Eastern reflector, 19 November 1909

I In Charge of Wm. G. MORRIS
d Vicinity-Advertising Rates on Application
Agent The Eastern Reflector ilk an
A new Pomp pipes
. M. G. I.
r; . .,,.,. left here for Salem ,. a little before
; . e w attend be f house of Mr W.
l. confer tn. . about miles below
j church. town on th. north side of
A new of was destroyed by fire. In
A. . A i. Co. building were two
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For good and comfortable
school u. coll or write A. G.
Cox Cu., Winter
N. C. Tn.-y have
right right price.
did, aid been work
some time
is relatives this
mowing machines,
bay presses, an I repairs, call on
us. Berber Co.
Mi is visiting
this week.
Met; are carrying
Prices are
right and nice hearse
A. Co.
i near hen,
A new lot of lamps in. cotton
n, Ba and several hundred
Kiss Maud a u bushels of teed burned- and nine
S. student, left here Friday lo packed bales outside the building
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home, near Snow Hill
We have just a nice
lot of dress
A. W. Co.
badly damaged. The loss
was total, as there was no
on either the urn
cotton. Some of the
belonged to people in the neigh-
Stimulate the TORPID
regulate the bowels, and arc
as an
ANTI-BILIOUS medicine,
In malarial districts their virtue
re recognize.,
properties in
the from that poison,
Take No Substitute.
Do You Own a Piano
It not. and c to own Stan stencils but each one a stand-
soon, you owe it o ex cl fame and
the , n n the hour
at the F. n v player be I known
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In a glance v . will inspect a
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To hear th
mat are being preached
Baptist church this week, one
cannot help from being benefit-
unless he is a stony heart.
grand had it there
to be ginned.
gin had caught fire in th
afternoon from a match in the
cotton but this was put out, or
These sermons are instructive to b. and two
sinners, edifying to saints, bales were packed after this
and a blessing to the community. Out of precaution Mr.
public is cordially in wet twice entirely through th.
so can e and tiring friends, gin before going to bed
Don't miss a good thing, was there,
We have been most
forcibly reminded that the arm
of friendship can o th
of nor the beauty
elude hie
Whereas, on Friday the 5th
inst, in the i of manhood,
as the shadows were darkening
into unexpectedly and
the changing of an even-
brother craftsman,
lames Fleming, was
visited by the Supreme builder
of the Universe, who removed
him from laboring in
queries of time into those of
Therefore be it
1st. That death of broth
Fleming. Greenville
No. A. P. A. M. looses b
but you i et will
that stand u. J
incomparable an
different makes t from, n .
these cheap t rt
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i finding none retired satisfied, but
want to a little was aroused by th.
j a nice line i buy cattle. R. building being in flames and
The A. G. Cox Co. made not be checked,
a shipment of a solid car of Pitt J The from the fire
county school desk today. The plainly seen in Green-
demand is continually ville by people who were on the
rapidly. Better place your or street.
den early. A. G. Cox
id member
miss within our mystic
aid K v. Co., Winterville. N. C.
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Barber Co.
have a lot
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J. h. v. DiXon.
I'm County
U. Cox
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came in
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glassed, dried
tail Putter
act .
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We you a I--
, Barber it Co.
are visiting
Cooking stoves
ranges just All
best material up-to-date,
t Co.
i vis-
her son, ii.
. its School
are the desks you. are
Oysters We have them Fri-
day and Saturday nights.
R. D. Co.
We have just received a full
supply of furniture. Give us a
A nice lot of dry goods and
notions just in.
A. W. Co.
Stray taken and
white spotted shout four
years old; mark under bit h
both ears. Owner car. same
damage i other
cost. This October
J. R F.
Winterville. N. C.
Mill for Sale-The establish-
known as the
Milling and i. now
for sale. It consists of the fol-
One wheat mil, one
corn mill, one work shop with
boring machine, l saw, plain
rip saw and a blacksmith
For further information
apply to W. H. Smith, Winter.
ville, N. C.
I am representing th oldest
and Life and Fire
insurance companies in the world.
Office in building.
J. S. Ross Winterville. N. C.
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2nd. That of
sorrow and distress,
ii d gladness, so long, and
reigned, assure
of cur sincere sympathies, in
their anguish of heart,
the cutting short of a life in
tide of powers, in
th-- broadest usefulness
3rd. to the widow and
orphans, bereft of loud
and loving we commend
to God for His infinite comfort
and protection.
4th. these resolutions he
spread upon the record of
lodge, a copy sent to the family,
Orphan's Friend and D
it fleeter, with a request th-t
they be published.
Loans and Id-e
g Fur-
from i .;
Bank, r
t ash it-
Si . i
r c i. cm
S t
6.114.41 .-.,
26.07 divided profit,
Bills payable 4,000.00
me certificate
p 960.00
posit subjects
K. check
outstanding 65.1
s INA, O of
r, ,; c i r o hank. d.
i i i. pit is tn I t f
i. t. Gardner,
. to Brooks.
. Si Tucker,
.-. Vs KIN W. Dawson,
.- i.
The Bethel Banking Trust Co.,
of Sept., 1st, 1600.
I. i ,,. , r lire
Committee, l
Gold . i
A Scalded Boy's Shrieks,
lay o . K., who
when nil th . . d die, ck-
cu id him.
w Cu c feyer
boils, chi
d h rids. S pile. at
in. i
t. w I
Capital stock 0,000.00
Surplus fund 4.600.00
I less
expenses and taxes pd 1,676.08
Hills payable 8,000.00
Tune certificates of 8,629.70
Deposits sub to check 21,446.88
, Reserve for interest
and taxes
CC 640,802.00
I .-276.00
Sol. I'll of Pitt,
I, of the above-named bank, do sol-
statement is true to the best of my
W II. Cashier.
.-. pi.-.
i ,. and
A. o. Cox Mfg.
w N. C.
. and Miss
Mumford, Ayden, at-;
ended vices here yesterday, j
Jut received, a nice lot of
at Co
Miss Aims Gannon,
i Friday in our
Button shoes are very stylish
this season and we have them in
nil styles. Pulley
Forced into Exile
Wm. Upchurch. of Oak, ,
was an exile home. Mountain
air, he thought, would cure a frightful
that defied all
remedial two r
mo th he returned, d M his
tap. l began to Dr.
be Wing sale ho writes, rd i-
A Ar s x am as
up. a. Ange ever It from
become of the fellow e for
who over a stamp the other
meeting a Crowd Hem asthma, croup.
vi. g and trial
by all
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Inasmuch a w
of the th it m
of Green ills, and a
a pall of las been Cast
this entire community b
the that has
carried d D s to the
hones of three Greenville's
prominent families.
And as each of men, to
the id, and in-, has com i
to material
new a
bi another the son an
ex-congressman, and
Attorney whose
are such to mark him as one
our shoes the foremost men.
leathers, .-. b of our
Pulley Bowen. great the living and
dad, tin- behalf of the Col-
of Greenville, I
extend to the bereaved our ten
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November the seventeenth
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One thousand College Avenue
Greenville, North Carolina,
No cards sent in city.
Loans d
in ,, ind or.
Due I I
n. ii in J
Se bank I other
r. n
Capital stock 66,000.00
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, less
expenses taxes pd 482.06
Bills payable 5,000.00
189.98 Time of deposit 202.20
Deposits subject to 8,180.66
W- heard the Mutual Life man
. lo-
day you can, tomorrow may
you cam o
who it. you;
A id went s
ii CAROLINA, Pitt County,
i ,. Cashier and F A. Edmondson, Asst. Cashier
bank, swear that the above state-
best of our knowledge and belief.
, K-
Asst. Cashier
sworn to be-
this 10th day -f Sept.,
J. F. Harrington,
Notary Public Directors
An and Bronchial Remedies, because It ride the
on the bowel,. No to iv.
Prepared by CHICAGO. A.
D. J. WHiCHARD, Editor and Owner
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
One Dollar Per Year
VOL. No.
AT E. C. T. T. S.
Large Audience Assemble School
Auditor ion to Heir this and Other
Brilliant Addresses Tonight.
Standing here as I do upon the
of a new institution,
established by our State to meet
a growing need of our
it is not strange if I see visions
and dream dreams. And yet it
is not a vision or a dream to
which I call your
Perusing the pages of our
States history find, by act of
the General Assembly of the
Commonwealth of North Caro-
one hundred twenty two
years ago, provision was made
for the establishment of a
of Learning at Greenville,
lately called in
the of It may be
to note that this in-
of learning established
in 1787 was in some respects
similar to the school in which
we are today assembled.
a. It was established by ct
of the General Assembly. So
was this school.
b. It had a Board of Trustees
with powers very similar to
those given to the Board of
Trustees of this school.
c. The certificate to be grant-
ed was almost identical with the
one to be granted by this school.
d. It was also provided
this Seminary shall not be con-
one of those mentioned or
intended by the
This was the Halifax
of 1776 which made
ion for a State system of public
schools and a State University.
