Eastern reflector, 5 August 1910

In Charge of F. A. EDMONDSON
Agent of The Eastern Reflector for Winterville ind Vicinity-Advertising Rates on Application
. v
Winterville, N. C. July 1910.1 and Mrs. of
Mrs. Baal . of Greenville, is MOW in Saturday to spend Sun-j BEAVER DAM ITEMS.
ins L. L. friends In town. j
Land Plaster for are buy mm,
Barber Co. Winterville. N C
A CM of Dry Goods and Notions
Just Better buy while Cheap
A. Ange Co.
F. A. Edmondson returned from
art now position to do
grinding every day and general repair
work Harrington. Barber
A lot of Matting just
v. Ange A Co.
Messrs. F. Stokes and I. C.
Moore, of Greenville, were town
Mr. Ed. Worthington has sent us a
large weighing eight pounds.
A nice sis key Soda Fountain for
sale.-R. D.
How is your soul Let us
show you our new lot of Shoes.
Harrington. Barber
Prof. F. C. Nye returned
from a trip on road In the in-
be Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Johnston, of
Kinston, came In Sunday to visit rel-
For nice, fresh, corned Herrings.
A. Ange Co., Winterville.
N. C.
We call your attention to our new
line of W.
The is the kind you
need. See W. Ange Co.
U earn. Ernest Cox and J. L. Roll-
went home Sunday
Just nice lot if
and Children's
Barber Co.
For cold drinks of all kinds, call
at H. L. Johnson's
For nice, fresh Fish, tee R. D.
on Tuesdays, Thursdays aid
Miss Laura Cox left Tuesday for a
visit In Ahoskie.
For Spring Dress Goods.
Embroidery and Laces see
Store Broken
Some Very Old People.
We have put on assortment of Justs Barber
Patterns for all
Barber Co.
Mrs. A. Ange, Mrs. Wesson and
Miss H lock to
We Needles, Bobbins, and
for any Sewing Machine
the country. Also needle threaders,
the icy thing tor affected eyes or
dark a Harrington, Barber Co.
Fresh Coin Herrings at
ton, Barber Co.
A new of Lamps just
Barber Co.
Mr. F. A. our efficient
yest wand
forehead. Watch him. and see who
he back.
Saw ago, and PI a, r head
Mr. P. A. return, d Mon-
day from a visit in CRy,
iii with him a pair of brown arms.
We are a nice line of
and caskets. Prices are right and
can furnish nice hearse service.
Cox Mfg. Co.
Mr. Eugene of
visit Monday.
Pitt School
u . by The A. O. Cos Mn-
i g Company ore com-
neat and durable Terms
are liberal. When In the market,
i to see us. we have the desk for
Crawford returned Mon-
day after spending a week at More-
W. Johnson stand
F. C. Nye left Thursday for
a on the road.
The A. G. Cox Mfg. Co. are in
to give you the Tobacco
Trucks and for your y.
They have made extensive
tor manufacture this sea-
son and can till your orders prompt-
Mr. Ernest returned
day from a visit to
Car load of Top Dressing for Cot-
ton just arrived. A. W. Ange Co.
Winterville N. C.
Mr. J. L. Jackson, of Greenville,
was our town yesterday.
You will never regret when you
purchase a Buggy,
by a. G Cox Manufacturing
Co. Winterville. N. C.
Miss Alma Cannon, of Ayden, la
visiting henry Corey's.
Let us frame that picture for you.
Any W. Ange Co.
Mr. it. if. went to Green-
ville yesterday.
The A. G. Cox -Manufacturing Co.
are rendering good service in the
business. Coffins and
cheap with excellent hearse Ber-
Mr. E. E. Cox returned home today
after a lung to Seven Springs.
Field Peas and Peanuts for sale by
A. W. Ange Co. N. C.
Miss Olivia G. Cox, who has been
with the . . Friend Oxford
for the I came In to-
day on a
To reduce our Stock before
we will offer for a limited time,
cheap, for ginghams,
Calico, Dress Goods, S
to Suiting, Percales,
to Cc; Motor Cloth.
Waist Goods, Lawn, Bo;
Mohair Wool
to So; Table Peaches,
Pie Peaches. Shirts.
Shins, Call and see what we
W. Ange Co.
Winterville. N. July
Mrs. Maggie Butt, who has been i.
lending the summer school at
came In Saturday.
Before buying, see my line of Post
L. Johnson.
Misses and Mamie
Went to Greenville Saturday.
Bring your wheat to Winterville
flour Barber Co .
Winterville. N. C.
Miss Kittrell returned Bat-
from a visit to Ayden and More.
head City. She told the reporter h
was going to Ayden and
Wise people change their
Matting and Oil Cloth, for
Buy some, cover It
Barber Co.
Mr. Sidney Carr. of Willow, Green,
was in town Saturday.
Leave your orders for Ice at H, L.
Johnson's. Will be delivered any
where in town.
Mrs. W. M. who has been
attending the summer school at Green
spent Saturday and Sunday with
her mother, Mrs. E. E. Cox.
We . agents for the M
and Mowers and Rakes.
y. i Sons Co.
Mr. Alien Cannon, of Ayden, was
pleasant caller In town las; night
How Hap Press that yon
have been needing We have
i e both mounted and
Turnage ii Sons Co.
Mr. P. A. cashier, and
C. T. Cox, cashier-elect, went
Ayden yesterday.
We are position to name you
prices and make satisfactory terms
on Gasoline Engines. Only the best
sold by Turnage Sons Co.
Mr. A. G. Cox went to
Your hay will need bailing this fall.
Don't delay buying a press till it will
be too hue. See us at
Sons Co.
Misses Mamie and Dora Cox left
Monday for a visit in
A vertical lift mower
and a self dump rake are practical
labor savers. We can supply you
with Turnage Sons Co.
Mrs. Short, of Ahoskie, is visiting
Mr. and R. H.
Mrs. Bryan Fox left. Monday
for her norm at
Beaver Dam. N. C. July 1910.
Wilson Joyner's store was broken
into on Saturday night and about
worth of goods taken.
Arthur, the capital of Beaver Dam.
is booming. The fourth store is now
going up and will have a stock of
goods in it by the fall.
Messrs. G. T. Tyson, Robert
Arthur and Mark Smith each have an
acre in fine corn. Their dads are
jealous of the boys in their good farm-
Beaver Dam has her ancient
Clement Allen has passed his
90th mile post in life. Alfred
has years behind hint. Rachel No-
colored, has rounded out
Uncle Tommy Little is young at
Mrs. Allie Joyner carries her years
well, and Betty Pollard is still active
at So you see the water is line
and sunshine bright out this way.
Mr. J. Cobb is leading the
farmers in this section on peanuts.
Democrats In Beaver Dam favor a
delegated primary, and no one has an
to grind.
N. c July
Miss Susie Edwards, of Snow Hill,
is spending some lime with Miss Earl
Mr. R. M. Elks is all smiles today-
its a boy.
Messrs. J. O. Proctor and W. S.
spent Sunday In Norfolk.
The many friends of Mr. J. H. Clark
will regret to learn he Is very
ill in John Hopkins Hospital,
more. Is to he hoped he will soon
be on the road toward recovery.
Messrs. H. A. While and C. M.
Jones, of Greenville, were with us a
short while today.
The new residence of Mr, w. E.
Proctor will soon be completed and
it will be a beautiful home.
The supply Company
have moved in their new store Which
was built In the place of the one lost
i by fire.
Mrs J. II. Dixon. of Burlington, is
visiting Mrs. J. L. Gibson.
Mrs. J. spent Monday In
Greenville attending the funeral of
Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Johnston's little
Nebraska Slate Against
by Large Majority.
By Wire to The Reflector.
Grand Island, Neb., July
Jennings Bryan, the Dem-
Candidate for the presidency,
was overwhelmingly defeated In the
convention early this morning,
when by a vote of ii IDS
gab rejected his county option plank,
The defeat of Mr. Bryan was
ally In that it was his former friends
and supporters who wrested the lead
from him when they
ed such strong disbelief in his
The principal figures In the
In the convention were Mr, Bryan.
Governor and ex-May-
or James C. of Omaha.
Governor came out
the fight a complete victor.
Grand Trunk Strikers Trouble
to Railroads.
By Wire to The Reflector.
South Bend, Ind., July at-
tacks on freight trains with
the ditching of six cars, and an
successful effort to kidnap non-union
members of the crew, were the chief
happenings in the last twenty-four
hours of the Grand Trunk strike. The
strikers have threatened to kill all
non-union workers. The mob
rushed a freight train, rolled It Into
a ditch, and later attacked the crew
of a passenger train, who were saved
from capture by Interference of the
N. C, July 1910.
The Fountain boys came Saturday
a week ago and played the
boys a game of ball and went home
defeated. The score was to in
favor of Our boys went
to Fountain last Saturday and took
their defeat, the score being to
In favor Fountain.
Miss Carmine Flanagan, of Farm-
ville. came over Saturday evening to
spend some time with relatives.
Rev. W. S. Summerel, of Grifton,
came Saturday evening lo attend his
regular appointment at Smith's school
house. He preached a. HI., on
Sunday, and Mr. F. of tin
The dairy cow. if able to express
herself in a way which the
family would comprehend, might well
lay claim to being man's best friend.
She might establish such a claim by
calling attention lo the fact that from
lier carcass manufactures more
of the necessities of life than from
any other similar source. She fur-
these necessities to him from
infancy until such a lime as temporal
tilings are no longer associated with
his existence, and she does it
grudgingly and constantly.
In addition to contributing to men's
necessity and his pleasure, the pros-
of agricultural community is
more closely identified with her than
with any other of the domestic
The horse is quite essential
in tilling the soil, but where necessity
requires it the sturdy son of the cow-
can take his place, as he has done in
every agricultural section on earth.
The horse can only furnish labor,
can only return a profit to his Owner
when conditions are right for return-
satisfactory grain crops. It is
a well known fact that the dairy cow-
ls the salvation of the farmer In
times of poor crops as she is able to
convert the rough crops which are
never a total failure, into dairy pro-
ducts which always have a cash value.
In addition to this, she furnishes
skim milk and butter-milk the
calves, pigs and poultry and fertility
for the soil, without which a farm be-
less valuable each year and the
whole country less prosperous.
The elimination of the dairy cow-
would necessitate an almost
readjustment Of man's tastes
and it would mean
told suffering and hardship. Of course
site will not be with but
value can perhaps best be
by contemplating such a loss.
She will continue to be man's best
friend as long as the human family
exists and will keep on supplying him
null his greatest needs just as she
baa done through all the ages.
stimulate the TORPID
strengthen the digestive organs,
regulate the bowels, are
equaled as an
la malarial districts their virtues
re widely recognized, as they
peculiar properties In freeing
the system from that poison.
sugar coated.
Take No Substitute.
No Climate Like North Carolina's.
A true story is the following. About
a year ago a merchant in
Owned a very line Jersey cow which
he had no particular need for. so he
loaned the cow to a friend of his out
in the country. One day recently
this friend stepped Into the mer-
chant's store and requested the loan
of some money. He explained that
it had been raining so much his crop
had gotten grassy. The merchant
he was not In the banking
and he was himself and
had to borrow money. The friend
was non-plussed by this reply and
I'll make a paper at the
Last April and during the very An , want you to do
last days of that mouth, too, when merchant replied,
frost and mow laid waste the crops ahead. Tue
In States far south of us; when the out and a came
cold wave swooped down from the back the and Bald.
far northwest. North Carolina ex- on; is The
Just a slight frost or two. merchant went to the bank and en-
nothing being damaged except in the paper, which was a chat-
the extreme western part of the tel mortgage. After endorsing it he
State. The mountains stood as a it to see what was included
barrier between us and the in the mortgage, and, lo and behold
live cold wave. During the past there WM a description of his own
week a hot wave has swept States co-. merchant laughed at the
north of us. Many have of the transaction, but let It
heat in New York. Philadelphia and go through. The merchant had
cities north of us. but no such lo mortgage a cow
death-dealing heat has visited us- and he endorsed
just the good old summer time has the you
been our portion. North Carolina ask ft. A. am, H
climate is the best in all the weather
per whether or not It's a true bill.
S. edger.
There are two good reasons why no
State-loving, self-respecting, reasons- Church.
while men should care to vote the A series of meetings will be held
Republican In North Carolina, in the Baptist church, be-
One is the horrible reconstruction era ginning Monday night, August 1st.,
and the other is the nightmare of the Rev. W. R. Beach of Carey will do the
fusion period. The record of the Re- g. The meeting will continue
publican in South and as- as long as Interest demands. The
In North Carolina entitles it people of the town and surrounding
to indecent oblivion Instead of country are cordially Invited.
Star. Pastor.
District Reaches After
ail Night Session.
By Wire to The Reflector.
July an ail
session, the district con-
convention at o'clock
this morning, on the ballot.
nominated MaJ. Charles M.
as t Democratic candidate for con-
He received votes, the
number necessary for a nomination
Some people the country's
foreign relations as if they were their
own poor
North Carolina Pitt County.
in Court.
The defendant above named
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been in the
Superior Court or Pitt county, to ob-
a divorce from bonds of
And the said defendant
further take notice he is
ed to appear the nest term of
Superior of Hit county to
held on the second Monday before the
Monday of September, 1910.
the day august,
the court house of county in
Greenville, N. C. and answer or de-
A. C. College, at Wilson, filled the Of the plaintiff,
place at night.
We had very good Sunday schools
both at Smith's school house and at
Arthur Sunday.
The people Of our section had a
at Arthur Friday night for the
of the Free Will Baptist church
They realized seven or eight
There was another robbery at Ar-
Saturday night. Some one en-
Joyner Wilson's store by
breaking the door mid carried off a
goods, did not learn bow
Joyner. of Greenville,
who had Spent about a week with her
Sister, Smith, left for
home Monday morning.
has turned green and
some of farmers are not curing
any of the weed this week.
Occupied by Sixteen Young
Wire to The Reflector.
New July the Fire-
men's parade here today a flout of
the New Bern Fire company, on which
sixteen young ladies were riding, col-
lapsed, but fortunately there wise no
serious results.
The German American alliance
was organized at noon. J. O.
of Charlotte, presiding at the
Work for Greenville with us.
in said action, or I he plaintiff will
apply to court for the relief de-
In the complaint
This the 16th day of July,
D. C. Moore, Clerk S. C.
Julius Brown, Attorney for plaintiff.
North Carolina Pitt County.
in the Superior Court, before U. C.
Moore, Clerk.
Willis Johnston. F. V. Johnston,
J. i. Johnston and Addle Johnston,
To the Court
virtue of a decree Of the
Court of Pitt the 15th
day of July, 1910, in the above
cause by U. C. Moore, clerk, the
undersigned commissioner will on
Tuesday, the 16th day of August,
at o'clock the court
house door in Greenville expose to
public sale, to the highest bidder for
cash the following parcel of land, to
lying and being in the county of
Pitt, state of North Carolina, begin-
on the edge of the northern
bank of Tar at a point where
hollow trees formerly stood,
nearly opposite the edge o the
big rock and runs thence nearly at
right angles with the river to the big
slough, old Parker's and Perkins
line, thence down said slough to Par-
or Red Hanks creek, thence
down said creek to the river, thence
up the river the beginning; con-
one hundred and five acres,
more or and being the same
tract or of land purchased by
Edward C. from the
of Thomas A. de-
ceased, and being the second tract of
land described in deed from E. C.
to Susan O. Johnston, dated
December 1880, and recorded In
the Register's office of Pitt county in
book Y-3, Page
This sale will be for the
pose of making partition among
the tenants In common who are par-
ties In this cause.
This the day of July, 1910.
F. C. Harding, Commissioner.
The Up-to-date
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can be laid without fuss or bother r old the
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will last as at tin Itself and Demands
For further paten, etc. to
Among the foremost colleges for Women in the South.
Course in Liberal Arts covering nine departments, and including elective
courses in Education and Bible, which count for the A. B. d School
Including Piano. Pipe Organ, Violin and Voice Culture School of Art
including Decoration, and of
R T. VANN, President,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
D. J. Editor
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
One Dollar Per Year
VOL. No.
Enthusiastic Congress
Bias Small, Road Engineer
Dr. Pratt and Secretary of State.
This has been one of the greatest
days in Pitt county in many years.
It was the occasion of the holding a
good roads convention of all the
of the county for the purpose of
awakening a general interest In good
This movement was started a few
weeks ago by the chamber of com-
of Greenville, and how well
the work of advertising the meeting
was shown In the large crowd of
who came from all sections of
the county.
President Wright, of Bast Carolina
Training school kindly tend-
the school auditorium for the
meeting, and this was accepted with
thanks. There were fully people
in the auditorium when the meeting
called to order President H.
A. White, of the chamber of commerce,
and more came in to swell the attend-
As they come in neat buttons
on which was inscribed Roads
for Pitt distributed.
Anything means progress to
Pitt county never fails to strike a re-
chord in the hearts of her
people. Centuries ago the Africans
played hall with diamonds, not know-
their value. It took the
of civilization to show them
that their plaything were the world's
most valuable articles of commerce.
It Is only as a people becomes en-
lightened, do they appreciate their
undeveloped resources. Pitt county
has long since reached the stage of
true appreciation of her
oped resources and the most efficient
way of developing her magnificent
sections, and as Dr. Dixon, of
den. said, they not waiting until
the are dead to do
It was Indeed an inspiring scene
that th speakers of the
good roads convention.
Congressman John H. Small was
the first speaker, and touched upon
many Interesting topics as well
good roads, and showed the untold
confronting Pitt county In
the way of drainage, developing
power, and so on.
Congressman Small spoke, as fol-
It was most gratifying to
pate such a meeting of mutual
concern to people of town and country.
There was never a time when people
were more willing to give time and
wealth for the betterment of the
in North Carolina than today. We
have met to discuss for action. When
has not been carried into
action is weakened for the next
time. The implanting of thought to-
day should be put into force and there
should be at once organization and
action. We hope that everybody is
here for action.
