Eastern reflector, 3 November 1911

n of i decree of the County. North County.
Superior court, D. C. , . Court.
, ,. a certain special
. deeding the- pending, -titled
Warren and others versus G. ., f
, a .- ; Carson and
Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and , , , ; ; In Green- ;
Extern Reflector for Ayden and vicinity, g -j
. . r t J V in me
Advertising rates furnished ,, of Tar river, adjoining . .
. .- lands of J. A. Pollard. J. C. Ty-,
. . . . . i- u, lying on the north side I , ,. of pi co
re last will and testament i
of James W. Dupree.
To T. R.
you i II take i e an
ed as above has been commenced
hi Superior court of Pitt county.
. Williams and her husband,
j, one of the
. Dupree. who hare
a caveat to lie last will and
testament or said James Dupree.
and will further take notice
, , . c you are required to at
, virtue of a decree of the . .
. , on the north side of the I . . in the term of the Superior court of
A OTHER MITES. to Mr. parents In West g g j MM county to be held on the 14th
Virginia. I the late Benjamin Pollard In his last the 12th of Monday after the first Monday in
c S. Smith returned will and to his grandson.
where , J- children.
to bring Quit -ox. of September.
J. It.
qualified before the
court of Pitt county
. of the will and tee-
of J. S. Cannon, deceased.
is hereby given to all persons
I the estate to make
to the undersigned;
persons having claims against
estate are notified that they must
tin- same to undersigned
on or before the 23rd
October. or this notice
v. ill be plead in bar of recovery.
This day of October,
Of Estate Of J. S. Cannon.
Wants on Old-Time Con-
had been . o
AYDEN. X. C. Oct. Fred Jr wanted here for steal-
is visiting her daughter, hogs n the vicinity of Hancock
Mrs. J. K. Smith. church.
Mrs. Julia Barrett, of Kinston. is Mr has the
i i . l i ., .
,,, 1911, it being the
1911. the com- t ; court
Saturday in Carolina,
day or 1911 at or to the caveat
noon, expose to public the testament of the
court house door In James W. Dupree. filed in
the highest bidder, cash, the fol-; . , ,
lowing described tract or parcel of r
hen on
days visiting relatives homestead, near
y from the Richmond
I land, and being In
i K township. Pitt county. North
Ai-r. adjoining the lands of S. M
By virtue the powers contained
the court for the relief therein de-
Clerk Superior Court of Pitt County
her, on . y from the v v , p c., ,
fair- ,. Mr J. purchased and
Mrs. Ha Hart, of Morehead, , ,,, record in formerly owned by Jones and
to Spend a few days ; .,, fol. a of register of b. as land and
With relatives here. ,,, , ,, county and by he County.
r- Turn. J of . ,. H. Harrington ,
, near I ft I;,,,,.,,,, the P-J d t E. A. n
, stoves for either o 1911. as rec- m ; ,,.; By virtue of an execution
Mr. AM Kills has accepted S , Book 0-9, page and b made or S undersigned from the
with the Kills Carriage or. , the contained in a u of , above
About -50 left Thursday u B mortgage b Silas October. 1911. titled action. will, on Monday, the
About and we. Temple on November. 1911. at
i w
and bind- Temple on
14th day of December 1897, to
Skinner; by virtue of the,
, . . . cartridge, shells.
a J. R. . , .,. m , given b; Silas to sell NOTICE. . kin
,. H gin cotton, grind your ,; ,, . By virtue of the power and author- all the right, title and
CL and , mortgagee . in . decree the the said K. A. Kline, in and
corn, repair you cart, buggy M e ,. ,, -0 , , J L, , personal
wagon. I- L. Kittrell. Greenville, for cash, on the , , v
ore hear that T. Jolly has -x ; H . .
., , i t There lots cotton near , gunner and
; as white a. snow banks. One and being de-
the ,, .,.,,.
and West Railroad streets. h , -a, embracing all In said o com-
We are a large crowd had no n. , ., branch, en- . .
,.,, to th,. state eon- all the boundaries of said to Mr being land
. .,, we have an to ,.,. ,,, u feel of the
the D ,.,.,.,, . ,. .,.,., said Silas In
, in
The undersigned having this day
qualified as executor of the last will
and testament of John H. Cherry, de-
ceased, notice is hereby given to all
persons indebted to said estate to
make immediate payment to the under-
signed executor and all persons hold-
claims against estate are
hereby notified to hie their claim
in twelve months from the date here-
of or this notice will he plead in bar
of recovery.
This the day of October. 1911.
Executor of the last will
cf John H. Cherry.
P. C. HARDING, Attorney.
In the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore, clerk.
P. C. Harding, administrator
on, parties tins cause .,,. . . .----.--
This the of October. 1911.1 tilled action, I will, on Monday. the . .
p C day or November. 1911. at o'clock i or the estate of J. J. Par-
Commissioner. I p. m. the court house door, in kins, deceased.
Pitt, sell to the highest vs.
NOTICE. I bidder, for cash, to satisfy said ex- J. W. Perkins, R. A. Tyson
. com i . . i-----
on ,, , entitled J. Y. property,
day of November, that portion of the , , on, pile and
Oct 1911, at m. sell lone pile hammer cap. This sale will
, , .,,, .,, made for the purpose of satisfying
at public auction, tor cash, at the
court house door in Pitt county,
certain tract or parcel of land,
u, a
. I
lasting th
feet from the
south, commencing
it beer ready for sampling. house In which Silas Tel-
This the 9th day of October. 1911.
Pit County.
. . will be vi
tea, an
first .
, . , i. it
killing lime is drawing nigh, lowly now resides. That is from a line
, i n will opinion and well known between Silas
. our and people, and am, ls
, ,, , ,. e of the vacant hear the boys draw then bows and house lot The north-
of the holes In for a time change our , boundaries being
,.,, . . .,. Were a child we indicted and understood to
up s id tor south of the
good people will keep their gates count Horn- referred to. Terms
closed so as not to swing across Curtis Williams play the I sin I
the sidewalks, or swing -hen, on the pipe. I Mortgagee and assignee of mortgagee.
Uta Of the ard. as our little town Camp M. and
has quit. . reputation abroad and we The r I plenty
,, sure our people will come up to -ts Of young ones around BALE. .
sun i o, occasion ail virtue a decree the Super-
the standard In neatness and Court of County made in
eventful one m Special Proceeding No. entitled
Should you or your neighbor ha. W, wot to see the gen , .,,,.
anything to send to the Pitt county people county come to-
and wife, Clyde . . Tyson.
Annie Perkins, H. C. Flan- I
and wife. Helen Plan-
Virginia Perkins. I
gin la H. Perkins. Harry I
White Perkins, Mercer Ty- I
son, heirs law of J. J.
The defendant. Mercer Tyson. Is
the foregoing entitled special pro-
will take notice that an ac-
entitled as above has been com-
the clerk of the
COnveyed to Patsy Ann Anderson by
Joseph Pollard, by deed, recorded In
B-B., pages and . of the Pitt I
registry, and therein
ed s at a water j
oak stump and running north proceeding is to subject the
court of Pitt county, by F. C.
NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION, administrator of the estate
Having this day qualified as ad- J. Perkins. The object of this
oak stump and running i. , R
White, deceased, late of th.
. i deceased, late of the county
corner ditch; then v is ts Carolina, this is to
h P line said estate to present then,
X- to the for payment on or
due west poles to up. , ,.,. ,.,
recovery. All persons indebted to
estate will please make tanned-
acres, more or less. Known
thence south IT. west TS poles to gum
swamp; thence with Tools
before the day of October. 1912.
or this notice will be plead In bar
Anderson land.
This September 1911.
anything to send to the Pitt county g Manning
Mr and no. convenient for you to and devise plans for the per- ,, ,,., , September, 1911. the
h Lave it at J R pose of building a hospital within undersigned Commissioner sell
see i, pronely the border, her
entered be treated Instead of having to go described
Louisa Johnson, colored, was care- from home. Pitt county has That land
handling a pistol and didn't In borders the splendid people was by a
know it was loaded, when it went off. with th. means and ability to erect Eliza
the ball passing through both of her this splendid edifice. If some nook T-E page
knees and came out to the surface put the ball ill motion. L,, in Township on the
her shin bone. She is totally de-1 Messrs. Wm. Edwards. Lloyd side of Hen-co.,, ad-
pendant, Ob crutches, but not age and several others are attending J
Smith, beginning at the ditch In
branch on William Smiths line
near a sweet gum. said Smith's
and running with said Smith's
line south west 1-- to a
stake; thence south east 1-1 poles
to a stake; thence north 1-2 west
poles to first mentioned ditch
at a bridge; thence with said ditch
the containing acres
more or less, being the home place
where Luke lived at the
time of his death. ,
Said land being sold partition.
Oct. 2nd 1911.
hurt. Dr. Mark Twain the state lair.
dressed the wound.
Mr. Jesse and wife re-
turned Wednesday night from a visit
Mr Richard Wingate returned Wed-
from the west with a car of
hi .-
Legal Notices
By virtue of the power contain.
Having qualified Hie
court clerk of county as.
administrator of the estate of Dr. O.
Thigpen. de eased, notice is hereby
given to all persons Indebted Io the ,
estate to make Immediate payment
to the undersigned; and all persons
having claims against the said estate
are notified that they must present
the same to the undersigned for pay-
on or before the day or
September, 1912. or this notice will
be plead in bar of recovery.
This day or September. 1911.
Administrator of C. K. Thigpen.
S. J. Everett.
1901, as of record appears
in tin register deed's office of Pitt
county In Hook A-7, page
This the 16th day of October. 1911.
JOSEPH Mortgagee.
In a certain mortgage deed from Jno.
A. Ricks and Wife, H. Kick,.
and W. H. Ricks and wife. IV. ,,,,,,,,. VALUABLE
Ricks, . Joseph Bawls, the 18th k J
February, 1909, and registered I . Ft
In Book page . the
deeds office of Pitt county, the conferred upon me by the pro-
under expose for sale, tor vision a certain deed trust ex-
the court house door In by all Wiley
N. on Tuesday, the Q. Webb late of Edgecombe county,
day of November. 1911, the fol-N. C, and delivered unto B. G. Alls-
lowing described tracts of brook, Trustee, which Is duly re-
One tn of land lying and being i In th. the Register
j,, township, county Deeds for County In Hook-----
Pitt of North Carolina, I II . th.
as 1911,
the land of the late Wm. I m and o'clock p. m.
the lands of Teel, on premise In Falkland Town-
; , May and others, Comity, North Carolina, ex-
and the identical of land to public to the
. th. h Te. ;. all W
i . township and be--o i said
i Upon which M. Ida Teel n I Township, ad-
., . . an i i the I I J. A Dupree, the
,.,; , land c by M. . P. and de-
. Beginning
.,,, . .; i, as of re-on b and
I i in office of the polos to B. Du-
. ,. ,. m Book M-8, n i
. .
lands o the late J. J. Perkins In
township. Pitt county, to sale
, for the purpose of making assets of
the estate of said J. J. Perkins, and
raid Mercer Tyson Is hereby
to take notice that said special
proceeding is returnable before D. C.
Moore. Clerk Of the Superior court
Pitt county, on the 23rd clay
i November. 1911, and the said Mercer
Tyson is hereby notified that he is re-
quired to appear the office Of the
clerk the Superior court or Pill
county, in Greenville. N. C. on or be-
fore the 23rd day of November. 1911,
and answer or demur to the petition
s . b the plaintiff In this cause or
the , .,,,,,;,. court
I have taken up one light colored relief demanded In said
cow. about five years old. In
Marked slit and under-1 This the
bit in left ear and crop In right ear. j perk, Superior Court County.
Owner can get same by proving p,
late settlement.
October 1911.
P. M.
Administrator of the estate of R. C.
White, Deceased.
ship and paying charges.
Oct. 1911.
Women vain, but men are much
BO and with far less reason.
,. par, . . the old house, then
Id m hip ,. ad- I K to
. . .-. . Teel, Ben ,
u D. lay, known as
, , , , . ., . ., I . carious courses the
the Hard; land and Po , ,;. containing
land In e township, I B. ,,. it .
lid. i ., , . . w ,.
Cl canal, and lb i i W. Dupree,
r. ; i d big oak- thence south r,,,. foregoing description is
road leading to the i ,,, ,,,,. convey all the lam
to Tool's; his owned Dupree Um
to Ida M. Hue; th.
iv r. to . . r-it
North Carolina, County.
Superior Court, before D. I
. II B, i
Harry Skinner, i
tor de of
vs. I
Tom s. i n an Lit- i
tie A II i
Little, let on Ed, I
. and
wife, Grimes, Rom-
co and Tel- I
and ail known and i
unknown helm Rile I
Crime . Bed
The . mod above, an.
ill k and unknown helm of
is, hereby
. ; plaintiff In the above
has his o i to sell n 8-4
i of which the late
d s tor assets.
la to said to
. . ; ire D. C. Moore, clerk
co in Green-
ville, on or Wednesday. De-
,,., i 15th, to ill answer to
Id else Judgment on
iii i on ordering
.-. In sold for
MOORE. Clerk,
Sup. . i of count
to -II v
virtue of a power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed, ex-
and delivered by J. Allen.;
Jr. and wile. Allie Allen. Allen
and wife. Mary l. Allen, to J. T. Al-
dated the day or February,
1909, and duly recorded in the reg-
office in Pitt county, In Hook
page the undersigned
will, on Monday, the day
or November, 1911, at o'clock, noon,
ex lose to public sale, the
court house door in Greenville, to the
bidder, for cash, the following
tract or of land, to-
Lying and being in Pitt, county,
North Carolina, and in Greenville
township, d on the side
Tar river, adjoining the lands of
Allen, John Wiley
Brown. M. Williams. Robert Tuck-
and Leon and being the.
on which J. W. Allen and wife
now reside, containing about acres
more or less.
This the day of October, 1911.
J. T ALLEN, Mortgagee.
P. C. Harding, Attorney,
Don't Judge A Manure
Spreader By Looks
North Carolina, County.
K. B.
Sarah Saunders, Nathan i
Saunders and Walter I
The defendant, Walter Rodgers,
above named, will take notice that s
proceeding entitled as above
. en c . iced in the
t county partition the
land describe.; In the petition
in the office of e clerk said court
, . aid will further take
. e that he is required to appeal
pear II
on or before the 10th day of
line to the bi . .,. t
IS seres, more or less, and being
the identical tract or land convey
by i May and wife Ida Teel
farm located In e splendid
ii. i . . . section, With good school nearby
on the 21st day or March. 1902, r For further Information, apply to th.
appears or record in the undersigned.
deed's Office or Pitt county. In Book This Hi. lilt day or October,
1-7. page Trustee.
Also another in said con
and township, and adjoining each
me above described trails land, , in.
i beginning at a stake In I Ida
line and wee. to u have taken up live pigs,
containing Owner can get same by calling At
ownership, end
reels line
ditch, thence with to the spotted and two black
Atkinson and Clark canal; thence b t M d ,
with the canal to Ida Teel s line. . h a
her line to the beginning, containing can mi
about acre more or less. and. my farm, proving
lying on the Atkinson mid Clark en- paying charges,
. . t m
and being the identical Of
land conveyed by IX May
. ,, deed, dated
J. F,
Letters of administration, with the
will annexed, on e estate of Sarah
C. Hanrahan, deceased, having this
. ,, to me by
of the court of county,
ii hi re o given to all persons
i claims against said estate to
pi them to me, duly
for payment on or before the
notice will be i In bar their
Ail persons Indebted to
said estate requested to nuke
mediate payment to me.
This the 22nd day or September,
Administratrix, with the will annexed,
of Sarah C. deceased.
Blow, Attorneys.
to the p BI. d
with the clerk of this court de-
to the same said special pro-
or tin will apply to
for the relief demanded In
, I in.
i--, day of October, 1911.
Clerk Court, j
Having qualified as administrator
Oil the estate of Zeno
all persons indebted to the said estate j
. . make
payment. All holding claims j
said must present them
on or the 23rd day of October,
A. properly authenticated.
or this notice will be plead In bar
their recovery.
This October 1911.
Administrator of Zeno Brown.
Every manure Spreader is net a looks
like one. You can't a manure spreader by its looks
because there are many which are four. in the
I construction of one machine that arc not found in others.
manure are the most easily operated,
the strongest and on the market, ff you
will examine one you will agree with us that the
is the best machine you ever looked at. Drop in. Let us
the manure spreader proposition. Let us
the many meritorious features found in Cloverleaf con-
Better still, buy one, then you will be in a bet-
position to knew why you can't judge a manure spread-
by its looks. If you arc not ready to buy, call and get a
It is filled with valuable information on soil
maintenance and fertility. We arc reserving one for you.
Won't you call and get it today
Greenville, N. C.
of among the best
people in Eastern North
Carolina and invite those
wish to get better
acquainted with these
good people in a business
way to take a few inches
space and tell them what
you have to bring to their
attention. Our
are low and can be
had upon application.
of Eastern North Caro-
It has a population
of and is surround-
ed by the best farming
country. Industries of
all kinds are invited to
locate here for we have
everything to offer in the
way of labor capital and
tributary facilities. We
have an up-to-date job
and newspaper plant.
Is Wm U , , ,
u to TI, ls
In looking to the future for Green-
ville we must consider the interest
opportunity of our schools. There
is one vital defect. It appears to me,
in our system, one for which neither
the board of trustees nor the super-
he court records of Porter county
there are to be added several
Th Yet to Celebrate Its
. lull.
interesting chapters that might be
entitled Troubles
There is nothing so essential to the
life of a child in its normal growth as
a Model The cases to play
Mayor Thomas E. and several I of Physical
other officials of the of Garv
whom charge, are school ground for our graded
ponding, are on the docket tor the
and ., is expected the the
will heel,, bare early i the doming rooms.
week. If Half that has been printed
concerning , alleged corruption in property
city and ground
by the steel trust is true, then
revelations may be expected a, trials fT fT
will relegate the political graft- site, but
era In some of the big cities to for the
Shelf reserved for
T me in Bi. Co test Fast of Votes
Daily for Various
Id At-
More Six Thousand
DETROIT. Mich. Nov.
was mecca today for the public
school teachers of Michigan. More
than 6.000 of them, coming from every
county of the state and representing
every of educational work
Re a Men's to
Promote the Welfare of Town,
Carolina club is falling in line for
business sure enough. There was
j into the city to take .
z rs z
proper efforts.