This institution- is not one of
these schools, when the facts
rise up before me, and I re
call the trying times in which
these men lived and see it writ-
have been for the
establishment of that school at a
time when North Carolina was a
sovereign government, not
yet joined the union, I see
in this school not a vision or a
dream but the of a
prophecy. Young though we
are, yet in a sense we are one of
our State's oldest institutions. I
realize, however, that the East
Carolina Training
School is not a lineal
of the Pitt Academy, but a
younger sister borne of the same
parentage and located in the
same community. All honor to
our ancestors who realized
that proper education of
youth is essential to the
and prosperity of every
community, and
thy the attention of the
And all honor to our own
people who still realize that the
education of Youth is
essential to the happiness and
prosperity of every
But on an occasion of this kind
it is fitting that we give serious
study to some State or National
problem and I address myself to
this serious task instead of stroll-
through the flower-gardens
of rhetoric and gathering posies
for the purpose of pleasing
We, a company of American
citizens have met together to-
day. Let us turn our attention
for a few moments to the
What is America For what
do we stand Every nation that
has ever been upon earth has
stood for some ideal.
has advanced by the main-
clash and ultimate con-
of these ideals.
The little stream beginning on
mountain top winds its way
down the mountain side, is
joined by streams until it
j becomes a mighty river, bearing
upon its bosom a world's freight
for .-humanity; so with
beginning with the dawn of
God's creation of man has
I trickled down the ages, joined
by a national ideal and
there by a national ideal until
i today we have the mighty stream
of civilization bearing upon its
bosom all the nations of the
world. Each nation of the past
has been but a rivulet of ideals
emptying into the stream of ad-
to the stream of
is political
freedom. are the most in-
people upon the
earth, and as long as our present
ideal dominates, we can never
have a national or state
So long as the ideal that now
rules lives, we, as a nation, are
secure, and will be until this
ideal dies and another takes its
place as the central thought in
our life If this ever
and God forbid that it should,
then we will follow new ideal
until it, in its turn, is emptied
into the groat stream of life.
But if a new ideal comes, we
will h come a new nation and
the America of today will be
in the archives of the
world's past to be studied by the
new nation just a.-, you and I
studied the Rome of the
Turning now from the
speculations an
to the stern
H- Wright- a
lilt were read from
CELEBRATION OF EAST State Auditor B. F. Dixon, language, has
had missed the morning train. Hope eternal in
TRAINING w w human
More Detailed Report of the was sick, expressing their brings M v, ,., things
Held Day . at not being present substantial
Harpy governor was represented In point of scarcely more
State Secretary J. Bryan than a few months tin people
who spoke for the State, of the East Carolina indulged the
Preceding Mr. hope, that the government
the audience arose and of our state might, in its wisdom,
spirit joined in singing establish incur eastern section,
Old North Mr. institution for the training of
to the rank of the manhood and womanhood
North Carolina in the sisterhood North Carolina.
The exercises of the celebration
of Carolina Teachers Train
School and installation cf
President R. H. w right, on
Friday, Were delayed in begin-
until owing to the rain
that prevailed through the early
of morning. The rain
ceased about o'clock, and it.
once people began turning their
faces toward the training school
for two hours the s r.-am of.,
humanity poured in that
of to county as
the leading educational
In mentioning those who have buildings grow, our have
bee a prominent in securing this blossomed into fruition, and in
the lull-grown power of this in-
fondest dreams
ha-e a
And in name of every
of Greenville, in the name
j s he especially spoke of
late Senator Fleming and said he
j hoped to see some kind
to his memory placed in
It was a fins audience the school.
filled the large auditorium of th
After the
of today.
What don this ideal State presidents of sister
demand of American j
By it we have open the and places upon the
gates of our land to suffering ; in
humanity the world and were with
over and there is pouring into, as they their
our midst a constant of State J. Y.
mankind alien to our who is the
out of touch with us at almost m presided
every our national life. exercises.
civilization, but each has
added something to the power of
the stream. What has America
contributed For do we
stand Before answering this,
let us glance for an instant at
other nations. The Greeks, tin
Hebrews, th Romans and the
English each represents a type
of mankind. Each was
and, fore, thought
alike. America on the ether
hand was from the b- ginning
and now is the must
nation ever found upon the
earth. We are made up
of every type of mankind.
We are indeed a people peculiar
to ourselves. The world has
never before seen a nation com-
posed as we are, and yet we re
as truly a nation as any upon the
earth. The ideal that hold us
must be an ideal
appeals to all mankind. The
ideal of the Greeks was the beau-
the Hebrews, religion; of
the Romans, law; of the English,
individual freedom; of America,
political freedom. We stand
for a form of government in
which the governed have
lute say, both as to the form of
constitutional law and the kind
of administrative laws. That
this ideal make itself felt, it is
not necessary for other govern .
to take on the form judge in all matters,
government found in America.; and national, then that body
The distinction is of a finer must of a high order of man.
nature. There is a difference In other words, we have emptied
political and j into the stream of ;.
individual freedom. Political ideal that, to ii-,, will impel a In legislature and labored so turn and the trustees the Pea-
freedom the power of advance of for the school He body fund
people themselves to determine This ideal will live and spoke
what form of government shall will therefore make ran,., of T. J. Jams for could be there. ex-Gov T. J.
be established and what shall be stride in thin has the school, and expressed regret Jarvis was too unwell to be
its individual freedom ever before been known. Y. illness prevented pres- present and take
is that derived from-if we would keep th- fir, e to in these r- It was a
thew whereby protected on our at.-, w- man f p
by the government from the
Within a few sh rt months, as
inch by inch we watched these
The great problem for us, there
fore, is to keep the rising gen
touch with our id
and to convert our immigrant
population to our way of think-
This is the most n
task ever yet undertaken
audience rose tang the
prayer was offered by
Rev. J. Shore, pastor of Jar-
vis Memorial Methodist church.
Owing circumstances of
row, Mayor H. W.
could not take the part assigned
by a nation. Here and here him of extending a welcome for
alone do we find justification for j Greenville, but was ably
the expenditure of public funds by Mr. F. C. Hard-
for public education. Indeed, Col. F. G James expressed
first duty is to make true, as the welcome for Pitt Bounty, and
well as to make good, America. Pf. W. H. for the
citizens. An ideal like ours calls faculty.
for the highest typo or mankind.
If the body politic is to be the
Si ale Superintendent
then delivered an address in
which he gave the history of the
I R. H. Wright,
of the school, was then Intro
and d livered his
At th c of the ad-
dress the audience Bang
and Chairman
introduced the following
representatives of sister
present, who each gave a
word of greeting this
M. C S Noble,
of the University; Dr. D. H. Hill,
Of A. AM. College;
dent J. I. of the N
College; Dr. J. B. Carlye. of
Wane Forest President
F. P. Hobgood. of F. male
Seminary; President E.
Goodwin, of the State Deaf and
Dumb school.
Chairman Joyner also an
that letters of greeting
had been received from the
University of Virginia,
of Tennessee, Salem College,
Elizabeth College, Oak Ridge
Institute, Normal Col-
Harvard University. St
of every of tie entire
county of we welcome you
to luau
the first
Carol in
ceremonies of
it of the East
Teachers Training
with an ancient
custom the Grecian Days, I
herewith to you today,
key to the city Green
gates have been
movement to establish this for
school, and paid a beautiful Women. Meredith College. Johns
to the late Senator J- Hopkins University, United
Fleming, who introduced the bill of
the United States, all the male
citizens over one years
of age have political freedom
while all other citizens have only , ;
freedom. The ideal, paid better salaries and committed tho charge and care
therefore, that America has Continued on 6th page. of the institution to its president,
. be referred the day more
lie. From its very be ginning his
heart has b.-tn in this
i the children in our prom its very
e land will to s of Prof. this school,
school and it would be better a chairman of the j. ring joy to his heart to
. were they, by law, made to Trustees of Caro- See a realization of his plans and
the public Training School, desires.
y Public school teachers must be t .
Mr. said
swung we bid you
come to our city, to our hearts
sod homes.
You are today.