This Is an economic question of our
country and world, and that state or
county, which devotes most time and
energy to tills question, help the
and country most. Public
demand wise solution. We have
fought fights for the education of our
children and Pitt county rivals any
section or county. Pitt has gone fur-
and has prepared for equipment
of teachers. This school Is a
which sets you above and should
be a source of pride to every one.
Under your superintendent of schools
you have forged ahead.
Your soils are of
value, which should be reclaimed by
drainage. This question so-
Our old plans have been In-
sufficient, but you have a land now
that is leading in the right direction
for most effective drainage.
It Is too late to recall the waste of
our time, but we can in future utilize
what we have for profit and proper
benefit to us and our children. By the
application of proper methods we can
conserve them.
Our soil Is another asset that needs
our attention. We are wasting the
fertility of our soil by bad methods
and they should be renovated and re-
stored to original fertility and no
longer be wasted, but used for the
help of the whole people.
The waters of our country should
receive our attention for fish and
Tar river has had a survey
for the purpose of developing power
the running of electric machinery
In cotton mills sud every other form
it represents more than twenty per
cent, of the cost of every article of
consumption. There are three kinds
of water and
highway. The most neglected of all
are the country roads. In many In-
stances they are no better than they
were a hundred years ago. Why Is
this Neglect, overlooking our
Two fundamental propositions for
our growth and development are
teaching agriculture and mutual work-
together of the town people and
country people for the Improvement of
both. Dr. State superintend-
of schools, has worked out the
agricultural school proposition. Pitt
county public school teachers have
asked for five times as much literature
on agriculture as any other two
ties comprising the fourteen counties
of the first congressional district.
Individuals must Join together in
their efforts. If a church Improves
It Is because they Join together for
work. The same is true of schools,
and If highways are Improved it must
done the same bray. Every
has a mutual direct interest.
Let us got together. Let us unite.
Let us lie patient and pray for the
and disgruntled. Sections
have rivalry, but the sections should
be a basis and put it up to the town-
ships. Let them solve the problems
for themselves. I lay on the
spirit of co-operation and working to-
for our best Interests.
Mr. Speech.
The second speaker was Mr. Lester
K. road engineer of the United
States Department of Agriculture. He
said he had a long ways to
be present at this meeting, on
day he was in Alabama and had been
on the road night and day to get
here. Was tired and worn out, but
glad to be here and see this audience.
Such an audience la rare, and
inspiring. illustrated the inter-
of the people of Pitt county In
good roads by comparison with a
county In Tennessee that wanted to
vote a bond issue of It had
a rich soil and grew tine crops of
In the valleys, which were surrounded
by mountains. The people there
asked how got their crops to
market after they were produced
do you get it was tho
the question which was answered
by a farmer as
make the corn, distill It Into liquor,
we drink the liquor, then light It
America behind in road Improve-
we have miles of road
with only 150.000 miles improved. The
cost of marketing a crop is to
cents per ton bad roads, while on
good roads it is to cents par
ton. In Mississippi it costs more to
market a crop of cotton than it does
to make it
Increased value in real estate will
over pay the cost of Improvements.
Land will Increase in value to
per acre. Say average is there
are acres to the mile, then an
increase in value would be
Per mile. The sand-Cay Is
best and costs from to
per mile. Here it could not under any
Circumstances cost more than per
mile. Then the increased value of
property for one mile would pay for
the building and Improvement of six
miles of road.
Roads are a great help to schools
by dispensing with small school houses
and building large schools on good
roads which are every sea-
son of the year, and to a larger
Before roads were improved in
Durham county there were public
school houses, today has schools
and school houses, which Is the re-
of consolidation made possible by
good roads.
Good roads help the rural mall
service, which Is the best boon to the
progress of country life. It Is the
United States government's mission-
work by keeping tho country in-
formed and in touch with the outside
world. Where the roads are bad t lie
government does not give this service.
Out of applications for rural
routes In North Carolina, only 1,200
could be granted on account of bad
The greatest help it would be to our
country Is the keeping of the young
people on the farm. The country com-
mission appointed by Governor
laid down as one of Its
mental necessities that the country
people must have good roads. The
isolation caused by bad roads was the
cause of a greater per cent of in-
among country people.
tide should turned from tile city
to the country, instead of the country
to the city. The best way to do
Is to build good roads. Men do not
feel this Isolation bad roads
do our women.
When you decide to build good roads
you must first determine upon the
kind of roads most suitable to your
country from the point of view of
cost and the kind of material for build-
that is available. Here you are
ideally situated for the sand-clay road.
Nature has done your grading. Then
the real question is that of drainage
You must get rid of the water. To
do this your roads must slope from
the center to the sides where you
have scooped out ditches which take
the water to lower points, draining
entirely from the road bed. The sand
road Is a bed of loose sand which has
no rigidity. The sand grains must
be bound together by some kind
of cement, which Is clay. To do this
distribute the clay over the sand from
to inches deep and scatter it as
you haul it. To find out how much
clay Is necessary for any given
of sand, take two glasses, lining
one with sand and the other with
water and pour the water into the
sand, and the portion of water that
it takes to fill the glass of sand
the same amount of clay necessary
to make a firm road. After the
has been placed and mixed, cover by
dragging with the split-log drag.
For the clay road, cover i to inches
deep With sand, and mix with a
row while dry, then run over with a
drag. If sand appears
on more clay and use the log drag.
This is the best way to keep up your
roads. The log drag is the most use-
of road Implements. You can op-r
ale the log drag at a cost of cents
per mile, and the roads should
dragged one time each month, making
the whole cost by this method per
year. The old method of shovel
cart cost per year, and not so
good. You must have some fixed
method and use that.
The bug-bear of the situation is the
cost of good coil
involves some species of taxation. It
should be looked at from the point
of view of investment, when you ex-
your money returned with good
pay for Its Let each township
levy its tux and float its bonds.
This involves Jealousy between sec-
lions which often all improve-
Bonds distribute the
on all the generations who enjoy Mil
of th roads. Issue
and sell them tor money to be
in each township, yon then get money
for circulation the community ,
you have roads, roads
than to enough pay
the bonds, and they coat
lug. Good reads encourage
which Increases tho number
have to pay tie bonds. Pay for
for the as you go, then you
do It ail yourself.
Dr. Traits Speech.
The next speaker was Dr. J. Hyde,
State Geologist and president
of the Carolina Good Hoods as-
who The subject cf
good roads divides Itself into two
need roads, and
how to gel them. discuss -he
question of net t There
are three neighborhood
system that we now hare, which
can dispose by asking the
How many miles of road have you
that is good road every day In the
year Not any. That ends that
The other two ways are by
tux. and by bond Issue. Pew
counties in OUT State have sufficient
wealth to furnish enough income by
direct tax. Such counties as Durham,
Mecklenburg. and
have not. In North Carolina the ac-
cumulated wealth In cities Is taxed
for good roads, which is a great help
to our country. This is not true in
other states. By direct tax Pitt
would have to levy cents On
worth of property for a sufficient
income, now. it does not look to
a large future. Tax is generally
in repairing roads, and not good
roads are built by it.
A bond issue does not mean a high
tax, but means a definite sum of
money for the purpose. A cents
tux in Pitt county would moan
per year income. worth of
bonds -would build your roads,
would pay the Interest, leaving
available for keeping up the
roads, and a sinking fund
to pay the off the bonds.
It should a county bond Issue
rather than township issues, because
the towns have more wealth. The
county is helping build Greenville, and
the county should have the benefit
of Greenville's wealth for building
roads In the poorer townships, which
cannot build roads for themselves be-
cause they have . not wealth.
There would more trouble In sell-
lug a township bond Issue, which
would sell at a per cent. Interest
on Eighth
Amounts Drawn
for September Court.
County Executive Committee Adopt
This Method of Nominating
County and Officers.
At a meeting of the Democratic
executive committee of Pitt county,
held in on Wednesday.
July 1910, the following
was adopted relative to the hold-
of voting primaries at all the
voting precincts of the county,
to nominate county and
Be it the Democratic
executive committee of Pitt county,
in session this day, that a primary
election be held for the of Pitt,
on Saturday, the 10th day of Sept-
ember, for the purpose of
Democratic candidates for the
legislative, for the county officers.
township officers and for township
at which
election all Democratic
v-ho are entitled to vole at
election, to be held in November,
1910. Shall he allowed to vote.
That primary election shall be
heal am conducted the several
Hie places that are
ed by law for holding the general
elections, and that the same shall be
opened and kept open from o'clock
a. m until o'clock p. m., In all the
voting precincts of said county; and
the said primary election shall be
held and conducted In accordance
with the plan for primary elections
prescribed by the State Democratic
executive committee.
At the close of the voting, the poll
holders. In the presence of all such
Democrats as may choose to attend.
hall proceed to the
and make a list of the persons voted
for and the office and the number of
votes received by each person for each
of said offices, and they shall sign
such list in duplicate and send the
original thereof immediately to the
chain.- in of the
committee, and the lo
the chairman of township
committee; and for the
cf an.-l me
of said tie
Democratic committee
Pitt county shall meet In the
of Greenville, on the Tuesday
Bald primary election, at
a, m. and shall open, tabulate, can-
end declare the of said
primary election in accordance with
Democratic plan of organization.
That all P who are to be
voted primary election
county township
shall cause to he filed with the
or secretary of the county
executive on or before the
5th day of 1310, a writ-
ten notice of their candidacy, and
snail pay to the treasurer of the
county executive committee such sum
as shall he determined by the
committee of the county, as in
their opinion may be his or their
necessary part tor defraying the ex-
Incident to holding said
That all matters and things arising
In respect to the holding or
elections, arc hereby referred
to the executive committee or
Pitt with full power to act
and their action shall he deemed and
held to be the action of the county
executive committee.
This the day of July. 1910.
Chm. Dent Ex. Com. of Pitt county.
W. L. BROWN. Secretary.
The board of county commissioners
met in regular monthly session Mon-
day, August 1st. with all the members
The following aggregate amounts
were drawn from the For
outside paupers, county home,
superintendent health,
court house. Jail. con-
prisoners and insane.
coroner's inquest, bridges and
ferries. smallpox. pen-
board, listing taxes.
printing and stationery,
maps. register deeds,
commissioners sundries.
general roads. general stock
law, Winterville stock law,
township roads.
A petition was read asking that the
county convict force work upon the
road beginning at Ready Branch and
running to Tar road. distance of
about miles, or in lieu this
make to put said
road In good condition. The petition
was granted and a.
The were drawn
for the civil term of Superior court
beginning September W. H. Elks,
j. K. Warren, Mack W.
Moore. W, E, Lang,
M. Smith,
II. Flanagan. J. B. Tucker, C. M.
Holton, J. W. E.
j. K. J. R. Kay, Clyde Skin-
P. A. Wayne.
The following wore drawn as Jurors
for the term beginning September
M. B. Crawford, Fred J. Crawford,
John C. Lloyd V. Smith,
C. C. J. J- Nobles, A. M. Woolen
J. A. Tripp, J. B- Oakley, Stokes,
J. K. Harry J. A. K.
J. F. Davenport. G.
U. K. Smith. E. F. Cox,
W. II.
of a three cornered
Tragedy Occurred the House of One
Annie fortes In
Trouble, 11- Usual.
This Explains II.
Of course horses ire afraid of auto-
mobiles some farmers are not
pleased with the manner in which
drivers or these machines dash by.
seemingly Without of the
that lives and vehicles are endangered
by so doing. We have heard It re-
marked that it's a strange
horses and mules will turn things
over and leave the road In spite or
everything that can he done when
they meet an automobile pay no
attention to buggies and wagons. But
an old woman explains the mat-
this guess if were to
meet a pair of britches down
the road no man in you'd he
And It's real good logic.
Our Home,
In Honor
f Visiting Young Ladles.
Kinston, Aug. Thursday
morning from eleven till one Miss
a Harper was the hostess a
delightful morning bridge party at the
of her brother, Dr. H. D. r,
given in honor the guests of Miss
Clara Dines, Misses Helen Brooks. Of
High Point; Lillian Carr. of Green-
ville; and Pierce, Warsaw.
The color scheme of yellow was fit-
tingly carried out the decorations
Of the porch tables as In every
other conceivable manner. At the
conclusion the game. Miss Mitchell
was declared the winner of the But
prize, a dainty hand-painted piece of
china. The visitor's prize won
Miss Lillian Carr.
Be Governed Accordingly.
Anyone who does not want to re-
a publication will have no
In discontinuing it, It you notify
the publisher that you don't want
the paper any longer provided you
nothing. continue to take
the paper until you are pressed for
payment and then and
Bay you subscribed for
No publisher wants to force anyone
to take his paper, If ho does not want
the same time he expects those
who take his paper to pay for it
the same as they pay any other
to Trinity.
Miss Sue V. Cobb has been tendered
the position of matron of the woman's
building at Trinity College by
dent W. P. Few. Cobb accepted
the position and will go lo Durham
a days to arrange tor entering
upon her duties as matron when the
college opens in
Free Press.
Men learn from
It is experience v. a woman.-
Off For Camp.
A party composed Of Dr. H. L. Carr.
Profs. Meadows Knight and Messrs
S. T. Hooker. Hooker. W. D.
Hugh and G. K.
left this morning for
Island, below Beaufort, where they
will spend several days In camp and
Balling. They contemplate u big time
and will Bird it. .
About o'clock Sunday morning at
house of Annie on
street, near the market and just
site the city guard house, there was
a tragedy. As a result Luke Harris
a dead, Joe Johnson fled to parts
unknown, and Frank Forbes is
prison, all the parties being colored.
Like all Of kind,
ally among are con-
dieting Stories, the disposition of
race shield Its criminals making the
hard to get at.
Those who arrived early on the
after the tragedy found Luke
Harris dead the of
woman's house, a pistol bull
in forehead above one eye,
through which the brain,
almost Instant
there until
made for the coroner's
inquest Sunday morning, and as the
news or the tragedy spread ever town
after daylight hundreds curious
people to the scene to look at
the body.
Dr. C. OH. county
coroner, summoned r.
ft. Greene. C. B. J. W.
W. P. Edward, W. B. Greene,
and Leon Smith, about S o'clock
began an inquest in the mayor's
witness examined by the
coroner was Rosa a col-
woman Who was confined in the
who testified that she
beard a row going on at the house of
Annie lust across the street.
Frank Forbes told Annie to open the
; but Annie replied that she had
to go to bed. Annie shut the door
Frank broke ll open. Frank
cursed Annie and threatened to kill
Witness tailed across the street
Annie and asked what the mat-
Frank told Annie to tell nothing.
After that Frank and Joe Johnson
went to the stables near by and were
talking. They both went back to
Ann it's house and wanted to get In.
Annie told them to go on. that she
wanted to go to bed. Frank told a
man in the house that he had had it
in for him for a long time. I heard a
gun lire one time. Somebody
-Frank, nave shot I
do not recall the name of the one said
be shot. Frank Cid
see me with a gun If you say
I shot him I will See got
scared and said it was Joe.
and alter I called her again she said
was Joe. Frank went out and hid
D gun near the Stables, end told Joe
go off and say nothing, ha was
anybody as the boy
was dead.
Addle in another colored
man who In Annie's house, said
Luke Harris there
clock, and was Sober. A few minutes
later the shot was find. When Luke
came Into the room Joe Johnson was
Frank was also there. When
Luke came In he spoke to us. Joe
was sitting on a box
ling on a Chair. Frank and Joe Were
talking. Frank had been there half.
an hour when Luke came, Frank was
drinking. saw Joe With a gnu in
his hand. Luke said when he was full-
ling have shot Joe said it
was accidental. Luke did Sire
two minutes, Frank did shoot,
only one shot was lived,
other witnesses examined were
Wright Daniel. Annie Ton
Brooks and Frank Forbes, but there
was much Variance in their testimony.
The verdict the Jury was Luke
Harris to his death from a pis-
shot wound in hands of Joe
Johnson or Frank Forbes, and re-
commended that Addle and
ROM he placed In safe keep-
or under sufficient bond to en-
sure their as witnesses at
the next term of the Superior court,
Frank Forbes was committed to
prison, and Joe Johnson has not yet
been found. The funeral of Luke
took place late Sunday afternoon,
and was attended by a large number
of one or the secret lodges of which
he was a member.
Never kick the man who told yo.
co unless he reminds you that he did.
Try to deserve the good o.
those who think well of you.
A woman likes to be great In poise,
but not on avoirdupois.
Club Meeting Postponed.
The annual a B Club
has been postponed
night. September 1st. By order of
the hoard of governors.
D. L. JAMES, President,
w .-

J. R. J. G.
How seldom it is that one can purchase for a
small figure a fabric that will give entire
faction, both in looks and wear. Brilliant in
colorings and will not fade, though in contact
with either sunshine or shower, in fact a beau-
SILK that will wash like white linen, re-
its beauty of color and quality.
is the only Silk that will do this. Have you
seen this
New Fabric
Many will try to imitate this new creation of
the manufacturer's art. Few will succeed.
J. R. J. G.
Style Leaders Greenville, N. C.
How About Your Home
Is it comfortably If not you
would find it interesting to visit our store and
look over our stock of FURNITURE and
HOUSE-FURNISHINGS. Everything needed
from Parlor to Kitchen at prices that will make
you sit up and take notice.
and House Furnishings
is not too good for you. When you want the
best, and prices that are in reach of your pocket
book we can supply your wants.
t Boyd Furniture Co.
if you trade us make
You Are Probably Planning
a Vacation Trip
Line Steamers
NORFOLK daily P. M. for
BALTIMORE with direct rill com for Eastern
resort potato
Appointed Service.
For further mad write
C. L. CHANDLER, A. F. R. T. P. A.
Rule. For if You
tho to Thorn.
The treatment of a
wound Itself Into
of a tar very simple rule. In
first place, a person wounded n
snake usually fee, very thine he
should not Is. sews tearing off
at top for the nearest human
the cir-
mill disseminating the
through the system more rapidly. The
man should sit calmly down bind
his handkerchief the limb
It Is a break off a twig
Insert the handkerchief,
a rude tourniquet, and twist
until the circulation Is effectually shut
With n sharp knife make an X In-
over the wound, taking care
to penetrate deeper than the fangs
have done. If he has good teeth
no canker In his mouth, he may now
suck vigorously upon the wound. It
does no good to suck the original
wound. It Is quite to get any
virus hack through opening not
greater In caliber than a flue needle.
