican and Civil i After participating in
war, born in Tennessee. Killed the games and listening to delightful
at battle of Pea Ridge, March, music the plans for tho club were
talked over. It was decided that
each Friday night some one of the
members should entertain the others.
meeting will be held at the
homo of Miss Lillian on
Dickinson avenue,
At a late hour delicious refresh-
were served.
Those now on roll are Misses An-
Leonard Tyson, Maude
King, Mildred Carr,
M. Bother as Lord
Pope, declined Karl
offer of a residence at
Cuban Naval Station at
Was transferred to
the United States.
United States and leading
nations of
the republican government of
slightly delay publication of the
Intentional murder, be to saW to list w, be to
confessed that ho accidentally department of agriculture tor
shot mid killed and interested In seeing the
burled his body for fear of the impatient as It will
be published as soon as ready and
the premiums paid accordingly.
of his deed. Poole, It is
said, claims that while ho over
the fence of his orchard to hunt
bits, his shotgun was dis-
charged and the full load struck
In the head at range,
killing him Instantly.
has been engaged
defend Poole It Is believed that
he will make a plea of insanity for
bis client. Fifteen years ago Poole
was tried for having tried to shoot
g man named Tho Jury de-
however, that was Insane company.
The Chattanooga Tradesman, for the
week ending Nov. reports the fol-
lowing new industries established In
lumber company.
Durham really company.
drug company,
fruit and pro-
covered and named Sebastian
author of
Hail born.
Jan. is
and be was sent to an asylum in In-
he remained
Grace Poole, the prisoner's young-
daughter, came near losing her
as teacher the
public school where has been do-
lag good work for several years. Many
the parents objected to her because
has t
Hickory- factory.
telephone com-
invaders under Mont-
surprised and took
of French
noted English
actor, died. Horn Nov. 1775.
1757 Groat commercial panic In
England relieved by suspension
of the Hank Charter Act of
Pennsylvania supreme
court sustained the decision of
tho lower court refusing to en-
,.,. .
their garb while perform-
their duties as In
the public schools.
Karl of sworn in as
governor-general of Canada.
To Subscribers in Arrears.
Please do not forget to bring or
send us What you owe Tile
subscription if you arc In arrears.
The date after your name on the pa-
show you the time to which
your is paid. Friends.
we need the money, and you ought
iii k i p us waiting for it.
When You Want to Buy a
am White Pi
Greenville, North Carolina.
They will sell you a first
class instrument cheap and
on easy terms. They are
home people and will treat
you right. Visit our store.
am White Piano Co
and support when explain- Carroll, of
been accused of ed to them at It would be Impossible pointed Young to sue-
but the bravo girl called her to help her father should she coed P.
of tho parents and won their deprived of position. the t States senate.
Jill I
Feasting Chickens He
Made u Feast.
a few nights ago residents lo the
of Pitt and Third streets were
awakened by two quick shots from a
pistol, followed a moment later by a
bird Shot, though there were
burglars In the neighborhood, but the
pistol shots were not after burglars.
The Hisses Manning heard a dis-
; aiming their chickens, and
one of the young ladies. Miss Pink,
took a pistol and went out to
She found a large iii
weapon Mm mads the intruder bite
the dust. The family had possum
for dinner the next day.
A trip around tho world, meeting
only strangers, isn't half as much
to a woman as three hours In an
opera box with friends down In tin
dross circle to see her.
To Baltimore
Elegantly Appointed Steamer. Dining vice. AH Out-
side Stateroom. Steamers leave IS
. .
rail lines all r For further call or write
F- R. St. Norfolk, Va.
Read The Daily Reflector for All the News

Ill I I
Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and The
Reflector for Winterville and vicinity
Advertising Rates on
ii rm m . m
Personal And Other Items of
Service Morning.
X. C. Nov.
Mr. W. U House, of Dale City. Fla.