And our Greenville is yours as long
Col James said the
erection of a Training School
in Eastern Carolina for teachers
was first proposed, Pitt county
was among first, to endorse
the measure and support it with
her accustomed zeal, and when
the act passed the legislature
and became a law, almost her
entire population got busy to
devise means and ways to secure
the location of the new
here. The contest
friendly, but spirited, and when
the smoke of conflict bad cleared
away the victory was ours. The
shouts of r-juicing are still
reverberating through many
parts of our grand old county
and will continue to be occasion-
ally until at least some of
these new buildings will have
become mossy with age;
while all of cur citizens did their
lull duty in voting upon
selves bonds, and going down in
their pockets for cash to defray
expenses and in many other
ways, and while all did their full
duty and all deserve great credit,
yet in my humble opinion to our
eminent leader, our foremost
and most beloved is due
most of the honor and glory of
planting this great institution
upon this beautiful hill, and in
the years to come as the noble
women and patriotic young men
shall go out from thee walls to
teach in the schools throughout
the State, I would have them
duly teach their pupils to love,
honor and revere the name of
Thomas Jordan Jarvis.
s Pitt county may
not share the historic glory of
Mecklenburg and Guilford, her
daughter are as fair, pure and
noble and her sons true,
patriotic and brave as trod the
earth, a d they have at last ac-
quired the on needful and
are now enthused with the spirit
of education, as is evidenced by
many new and handsome
school buildings recently erected
throughout the county and
large attendance here today,
of which prompts me to pledge
to this new institution and its
management, the loyal support
of all our people.
now. Mr.
embers of the faculty a id
d ins f the East Carolina Teach-
Training School, in the
name of my county, I extend
to you a most hearty welcome to
our county, to our hearts and to
our homes, and express the hope
you have come to stay.
And to the visitors who have
honored us with their presence
here today, I d f u
and all a Pitt
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dale's Monday.
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We will take your deaf and dumb piano in exchange.
When in Greenville, visit our Piano
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Central Cc
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the people know does the best
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Will Ball for and deliver your
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Norfolk and Southern Railway
Direct Through Train Service Between
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and via Norfolk to All Eastern Cities.
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stations. Arrives at a. m.
P- m., Daily except Sunday Raleigh and stations.
at p. in.
a. Daily , Sunday, for Washington, Edenton,
Hertford, Elizabeth City, Norfolk and principle intermediate
Connects at Kerry for ant Co Branch.
a m., except Sunday for New Morehead City,
p. m., Daily except Sunday for and intermediate stations.
For further particulars, Norfolk Southern Railway Folder
or apply to J. L. Hassell- ticket agent, Greenville, N. C.
H. C. W. W.
E. T. LAMB, Gen. Mgr., NORFOLK, VA.
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i i
Subscription-One Year
Six Months
Single Copy
the public celebration and in-
of President K. II.
Wright in connection with the
opening of the but ow
to incompleteness of
furnishings this was deferred
Advert king rt may be had upon
application the business in The
Reflector Building, corner Evans and
Third Street.
Entered in the post office at Greenville
N. C, as second-, mail matter.
E C. T. T. S.
In delivering his charge to the
grand jury Monday, Judge Guion,
discussing the question of
gambling, explained the differ-
until Nov. 12th, and the once between dealing in cotton
Friday was a day Greenville
will not soon forget.
The sugar trust is about
come around for a raking.
This is u day has
long looked forward to with an-
of pleasure, for it
is realized the fruition of her
hopes and the reward of her la-
for years.
It was about years ago
that some of our people most in
in education began dis-
cussing the matter that some-
where in Eastern North Carolina
there should lie located a train-
school for teachers, From
this grew the movement on the
legislature of for the pas-
sage of a bill to establish such a
school. Greenville took a prom
part in this and sent sever-
delegations to Raleigh during
the legislature. The bill was
passed, and the location of the
school was left with the State
Board of Education,
Imbued with the belief that
Greenville was the best place in
the East for the school, the town,
backed by the people of the
county, went to work
the State Board of Education
of this fact. In an in
which there was not a dissenting
vote, Greenville voted
for the school, and the county
voted a like sum by fully a two-
thirds majority. These
donations, together with a
choice of several beautiful sites,
had the desired effect on the
State Board of Education, and
the decision of that body was
in favor of Greenville.
Our joy knew no hounds when
the glad news that the
school would be located here, yet
Greenville did not stop there to
rest on her laurels. The people
have taken great interest in
every movement since ground
was first broken on the
with pride the progress
of the handsome buildings, and
were ready at all times to be of
any assistance they could. The
actual work of construction be-
early in the summer
and in a year there were six
beautiful buildings ready for the
school to open. These are ad-
ministration building,
infirmary and power house,
all models of skill
and completeness, and
furnished, making a school
of which any State might
feel proud.
The school was opened on
October, and the trustees
and faculty were more than
at the large number of
dents who entered, more coming
than the most sanguine had an-
The number enroll-
ed reached of these be-
females and males.
the student body four States and
counties in North Carolina
are represented.
Such an auspicious opening
gave assurance to the prediction
that it was to be a great school.
It was at first planned to have
Occasion speaks for
Daily B. Hector 12th.
The auditorium of the graded
school was more than filled Fri-
day night to hear the illustrated
lecture of Dr. IF. Shies, of
Washington City, on the hook
worm disease. The Redactor
will not undertake to give a
synopsis of the lecture, as it
could be appreciated only by
hearing it and closely follow
the speaker. Dr. Stiles has
for several years been making a
study of conditions in the South
with special investigation of the
hoed; worm disease, and the
statistics given
in his lecture shows the alarm-
in which this
exists. He declared that our
are too with
man life, is they give heed
only to the
greatly excited over some-
thing like the sinking of a ship
attended by the loss of a few
hundred lives, yet feel little or
no concern about the existence
of diseases that annually claim
thousands of victims. The
pose of his lecture was to
this by educating the people
to better sanitary conditions
through which they can safe-
guard health and materially
lower the death rate. That this
section should give hoed to Dr.
advice is shown in his
statement that in the few hours
he spent Greenville he saw
fully one hundred people who
have the hook worm disease.
Dr. Stiles is certainly doing the
people a great service, and
that has been heard here is
calculated to do more real good
than his lecture Friday night.
futures, where it is not the in-
to deliver any cotton but
settle the profits or losses in
margins, the entering into a
contract to sell cotton make
actual delivery of it at a certain
time. He said that under the
law the former is gambling, but
the latter is not. Judge
impressed the fact that when a
person sells cotton to be deliver-
ed at a certain time at a
price, he is under tin- fame
hi deliver the
as is to fulfill any other con
tract into which he has entered.
Those who have been consider-
the matter of testing such
contracts on the ground that it
is gambling, in order to avoid
delivering the cotton, should
think well before taking such a
Step, as the law will be against it.
If you do not believe that the
people county are getting
interested in good road-, you
will think differently if you get
out and talk with them when
they come to town. The Relief.
tor hears many of them express
themselves on this question, and
it is gratifying to know that the
sentiment in favor a bond is-
sue sufficient to build good mads
all over the county is growing
stronger every day. This is the
logical way to get good roads,
and when the people make up
their minds to pay a little tax
get the advantage of better
highways the roads will soon be
splendid plant here established,
the total valuation in round
now reaches
What an inspiration to rejoice
and go forward in the
uplift of this dear old
State. But I came not here to-
The people of Illinois and
that they are no better either of the State or
some others when it comes to I come as a messenger
lynching- I from the faculty of this, the
of our splendid
Don't you feel proud of Green- of the to bear to
, , ,. . our joyous cordial greetings,
ville, county, and the East
Teacher's Training
The Reflector received from
Stone k Co., publish-
of Charlotte, a copy of their
edition of from
Cotton written by the
late John Charles It is
a beautiful volume and worthy
a place in any library, both for
the excellent matter it contains
and the artistic manner in which
it is printed, illustrated and
hound. In an article in the
Charlotte Observer II. E. C.
years ago last Sunday,
John Charles died, and
was buried near the home of his
parents in Scotland county, but
he is not forgotten, for he left
behind him a monument more
lasting than stone. The friends
of the charming young Scotch-
man with the poetic gift did not
begin to realize his real worth
until after he has passed away.
His songs and lyrics are more
highly and genuinely
ed today than they were when
they first came from his pen.
Charles S, Stone, who is doing
so much for North Carolina
writers by aiding them in get
ting their efforts before the pub-
has issued through the Stone
t Barringer Co. of this city the
second edition of from
Cotton bound
cloth, and beautifully
illustrated by A. B. Frost, E. W.
and Mrs. W. O. Kibble
making the most attractive book
ever printed in the state.
the cover design, the size and
the illustrations, Mr. Stone
shown excellent taste, and the
entire South owes him a debt of
gratitude for the book typical-
The man was
vented from attending the Press
smoker in connection with th
welcome to Taft in
Wilmington on the but the
secretary of the publicity com-
was kind enough to send
us a souvenir booklet of the
that we might see what
was missed by there.