If all this Is done without delay the
chances are the patient will
fer no greater Inconvenience from bis
If he chances to have
handy a stick of silver nitrate be can
cauterize the wound thoroughly. Fall-
n brand from the lire will
serve. After a time he release
his tourniquet somewhat and permit
a portion of the retained blood to en-
the circulation. The system Is ca-
of taking care of a great deal of
poison if it s allowed to flow Into the
A Summons
To Court
ii ii i lie
For Sale-
Apply to
la done quickly,
and cheaply.
The His Gave For Dis-
liking Postponements.
Just when Mrs. had finished
packing her trunks and after William
had bought railway tickets
for her and their two little
Bessie came down with a severe case
of cough. The doctor
refused to let the child start on
n lung Journey, even If he had
thought It safe for the little one to
leave home he assured Mrs.
that she would nut lie permitted to
take the Into n hotel anywhere.
it a the distressed
lady walled. we are with every-
thing In our trunks, my husband
has even bought our berths in the
is unfortunate, but I know
what you can do except sit down and
I wait four or live days. It may be safe
I then for you to start
When her husband got home that
i evening Mrs. was weeping.
take it so hard, he said.
j might he a good deal worse. Our
little one Is likely to get along all
right. The doctor says the case Isn't
an severe one. and when I
telephoned him this afternoon he said
he thought it might be safe for you to
start away by the cud of the
know. lie told me the same thing.
Hut I feel that we'll never go. I never
postponed anything yet that didn't
turn out sadly. I once postponed n
wedding, and the marriage never took
Half hour later William
was still in a corner alone
thinking it
Carrying a Bundle.
A stylish looking woman who looked
as If she had rather die than carry a
bundle that wouldn't go Into u hand-
bag went into the women's suit depart-
of a big store lugging a paste-
board half as big us herself. Other
customers present wondered at her
but the saleswoman
not wonder.
Is one time when proud-
est woman on earth will carry a bun-
she said. is when some
garment has been sect home finished
off badly and baa to be brought back
for alterations. If the customer would
only telephone to the store we would
send for the garment, but that would
take time. She It finished with-
out delay, rather thou wait she
brings it down York
Queer Marriage That Wat
Performed In Japan.
Toe tragic ending of a Japanese
reported by Japan
Chronicle from a little seaside
Tillage In the province of
Ono twenty year old.
fell In with Ono a girl
years old. The young
couple sought consent of their
and father and mother
the girl refused to sanction the union.
The two lovers decided to commit sin
ride rather than be separated. By
met at a try sting place
that had been the scene of love
making and embarked In a fishing
boat. At a point some distance front
bore bound themselves together
with some brought along to serve
that purpose and threw
Into the sea.
Committing as
rides are called In Is such an
ordinary occurrence that little
Is attracted by It. nut this tragedy
was followed by something exceptional
When the two bodies, still bound to
were washed ashore the
rials who examined them turned
over to then- respective The
villagers so deeply
they called upon the two bereaved
families to to the
and girl by uniting them In marriage
after death. The mayor the village
especially Insistent that the rites
be performed. that the deceased
might be safely united In the
parents agreed,
curried out In due form,
and presents were exchanged between
the two families. ceremony was
legally registered Just as If It bad
taken place before of the
bride bridegroom.
In bis
and In
never brought the at
of the to any
custom or occurrence
than this real happening that rind Its
way Into the columns a Japanese
newspaper as a feature of the day's
The Point View.
Of course we all like to know
our enemies are vulnerable, but It la
only the cynical elect who can
with tine epicurean fastidiousness
the glorious revelation that
friends are human after all. And it Is
not only the weakness of those near
dear to us. but misfortunes
and annoyances, which give a thrill of
Illicit Joy to those honest contortion-
who can look In own hearts.
I once beard a young mother say
there only one thing which gave
her greater pleasure than bearing
the children of her friends were sick,
and was to hear were
bad. No one but a
row the excellent root with Mr.
bas enriched would
of condemning this young woman
for being malicious or unkind. Misery
la not only human quality
company. of her distant
relatives Anxiety. Discouragement.
Annoyance are equally
of was
of our first savings bank. I be
Mitt suggestion came from Daniel
foe. When he found himself compel. C.
to hide from the bailiffs In a
Inn he turned his
leisure and financial failure to account
by writing the on it
deals with savings banks, friendly Be-
insurance, academies and bank-
On all these subjects Defoe of-
from his fertile brain suggest
that startle the reader by their
ring. On bankrupts and savings banks
Defoe naturally wrote feeling.
During bis stay In Bristol he
known as Sunday
owing to his natural unwillingness t i
take air except on day of
week which deprived of
Bargain Column,
All advertisements coming under
thin head will be charged for at the
rate of cents per line, average
to the line. All advertisers
who haven't an account with
should send money with ad.
tops at S. M.
will call
W. J. Turnage.
on hand, people wanting will call
me up. Phone W. J. Turnage.
for sale on easy
Bee Higgs lira.
The Velvet kind.
situated on Dickinson
avenue. Bros.
Alaska's Coast Region.
The roast region of has a
mild climate, not colder than the
northern part of sound or of
Scotland. The stand of trees Is dense,
averaging for considerable areas
feet per acre, spruce forming
about per cent of the stand and
western hemlock about per cent.
Although by far the most abundant
species, western hemlock does not pro-
duce as large Individual trees the
spruce or western red cedar, for-
mer occasionally showing a diameter
of six feet a height of feet
and the cedar diameters of from three
to four feet.
lo la this Main Voice at the
Other End-Tee. Who do yon want to
ear Wadsworth-Is Mr.
there Voice at the Other
Do you want to talk to him
I want to
Hie Word.
said be
U retire with it
has kept his word. Whenever
to sleep e puts bin wallet
and bis check book his
Washington Star.
Man's to man makes
thousands do likewise.-
The Sort Life Ob-
In Sierra Leone.
It Is difficult to explain bow com
In normal times U dullness
of small Tillages In
rate of Sierra Leone, on coast
western Africa, u writer In
Nineteenth Century and After. Au
hour sunrise shadowy figures
move noiselessly through narrow
alleys separate mud walled
and In single We pass out of
eight toward farm hinds. A little
later children and a few women leave
houses to obtain water for cook-
also go In single Die and in
a short while will return in same
manner carrying water In calabashes,
except, perchance, one or two may be
affluent enough to possess a tin in
kerosene oil bas been Imported.
During the great beat of day
return and alt. silent and motion-
less. In the thatched roof verandas.
Toward evening there is more move-
Food time generally brightens
people even when It only means rice
and peppers. Soon after sunset all
sign of life ceases. There Is no light In
houses, because oil la expensive.
and a dying Are la enough when there
la nothing to except those yon bare
all day; there are no nave
a baby's err at Intervals, or perhaps
the weird call of some night bird, be-
cause people cannot talk
no one baa anything fresh to say.
Next day will be same, and so will
be every day In the year except at
festival times, such when the
or boys return, dancing and
from the Bush. There
la no church, postman, no
horse or carriage and no newspapers.
Castle Is one the oldest
Inhabited in world, some
of rooms being SOU years
Among It ancient hi a
Ice of gold plate.
nary plate
baa the whole of gold caps
at down to
time of George IV. The gold of
service plates la almost without alley,
consequently and easily
marred; platen are warmed
and alee washed after
by being dipped Into hot water,
a pair leas whose bare
been In
A Cup of
A large China cup n was
shoved across counter a
voice said, wants u cupful of
Tho grocer the cup, weighed
the sugar, poured It back Into the cup
and said.
To a customer who expressed cur-
prise his willingness lo sell grocer-
such small he
to this Most
of these live from meal lo deal.
which means they buy things by
measure Instead of weight.
by the cupful, the spoonful or the ear-
they know Just how ranch cf any
they need. In order lo
both customers and the Inspector
weights and measures iv
first to suit the trade, then weigh after-
York Sun.
with water and lights, Convenient-
to Main street. Mrs.
building, suitable for board-
house . Terms reasonable.
ply to L. C. Skinner.
That Come With e Ride lit
a Racing Motor.
Imagine yourself in a big racing ma-
chine plunging a course at eighty
miles mi Hour, lot the average man
sensation is but speed
kings revel m it. the road
streaks the ear. Into a
typhoon the appalling speed, the
still air mars In ears. You
yon will never regain your bearing.
The resistance the atmosphere la
fearful. The slightest forward move-
is distant objects
loom up suddenly before yon and Jump
by. is a streaky line
of green, blotched here and there as a
house Is passed. The gale seems to
cut your race, and you feel yourself
being gradually out against
the back of the seat. It seem
glass In your auto Is
the point of breaking. of
dust are driven back In eye.
may become blinded. vibration
Of engine Is
Indicator fluctuate alarmingly. It
may mean engine Is on the
point of exploding. What makes the
floor tremble so Surely something
will happen now
And then you bear explosions boom-
from exhausts a drivers
A Freak Nature. A sharp turn la ahead.
Colonel bad become The noise la deafening. terrific
happy father of twins, and his I speed does not seem to have been
bounded pride In this twofold blessed J checked. outline of the turn
A pearl belonging to her broach Ii
got fastened In the lace of her collar
He offered to disentangle it.
n great trick of
aid as ho wrestled with It.
she Interrupted n fright
said he;
Knew What Ho Was Doing.
Hooky if mm whom old gent bas
received B sovereigns to ii-
Now, then, Santa are yon
biting for Do you I'd give
you wrong Old kid-
it's no that; I'm Just making sure
that I haven't got one back
I passed off on Punch.
expression on every
Be stood with a friend on bank
one day a young woman
passed wheeling a baby carriage con-
a pretty girl baby.
a woman look
colonel loftily, only
Cobb Bros. Co.
Cotton Buyer. Broken in
Stock, Cotton Grain and
to New York, and
New Orleans.
grow more distinct, it la folly
maybe rush at It at each
a pace. You dare breathe the
car tears into bend. It and
a wall of dirt la thrown alongside
yon the driver, a sharp
of the wheat, sends car once
back in middle of road. Too
are safe another mm Is
A Infer,
A teacher a class of
boys and bad spent half boor try-
to drive Into beads
between man and tho lower
animals, but apparently little enc-
be to a
chap, you know the difference
between, say. me a pis; or any
other brute r
replied Tammy Innocently, but
another teacher standing by
London Answers.
J. W. Perry CO.
Cotton Factors and handler of
Tics and Bags.
and so-
Alternating Currant Pis,
in the light of what baa been I
snoot the housefly Is no longer
any excuse for gay insouciance of
tho post who wrote a summer board-
none lyric, la which
r. la rear currant
wet a then any
um aw He.
Completely Renovated Many New Features.
Opens June 1st
Delightful Surf Finest Fishing in America.
Tennis. Motoring, Riding. Extremely low Excursion
Rates. Unsurpassed Perfect.
Through Sleeping Car Service, Winston Salem, via Gods-
and Morehead, N. C.
Write Frank P. Morton. Mgr., Morehead City. N. C.
for rates and handsome booklet.
A school organized and maintained for one de-
finite men and women
tor teachers. The regular session opens Tues-
day. September 1910.
For and information, address
H. WRIGHT. President,
Greenville, North Carolina.
Keep Them Apart From Whites.
Even the rive Civilized Tribe
there still many
wholly full Those people drift
together, following their own Ideas
life, speaking their own language and
retiring before the whites with the
same strange reserve pride
characterized them In their wild state.
Although the name of
Christian denominations and fol-
lowing beliefs with devout
their ways of thinking, their dis-
like of Innovation their aversion
to work have made them withdraw
to the mountain districts.
this so called reserve comes from pride
or a of the white man or
or m.-rely a stubborn
it produces the same result, the
backward and Indian.
There is, too. n certain mystic quality
that holds the Indian aloof, says the
Southern quality that we
do not understand and with which
there Is little sympathy In our every
day life. He is so much of a
he looks our
life with some contempt, dismiss-
our efforts for comfort
material advancement with the
remark that white man is heap
trouble to While people cull
him because he does not care to
exert himself for those things which
seem Important to whites, yet to
some religions ceremonial or some
expression bis application Is per
the of an In
bas passed Into a proverb.
is where mothers teach their children to go for
Bargains in Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Dry Goods,
Dress Notions and Millinery. That is
where everybody goes.
He it Try Him
by the Unmasking of the Pall
Not until houses cease to ex-
will all romances be written.
Shabby romances, some of them are.
like that of the young woman who got
so tired of being culled
because she received no Invitations
and had to eat all her meals the
boarding house table she took
eating alone once in at a cheap
restaurant and then brazenly lying
about friends who had Invited
bet to dinner.
There was a young man In that
house who never went anywhere
first night the girl stayed out
life's desolation nearly
him. poor little white
faced soul has made friends who want
lie said. wants me.
I'm good on
Then on rare occasions his place
table was vacant.
naked the landlady.
lied the young man.
One night the man the met
in a twenty-live cent restaurant. They
they they finally con-
a pair of said
girl. awful to think that tonight
when we go homo will to
swear we have been dining with
said the young man, sin t
York Press.
Pulley bow en
Home of Greenville
S. A. L.
Trains leave Raleigh effective
2.45 a. Atlanta, Birmingham,
points West, Jackson-
ville and Florida points,
Hamlet for Charlotte and
11.85 a.
coaches and parlor car. Con-
with steamer for Washing-
ton. Baltimore, New
12.05 a. Richmond, Wash-
and New York Pullman
day coaches and dining car.
Connects at Richmond with C
O. for Cincinnati and points West,
at Washington with Pennsylvania
railroad and B. for
and west
4.06 p. Atlanta, Charlotte.
Wilmington, Birmingham, Memphis
and West Parlor cars to
p. m., No. for
Henderson Oxford, and
p. Atlanta, Birmingham,
Memphis and West, Jack-
and all Florida points.
Pullman Arrive Atlanta
f a, aft.
p. Richmond 4.30 a.
m., Washington 7.40 a. m New
York p. m. Pullman sleepers to
Washington and dining car
C. B P. A.
Portsmouth, Va.
H. D. P. A.
Raleigh. N. C.
State eyesight specialist.
Eye examined free and fit-
at reasonable price. Have the de-
corrected, see better and be
relieved of many headaches. See him
follows tor
Snow Hill, Wednesday, July Nth,
onto at Hotel Patter.
Ayden, Friday, July Sana, office at
Hotel Blount
Friday, July
t Hotel Horton.
Saturday, July of-
lice at Hotel Bertha.
Home Office, X Kinston, N. C
The Spear and Bow and Ar-
rows Their Chief
Our knowledge of the pygmies of
New shows In habit they
re nomadic, nowhere tilling the
ground, but depending for living
entirely on skill hunting and
Their chief weapon Is the
how. their arrows being generally
poisoned either with famous
or some other similar vegetable poison.
In some cases a species of strychnine.
They also make use of the spear
an Ingenious form of spring gun
which Is common to numerous other
forest tribes. This Is formed by net-
ting u flattened bamboo spear attached
to a bent sapling, which is fastened to
a trigger In such u way that it Is re-
leased by the passerby
against Invisible string Stretched
across a game These spears are
really set for game, to the
they arc obvious enough, as their
presence Is always Indicated by
well known signs, such as a
broken off twig placed In a cleft stick.
In war these signs are removed, the
removal being equivalent to the
of buoys n mined channel. The
wounds Inflicted by these hardened
bamboo spear ore necessarily serious.
The mental of the
are extremely undeveloped, none of
them being able to u higher
numerical Idea than three, but all ob-
servers who have met them in
saying that they are a merry little
with great ideas of hospitality
when their ha, been gained
and provided they have not been
treated. They are not can-
and are generally monogamous
London Times.
Joined a Card Club In Order
Forget Her Work.
An woman who found the
monotony of cooking
work proving too much
sanity was urged to Join a card club.
will take your mind off your
she was told, and so she joined.
In order to attend she bad to get up
morning nu hour earlier to gel
her work done; a neighbor girl Ml
hired to stay with the baby, when,
flustered, nervous and tired, she left
the house fifteen minutes late she
followed by tho screams of her three
children because couldn't be
taken along. But she had her
taken off her work the card party
Of that there is no doubt, for when
the made n partner, n
perfect lady, walked right over her.
then picked her up and shook her, and
then chewed on her for fifteen min-
so frightened
tho little wits she bad under her hair
fled, and she made another
with another partner, and this woman,
also a perfect lady, talked to her In n
way the woman should been
ashamed to talk to n dog. It was more
than she could endure, weeping
like a sprinkling cart, she got up and
went home.
did even more than It promised,
she told her husband. has
ever happened to nil my life
so effectively took my mini my
work. Why. there were times when
forgot I had you till the
For the Little Men He Was Not
The lady in the offside corner of the
a truculent
n discolored eye.
thing one can't take a
penny ride without everybody
she remarked, fixing a small
gentleman wearing gray whiskers and
a somewhat rusty top hat with her
normal optic.
The small gentleman suddenly be-
came Interested In a soap advertise-
if one a black eye
without Tom. Dick
questions things are to n pretty
continued the lady.
Silence, allied soap advertise-
study, though eminently discreet.
was Ineffective.
I'm The lady
prodded the small gentleman's knee
with her umbrella. there
this last ten minutes, you won-
If my gives It to me. If
It'll case mind, did. Is there
the small gentleman com-
I been your
should got off cemetery
with n wreath Instead tor the
with a visitor's snap-
the lady, the wreath wouldn't
been expensive London
The Rural Mail Comes Once a Day
The Telephone keeps you in touch with neigh-
bore, friends and the city every minute of every
day. Progressive farmers throughout the South
installing telephones in their homes and
our service.
The cost is low; the service is satisfactory.
Write to our nearest Manager, or
Henderson N. C
Professional Cards
Office opposite R. L. Smith
stables, next door to John Flan-
Buggy new building.
Greenville, . . . Carolina
office formerly occupied by. J. L
. . X.
end tho
Those who are unfit not In-
athletic games is n
by Dr. Woods in Outing.