To Be Held In New
Spectator Who Watched It Operate
Declare Work Perfect
The Charlotte News
Here for the first time the world's
history is a thoroughly practical
mechanical picker.
picks the cotton and it picks it
clean sad in better than the
i The machine is almost in its
selectiveness. Without Injury to the
I plant, the green boil or the ten Mat-
I leaves the worms have over-
looked, the picking lingers of this
I truly wonderful machine take the lint
out of the open burs leave them
HILL, N. C, Nov. After the machine has passed,
is spending days in town look- Hew of the continued depletion of the erect, and
alter some business. of North Carolina I has It
laws now on our
statute books to meet the
Nearly every man needs to borrow
money sometime. If you are well
it the through your bank
account it is easy for you to gel conditions; and in view of the gen-
Bank of Winter- Indifference of one county to-
ville. Ward the interests of another, or the
sir. L. G. Whitley. one of W. H. S. M a it has been decided
young men. left Friday take charge
of a school at Kim City.
Harrington, Co. have just
received a car load of American farm
fencing. It will pay you to see them
before you make your purchase.
A new arrival in boy, at
J. R. Johnson's.
is almost magic.
Think what this machine means to
present the cotton to the world
at large, far more than ever before in
the world's history cotton is king. To
have a cotton picker that will work
six days in the week, every week; that
will not get drunk or move over night
by the North Carolina geological the other fellow's farm for cents
economic survey, the North a hundred, and that will even
Una commission, the North j pick at night if you want to mount a
Carolina oyster commission to call a searchlight in front of the driver's
convention of the and It is a dream come true. It is
era interested In the Ashing industry marvelous, but is very real.
of North Carolina. The main The machine was stopped as the
,, . . . tins convention is to discuss around, the
Rags, mats. oil cloth and mat- .,,,,, . , ,
.,,. ., , the report submitted by the tush Com- mechanism
at A. W. Alice Co. s. . . .,., , , . .
Mr. S. L. Aug,. of is by legislature of Within were tapering steel
spending a days with his sou, report, which was made of them-each J
Mr A W Ann e or barbs cut the lull
. of a bill, was discussed by the joint length of the linger on one of its
Go to Barber Co. a ., .,,.,
, . , . fish committees house and the sides, and all the lingers inserted In
your salt. They have ; ear . , .
. , . -senate for nearly thirty days; and revolving steel tubes or castings. As
of both One and coarse. ,, ,.,, , ., . , i , j . j
a substitute bill was reported machine travels astride
Mr. W. r. oar clever cot- . , , ., . .,
,. , by committees and from the an- a row cotton, little lingers
ion buyer, made a trip to staple . , , . . . , . .
committee, which was are thrust into the plant from either
press Thursday evening . . . . ,, , , . . .
, , ,. . by the legislative com- side. and. rooking rapidly, catch
Harrington, Ba . Co will give .
you a good bargain . a hay baler, i . . . , , ., .
. defeated in the senate on account cotton, to revolve as they are
tome and see . . , ., , ,
,,,,. of senatorial courtesy. This action drawn out of the plant and pass
J. S. v as In , . . . ,. . . .
. senate snows the senators stationary stripping bars
town Friday evening, , , . , . , . ,, , . .
., , , . , ,, Lot considered tin- question color, drops to the
Co, are m a , . . , ,, ,, , .,
. . I the standpoint the state at large, I carrier belts, passes through the
too many o. them believed to cleaning belts, passes through the
r i local question. The con- cleaning chambers, where and
Mn is to be held New Bern, trash are blown out of it. and drops
,., ,. . and and it is hoped into baskets In the rear of the ma-
Henry u second, . . , , . .
.,,,., . have men as delegates represent- chine ready to start on its journey to
trial, A. w. Ange Co. only . , ,.,.
lag the fisheries tin
one to convince you that they
S coed goods cheap.
Mr. and lira. J, It. Smith
daughters, Misses and
last and tide-water
el that the convention will re-
suit in the various
interests the coast so
Mary that the good of the state as a whole
the And all this takes far less
North Car-1 time to do than It docs lo tell about.
Alice, of Ayden. spent Sunday in the
of Pitt county.
See Harrington, Barber and Co., for
your shoes, they have good shoes
Mamie Chapman, who is teach-
near spent Sun-
day at home.
Stoves, heaters and ranges at
Miss Agnes Dixon of Ayden was in
while Sunday evening.
Harrington. Barber and Co. will do
your repair work on short notice and
at a very low price.
Hiss Lola Chapman left Sunday
evening to begin teaching at
school house Monday.