The booklet is a thing of beauty
and will be preserved as a treas-
Besides giving a full pro-
gram of the smoker, it contains
pages of most interesting
matter about Wilmington and
the city's advantages.
After a sensational trial in
Paris, Mine. accused
of the murder of her husband
and stepmother, has been ac-
When Pitt county takes the
advanced step in good roads that
she has taken in you
will see her become the leading
county in the State.
Even if the president does not
write a proclamation, the
try can go ahead and
Thanksgiving day. The
is just u matter of form
The Texas parents into
home twins arrived a few days
ago, named one of them Cook
the other They
must expect a life long
the family.
The president was perhaps too
much occupied on his
mile trip to send out the
Thanksgiving proclamation. W
guess it will come along
now that he is back in Washing-
How well Greenville lived up
to her motto Friday,
Greenville, yours if you
was attested by the ex-
praise from the
visitors. Every one was made
to feel entirely at home, and
that for the time being the
town was really theirs. Surely
every citizen has more cause to
feel proud of his town today
than ever before. It can be
truthfully said that no demand
is at any time made upon our
people that they do not prove
equal to the occasion.
President Wright's
address is praised by all . who
heard it or read the full copy of
it in The Reflector. It shows
how wise was the of
the trustees of so able a man as
Training School.
The editor is indebted to Edi-
tor H. for a copy of his
book Southerner in
Mr. Poe is an entertaining
and it was this sketch of Ins
travels in Europe that won the
Patterson awarded by the
State Literary and Historical So-
It is a valuable
to the literature of the
from 1st
This is a glad day to every true
Several letters of items that
have recently come to The Re-
have taken the route to
the waste basket because tho
name of the writer did not come
along with them. As many
times as this matter has been
referred to in newspapers, it
looks like every person who reads
would be thoughtful to
sign his or her name when send-
items, and not write on but
one side of the paper.
Thanksgiving day is the next
stop on the calendar.
lover of North Carolina. The
adding of another institution
learning to the splendid ones the
State already has, is an occasion
for rejoicing. Every heart In
our borders must have been
buoyant with pride upon reading
what no less a distinguished
physician in our midst than Dr,
said last week. have
visited various schools in the
State and I say without any hes-
after seeing them and
reading the reports of what has
been accomplished during the
last few years, that know of no
English community any
where in the world which has
made such rapid strides in so
short a
This is certainly a day of
gladness to this county and
to this town, Counting from six
years ago, we had been a county
for years. At the of
these years the entire valuation
of the white public schools prop
tin unity, including
of its many towns, amounted to
During the last six
years, if we should include this
First to the student body, these
splendid young men and young
women who have gathered here
from nearly halt of the counties
of the State and from four
States. We greet you
with the fond hope that you have
come that you may well and
thoroughly equip yourselves to
fill in the best possible way,
whatever positions, occupations,
or professions you may choose in
life. We welcome you within
these walls. We bespeak for
you earnest, faithful efforts on
your part. We take you fully
into our confidence, our friend-
ship, our personal interest, that
we may do our best to aid you in
building wisely and well for your
future work and life.
With us today are men from
more than one fifth of the
ties in State, who are the
lenders and directors of the en-
tire educational interest and
progress of their respective
ties. We know something of
your burdens, the cares you have,
your imperative need for those
work under you, who are fitted
prepared by proper training
to make your schools what you
so earnestly desire they should
be, and for which many of you
are giving the best of your lives,
We are glad you are here with
us. We would assure you of our
deep and lasting interest in your
work. We greet you in hearty
co-operation, promising you our
best efforts shall be given to
send you men and women
thoroughly prepared and equip
both in head and heart, to
stand with you in your noble
work for the boys and girls under
your care.
We believe that the legislature
acted wisely when it passed the
bill for the establishment of this
school. We know it acted more
wisely when it left the selection
of the trustees to the State Board
of Education, as is evidenced
here today by the presence of
this splendid body of men. It is
you gentlemen, who have plan-
so wisely and faithfully, and
have built so magnificently, this
institution to be the
ideal of this section of the State.
The best has been done. You
did it. We join the entire State
in greeting you with the merited
plaudit. done good and
faithful Will not
you and this audience excuse me
for the discrimination as
I turn to our head, the State
superintendent, also a member
of your body, and say to him, we
know your work. We stand and
in wonder and admiration
at the proportions it is assuming
under your wise, loving and en-
leadership. We greet
you and pledge you our loyal sup-
port and our best efforts and co-
operation in making North Caro-
what you are so rapidly
making her now, one of the first
States in this nation in
There is one absent, our Father
in Israel, to whom North Caro-
owes much of her truest and
best, and if he were here I would
say, all stand in your pres-
with hearts full of
It has been said that
all institutions are but the
of some great
man. As the years come and go,
yes even after you have passed
over the river and shall be rest-
under the shade of the trees,
when men and women shall be
going out by the hundreds from
this institution to bless the State
you have loved and served so
long and so well, we will just
then be coming to realize that
chis last crowning act of service
to your State and your people is
your best, and is in truth and
deed but your lengthened shadow
blessing boys and girls ye
There is another absent, the
governor of the state, as govern-
or and ex-i chairman of the
State Board of Education. Al-
ready the state is beginning to
feel the impulse of his wise
administration. Standing
ways for the best, both in home
life and in public service, moral,
educational, and pro
can but be our inheritance
while he is guiding the helm of
Last, but by no means least, I
come specially by the voice of
the entire united faculty as their
messenger to greet in love,
affection and appreciation, you,
Mr. President, our president, our
leader, our head. Safe in your
hands is the destiny of this in-
We realize, we fully
appreciate the
your task brings upon you. We
rejoice that these few days of
association and contact with you
have thoroughly convinced us
that all will be well. Serious
and sober in thought, wise in
council, prudent in action, able
in administrative capacity, cordial
and loving in companionship,
forbearing indisposition,
in courageous
and true in all as we have
ready found you to be, we can
but congratulate this
and the State that this call has
come to you to and direct
the destinies of this last daughter
of the State.
Our eyes turn for a moment to
the future. We see under you
here, an institution with five
hundred, yes even a thousand
young men and young women,
being thoroughly trained and
equipped for life's best service,
going in every so tool district
in North Carolina, both urban
and rural, and by example and
precept, loving and enthusiastic-
ally bringing happiness to every
human soul, by dispelling
ignorance and prejudice, and in
their stead, giving enlightenment
and culture. This task you
voluntarily assumed. We
glad it is thus. In the name of
every one of us I pledge this
faculty to give you at all times,
their loyal and faithful support,
their honest and earnest
or, their best efforts, both of
head and heart, in task you
been called to undertake.
Again and finally, for each
and everyone of us, I greet
as president, as leader, as
as friend, and may heaven's
best gifts to man be yours as
a fitting reward for service well
Authorized Agent of The Eastern Reflector for Ayden and vicinity. Advertising rates furnished
Wanted to buy bushels MISFORTUNE HEAPED UPON HIM.
of field peas by J- R. Smith Co.
Try In November.
J. A. Davis left Saturday
for Washington, where he will
spend i few days with his
daughter, Mrs. E. A.
See our new line of dress goods
and before making
your fall purchases. J. R- Smith
Mrs. C. V. Cannon returned
Saturday from a visit to Grifton.
School books, bibles and
at J. R. Smith Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davis are
going right on with the
of their new house.
Dinner baskets, pencil boxes,
slates, pencil, ink erasers at
J. R. Smith Co.
STORE ROBBED. w- Smith went to
Washington last week to the
Mr. L R. Great corn show.
Lou- Origin of the Fire is
known- Home Unoccupied
Between and o'clock Fri-
day night the residence of Mr.
L. R. near Whichard
station on the A. C. L. railroad,
was destroyed by tire, together
with nearly all of the contents.
It is not known how the fire
originated, as the house had not
been used recently. Since the
death of bis wife about a month
ago, Mr. Whichard had been
staying at his mother's, a short
Thousands upon of
who have not been regular eat-
of Quaker will begin on the
first of November and eat Quaker
Oats once or twice every day for thirty
days of this month; the in
good health and more and
rigor will mean that ovary other
month In the year will find Until doing
the same thing.
I Try it Serve Quaker Oats
fully and frequently the thirty
days November and leave off a
responding amount of meat and gross
foods. You'll get health, more
vigor and strength than you over set
In thirty days of any other kind of
you are trying this see that
the children get a full share.
The best food Quaker
i Oats is also packed in hermetically
Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Smith, Mr. sealed tins for hot climates; keeps
and Mrs. Smith. Misses
Mrs. F. Marian and
Mack Smith went to
Richard Wingate is handling distance from his own home.
some fine stock at present
Cook stoves, heaters and stove
repairs at J. R. Smith Co.