A boy, for Instance, is a little weal;
after a mild attack of Infectious fever,
pneumonia. Influenza or and
bis heart is boating faster and more
violently than it should exertion
But the team wants him or he wants n
record, or both, and away be gees Into
day the heart can
longer drive on its overload of blood,
and down goes the runner or
In an attack of heart
get all the discredit.
The same danger lies when there l
no training, the sport being purely i
formal. It lies also where tho girl
convalescent persist in taking part I
a long anticipated dance. Only
phase of common sense which Is
tested in common prudence Is
to avoid such perils.
A Celebrity.
When Mrs. A. was a
young woman living In
Va. visiting authors seldom reached
the beautiful university town.
Dickens -Miss
passed us says Mrs. in her
book entitled
of n Long But
condescended to spend night with
her compatriot. Baron do Vere
of the university faculty, her way
to the south.
do Veto. Invited a choice com-
to spend one evening Miss
granted him. Her works were
extremely popular with the
circle, every one was on tiptoe of
pleased anticipation.
While waiting company eagerly
expected her the door for
Miss but companion,
she beg excuse. She
tired must sleep. If she come
she gape your
W. C. D. M. Clark.
Civil Engineers and Surveyors
Greenville, . . Carolina
Dr. Office
. . Carolina
Wholesale and retail Grocer and
Furniture dealer. Cash paid for
Hides, Fur, Cotton Seed. Oil Barrels,
Turkeys, Eggs, Oak Mat-
tresses, etc. Suits. Carriages,
Go-Carts, Parlor Suits, Tables,
Lounges Safes, and Gail
Ax Snuff, High Life Tobacco, Key
West Cheroots, Henry George Ci-
gars, Canned Cherries, Peaches,
Syrup, Jelly, Meat. Flour, Sugar
Coffee, Soap, Lye, Food, Mat-
Oil Cotton Seed Meal and Hullo,
Garden Seeds Oranges, Apples, Nuts.
Dried Apples, Peaches.
Prunes, Currants, Raisins, Glass,
and Cakes
and Crackers, Choose,
best Butter, New Sewing Ma-
chines, numerous other goods
futility and quantity for
Come to see me.
L. Moore. W. H. Long.
. . I. Carolina
In all the courts. Office up
In Phoenix building, next to
Dr. D. L. James
. . . M.
Greenville, . .
Harry Skinner. H. W. Whedbee.
Greenville, . .
S. J. Nobles
Nicely furnished, every-
thing clean and a tractive,
working; the very best bar-
Second to none in
the state.
Cosmetics a specialty
Opposite J R. J. G Move
Many Things Concerning; Them That
Cannot Fathom.
A young girl In charge of two
sheltering under a tree on
common, was struck by light-
and of those dreadful
Instances of the sort of personal touch
with which lightning seems to select
Its victim, for, though one child Is re-
ported to have been thrown down,
apparently was Injured. There
are many of course, of Una
strange selection, due In most cases
probably to some accident of clothing
There Is a well remembered case which
happened some years ago st Cam
bridge, when three young men were
walking across open space of
ground, sad the middle one of the
three was struck dead, while tho
were The inquest
showed that the young who was
killed bad nails In his boots, whereas
tho others were wearing boating
The phenomena of thunderstorms
have the subject of much study
In America. But If thunderstorms can
be classified, they are still not
understood. We do not yet
know whet are the exact conditions
which lead to a discharge of electricity
In the form of a lightning
cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth.
reproduce thunder and
lightning In a laboratory. We do
know what la the origin of the
manifested In a storm.
London Spectator. ,
Lots of It In Greenville, Bat Dally
Growing Less.
The kidneys cry for help.
Not an organ In the whole body so
delicately constructed.
Not one Important to health.
kidney are the filters of the
blood. . .
When fall the blood becomes
foul and poisonous.
There can be no health where there
la poisoned blood.
Backache Is one of the first
of kidney trouble.
It hi the kidney's cry for help. Heed
Kidney la what Is
Are Just what overworked
They strengthen and invigorate the
kidneys; help them to do their work;
never fail to cure any case of kidney
Mrs. B. Walnut street. Tar-
N. some time I
had not been feeling well and thought
that my kidneys might be disordered,
my back was very weak and the
passages of the kidney secretions
were irregular. My husband got
a box of Kidney Pills and
since using them, my back has be-
come stronger and my kidneys have
been normal. I am now feeling much
better In every way and therefore am
willing to recommend Kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
In England.
At the time of Victoria's
a writer the
Journal that, while royal
were still conducted in an
manner, a sad lack of
distinguished tho funerals of
the nobility. after Item has
been abandoned. Idea after idea has
been dropped, each a distinct
loss to our business. An undertaker
In west end, referring to re-
cent of a noble lord, confided to
years ago I burled a
of that family, and the funeral bill
came to Ten years
later I burled another, when It came
to Just over Fifteen
years ago I burled a third, at a cost of
but the bill for this one
did not reach
Knew the Outcome.
Sympathetic from
forever, Well, per
haps It's Just as well not to see each
other for a day or
A sunny temper gild the edges
life's blackest
Greenville, . . M. Carolina
Office building, on Third
Practices where services desired.
Greenville, . . . N. Carolina
w. i. lines
Write, phone or wire,
J. L. ft CO.,
Your Waits
as they are
for everything
in the Florist's
Phone No.
it Law
Practices where
vices required,
ally in the counties of
Craven, Carteret, Jones
Pamlico. and State and
Federal Courts.
Broad Strait
Barber Shop
Herbert Edmond, Prop.
Located in main business sec-
of the town- Five chairs
in operation and each one
sided over by a skilled barber.
Our place is inviting, razors
Our towels clean.
electrical machine for
dry shampoo and massage. La-
dies waited on at their homes.
Bowel Complaints by
a. c.
Tomb Stones
Iron Fencing
A four years of age met
with misfortune to his hat
blown Into the river. When he reached
home bis father said to
a wonder you blow over-
was the response.
to my
Isn't so diffident
when Be talks to yon through the
Is he Isn't he Even
phone I can hear his heart

In a recent Issue of the Greenville
Reflector contained
Republicans throughout the
I state are getting ready to nut up
i. me, to see them
down. But they have to do something
J. Editor.
Subscription, year,
Adverting may be upon
application at the business in
The Building, corner
Third streets.
All cards of thanks and resolutions
of respect will be charged for
cent per word.
Communications advertising
dates will be charged for at
cents per line, up lo lines.
Entered at the port at Green-
At tie time of Installing a type
i and other equipment,
by which much Improvement has been
made in The Daily Reflector, both in
appearance and quality of
reading matter, it was our purpose to
soon with even a greater change
In our weekly edition. Owing to the
delay in getting some or the material
wanted for this, the change in our
weekly edition could not be made as
as desired, but the change is
coming with next issue. The next
number of the weekly edition will be
decidedly changed In appearance, and
partially changed in name, instead
of being eight pages as now. there will
be sixteen, the pages being smaller
and giving the paper more of a
form. A handsome engraved
heading has been made for this, and
the name of the paper when It goes
out next week will be Caro-
Home and Farm and The Eastern
The name may sound long,
but when you see it will say it
Is a pretty good
There are various why we
desire to make these changes in our
weekly edition. As the new part
the name Implies, our purpose is to
make it more of a home and farm
paper than it has been heretofore.
While it will continue to have Its news
and editorial features, more attention
will be given lo agricultural and farm
matters than in the past. Tin smaller
and more numerous pages will give
opportunity to classify the reading
matter in departments that will
make it an attractive paper.
It is our purpose to make week-
edition a paper that will appeal to
and interest those who live
on the farm, and we want every farm-
in Pitt and surrounding counties,
in throughout Eastern Carolina,
to that it Is his paper. Look
It week, help us to m lite
Carolina Home and Farm and The East
em the best home and farm
paper In the Eastern section of the
It Is an inspiration to talk with Mr.
John F. Evans, the manager for
county of farm demonstration work
of the State and Government Depart-
of Agriculture. He Is
over his work, and it is no won-
that the people In various parts
of the county whom he visits and in-
In Improved farm work catch
the spirit of enthusiasm from him.
He says It does his heart good to ob-
serve the strides of Improvement
county farmers have made since he
began the work among them two years
ago, They already
their corn production fully twenty-
five per cent., and in two years more
he expects to see Pitt county farmers
have a surplus of corn rather t than
having to buy as In the past. They
are giving more attention to rotation
of crops, also to clover, peas and
other cover crops. Verily Pitt Is soon
to. take her place as the leading
county In the State.
Like the Wilmington Dispatch, we
would prefer seeing the scientists pro-
duce proof that the earth Is seventy
millions years old, even If we are not
from Missouri.
to make the government bosses think
they are earning their
The charitable construction we
can place upon that assertion Is that
It was made from force of habit, and
the carelessness and
that follows from habit. The per-
of Increase in the Republican
vote In North Carolina the past few
years, the counties added to the Re-
publican column, the Increase In
of the general assembly, and the
capture of three congressional dis-
In the last campaign, prove be-
p. doubt there is not a word
truth In the charge that the Re-
publicans arc merely putting up
to them knocked The
Democrats are Hying awful hard to
the Republicans are not in
earnest about the growth of their par-
In the state.
Reflector's charge that
have to do something to
he government bosses think they are
earning their Jobs is a shot from a
small-bore gun. It sounds like a re-
from x street
who Is growing up without
and without parental training.
Such Ill-mannered performances are
more objects of pity than contempt.
The foregoing came to The Re-
In a letter, with nothing to In-
who sent it. or what paper the
clipping was taken. It Is evidently
taken from a Republican paper that,
like the office holders, is trying to
a show for the It is
the truth that hits, and what is quoted
from The Reflector above went
straight to the mark. No. bud. this
writer Is not In the street urchin
class, but has been at It long enough
to grow gray headed In the business,
if his hair had not been a kind that
don't turn gray. And we long ago
learned to see through Republican
t licks.
There Is thing new under the
sun. Down the third judicial con-
where the Democrats traffic-
ed around until they heat Judge Ward
with a. young fellow so young that
Jody knew whether be was capable of
holding court, the lawyers have issued
what they call. it will
be remembered after bis defeat for
nomination Judge Ward resigned,
and the governor appointed the
nominee, young The lawyers
in their certify that
young Whedbee has the Judicial
and got through his first at-
tempt without stage-fright. Thus a
new rule Is laid down. Hereafter,
when a nominee's ability Is an
known quality, all you have to do Is
to get the lawyers to issue an
and the people will be
satisfied that no mistake has been
If the editor of the Weekly had
started out for that special purpose,
he could not have written an article
that shows more clearly that he does
not know what he is talking about.
This Is the time of year when pick-
ling, preserving and fruit canning
have full sway. The housekeeper
who puts up most will have the best
for use next winter. And the
home made quality is much better
and purer than the outside kind
It la the idea of
everything possible for home use
that pays best.
Regardless of what your individual
opinion might be on the question, the
county executive committee decided
for a primary to nominate
county officers, and it is the duty of
every Democrat in the county to sup-
port the action of the committee and
do Is for the best interest of
the party.
They may have it figured out all
right, but the rest of us do not under-
stand how the Democrats expect to
elect two congressman in the sixth
The chances that they will elect
neither, but a Republican In congress
If both of the Democrats stay in the
race until the election.
A friend of Dr. Cook says that
gentleman is going to come forth
again in the effort to establish his
claim as to finding the North Pole.
It strikes us that the public have
heard about all they want of the
claims of both Cook and Peary, and
have them down In the fake class.
Some mean fellow is trying to
get the suffragist idea out
of women by declaring that people
cannot be in love and politics at the
same time. Doubtless he thinks that
if the women must give up either. It
will he politics.
The more one thinks about it. the
more convinced he becomes of the
greatness of good roads meeting
in Ore Monday, and it is to
say that from now on good roads will
be talked more la county than
ever before. The people who heard
the several speeches got something
to think about, and they are thinking.
On every hand in. n were heard to ex-
press themselves about how the t-
impressed them, and declared that
they were going back home and work
talk for good roads In their
neighborhood.-, as never before. That
it is just i lie masting was for. to
people all over the county
to a greater Interest in this Important
and it Is more than gratifying
that this was the result. Pitt -county
must have good-roads, and the people
have determined that they shall come.
It Is a current that Governor
Kite was not Invited to the New
celebration, but
we can hardly believe it. Still,
looks that he was not present
on such an auspicious occasion.
Very unkind reference, especially
in the face of the fact that the gov-
was In Scotland Neck at the
bedside of his mother whose death
was expected at any moment. But
It Is one of the traits of Republican
newspapers to Invade, even the
of the death chamber to try
to make political capital.
A California country who said
she never had enough c . In her life,
broke away from home lies and went
to San Francisco. There she raised a
check from lo but before lay-
In a stock of candy purchased a
silk lavender waist. Then she got In
jail and still had no candy.
Tom Dupree up and says he was
on the eve of sending The Reflector
an airship on account, but seeing we
draw the line on them, he will try
to find a hobble skirt. No. sir, we
don't want that, either. The
Dispatch will trade with
you for one.
Of course It is more or less
to both pedestrians and
but the work In progress can
well be endured in view of the fact
that we are to have so much better
streets after u while.
Some scientist has asserted that
man will lose the use of his feet in
that time most of us will be done
kicking and have no further use for
feet. So why worry.
The Republicans may claim all they
want to, that high tariff makes high
wages, but the numerous strikes all
over the country show that the
scale does not enable laborers to
the cost of living under the .-
of n high tariff.
We do not pose as a fashion author-
so we refer desire for a de
of the to tin
editor of the Greenville Reflector,
Wilmington Dispatch.
Not me. Come search me.
When the report comes that some
bank official has gone short In his
accounts, sift the matter and It will
likely appear that he has been
In stocks or futures.
dogs is good to a certain
degree, but to kill them would bring
more safety.
A good printer Is a man of the
highest He attends to his own
and makes It a never to
be of
Yet the Is always in close
touch to him.
The Richmond girl who was bitten
by a snake which crawled Into her
hair rat when she carelessly laid It
down, should be a warning to girls to
be careful where they place their rats.
New has every reason to feel
proud over the success of her bi-
centennial celebration last week. All
who visited the city were charmed
with what they saw.
The New York World took nearly
a column tell that
Is In love. You can tell that
some folks are love without a word
being said.
Now that they have nominated him,
we certainly hope the Of
the fifth district can elect Major
to congress. He will make a
good one.
When Republican leaders cannot
settle It with words they resort to
their fists. At least that was the way
two of them did recently.
An exchange gives the remarkable
information that it is hot In New-
York. Don't have to go there to find
out a thing like that.
Mr. Godwin's declaration that he
is going to stick to the race In the
sixth district, is hailed with glee by
the Republicans.
A newspaper head line
shall we cat In With most
of us It is anything we can get, sum-
mer or winter.
The Wilmington Dispatch is hard
o convince that we don't wear
skirt. Cowan Is again Invited to
search us.
No, The Reflector does not want any
airships on subscription accounts, but
would not mind swapping receipts for
a dollars.
Meetings like the one held here to-
to discuss good roads and bet-
farming, are the kind that count
for most.
The militia In which so many hook-
worms have been found would do well
to make a war on the worms.
Son-in-law Nick came very near
making a tail-end run In the race for
the nomination for governor of Ohio.
When his home state downs him.
it is getting time for Mr. Bryan to
quit. Hut he is a great man.
Selling eggs by weight Is a new
wrinkle in New York. The purchaser
will have an eye to the scale.
Now that a voting primary has been
called, the county can
busy with their ballots.
-what a bench notables the
try is producing.
Taft Is going says a
head line. That is usually the best
place u man can go.
Mr. Is giving more attention
to his farm. That Is one local option
he may be able lo work.
So many strikes prevailing In the
North and West, gives a good Idea
of what the tariff and
Taft politicians are doing for the
In Memphis a thief stole a
diamond from a merchant, and then
took It back and got. the reward
which was for its recovery.
That thief had plenty of
They are both H's. but
to see Harmon Harding for gov-
of Ohio.
Score another one for Mecklenburg.
A jealous woman killed her
husband this time.
August Is playing July a good sec-
for warmth.
the compliments the Reflector
is receiving on Its Improvements
dollars, we would have a full pocket-
says the Reflector.
The Reflector deserves tho
and the dollars, too. It has
recently made material additions to
Its mechanical equipment and the pa
per Is very much Improved, In
It appears that moving picture
shows can lead to crime even when
they do not actually criminal
The New York papers tel
of the deeds of a girl of who has
been in the habit of spending her five
cent pieces in who
became imbued with a desire to be a
heroine through the
portrayals of heroism In these places.
Writing to the Charlotte Observer
of the adoption of the platform at the
Democratic State convention, Col.
Nell Archie of the county
ks oil the fact
lumbermen and cotton mill men
ed us heartily for the tariff for
only plank if they had never
demanded obtained protection in
the tariff bill; and there was
no pause even when the platform
demanded the annihilation of trusts
and monopolies. That is the way of
political conventions. Where, for
instance was the Robeson delegation
and the rest of us when the
of Superior Court Judges, head-
d by the name of Hon. Bob Peebles,
of the county of were
endorsed with a resounding aye A
few years ago the papers were filled
with criticisms of Judge con-
on the Superior Court bench.
His was so well
hat he had few defenders, and so
strong was the feeling against him
that the Robeson com bar refused
to allow him to hold Robeson court,
Incident created sensation of
Statewide Interest. But, lo and be-
hold When the comes Judge
She set Are twice to the In
which she lived, but fortunately the
blazes were extinguished before they
had gained much headway. Another
method by which she sought to he-
a heroins, menial
process is not clear, was by tying a
note to the handle of the doorknob,
demanding that her father put
under the mat on the first floor at
o'clock on the following night,
threatening In the case he failed to do
so, to -burn the house and runaway
with his daughter. This piece
enterprise was what gave her away.
Her father did not recognize own
child's handwriting, but put the mat-
In the hands of the detectives,
ho were successful In tracing this
threat to the herself.