The city of Gary has yet to
its tenth birthday, but despite
opening of a way that would keep
the children off the main thorough-
fares of the town, permitting them to
its youth it
word implies. Where scarcely a de- J ,
ago there was nothing hut the V
long of sand dunes on bUt
shore or are rt-
located the greatest steel mills in
the country, together with numerous
other industries that have been at-
by the excellent
facilities and other advantages
offered by the new city.
Hut with the virtues also came the
vices of ii metropolis. For several
the newspapers have told of
the moral political
to nourish in the
Many of the vicious elements driven
nit of Chicago from time time are
that should not be overlooked.
It is certainly to be hoped that prop-
will never be any cheaper in
the town of Greenville.
X. Y. Z.
Notice to Farmers.
The Craven County Agricultural
and Stock Exhibit association will
have an and stock exhibit
at New Bern. November and 23rd.
All farmers in adjoining counties are
I invited to exhibit. If you are inter-
to have found in Gary a most de-jested, drop a postal to J. Leon
haven. Gambling houses New Hem, N. C. and a
said to have been conducted almost list will Immediately be mailed
openly. Frequent arrests by the you. ii
era authorities have given rise to
belle the little city also has Starts Much
been a for the
Thousands of votes are Is-
sued every day to the many young
women who are entered in the Daily
Reflector big piano and prize contest.
Many of these are being held in re-
serve by the contestants to be used
at the finish when the real excite-
Nearly every candidate on the list
is striving to obtain this week at
one or more of the extra vote ballots
of votes. Some of them have
already their first set and
are after their second now. There
is no question but that
offer now in force is one whereby
any contestant can lay up a reserve
association. The first of the general P
sessions was held this afternoon and PT Week
featured the presidential for the
The special ballot for 25.000 , , ,,,. J .-
is being issued to every ,. .,. Col.
who sends in five new subscriptions
to The Daily Reflector of six months
each. The offer will close on Sat-
November at o'clock in
lee-, and an address H.
of the College of
Columbia The
win continue over tomorrow and will
evening, and after that date no be brought to I
ballots for votes will be with
allowed. This great offer will not be
repeated during the contest, so get
busy today and hustle sub-
Govern Os-
addition to
the general sessions the program pro-
for numerous department con-
you can possibly secure. Get
your first set, then the second one.
then the third one and then a whole
lot more.
You will need every vote you can
possibly secure to make you a win-
when the final count is made on
. 9th.
Locomotive Driven by Mr. John
Crushed Out His Life.
WASHINGTON, Nov. phone
I raffle.
of the better element to
the place long provide
The authorities were
At the head of affairs was
Thomas K. KnottS, who held the
mayoralty, it is alleged, by virtue of
election in which thuggery held
the winning hand. Knotts came to
Gary a years ago from Hammond,
where he conducted a newspaper and
was prominent town politics. So
far as is known he was not
with worldly goods when he
stepped off the train in the
Today he is reputed to be
the near-millionaire class, with heavy
Interest in realty, manufacturing,
public utility and banking corpora-
lions in and around Gary.
Failing to make any progress in
crusade against vice, the reform-
in the town turned their attention
to the political corruption alleged to
exist. Their progress along this line
promised better results from the mo-
they hit the trail. The climax
early In September, when Mayor
Knotts and several members of the
city council were placed under
rest, charged with bribery.
It is charged detectives, who
have carefully worked up the case,
that the mayor and those arrested
with him solicited a bribe of
from representatives of a utilities
If all people knew that neglect of
would result in severe
Indigestion, yellow Jaundice or
lent liver trouble they would soon
take Dr. King's New Life Pills, and
end it. Its the only safe way. Best
for headache, dyspepsia,
chills debility. cents at all
The man who knows the value of
a dollar wants a dollar and
a half for It.
made public purports to be a
conversation between Dean and Al-
E. L. Bowser. The
is thus
did the mayor say
about my matter, Mr.
Bowser started to tell you that
I told him there was in it for
us. Right here Is where he got In-
He wanted to know what
I knew about you personally and If
you were all right, and If you had the
money to go ahead build the
plant. I told him you were, and ask-
ed him how he stood on the A. F.
Tom said, F., he
don't get me any money. There Is
nothing this matter for me. It
Dean and his are all right
we will put It
Mayor Knotts was arrested In the
Delegates From All Over The
seventeenth annual meeting of the message was received in this city this
afternoon stating that Mr. John
ins, formerly of this oily and em-
ployed by the Norfolk Southern rail-
road as engineer on u train running
between Columbia and
met a horrible death about
o'clock today.
His engine turned turtle, throwing
him out of the cab window. It fell
on him, crushing him to
death. Wilkins at the time was
shifting cars near Roper, and the
cause of the overturn is unknown,
but it is thought to have been due to
a rail spreading,
Mr. Wilkins was a young man of
about years of age, of good habits
and highly respected. He leaves a
widowed mother and several sisters.
News and Observer.
Association of Colleges and
Schools of the South opened at
the University of Alabama this after-
noon for a two session. Many
delegates were present, representing
the foremost educational institutions
of Virginia. North Carolina and South
Carolina. West Virginia, Georgia,
Florida. Alabama, Mississippi, Louis-
Tennessee, Missouri. Arkansas,
and Texas.
The raising of the standard of col-
entrance requirements in the
South is foremost among the subjects
slated for consideration. The work of
the Southern women's colleges is an-
other matter that will receive much
attention. Dean C. H. Barnwell of the
University of Alabama, Is the
officer of the convention.
Cleared Streets Tomorrow
On Account of School Parade.
On account of the parade of a great
number of school children of the en-
tire county, and for their protection,
the public is notified that from
o'clock till Friday morning, all
vehicles and team will be barred from
street between Third street
and Five Points, and from Evans
street. Fifth street and Dickinson
avenue at Five Points.
Thin may work some inconvenience
to some persons, but It can be for
a short time only. For the greater
safety of the children. It must he ob-
F. M. Mayor.
dollars the and public.
hall just after Dean came from
company to put through a heating k . . . . .
, ,. . ,. the executives office with the
which would have ,
s he paid the mayor Be-
fore entering the mayor's office. Dean
future work of the club under its ad-
business feature. The committee
recommended several changes in the
constitution, bylaws and rules, which
were adopted by the club. One of
these changes setting forth the
pose of the which should appeal
every business man of the town.
its purposes, which arc as
purposes of this organization
are to further social intercourse
among Its to advance
friendly relations of the various
and professional interests of the
community, and to cultivate that
it of co-operation which makes for
social, business and civic improve-
of Fifth Convention
CINCINNATI. O. Nov. The time for the annual meeting of
and advocates or manual the first
in the public schools and colleges August to the first
of the country gathered here force in December, and
today at the opening of the fifth an-
convention of the National So-
for the Promotion of Industrial
monthly meetings are to be held the
first Monday night in each month.
While the membership fee and
A Father's
would have fallen on any one who
attacked the son of Peter Dandy, of
South Mich., but he was
powerless before attacks of Kidney
trouble. could not help
he wrote at we gave
him Electric Bitters and he Improved
wonderfully from taking six bottles.
Its the best kidney medicine I ever
Backache, tired feeling,
loss of appetite, warn of kid-
trouble that many cud dropsy,
or disease.
Take Electric Bitters and be safe.
Every bottle guaranteed. cents at
all druggists.
Atlantic Gulf Tourney.
With a large number of players pres-
the qualifying round of the an-
Training. The sessions will last i dues remain the same as
three days and will be devoted Io the. in order to largely increase
consideration of subject of Indus- the membership before the annual
trial education in all its in December the admission
Prominent among those on the pro- reduced one-half for thirty
gram are Dr. Carroll G. of days, and each member was
president of the National a committee of one to undertake to
Education Association; Charles secure two other new members each
of the Indianapolis Na- within that period. Those who have
Trade school; John Golden, of members of club heretofore,
the United Textile Workers of withdrew while in good standing,
ca. and Edwin G. former I reinstated by payment of
of Chicago public a fee, or by paying their dues
schools. for the lapsed time less than the
prescribed fee.
All resident ministers in the town
are eligible to honorary membership
with all the privileges of the club.
At each monthly meeting there is
to be a program, prepared in advance
by the committee of arrangements, for
the discussion of some topic looking
to the general interest and welfare
of the community.
Under the new plan of the club,
and the purposes it now has in view
of being an organization for
the business interests of the town,
it ought to have the co-operation and
influence of every business man in
the town. The changes in the club
have already awakened much Inter-
To be Conducted by a Noted Evan-
On the first Sunday November,
Rev. C. M. Rock will begin a series
f meetings in the Baptist church.
j pastor will do the preaching for
the first few days of the meeting, and
on the 9th Dr. H. n. Holcomb will
come and preach twice each day at
least ten days. Prof.
and wife will be here to lead
the Singing. Ho is a very fine leader
and singer, and Mrs. ls
the best lady singer in the South.
These are all of the Home Mission
Board of Atlanta. The church and
town are looking forward to a great
Farmers Discuss Proposition to
Cotton Warehouses.
S. C. Nov.
proposition to erect cotton
th rough out South Carolina and
question of reducing the cotton
Saved Mini From Death.
W. L. Mock, of Mock, Ark., believes
he has saved many lives in his
years of experience ill the drug
I always like to
he writes, lo recommend Dr.
King's New Discovery for weak, sore
lungs, hard colds, hoarseness
coughs, la grippe, croup,
ma, or other bronchial affection, for
I feel sure a number of my
for Confederate Museum.
the historic old home of autumn golf tournament of acreage next year were the chief mat- alive and well today because
Morgan, the famous of City discussed at the meeting look my advice to it. I
Cavalry leader put up sale at tho links today. the executive committee honestly believe its best throat
public auction here on Saturday it lei tournament will continue until membership of the South Carolina
probable an effort will be made by
the Daughters of the Confederacy to
inquire the property and convert
Into a historic museum for relics of;
the Confederacy. The property, which I
Saturday when the various cups and
other prizes will lie awarded.
Fur His
union. The meeting.
and lung medicine that's Buy
to prove he's n trial bot-
A colored boy who performed
records will play a hid himself scan lied by four consists of an imposing brick and dancing on the
part In the coming trials. It ls a proof that he had the mansion with spacious grounds, Sunday afternoon, paid the,
said that were connected his pocket when he entered Mayor Occupies a site in the, price before the mayor Monday. It.
which was presided over by tie free, or regular or bottle.
W, was well attended Guaranteed by all druggists,
by member of the organization from
over I lie state.
To Open Ohio Campaign.
O., Nov. -Arrange-
have been completed for a big
to be given in this
Good Music.
up In the hotel room occupied by room. When lie left the mom been was In keeping with k
K j bass dram JOb at fair today. He City tomorrow to mark open-
made it make the proper noise, too. ling of the progressive Republican
There, were In suit
artists playing with the Washington Senator Moses B. of Minnesota,
band and altogether made good is scheduled to deliver principal
. bad , of show places the who must pay the
and also that one had been the deputies tn nerve the warrant, I The place is to be sold to settle the
and they would Ind the money In Misstate of Mrs. G a
envelope in a pigeon-hole in Mayor of General Morgan, who
stalled even the mayor's private
One extract from the
I owned property for many years, ii a lemon.
Every time you meet a grouch hand

Mr. H. Harries,
Greenville. X. C.
My dear
I wish to express my appreciation
Keep p of by
at Attention.
NEW YORK, Oct. hundred
and two vessels of the American
navy, the largest fleet ever
bled under the Stare and Stripes, in
their gayest holiday dress, were re-
viewed by Secretary of the
Meyer today, while hundreds of thou-
ashore and afloat, saw the
spectacle. The aggregate tonnage of
the assembled war vessels was over
one-half million as compared
less than one-third of this total pres-
at the navy review by President
Roosevelt in Hampton Roads five
years ago. The aggregation of the
American dreadnoughts and smaller
sisters taking part in today's
represented . approximately the
huge outlay of
Dressed from stem to stern in a
riot of bunting, the gray lines of the
warships, with a background formed
by the Palisades, beautiful in the
foliage, made a magnificent
spectacle as viewed from Riverside
park and other points of vantage on
the Manhattan side of the river.
On the broad bosom of the Hudson
Use vessels floated at anchor in three
columns, each miles long, stretch-
from a point about opposite
Fifty-seventh street up the river to
the mouth of creek.
Proceeding from the lower extremity
of the columns. Secretary Meyer,
standing on the bridge of the naval
yacht Mayflower and surrounded by
his aides and a number of invited
guests, went northward through the
lines formed by the battleships,
torpedo boats and destroyers,
submarines and naval auxiliaries.
All the while the ships kept up a
roar of salutes. The ship s sides were
manned by bluejackets at attention.
the quarterdecks were thronged with
officers and marine guards, red-coated
bands played the national airs, while
whistles piped out the
order of the day.
At the completion of Its progress
through the anchored lines the May-
dower took up its station near the
flagship Connecticut. Rear Admiral
the commander of the
fleet, and all of the flag and command-
officers boarded the yacht and
were received by Secretary Meyer on
the quarterdeck. As the officers, in
full dress uniform, came over the
side of the yacht they were greeted
by the blast of bugles, the ruffle
drums, and finally by a cordial hand-
shake from the of the navy de-
In addition to the giant battleships
the lines of lighting-machines in-
the two big armored cruisers.
Washington and North Carolina, the
scout cruiser Salem, the
unprotected cruisers Des Moines and
San Francisco, a fleet of gunboats,
five flotillas of torpedo boat destroy-
and torpedo boats, eight of the
newest and finest submarines in the
world, i a fleet of splendid naval
after sale of the i
farm, near Tillery, X. C, on Tues-
day, November 1911, Hon. R, L.
cf Allegheny county, will
sell at auction ten or twelve young
mountain horses. This will be an
excellent opportunity to purchase a
nice horse at a reasonable price
who will
represent the people rather than
what is known as the Interests and
The Senatorial
We print elsewhere In this Issue at once become a National figure and
of the Record, a communication from occupy a commanding position in the
Mr. in behalf of Judge councils of the Democratic party-
Clark for the S. Senate. Judge with -which he is in perfect harmony.
Clark has many warm friends and The people demand a clean,
tor the courteous attention you in Warren county. representative in the
given, and the honest and his ability and fit- a man of ability, a
action of your great in the seas and are of his great man of backbone, man a
adjustment of claim upon No. service to the and have re- in sympathy with the toilers
held by my the D. voted for him the the land, and yet who is not an
Fleming. Court, the of extremes, but stands for equal
This was written on the 24th he adorns and many of his rights for all and who stands against
day of last July, with a special term gr. at. st admirers believe he can special privilege, a man
premium of to October the first. the people by remaining a
at which time the regular annual member of the Supreme Court,
premium of would have been, There are other all a man who realizes that he
due. This special premium of who are worthy of that high is the servant of the people who
was paid on the 2nd day of position, but we believe that the him upon a Democratic plat-
and on the 3rd day my wife was interests of the State will be served form to carry out Democratic
with a congestive chill, from by sending Governor Kitchin o
which she died on the 6th. Today We believe that of all the We believe Governor Kitchin meas-
I am in receipt of the Mutual Life's candidates he will make us the up to the high standard set by
check for which is in high effective representative people and like the immortal
testimony of the company's honest Senate. j Vance, his heart-beats will be in
purpose to protect its policy-holders ; Governor unison with the heart of the
and their interests. I had been told- of and his official
others that the first annual and hag , if elected Senator, will express
of would be deducted he a newspaper in th the as outlined in
our sister Halifax. In on Democratic platform, and there-
early manhood he was the Chairman
of the Democratic party in the county
of Person. He redeemed the Fifth
District for Democracy and for
from the claim, but I find it as you
told me, that this was not done, as
the whole amount is paid.
I shall carry my own insurance In
this company, and advise my friends
that there is none better.
Very gratefully yours.
city officials
twelve years represented it in Con-
with signal ability. In the
great Suffrage Amendment campaign
he made a brilliant canvass of a
large part of the State. It fell to
his lot to defend this great measure
Record. Warrenton. X. C.
Resolutions of Respect.
In much as our all-wise Heaven-
Father has seen fit to remove from
earth to heaven our much-beloved
sister. Frances M. Jones, whom we
respected so much;
Be It Resolved, by the W. C. T. U.
Cuts, Bruises
Strains and Sprain, but apply
Noah's Liniment. It
and will take the poison
and out quickly, when
all fails.
Liniment will ave
any amount of pain and can
be taken internally for Colic.
Cramps etc. Nothing better
for Toothache.
tho bet remedy for
Rheumatism, Sciatica. Dock. Stilt
Joints and Muscles, Sore Thrum, I
Strains, Sprains, Cuts,
Braises. Colic, tramps,
Neuralgia, Toothache.,
and all Nerve, Hone
and and
Pains. The gamin
Noah's Ark mi every
package and looks like
this nit. hut has RED
on Mom et
age and Noah's List
always In RED
Ink. Besets of
Large bottle,
cents, and sold by all
dealers In mod I cine.
Guaranteed or money
refunded by Noah
Reined y Co., Inc.,
Richmond, Va.
I and Serial
Clerk Superior C. Moore.
Register Of M. Moore
B. Wilson.
C. OH. Laughing-
P L.
I. J. J. May. B M. W
Ha M. Wooten
C. Tyson.
treasurer-H. L.
T. Smith
Fire D.
E. Nobles, E. B.
W. A. Bowen, J. S. Tunstall. J. F.
Davenport. B. F. Tyson, Z. P.