In every community there is
money as well as unused
For your own good as well as
the good of the community, set that
money in It was made to
use. Call at our bank and let us talk
to you about it. The Bank of Win-
will be served rather than some par-
section at the expense of
sections of the state.
Liner On The Run
The steamer, City of Norfolk,
of the Chesapeake Line, which was
off a little more than a month for
and improvement, has re-
her regular trips between Nor-
folk Baltimore. It is the
of the Chesapeake Line to keep
their steamers in thorough condition
aid provide every comfort for
During the brief stay of the
City of Norfolk in the shipyards ten
new bathrooms were installed in ad-
to those it already had. The
steamer was also thoroughly over-
hauled from stem to stern and given
a new coal paint. The sister steam-
City Baltimore, will soon
similar overhauling and
To V. Vi. C. A.
Sun day Might
Prof. Herbert K. Austin addressed
the Y. W. C. A. of the Training school
on the subject of
What You reading
as a lesson St. Mark
The two important parts of bis talk
were How can I make my life of
greater service to my fellow man Are
we willing to let what we practice
preach for us
In conclusion Mr. Austin
us square our lives now and see that
we practice what we preach by giving
expression to our practice through
all the highest, noblest and purest
thoughts that come to
The talk was of peculiar interest
because of its direct appeal to every
one present and because the
were taken from every day life.
What is known as the
is seldom occasioned by actual exist-
external conditions, but In the
great majority of cases by a dis-
ii be
by t., a course of
They control and regulate the LIVER.
They bring to the
mind. They bring health and
One lo Save.
You have heard the old saying time
and again that dollar saved is a
Those who travel on Christmas will soon be
Line find every comfort wants
convenience these palatial
church closed Sunday with
additions to the church. They
were baptized Monday evening.
Get your flooring ceiling at
Harrington. Barber and Co's., mill.
Prices reasonable, also of
all kinds.
Rev. M. A. Adams left Monday
evening for LaGrange to attend the
News Atlantic Association.
Salt, cement and lime at A. W.
Ange and Co.
Mr. II. F. Manning, our clever cot-
ton buyer, went to
and to Grimesland Tuesday
in the interest the fleecy staple.
Harrington, and Co. are
offering some very nice dress goods
now prices that are real bargains.
Come to see them,
Messrs A. O. Cox and Roy T. Cox,
Causey, F. C. Nye and S.
Miss Boushall
Tuesday to attend the Neuse
tic Association which meets in La-
Grange this week.
Mr. E. W. Smith and Miss Evelyn
Button are to be married today. They
are both very prominent and are
well known here and their host of
friends wish a long and happy
There will be services in the
church Sunday morning at
and evening at k. Everybody
Count Superintendent w. n. Rags-
dale has moved his office into the
quarters provided tor him in the new
court house. He will be conveniently
located there.
Mr. S. T. While is moving his piano
store to the new building erected for
him on Fifth street, just beyond the
city market corner.
something ahead to spend then. A
good way to start your Christmas
saving is by going to the special sale
now in progress at C. T.
big store. A dollar spent here will go
To the hunts of Hie Town as far if
As one deeply interested ill the
welfare of the town, very anxious for
the town to grow and prosper,
for good business to be done by all,
I wish for each of you a growing bus-
Now let me say that I have
made a request from the pulpit. Sun-
day night, asking all the merchants
to close their places business at
o'clock during the meeting that is
now In progress in the Baptist church
in order that the men and women
employed by you may have a chance
to attend and hear the special Gos-
singing and preaching.
Many the merchants are pro-
fessed followers of Christ and the
men you employ are not all Christ-
Many are unsaved and you are
keening them from church for a few
dollars and also staying away your-
Self, thus losing the good you need.
It seems to me that the least you
could do is to close your business.
one and all, at o'clock during the
meeting, I make this us a request
and it is a very small one, and it is
for the good of your own town and
at Also white
cockerels at each. J. F.
cabbage plants. J. W.
Greenville Heights.
spent it elsewhere, that is you can
get the same goods at almost half
price and save the extra money that
would have to pay others, and
have that much more to spend for
And talking about Christ-
mas. has a lot of things that
will make nice presents for man,
woman, boy or girl, and they are go-
right along with the low price
of other things during this special
sale. Any way you look at It, It is
money saved to go to for
your goods. Be wise and trade at the
place to save money.