When arraigned In the children's
court she confided to Wyatt
that she desired to emulate the he-
whose exploits she had seen
depicted. It Is not stated what par-
scenes they were which the
little girl saw and which Impelled
her to become an incendiary and to
write threatening letters, but the In-
Is another of many
of the extreme Importance of
thorough censorship of motion
shows, In the Interest of public
safety and
curable. It should be among the first
to receive especial attention from the
Board of
Health Bulletin.
A woman's club had for
discussion at a recent meeting the
statement that Mrs. Nicholas Long-
worth smokes cigarettes. What
it was of theirs no one who took
part in the discussion undertook to
explain. They assumed the right as
free-born American women to express
their views of the subject, and, as-
the was true, they
proceeded to that other equal
free and Independent woman for
her conduct. There was one woman
among them who had common
sense to know that It was none of
their business If Mrs. did
smoke, and the nerve to show her
disapproval of the course by Injecting
the remark Into the
needn't get on our feathers simply be-
cause Mrs smokes cigar-
for one hundred years ago our
great grand-mothers sat with their
husbands and smoked corncob
those great grandmothers to whom
no doubt many members of that very
club trace back their In es-
their right to membership
in the society of Daughters of the Rev-
or of Colonial
good women of the eighteenth
of whom their descendants are
so proud if through them they can
cure admission to those patriotic so-
There ard people who fall to under-
stand that they don't understand.
Drain of Hookworm Disease.
The Importance of the crusade being
made for the of hook-
worm disease under control of the
North Carolina Board of Health, is
perhaps not fully appreciated by the
people. When talk of hookworm
disease first came about many per-
sons were disposed to the sub-
us a Joke and the mere
mention of hook worm. But it
anything but n laughing matter
less It has got the doctors badly fool-
ed. Indeed, hookworm disease Is
one of the most serious propositions
that confront the people of North
Carolina if what Dr. John A. Ferrell,
assistant secretary, says Is true. In
a circular letter directing attention
to some literature on the subject
which his department Is sending out
to publishers and others he
discovery of hookworm disease
will mean more for the people of our
State than any other discovery that
yet been made, provided the State will
take the proper action toward Its ex-
termination. It Is probable that a con-
estimate would show that
the farm products of the State would
worth at least more
each year If the disease were
Investigations have thus far
been made In nearly every county In
the State, and everywhere It Is found
prevalent, doing remarkable
In lowering the physical and; mental
standing of the people.
Six hundred North Carolina. col-
students have already been ex-
and more than of
them were found Infected with the dis-
ease. We are now making
of about 1,200 men in the State
who are members of tho National
Guard. These will represent all sec-
of the State and will give fur-
proof of the general prevalence
of the disease. When this work Is fin-
the results will be made public.
doctors from whom we
had letters concerning the disease re-
port having treated about patient
but in nearly all Instances the people
were reluctant to undergo
You can do your State no greater
good than to use your Influence to-
ward bettering the health of Its
Hookworm disease having been
found to be So prevalent In the State
and Is easily prevented, and
For ways that are dark and for
tricks that are vain there are more
people that are peculiar besides the
heathen The modern
And It to be growing on the
brethren. We have read more
abuse this year than we re-
member to have read In any one year
before; and that by members of the
same party. They have thrown mud
on each other by the ton. and those
who have been too discreet to come
out In the papers have talked in
about the other fellow, and inti-
mated, if they did not charge, that
he is a grand rascal. Now all this
is very nauseating to decent gentle-
men, and there are many decent gen-
in politics. When a
date begins to try to take short cuts
on another, or put him in a false light
before public, or rob him of his
rights, that candidate ought to be
dropped like a hot potato. Men
ought to be fair and frank and open
in politics as well as in other
of lite. The trading that has
been going on of late Is not credit
able to the candidates or to the
party they pretend to represent All
may. be fair In love and war, but,
all Is not fair In politics; and the
people are doing a lot of thinking
views of these and
the trading that has followed them.
We have opinion of
a bunch of who can be
traded. They are little better than
mules. It Is high time that the
newspapers were speaking out
loud against the evil tendencies of
the Children.
The question has asked will
the farmers go Into politics again In
North Carolina. If they desire to do
so, they have a perfect right. We
have no patience with that sentiment
some that go ahead,
boys, and do everything you want to
do, but stay out of politics. That
would be horrid We trust that every
farmer will take an active interest
in politics and work and demand
the best things that will advance the
interests of the farms and one of the
first things that should occupy the
attention of all organizations
is good roads throughout the State,
The farmers in North Carolina will
never what they should be
unless they become live wires on all
public questions. Throw away son-
and become business men.
High Point Enterprise.
The foundation of society rests on
Its home. The success of the home
on the wives. Therefore, first
of all teach our girls bow to be
wives. Begin early to train
their character. Teach them that
Jealousy is an Immorality of gossip
advice. Train them to keep the
smallest promise sacredly and to
speak of people only as they would
speak of them. Teach them to lock
for the best qualities In everyone they
meet, and to notice other people's
faults only to avoid them. Train
them to do small things well and de-
light In helping others, that sacrifice
made for other's pleasures Is a means
of soul development. Once given a
firm foundation of character like this,
which Is the poorest as well as the
richest parents can give their girls,
and no matter what necessity arises
they will be able to rise above It.
Louisburg Times.
Agent of The Eastern Reflects for and Ad Rising rates furnished
Ayden. N. C. July 1910. Martin Harper, colored, died near On or about the Nth of June my
. . i He was white female rat terrier
There will be an ice cream supper here with paralysis M .
nine . , . . .,,, and war. dog, strayed from Hotel Has
t the Seminary lawn Friday night, an old anti ins
under the auspices of the bad Aid very fond of steam milling and
Society of the F. W. B. Dr.
St. Claire, the apostle of education. . buy.
will deliver one of his famous or rent houses or land, or want a
and a handsome g job for yourself, wife, daughter,
will be voted to the most popular or sister, or want to employ
help, or sell what you
Hay at I R. Smith there U no medium than Tie
W. Smith.
Corn. Oats an
Mr. Oscar Moore and family,
Washington, are Mr.
family on Lee street.
t Dinner will be served on the ground
Milk Churns. Preserve Jars, Milk
RoanoKe Union Meeting at Red Oak
church next Saturday and Sunday.
Coolers, and Masons. Fruit Jars at
J. R. Smith
Mr. W. E. our sewing machine
agent. Is the proud father of a baby ;
J. F. Paints. Varnish, Ker-
fee Cites at J. R. Smith
The district meeting of the I. O. O.
F., meets here the 4th day of August. ,
These meetings are noted for their j
fine addresses by visiting brethren,
especially from Greenville.
For hereby announce
myself a candidate for township con-
stable to the Democratic
Dr. M. M. Sauls has had a cement
side walk made adjacent to bis
on Second street.
Ayden, N. C. Aug. 1910.
There will be a meeting of the
road supervisors the office of mayor
the first Saturday in Au-
You can find almost anything you
want in Shoes, Has, Dry Goods, No-
lions. Trunks, School Books.
Hardware, Crockery, Lime,
Cement, Windows, Books Cook Stoves
Screen Windows and Groceries at J.
R. Smith
Mr. W. G. Smith brought us a
tomato weighing ounces
and measuring inches in
If corn meal gives us pellagra, and, and game a
wheat Is cents per bushel, the j R
staff of life Is almost beyond reach.;
We will have to resort to the potato
Car Cement, Lime, Nails, and Hay,
at J. R. Smith
Misses Annie and Augusta Ross.
of are visiting Miss Olivia
Berry at in Ghent.
, Another shipment of and cant
goods for the bargain counters at
Mr. J. B. Patrick Is preparing for R
house keeping In Ghent. . Rocky mm
I hereby myself a C. Noble,
date for township constable, subject. .
, , . ., ., Mrs. A. L. Harrington and children,
to the primary town-
i who have been vis it relatives
T. Keel.
town, left Saturday for their home In
Our city fathers have put down a
deep pump at the Intersection of B a Qr Bug.
Boyd and Coward's alley and Second w m ca , R
street. They will erect a booth over
same with a cement floor. Now the
weary can satiate his M
thirst with pure, sparkling water few at Do your trading at J. R. Smith
the only drink made for man by God A nice line of Coffins and Caskets land get a chance at the valuable
himself to Invigorate His creatures always on hand with a nice hearse at given
Car Nails, Barbed Wire, Lime and
a black spot on his Is very
smart, answers to the name of
Information leading to
his recovery will be rewarded. W
S. Blount.
The committee on entertainment
tells us all things are now ready for
the district meeting of I. O. O. F.
next Thursday.
Protect your house against the filthy
files and mosquitoes by putting In a
set of the Improved Screen Windows
and Doors made by J. R. Smith Mfg.
J. R. Smith Co. are Installing
and cents counters In their store,
selling granite and tinware
down. Large basins and at
Our fondest hopes and brightest an-
are now The
pump, booth, trough and cemented
floor Is now a permanent fixture in
the center of the street.
what a Jewel thou art.
Patterns and at
J. R. Smith Co.
Candy and Rubber Belting, Black
Pipe and other mill
fittings at J. R. Smith Co.
See our and cent bargain
R. Smith Co.
Mr. E. L. Brown, our railroad agent
has purchased a lot In Ghent, and you
may expect to sec a nice residence.
We are representing the oldest and
strongest Life and Fire Insurance Co.
in the world. Call us and let us con-
with Loan Trust
Co. Phone
Mr. Bryant, of Norfolk, was
In town Sunday.
Lime, Cement, and
building material at J. R. Smith
buy a good second
hand Jointer and R. Smith.
Mr. A. F. Cox, of spent
Monday night In town.
Every should have
on his pack barn and tobacco
and probably save a year's work at a
small Jno. C. Noble, at
Ayden, about It.
Call us. phone Let us rent your
houses ind for you. sell
your personal Property, Land. Stocks.
Bonds, lend you money on
Loan Insurance
Lime Lime I barrels Just
R- Smith Co.
We are agents for the
and Mowers and Rakes.
E. Sons Co.
How about that Hap Press that
hove been needing We have them
in stock, both mounted and
Turnage Sons Co.
We are in position to name you
prices and make satisfactory terms
on Gasoline Engines. Only the best
sold by Turnage Sons Co.
Sec John C. Noble, at Ayden, and
get a rate on your pack barn and to-
It may be the means of
your year's work for a few dimes.
Your hay will need bailing this fall.
Don't delay buying a till It will
be too late. See us at
Sons Co.
Have you ever thought about how
easy it Is for your dwelling, pack
barn or any of your buildings to
burn Just as easy as for the other
fellow's. See John C. Noble, at Ayden
and have them insured. He
none but tho best companies.
A vertical lift mower
and a self dump rake are practical
labor savers. can supply you
with Turnage Sons Co.
I and I Risen Pm
Mr. James R. Corey, who on Mon-
day morning was with
while on street going from
his to his store, never re-
Bess and died about
o'clock that evening.
In his death Greenville loses a good
and He wan a true
man and a warm hearted friend. He
was a member of both Odd
and Bad Men fraternities and stood
high in lodge circles, several times
representing the home lodges in the
State meetings.
Mr Corey was years of age. and
a son of Mis. W. Flake, who
him. Hi- is also survived by
a wife and two children, by one broth-
Mr. J. J. Corey; one half brother,
Mr. Sam Fluke, and two half sisters,
Mrs. and Lena Joy-
Funeral service-s were conducted by
Rev. B. N. Johnson at o'clock this
afternoon at the late residence of the
deceased on Dickinson avenue. The
remains were taken in charge by the
Odd Fellows and Red Men and taken
to the Allen burial about three
miles from town, for interment.
WORK ii Horns A DAY.
The busiest little things ever made are
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Every pill
is a sugar coated globule of health,
that changes weakness into strength,
languor Into energy, brain-fag into
mental power; curing Constipation,
Headache. Chills, Malaria.
cents at all druggists.
Into the
The New York Sunday World
and refreshen and cleanse the moth- service at J. R. Smith Mill,
earth. I In the contest raising money for
Lime Lime Lime barrels the Seminary Mrs. Cecil Harris won
Just R. Smith Co. .
Aaron Cox, colored, has recently
served a term In the penitentiary,
came home a few ago, and is
again at his old tricks, when a
the prize, a handsome lady's
watch. She raised
Miss Mary of Raleigh, Is
visiting her uncle, Mr. Geo. T. Cooper.
I hereby announce myself a
i u beat him down with a hoe, cut- date for Township subject to
ting a long gash in his head. the Democratic primary of Content-
Now Is a good time to advertise in township. W. Cox.
the Ayden department. R. W. Miss Belle Miller, of is
lug Miss Olga Holton.
At the Close of Business June
Loans discounts
Furniture and fixtures
Cash items 17,455.22
Gold coin
Silver coin, including all
minor coin cur. 1,341.80
National bank and other
O-pita 25,000.00
Surplus fund 15,625.00
Undivided profits, lees
cur. exp. and taxes
Deposits sub. to check 88,204.44
Savings Deposits
Cashier's checKs
I, J. R. Smith, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear
above statement is true best my
Subscribed and sworn to
rut, this 6th day July,
Notary Public.
We wish to call your attention to our new line of fall which
we now have. We have taken great care h buying; this year and we
think we can supply your wants in Shoes, Hats, Dress Ginghams, No-
Laces and Embroideries and in fact anything; that is carried in a
Dry Goods Store.
Come let us show you.
Tripp, Hart Co., Ayden, N. C.
There Is no time like the present,
save the present you hand girl.
We are prepared to furnish yon
House and Kitchen Furniture
at the very prices. Cash or Installment.
Corns ti us ail will convince you
Cement at J. R. Smith
Lime, Cement, Hair, Trowels and
Mason R. Smith Co.
A large crowd Ayden and country
people attended the good roads meet-
In Greenville Monday, and heard
the most excellent addresses.
The five and ten cent counter at
J. R. Smith seem to be very pop-
They sell large dish pans and
gray stain wash pans at cents
Mr. Watt Cox. of Fort Barnwell,
left Saturday for his home la Craven
county. He and J. B. Tripp have been
surveying raid dividing the old home-
stead of the late sheriff Cox.
We learn that Watt drew the house
niece. This Is quite a large
able estate.
Poultry Food and Hawk
Killer t J. R. Smith
Call, on us for Flooring Celling,
and Scant-
ling. We
a. Smith Mill.
We regret to learn of the death
Mr. J. R. Corey, who had many friends
in Ayden, having his early mar-
life In Ayden.
hereby announce a can-
for township constable, sub-
to th action of the Democratic
primary of township.
A. L.
Son of Aaron
Mr. J. U. Davis left Tuesday to
visit relatives In Washington.
Screen Doors made to order or re-
paired on short notice at J. It. Smith
Mill. .
Coal Tar, Roof Paint, at J. R.
Mr. Ola tells a hen has been
sitting under Jenkins
store for three months. She batched
three chicks brought them off.
they soon died, she then returned to
her nest and has continued ever
trying to hatch another brood
the same letting of eggs. So far
efforts are fruitless.
Lost, strayed, or black
and white spotted fox terrier pappy,
four months old, has short
tall. Disappeared about one week
ago. Reward for Information leading
to recovery. J. Raymond Turnage,
Ayden, N. C. .
All of our sick seem to
Mr. R. C. Cannon family re-
turned Saturday from
The columns of the Ayden Depart-
are open for- any legitimate ads.
even campaign. Business solicited,
now Is he time to subscribe for the
best daily in county.- R. W.
Mrs. William returned
Wednesday from
August Till will make its Sunday Mag-
Section a Unto the
number, a special article by Col.
John Jacob Astor is one of the
and interviews from Hudson Maxim,
lures. There are other special articles
Thomas A. Edison, Anna Rich-
Paul West, Mary Coleman
at S. Cobb, Mar-
Hubbard Ayer. Horace Fletcher
and Prof. Elle The
illustrations are by Dan Smith.
don Ross. O. E. Cesare, Louis
Alexander and Horace
How delicious were the pies of boy-
hood. No now ever taste so good.
What's changed the pies No. Us you
You've lost a strong, healthy stomach
the vigorous liver, the active kidneys,
the regular bowels of boyhood. Your
digestion Is poor and you blame the
food. What's A complete ton-
u; by Electric Hitters of all organ
of Liver. Kidneys,
them. They'll restore
your boyhood appetite and
Of food fairly saturate your.
body with new health, and
vigor. at all druggists.
eating R
Monday was u day f-r
the o. tor I
the good roads
attended in the an
I ail II Ills was held
afternoon in the auditorium of
Training under the direction
of Congressman Small,
was also a ll I a
meeting, and Interesting mat-
pertaining to farm work were
by speakers.
Mr. A. G. Smith, of lie Bureau of
Plant industry of the United
Department of Agriculture, spoke on
farm management and gave
practical instruction on this
Mr. J. P. Campbell, general Held
agent for the in the
demonstration work, spoke on
cover crops and drainage.
out many things to the of
the farmers along these lines.
Mr. E. H. . Halted
Slates Department of Agriculture,
spoke on tobacco, discussing
the cultivation and handling
this crop from the plant bed to its
preparation for market.
These institutions are a great help
to the farmers, and it is gratifying
to see the interest the;, take when-
ever one is held.
of Mrs. linker Child.
The remains of the little child of
Mrs. Baker, which died at Beau-
tor Monday morning, reached here
on the midnight Norfolk Southern train
Monday night. The funeral service
will be conducted by Rev. E. N. John-
son at G o'clock this afternoon at the
residence on street, the Inter-
following In Cherry Hill
The pall bearers J. F. Daven-
port, C. Carr, R. O. Jeffries,
W. H. T. E.
Hooker. John Ricks.
X. C. August 1910.
Miss Sallie is visiting
relatives In our section this week.
Carrie Chapman is spending
this week in Stokes town.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hart, of Ayden.
spent Sunday at X. R. Corey's.
Mr. Claude Burney spent Saturday
night in Ayden.
Misses Lela Brock and Geneva Ed-
ward are spending this week in New
Misses Fay Corey and Annie
spent last week in Stokes town.