H. C. Edwards.
Water and Light A
White, C. Lang doghouse. R L,
Q. Coach
Baptist, -Rev. M
look. Pierce, clerk;
;. w. Hi it; Sun-
day school; C Tyson, secretary.
.; . Ware,
J. Latham, C. Ware,
;. ;,
. S v
. ;
secretary W. v Ho
u school
Met o it, Memorial -i. J
., A, is u
kl intend-
ml lay i. K Render,
k .
Robert King,
pastor; r. M. Johnston, clerk; P.
It. Johnston. Supt. Sunday
Miss House, secretary.
Rev. pastor
Greenville A. F. and A U
R. Williams. W M.; L. H. Pender
A F.
ii. W M.;
Greenville Chapter No SO, R. A. M.
R. C. Flanagan, H P.; E. Wins-
Covenant No, I,
N. G ; i. Ii. Sec.
Greenville Encampment No o,
C. P.; L. H.
Tender Scribe,
No, I.
H. S. Sachem; J. U
c. of p.
Tar River No. K. of J
Woodward, O. C; A. B. Ellington.
of R. and S.
River Ruling No. F. M.
W. Brown, W. R.; J.
W. C.
M. K. Turnage. secretary.
End of E. O.
fries, Pres.; Mrs. E. B. Sec.
Mrs. L. Hall, secretary
Round K. It.
Mrs. S. J. Everett,
Civic W. H.
president; Mrs. E. V.
of L
J. president; Mrs. t- A.
en, secretary.
The Kings a. L
Blow, Mrs. J. O.
in the Congress of the United States of Bethel. N. C,
he did it with such ability and I That though we shall miss her
success that the State Executive and wise council and
Commute caused eighty-five thousand feel very keenly our loss, we bow in
copies of his speech to be circulated humble submission to God's will. We
throughout the State as a campaign to bear testimony to her
Don't Judge A Manure
Spreader By Looks
Christian work and as a temperance
. ., . . worker, the union loses one of its
His devotion to the Democratic
, . , ., . ,,. . ., best members, the husband a devoted
faith, his fidelity to the pledges of; , ,., , J
the his courage and
ability in fighting bounties,
sides and special privilege have
en him a high stand and a command-
influence in the councils of the
party in the State and Nation.
and faithful wife.
That we extend to her beloved
ones our sincere sympathy, and com-
mend them in love to the God whom
she trusted.
That these resolutions be spread
Ion our records and a copy be sent
For years he was a member of the be pub-
Congressional Campaign Committee n paper and the
and he boa been a leader In shaping Ribbon.
MRS. W. H.
Every manure spreader is not a that looks
like one. You can't judge a manure spreader by its looks
because there are many features which are found in the
construction of one machine that are not found in others.
Cloverleaf manure spreaders are the most easily operated,
the strongest and best machines on the market. If you
will examine one critically, you will agree with us that the
A. M.-
principles and policies of the
party which are about to bear the
rich of a Democratic Con-
and a Democratic President.
For nearly three years his man is so worthless that he
as Governor has been a ,., recommend
able and effective that the State is him.
enjoying its greatest era of prosper-
and progress in in I Best of Advice.
public health, In good roads and we believe, can.
drainage . In manufacture and be offered the people of
every line of material development; , , , build
and social uplift. I permanent highways. Other
is wise in council and in Virginia have
able in debate. He is a foe to e Brunswick
and deception and a Gazette.
champion of equal and exact justice The the best possible, and
to all and special privilege to none. applicable to any and every
Should he sent to the Senate, he j is
on of his long service Brunswick. Good roads are as good
an Investment as any community can
likewise, they are an asset
which no community can never hope
to possess until and it is will-,
to put up the wherewithal
construct them. The latter is a
j which the Virginia counties fully
realize, the hotter it will be for them. I
Improved cost money, f
, the easiest and best way to raise the
money necessary for their building
. is to issue bonds. That is the w
which several of the counties in the
state are now pursuing; the others
be too quick to suit.
if there be such a thing as better I
advice than this, we are open-mind-
led enough to want to receive It, but;
; there is not
And verily it is applicable alike
every county that hasn't already
entered upon the task of road build-1
talk about Investment
. it is next to the church and school,
best investment any county can
j make of its revenues. Moreover,
with the exceptions aforesaid, a
can less afford to have bad
j than anything with which we
ordinarily afflicted; that Isn't all,
is the best machine you ever looked at. Drop in. Let us
discuss the manure spreader proposition. Let us explain
the many meritorious features found in Cloverleaf con-
Better still, buy one, then you will be in a bet-
position to know why you can't judge a manure spread-
by its looks. If you are not ready to buy, call and get a
It is filled with valuable information on soil
maintenance and fertility. We are reserving one for you
Won't you call and get it today
Greenville, N. C.
and Sprains
Sloan's Liniment is an ex-
remedy for chest and
throat affections. It quickly
relieves lion and
A few drops
water used a e is
antiseptic and healing.
I wed ti for
ind o u trial
efficiency I used It far lore
, m ; h m I a id
j n; . It-
Lucy, Kentucky
The Bank of
Capital Stock 50,000.00
Greenville, N. C.
. Record cf Successful Bank
Among our directors are men who made a
able success of their own business. Having been
successful with i w ill handle
yours w
R I,. DAVIS, K. I.
J. A. N. O
If. S. of Proctor Bro
H. IV. X. C.
J B, N. C.
J. U. MOTE, Merchant, . C.
S. r. Prop. K. C
It. A. Fountain A Co., Fountain, N. C.
II. . of K. C
W. Broker, X. C.
JAKES L. LITTLE. Greenville. H. C.
A small account now may in-
to a large Invited
L. DAVIS. President JAMES I. Cashier.
T. V-Pres. . D, BATEMAN. Cashier.
is excellent for sprains and
bruises. It stops the pain
at once and reduces swell-
very quickly.
Sold by
Taken l.
go further to say that road can't afford, if he but knew it. to or other parts of the State, but they
Is one of the very few ways by which I defer building them. That the car- are not what they should be, nor
I the rural tax payer can driver, or if you What they can be made by the
an adequate return for the please, will profit by them, is worse plication appropriate energy.
money he pays annually into the I than no argument against good roads The people should be allowed to
county treasury. With good and the weapon of the narrow and vote on a bond Issue and if they are.
I Churches, good schools and good j Inconsiderate adversary; there are, there'll be a bond Issue and well
road, a community is quite well j for every carriage driver, at least have good roads. We can build them
prepared to take good care of Itself; I three carts and farm wagons, and to less expensive than by putting down
living and a shot gun In automobile there are not less stone roads and we should begin now.
is a reasonably guaranty I than fort for the local or some of us may live to
for most of its remaining transportation of our farm products joy them.
;,,. and in just that ratio, will the Get on job, Messrs.
Coming to the point. The Times,
Which is not only devoted to the carriage
interest Of this county, but knows automobile or carriage owner. side, of your
What these interests are, wants to Our supervisor should realize and limes.
see Northampton bonded for a sum j appreciate this; they owe it to their
to a good road from to move in the
to the line, with to omit it. is to a very Th
crow-roads MM from time to time portent element of their duty. It is county that I Will not run w wheat
will facilitate easy hauling than a reproach upon
Get on
who hasn't an automobile, or even ors. and show the world
benefit In the excess alive to the wishes and
About the only thing left for the
trusts to do now Is to organize a
trust trust.
mill next year is false. I
stray mat win easy . . ,
. the various ran
color, of them a good article o, T-
. aim . . I . . i,, mil and
at i advocate this
or, not .- . .,. .
though for these there for roads as we do, It is true.
Owner can get same by
my farm, proving
paying charges.
ownership, for driving after year, to travel the have S I SB.
. .,., .
to be said. The farmer course, that our roads are at
only needs such but simply season, as bad as some of the roads j
Very respectfully,
Maturity Have
Valuable and
s Competent Authority
the Which
To the The greatest prob-
that confronts the South today is
the present low pries of
question that provides the immediate
welfare of more than 5.000,000
indirectly affects many, many
millions more. The meeting at New
on October is one of
the important gatherings of
Southern people ever held. All such
mi are most helpful and evolve
man; ideas and plans wise and Other-
wise. Now is the time for the
men of the South lo come to the
refine Of cotton
this meeting is strongly support-
ed by the business interests of the
South land the life-bl of
Southern business is at much
ran to check the sale of cot-
ton and plans devised to help the
holding of cotton. This
will of itself steady prices and have
i tendency to restore the price of cot-
to a figure nearer its actual
worth. If there were any way by
winch the representatives of the cot-
ti i State gathered there could as-
sure the world that an average
age only would be planted for 1912,
price of cotton would go up
mediately, but unfortunately a lack
Of i organization among the
agricultural interests renders
effective co-operation
The education of the to
necessity and the benefits or
and co-operation is the
great work before the On-
ion, and it is now manfully striving
for it end. If the farmers deter-
mil e to cut the cotton acreage ten
per and the April- govern-
report shows such a curtail-
we will see high priced cotton
that time.
The cotton grower is now in a pan-
and is dumping cotton on the mar-
as he can haul it. The
stampede to sill is a
u assurance cotton buyers that
biding their own good time they
can buy cotton lower and lower
figures. It is to the In-
tn hold off h purchases be
the mad eagerness to
merest en the investment are legit-
expenses chargeable to the
farm and must come out of the cot-
ton profits; the cost of necessary
stables, out-buildings, tenant
conveniences around
age. etc. are proper , expenses to
charge against the farm, must be
borne by the cotton crop of the cot-
ton and the value of the
or direction, should also
be counted In the cost. All these
Items must be taken into account as
part of the cost of production.
The census bureau report of yes-
shows that to October
40.634 bales of cotton has been
ginned. The report seems to have
had no effect on the market, as it
was more than discounted before it
appeared and the bears had made
the most of this unusual condition.
The report is the most hopeful news
we have had. It was a surprise that
ii was not over bales as
from observation and from reports
from nil over the country, we were
satisfied about two-fifths of crop
had been ginned. Other ginning
heretofore represented 88-per cent to
per cent of cotton produced, but
only twice has the record ginning
at this time been over per cent.
In 1900. 54.9 per cent of the crop
had been ginned to this time, the
largest ginning ever known to
IS. The census report says that
up to October 1911. biles
had been ginned in North Carolina.
If the percentage of ginned cotton
was not greater than in 1909. then
per cent of the crop would make
about 8.000.000 bales, which does not
much exceed the yield of last year.
Hut this is not true, for it is almost
certain that more than per cent
of the North Carolina crop has been
ginned and the best informed men in
this state say the North Carolina cot-
ton yield will not exceed the crop
1910. which was bales. Every
one in this state knows that cotton
opened early and almost all at once.
from the far South show
the same condition except that the
opening is even greater, In fact, it is
the greatest and earliest opening ever
The government report shows that
i Oklahoma In 1911 894.012 bales
have ginned MUM
1910. Oklahoma made
bales. Governor In a
better to the Progressive Farmer says
Oklahoma will make 800.000 bales.
shows to have
In 1911 against Mir
at the lame time In 1910. That
d not mean a
there is shown by Governor Dona
letter to the Progressive Farm-
In which be says crop is
Arkansas, and
I undoubtedly short in
sell now, regardless Of prices is a 11-1 no u
thousand II was
In 1810.
In Louisiana
Inert hales In 1911
same time in 1910.
WIth Saunders says the crop in
,. of acres In is heavily curtailed by
la probable, nay. it is hardly reduction In
thereto. He
to the speculator to buy cotton
, his own terms. I am satisfied
,. at present prices is a good In-
. because is now below the
cost of production even
crop that is on.
to finance
millions to th
continuance of
The plan of Mr. A. J.
that would bind farmers, land own-
and tenants to plant, or per-
to be planted, exceeding per
cent of the open tenable land now
owned or hereafter acquired in cot-
would give great relier Tor 1912.
but would not entirely accomplish the
purpose. It would restrict the large
cotton farmer, but would not affect
the crop of the general in the
it will be difficult to formulate a
plan that will work a satisfactory re-
even the farmer is ready
to agree to it. In the cotton grow-
states there arc about 180.000.000
acres in cultivation. Of this area
less than per cent or 35.000,000
acres were planted in cotton in 1911.
In the greatest cotton state. Texas,
with 27.000.000 acres In cultivation
acres per
were planted in cotton in 1911. There
are more than fifty counties In Texas
in which no cotton is grown. In
more than half of Florida no cotton
is grown.
Many farmers are the
or making home supplies and
Ending these crops more profit-
able than cotton. It is predicted by
some of the wisest men in the
try that the of the soil and
farmers of the American states will
be taxed to their utmost rapacity
within the life of the next generation,
to feed and sustain the population of
this country. The farmers of the
South are facing the future most
hopefully, and are learning the
son of diversification and year by-
year are growing less dependent on
Year by year, they are grow-
more and more of general farm
crops. The cereal crop of the South
is now about as large as the cotton
crop, and will far exceed the cotton
crop In the next few years. As illus-
I will mention only a few
in the last decade Alabama in-
creased cotton crop per cent.
while Its forage and hay crop was in-
creased per rent
Florida Increased its cotton crop IS
per cent, while ii Increased hay
and forage per cent.
Mississippi Increased its cotton
crop per cent, while It Increased
Its hay and forage crop per cent.
South Carolina increased cotton
crop per cent, while ii Increased
ts hay and forage per cent,
Ii will surprise some of our read-
to know the grain acreage In
North Carolina la more than twice as
great as area. We have a
huge wheat, rye, oat and bay crop
for 1911, and the corn crop this year
embraces 8,072.000 acres, while
, mi crop is 1,687.000 acres.
and Patrons to Make Our store
Their Headquarters
, . your for FAMILY,
HARVEST TIME if here, arid w awaiting your
HOME and farm, f eVer
the most complex of of and
the county. Come to see us and examine
Good Goods.
J R. J. G
When lake Hold of People.
Among the gravest mental causes of
worry that take hold of people are
The Mailers.
To lo your Issue of
air. Blue to Dr.
letter advocating the
claims for the of ex-
Blue states
the Mr. is the
the rout aspirants the
ship. While take no ti a
to Dr. of
1.01- Aycock. he would be our see-
loud choice. We are personally for
the various
fears. Men and women j u iS that Mr. Kitchin
otherwise Intelligent and sound of told the attorney
, . i , federal government alone
are frequently found to vol.
afraid of certain foods or . ,,
of certain localities;
others are possessed with a great
the house of
where the trusts alone
than attractive personality. There
are a great many persons who like
condor and sincerity la their public
who will not support Mr.
farmers, I want to say a
rt you. You are somewhat to
for this slate of affairs. If
j would go to conventions and
assert your powers, and see that no
one was nominated except such as
take some interest in your welfare.
things would not be as they are.
The difficulty has been to a
men have been
for office from tobacco towns.
where you sell your tobacco and
r-e. your and where they
are more Interested in their own
did he are
. a .
that is
bed by the trusts,
Even they must certainly know that
twenty-three, etc. Others live in con been
fear of some particular disease. the trusts dissolved business
V inflated in abusing
will die from cancel or Inflate a P
some other
and every
would be except
r Duke and a few others whose
. hooks would be so
and What he would
We believed in Kitchin, I
to raise so large a
again. Thirty-five million acres with , has suffered
from heavy rains in July
.- o of lint per
give bales and only a low
lime In the history of cotton
has the yield exceeded or
equaled pounds of lint per acre.
termer, or cotton buyer, can j hales against
rains have stop- year ere raising more home
,,, picking and ruin d much open
really Intelligent
pie to live all their live, in very cordially- while the
dread of some great disaster. , the legislature
I are positive that they will eventually b n seVeral days that
But we import more wheat j an struck
lightning, or be swept off the earth
by a cyclone. Still other people are
possessed with an unnatural gravity
fear; they tear great heights, and will
not even go up In a high office for if WOrd of
the Bassett-BlOW bill had been writ-
by the trusts, we are sure they
could not have been better pleased.
Mr. Blue to say about
the government re- we raise. We also annually import
North Carolina one and a ball
million bushels of com. as well as
rye. oats, hay. etc. etc. At present
prices the North Carolina com crop
will sell for almost as much as Hie
cotton crop in the state.
Our are last turning their
attention to general crops and each
he WOUld try to do something for the
relief of the people, but after his
that the Bassett-Blow bill
was as good as the Reid bill, we were
that we had been hoping
g they can possibly avoid it.
,,,.; tear animals during the summer
.,.,; carefully avoiding all dogs
fear of being bitten by a mad flog.
not knowing that mad dogs are Just
i livery
buy cotton for October, 1912, H time last year. Gov-
as cheap as MB to the
It The farmer who says conservative es-
;,, cotton is generally a fool who Mississippi's crop at less
the other man's game and has
to pocket a loss for his experience
besides countenancing one of the
evils and swindles from
which the cotton suffers. As
an actual cotton is now
worth more than It is bringing on
market, and there is abundant
money now In the South to buy It.
Will the people of the South have
confidence enough to buy actual cot-
ton to hold until normal conditions
are restored, thus conserving tin-
prosperity of this section and profit-
the investor
The estimate that the cost of cot-
ton is only a bale is misleading
and absurd. Some farmers raise it
at much less than that, but I venture
to the average cost to the great
of cotton growers, planters,
farmers, tenants, etc. is over a
a bale. Some may raise it for K a
bale, others at but there
more who raise It at a cost of
than the figure. The begin
with I he- correspondent who i
than last year, and that It will not
1.200.000 bales. The
crop In 1910 was 1.254,419.
r shows Texas having
ginned by October 1911.
by October IS,
Tin-census report show that In 1910
. 2.070.261 was per cent of the
Even if the crop in I
but not enough for home the winter as
Hon. Each year the people me
state of Carolina an- import-
more than worth of
food or more than twice the
value of our cotton crop. If we
of the South consider our own
welfare, we will raise crops to meet
our needs, and then cultivate our
money crops at greater profit and
sell them at more remunerative
If Southern Conference at New-
Orleans can satisfy the cotton world elephant ,
that the South will raise more home
his noble dualities, his morality, his
the so-called days. , but. oh, that he
to these special
id promote the interests
the farmer, it is to be hoped that
its members will cease to vote for
an man for any position who is not
;, favor controlling the trusts
When they do this, we will believe
they mean business, we can
cc-e no politics in this.