J. E. Winslow has completed
the new addition to his stables
at Ayden. Mr. Winslow will
have a fine car load of horses
this week.
patterns and magazines
at J. R. Smith Co.
A good many of the Ayden
people are going to Wilton this
week to attend the state
Rubber, and corrugated roofing
R. Smith Co.
To the Merchants-When you
want an extra grade of groceries
call on W. E. Tingle
Catarrh of the Stomach
a Prevalent Disease
Difficult to Relieve.
As he. was about to retire Friday
night he looked out the window
toward his home and saw that
almost the entire roof was in
flames. He hurried there with
assistance, but the lire had ad-
too far to save anything
of consequence. There was a
little insurance on the building
but none on the furniture.
A few nights previous to the
fire, some one had taken
of Mr. absence
and broken into near
the depot, carrying away a
quantity of goods.
Her Foe of Years.
most merciless enemy I had
floe Or course at J. g
Dyspepsia. I suffered intensely after
or drinking and could scarcely
sleep After many rem-dies had failed
and several doctors gave me
Smith Co.
If you want to insure
property against fire, Tingle will
do it.
and rubber belting
pipe fitting valves at J. R-
Smith Co.
If you have any property to
sell, Tingle will sell it.
Galvanized sinks nice to attach
to your pumps for your water
shelf at J. R. Smith Co.
The new Methodist church will
soon be complete and ready for
Windows, doors, lime, cement,
hardware, locks, hinges at J. R-
Smith Co.
Quite a member of Ayden
people went to Greenville this
If you need a good open or
top buggy, wagon or cart call
Smith Co. Dixon.
Miss Jimmie Davis left this
morning for school in the
We will pay the highest mar-
price for bushels of
cotton seed delivered to us in
any quantity.
The County Board force are
making a piece of road across
the swamp just out of town. This
road will be of great value to
A nice line of coffins and
caskets always on hand with a
nice hearse at your service at
J. R. Smith Co. A Dixon.
An experienced blacksmith is
waiting to shoe your horses and
mules at J. R. Smith Dixon.
Will gin your cotton for one
twentieth pound, and give you
the bagging and ties, bring us
your cotton. J. R. Smith Co
Will repair your carts,
and buggies or new ones.
J. R. Smith Co. Dixon.
Nice turned work, buckets,
window and door frames made
on short notice by J. R. Smith
Co- Dixon.
Call on us for ceiling, flooring,
We guarantee
J. R. Smith Co. Dixon.
Young Girls are Victims
of well as older women,
but all
Mr. King's New
the world's best and
nervous They make
Mood, and strong nerves up
Sour health. Try them. all
rug stores,
.,. . up.
tried Electric Bitters, which cured me
Now can eat
am years old and am overjoyed to
get my and strength
again. For Indigestion, loss of
kidney trouble, lame back,
mile Only
at all dealers.
and Callie Smith,
Leslie and Mack Smith, Mills C.
D., Mark J. R. Smith and
E. S. Norman went to Greenville
Greenville Friday to attend the
celebration of the training
Miss L. E. Gary and Miss
Mary Joyner, the teachers at
Smith's school house, went to
Greenville Friday to attend the
celebration and remained
day to attend the teacher's
Misses Rosa and Ellen Smith
went to Haywood Smith's Mon
day morning to spend the week.
Mrs. Tom Lassiter and
Mrs. Waters, of Snow Hill,
Saturday evening to Ivy
Smith's and spent until Monday
Tom Lassiter and Mr. Waters,
of Snow Hill, were guests at
Ivy Smith's Sunday.
Miss Agnes Smith, a pupil at
the training school at Greenville,
came home to visit her people
Saturday evening and returned
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
attended church at Farmville
of was
in our burg Sunday-
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Willoughby
and children, of Farmville,
Gentry Still Sell Tobacco High
Here are some of their sales
made the past
R. B. at
at at at
at at at
at at average
R. B, -46 at
at c at lie,
at at
at at at
at at at
R. B. at
at at at
at at
at at at
at average
J. A. at
at 17-. ac at
at at average
Taylor Strong-58 at at
at at at
White at
at at Hie at
at at at
Tom at
at at at
at average 116.26.
Levi Pierce-70 at at
at at at
at average
at at at
at at at
i average 815.88.
Mr. S. W. Jackson, Weaver
Greenville, Ohio,
of J. K.
and Hamilton,
Ohio, I entirely for
with catarrh of the
friend called my attention to a
remedy for condition. began to
improve at once. was to re-
turn prof -ion.
would require many to
condition was and the re-
lief have
Here Is another case. Officer
stout, vat North Broadway,
very much
With catarrh of the Moms-h and
induction. I let fifty pounds
four months.
called my attention to n
remedy, which I used, and
pot have half lost
Weight hack
Chronic Stomach
. ,
tended our Sunday school Sunday average
Two Bond Over Court by
the Mayor.
The police officers of the town
had reason to believe that Noah
Hardy, a colored man who lives
on First street, was running a
blind tiger. Saturday night a
week ago Policemen Clari; and
secreted themselves at
the colored man's house, and saw
another colored man go there
and buy some liquor from Noah.
The officers took no action at the
time, as there were some other
developments they had an eye
on, but armed with a warrant
they went to the same house last
Saturday night and found half
pint bottles and one 2-gallon jug
of liquor, also empty gallon
jugs. empty gallon jugs and
empty gallon jugs all bearing
evidence of being only recently
emptied. Hardy was given a
preliminary hearing before May-
or Whedbee this morning and
bound over to Superior court.
R; D. Gooch, a white man, was
also bound over to Superior court
on the charge of selling liquor.
this charge developing in a trial
before the mayor in which Gooch
and W. H, Allen were the
It seems that on
day Allen gave Gooch some
money to get him a bottle of
A bottle was delivered
to Allen, and when he went to
test it the contents to be
practically all water. He again
hunted up Gooch and a scrap re-
At the trial Allen
that he had several times
given Gooch money to get
key for him.
Next Sunday being Rev. O. H.
regular appointment
Sunday school will be at a.
m. and preaching at and at
night. We hope every one that
can will come out and give him
a good congregation.
If you want to get a fancy
price for your good tobacco carry
it to the old reliable.
The Ayden Warehouse,
Glenn Gentry, Prop.
Mr. Rotor J. ran Booth
Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.,
of International Union, was
also from catarrh of the
time, lie grow thinner end
paler, lost ail and appetite,
Hick at the stomach, indigestion con-
A friend also called Ms to
a remedy, which brought a de-
improvement. After
the of the remedy a month, he
considers himself permanently
Now, once more. Mr.
Pa., says he offered
many years with catarrh of the
It produced n miserable
cough, day and night, Be tried doctor ,
and many remedies. At last his alien-j
was called to a remedy, the
remedy that relieved the others Which
have DOM referred to above, lie claims
that he was entirely rid of his
Brought Back Health.
What was the remedy that has
remarkable relief
tho remedy ha not been mentioned.
If any one doubts the correctness of
these statements it is very easy to
them by writing to the people WhOM
have been given, enclosing, a
stamp for reply.
The remedy within tho reach of
every one. It is the j
reliable remedy SHOWS as i
if the truth were known, the
are that has relieved
a- many of of the
as any other popular remedy
We have a great many
testimonial all of the
Unite l States, In strong Hal
enthusiast. terms en-
relieved them of catarrh of the
that were and
miserable beyond words,
has restored them to health, vigor
These are Now, if yon have
stomach it is up lo to act
them or ignore us u
Symptoms of
affection may r i all from
la diet, or the ass of
use wheat
the Juice or the haves are
Is likely to cause it.
food.-, sometimes the disease.
As chronic gastritis of
is essentially .
attention, one of the primary
an unhealthy oath, Dons
or throat, such as bad . or
of the nose
The patients poorly
nourished, pule, sallow, thin,
induced, ii. ; .
of or ; .
tongue is usual II
gray. Cankered mouth . a colt-
is not common. When -t
it is dull, and If at by
food, especially when t. U j i ii
Al.-o after meals.
frequent and p, n .
produces dull and a
fooling of general
Constipation usually
These symptoms, given by ll old
Ir. Is rt
from patients all over the Dull I Mates.
If you have any of these symptoms
get a bottle of Take a dose be-
fore each See if your stomach
does not Immediately feel better, yon
appetite improve, your digestion at
resume business.
People who object to liquid
can now secure tablets.
Three Her lo Higher
Rank in the List.
Graduate Nurse
Ayden, North Carolina.
At the Close of Business Sept. 1st, 1909.