Mr. Hugh S. Corey, from Rocky
Mount spent Sunday night with
by One Was Knew Urn in-
The subject of this Sketch M
born in Greenville forty-three
ago. When he was three years old
his father died, a and
two boys, Jim ard John, who
was the older. After his father's
death his mother moved into the
try and the grow into man-
The two came to Greenville and
entered in the hardware business la
in a short time the
ship was dissolved and J. R. Corey
has been conducting it ever
The writer has known Jim Corey
since he was a boy. He was always
modest and retiring and on the test
of terms with everybody, if he ever
had an enemy, no one found it out. by
an unkind word from
By his modest, simple Ufa and good
easy ways, he made hundreds of
j friends who grieve at his untimely
He died In the prime of
parents. In apparent good health.
J. W. Cannon, or Ayden, spent I In going to our respective places
Sunday with Mr. N. R. Corey. of business In the early morning Hours
Miss Corey Is spending the I before many others were out. we
at Mr. J. W. Cannon's, near met, and at such times we
lived over again the of
boyhood. Had I been five minutes
earlier I should probably have been
with him or near him when he was
It saddens me to realize that I shall
meet him no more in this life. He
was one of the very best men ever
Drainage Meeting,
The people living along Swift Creek
and Clay Root swamp. In the south-
eastern section of the county, arc
getting Interested on the question of
drainage, and will hold a meeting
In on Wednesday. 27th
met to discuss the question and take
such steps as will lead to the drainage
of the lands adjacent to two
To drain these would re-
deem a large body of the finest lands
in the State.
of Hiss Ellen
Wilson, Aug. sad and
shocking news reached Wilson
afternoon Montreal that Miss
Ellen Clark, one of Wilson's most pop-
daughters, died at the resort knew, and one of the most honorable,
very suddenly. Her remains will be
brought here tomorrow for Interment
in cemetery.
Clark was know in
Greenville, having visited here sever-
of Respect.
Ai the regular meeting of Covenant
Mr. W. E. Perry the Re-
comet egg Monday. It was
a little out of the comet season, but a
Just the same.
Mr, W. II Tripp, who lives on Green-
ville R. F. No. Monday sent The
Reflector a squash that was
op like a big snake.
Monday Mr. Charles A. Elks, of Gal-
cross Roads, sent us a small
branch of a pear tree which contain-
large snowing a pro-
en In the Public Library.
The following list of new books
has been added to the
The Universal atlas of the world.
New chronicles of
A Year Out Of E.
De Vere
A Modern
Tan Cannon.
The Work of Our
lAdy Merton Hum-
The Wild Olive by Author of
The library Is open Mondays, Wed-
and Fridays from to p.
Lodge, No. I. O. F., held
1910, the following resolutions were
offered and
Whereas, Covenant Lodge is again
mourning, this time for one of its
best and most faithful members, Past
Grand, James it. Corey, who was yes-
suddenly called to answer the
great summons.
Then fore, be it
deeply mourn the untimely death of
our beloved brother and will wear the
usual badge of mourning for thirty
2nd -That we extend the family
Of our deceased brother our heart-
fell sympathy and commend them
to the Good Father above
whom he served. .
those resolutions be
spread upon our r. copy b-
sent t his family and also published
a Tin- Reflector and the Caro-
Odd Fellow.
They are too Insistent.
citizen telephoned The Reflector
this afternoon that two colored men
canvassing the were making
themselves quite about en-
the houses of white people to
show roods they are trying to sell,
especially when no men are in sight.
Miss Helen Forbes
Helen Forbes entertained
number of friends at her home on
Evans Street,. Tuesday evening from
to o'clock.
Among those present were Misses
Mary Smith,
Susie Coward Lillian
Janie Bryan. King,
Susie Warren and Glenn Forbes.
Messrs. Will Hooker. Gary Warren,
id row Moore, Will Boat, Norman
Warren, Walter, Frank and
Wilson, Jesse Dave Clark.
Sam While and George
Every man knows how mean Ms
neighbor Is, but he never is so sure
about himself.
Subscribe for The Reflector.
t .

to en km W
Which are Dropped In the
The other day two young colored
men, one named Boston Boyd and the
other a planned a ruse to
Heal from the store of Mr. C.
H. Forbes. Boyd went In at the front
of the store the pretense of
wanting to buy something and thus
engaged attention of Mr. Forbes,
while the stranger, who was watch-
for the slipped in at the
back door and took three pairs of
pants. Boston then joined the
and they went together with
Speaks to the I and Good
to Good Roads, at
Commenting on the speech of Col. i ,. .
J. Bryan Grime,. of Dr-
made before the Union in delighted to know that
Raleigh, the Evening Time,
morning session was
over to speech-making and was open
to the public. The speeches were
above the ordinary and were filled
with rich food for the farmers
thought The principal address was
rendered by Col. J. Bryan Grimes,
secretary of state, and though he
spoke about an hour and a half, he
else was given the closest attention and
at least some efforts are
to be made for furthering the cause
of roads In Pitt county, and will
give my best efforts to the
Mr. L. J. Chapman, of
commissioners have acted wisely
in the matter of the court house and
jail, now let's ask them to act as
wisely in giving us good roads.
Mr. J. R. of
am in favor of good roads,
as I think It i. a great lever to the
of our section of tie country.
Some of the townships in the county
have better roads than other., and to
avoid a general bond issue It might be
the plunder, though someone .
who saw reported matter. was frequently and heart applaud-
to Mr. Forbes Forbes reported ed as he would make some telling
it to of police Smith, and then clinch It Seldom has a
went together to look for the better speech been made In this state,
that they laid down a platform that would
ed the A C. L. depot, the merchant be well for the farmer, and all
officer went out that
HUM In sight of the thieves but not was sound, and bis blows were
near enough to eaten them. The from the shoulder. Col.
trance had three Grimes spoke without manuscript, us- I the action
of pan's, threw down In only a notes, all of which is
a house through Which he ran. and to be regretted, for that address
were recovered. Both the should have been placed in the bands
got away.
best to levy a small tax for road build-
way and well ouT His i Place to of each
I Mr. J. J. of
Yon Want to Work
If you want to work, then there I.
work for you. Your sort of
very Job you are fitted thrills
you with joy. because you love It
know it
Hut long as you cannot locate
that job. you get nothing out of It.
You will never locate it until you
go after it In the right way.
You must tell the people what you
can do and want to do. Tell the right
man at the right time. Tell him In
the right way.
of commerce In calling a
meeting of the citizens of Pitt county
August the 1st, 1910, to further the
of good roads In Pitt county.
will attend the
I Mr. J. T. of
STORIES AD are highly commend-
have my hearty endorsement
Is gratifying to see a movement
mean, so much to our county
In a manner that must in-
Mrs. James Burton Cherry recently carry j, to
returned Rochester and Dans-J Mr w. G. Stokes, of Stokes,
N. where has been ., by special
spending several months. While In out am opposed to
the North Mrs. Cherry appeared In
North Carolina. Pitt the
Superior Court, before D. C. Moore,
J. Rasberry,
R. C.
By virtue of a decree of the
Court of Pitt County, made by
D. C. Moore, clerk. In the above
named entitled cause on the 8th day
of June 1910. the undersigned com-
missioner. F. C. Harding, will, on Mon-
day, the day of July, 1910. at
o'clock noon, expose to public sale,
before the court house door In
ville, to the highest bidder, for cash,
the following described lot or par-
of laud, situated In the town of
N. C, situate on the
side of adjoining the
lot of A. L. Jackson on one side and
the lot of Dawson and Gardner on
the other, and beginning at A L.
Jackson on the south side
street adjoining the lot of A. L. Jack-
son on one side and the lot of
and Gardner on the other, and begin-
at A L. corner on
Queen street and run. with hi. line
to the canal thence up the canal to
Dawson and line, thence
with and to
Queen street, thence with Queen
street feet to the beginning, and
being the brick and lot owned
by J. C. Rasberry and R. C.
This sale Is to be made for the
pose of making partition between J.
C. Rasberry and R. C. ten-
In common.
This the 18th day of June, 1910.
when s in the BANK
Cherry Should be Induced
Give Entertainment Here.
entertainments several times In
dialect of Southern stories and songs.
Her talent and rendition of these
Southern scene, and melodies made
quite a bit with her northern
Reflector Want Advertisements Since coming back home a few
will carry your message, not only to f our people have had the pleasure
one man who wants you. but to thou- hearing her, and were delighted
sands, possibly. Ten cents or more her recitations and songs. We
will pay the cost. know that others would be glad of
Every day you are out of work you an opportunity to hear Mrs. Cherry,
Mr. M. Blount. of Bethel,
am heartily In favor of good roads,
but favor the township
have day less for success.
the Jog
When a police magistrate in New
York before whom Jack Johnson, the
prize fighter, as a defend-
ant the other day called the
oner's attention to fact that he
had been arrested in nearly every
city he had visited, and the
frankly Judge, that
and would appreciate her giving an
entertainment here. If she can be In-
to give one for the benefit of
the public library it would no doubt
help the library fund.
Quick to
to What He
Catch on
A little three-year-old boy, who is
was done for advertising the pet of the neighborhood in which
In the pugilistic Held of advertising he lives, had evidently heard some
and notoriety are shouting In his perambulations with
Johnson's la In- his nurse, and quick to his
creased by getting name in the He went to a neigh-
newspapers, no matter In what . and as he was going down the
favorable connection. But there is a hall they heard his prattling voice
difference between notoriety and ad- exclaiming the Lord Praise
in the business field. In that the his tiny hands clapping in
the former costs its object money In
the long run and latter makes
money for him. It Is newspaper ad-
not newspaper notoriety,
that sells
Wisdom of a Woman.
A wise woman once said that there
were three follies of men which
ways amused her. The first was
climbing trees to shake the fruit
down, when. If they would wait lo r,
enough, the fruit would fall Itself.
The second was going to war to kill
each other, if they only waited, they
would die naturally, and the third
was that they should run after
en, when, if they did not do the
women would be sure to run after
New Carolina Industries.
The Chattanooga Tradesman re-
ports the following new Industries
for North Carolina, for the week end-
drug company.
Iron working
plan; brick plant
drug company.
knitting mill.
realty company.
Nashville canning factory.
Rocky works.
time with the words.
His exultations were suddenly inter-
by the of his nurse
to take back home, and the In-
he saw her he exclaimed, educational system of the State.
The agricultural school I. coming.
They are teaching elementary
culture the public now, but
that about like the public
school book to a real doc-
does not go enough. A
movement has been on loot for some
time to have some real farming taught
the boys of North Carolina. The State
Union, now in session In
Raleigh, has taken up the matter of
agricultural education and in a speech
before that body last Tuesday, State
Superintendent J. Y. Joyner, declared
In favor of establishing agricultural
farm life in schools, at least one In
each county. He outlined the plan of
having the Legislature appropriate
or and then
this in lots of to counties
in which the county authorities and
the people will provide suitable farm
and school buildings. Including
and raise at least an additional
toward maintenance. He de-
tills the most needful step
the time, in the development of the
Lord, the devil Go from me
Back Huskies.
Mr. R Greene, who for many years
was In the buggy and undertaking
business here, has gone In business
again. He located on
street, below market house,
where he any kind of vehicle
repairing and carry a lot of coffins
and caskets.
thought that a appropriation
should be demanded of the next
and this allotted throughout
the State, where counties were ready
to undertake the advanced work.
Monroe Enquirer.
Having this day qualified before D.
C. Moore, clerk of the superior court
of Pitt county, as administrator of the
estate of D. D. Gardner, deceased. All
person, are Indebted to said estate are
hereby notified that they are required
to make Immediate settlement with
the undersigned administrator, and
persons holding claims against said
estate are hereby notified to file their
claims with said administrator within
one year from the date hereof, or this
notice will be plead in bar of recovery
In said claims.
This the 8th day of July, 1910.
of D. D. Gardner.
The undersigned having duly
before the Superior Court Clerk
of Pitt county as executors of the last
will and testament of John King, de-
ceased, notice Is hereby given to all
persons indebted to the estate to
make Immediate payment to the
and all person, having any
claims the estate are notified
that they must present the same to
the undersigned for payment on or
before the 11th day of July, 1911, or
this notice will be plead In bar of
This 11th day of July. 1910.
Executors of John King.
Bank your money and rest easy.
can't get it, and schemers and fair weather
friends won't be so apt to make your money
their money.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
We pay interest at per cent, on time
Catawba College and Prep. School
room, for ladies but under school
attention to A. H , B S. and B L.
d on new V New e. Ruining.
renovated. ideal. unsurpassed Tut rate, very
moderate. B at actual the
Fall term e n S pt. 1910 Write for c
rail term o p p A M- President
a w N. C.
At the close of business, June
Has Appendicitis.
Mr. W. U Brown la in receipt of
a telegram from his Mr.
Brown, who Is In Tampa, Fla., stating
that the latter baa appendicitis, but
Is getting along well as could be
Chicken Head.
Mr. R. L-Butler, who lives in South
Greenville, dug up a petrified chicken
head in his garden. The head Is
hard a rock and quite a curiosity.
Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowel, to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse the system, cure constipation
and headache. Sold by all drug-
Applicants for Missionary Work.
Acceding to Rev. Livingston John-
secretary of the
mis-ion board, the church Is receiving
applications from many more
leer, for work in the foreign field
than for charge, at home. Million,
both home and foreign are necessary
to any live church, but the Import-
of the one should not be allowed
to overshadow the necessity for the
other. A diligent search would be
likely to develop crying necessities
for consecrated workers right here In
North Carolina could possibly be
discovered In the lands beyond the
seas, and no applicant for the home
field need be deterred by the
Impression that work
within the bounds of North Carolina
Is too easy a Ob-
Having qualified as administrator
of Elizabeth Ewell, deceased, late of
Pitt county, North Carolina, la
to notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased to
exhibit them to the undersigned on,
or before July 1911, or this notice
will be plead In bar of their recovery.
All persona Indebted to said estate
will please make Immediate payment.
W. W. Ewell, Administrator.
This the 12th day of July. 1910.
F. G. James ft Son, Attorneys.
Loan, and discounts 2,150.00
Overdrafts secured and
unsecured 211.35
Banking house, furniture
fixtures 300.00
Due from banks and 6,130.49
Cash Items
Gold coin
Silver coin. Including all
minor currency 193.13
National -bank notes and
other V. S. note 881.00
Total 19,928.57
Track Bilging an.
the Norfolk Southern
does not hurry and fix the track
where it crosses Dickinson avenue,
near the depot, there Is danger of Its
bulging until It over. It la get-
ting for vehicles to pass over
When the stomach falls to perform
Its functions, the bowels become de-
ranged, the liver and the kidney, con-
causing numerous
The stomach and liver must be re-
stored to a healthy condition.
Stomach and Liver Tablets
can be depended upon to do It
to take and most effective. Sold by
all druggists.
sowing at F. T. Johnston
Hew Scheme for Marketing Eggs.
Mr. R. R who is with the
bureau of Animal Industry United
State. Department of Agriculture, was
here Tuesday looking up the
of handling through the cream-
Mr. plan la to supply
egg carton to each patron. The pa-
la to gather the egg. dally, filling
the which hold, one doz-
en. The cartons are to be gathered
up every other day by the cream haul-
brought to town and put Immediate-
upon the market. Each patron will
be required to treats
eggs of uniform Each will be
given a number, which will he
ed on the top of his carton, and any
complaint made against a carton of
will be traced back to the pro-
who will be held responsible
for the eggs he
Kill the
England has
among by killing
all under suspicion and all along
the track of an Infected dog and then
out all imports of The
Philadelphia Press thinks
could be stamped out In
country In the name way If the
States would act Some of
these days North Carolina will have
a legislature bold enough to pass
law requiring all worthless dogs to
be killed, and then the Pasteur
at Raleigh will go oat of b
and sheep husbandry will
Into Chronicle.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
administratrix of the estate of G.
E. Jackson, deceased, notice I. here-
by given to all persons Indebted to
the estate to make Immediate pay-
to the undersigned; and all per-
having claims against said es-
are notified to present the same
to the undersigned for payment on or
before the 21st day of July, 1911, or
till, notice will be plead In bar of
This 21st of July, 1910.
Carrie A. Jackson.
of O. E. Jackson.
I desire to announce to friends and
the public, that I will be at the
warehouse the coming season. I want
to thank my friends for their former
patronage and hope to have your sap-
port and hearty co-operation In the
promising you that every of
your tobacco shall have my personal
attention, and every effort made to
please you. Come, lets make the Gum
headquarters for the farmers.
Capital stock paid In
Undivided profits, less cur.
ex. and taxes paid 11.20
Time of deposit 976.76
Deposits subject to check 1,616.62
Cashier's checks 200.00
Stale of North Carolina, county of Pitt, sit
I, W. E. Cobb. cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement la true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
W. E. COBB Cashier.
Subscribed and to 8th day of July, 1910.
D. F. LANG, Notary Public.
My commission expires July
Two Scraps.
There were two fights that disturb-
ed and quiet of the town
Saturday afternoon. One be-
tween two colored men who were
working insurance.
Having qualified administrator
of J. L. Keene. deceased, late of
ton. N. C; this to notify all persons
hiving claims the estate of the
aid deceased, to exhibit them to the
undersigned, within twelve months
from tats date, or this notice will ha
pleaded is bar of their recovery.
All poisons indebted to said
will please make Immediate payment
day of June,
P. G. ft
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
Between Norfolk, Washington, Plymouth, Greenville,
and Kinston, Effective April 1st, 1900.
For further ticket agent, or
W. J. P. T. M. T. C. WHITE, Q. P. A.
Scene In St
Paul's Episcopal
With Brilliant Reception.
The present week, and Wednesday
night, especially, been looked for-
ward to by our Greenville people
with keenest Interest for the
pleasures would bring. The
of this expectation was the sol-
of the marriage of one of
Charlotte's most popular and
citizens, Mr. W. L. Jenkins and
one Of Greenville's fairest, most
charming and loveliest young women
Miss Brown, the accomplished
daughter at Mr. W. L. Brown.
As great been the
the far
The evening came with Its balmy air
and gentle to do honor to
the occasion and to do well and beau-
its port In making a night
full to overflowing with pleasures and
bliss which come only when two
young, bright and Joyous lives are
to be mated and two lovingly devoted
hearts are to be made one in life's
purposes and Joys.