If the had BO weak-
kneed cowardly the trusts would
have been dissolved long ago.
Ml, X. C.
seems to be no c.
worries, and. when long continued.
they often themselves into
definite obsessions.
Thousands of suffering souls i-.
today by the chains of
bondage. They have no to.- Physical
Their ailment is in reality
. spiritual infirmity. They might go
free at any time, but they do not know
it; they will not believe it. .
; Central Park. New York City, which
supplies next year, which win mean
reduced area In cotton. e had
in j mediately send the price
means a crop of about , been unfastened and led away by
much smaller crop
than in the year
1-106 It would appear that the pres-
ginning represents nearer
cent or SO per cent than per cent
of the Texas crop. Governor Col-
his letter to the
Southern business Interests to take
distressed cotton off the market and
some to cotton among
our own people. It will make higher
It car. help to make
that the realize himself that his cotton is and
says he I. ,. ,, he worth the cos.
production if necessary to hod
government .
Texas crop. Thai the crop has op-
rapidly on account of dry
and the crop In South Texas is
almost entirely gathered and ginned.
It Is a general opinion that the
government report for December will
the cotton crop
has been
is generally above the av- mere will be
era,, as and In ,, ,, , with
cost he selects above an average .
To that acre is charged the labor bales. In 1810. with
,,, used on it. the actual time con- . WM
by mules plowing ,,, ton,
It. the cost seed, a, In
picking, cost of ginning, etc. bale ere,.
,,., to be the common method. cotton
frequently no account is taken of I a. low
o the wear and J ,., a,
on tool, teams, etc. ,
his keepers. One day is occurred to
his observers to remove the man-
from his legs and see II the
would leave his place. After
the beast was free from his shackles
be steadfastly refused to move; even
after he was allowed to become ex-
hungry, and when food was
placed within a few inches his
i reach he stood in his tracks swaying
a year to get 1.1 H will stop his wild, trumpeting, but
scramble to sell and manufacturers wet
W, be glad buy St values The elephant was
than prices are now ranging , J m , k,.
farmer and tenant who raise It.
had a little smattering of the ma-
from which Woodrow Wilson
was made Then things would have
en different
is all right for a man to be able
j deliver a big speech, but he should
not alone depend upon his
however, attractive and
it may be, but with it all a little
business action is required.
Patrick Henry, when he made his
celebrated speech, was not think-
about business at that time, but
was for freedom, being fully assured
he I that when that was obtained
his tracks except ,
would adjust itself.
As we have no recall in force in
this state, what other remedy do
except tin-
of a public official without being ac-
Of mud-flinging We believe
that the administration of Governor
Kitchin is more noted for his failures
to carry out pledges made to the
people in regard to the tobacco trust,
and pardoning criminals, than any-
thing else. We believe that when a
Jury is acquainted With all the cir-
an judge passes sen-
that the verdict should very
he interfered With, except
In the of home building and
home boosting the man counts most
who is Interested so much in his
home town that he is willing to
patronize home institutions when-
ever he can and to lay aside his own
selfish interests when they conflict
in a small way with what appears
for the greater public good. The
knocker and the man who i void
of public spirit never assist in the
work of town building except as
their peculiar interests or whims are
served. On the other hand, there
are a number of men who are ready
to lend valuable service If the prop-
is as they are too
modest assume the lead where
ethers more experienced are present.
It is unjust to condemn this class be-
fore an honest attempt is made to
enlist their co-operation in a boost-
enterprise. The visionary and
hot-air booster does also when
he has a pair of balances tied to him.
is for a small town to be-
,., a Kent or even an Atlanta
in a single leap, and it is sometimes
Una haste is better made slow-
v There is a work for every
to HO In matter of building
a home town, and II is never the right
Raleigh. N. C. Oct. 1911.
News and Observer.
the elephant. We are absolutely tree
but we won't realize nor be-
it. We cannot be surprised when
elephant behaves in this way. but
lit ought to be a cause for amazement
when Intelligent men and women will
themselves to be held down by
-half The mules used S J th. f -k. Th,
Lecture Saturday Sight
K most interesting event at
Training was the lecture Set- bondage.
sight by Or
audience was do-
where the criminal, or new evidence .- . the
has been discovered. info, , b.
lawyers when seeking a pardon, an b it jealousies,
always as conscientious as th
to be. I , . hone-pride and
Mr, Blue seems to think that nm ,,, every one.
Kitchin Will certainly be elected a
We think that he
sure there are a multitude of
farmers who have been work-
themselves and children for the
tobacco trusts for the last twenty , ,. e
years, who supported Mr. Kitchin tori
I, be -lone where home
are supported and when
who will not d in this
Its more bell.
rt urn o. a--
be rung, of the
and apologies, stop making promises.

Published by
D. J. WHICHARD. Editor.
rates may be had upon
p; at the business In
Reflector corner Evan
lid streets.
All cards of thinks
will be charged for at
Communications advertising
i ill be chaffed for at m
Dents per line, up it, lines.
as second class matter
August 1910, at the post a
art March
aboard yacht In Charleston want everybody to feel that It la Maybe they will get the
While he had for time Greenville, of a steel trap.
been pour health, his death came
a He was years
age, and ore of the most prominent i; ., . ,.
Journalists in the country. He
chased the New York World In 1883
and mode the leading newspaper Ta for or for
of i. log i
For Men Only.
f living in Chi- v good woman whose
is cheaper than here. who gaged in building rail-
want to to China even If he could he
One of the Oldest Forms of Sport
Known Man.
ll. Ill
Sherman regarded war as hell,
how did General Beau-regard
asks the Philadelphia Times. We must
We all have our troubles The
Reflector is not exempt. Saturday
was day that gave us our but
that's a clever people got their paper even If it
Times. Yes. clever enough to late.
a Demo-j
oral This is a good place For-rest. everybody in Greenville would
Jacksonville Times-Union. None for Greenville, there would be
you have anything to Bragg about. more of Greenville, of all the
Wilmington Dispatch. The puller we do not need anybody who
hunch of you ought to be rolled down
the Hill.
The gate receipts at the six games
pulls down.
That man's make-up is radically
wrong who takes wages from his cm-
New York and at the same time works.
played b
to decide the world's
averaged over per
game. Out of not receipts the
member of the winning team. Phil-
rather than
for. the interest of his
to have another term as
New York is about to experiment got some over each, i to the fact that the people do not
with new methods for the reclamation ,,, Ne about
of the drunkards of that vast . , . . ,
. , . leach. It pays to be a big player In
by the appointment of an
board which shall pass game.
the men of Intoxicated habits and j
when judgment is passed by these The twelfth series in the Home
experts, the men will be sent Loan association will be
a hospital for treatment or to a farm i , . . .
, , ., ,. .,, opened next Saturday. Tins
colony where their surroundings will t
be helpful, the disposition to be
between these two places according of Greenville and is entitled to the
to the individual need of the drunk- confidence and support of the people
ard. Th experiment is one that the Aside from the it
worthy of attention, it being apparent , . . ,
. , . . . , . gives people to own their home, it is
that the old-time way of sending men
of pronounced habits in this regard a for
to the work-house or county roads who take shares In it.
is in the long run ineffective in re-
claim them to virtue or Industry.
Charlotte Observer.
A better step than either would be
It pains his friends throughout the
state to know that the condition of
three days before he would
a charier tor a new one. Every
few mouths we read of some effort
being made to amend the Bible or
come portions of it. More or leas
minds know they can do
A Chicago minister, however,
a set of commandments that
arc tip top. He does not propose
them lieu of the ten given in the
Bible, which makes them
are men only, which shows
Chicago preacher is wise. Mere
shall not neglect thy home
for lodge, or club, or fraternity, or
loon, or any male meeting place of
kind whatsoever.
shalt not compel they wife
ask for every needed penny;
thou dole out the same like
shall not allow thy wife to
become a household drudge, enslaved
stove, broom and babies.
shalt not smoke ten-cent
Mr. Taft is getting his eyes open am, wear socks thy
wears last year's hat and thy
sens wear hand-me-down pants.
shalt not quaff the flowing
bowl, sit at poker or play the
race, on pain of thy son's damnation.
shalt not neglect needful
in Pitt county, and the county fair is discipline, lest thy sons and thy
still further evidence of her ability daughters stray into crooked paths;
to do things. I neither shalt thou be a harsh and
tyrant, lest thy children
i these and thy teachings,
II quite a difference In doing j haM the
a thing for the love of it or through of thy children in order that
a desire to serve others, and in being they, with Immature strength and
prompted by a motive. minds, may help thee bear
j the burden of support.
, shalt not farm out the
If the price of cotton should or thy any
back to cents as cotton con- minister. Sunday school teacher,
says should there would j zealot of any kind, or even to
be a shout of rejoicing throughout mother. Thou thyself shall In-
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as executor of the last will and
of J. S. Cannon, deceased,
notice is hereby given to all person
indebted to the estate to make
payment to the undersigned;
laud all persons having claims against
Record. Show That th. Early Athlete are notified that they must
the same to the undersigned
for payment on or the 23rd
Were Masters of Four Hundred
Different of the Old
Grips Are Used In the Modern
The wrestling game Is up
old as the Bill In the days When
men lived In cave, themselves
with In summer and girded
their loin-; and with skin of fur
in winter part of
mode of lighting.
day of October. or this
will be plead In bar of recovery.
This 2-rd day of October. 1911
of Estate of J. S. Cannon
I The undersigned having this day
the c In as administrator of the es-
ii . i . i. L. A- White, deceased, before
the mode of life during the long circle of
of years to the present ha not court of Pitt county, notice is hereby
want him
Injured the art. It exists practical
as it was the dim.
of the softened and
lowed perhaps some of the rude
essentials, is made manifest by the
records which have stood all these
years, mocking die attempt of Father
Time efface them.
In the temple of
located near the hanks of the Nile,
in stone, wrestlers are depicted
In various exemplifying U
the holds and falls that modern
exponents of wrestling now use la
their bouts. In tomb No It
the of wrestlers represent
nearly position would
from i hi I Inn the
of rt
given lo all persons indebted to said
estate to make Immediate payment to
the undersigned administrator and all
persons holding claims against said
estate are hereby requested to file
their said claims with the undersigned
administrator within twelve months
from the date hereof, or this notice
will be plead in bar of recovery of
said claims.
This the 1st day of November. 1911.
of estate of L. A. While
IF. C. Harding, Any.
Having this day qualified as ad-
of the estate of R. C.
Egyptians were deceased, late of the county
f wrestling and of Pitt, North Carolina, this is to
The Reflector has always believed
the day athlete scarcely notify all persons having Claims
deviates from employed o present them
b-. men in Hi when the
was Egypt was the head
legs Slid of All persons indebted
It was the Egyptians th. make
This October
of the estate of R. C.
While. Deceased.
to stop the sale of the liquor and Mr J p- former editor of
keep out of the reach of the Charlotte Observer, has grown so
who cannot resist the temptation to is
drink It. New York licenses and en- aB For several years he has
courages the places that debauch her
citizens, then has to go about to
them or try to reform education
Neither of the latter would be docs not look
ed if the former was not allowed. It morals as mM as mind of
is easier to prevent a man from being is not much education,
ruined than it is to reform him after To learn how to
he is ruined. make the most of life and be the
j greatest help to others, is the right
CAROLINA CLUB. kind of education.
The Reflector has all along been
friend and advocate of Carolina club. of now looked
and has and again urged the to in the government circles
business men of the town to maintain is the control Of all rail-
it. This was because it was seen of the country by tie inter-
that the club in its past career had state commerce commission. When
done much for the town, and the op- this comes about many of the State
was afforded for doing much legislatures will lose ore of their
more. And now that the club has standing question for argument
changed its plans, so that it becomes i
a business, as well as social, organ- We do not believe there is an ed-
we feel that there is a who ever published issue of
field of usefulness It paper that was entirely
ever. and that it is going to be to himself, much less to
greater factor in the advancement else But the kind
the South.
There is so much good in the
world, and so many opportunities for
doing good, that no man should want
to get on the bad side of anything.
in righteousness, and
Shalt lead them In the paths which
brighter and brighter unto
tie perfect Rec-
There are a dozen different kinds
of factories that might be operated
I profitably in Greenville, and
haven't got a single one of them.
What la Advertising Space Worth
Advertising space with a
per is like merchandise with a mer-
chant. It is a stock in trade. Space
in a given paper is worth IS cents
we. per inch, if the circulation both in
and quality is sufficiently
j large. Just what the amount of this
Thursday's editorial column of the be is a problem
with each individual newspaper.
Raleigh Evening Times had a smell, as for .,
and a taste of spoiled meat. circulation. Some papers charge as
j much for subscribers as others
Somebody wants to know how for or 20.000.
can have a fair without horse racing. . T a
basis of cents the first thous-
Come to next Thursday and and ,
Friday and we will show you. 1500. That is that a daily having
, 8.500 subscribers should get at least
The highest that comes to self M cent
is doing some deed of kindness to , , , , .
mis is only based upon
others. It is better to serve than the advertisers
be served. have begun to realize that quality
play ail important part In the
Judging from an expression in newspaper. That
the town. There is power in organ-
and with the business men
for the good of the town, as
is now proposed by and through this
club there is no telling what can be
accomplished. Every business man
In the town who is not already a
should become one at the first
opportunity. He owes It to himself
and also to the town to identified
with whatever is for the social,
and civic improvement of the
That was a sad tragedy that
cured near Shelby a few evenings
ago. A South Carolinian came over
to visit relatives, making the trip in
his automobile. He took several
out for a ride in his car
and while going along the road met
a farmer riding in a buggy. The
farmer stopped ahead, got out of his
buggy and advanced toward the
with a drawn pistol, saying
e was going to kill the man who
as driving the car. The latter tried
reason with him. but failing to
top the advance of the farmer and
ring an execution of the threat to
pulled a pistol from under the
eat of the car and shot the farmer
The coroner's jury that
the matter exonerated the
rendering a verdict that
e killing was justifiable.
the prude has occasional
that she likes to think.
ways keep trying to get to tile
The tour of automobiles
from the North through the South has
recorded a fatal accident In
one of the cars turned turtle, in-
killing one man and seriously
injuring two other occupants. Fast
automobiles, like levies a
heavy death toil.
Th lie empty lying
behind of t n buildings on Firth
street, the vicinity the Rainbow
stables, Indicates that much blind
tiger is being handled in that
quarter. The boldness of it is shown
this display of empty jugs.
An up the slate man said to The
Reflector man that if Greenville had
a modern hotel it would be
best town of its size In the state.
It is already the best town, but the
Is Something that Is badly need-
ed and ought to be here.
President Taft must have met with
a considerable frost on his western
trip. In a speech in Chicago ho
admitted that he looked for
the Republicans to be in
the next National election,
You will see at the county fair,
Thursday a--1 r.
can do something the way of stock
and poultry raising.
Greensboro News, straw hats and
overcoats do not go well together.
if the advertiser intends to sell the
he must know that his
reaches people who are
able and do purchase his goods.
It looks like the newspapers ought therefore In a newspaper re-
. , . . . . . itself into class of a paper
to enough to talk about without . . .
that is being published. It must be
jumping on each other. L , of
to reach the best people. It
The civic pride meeting the lave Plenty of good clean news.
court house Thursday night should
appeal to every citizen.
New York must have got rattled
letting the score Thursday go to
in favor of Philadelphia,
that a child may read, In order to
appeal to the best element in every
Blind tiger liquor selling is not
going to be broken up until the
demand that it be done.
Carroll ;.
Carroll C. the new
dent of the National Educational As-
was In Tabor, Iowa.
November 1858. His education was
received In the public schools of Iowa
and Nebraska, supplemented by two
j oars at College. He began
If you want to see the folks. Green- as educator thirty years
ago as superintendent of schools In
Neb, Later he was the head of
the public schools at Neb.;
Beatrice, Neb., and Omaha.
The fellow who Pitt county in Nebraska he was
not have a fair has got another of the
and other slate organizations.
Since he has been
of the public schools of
It has worked some of us almost to been active In
ville Is the place and next Thursday
and Friday the time.
coming his way.
a finish, but the fair is worth It.
The fair has further emphasized
Greenville's need of a large hotel.
In a number of states
will be held next Tuesday,
Whenever you sec Pitt county she
is in the lead.
Don't it make you feel proud of
Pitt county
Um affairs of the National Education-
association for many years
to his recent election to the
presidency. In 1899 he served as
treasurer of the association and later
he held offices In the department of
superintendence and the National
Council of Education.
A man excited about the way
girls try to win a living, and she to
try to win a husband.
Too many people with whom do
not agree think we are behind the
Greeks obtained knowledge
The In the Herd
tomb prove this. The
were the fighter of those
days, and was but natural that they
adopted sports as I means to
their physical condition; hence it
that heir gainer held at Olympic
and elsewhere at slated
wrestling was pun of the- program
At the games the champions of
friendly nation met in rivalry. Then
was great glory attached to a
The successful competitor was treated
like a hero return to his
land and Ills entry Into his home city
were made occasion for a
pliant procession He was the
the day, of
The Olympic
dates from I. held every
four years at Ellis. The;
were started religions festival
honor of Jupiter, but the games, like
the play, soon became thing, and
the people lost sight of the solemnity
and sanctity of the meetings and as-
there Just to see the sport
it was the eighteenth Olympiad
I. C. that the first record of
was established. a
was the victor. He carried
off the prize, a crown of wild olive
made from it tree which stood
It will lie seen from this that
Is one of the oldest sports, pas
times, mean of attack or defense, call
It what you will, known In the history
of man. Prom the dawn of
there records of wrestling bout
To Homer we owe that glittering
glowing description of the
between AJax and Ulysses. He
who was the Incur
nation of strength, the physical
man. and Ulysses, crafty, ill;
champion of every art and wile. Ho
mer before he was stricken blind
many great wrestling in
the Greek cities. In his he
graphically the
bout between Ulysses and AJax.