Loans and discounts 68,920.95
Furniture and fixtures
Demand loans 5,000.00
Due from 1,594.78
Cash items 86.69
Gold coin 50.00
Silver coin, including all
minor coin cur. 992.96
bunk and other
U. S. Notes 1.919.00
Capital stock 25,000.00
Surplus fund 12,600.00
Undivided profits, less
cur. exp. and taxes pd. 656.18
Dividend unpaid 72.00
Bills payable 5,000.00
Deposits sub. to check 33,915.29
Cashier's outstanding 31.50
In the report of State
Department of Agriculture of
the sales of leaf tobacco on the
different markets for the mouth
of October, Greenville is given
fourth place, with Wilson,
Winston Salem and Kinston com-
ahead in the order named.
Taking into consideration that
there are in Pitt
county but a few miles apart,
while in but one other instance
is there more than one market
in a county, Pitt county takes a
higher rank than is shown in the
department's report by individual
markets. For instance Green-
2,205.423 pounds sold in
October, Farmville with
pounds and Ayden with
pounds, make a total of
sold in this immediate
leaving only one county, Wilson,
which sold 3.540,011 pounds,
ahead of us.
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, it hath pleased God
in Hi- all-wise providence to re-
move from earth to heaven the
beloved father of our brother,
Jake D. Sutton, ore of the faith-
i members of the Y. M. C. A.
I of Winter ville School,
therefore, be it resolved,
That we tender our be-
brother his relatives
our sincere sympathy, and
mend them to who Is able
to comfort them in this
That a copy of these
be sent Brother
one spread upon our minutes,
one to the Kinston Press,
and one to The
John A. Com.
P. N.
I, J. R. Smith, Cashier of the above named bank, do
L j. a -litS. A f it
swear that
I, J. R. Smith, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly an
the above statement true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
SMITH, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
fore me. this of Sept.,
Notary Public
Over a million cabbage plants
for sale. Jersey and
Charleston Wakefield and Early
Pilot, all grown from Tait's true
type seed. Delivered in field at
per thousand, or packed for
shipment at per thousand.
d w L. C. Arthur.
For Rent-4 horse farm, lo
miles from Greenville.
Apply to C. L.
Bring your furs to S. M.
Schultz for high prices.
We are prepared to furnish yon with
House and Kitchen Furniture
at the very prices. or Installment.
Come to see us and we will convince you
A School Boys Composition.
As the great Mississippi is
called the of
so is the great Mutual Life called
the father of life insurance com-
As George Washington
was the first president in Amer-
so The Mutual Life the first
American life insurance com-
Its slogan is,
in America, Strongest in the
It is sometimes called
orphan's It ha
an in Greenville,
yours if you in charge of
Mr. H. Bentley Harris, opposite
Reflector Building.
U ltd
We wish to call your attention to our new line of fall goods which
we now have. We have taken great care in buying this year and we
think we can supply your wants in Shoes, Hats, Dress Ginghams No-
Laces and Embroideries and in fact anything that is carried n a
Dry Store.
Come let us show you.
Tripp, Hart Co., Ayden, N. C.
Witt or Sal,,. II r i i. Up.
Palatial Ra,.
Ia Silk, Praia,
A Nice Sale.
On Monday Joyner
sold a load of tobacco with F. D.
Foxhall at the Star warehouse
for these at c,
at at J at Hie,
at average
Mr. Wingate was so well
with his sale that he
came down lo tell The Reflector
about it. That h way,
always pleases customers.
W. H. Smith has purchased
the into, of A. Cox in the
Carolina Milling
Co. and will conduct the bus-
at the sane All
work promptly looked after. Mr.
Cox will still with the
Lily's Oyster
Fresh Oysters
Coming Every Day
Can You Any Way. Try Me

PRES. R. H. WRIGHTS ADDRESS, advancing civilization.
The of oar State.
from 1st and the security of our
requirements for the practice homes depend upon the
of the of teaching of our citizens-
b rigid only the is tho world's moat bitter
I will be to crime and our nation's
as this government moat secure lifeguard- Our
does up in the I i la an individual security and national
Intelligent safety depend largely upon
,,, m the our
i before has to
If U jealously much depended upon the
ill J. m we as
I . ill
co . m
-.- art early
. ., x-------j and to our national
ship of the world. This is to be started wrong.
real temple of the king of The stream of life is so turbulent
Civilization is greater than it
cathedral of its cities. Shakes-
it are lived but a fitful day, and
we never knew, but what
lb y wrote is a part of the
that lives on. Similarly.
that to turn back many times
wrecks the individual career.
This is to be a professional
I hope those who go out
from OUT tutelage will filled
with the professional spirit, that
they realize the great res-
Sale at N. C-
By of authority in me vested
by an order of apart in a special
landing in Put
Court. N- W d-, in appears .;
H. O. t . of D
Land Salt
By virtue of a i crust
and delivered . L.
and wife, to W. h. Long, Trusted,
the 28th. day of M ran i. which
d in the
office of of of
Mad, is pa County. L- page
expose Ml to highest to, cash
before rash before the court house
door, in on Monday, the Ml
of November. A, the
in the town of
bidder on rd nay of Nov-
at o'clock, a. m. in the
tow i of N. C . all the land
n Campbell d in
it rest ,,.,.,. d. N. t . Grifton-
nil s. e true; .,, i .,. , up Into . ,. lot too
d love, is tragic in its in- I . they m
.- the live that education more than the tilt and one an i others,
lands of C. P.
mankind is infinite. in of book ton, more
,, . i j . than so-called knowledge, but
a d el , ., h power m j ,
. part of the power power, d that all information
. r to a star, does not stimulate u-is
. .; . . .
.-,, . .; all
c ., , . laud school houses are
pie. up a
ind to ii .; a
. both
. .
i h s s-t
and an undying faith r. over th world vive u
It . wave of revolution until all forms
limited confidence in the people of tyrannical government have
our fully realize that passed from the face of
ideal as an The French in
factor in our national life. It p a succession of waves lasting to
be constantly wed in was oily the beating of this
the lite of r.-i generations, ideal upon the shores of the
new be French,
and prop d by has taken place in Germany,
means of education, either I Italy, Japan and
in the public Is or by y. . ignorance and
from those with whom they are disappearing and
associate. This ideal must per-1 this old world closer to-
all Americans and the best Never he fore was it so
way is through our public schools, true that unto day utter-
Pub c schools, therefore, I speech, and night unto nigh
should be filled with . km and
and free from
It as I see it. the duty of
every loyal American to give of
and substance to the stream
betterment of our school system.
It is the duty of each community
to make its lathe
of its life.
Just as temple w
i- speech Jan-
w e.-e their voice is no;
We have ease into the
of human civilization a
current will help to shape
the destiny of the world
that now is mankind to a
higher plane of life and a more
c realization of God's
lie of life for the Hebrew anal plan for the universal brother-
the forum the Roman hood of mankind. For I am
life, so the public school must be destined
the American And by nature's last d
to flower, . d melody to all
. . in reality we know
. I thing, of cos
of the soul. W
., . . in the . I m
re we should be kings. In I noble
n to our i
. fronted sublime
; ;. . .
r i. outlives it.
j Q I is indeed an infinite
highway toward the race
forever whose super-
vistas it has not yet discern-
ed. For that of
Joli in ins vision dreamed
leads through the kingdom of
heaven ind eye hath not en
nor ear heard the wonder of that
world that perpetually
faltering race.
And yet u.
works of God are all for
Union our in
growth is useless. My they
set it
c; life in ail of its manifold
a; d may they go f
prepared to live up to th h
r. , s of the and
work they have under-
and town lots. II
var two to map in
of I Superior Court,
a- on map acres more
as shown on aid m-p,
at a stake S. It Wood's corner
and runs won his line south east
, g 1-2 poles; i or n ti h. feet
, to wool 1-2
pole to the middle thence
with .
I we t to the
I, A. l. by v.
i L.
I'M No.
. m
Farm .
acre m
Farm No. shown on said map.
. more -r la s.
rm I on said map,
ac r or
Farm So . as on said
IS more or
. shown on -aid map,
2- 7-10 r. more or
turned with sad Hearts to ;. on said
a 1616-10 more or less.
ward their No.
beer, made desolate by the 6.10 or loss.
devastations of civil war, and harm No, II, as shown on said map,
acres, more or
It is not for me to deal
I in ti . Since Lee
down ins arms
thin line of soldiers in
with sad heart;
Al.-o following town
in Hick A to, as- shown
on i ma p.
n thing, the thought
responsibilities of life that
rest upon this generation are
greater the responsibilities
mat Lave ever rested a
generation. To meet
started life anew, it is to the
student of history simply mar-
v what have
First, the stern
of life had to be met; then,
a new economic bases built- With
starvation confronting many,
crime running riot, the old basis
livelihood swept
prejudice, and
jealousies to overcome, it is .,,., .
strange that G, lot shown on
should been neglected. In
fact, all public funds were rd I H -M
in liquidating just unjust
public debts and in the
e- la- and order. When;
pubic thought could turn
r-aid nap, j Al.-o an u. interest in
r I, lot or . known as the
on said man, liver h at a stake
r leas. on Pit Street ; i-
Pitt and Queen S and
north west a 1- ninety feet
ii. Jacks
feet; south
,. t a distance of -e- to
Pitt et; thence Cw t with
in Street to the
Also ore other lot u-. inning at a
take on Queen e feat from
corner of Queen and Streets,
north IS .-t -J feet to
u thence north a feet
;. st south east Cast
to the corner J. . line;
thence with J. C south
w st to It r on Queen
street, it same I ind conveyed
Lois in Block B to U. as shown to A. L. bf J -1.
in Block to s, as shown I land being to the
on -aid map secured in said COM in
Lots in s. as
on map. M W
in to shown
to as show n
W. II. LONG. Trustee.
K. s Son, Attorney,
it is.