St. Paul's church had
been tastefully and appropriately deco
rated by the admiring lady friends
of the popular bride, and when
been said la not necessary to
add that the effect was such as to
present u scene of love and beauty,
that Is so in keeping with hap-
At o'clock the bridal party arrived
at the church and entered In the fol-
lowing The vested choir con-
of Mesdames J. B. Cherry and
W. L. Hall, sopranos; Misses Glenn
Forbes and Smith, altos;
Messrs. D. J. and E. G.
Couch, tenors, and Messrs. O. E. War-
and Norman Warren, basses.
They sail as they entered the church
beginning In the vestibule, the
Voice That Breaks O'er
Nothing could have been
more beautiful.
As the notes of
Wedding March pealed forth under
tho skillful touch of Mrs. James Bur-
ton Cherry, the ushers entered, Mr.
B. Wilson, Jr., of Greenville, and
Mr. Wilbur Huntington, of Charlotte;
Mr. Charlie James, of Greenville, and
Mr. Lawrence Jenkins, of Charlotte;
Dr. Zeno Brown, of Greenville, and
John Pender, of Tarboro; Mr.
James of Tarboro, and Dr.
H. C. Henderson, of Charlotte.
Immediately following these came
the bride's maids, Miss Bessie Gas-
kill, of Tarboro, Miss Rags-
dale, of Greenville, and Miss Mary
of Greenville. These entered
alone and were all attired in
rate lingerie gowns, carrying
pink roses, tied with;
Net, the maid of honor. Miss Alice
Pender, of Tarboro, gown-
ed In pink chiffon over satin, carrying
pink roses. She was followed by the
dames of honor, Mrs, Paul
of Salisbury, attired In her wedding
gown of white silk with pearls,
carrying white carnation tied with
and Mrs. Charles Forbes, of
Greenville, who also wore a wed-
ding gown of satin and lace, carrying
white carnations tied with white ma-
The flower girls, little Misses Lin-
Warren Ruth Andrews, wore
white chiffon with pink ribbons and
carried baskets of pink rose
Following these the little ring bearer
Miss Clara Louise came
In white chiffon over pink, carry-
the ring In a largo pink rose on
a plate.
Then the bride entered with her
father, Mr. Wyatt Livingston Brown.
beautifully and handsomely
In white crepe-media,
trimmed In seed pearls
lace. She wore a veil with
of the valley and carried a
bouquets of bride roses and
hair ferns and of the
Hey. tied with embroidered chiffon,
only ornament a heart of
earls and diamonds, the gift of the
As thane approached, the
m entered through the vestry
m with his brother, Mr. A. E. Jen-
of Charlotte, and met the bride
front of the altar. The couple ad-
to the rector's station, where
y were united by Rev. B. F.
e beautiful ling ceremony of the
church being used.
The retirement from the church was
the attendants going tn
g couples of ushers and
It was Indeed a beautiful marriage
for The Reflector.
For Sit
Roofing and Sheet Metal Work.
train, automobile or buggy may
e cuts, bruises sprains,
that demand Ar-
greatest healer.
k relief prompt cure results.
burns, bolls, sores of all kinds,
a, chapped hands and lips, sore
or corns. Its supreme. Surest
At nil druggists.
as pretty as was ever In
st Hiss
Following the ceremony at the
church, a reception was given the
bridal party by Miss Rags-
dale, a devoted friend of the bride,
at the handsome residence of her
father. Prof. W. H.
There could have been provided for
a happy bride and her attendants
scenes no more fittingly beautiful
than unfolded before them here, for
looked as though everything that
could be thought of to add beauty and
appropriateness and pleasure to such
occasion had been provided.
Upon arrival the guests were met
and welcomed at the front door by
Prof. and Miss
At the parlor door they were received
by Mr. D. J. at
the library door by H. White,
of Raleigh, with Dr. H. C. Henderson,
of Charlotte, and at the dining room
door by Miss Mary with Mr.
W. B. Wilson. Jr. In the parlor In the
receiving line with the couple Just
wed. were Mr. W. L. Brown and Mrs.
Paul Miss Bessie
with Mr. Wilbur Huntington, Miss
Alice Thurston Pender with Mr. Law-
Jenkins, Mrs. Charles Forbes
with Mr. A. E. Jenkins.
In the library punch was served by
Misses and Willie
The surroundings here
were so beautiful that the guests
loved to linger there, not only for
the refreshing cup, but also for the
enchanting scene. The glistening
punch bowl rested upon a star shaped
table amid banks of pink and white
asters and Virginia creepers, the table
bordered with tiny electric lights
and draped with pink hearts. The
other decorations of the room were
pink and rose of Sharon.
An occurrence of Interest here
when all the had gathered In
the library was the drinking of toasts
to the bride and bride groom. The
principal toasts were given by the
hostess and host, and the father of
the bride.
Throughout the house the
were entrancing, the wedding
color scheme pink and white being
observed. The hall had pink crepe
and potted plants, the parlor
in pink asters, white
ferns and rubber plants. The dining
room was in potted plants, wedding
bells and hearts. The table here
another beautiful picture. In
the center was a pyramid bride cake
mounted with bride and
groom, and wreathed In orange
and tiny pink The
table was fringed with pink hearts
and over was a canopy of
with festoons of wedding bells and
The refreshments, served by
Misses Nannie Bowling and Essie
were Individual cakes and
heart shaped ice cream with
The cutting of the bride's cake
forded much amusement. Miss Bessie
cut first and got the thimble;
Mr. Whit Brown got the dime and
Mr. Edward Jenkins got the ring.
After this was over souvenir boxes
containing a slice of dream cake were
presented to each guest On a card
on each box was written
Brown, July
At o'clock this brilliant scene
came to a close, the entire bridal
party repairing to the Norfolk South-
depot for the departure of the
happy couple on their wedding tour,
the bride in the meantime having
changed her wedding gown for a go-
suit of tan Rajah silk with
a touch of black and blue with Jewel
buttons, turban hat, gloves and shoes
to match. The bridal tour Is to
Sweet Springs. Va., Lake
George and Canada.
The exceeding popularity of
couple was manifested In the large
and beautiful display of wedding pres-
at the home of the bride. These
Included elaborate silver, glass,
china, tapestries, laces, and many
of value, beauty and service.
If Hf
to Sermon About Attack Made
on Pastor In the and
Quiet Mob.
By Wire to The Reflector.
Elizabeth City. N. C. Aug.
excitement created here last night
when, at the conclusion of services at
the Blackwell Memorial church,
a crowd of more than people at-
at church services followed
W. O. Saunders, editor of the
pendent, to his home and made threats
of violence. In the demonstration
shots were fired, but no one was
hurt. Sheriff and police were soon
on the scene and succeeded In quieting
the crowd. The demonstration last
night was the to a sermon
preached by pastor
regard to attacks that have
been made upon him In The
a weekly newspaper, concerning
a seduction case. house
was guarded by police last night and
all Is quiet this morning.
Teething have more or less
which can be controlled by
giving Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera,
and Remedy. All that Is
necessary Is to give the prescribed
dose after each operation of the bow-
els more than natural and then
oil to cleanse the system. It Is safe
and sure. Sold by all druggists.
The Manager of Greenville Dis-
Ii Doing.
Mr. H. Bentley manager of
the Greenville district, embracing the
counties Of Pitt, Greene, Edgecombe
and Martin, In the North Carolina
agency of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company, of New York, is In receipt
of a telegram from Mr. E. R.
son, manager at Charlotte, stat-
that since January 1st, In six
months, the North Carolina agency
has written and paid for f 1,000.000 of
new business, or this amount
Is credited to Mr. dis-
With a district of only four
counties, about of the
State, he secured more than one-tenth
of the State's business. This proves
Mr. a good, hustling agent.
He certainly knows how to write In-
The world's most successful
cine for bowel complaints Is
Colic, Cholera and
Remedy. It has relieved more pain
and suffering, and saved more lives
than any other medicine in use. In-
valuable for children and adults. Sold
all druggists.
Wherein We Fail.
In his address before the
Union, Maj. William A. Graham, State
Commissioner of Agriculture, made
the startling statement that whereas
the State of North Carolina received
every year from thirty-five to forty
million dollars for its cotton crop,
sent out more than that sum for meat
and bread and supplies that could be
grown or produced upon North Caro-
It is Just here where North Caro-
fails, and it is the mission of the
Union, the Alli-
the Department of Agriculture,
and the press to work In harmony to
put an end to this unwise system of
that stands like a lion In the
path of agricultural prosperity.
North Carolina farms ought to pro-
duce all the meat and corn sold In
the State and help supply the North-
markets with everything we eat.
It is gratifying to see the farm leaders
bringing these matters to the
of the farmers, and It is more
than gratifying to sec the progress
that is being made in that direction.
Many farmers are wide awake the
doctrine of and Is more
popular than ever in the history of
the State. A leading merchant in
Raleigh, who Is himself also a farmer,
says be believes more progress has
been made agriculture in North
Carolina during the past two years
than In the previous twenty years. The
progress by many farmers has been
marked. The need Is that this ex-
ample shall leaven the whole country.
Raleigh News and Observer.
Further Expressions From Those Who
Mr. S. W. am
in favor of the county issuing bonds , i , ,
and improving all the main roads,
from one town to
Mr. J, R. Nichols, Arthur, am
In favor of good roads and believe
the best to get them is to levy
a special lax In each township, ac-
cording to the vote of the
Mr. Mills Smith. we
had good roads it would not be how
much can your horse pull, but how
much will your wagon hold I am
in favor of good roads and believe
that we should levy a tax on the poll,
as well as the real estate, for this
Mr. Tyson, Greenville, will
do all In my power to obtain good
Mr. J. H. Cobb. Greenville. am
fully in accord with you In the road
Mr. J. R. Davis. I am
In favor of good roads on the town-
Mr. T. C. Turnage, am
In favor of good roads by taxation on
the township
Mr. J. W. Holmes,
fore moving to I lived at
Benson where they had made a de-
Improvement In their roads.
Normally there was sold at Benson
about bales of cotton, last year
they sold bales from a very short
crop. Due to good
Mr. W. M. Smith, Fountain fa-
good roads, but by the township
Mr. P. T. Atkinson,
am glad to see the good roads move-
Will be on hand August the
Mr. W. R. Smith, Fountain, favor
good roads, but can't say what way
to get
Mr. Marcellus Smith,
like good roads. I don't like bonds.
I don't see much hope for improve-
Mr. E. C. King. Falkland, best
wishes for success at the good roads j
meeting August 1st. Will try be
Mr. R. J. Little, Falkland,
prevents, I will be in Greenville
on Monday. August the 1st., to attend
the good roads meeting. I hope it will
be a successful
We've a
for you
It Concerns the Furn-
of You
it's the first little
you've furn-
and it's going
to be a great pleas-
You've ideas how
you want it, and where best to carry out your
house ideas is you puzzling question, isn't it
The question needn't be puzzling, the carrying
out of your ideas needn't bother you one single
bit. if you'll bu to the
Taft VanDyke Store
We're here to carry out your home ideas we're
here to serve you well and rail
come here with absolute confidence in us, our
goods and our prices.
Norfolk Southern R. R.
Pullman Sleeping Car Service
RALEIGH, N. C, and Norfolk, Va.,
beginning June 5th.
The only local sleeping car line between Raleigh and Norfolk, via Wilson,
Farmville, Greenville and n. without change.
Read Down
Read Up
Soreness of the muscles, whether
induced by violent exercise or Injury,
Is quickly relieved by the
cation of Chamberlain's Liniment.
This liniment Is equally valuable for
muscular rheumatism, and always
fords quick relief Sold by all drug-
The Child Dead.
A telegram from Beaufort
that the Infant son of Mrs.
Baker died there this morning.
remains will be brought home, and
while the hour of the funeral cannot
be stated now, it will probably be
sometime tomorrow.
The death of this child Is peculiarly
sad, and all hearts go out In
thy to Mrs. In her sorrow. She
previously lost two children about the
same age. Her husband died a few
months ago, and she was left with
only this child, now has
seen fit to take that to himself. Truly
her sorrows have been many and may
He In whose wisdom the afflictions
have been sent, abundantly give His
Holy Spirit to comfort her.
Colored Woman Dies
Sunday night a colored woman,
named Lou died very sud-
at her home on Pitt street. The
woman was complaining of feeling
badly after supper and In the
act of undressing to go to bed, when
she fell dead In a moments.
Wonder of Womanhood.
American women have to wear cost-
raiment to their servants,
says the Countess Henri de
stein, the beautiful
American women by their careless
deportment breed immortality Into the
younger generation, says Miss Ade-
long study
American women think more of self
preservation than of race
Martin Cox, an author
claiming to express view of
As one In doubt at whist leads
trumps, according to the old formula,
so one at loss for other
material talks about the
or the American woman. Much
goes astray on topic.
Meanwhile the weather cannot care,
and the woman can always talk back.
But all goes to Justify Prof. Mary
A Wilcox her declaration at Well-
College that to speak of the
equality of sex Is merely to play on
words. For what man among us could
hope to rival under Are the beautiful
equanimity with which woman floats
through an endless tide of analysis.
Idolatry, misrepresentations, criticism,
flattery, and plain gossip without
missing a turn In her self-imposed
ask of complicating human existence
New York World.
Daily Except
Hen S A. L. i, Ar
R. S said P.
I v
Union Station Ar
on Ar
g on. vii Wilson Ar
Bern, via Ar
Kinston, via Gold bur i Ar
via Ar
in p.
II a. m.
p. m
Not So Here.
It Is more fun to see a man read a
puff on himself in a newspaper than
to see a fat man slip on a banana peel.
The narrow-minded man reads over
seven or eight times, and then goes
around to the office and pays what be
owes. The successful business man
who advertises regularly and makes
money by It, Immediately starts out to
And the editor and the two walk
down the street and the business
man takes sugar In his and they both
eat a clove or two and life Is
and peace settles down on hearts
for moments. Such Is experience
of mustard seed that falls on
Is a clever bit of writing and
may accurately forth the return
that cornea to Ye Country Editor for
saying pleasant things about the pat-
of his paper The observation Is
that in larger communities the
Is accepted by its recipient without ac-
knowledge of any sort, la considered
In fact a very Insufficient tribute to
merit and therefore not
entitled to gratitude. Its
however. Is held to Justly resentment
In practical form; and If the name of
the daughter of Sum Pumpkins,
should be mis-spelled In the society
column, the offense la one never to be
made at Norfolk with all lines diverging.
trains operated daily between and New Bern via
Washington; and daily, except and New Bern via
W ashing ton.
Nos. an MB m sleeping car be-
tween and Norfolk. Makes close at Wilson A. C. L.
to and from n. Kooky Mount, New Kinston via Goldsboro.
no makes direct connect i n at Raleigh with R. S. Ry., to aid
Fayetteville; with Sou. Ry. to and from Henderson.
For complete information, or f r reservation of car apply
to either of the following G. T. agent, L. U. T. V.
Haleigh, N. .; W. J. Williams, son, N. F. V. N.
C; Hassell. Greenville, N. C, I. Myers, Washington, N. L T. H.
Bennett, New Bern, N. C.
H. C. W.
Norfolk, Virginia.
The Bethel Banking Trust Co.,
At the close of business, June 1910.
Loans and Discounts,
ts sec. and
Furniture and Fixtures,
Due from Banks A
Silver com, including all
minor coin currency
National bank and
other U. S. noses J
Capital Stock, 7,500.00
Surplus fund, 7,600.00
Undivided profits, less ex.
and taxes paid 1,607.81
Notes and bills 2,000.00
Time of Deposit 7,644.60
Sub. to 611.95
OF NORTH CAROLINA. County of Pitt,
I, W. H. Cashier of the above-named bank, do sol-
sweat that above statement is true to the best of my
W. H. Cashier.
knowledge and belief-
Subscribed sworn to be-
me this 7th day of July,
1910. T. Carson,
Notary Public.
M. O. Blount,
Is S Wait. St, m Fir. Tuba. Mot mm ml C u m.
Henry George Cigars
T Smoker Try It
Sold by J. M. CO.

In Charge Of F. A. EDMONDSON
V-- Cox to present them promptly
. aid b.- rewarded accordingly,
end Mr,. B. T. Co. won. to I
of Dry and -no. cover it
just In. Better buy whits cheap.- Barber Co.
A. Ange Co. Cox Entertain.
MI. sad , brought
. , than that which the young people of
T, son
bee. Ala BOOT o. home R T Cox
comeback. Cox entertained her
v . m- a , .
H Barter and among those who were favored
wort la out of town
Baker, of guests were Included. The front hall
Kiss . were decorated
rt-t J choice cut flowers. These extend-
lot of Matting just welcome to the guests, who
Authored Agent of The Eastern Reflector for and Vicinity-Advertising- Rates on Application
, . ,, , a gold filled watch. No. a Mr. D. R. Jackson and Miss
Jut . f w drove country to-
Messrs. J. L. Roll and A. i q q day u
made a M a few
Ayden Wednesday . R D Cox.
Pitt School
manufactured by The A G. Cox Mo-
Company are cheap; com-
neat and durable. Terms
are liberal. When In the market,
come to see us. we have the desk for
Mrs. H. C. is visiting relatives
near Gardner's Cross Roads.
Mr. Ernest Cox went to Ayden last
night, as usual.
Messrs. M. B. Bryan and F. A. Ed-
to Stantonsburg Mon-
Postmaster M. G. Bryan Is suffering
with a severe attack of acute
Quite a number of our people at-
tended services at Red Oak Sunday.
Mr. C. S. Carroll went to Ayden
yesterday and carried some peaches
to J. L. Rollins girl, much to the de-
light of the latter. Jesse should feel
very thankful for kindness.
Last night's mail Mr. F. F.
Cox a very nice package. was
to arrive about 8.30. Being
Aug.- G Co. received to the front hall they
Cox to Ayden Thar, were c into the parlor where
, air was filled with strains of sweet
. ;., tar music. solos were rend-
A en d Misses Cox and Olive
Carroll, of Butt. these the ready co.
. .;. , ,.,. co, and hearty laughter which
,. it of Shoes. everyone was and
you new lot of woes. .