Nor is convulsions
of strife which followed among
fighting warriors, down through ninny
chaotic changes out of which empire
rose and fell along the path of time.
In periods dull, creaking, rude and
gross down to the present decade,
wrestling was known, understood end
played Its part. That Shakespeare in
day realized its popularity
made use of It Is evident In that scene
between Orlando and the duke's
tier You Although
the play was supposed to lake place In
France, the wrestling this scene Is a
reproduction of that practiced In
land at that time
the long time that tins
held sway there have been many Sty In
elbow, recumbent and
Terminology of wrestling terms Is
meager The names In many In
stances were purely for
stance. Cumberland and West more
laud, which tills country Is win
back Collar and TOWN PROPERTY FOB
wrestling originated In the counties undersigned Will, on Monday.
Cornwall and Devon. and 1911 sell
, . ,. at public sale, before the court boil IS
still Is practiced there. m , mm
The and ,,., adjoining vacant
Roman styles are now tho only one known as the R. Moore home
used In championship matches. on Dickinson avenue and the
former Is its name Implies. Coast Line railroad. This
A Wrestler may catch his adversary property fronts 1-2 feet the
on any part of the body. neck, bend or A- railroad and I'll feet
the latter style the hold Is Term of sale mad.-
reacted that par, of the bod, t. suit
the waist Hue. K. C. Harding. Atty. U
The undersigned having this day
qualified as executor of the hut will
and testament of John H. Cherry, de-
ceased, notice Is hereby given to all
persons Indebted to said estate to
make immediate payment to the under-
signed executor and all persons hold-
claims against estate are
hereby notified to file their claim
in twelve months from date here-
of or this notice will be plead in bar
Of recovery.
This 11th day of October, 1911
Executor of the last will any
of John H. Cherry.
F. C. HARDING, Attorney.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk Of Pill
las executor of the lust will and
of John L. Ross, deceased,
notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the estate to make
payment to the undersigned;
um all persona having claims
the estate arc notified that
present the same to the
j undersigned for payment on or before
the 28th day of October, 1912. or this
will be plead in bar of
This 38th day of October,
Exit-, of John L. L MS.
Having duly qualified the
Superior com I clerk r;
c of A.
. notice here-
in- to
U pay-
ed; and all per-
I as administrator of
j J. Jefferson,
by given to all p
the estate to
men the under
sons having any
estate are notified
present the to undersigned
payment on or before 31st
lot October, 1912. or this notice will be
I plead In bar of recovery.
This day of October. 1912.
of A. J.
Having qualified as administratrix
Of Joseph deceased, late of
Pitt county, N. C this is notify
all persons having claims against the
estate of the said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned on or before
the day of October. 1912. or this
notice will be plead bar of their
recovery. All persons Indebted to
Said estate will please make
This 30th day of October. 1911.
A man should feel the obligation
to bring into the lives of all
those whom he loves. The fact
that the routine of the day has been
dull doesn't excuse him for being
glum and silent at his evening meal.
Arthur S. Pier.
I Hulked at Cold SI eel.
wouldn't let a doctor cut my fool
said H, D. Ely, Bantam. Ohio,
a horrible ulcer had
the plague of my life for four years.
Instead I used Salve
and my foot was soon
Heals bums, boils, sores
pile cure. cents at all drug-
Large All Departments And
Immense Present,
, ii
Chewing flam sad Safety Pin
red to Stick Stamp, on Letter.
Syrup, chewing gum. and safety
ILL EXPECTATIONS, pins arc causing the no end
folks would just have syrup
with their hot cakes in the
explained the postmaster Saturday,
the gum, and put the safely
pins to the use they were always in-
tended instead of sticking on
stamps with them, we'd be freed
a heavy
As It is, one of the problems of the
is syruped, gummed, and
safely-pinned stamps. A frugal per-
son carries round a stamp In his
The first Pitt County Fair was
formally opened this morning
Star Warehouse With great crowd
of people present and a large array
of all kinds of exhibits, showing the
county's varied products of
live poultry, dairy and
pantry products end manufactured
exercises began with a locket for several days till all lie
by the band, followed with an part is worn off; then.
revocation by Rev. J. H. Shore. Pros- it , ho
J. U Wooten then gave a brief brings out the syrup pitcher, or gets
history of the inception and organ- of chewing gum from
of the Pitt County Fair As- mahogany-veneered table, or
and extended a cordial
lo all the people who have i Letters with stamps attached in
come. He then introduced Mr. T. B. are a, the first post-
Parker of tho Slate agricultural held is
department, who delivered the open- for them.
address. He came as the Among those that came In Saturday
Commissioner Graham, were stamps
who was lo have opened the fair. cut other
but who had to go to New
to attend tho cotton convention. sticking the stamp, trick-
After another selection by the led over the letters, and struck every
the people then went around thing else that came within reach.
viewing the exhibits. These in Besides this nuisance, the
and number far surpassed tho is getting a lot of letters that are
expectations of everybody and ex- without postage of any sort.
of delight wore many. ed In these Saturday were a dozen or
judges from State more wedding Invitations. After the
of agriculture arc here to wedding is over and done with, those
judge the exhibits of tho different de- guests will probably wonder in keen
and will Judge then and offense why they weren't invited,
designate the winners tomorrow. Much mail that Is received from
To sum the whole up briefly the business houses that is without
is a great success in par- the necessary postage. In hurry of
preparing many letters a number go
Notes of the Exhibit. without Journal.
John Flanagan company
have a beautiful booth of
bicycles, lap robes and harness.
bar In. U To-t are the
I Mir Mr, and are running
to. think any
ale u. la
Yuan truly,
n y, -11.
it. attractive booth is a
public place for everybody. He had
letters written, sent out errand
furnished post cards and stationery
and did anything else for the con-
of visitors.
The woman's department is the
of everybody with its dis-
play of fancy work, dairy and poultry
ferns and flowers.
folks did not know there was
as much fine poultry in all of Pitt
county as is shown at the fair.
live stock exhibit Is a marvel.
The Cabinet Veneer veneer
is admired by everybody.
old guns, old pistols, old
swords and old relics of Revolution-
and Civil war days are a great
There is corn and corn and then
some, which shows that Pitt
is some when it comes to corn
There are some too. the
biggest one weighing pounds.
The display of farm machinery and
implements is line.
The town's display of electrical
goods is worth going to see.
Tile live alligator attract much
attention but they are not Pitt county
Nobody blames the for
crowing. The fair Is certainly big
enough to crow over.
Every visitor pays it is the largest
and best county fair they over
He Are Predisposed In
There is another circle of sensitive
souls who are worried throughout Hit
n by the imaginary hereditary legacies
handed down by fathers and others
in the shape of physical weaknesses
and bodily deformities. Still others,
owing to a weakened nervous system
and fall into a condition
of nervous that renders
them very liable to anxiety and
upon the least provocation. Such
fact, all of great-
predisposed to worry by sleepless-
Sound sleep in a great
of mental state that
borders on worry.
The state of physical health is
not SB infrequent occasion for worry.
worry because of lingering ill-
or unusual while
grieve because of the sickness
and suffering of their loved ones.
Another form of worry is the fear
of As the years pass over
US tile arteries begin to harden, the
memory gradually fails, the skin be-
comes visibly wrinkled and leathery,
and the old age brings its peculiar
worries to majority of people.
There is a tendency to undue anxiety
on the part of aged that is born
both of the retrospective view of life
and anticipation as to what the future
holds in Especially is this true
the case of those who do not have
sufficient means laid up properly According to plan of Norman
comfortably to cure for them to Mack, chairman, the Democratic
good old age national committed will meet In
When Worry Enters The Home. January S to select the
With women I suppose that tor holding the next
hold problems are the greatest single convention.
and come In let a show n
You a. Mr. did these
a stronger mere durable, because are made from better
material better Ironed other wagon, and v by the
Cubic lo sad St. On.
T. W. Co.,
of satisfactory service; the of val
of hundred, of thousands of wagon users
and the laurels wagon can win are
every The way such a spies-
did record could possibly be made Is just the way it has
been made for the by putting the
very belt quality Into every part. Ironing them
perfectly and painting them handsomely and durably.
You make no mistake selecting the
THIS PICTURE made from an exact photograph of the
OLD illustration In
every Isn't possible up all the points of superiority
of these wagon- b any cut, however good. You must see the
to really It splendid qualities.
Don't fall to in and inspect it time yon are In
If side only by the KENTUCKY WAGON CO., Louisville, Ky.
, i., m v I . t.;
-or Greene, Pitt, Jones, Craven, counties.
buy in car lo th lowest -o .; e r i Mt, d i-e on the closest gin.
if not convenient to come to see us, write us stating size and style wanted
will lowest price delivered at your nearest shipping point. Let
us have your inquiries and orders, and we will make price and terms
factory. Address,
The Republican primary in West
Virginia next Juno will be first
ever in for the
State officers.
W. Fairbanks, former vice
president of the United States, is
I mentioned for Republican
nation for governor of Indiana.
. A Col
January .
May , ,
July . .
York Cotton.
. 9.21
. 9.20
l I HE
N. following lute
published at . u only
are mi
Greenville cotton
5-8 I
meeting in
which committee of
were appointed by
of Kent, father of Queen
Victoria, horn. Died January
John, N. B. captured by an anxiety and worry, together with the Jersey, for the presidential
cause of worry. The proper rearing
of the boy, the successful training, John Williams, formerly
of girl, the petty cares of j Democratic leader o the house, and
the home, to which all women are now United Stales senator from Mis-
subject, together with the modern announced his Intention
servant serve to create to support Governor Wilson, of New , America's
American force
under General
useless and unnecessary toil
with the family life. House-
K. Polk, eleventh pros- wives are constantly worried over
of the United States, born proper performance of little things,
in Mecklenburg county, North
Carolina. Died in Nashville.
Tenn., June 1849.
battle or San Saba. in
planet discovered
by A. De
that, as actual fact, would in no
way affect the family happiness
they were left alone.
Many a mother, when she waken
in the morning, begins day in a
stale of anxious and nervous
She feels herself already crush-
thanksgiving observed I ed under weight of all the bur-
for the peace between the north dons she will have to bear. The it-
south. tie household cares and domestic
A. of Ohio, i trials which every mother has to bear
elected president of the United i are not to her simple annoyances;
land, the famous Singer, I suffers every one of these calamities
died In England. Horn a score of times before they conic.
In Km U
from her position on the
Friends of Roger C Sullivan, Dem- Gar-
national for 11- don tower never looked down upon I
understand that he Intends to a more Interesting or more important
retire from national politics after the exhibition than that which opened p.
campaign next year, regardless of ,,, today under
whether or not ho victorious title of the American further Information
tho faction. and Irrigation Exposition, of Bleeping space apply
exhibition will continue ten days. . i. Agent,
John J. Hopper, who ran for Is stimulate in- n. c.
of Now York on tho in farming and land improve- j
League ticket a year ago, is no and to show the great rewards
a. in. Dull, Pull-
man, Bleeping Car Norfolk.
a. m Dally, for
City and Norfolk Broiler Car
service connects tor all point.
p. m., Daily, except Sunday, tor
a. m. Dally, for Wilson and Hal-
Pullman Bleeping Car
ice Connect North. South and
n m Daily, except Sunday, for
Wilson and connects tor
all points.
m. Dally, Wilson a-id
Car service.
. w. t
a candidate for sheriff of New Yo. which can he gained from scientific
county tho ticket j agriculture,
y are actual catastrophes, and she by the Republicans, the In- The is outcome of c
League and other so-1 blued efforts by the united
culled government, the railroads of the
. . . country and various financial and
One of the
General Sun.
p. a.
from its pretensions
hods in
of the ex-
position at Buffalo.
I first go over my breeding corn
plots and all the rows alter-
and also all other
give stalks that do seem healthy or
. At the and people living In this prolific
close of Hie day this mother in Chicago during the presidential W ea of the vast resources of
next year. This country and of the conform to my ideal. Prom these
By noon her life is swarming with
apprehensions, difficulties and Already there is a movement III agricultural Interests,
worry reigns supreme on the national political circles to have the reason holding the
of the Republican City is to
Sweden, October B. 1820.
1889 North and South Dakota
to the Union.
II. proclaimed of her mind, and distraction main headquarters
or of Russia.
has borne a hundred sorrows which campaign of
Later go over the de-
rows mark all stalk
The more often a girl has been en-
the more sudden each one can
to her.
Young widows know that fizz is
Batch more appealing to men than
good wine under it.
A man gets about the way
government runs the country be-
It's mostly right.
he Only New unabridged
in many years.
Contains the pith and essence
of an library.
Covers every Hold of
edge. An Encyclopedia in a
tangle book.
Tho Only Dictionary with the
New Divided Page.
Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
Lei tell you about this most
remarkable single
. ; this
paper and
we will
a set of
Hiss Irene I Censor.
NEW YORK.-The board of national
moving picture film censors has at
last taken of the charge that
actors who pose for the pictures some-
times use bad language plays
which can be seen and by
deaf and dumb people who understand
spoken words by reading lips. The
board has appointed Miss Irene Lang-
ford, who in addition to being a light
Star is also a to
act as censor.
II will be Miss task to
watch the moving pictures for
language. Such films she con-
on this score will be refused
the o. k. of the board.
Probably moving picture actors who
in the past Interpolated Improper
their pantomime speeches
never dreamed that their word could
be understood by any of the thousands
who later watched the action on
picture curtains.
The moving picture board meets
each week and the film companies
throw their latest a screen
for inspection. watching for
scenes which are improper the board
members the films from an
artistic standpoint. Often entire
scenes are reenacted by the film pro-
because of the board's
and suggestions.
were wholly imaginary, produced en-the ease In
by abnormal emotion. i so in 1808.
I . . .
The soon be
on, t
ins.-.- i iv
i -inn .
. n 1-
Weather a marked
the of electrical
it ire.
1896 and 1900 and partly practical advance have
in recent years.
e include s; of
and map and relief
Which is desired
lo exploit. Illustrations of
h Atlanta, Birmingham
Memphis and points West.
and Florida points,
at Hamlet for Charlotte
undertaken by Senator La In
furtherance of his presidential
rations will last six or eight weeks
and will embrace Dakotas, Min-
Iowa. Nebraska. Missouri,
Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana. Michigan,
Mississippi and probably Ohio.
I save my seed supply for my satire
cop. I pick a few of the best seed
cars for the next years breeding
pints. My breeding plots HOW prom-
lee bushels per I have the
corn In 4-foot rows and I inches
ii.-. branches, Including I apart drill. Borne plots re stand-
.;. fa and Irrigation s to inches In drill. Thai
To demonstrate the which stands Inches In the drill has
American soils the manage-1 from one to two good ears per
has moving which stands g to Inches,
and Illustrated lectures. The display two to three ears per stalk.
Is not confined to any one section picking my cotton I haves small
country, While the South, to the top side of my
States and far West In this small sack put the
most largely represented, there Intended for my next year's
also exhibit to show that New putting in boll that come
j national Republican committee, when ,,.,. h m from that to my ideal.
H issues a call the national con-out o u only use the small sack long enough
Senator Jonathan Jr. of
Oregon, apostle of direct primaries
and president of the national
progressive league, wants the
I to recommend the holding of
a preference primaries
with and parlor car. Cos I , Union.
with for j
ton. New
a. m For Richmond. Wash
and New York Pullman
or, day coaches car
at C,
at with Pennsylvania
railroad and U. iv for
and points
p. Atlanta,
Wilmington, Birmingham.
point West Parlor cars Ii
p. m., No. M t
The People's Rule League of Amer-
alarmed over the possible out-
come of suit pending in the
court of the United States at-
tacking the constitutionality of the
and referendum, is appeal-
to the attorneys general of all
suites directly Interested to prepare
products from the prairie prov- j to Bet cotton Sufficient to make seed
Columbia. crop. go to the gin and see
the Interesting feature J sat it is cleaned then
of the is tho number of j a bale my own cotton ginned
Offered. A immediately have seed cotton
lug magnet will be Lite giving same variety ginned, catching the
to by popular allot- on a sheet. know this work
in . orchard, irrigated handsomely, Some
I or gain In ; parts
of the Lulled States. and have been
s are of
grain la In . . . .
briefs in support of validity ; ., . ; j
this theory of government. Pacific . of irrigated
; near K- veil, New
The residents of Riverside City, an by Irrigated Land at home.
Incorporated suburb of Ind., Company of New Mex- Brother Farmer, II you good
have decided to bar politics from a ,,.,.,.,. orChard of cotton or corn, go
municipal affairs, and at their town Bear Tallahassee, Fla., donated roving It at home and gel something
ago I ordered a good variety of col-
them in the above manner about
teen years. I have ordered seed
I n ii.- from tile same man and get
line seed each time, but find them to
far of those I have been
at their town
Oxford, Pecan Com-1 extra One oil it if you not
one ticket in the field. Though the ti u from ,
Republicans in the majority and and improve i, at home. You will
could control all of town
they divide the
p. m. No. fur
o. for Cincinnati and points Weal
Memphis, and points West. Jack-
and all Florid point
Pullman sleepers. Arrive
a. m.
Richmond a. in
Washington s. m, New fort
m station. Pullman
service i Nan
with the Democrats in about
equal proportion.
The prizes lo be distributed
the exhibitors include a Cheaper and to
for the best barley grown In the i do this than to always depend the
States, a cup offered j other fellow to furnish them at a
by James Hill for the best price and often an Inferior
Idled pounds of wheat produced In i C. Crook In the
the United Stales, one thousand Farmer.
to be given In gold by Sir Thom- .
Got Her.