Here in our schools, the
parents should u
an equal footing
present tendency
tics to make of our schools only
a place for the dispensing of
Information to the young is
wrong. Earn school should be
was an wish
planted in my This
on wish will here find
and the j its full realization and mankind
come more will become r and better.
The j rapid have been the strides
n of civilization during the past
that each rising generation
finds it n-re and more difficult
to keep apace with the times.
Just as sure as the sun rises in
pr.-L-. for work-
ever been demanded before.
It the conscious or
i- mis fact that
tins was established.
have built, C State
an to train
young men and women to go
in land
1.11 rising generation to
equip the
why duties of maturer
We are not to destroy
and only new,
but. to upon the .
Structure, secure, safe and sane,
to make this old a better
place in which to live, to
each generation better to
itself to nature's laws
laws of
on Hal map.
Lots in I nos. to C. as shown
on sud map
Lot in ck J to shown
on paid map.
Lot- in Block K nos. to as shown
on said map
in Bl ck L nos. toll, as shown
On d map.
Lots in buck M nos. to S, as shown
said m p.
Lots in block N nos. to S, us
that confronts us is to place a,
demands greater I lie education it the school
houses gone to ruin or never.
bunt. are now emerging
from the era of public
houses. The next
well trained teacher in each of
these houses. If the work that
has been accomplished is to bring
to us proper returns, we must
see that who teach
youths well prepared the
work. This is not a matter of
in p.
Lots in O no. to S, a- shown
or. s id man.
Lots in Block P nos. to as n
0.1 map.
Also lots nos. inclusive front-
on new r as on said map.
A selling property lots as
r bed. the said property will
Land Sale.
By of decree of the Super-
court of ; made in
special proceeding, J.
Galloway, II. at
Will s. II for cash th court
house in at noon, OB
Monday November 22nd,
following described tract of land in
ship, a joining the
of Caleb Smith. Mills.
Mills and o beginning
e, sec e re a patent
to Cox for S'S
in Henry Milli line, now
owned b the the said Mills
and run- from with
of said patent s
pool to Caleb line; thence
with said lint a Bout-heist
to the land to the
s ii Henry d then with
a for the life of a given the east and sets in the west,
Community. Employer and em
should here equal
terms; for here . e I a com-
Today. life la trying
to organize and
organizations almost
Every community is
literally teaming with
as sewing
circles social organizations
of a part only of the community,
whist political clubs,
church clubs, labor organizations,
combinations of capital and on
variety of organizations
that if enumerated would lead
one to think that we are as a
people one series of
What does this all mean
Only an attempt upon the part
of Americans to their
life around some norm. The
salvation of our ideal depends
upon the centering of our life in
the temple of our national
public schools.
When the people of our land
awake to a full realization of
what our schools mean to us as a
people, then the profession of
teaching will no longer be looked
upon simply a means of
hood, but as the guardian of
American life and the shaper of
American destiny. In this pro-
should be drawn the
purest, the noblest and the best
of American talent. It is to be
deplored greatly that the present
day tendency is to drive young
men of real worth from this field
of national activity. It stands
in our land second no
There are men in our nation
who realize these facts and real-
them have given their lives
to the work. They are the
nation's public servants and the
direct contributors to the world's
their line to first b ins the
land described in h front
Lewis ad Henry J.
Mills, to John March
All purchasers at sale i
xx ,,,, ,, in
I. James
sentiment, neither ore these the ; b offered sale as a whole
J , , k,, i I the intention to accept the hid or bids
words an but it is; w; j
duty we owe to our
are under n Obligations to deposit with
us. They have been entrusted to um per cent, price for
US for and pin. If we on day H an evidence of T, of
. I . on the part of the
are tn keep our people apace ,.,.,.,, cU to
times, if the
Carolinian is to m up favor-1
V I ii
times, if the t
Terms one fourth
in payments of one, state of North Carolina,
Education is in a sense adjust-; ably, as h I done
is a spirit with the citizen from to upon the
times, a a substratum states, he must be given an equal to interest from of
that runs through the start with the citizen in Other confirmation of sale at the rate of sue
In Superior
before clerk
people of each generation, a
study current of lite mat
men onward and upward, a great
stream that moves slowly and
steadily along carrying upon its
bosom all of mankind; it is the
spirit of the age. It controls our
social and economic relations,
shapes our ideals of right and
wrong, yea, it even controls our
destiny, for it is the voice of God
to His people, and true education
is proper, adjustment of each
into interstellar to this voice,
is a I This is to be a training school
i . for teachers, a place to prepare
highway which the spirit women to go forth and
man in its most daring dreams
just so sure the teachers of
children hold the destiny of our
State in their hands. They
are the of our liberty,
the protectors our nation, the
promoters of our civilization.
is a path which no
foul and which the
vulture's eye lath not
fear cur native I per cent, per annum.
do I fear the ; The ten c deposit above
I have no referred to will be counted as a part of
States. I do
ability, neither
spirit of cur people. . ; the first can payment, f sale
patience with those men, armed, if to not it will,
school men many of them, who course-, be returned.
has not trod. Forever nature
under the compulsion of
power which man does not
praise. The wind where
it beyond human law.
And the light that flashes
through the universe is not
kindled at man's forge.
And yet we are beginning to
understand our kinship with the
life that seems under-
stand that God and man are not
divided by visible or invisible
substance. The upward
of the race, finding
in the beauty of art, the
glory of ideals, and the triumphs
of the spirit, attest that man is
the moving instrument through
which the divine becomes
There is superior
to the tenure of individual life.
The music of Poe is than
the frail tenement in which it
sang. The thrush of today is
dust tomorrow, but the choral
song of birds is eternal. The
statues of Praxiteles have per-
but the genius of the
sculptor of Greece has animated
all succeeding centuries. What
we see of the man passes, as all
things visible pass, but thought
does not die. The temple of Sol-
has vanished, but the
of its builder is a part of
help our children to adjust them-
selves properly to their times.
For many generations men and
women teachers without
special training. Today there
are thousands of untrained
in our own
State. Some of them are doing
well. Almost all of them are
conscientious, earnest workers;
yet through the lack of
the work of many is poor.
Teaching is fast being recognized
as a profession and the time will
soon come when only the
well trained will be licensed
to practice. Just as the old
herb doctor has passed away
before the onward march of the
medical profession. So the
keeper of school must give
place to those properly prepared
for this profession. There are
certain fundamental facts that
each prospective doctor must
know before he can begin the
practice of medicine. And there
are certain basal principles in
education that will soon be re-
quired of every teacher. The
profession of medicine is con-
primarily with the
cal welfare of the individual, but
education deals with the
cal, the mental and the moral
of the Individual. The
work of the former ends with
death, the work of the latter goes
on forever. that we could fully
realize the importance of this
work In my wrecks
in life that are not due directly
to some physical abnormality,
are due to the part
teacher. Life
have preached our infirmities
from the housetops. I see in
our State a people ready, will-
and for any good
thing. They are filled with the
American ideal of political
freedom, in fact, this state is
one of our nation's strongholds.
We will give to the rising gen
the pure-t
of the nation and better
ration than has ever been given
to a preceding generation. This
school is an expression of that
determination, it was built by
the people, for the people, and
may it ever remain with the
people, as a servant of the
William Fountain, r of
J. W. Potter against W D.
L. T. wife Dora
Britt, and wife M
Holton, N. W. and wife
Ella An and
James Potter, the last named being a
minor without
The defendant- L. T.
ton, Mamie Holton. N. W.
Ella Annie II. will
I take notice that a special proceed rig,
entitled above, has been commenced
in the Superior court of county,
la-fore the clerk, to sell the real estate
of J. W Potter, deceased, in order to
assets for the payment of debts;
Certificate Of Dissolution and the said defendants further
take notice that are required U
I .