Tax Appointment.
I will be at the following places on
the dales named for the purpose of
collecting the state and county taxes
due for the year 1911. Persons owing
taxes are requested to meet me and
pay same.
Nov. at Bank of
Fountain, Nov. 28th. at Bank of
Bethel, Nov. 28th at the Bank of
Swift Creek. Nov. 28th, at Grifton.
Beaver Dam. Nov. at
Nov. 29th. at Ayden.
Nov. at
Nov. 30th. at
Nov. 30th. at Stokes.
Nov. 30th. at Bells X
I. DUDLEY. Sheriff.
A dark Drown taste and a headache
in the morning after spells remorse.
The I In the States and
Canada May up in the Millions.
The fire losses in the States
and in Canada, both b the month
and the year, climb up into the mil-
lions, and the many millions at that.
For October, 1911, the fire losses
were in October.
they were and in
1909. they were
In the first ten months of 1911 the
losses were in the same
period in 1910 they were
and the first ten months of they
The Farmer.
The farmer who has a family to
support ought to be ashamed of
at least three times a day, if he
plunged himself ill debt this year to
speculate on cotton. The last man in
world that should place himself
in the ridiculous and Inconsistent at-
In cotton is the puny little
farmer that permitted
enter the gambling ring by
a cotton crop to the neglect
if a Hi at home He now finds
himself not only guilty of
Us own labor Bud the labor of his
vile and children to on cotton,
he actually bought fertilizer on
at per cent per annum In-
and put that up to and
gamble on cotton, thus Jeopardizing
his own crop end standing in the
Community where he lives. And then
these little hayseed cotton
gamblers go on the market to buy
bay at a ton, which they
Jan produce at home at per ton,
western corn at per bushel, which
hey can produce at cents a bushel,
meat at cents which they
produce at home at cents, they
set up another tremendous howl about
robbery of the middlemen
speculators These little country hay-
seed cotton gamblers are now getting
It in the neck and they will continue
to reap calamity and disaster until
they quit gambling and go to farming.
Union Farmer.
Don't Suffer
had been troubled, i little, nearly years, writes
Mrs. L Fincher, in a letter from Ala., but I was
not taken down, until March, when I went to bed and had
to have a doctor. He did all he could for me, but I got no
better. I hurt all over, and could not rest At last, I tried
and soon I began to improve. Now I am In
good health, and able to do all my
You may wonder why is so successful, after
other remedies failed. The answer Is that Is
successful, because it is composed of scientific ingredients,
that act curatively on the womanly system. It is a medicine
for women, and for women only. It builds, strengthens, and
restores weak and ailing women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Fincher did, take It
will surely do for you, what It did for her. At all druggists.
at; Advisory Co.
tor sad M SOU took. Moon Treatment for sent Ire. I
Wool on Commission. Write
lilt ad.
or price-
First Session of
Out., Nov. first
Will Mi el in on Wednesday,
Methodist ministers in the North
Carolina Conference are exerting j of Canada's newly
j themselves this week getting their I twelfth Parliament opened today. The
I affairs into shape preparatory to the were purely formal,
; Tilth session, which will meet at referent the election of Dr.
KInston, B. Sprout speaker and
continue through Monday, November other preliminary business of a
Bishop E. formerly of j line character. Nevertheless, the
Tennessee now of Oklahoma, chambers and corridors of the Par-
will preside and the sessions will Building were the Scene of
be held in the handsome new
church, which was recently
The conference met in
Although the North Carolina Con-
is not as strong numerically
as the Western North Carolina Con-
It is equal to its neighbor
in Influence and power. This con-
has preachers and on
trial; a membership of 78.187. and
churches worth Its
church parsonages are worth
and its other church property
This does not include, however,
the value of the colleges and schools
much bustle during the day, the
members of both sides exchanging
greetings and scouting about to get
their bearings. Owing to the change
of government there has been a com-
reassignment of rooms those
heretofore occupied by the
going to the and vice
The function iii con-
with the assembling of
new Parliament has been reserved
for tomorrow, when his royal High-
the Duke of will
open the proceedings In State. On this
occasion there will be the customary
military calvary escort,
controlled in part or wholly by this guard of honor and royal salute. The
Straight Race Between Senator
Former Congressman.