, ,. . ,. . i themselves.
An contest was entered.
;,. for a in with Plenty of spirit. outcome
showed the odds in favor of
DU to . of Johnson and Gordon John-
. sou, who won a neat little
Pattern, to all styles,
Helen ft Tyson and Jesse Butt
fl. . are Miss at 9.20 the guests were
cleverly divided Into couples and
Needles, Bobbins, and ed into the dining room. Mr. Jesse
Shuttles, for any S Machine to Butt, of
.,. ,. . needle to escort to supper the hosted.
Z for affected eyes or Miss Jeanette Cox. The attending
J ,. , co. couples Jesse Rollins with Miss
K . and H. J. linker. Gordon with
wen. to Greenville Johnson Herbert Co.
with Miss Annie Carroll. Herman Me-
Corn at with Miss Esther Johnson.
, . . C. T. Cox- with Miss Pearl Hester, D.
B N of Johnson with Mis.
Friday with Mr. H. J Mis. Helen Smith with Miss Myrtle
a new lot of Lamps
i The I cake was the in-
U feature at the and over
few days with Miss No, ma this company enjoyed a great deal
turn Dear Woodland. Of to. Miss Pearl Heater was he
Sausage, and Fish, going lucky finder of the thimble, while the
cheap-H. W. bail, at Johnson stand penny fell to Miss
His. Eunice Hargett. of Almost, not quite, Miss Baker
ha. been relatives here, the ring, it was rescued W
return, i borne W, in. y. . minute before suffering tie- fate of
The k G CO. Mfg Co. are in other
to give you the best Tobacco ice cream was served, and after re-
Truck, Flue, for your money, pairing to the parlor a second me.
The, have made t, wive prepare- amusing games and another contest
for their manufacture this the hours until eleven
son and can III your order. evening drew to a close too
for the satisfaction of the pi
Ev. and and they went away wishing that birth-
Breton came In from -he day parties were not kept
,,.,, m a whole year apart. The evening was
Car load of Top Dressing for Cot- a success in every way.
Good Reads
From First
rate, while the county issue would
sell a Interest and bring
a premium.
Then you could have only one high-
way engineer for the county and
board o, road commissioners, while
should be adopted and avoid the State
The split-log will do much of the
work at ti per mile per year. The
plan we now have with men
available for road work six days each
in the year, or the payment of
per day for each, would make
per year road tax that you are pay-
the same cost by the proper
method you could get good roads all
over your county. Get the
to do their duty and enforce
the vagrant law. have more la-
with a smaller burden from worth-
You have a tax In your
county today sufficient to pay inter-
est on of bonds, with
enough left for the maintenance of
roads. Let each man in Pitt county
do his own duty and the will
be greatly improved.
county's roads have made
her property values increase three
fold and more, has developed
other phase of her life. Rural
mutes are encouraged and increased.
In Germany by parcel post service a
bushel of wheat can be carried a thou-
sand miles for cents, but for
the express company lobbies we would
have such a system in the United
States. Here we are limited to
pounds at cents per pound. This
is what it would cost you to deliver
a package of that size in Washington,
X. C. while our government will take
the same package to New York and
miles across the ocean to
for cents.
Co-operation means harmony and
working for the good of all, and he
who makes two blades of grass grow-
where one grew before has done more
for nil than all the politician.
Mix brains with the earth and see
every man has a good road in
is grand old county.
Arrives to City on HI. Last
Jaunt To pro Stage
known throughout
the South. East and as one of
the champion long distance walkers,
arrived In Greenville Tuesday after-
on a second been
here about eleven years ago. Bob says
he hardly recognizes Greenville now.
such changes having taken place since
he was here before. He has Just tin-1
a Jaunt from Tampa, Florida.
has just 100.000
miles of globe trotting afoot. He
states that he has finished his last
Journey this way. as he proposes to
take to the vaudeville stage In the
near future.
Attired in a linen duster coat. wear-
In a genuine Mexican hat with
high top and broad brim, and carrying
his famous old cane with a spreading
eagle tor a head, and with his long
locks flowing behind him. is
a picturesque character and he has
attracted much attention on the streets
He expects to spend several days
here. is now years old. He
has been around the world twice
and has crossed the United States six
U one where health abounds.
WIth impure blood there can-
be good
cannot be good blood.
the torpid and restore
natural action.
A healthy LIVER pure
Pure blood means health.
Health means
Take do All
D. W.
Ohio Republicans Rejoicing.
By Wire to The Reflector.
Des Aug. is
the township plan each township over the insurgent
would have its separate road j Republican progress-
and separate engineers. their heavy guns for a
which would greatly increase battle in the State convention
It Is just as necessary to keep here today. It was con-
roads as it is to build them. before the session opened that
Col. Speech. the insurgents would control the
, will give the ad-
The Closing of he good roads a
, n ministration a qualified endorsement.
speeches was made by Col. J.
. , a,,,., and condemn the la, 1.1
Grimes, secretary of State. He said
that he numerous other duties
demanding his attention, but felt that
it duty come to his home The Town Troubles.
county today and contribute what he q
to this, the greatest movement an ex-
citing trial held here yesterday and
night. O. F. Gilbert. A. E.
and one other were found guilty of in-
citing a riot Sunday nigh,. They
wore fined and
Gilbert were each fined for carry-
concealed weapons.
I accepted the chairman-
says Judge Adams, chairman
of the Republican State committee,
did not have a gray hair in my
bead. Today hair is almost white
and I attribute this largely to be
worry of selecting
Notwithstanding the worry may turn
the hair gray, the Job of State chair-
man Is the center of Interest to the
North Carolina Republicans. On ac-
count of It there Is much
and recrimination, much washing of
dirty linen in
Ami Provisions
Fresh kept .-
In stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
ton arrived. -A. W. A Co.
N. c.
Mr. . Kit to Washing-
tin, today.
You will never when you
purchase s Buggy,
by A. fl Cost
Co. N. C.
Mr. K. Be to Washing-
ton Monday.
Lei u. frame tore for yon.
Any frame.- W. Ange Co.
Mr. Matthew Bethel, was
in town on business.
The a O. Manufacturing Co.
are rendering good service in
business. and Cat
cheap with excellent hearse
Mr. W. H. Davis, of Wilson, was in
town Wednesday.
Field Sana and Peanut by
W. An-e ft
J T y
I In lie Mr.
,. , J; K
To reduce our before
we will fur a limited time,
for ginghams, fie;
Calico. Dress Goods.
to Suiting. Percales.
Leave your orders for ice at I.
Johnson's. Will be delivered any-
where in town.
N. C. August J,
Messrs. J. L. Rollins and A. D.
made a visit
at Ayden.
Hal. going fast,
don't be W. Ange Co.
Mi Agnes and
Ayden. were in town Sup-
pose you can who.
For nice, corned H
see A. W. Ange Co,,
N. C.
Mr. M. a Bryan, of Norfolk, came
in Sunday to see his parent., Mr. and
Mrs. M. O.
We -all your attention to our n
line of Dall.
Mien n, of In
H on
V PI is I U
See a Ange On
R v. B. W. Sins. m KB I-
on at tot chi.
lot of Lades
and Children
Barber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ange left Mon-
in the history of the count--. T ere
throe tilings that our life depend.
Pitt county, the greatest In the union
in soil and climate. You have learned
to build up your worn out soil by the
application of and science, and
since 1800 land values have doubled
In your county. Our people do not
have to leave now for the
agricultural and educational develop-
Pitt Is one of the leading of
half counties in the State, end
you are coming nearer to the head
of the list.
You are the leaders in education,
school property In your county In the
year was valued at to-
day It Is
Agriculture Is the foundation of all
progress, and is going to be developed.
The old Roman proverb that the
Step to the development of
was by the building of good
roads. Rome that her pros-
and that of her provinces de-
pended upon the development of her
I . . The balance of trade to-
i for our nation is retained by our
agricultural although they
are d I par year for
transportation, or per
for ever; man, woman and child In
Legal Notices
We i
would it mean if Pitt
aid her part of this
North Carolina lite County.
lit Superior Court.
Gorham I
The defendant above named will
take notice that an act ion entitled as
above has been In the the
Superior Court of Pitt county, to ob-
a divorce from the bond, or mat-
And the Bald defendant in
tort nor take notice he is
ed to appear the nest term of lie-
Superior Court of Pitt county to he
held on the second Monday before
Monday of September, 1910.
being, the nay August. 1910,
at the court of said county in
Greenville, X. C. and answer or de-
to the complaint the plaintiff,
in said or plaintiff will
apply to the court tor the relief de-
In the complaint.
This the of July.
D. C. Clerk S. C.
Julius Brown, Attorney for plaintiff.
The Up-to-date Hardware
T Is the place to buy you Paint, Varnish,
. Stains, Building Material, Nails, Cook
Stoves. Enamelware, Fine Cutlery,
Handsome Chafing Dishes.
We Carry a full Line of Wall Paints
easy to put on and hard to come off. Place
your orders now with them and you will be
Special attention is called to our line of
FARMERS GOODS, consisting of Weeders,
the best Cultivators made, both in riding and
walking. Full line of WIRE FENCING of the
very best quality.
Don't fail to see us before buying, they
can supply your wants. Give them a call.
Baker Hart
Evans Street, i, N. C.
lit , J u- , . -.-------.
to Motor Cloth, day to visit relatives at
Waist Lawn.
Mohair Wool
to Table Peaches,
Pie Peaches. Shirts,
ts. Shirts. II
Shirts, lie. Call and see what we
. W. Ange Co.
Miss Roberson. of Roberson-
ville. Is visiting Annie
horn at
Before buying, my line of Post
L. Johnson.
cold drink contest at H. L.
come-to a Wednesday.
The numbers drawing the
Bring your wheat to
near Barber Co.
N. C
No. a phonograph.
For cold drinks of nil hinds, call
at H. L. Johnson's Fountain.
Quite n number or our farmers at-
tended the union good
roads meeting at Greenville Monday.
For nice, fresh Fish, see R. D. Dall,
on Tuesdays. Thursdays and
Miss Lillian Baker,
excellent railroad
some water
we slept on our op-
In this, and endorse most
the work of Mr. Small In his
to alleviate our bad water
transportation faculties. Our State
over annually to
a national government, and over
Indirectly, white we get
we certainly
to a greater shave.
The most Important thing Is a good
road passes your door, and
man's and everybody is
affected U, It. Pitt has
miles of road. square miles of
territory, and 40.000 and while
population has doubled In the last
years, In a similar period good
roads and proper development we will
have people and still not be
crowded like they are the
There has been a demand for State
attar spending a aid in road Improvement which
days with Jeanette Cox. I-MM getting money into and out
For Soring Dress Goods.
Embroidery and Laces see
lot Barber Co
Miss Helen who has been
visiting Jeanette Cox, returned
to hr home near Farmville today.
We- are a nice line of
fins and Prices are right and
can furnish nice hearse service.
NO. a t-.
which held by J. W. Harper. O. Mfg. Co.
the State treasury with the necessary
cost. Pitt county has one per cent.
of the property of the State, and pays
twice as Into the State treasury
as she gets out of It. Under
aid for roads her proportionate part
under her tax valuation would be
while it would cost only
to build her roads. There-
a fair method r the county
Ninth County.
In the Superior Court, before D. C.
Monte, Clerk,
Willis U. Johnston, F. V.
J H. Johnston and Addle Johnston.
To the Court
By virtue of a decree the
Court of Pitt county on the 15th
day or July, 1910, In the above
cause by C. Moore, clerk,
undersigned commissioner will on
Tuesday, the day Of August, 1310,
at o'clock before the court
house door in Greenville expose to
public sale, to the highest bidder for
cash the following parcel of land, to
lying being in the county of
Pitt, state of North Carolina, begin-
0.1 the edge of the northern
bank of Tar river at a point where
three hollow trees formerly stood,
opposite the lower edge of the
big rock and runs thence nearly at
right with the river to the big
slough, old Parker's and
line, thence down said slough to Par-
or Red Banks creek, thence
down said creek to the river, thence
up the river to the beginning; con-
one acres,
or leas, and being the same
tr-u-t or parcel of land purchased by
Edward from the
of Thomas A. Braswell. de-
ceased, being the second tract of
land described in a deed from E. C.
to Susan O. Johnston, dated
December recorded In
the Registers office of Pitt county In
book Y-3, Page
This sale will be had for the
pose of making a partition among
the la who are par-
tics In this cause.
This the 16th day of July.
T. C. Harding. Commissioner.
bother tho old
top your Instantly fir catcher to A w
will M king u the cover
For further etc. apply
ht nurse, ordinary medicine and all minor fees.;
Club Wm lea. Next begin. Sept. 1910.
R T. VANN, President,
I Raleigh, North Carolina.
. . -a.
Agriculture is MM the Most of
H. C mas. u,
One of The Thai
Well known to
Following is an extract from an
published in the Columbia,
State which will be of interest
to our readers In Greenville, as Col.
is well known here. He
Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lips-
comb. Mr. was captain of
a military company In Greenville
his residence here some years
The Second regiment of infantry,
National Guards of South Carolina, re
turned home yesterday afternoon,
tor a encampment at
perk, where it engaged
in Joint with the regular
The regiment went Into camp on
July and from the very first
evinced Its desire to benefit in every
way by the Instruction of the regular
army officers assigned to the limn-
Before breaking camp last
Saturday, Gen. A. L. Mills, com-
of the department of the Gulf,
Informed Col. ills
was one of the best that
visited the camp during the
period. All the army
brought into contact with the South
Carolina spoke In the highest,
of the regiment, several ex-
pressing themselves to the effect that
the Second Infantry In discipline and
progress in Instruction was the best
in camp,
Maj. chief sanitary In-
characterized the condition of
the camp site after the regiment had
broken as and added
it was la better condition than any
camp used by National Guardsmen
during the summer.
The concluded Sunday
morning with a battle between the
and Drowns, the former being
of regular army troops and
the latter of three regiments of Ala-
Infantry, one Tennessee In-
and one South Carolina In-
fantry, supplemented by tWO troops of
regular cavalry and of
the signal and hospital corps.
Second Praised.
from the regular army
acting as umpires, for the per-
advance of South Carolinians,
was Col. Lipscomb being
warmly congratulated for the
able behavior of his men. The militia
men fought like regulars. The men
were under perfect control and it was
largely due to the work of the South
Carolinians that the battle resulted in
favor of the Browns.
Col. C. T. commanding
the regiment, was designated as com-
of the forces during
battle. This was quite a
as he was one of the youngest
regimental commanders In the camp.
The gambler may flourish for a
time, but after while It will be seen
be has only reared a house of
cards for himself.
Our New Form Weekly-
The in and form
of to
Carolina Home Farm and The
is to the
purpose of enlarging the sphere and
Increasing the usefulness of the paper
in Carolina, it is Intended
to meet a growing need among it large
per cent, of the people of this section
the State; namely, those engaged
In agricultural pursuits.
The last few years have
greater progress in agricultural
suits than in any other profession.
There is mine Intelligent effort be-
employed by the farmers DOW than
ever before; they arc reading
and as a studying more
the complex problems of their call-
It not been very long since.
It was popular for farmers lo laugh
at deride literature they
would have nothing lo do book
farming, Happily, day has pass-
ed, and the farmer Who does read
and study modern methods is the ex-
in bis Community, and unless
be profits by the experience of his
reading neighbors, It can generally
be seen III the of his farm,
and in the lack of thrift and Improve-
that Invariably characterize
rending and thinking farmer. There
is more need for the employment of
brains and executive skill on the farm
than almost any other Held of
man endeavor. The political offices
from constable to governor can be
filled, for there are more
than enough applicants supply the
demand, but to be a pro-
farmer training of
a different order, for he must
at once, not only a mind capable of
the problems of farm life,
but u mind trained lo meet the vary-
ii moods of nature with whom his
work must ever be In harmonious ac-
cord, or failure is sure to follow. The
young graduate of the best college or
university, all technical
knowledge to meet the issues where
a well trained brain Is required, would
fail, fall on the very
best farm lands, unless he employed
Ills educational training in concert
and co-operation With the laws of
A education is an advantage
lo the farmer In helping him to more
easily unlock doors of nature's
but a college education is
not at nil necessary to successful
One object of Carolina Home
and is to arouse greater In
on the part of in good
farm literature. The editor of
Carolina Home and while not
a practical farmer, Is Ills Intention
lo get the assistance
of a number of practical farmers, and
make of the paper a real home and
paper In truth and reality. The
columns of the paper are open for
the discussion of all topics, and the
Invitation is hers given to write for
the paper on any that may be
of interest to farmers. We invite the
co-operation of the farmers of East-
Carolina in this work we
undertaken, and If we do not meas-
fully up to your expectations, be
and bear with us, In time
we believe we shall be able to fur-
a real farm paper that will be
a credit lo the profession of farm-
Sentiment of lied Shin-, to Favor of
far Failure to Sell lands.
Wire to The
Oklahoma, August
-With a possibility of further sub-
developments and revelation
of names of more men in high
suspected of being Implicated
the scheme to get from
Indians in counsel fees for sale of
he lauds, another crowd Rather-
ed today when the committee re-
its Investigation,
Then was a big delegation of
law witnesses present to tell how
they were persuaded by an agent of
to sign telegrams
the plan for the sale of their
lands, and allowing lawyers
cent. fees.
The sentiment among the rank and .
file of Indians favors and
per fee. They
the government for failure to sell
For best Information obtain-
able, the tobacco crop of is one
of the most unsatisfactory In
North Carolina that has ever been
grown. The excessively wet weather
in early June almost completely
ruined tobacco growing on light land,
and In large ureas much of the crop
was later abandoned planted
with other crops. Around and below
Vanceboro, in Craven county, reports
are numbers of
ed up their crop of tobacco and plant-
ed It in Held peat, The heavy,
lands stood the rains much better,
and until the last week, It looked as
though some specially fine crops on
this character or land might be cured,
but within the last ten days this to-
has given away rapidly, and
reports from every section Indicate
deterioration from disease and de-
from the ravages of flea
;, .
i V.

Eastern reflector, 5 August 1910
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
August 05, 1910
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