I used to court the I
doesn't seem to have interfere . the Canadian Pa-1
with your Railway, tor the best hundred the best boxes of apples. Cups
One of us would have married pounds of wheat raised either valued at each will be given
H. P. A., Vs, tier If tho other hadn't always been Is North or Central America, and for the best yield of cotton, hops.
II. . P. A, K. r,, the in gold who

N. S. Train Cuts A. C. L Train I
The Schools of The
wish to ask all the teachers in
lo at once to main
preparations to be here next
are hoping for a great
Audience in graded School An- day. Get all the children la your
lo Hear Mini. district whether In school or not to
The auditorium of the graded be here that day. Have a banner
was nearly Oiled with people Friday I Prepared carry
night to hear Dr. Rankin. secretary
Atlantic loss Train i
Across u
Norfolk Southern Knight trashes
into of Crew Injured.
About o'clock Saturday Bight the
long blowing of a steam whistle
considerable uneasiness
among ; the town. At
. . it was lire at one
or lumber plants
but no outcry was heard. A large
number went out in the direction of
the blowing whistle and found that
a bad wreck had occurred at the
Jul. of the Norfolk Southern and
Atlantic Coast Line railroads, just
the limits of the town, and
the noise was caused by escaping
steam from a disabled engine.
Two freight wars involved in
the but toe damage was
mainly to one of thorn, toe Norfolk
Southern. The freight
the Atlantic Coast Line had I
its work at the
cud was doing
some shifting pi. lo leaving.
In this shilling it i the main
trace intending to buck Boats cars
Into a siding. The train come
to a w. the and
three box cars being beyond the
junction, the I . . . i.
mediately traits.
Just then . Norfolk
through . . heavy
train of for. ,. , rounded the
curve It was
so was nearly
. before engineer
saw the other train across
the in front him, He re-
vi bis engine and applied b
ml It as too late to p short of
i i slug. He be
. jumped out to themselves
. a escaped Injury.
of the state board of health.
After a few brief Introductory re-
marks by Dr. Skinner, superintend-
of health in county. Dr.
Rankin proceeded to the a discussion
Of the of Health to
He made his address intensely
practical. At all times It was plain,
and in such terms that the laymen
had no difficulty in understanding
First of ice defects common to
school children which the speaker
look Was defective vision. He
stated accord to statistics ten
per Cent Of all children have
defective vision. Dr, Rankin gave a
very clear explanation of the com-
eye def ts, and showed the
Another common which
was i i length, was
per cent
of school children of the state
he e troubles of one form or
a. the more usual one being
adenoids. Dr. Rankin explained
the usual symptoms Of adenoids,
and then showed the result of neg-
eases. He said probably the
worst result was the great drain on
nervous energy. All of us are born,
he said with varying degrees of
wealth. Some inhere much, some
little, some none. In the same way
all us are born with much
energy, some with little, some
With practically none. Throat
particularly adenoids, exhaust
nervous energy. We become
take to the use of drugs, strong
drink, and thousands commit suicide
every Neurasthenia, or nerve
exhaustion, is so common in America
it is known us the
Leaving more common
, . at school ii, Dr. Rankin
took up the diseases to which
n cut children, and the public at large, are
; rough the exposed. The Oral o
tuberculosis. He declared
if tuberculosis were properly
we i i
u lives ea ii be i In
Ir sputa
; call i u the empty box
i and
ii down i. just
. Inn Into
ins. This was dam-1 ow own state. spit, no
i Lin. . watchword, ii
is t . . which was struck
uncoupled and the others on bi
sides remained on the track.
Things worse WM
Norfolk Southern train. The thousand deaths
was badly smashed, ii tore up the occur annually In the States
track and rolled over In a ditch no This mighty army of
far from the A car could
d b th col was sown to exercise the
the embankment and broken to preventions. The speaker
I,.,. , . one which
II took all night and until fl M
th. .;. neglect
A woman
.-. did u i lier
noon to lug
away. Attention was Oral given
repairing the track In time for
early morning trains. A
Haiti with hoisting derrick came from
u and lifted the k i a .
the track so Ii could be pulled
shops New Bern, The all
were pull, d out and loaded
. a i ting i
ah i c. ii
bail i-
iii front of your
school. That banner will need have
nothing on it except the number of
the district and the township. Have
all the children at at
o'clock as the procession will be
formed there. You can appoint some
of the school as marshals if you wish
I want to ask the co-operation of the
various committees and parents in
gathering all the children here. Mr.
Joyner. our state superintendent,
will be lure and speak to the schools.
The county owes It to itself to have
the schools out in full force. I shall
regret it very much if any school in
the country fails lo be here that day.
It will be n great day educationally
for the children. You cannot afford
to have your school miss it.
W. H.
Superintendent of Schools.
Hail a
re was some larger attendance
at the Men's League in the
Baptist church, Sunday afternoon,
and the meeting was a good one. The
subject was Great Command-
on which interesting and help-
talks were made by Messrs. E.
Warren and k. A. They em-
man's duty is to
love God with the whole heart and
to love his neighbor as himself. He
who does faithfully keeps the
whole law.
An enjoyable feature Sunday after-
noon was a beautiful sung
four young men. More of this
music bus been promised at future
Nevi Sunday's meeting will be held
the Methodist church, when the
subject will be of Covetous-
Luke Leaders.
Messrs. II. it. Sugg. S.
. i M. Hearne. It will do every
in In Greenville good to this
subject mid I e at the next
I solution.
I the family's meal, end
he, . ; the U Her
. . in tin
another car and the remnant of
two broken cars wore burn-1 Rankin made a strong pica for
medical of all school
bl one each year. He
Throngs of people were going out
day Sunday to see
up the wreck.
the work of
V. W. f, A.
Rev. II
Address by
On Sunday evening J.
Shore made a strong, timely address
to the V. W. C A. of the Training
school on the of systematic
giving, ii.- said the manner of our
i--. s key to our life, character
and service. Giving involves self-j
sacrifice, but through this means
from selfishness is gained.
The giver Is blessed more the
one given to. Giving is an element
Of worship and a means of grace as
much as praying, reading the Bible
praises, God's plan was
to establish His kingdom on a
basis and not have no right to
r rise them.
The three reasons for systematic
giving are. You gain a greater
the greatness and good-
of God; you will always have
g give and you will have
more to give.
After the service two Bible study
under Misses Graham and
Lewis, and a mission study class,
under Miss Jenkins,
Sixty-six young women Joined these
.- . state board of health, as In
all other states, was spending most
lime and money on the
Thai hotter health conditions
will come about as a of
cation of the young people. That
of them should be allowed to
., grow up crippled or diseased if
science can afford relief.
Dr. Rankin made a line Impression.
He held the closest attention through-
his discourse. Much good will
result In Greenville from his lecture.
Before dismissing the audience,
Smith called on Dr.
r. the physician in charge
the bookworm dispensaries ill this
county. Dr. spoke of the
ready response of the people of Pitt
county. He said he and his assistants
had already Healed several hundred
people. That there were over three
hundred the dispensary at
yesterday. One hundred and eighty
were examined, and one hundred and
two prescriptions were given for
i an I
With i and sins
ii you have to get up
Ail c. mi of kidneys.
weak kidneys aright
with Ho I
Hen l proof their
Mi i, aim is, Twelfth sir. it,
, N. am pleased
to the man;
I; in praise of
,.,,., For a long lime I was
troubled by my and i
from backache and
n my shoulders. Headaches
and spells bothered me and i
, so poorly that when I got
up in the morning, I was in no
condition to begin my work. When
i read f Kidney Pills, I
mediately a supply from the John
L. Woolen Drug Co., and to my de-
light, they did me a world of good.
I can now much better at night
and my back kidneys do not
For sale by all dealers. Price
cents. Co., Buffalo,
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the and
lake no other.
W. P.
. A
next door to John Flan-
buggy new
. . Ii.
thee occupied by t. L.
V Carolina
In Building
I. W. B. Int
DB. R. L.
. . .
limited to of the
Ear, Nose id
M. C. . C
Tit. D. L. Barnes.
S a. m. to I p. m., Mondays.
lo building, Thud Mt.
wherever his are
. Carolina
D. H. Clark
. C.
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineers and
ii N. C
Greenville N.
. so die
m an Third
S. M.
Hi Fur, Cotton Seed. Oil Br.
fie- Suits, Baby C-
Parlor Sail
t Ax High
George Cherries
Mi, h I Ki,
Nut-. Dried
Prune. Currants,
Sewing and
Applet. Syrup,
-S. H.
Bait of Lets,
United Development r
auction sale lots In Green-
on Thursday, 7th. be-
at I'M o'clock p. in. They
. e good property to and an
Investment In will prove
There Is more Catarrh In this of
the country than all other diseases put
together, until the last few years
was to be Incurable. For a neat
many pronounced It a local
disease and remedies,
by constantly Tallinn to with
pronounced It Incurable.
proven Catarrh lube a
disease, and therefore requires
treatment. Hall s Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. i
Co., Toledo, Ohio. Is the only
cure on the market. It Is in-
In from in drops to at. a
spoonful. It acts directly the
mucous surfaces of th; system.
offer one hundred dollars for
. . for and
, , ,
T. A CO., Toledo, O.
Tass f e-
The bill collector is sure that many
men a promising career.
How to The Ami Pro
M. Hearne recently
i ii something was damaging his
paean trees. He wrote to a nursery-
man regarding it. and has given The
Reflector tile to letter for
publication, so any others
similar trouble In their
pecan trees may know hew to remedy
The reply
note what you say about
of your pecan trees, and beg to
advise is done by a small bug
ii. beetle known as the girdler.
you will examine the fallen twigs
this season near where girdling has
been done, you will find the hug has
Bulbs, Cut
our imputation French
land now arriving.
By planting early you get the bed re-
We in cut
for weddings and alt social
plant,, Shrubberies,
and Shade tree,.
Price on
orders promptly executed
L. Company
Phone, Raleigh, N. C.
north car.
At Close of September 1911.
Loans and
Overdrafts ,. 3.201.18
U. bonds . 21,000.00
Stocks and bonds . 2.500.00
Furniture and fixtures.
Ex. for Clearing house. 3.638.84
Cash due from banks . 33,278.02
per cent fund . 1,060.00
Capital .
Surplus . 10.000.00
Profits . 1,810.66
Circulation . 21.000.00
Account . 21,000.00
Dividends unpaid . 91.42
Cashier's checks 126.41
Deposits . .
Carpet Remnant
Rugs and
We have in our new all stock
the prettiest line of Carpet Rem-
Rugs, Carpets, Mattings.
and Screens we have ever
shown at prices to tit any pocket
book. You are invited to call
and see them.
Yours truly, Taft Van Dyke
To Baltimore
Appointed Steamers. Period
tide leave
St., C
lines for ill further
F- P. St Norfolk, Va.
holding cotton for higher prices
Why Not let MOSELEY BROS, pro-
you with an
I Music by Sousa's Band
. . it .
the Pitt Fair are will hive Music nearly all the time
both instrumental and vocal. You Will hive an opportunity that
you will never have again. The reproductions are
. the finest in the world. lie at the fair and hear this wonderful
Agents for Victor Talking Machines.
General Merchandise
deposited its eggs in Hie bark
limb just below lie Mutual Life Insurance
Hi., twig to decay and break off, fall-1 p . ., t W V
la to m, ground, th. egg Company n. I.
In the ground and In the course 1572.869,062.98
the time another bug to re-j Insurance Force
. all
tin and burned as soon as they I Annual Income
or before fall, as soon as Paid to to
Laves begin to die to show where the I date
work has been done. Catch and de-l
all hugs possible. I
N C.
The Home of Women's Fashions
Pulley Bowen
North Carolina
H. Bentley
Roofing and Sheet Metal Work
For Slate or Tin, Tin Shop Repair
Work, and Flues in Season, See
Greenville. N. C.
By virtue of the power contained
In a certain mortgage deed from Jim . of the powers contained In a
A. Ricks and wife. Ruth H. Ricks. other mortgage executed by Silas
In a certain deed
by Silas on July 1911.
to R. Greene, as appears of record in
Book 0-9, page of the register of
deeds office of Pitt county, and by
and W. H. Ricks and wife, Bessie
Ricks, to Joseph Rawls, dated the 18th
day of February, 1909, and registered
in Book E-9. page of the
of deeds office of Pitt county, the
undersigned will expose for sale, for
cash, before the court house door in
Greenville. N. C on Tuesday, the
14th day November. 1911,
described tracts of
One tract of land lying and being
in Greenville township, county of
Pitt, and State of North Carolina, de-
scribed as
the land of the late Win.
the lands of Ben. Teel,
the lands of Thus. D. May and others,
and being the identical tract of land
known as the Teel home
place, in Greenville township and be-
the land upon which M. Ida Teel
formerly lived, and being the
cal tract of conveyed by M.
Ida Teel to Joseph Rawls, on the 26th
day of November. 1896, as of record
appear in office of the register of
deeds of Pitt county, in Book M-8,
page and containing acres,
more or less.
Also another tract or parcel of
land in said township and county ad-
Joining the lands of M. Ida Teel.
Teel. and D. May, known as a
part of the Hardy laud and Polly
May land in Greenville township,
on both sides of the Atkinson and
Clark canal, and running with the
road to a big oak; thence south with
the road leading to the Gorham place
to thence with his line
to Ida M. line; then with Ida
line to the beginning, contain-
acres, more or less, and being
the Identical tract of land conveyed
by D. May and wife to Ida Teel
on the 21st day of March. 1902. as
appears of record In the register of
deed's office of Pitt county, In Book
1-7. page
Also another tract in said county
and township, and adjoining each of
the above described tracts of land,
and beginning at a stake in said Ida
line and running west to a
ditch; thence with said ditch to the
Atkinson and Clark thence
with the canal to Ida line, with
her line to the beginning, containing
about one-half acre more or less, and
lying on the Atkinson and Clark ca-
and being the identical tract of
land conveyed by D. May and
wife to Ida Teel, by deed, dated Feb-
1901, as of record appears
in the register of deed's office of Pitt
county in Book A-7, page
This the 16th day of October, 1911.
JOSEPH RAWLS. Mortgagee.
Under and by virtue of the author-
conferred upon me by the pro-
vision of a certain deed of trust ex-
by all of Wiley
;. Webb, late of county.
N. C. and delivered unto R. G. Alls-
brook. Trustee, which is duly re-
corded in the office of the Register
of Deeds for Pitt County In Book------
pan------. I shall on Monday the
20th day of November, It between
the hours of m. and o'clock p. in.
on the premises In Falkland Town-
chip, Pitt County, North Carolina, ex-
to public sale to the highest
bidder for cash, all that certain
of land situated in said county of
Pitt and In Falkland Township, ad-
joining lands of J. A. the
Swain land and P. and de-
Scribed as follows,
at no on Tar River bank and
running poles to Du-
corner, then south east
poles to a branch, thence down
branch lo and Pitt's corner,
a little below the old house, then
north 1-2 poles to a Stake
to J. B. Greene, on the 26th
day of July, as appears of rec-
in Book 0-9, page and by
of the powers contained In a
mortgage executed by Silas
lowly and wife, on
the 14th day of December, 1897, to
Harry Skinner; and by virtue of the
consent given by Silas to sell
all said property, the undersigned as
mortgagee and assignee of mortgagee
will sell before the court door
in Greenville, for cash, on the 14th
day of that portion of the
lot conveyed by Harry Skinner and
wife to Silas and being de-
embracing all in said lot com-
at the running branch, em-
bracing all the boundaries of said lot
so as to come within feet of the
said Silas In
other words, all that is intended to
be sold at this time is that which lies
south, commencing feet from the
two-story house in which Silas
lowly now resides. That is from a line
well known between Silas
two story house and what is known
as the one-story house lot. The north-
lino of boundaries being
clearly indicated and understood tn
be feet south of the two-story
house referred to. Terms cash.
Mortgagee and assignee of mortgagee.
North County.
In the Superior court, D. C.
Moore, clerk.
W, J. Manning and wife,
Anna E. Manning, J. T.
Turner and wife, Hattie
Turner, Jasper Manning
and wife. Lucy Manning,
Clyde Carson and wife.
Lea Carson.
Whichard, Floyd Which-
ard and Andrew Which-
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made in
the above entitled cause by D. C.
Moore, clerk, on the 12th day of
1911, the undersigned com-
missioner, will, on Saturday the 11th
day of November, 1911, at o'clock,
noon, expose to public sale, before the
court house door in Greenville, to
the highest bidder, for cash, the fol-
lowing described tract or parcel of
laud, Lying and being In
Bethel township, Pitt county, North
Carolina, adjoining the lands of S. M.
Jones, John Manning and T. J. D.
and being the home place
formerly owned by R. M. Jones, and
known as the Bryant land and being
same land described in a deed
from R M. Jones to Martha F. Jones,
and others, and recorded on Book
Z-C. pace In the register's of-
in Pitt county. Said sale is to be
made for the purpose of making par-
between the tenants In com-
parties to tills cause.
This the 12th Of October,
North County.
In the Superior Court, before C.
Moore, clerk.
Harriet Carr, Ada I
bridge husband, Gilbert
William Lang-
and Lucy Langley,
Joseph Langley and Frank I
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made by
D. C. Moore, clerk, in tin; foregoing
entitled cause, on the 26th day of
the undersigned
In the comer Of line, then
north SO polos to the River,
then up various courses of the
rive to the beginning, containing
1-2 acres, more or less; it being
the land bequeathed to B. w. Dupree
by his father, W. Dupree. and
the foregoing description is Intended
to cover and convey all the land
owned by J. H. Dupree at the time
of his
Terms of Cash. Title
A fine farm located in a splendid
section, with good school nearby.
For farther Information, apply to the
Tills the 14th day of October. 1911.
R. G. Trustee.
North County.
In the Superior Court.
In re last will and testament
of James W. Dupree.
To T. R.
You will take notice that an action
entitled above has been commenced
In the Superior court of Pitt county,
by Olivia Williams and her husband,
J. N. Williams, one of the
law of W. Dupree, who have
entered a caveat to the last will and
testament of said James W. Dupree,
and you will further take notice
that you are required to at
the term of Superior court of
Pill county to be held on the 14th
Monday alter the first Monday In
September, inn, it being the nth
day of December, 1911, at the court
house Pitt county. North Carolina
and answer or demur to the cavern
to the last will and testament of the
said James W. Dupree. filed In this
cause, or the caveat will apply to
court for the relief therein de-
Clerk Superior Court of
Stray Take Op.
have taken up one light colored
Jersey cow. about five old. In
good flesh. Marked Bill
In left ear and crop In right ear.