LITTLE Ark., Nov.
United States Senator Jeff Davis went
to White county to deliver the open-
speech in his campaign for re-
election. His successor will be
en by the legislature to be elected
next year and an interesting contest
is in prospect. The situation has
been somewhat simplified by the an-
of Governor
that he would be a candidate for re-
a long time doubt
existed in the minds of the politic-
as to whether the Governor
would try for another term or become
a candidate for senator. His
ion in the matter has left the
contest a straight race be-
tween Senator Jeff Davis and former
Congressman Stephen Jr.,
who is expected to be his only op-
Mr. represented
the Second district in Congress for
tell years and has a Strong following
throughout the Stale.
In Tobacco Sales In The State
In the sales of tobacco for the
month of October as reported to the
state department of agriculture. Win
led with pounds.
Greenville second, with
pounds, Wilson third with
pounds. Oxford with
and Kinston fifth with
pounds. Nearly pounds
sold in the state, which was about
000.000 pounds less than for the same
month last year.
conference. Trinity college, which is
controlled jointly by the two con-
is valued at and
has an endowment of
Greensboro Female College, con-
trolled jointly, Is valued at
has an endowment of
College, controlled by this
conference Is worth and
Carolina College at Maxton has
buildings and grounds valued at
The conference will be called on
customary State dinner will take
place In the evening and on
day his royal Highness the Governor
General the Duchess of Con-
naught will hold their first drawing
room. This function, as well as the
opening itself, always attracts so-
leaders and from
many outside points. This year the
opening ceremonies promise to be
of excellent brilliancy. There is not
the added Interest from the
advent of a new Government, but
to elect a new secretary, since ,.,.,, ,.,.,,
W. L. Cunningham, who held the
for years, died early this year.
Raleigh Times.
Mrs. Hetty Wright
requests the honor of your presence
the marriage of her daughter
Mr. Henry Smith
Wednesday afternoon, the twenty-ninth
of November
nineteen hundred and eleven
at five o'clock
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Clinton. North Carolina.
This Is Year
If you miss the great bargain tale
going at C. T. big store,
you are the loser. When goods
almost half price it means I
as opportunity for buyers that Is
taking advantage of. Every- j
reduced In price.
millinery, ready-to-wear goods, and j
you can save money by gong to Mun-
Set en Were Issued During tin
During week Register of Deeds
Moore issued licenses lo the following
L. V Whitted and Alice M.
j. Johnson and Fannie Bare.
J. K. and Summer-
and Lena Dixon.
I. Johnson and Anna
Fred Taft and Little.
Major Pollard and Catherine Lang-
do not believe there is any other
medicine so whooping
able to the presence of royalty. An
almost unprecedented number of
has been received for Beats
on the Moor in the galleries tomorrow.
demand greatly exceeds ac-
and a great number v
be disappointed.
The duration of the present session
and the extent and character of the
business to be presented are not as
yet definitely known. It is the be-
lief, however, the session will
be brief and rather uninteresting.
The prevailing Idea is that no very
Contentious legislation or
of a constructive character will be
brought down this time, but that,
instead, attention will be devoted
mainly to passing the appropriate
measures necessary for the remain-
the year. Parliament
will probably before Christ-
It Is expected that it will meet
again in February or March, when
the new will he ready
with its most Important measures
legislation. Among these will be
proposals to establish a com-
mission, to create a western division
Federal railway commission
and to provide for Government own-
and operation of terminal
elevators. Thai the tariff win be
taken out of politics and made the
subject of a general board Is
ally accepted as being a leading
plank in Mr. platform. He
made this proposal as an offset to
the appeal that the Liberals made to
the farmers on the ground of lower
The same proposal has been
us Cough by the Canadian
Mrs. Francis Turpin, Junction Association a means of
Subscribe to The Reflector.
City. Ore. This remedy is also
surpassed for colds and croup. For
sale by all druggists.
Laziness grows fast and sticks tight
the tariff out of politics.
When u man is a good example to
his son. it's because boy only sees
him at home.

Eastern reflector, 17 November 1911
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 17, 1911
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