Owner can get same by proving
ownership and charges.
November, at o'clock.
noon, expose to public sale, before
the court house door in Greenville.
county, to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described parcel
of land, Lying and being In
town of Greenville, and bounded
as follows, beginning a stake at
the Intersection of Pitt and Fourteenth
streets, being the corner of lot No.
and runs with Four-
street feet to a stake In
the dividing line between lot No.
and Thence With
said dividing line about 1-2 feet
lo the beginning, containing
southern half of lot No. as shown
on a map made by P. Matthews, in
1892, of the William Moore lands.
This sale will he made for
pose of among the tenants
in common.
This the 25th day of October, 1911.
Having duly qualified before
Superior court clerk of Pitt county as
executor of estate of Zeno. T. Evans,
deceased, notice is hereby given to
all persons indebted to the estate to
make Immediate payment to the
and all persons
claims against the said estate will
take notice that they must present
the to the undersigned for pay-
on or before the 6th day of
1912, or this notice will
plead In bar of recovery.
This 6th tiny of October. 1911.
Executor of T Evans.
Having qualified as administrator
tin the estate of deceased,
persons Indebted to the said estate
are hereby notified to make
payment, AH holding claims
estate present them
on or before the day Of October,
A. ii. . ,. , . at I
or this notice Will he plead In bar
of their recover;.
This October It, in.
W. L.
tor of Brown.
In the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore, clerk.
F. C. Harding, administrator
of the estate of J. J. Per-
kins, deceased.
J W. Perkins. R. A. Tyson i
and wife. Clyde P. Tyson i
Annie Perkins. R. C. Flan-
and wife. Helen Flan- I
Virginia Perkins.
H. Perkins. Harry
White Perkins, Mercer Ty-
son, heirs at law of J. J. I
The defendant. Mercer Tyson, in
the foregoing entitled special pro-
will notice that an ac-
entitled as above been com-
before the clerk of the
court of Pitt county, by F. C.
Harding, administrator of the estate
J. J. Perkins. The object of this
special proceeding is lo subject the
lands of the late J. J. Perkins In
Bethel township. Pitt county, lo sale
for the purpose of making assets of
the estate of said J. J. Perkins, and
the said Mercer Tyson is hereby
to take notice that said special
proceeding is returnable before D. C.
Moore, clerk of the Superior court
of Pitt county, on the 23rd day of
November, 1911, and the said Mercer
Tyson is hereby notified that he is re-
quired to appear at the office of the
clerk of the Superior court of Pitt
county, in Greenville. N. C, on or be-
fore the 23rd day of November. It'll,
and answer or demur to the petition
filed by the plaintiff in this cause or
the plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief demanded in said
This the 25th day of October. 1911.
Clerk. Superior Court Pitt County.
By virtue of the powers contained
in a certain will, executed and re-
corded by John L. Ross, late of Car-
township. Pitt county, appoint-
the undersigned executor, with
full power to sell and convey his
lands referred to in his said last
will and testament, as appears of
record in Will Book------. page------, of
the clerk's office of the Superior
court of Pitt
I will, on Monday, the 4th day of
December. 1911. under and by virtue
of the authority contained in the
last will and testament of John L.
Ross, expose before the court house
door, hi Greenville, the following real
One tract of land lying and being
in Carolina township, bounded by the
lands of W. S.
William Keel. Robert
containing about acres.
Also another tract of land known
and designated as the land
by John R. Barnhill and wire.
John L. Ross, as appears of record ill
Book P-S. page of the register's
office of Pitt county, said land being
more particularly described as fol-
the land of W. T.
Keel, and others, and being all our
right, title and interest of the said J.
It. Barnhill in and to all the lauds of
which the late Sabine C. Gray died
seized and possessed, containing about
Both Of the above divisions contain-
by estimation about acres.
This sale is made for the purpose
division of the proceeds among
the grandchildren the said John
L. Ross, as directed in his last will
and testament. Terms, cash.
This of October, 1911.
Executor of John L. Ross.
Harry Skinner, Attorney.
Perm An
To the Colored Teachers of Martin
and Adjoining
The regular meeting of the Col-
Teachers Association of Martin
Bounty will be held in the colored
graded school building, Williamston,
N. C, Saturday. November 1911,
from to p. m. An urgent
appeal is made not only to every
colored teacher In Martin, but ad-
joining counties, lo attend this
session. At this meeting of
the association an effort will be made
lo organize permanently an
of teachers representing
and adjoining counties. Meetings to
be held annually, or
quarterly as the organization may
The sole object of the organization
is to form a more perfect union
among the teachers in order to under-
stand better the needs of the rural
communities; lo establish and main-
a higher intellectual and moral
There can be no question that the
future of the race, especially in
rural districts, depends upon those
who go among them as teachers.
They look upon the teacher as a
leader of thought, and it is of the
highest importance that bis life be
a worthy example, not only for the
student body, but the entire
He should not only be capable
intellectually, but his moral fitness
should be beyond reproach. His am-
should not be merely for what
he can get out of the community, but
the services he may be able to
his people. Not an effort to con-
them of his greatness, or
or shrewdness, but of his
goodness and earnest desire to raise
the masses to a higher plane of
In several communities may be
found those who are groping in
I and superstition, who
I become easy prey to degrading no-
their very souls perishing for
the want of proper training and lead-
It is the duty of the teacher
put on the armor of right living j
land go among them and supply their
Hong felt need. To teach them that,
wherever they are, they may find
about them only by living
honorable lives, and contributing
I their very best to whatever their
hands to do. And above all,
by cultivating art of peace and
harmony with the neigh-
C. CHANCE. President.
rust Company
Capital Stock.
Appointed by the United Slates Government
Depository for
Of the Greenville Post Office
CARD Jill.
When You Want to Buy a
See Sam White Piano Co
Greenville, North Carolina.
They will sell you a first
class instrument cheap and
on easy terms. They are
home people and will treat
you right. Visit our store.
am White
virtue of a power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed.
and delivered by J. W. Allen.
Jr. and wile, Allie Allen, II. Allen
and wife, Mary P. Allen, to J. T. Al-
dated the 8th day February.
and duly recorded In the
office in Pitt county, in Hook
D-fl, page ITS, the undersigned
will, on Monday, Hie day
of November, 1911, at O'clock, noon,
expose lo public sale, before the
court house door in Greenville to the
highest bidder, for cash, the following
described tract or parcel of land, to-
Lying being in Pitt,
North Carolina, and In Greenville
township, situated on south side
of Tar river, adjoining the lauds
U. H. Allen, John Wiley
J. M. Williams, Robert Tuck-
and Leon and being the
land on which J. W. Allen and wife
now reside, containing about acres
more or less.
This the 6th day or October. 1911.
J. r. Mortgagee.
P. C. Harding, Attorney.
North County.
E. II.
The defendant.
above named, will take notice that a
special proceeding entitled as above
has been commenced in the Superior
court of county to partition the
laud described in the petition Hied
In the of the clerk of said court.
And said defendant will further take
notice that he is required lo appear
on or before the day
to answer the petition
With the clerk of this court and de-
lo the same In said special pro-
or will apply to
the court for the relief demanded in
said petition.
This 9th day of 1911.
Clerk Superior Court,
Court House Square.
The lawn around new court
house is being cleaned up. In
to off all rubbish.
trees that were damaged by
that destroyed the old court house
have been cut down. This leaves an
unobstructed view of the new build-
In Saturday's Be.
Williamston. N. a. Oct. 1911.
Editor lie III
My attention was called to the is-
site of The Dally Reflector of October
28th, and to the article headed Mr.
Joseph was the
ruler or chief of the Syrian colony in
j North Carolina, and that he had the
oversight of them all, directing them
in their I beg to say
in that article every Syrian In
North Carolina was mistreated and
I dishonored as the Syrians are like
the Americans in every way
In their Independent In
their belief, and their business
their direct
The Syrians have no rulers and no
chiefs, except In their government
In attending his funeral the Syrians
paid I heir respect to and they
gathered as he is In a foreign country
and as Americans in Syria.
As a relative of the late Mr.
I wish Ibis corrected in your first
Thanking you in am.
Very truly yours,
A. K.
article in Saturday's paper
was baaed on general rumor prevalent
at the time, and had no intention of
reflecting on the Syrians. While the
paper has already In a subsequent is-
sue corrected the Statement, we take
pleasure In publishing Mr.
card. Kill.
For the week ending 26th, the Chat-
Tradesman reports the fol-
lowing new Industries established In
Charlotte- realty company.
R. Sta.
chemical company.
warehouse com-
pine muff- development
box and
lumber mill.
Weldon- hotel company,
Special Sale.
C. T. is to have a
moth special sale beginning Thurs-
day. The big advertisement he has
been sending out tells of the extreme-
low prices to prevail during this
used to be troubled with a weakness peculiar to
Mrs. Anna of Kenny, III.
nearly a year, I could not walk, without holding my sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised for my complaint I was
thin, my weight was Now, I weigh and I am
never side I ride horseback as good as ever. I am in
fine health at
We have thousands of such letters, and more are
arriving daily. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves the great value of this
tonic medicine, for women.
relieves women's sufferings, and builds weak
women up to health and strength. If you are a woman,
give it a trial. It should help you, for it has helped a mil-
lion others. It is made from pure, harmless, herb
which act promptly and surely on the womanly organs.
It is a good tonic. Try it Your druggist sells it
Advisory Medicine Co. Tees,
lot 64-pate book. -Home Treatment sent free. I M
h Th
I miles to his store and see
also his rice line of
for ladles and misses
His line of clothing for men and boys
is also the best.
Call at bis store and you will be
pleased with goods and prices.
w. of
la operation
over by a
waited n st
It Is gelling about the lime of the
year that I would like to get up with
the thermometer.
lie house on in.
Dance; corner, belonging to Mr. D.
E. House. Is being torn down. We
hope it means the of a nice
in place.
clean I
attractive, -v I
r i
Meats Week.
The term of Superior court in
the new court house will convene
next Monday. Judge Harry W.
will preside at this term.

AuthorIzed Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and I hi
Reflector for and
Advertising Rates on
Daily Big
Contest of Energy
X. c., Oct.
Kev. J. A. Snow, of came
in Wednesday, bringing bib sister
here to school. ,, ,
Harrington. Barber Co. arc in
position to do your repair work . .,,. , .
; day and save you j , M ,
Miss Sadie Barker and C. T. ed damaging his
Co, spent Wednesday evening in a
B regarding it. and has given The
Our ;, ,,. is to make our f for
a mater. , to tee
in and patron, in Brown
It would be a to have re AT NU .
name on our books. We .
note you Mr about gird- Ethel Bowling.
further notice no contestant will be permitted to poll more
subscription votes on any one day than will place her 10.000 ahead of
the leader of the day before; for example, if the leader today has
votes to her credit, no contestant may poll more votes for the
list tomorrow than will make her total 35.000.
I Miss
I Miss
Willie Faulkner. .
B. .
Margaret Lawrence.
Hattie C. Kittrell, .
Jessie May Cannon.
. 5.241
M least a Gold Watch will be
you to start a checking account with about Ethel Bowling. .
m. The advantages We offer will be I trees, and beg to Estelle Cockerel.
a convenience and benefit to you f I by Dean. .
of Winterville the Ellington. .
Mr. ft T. Tucker's new home Claude West.
having a new coat of paint, and it girdling Eva Vincent.
much to its i bUg Davenport. .
Bring you, corn and Wheat to bark T. W.
Harrington. Barber mil; Z Roland Jenkins. .
get some meal or flour. , deCay break Ward Moore.
Mr. B. F. Manning, our clever cot- e F. Clark. .
ion buyer, is suffering right much the Florence Blow .
with risings on hi. arm. He has , buR Nellie Barnhill. .
at a the process. Keep all twigs Inez Pittman.
Harrington, i ,. L , have Pad burned as soon as they Greene.
I. or before they fall, as as Carrie Brown,
At least a Gold Watch will be awarded in this district.
. Greenville.
nice line of rug.- and they offer-1, aS
them a, a very pr
Come and tee them Catch ad de
Dr. Edwin Hal, of New a
lecturer, delivered ore of his . , . , .
Thur, ,. g , . win-i .,, ff
i I lost
. His
a large and
subject was
Dr. Hall i
Mrs. John Forbes, .
Miss Marie Rice. .
Miss Mary .
. Savage.
till Frank Tyson
Miss Leila
these words on his Up. I Mrs, S. I. Dudley.
Eugene Ely. the brilliant young
tor In Macon . . result of a ;.,, King. .
horrible plunge of his machine while Mr. W. J. Turnage. .
fair m,, .
. here
R. Carrol Pd Mr.
. .
,. .
. .
Maris Belle Evans .
T. Cox left Friday to attend , to Francis Bagwell.
the Roanoke Union at . of Mary Lucy Dupree. .
Harrington, Barber Co. have just Mattie Move King. .
received ,. oaf load of flour, fresh
mill., every barrel Mrs. B. F. .
Z u Annie Leonard
On account of the Pitt county fair., is a the Mamie Ruth
the Bank of will give ,,. ;, .
holiday. Friday, November 3rd. Please number of tragedies Mis Hattie Lee Jenkins,
the date and transact V us every ;.,. .
business accordingly. of l control, m Roberta Ross.
C. T. and G. H. fox at- Nonces, the Mia
ended Dr. Hairs lecture at a Haskett.
. all the
Friday night.
C. and Dora
loft Friday night to attend the
Atlantic at Goldsboro.
While I am traveling
f .- .
that are attribute, of Madeline Brown .
. , control is the j,., Cromartie.
the Mary Lee.
. ; we on every side. And in I Mrs. A Clark. .
the greatest of all the businesses, Rountree.
through the country, collecting and of businesses, the Rountree .
soliciting orders for wag- to the bar- W. L. Patrick. . .
Una, buggies, etc. f Josephine Little.
by the A G. Cox story of In Louise Dudley. . .
by the A G. Cox
factoring Co. I wish to call your at- . release on the Harris.
to the fact that would like Forbes,
to talk with any one desiring to the Mrs Long. .
trade a good second-hand buggy. C. , P- Ml-. Spain, .
Smith, general collector. Winter- and at-1 Mr,. Anna Patrick
N. c. at before.
,,,.,., . . Th of Indeed. We
N. c. Nov. our Into cur-
Miss Mae Whitehead left Sat- rents I at promises to on
dip us
u s X Road. Monday. in death. Deceit and fraud are being
forget to see the nice line made mo-t possible In business and
buggy robes in the show room of In life Ion f
A. G. Cox Manufacturing and the highly
before you buy your winter effort in every line of activity
robe. They have a nice line and us to honesty.
r , in making one of
Mis. Hester -spent Sunday lb I. sensational swoops. His
Monday in visiting friend. Chine might have remained under his
, l be mastery had the young aviator
Friday. November 3rd. but will content to fly smoothly and
be open as; usual on Saturday. maybe, after a, the
Miss hatter Johnson and Mr. and and tragedies of
T a W
friend, at Rountree come to believe that it is better and
Harrington, Barber Company safer to run on an even basis
ave one good, new hay baler attempt
n to dispose of that one. they of Ob-
It at a very low price. I server.
Ur. A. W. spent Sunday and
; ,;
Rives. .
Exum. .
T .
. .
Greenville, .
. 6.600
. 5.730
Miss Lela
Miss Leila .
Mary Proctor, .
Miss Lizzie Galloway,
Miss Levy Holliday, .
Mrs. F H. Crawford, .
la this district.
m to
w for Ten Tote.
-in the
coupon is not good November 8th.
M M re
Lieutenant General Nelson A. Miles,
V. S. A., retired, is mentioned in some
for second place on the
Democratic national ticket.
Governor George W. of
Arkansas, broken his long silence
with the announcement that he in-
tends to be a candidate for a third
Milwaukee would like to have the
Democratic national convention next
year meet in her auditorium, which
is one of the largest convention halls
in the country .
Congressman L. B. Hanna is out
with a formal announcement of his
candidacy for the Republican
nation for governor of North Dakota.
Mr. Hanna belongs to the
Al least a Gold Walt hum Watch will be awarded In this district.
Monday with his father near James- Bound Dozen ,
who is sick. Ken,,.
The A. G. Cox Manufacturing Com-1 BETHEL, N C Oct Th
can save you money if you buy Dozen held rem-
harness from liar t , j ,
v. .,,. . . Tuesday evening, October
will do well to see Harrington, 24th. with Mrs. ft V. Staton.
In e
. . the cloak room, from
pattern, and .,. . bargain. thence to the reception hall
The ups and downs in life cc-me to delicious fruit punch was by
everybody. Right now. while you Ml. Hunting
making money you ought to be In the drawing room a very inter-
it, hen whet, the com. eating program was rendered In Which
y. have something to fall back Original papers were canning
upon. Be independent Star, a hank much merriment.
the Bank of Invited to the
w. k i , repast was served, consist-
c had two monkeys and a crank, of sandwiches pickles
organ on our greets Tuesday which olives,
much attention. cream
You will that we carry on hand At the usual hour the guests de-
w and
We have them for young and old, charming hosted
low M tall. In fact, when you
anything in the line of Dr. Hyatt
you could do nothing hotter than
let , serve v The A. Q
and 7th, to treat diseases
of the eye.
J If man visits you. I, ,
-n-i-,. bin, reel at home. ,.
Mr Pearl .
Miss Lillie .
Bessie .
Miss Lucy
T. M. .
Miss Eva Thomas. .
Miss Alma
Mrs. K. B.
Miss Fannie Lee
Miss .
Mrs. K R.
Mrs J. R. .
Miss Alma
Miss Marcie
Mia. J. J. .
Miss Jennie
Mrs. J. R, Chauncey,
At least a Gold Watch will be In this district.
Jennie Hooker. .
Miss Pattie .
Miss Tabitha de
. awarded In this
Congressman Richmond P. Hobson.
fame, will probably try
for the Democratic nomination for
governor of Alabama. The next
in that state will be held in
There Is talk in Georgia of sending
Livingston back to congress.
Mr. Livingston defeated for re-
nomination at the last election, after
a service of twenty years the lower
Mies Clara
Miss Helen
-Miss Clyde
Miss Irene
-Miss Nancy
Miss Evelyn Button, .
B. T. Cox.
Elizabeth Adams,
-Miss Mamie Chapman,
Miss Anna
Eva .
Pearl Hester.
Miss Rosa
Vivian Robertson,
Miss Lizzie Cox .
Mrs. Vincent. .
Lillie Tucker.
Faye K. Corey.
Mrs. j. H. Smith. .,
. Ayden.
William builder of the
New York subway, is announced
the principal speaker at a meeting
he held in Atlanta next month to
launch a Woodrow Wilson
movement for the state of
In a recent Interview Governor
Mann, of Virginia, expressed the
ion that the women of his will
be granted the right of suffrage with-
in the next ten veers, and possibly
Victor L. Berger, the sole
of the Socialists in congress,
believes that representatives of his
party will be returned from
Ohio. Oklahoma, North Dakota
and one or two other states in the
congressional elections.
The Wisconsin branch of the Na-
Progressive League Is
to hold a meeting in Milwaukee
early in December for the purpose of
the of Senator
La for the Republican
Congressman of
sin, will be the principal speaker at
Grand Forks, ft D. November
when the progressive Republicans of
the state expect to launch a cam-
for the control of the party In
the presidential primaries.
There is reason all things; but
there doesn't seem to be In all
The report circulated through your
county that I will not run my
mill next year Is false. I will con-
to run and grind wheat in any
size lots for my customers and give
them a good article of flour. Thank-
you tor past and hoping
to have a continuance. I am.
Very respectfully,
is one where health abounds.
With Impure blood there can-
not be good health.
With disordered LIVER there
cannot be good blood.
Tuft's Pills
t he torpid LIVER and restore
natural action.
A healthy LIVER means pare
Pure blood means health.
Health means happiness.
Take no Substitute. All Druggists.
A simple but beautiful and
wedding ceremony was solemn-
at the residence of Mr. Harvey
H. Main this city, at
o'clock this morning, when his
Miss Annie, became the
Mr. Walter Seymour Green.
Portsmouth, Vs. Only relatives
were present the wedding. The
parlor very prettily deco-
rated In ferns, palms and potted
plants and lighted with numerous
waxen tapers in silver the
Whole making a pretty effect.
bride entered from the north
door leaning on tho arm of her
rather who gave her away. The
groom entered from the east door
with his best man Mr. William F.
Clark. Together they stood before
Improvised altar, and Rev.
Harding, rector of St.
Peters Episcopal church, pronounced
the ceremony making them man and
wife. Miss Sallie a sister of
the bride, was her maid of honor.
She wore a white lingerie dress and
white The bride
was becomingly attired in a blue
tailored suit with hat and gloves to
watch and carried a bouquet of
brides roses. The bride and groom
left on the morning train for a t
tour north. After which they will
be at home in Portsmouth. Va.
The bride is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. ft H. and a
social favorite In this city, having a
large circle of warm friends. The
groom is the manager of the Western
Telegraph company's Ports-
mouth and a young man of
sterling worth and integrity. Many
handsome presents were received by
bridal News.
Mr. Green is well known here. He
was operator at local office of
Western Union Telegraph company
several months, and while among us
lie made quite a number of friends.
Of White.
Application will be made to the
of North Carolina for the
pardon or James White, convicted at
the August term, , of the Superior
court or Pitt county, of the crime of
robbery and sentenced to the state's
prison for a term of five years.
All persons who oppose the grant-
of said pardon are Invited to for-
ward their protest, to the governor
without delay.
This the 30th day of October, 1911
,,, , , tor James White.
A man Isn't necessarily an
because he draws comparisons.
have a circulation
of 1,200 among the best
people in Eastern North
Carolina and invite those
who wish to get better
acquainted with these
good people in a business
way to take a few inches
space and tell them what
you have to bring to their
are low and can be
had upon application. .
is the heart
of Eastern North Caro-
It has a population
of and is surround-
ed by the best farming
country. Industries of
all kinds are invited to
locate here for we have
everything to offer in the
way of labor capital and
tributary facilities. We
have an up-to-date job
and newspaper plant.
h the Most the Most Healthful, the Must Noble Employment of Washington.
N. FRIDAY, 1911.
Reference to Fit County's
Court House and Jail
Met era Speeches Made by
Citizens Visitors
The Work the County
and Committee,
And the
Upon the of court
after the midday recess
V. M. Wooten addressed the
court calling attention to the hand-
some new court house and jail the
county now possesses, referring to
the splendid work of the board of
county commissioners and the build-
committee co-operating with
them in securing these two creditable
buildings, and suggested that for a
short while it would be fitting for
the regular business of the court to
give way to a meeting in which any
one desiring to do so might express
approval or disapproval of the efforts
of the county commissioners and the
The suggestion readily met the
sanction of the court, and the meet-
was opened by the election of
Judge Whedbee as chairman.
A number of speeches were then
made, all of them highly commending
the splendid work of the county com-
missions and building committee and
congratulating the people of Pitt
county upon having those handsome
public buildings that are such a
credit to the county. The speakers
were Messrs. F. C. Harding. Harry
Skinner, A. L. Blow, D. M. Clark, Al-
Dunn, J. B. James, Donnell Gil-
S. J. Everett, P. O. James, W.
F. Evans, of H. S. Ward,
of Washington; E. Henderson, of
Bern, and C. L. of
After these splendid speeches of
tribute Mayor Wooten offered the
following resolution, which was
adopted by a rising vote of the large
audience, and it was ordered by Judge
Whedbee that a page in the minute
book of court be set apart for re-
cording the
Whereas, in the early part of the
year 1910, fire destroyed the Pitt
county court house and jail, making
the building of others necessary and
convenient for the transaction of the
business of the
And, whereas, J. P. D.
J. Holland, W. E. Proctor, John J. May
and B. M. composing the board
of commissioners for Pitt county, and
for the purpose of building a county
court house and jail for the people of
Pitt county, called to their assistance
John L. Wooten, D. C. Moore and Jo-
G. which gentlemen, to-
proceeded to plan and build
this dignified and magnificent county
court house In which we today are
gathered, and the county jail;
And, whereas, we, the people of
Pitt county, do feel that it is meet
and proper, and our duty to b. P.
D. J. Holland, W. E.
tor, J. J. May and B. It Lewis, county
commissioners, and to John L.
Wooten, D. C. Moore and Joseph G.
the building committee assist-
said commissioners, and Col. F.
G. James, their legal advisor in
the said buildings erected, that
we may express our
their official acts In planning, erect-
and equipping these elegant
buildings, which are In a sense an
abiding monument to the thrift, pros-
and to the
of Pitt county.
further, we express to the
mentioned gentlemen our
Disposed of on Criminal
The first day of the court being
largely consumed with selecting and
charging the grand jury, calling the
docket and the mass meeting that fol-
lowed in the afternoon only a few
trials were conducted that day, but
now the court is down at steady
work and the business is being dis-
patched with consistent rapidity.
to noon today the following cases
had been disposed
Jim Bo Rives, escape, pleads guilty,
lined and costs.
Lloyd Edwards, carrying concealed
weapon, pleads guilty, fined and
Blip Jenkins, assault with deadly
weapon, pleads guilty, judgment
pended upon payment of costs.
Ben Peyton, abandonment, pleads
guilty, judgment suspended on pay-
of costs.
Charlie carrying concealed
weapon, pleads guilty, fined and
Johnnie and Jesse Boyd, as-
sault with deadly weapon, plead
Dixon fined and costs,
suspended upon payment of
costs as to Boyd.
Bonnie Andrews, carrying conceal-
ed weapon, pleads guilty, fined
and costs.
Bill Jack and
est Braxton, affray, plead guilty, fined
each and costs.
Dan Mitchell and John Clark,
fray, not guilty.
T. H. Bowen, obstructing officer, not
Ed. Bright and John R. Tucker,
assault with deadly weapon, Bright
pleads guilty.
Robert Smith, guilty, sen-
to months state prison
with request that prison authorities
look after the sanity of the defend-
Atkinson, temporary use of
horse, pleads guilty, judgment
pended until next term upon pay-
of costs.
Big Vote Offers Will
Close Promptly At
Nine Saturday Night
Thousands of Free Votes to Be Given Away
Between Now and Saturday Night-Offers
in Force This Week Will Never Be
Equaled During Contest.
Crowning Success of Endeavors
Her People
M. Rock Excellent
Sermon Monday Night.
Owing to the had weather the con-
was not large at the service
in the church, Monday night,
hut present enjoyed a most ex-
sermon by the pastor, Rev.
C. M. Rock. It was the second
of the series on Needs and
Means of Spiritual the sub-
of this being
Able to In strongest and
clearest terms he presented the
of Christ to save all who will
come to Him.
The subject for tonight's service,
beginning at Is
Jesus Willing to All are
Invited to this and the other
services that are to follow.
Evangelist H. R. Holcomb and the
two singers. Prof, and
of the Home Mission Board, will
arrive Thursday to continue the
of for at least ten days
from that time.
Between now and Saturday night a
yearly subscription to the Daily Re-
will count votes, a two
years subscription will count as
votes, then, too, a yearly sub-
will count as two six
months subscriptions on the set of
five and that will equal then, pro-
the set is complete, more
free votes on a years subscription.
Isn't that worth working for It's
the biggest offer that will be made
during the contest, so it is up to you
to do some real between
now and Saturday night.
The Dew Offer.
We are going to give free
rotes for every yearly subscription
turned In between now and
night at o'clock. This is in
to votes given regular-
on a years subscription and too,
each yearly subscription will
as two six months subscriptions in
the clubbing offer of sets of live six
months subscriptions.
Just stop and think what a big
help this will be to you in winning
the prize of your choice. Between
now and Saturday night a yearly
subscription to the Daily Reflector
will be worth votes to you If
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, and
may be taken with perfect safety by
the most delicate woman or tho
youngest child. The old and feeble
will also find the most suitable
remedy for aiding and strengthening
their weakened digestion and for reg-
the bowels. For sale by all
and grateful thanks for
buildings, and for the
wise and economical manner
of planning, erecting and equipping
them for tho use and pride of Pitt
county and her future for
the free votes will be issued
will on this offer just the same.
A number of contestants have writ-
ten to find out if renewals will re-
number of announced
In the original schedule. Renewals
and will be allotted the
same number of votes as a new sub-
Be sure to ask all of your
friends to ask for their votes when
renewing their subscriptions, us
no votes will be issued on
them. There are a great number of
persons who either renew their sub-
or subscribe to the paper
every day; in order to get votes
on these subscriptions they must ask
for them at the time of payment,
otherwise they will not be issued.
The way for you to find these people
is to make a systematic canvass of
the town or country in which you live.
Ask everybody to help you. Don't
stop with just having seen your
neighbors and friends, but go out
Into the highways and byways and
see everybody.
Long Subscriptions Count Big.
It is the long time subscriptions
that arc going to make a winner; of
course, small ones count, too, and
help a great deal, but try to get every
subscription for a year or two that
you possibly can.
Those subscribers living in the
you have completed a set.
The biggest and best of them ; a list of subscribers
residing In their territory by writing
That Is what we are offering you
now. There will be offers and there
will be offers but there will be no
more during this big contest that
will anywhere near equal the big of-
that are made right here and
When hour hand of the clock
reaches the ninth hour mark on Sat-
night, big offers will be
a thing of the past. Remember, now,
they will both close sharp at o'clock
Saturday night, November After
that hour there will be no more extra
vote ballots worth votes to
the energetic young women engaged
In this contest, and the best
will be a matter of history.
The Clubbing Offer.
This offer has been explained
thoroughly nearly every day since It
was made, but to make it absolutely
clear to all, we will go through it
again. On each set of five six months
subscriptions to the Dally Reflector
turned In before o'clock Saturday
night, next, will be given an extra
vote ballot good for votes
A yearly subscription will count the
same as two six months subscriptions
and a two year subscription will be
the same four six months
Yearly subscriptions on which
Atlantic Coast Line.
North South
bound. bound.
p. m. p. m.
a. m. p. m.
Norfolk Southern.
a. m. a. m.
a. m. a. m.
p. m. p. m.
to the Contest Manager. A list of
this kind will help you. you
get your list start out at once and
see everyone of them. Tell
that are in the contest and that
you are going to need their
or renewals to you win.
Nine out of ten will give you a sub-
and help you all they can.
They all read some dally newspaper
and if you show them you copy
of Dally Reflector and explain to
them the many improvements that
are being made In the paper every
day, you will get three out of every
five of them. This Is a business
proposition and should be treated as
such. Don't go at it In a way,
for then you will sure lost out-
Start out today and stick to It
you have secured at least two
sets, then do the same thing
Country Contestants.
If you arc not able to get your sub-
until too late to have them
reach this office before nine o'clock
Saturday night, mall them at your
post office and If postmark on
the envelope bears the date of Sat-
the 11th, they will be accepted
on either of these offers.
Club Rooms Tendered
At a meeting of the board of gov-
of Carolina club Tuesday night,
they tendered the use of the club
rooms to the knights of for
the banquet at the district meeting
to be held here on the 16th.
do not .
medicine so good for whooping cough
as Cough
writes Mrs. Francis Turpin, Junction
City, Ore. This remedy Is
surpassed for colds and croup. For
sale by all druggists.
Schools of Hie County u Parade
is The Admiration of
Throng Through
The Proud of
The second day and closing of the
Pitt county fair dawned bright and;
beautiful, with enough crispness in
the air to make it delightful. People
began arriving early and the first
trains brought great crowds. The
schools that arrived early had an
hour or two to look at the exhibits
before parade, and it was a great
revelation to the children to see
what their county is doing in the way
of products.
At o'clock the schools began
assembling on Five Points in
for the parade, and people
along the streets designated for
the line of march to view them as they
passed. The following schools were
Carolina Teachers Training
school, Winterville High School,
Farmville graded school, Grifton
graded school, Bethel graded school,
Ayden graded school, and about forty
of the district schools, the names of
all of which we could not learn.
They embraced between twelve and
fifteen hundred children, and made a
procession about a mile in length.
The head of the line had gone around
and nearly back to Five Points In
time to see the rear leaving there.
It was a great procession.
Headed by the officers and board of
governors of the fair and the band,
the procession moved off at
o'clock with the Training school first
in line, then the schools from other
towns in the county and the country
schools, the Greenville graded school
being at the rear. The procession
was greeted with much applause all
i mg line of march, many de-
i hiring it the finest spectacle they had
ever seen In Pitt county.
The was along the streets
previously indicated, and arriving at
the Star warehouse the following pro-
gram was carried
Music by band.
Words of Welcome, by Prof. W. H.
Introduction of Speaker, by Gov. T.
J. Jarvis.
J. Y. Joyner.
Old North
Friday afternoon, Con-
President J. L. Wooten called the
gathering to order and introduced
County Superintendent W. II. Rags-
dale, who extended a word of
come. This he expressed most
congratulating Pitt
on what she had accomplished and
especially on this magnificent
showing. He commended the
teachers of all schools for the
faithful work they are doing for Pitt
county, and bid them and their school
a hearty welcome.
The vast assembly then joined in
singing lead by Miss
and the Training school choir.
Ex-Governor T. J. Jarvis introduced
the expressing first his great
pride in Pitt county. He referred to
the exhibits of the farmers and the
products of the farms, and said that
while he was proud of these, but even
prouder was lie of the product of our
schools exhibited on this occasion. He
said no other one man In North Car-
Seven White and One Colored Last
During last week Register of Deeds
Moore issued marriage licenses to the
W. F. Whichard and Mary A. Wool-
Joseph E. Nobles and B.
E. R. Owens and Bessie M. Owens.
L. M. Edwards and Myrtle Stocks.
John C. Dixon, Jr., and Martha
Noah Haddock and Sudan Elks.
Bonn Peele and Mary Parrish.
John L. Williams and Esther L.
Almost a Fire.
Monday there came near being a
fire at the Norfolk Southern depot.
In some unaccountable way fire got
inside of one of the ventilators, but
the issuing smoke called attention to
it and it was put out before any dam-
age was done.
am pleased to recommend
Cough Remedy as the best
thing know of and safest remedy for
roughs, colds and bronchial
writes Mrs. L. B. Arnold, of Denver,
Col. have used it repeatedly and
it has never failed to give For
sale by all druggists.
Young man, never make the mistake
of telling a girl that you are
worthy of her. She may marry you and
remind you of It.
Is doing more for the
of the state than Hon. J. V. Joyner.
Mr. Joyner said as he arose that
this was indeed a memorable day and
he felt proud of facing such an
and especially proud of the
fact that, he has the honor of being a
grandson of Pitt county. Ho was
proud to feel that he was among his
people, and he had with pleasure
watched the educational progress of
Pitt county led by such a man as
Prof. and his introduction
by that Noblest Roman, Governor
Jarvis, whom God had to do
so much for his county, was an honor
He said the great procession of
school children that had Just taken
place was a scene to fill any heart
with pride and Inspiration. As ho
watched that army of children he felt
that North Carolina should take them
to her great heart and be ready to
hear all their cry for education. Mr.
Joyner referred to the wonderful ed-
progress North Carolina has
made in the past decade in
a school house a day and quadrupling;
the appropriation to her public
schools. This progress not stop
here, and our elementary schools, our
high schools, our training schools
must lead to the schools that fit the
children for their respective
In life through the farm lire
After the address Old North
was sung with spirit.
In the afternoon at the band
gave another concert followed with
speech to farmers by Commissioner
j of Agriculture W. Graham.

Eastern reflector, 3 November 1911
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 03, 1911
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