N. W. I
Moore Long, Attorneys,
Greenville, N. C.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for
To all to These Presents May
Whereas. It appears to my
by duly record of
the proceedings for the voluntary
. at the of the said Clerk
of the Superior court of county,
on Wednesday the 17th day of
1909, in Greenville, N. and
or demur to the petition and
complaint filed in said action, or the
Children, a certain relief for feverish-1 of this Certificate
headache, bad teething Now, therefore, I, J. Bryan
disorders, move and regulate the bow-1 Secretary of the State of North Caro-
solution thereof by the unanimous con-. will to the Court
gent of all the stockholders, deposited. demanded therein,
in my office, that the Greenville Knit- d. C. Moore, Clerk,
ting Mills Company, a corporation of Blow. for plaintiff,
this State, in the town of Greenville,
County of Pitt, State of North Carolina
S. Atkins, being the
agent therein and in charge thereof,
upon whom process may be
has complied with the of
Chapter of 1906,
preliminary to the
els, and destroy worms. They
up colds in hours. They are so pleas-
ant to the taste and harmless as milk.
Children like them. Over
of cures. They never fail.
Sold by all druggists. Ask today.
Don't accept any substitute.
By virtue of the power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed
executed and delivered by Arden
Mills and wife Martha Hills to
Barber and Company on the
3rd, day of May, and duly re-
corded in the Register of Peeds office
of Pitt county. North Carolina, in
Book x-7, page the undersigned
will expose to public sale, before the
Court House door in to the
highest bidder on on Monday
a certain tract or parcel
of land lying and being in county
of Pitt and State of North Carolina
and described as follows, to
in township adjoin-
the lands of Guilford Stocks,
Mills, the T. C. Cannon estate,
and others, and known as a part of
the William Mills land, containing
acres, more or less; to a prior
mortgage held by the T. C. Cannon
estate, to satisfy said mortgage deed.
Terms of sale cash.
This 18th, day of October 1909.
Harrington Barber Company Mort-
Skinner and Whedbee
Una, do certify that the said
on did on the 11th day of
October. fit, in my office a duly
attested consent in writing
to the dissolution of said corporation,
executed by all the stockholders thereof,
which consent and the record of
the proceedings aforesaid are now on
file in my said office as provided by
In Testimony Whereof, I have here-
unto set my hand and affixed my official
seal, at Raleigh, this day of
A. D. 1909.
Secretary of State.
of parent or
is too short and the demands of Greenville, N. c.
the word that excites the the age are too great for our ltd
Sale of Town Lot in den.
On Saturday, Nov. 1909, 2.00
o'clock p. , in the town of Ayden,
I will sell at public auction, for cash,
one town lot, described as sit-
in the town of Ayden, west of
Venters Street, lot No. It, in
block and bounded on the east by lots
Nos. u and ti, and on the south by
Third Street and on the west Dy lot No.
II and on the north by lot No. being
of division
of the H. C. Venters property.
Mrs. M. L. Manning.
D. W.
And Provisions
Cotton and
Fresh kept ton-
In stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
North Carolina
Running repairs to all kind of
Steam fittings, erecting Engines,
Tobacco machinery, all systems a
Agent for Machinery and
Electrical novelties. Give us a trial.
AU work guaranteed and terms
., Message left at H. L.
Our Greenville, yours if receive prompt attention, or
come. No.
d cf This Term Law
breakers Mete.
Tor- following c s have been
disposed of hut report
Jim and Staton,
larceny, plead of
stolen goods. Id sentenced
eighteen month on road.;
m is.
Charlie . removing
crop, pi l judgment
J I of
y . . failing to
list taxi s, thirty
days on row
George W it; . and Jam s
not . James
on . .
Jim W, ii . . currying con-
d . j.
Frank Walsh, Belling liquor,
not guilty.
Will r. ;,
Trump, larceny
pleads sentenced eight
on roads, same
plead another
case of law and also for
carry., g concealed weapon.
When a cold nettled
in the it take several
days treatment to and
the rein- to use is
Itemed. It
cure q licker than any other,
and t b tin .-. hi a
aid hi condition.
Sold by i
Mr. J. R. Ayden,
was hero today told that
he bought a if cotton Wed-
for which he paid
over Th bale weighed
Many children Buffer
from n, which is often
of seeming stupidity
at lemons. Chamberlain's Stem
and Liver Tablets are an
medicine give . child,
for are end gentle in
their effect, will cure even
constipation. Sold by
Mini- A trial rE
t r.
. ram-
I t .
to-day; Mention this
l w I N .
l-as S .,

All ladies coming to
x. are c
go to the rest rooms,
v. find
You will find them in the Hod
building on Third street. They
are free to all.
Greenville Heads Them with
common Interest.
A lit-
MMe in the No
than s b. had.
The port.- of friends ;
is bast proof in tin-
world. cm vii L
Pills In my far rps i
I kidney reined I h previous
used. some my were
I ;. the n w n b
s .
re D . I w
.-I . . d
it J . . Di
d to t Um
I of my relief i -i
i me. My were r I d
to in
better in y
ii by deal . K
. m l .
. N. w York, bole . for I . .
B r th
. no other.
Professional Cards
Office opposite K. L. Smith j
-tables, and next door to
The old story, t times
without number, and repeated
over and over again fur t . last
years, but is w I-
come story to those ii
nothing in the
world that cures coughs and
colds as quickly as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Sold by
Criminal Term
The November criminal t- rm
of Pitt Superior ended
Thursday evening, having trans-
acted as much business in tour
days as is usually ; in h
j were disposed of- The civil
of court will not beheld
next week.
Cell and see P. M. Johnston
when town for general engine
and boiler repair work any-
thing you may need. Shop op-
Hotel Bertha. W
Notice to Creditors.
Having as Administrator f
Lang, deceased, late of
Pitt county, this n all
claims against the
if said deceased to exhibit them
to the undersigned on before the
18th of r. 1910, or this 0-
, ti -e will be in bar of re
All indebted to said
e arid please make immediate pay-
mis Son,
Land Sale.
Notice of Sale Land.
By a of sale contain-
ed in a certain executed
and L. N. Edwards
wife S. J. R to R. L. Cox. on
the 12th day of as of rec-
o d in the resist- rs in
in book Q page the
will on Holiday the 6th
day of it the first
Monday of December, expose to
public sale court
in Greenville, to the highest bidder for
cash the ft. wing tract or of
land to laying and in Swift
Creek township, a
the lands of M. Cos. Jr.
Mo-re and b -in the tract
or lot which is situated the I. N.
Cox's Hill, con-
11-100 o .-n m re or less.
This sale ill be mail- to satisfy the
terms of said mortgage deed.
This October.
R. I. Mortgagee.
F. C. Harding. Atty. ltd
most prevalent
the dry cold weather of the
early winter months. Parents
of young children should be
pared for it. All that is needed
a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Many mothers
are never without it in their
homes and it has never
pointed them. Sold by ail drug-
Se P. M. Johnston for your
mill supples and mill repairs.
All work guaranteed. G
Ry virtue of power of sale
in a certain mortgage d
and delivered by Edward h
and wife Mary Laughing
H A Tyson on th day of
January a o duly recorded i the
register of office of Pitt
North Carolina, in U-i
the undersigned exp
Sale the house in
Greenville, to bidder, on
the day of
at ck i a certain
or parcel of land be in
counts of Pitt and State of North Car-
and rited as follows, to
On the by run and the
on the south b Tar river.
n the I y Fa a d
o north by and
known . s t being
the same lard deeded by
tin, commissioner, to K A.
by the said R. A. Tyson led to the
said Edward to satisfy
said mortgage deed. Terms of sale
This the 9th day of
R. A. Ty-on, Mortgagee.
Moore Long, lid
Notice to Creditors
Having qualified before he
clerk the Sui court of Pitt
et as administrator of Ar K.
Dudley, deceased, late of Greenville,
Pitt county, N. C, this is to r all
persons having the
estate of said deceased to present
them to the undersigned within twelve
month i from this date or this notice
will be plead in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said will
pi use make immediate
This day cf 1909.
S. I, Dudley,
Thai jot. buy U
rail Hint the
cl. an. th
Ir. ten la
I U ii
ICE Powder
It la no of
I'M. a of milk
el. This two
if and
A fan M
for will lave Its
by all mod J
Th-- i f. id C, Lo N Y
We want Girls and Boys
to work in the
Tarboro Knitting Mills
At Tarboro, N. C.
and in the
Runnymede Mills
Near Tarboro, N. C.
The work is no or
dirt and the pay u good. W
furnish you a in town
of Runnymede or West Tarboro.
A Free Education For Your
Small Children
We have Rood at Tarboro.
We h had steady work ll the
year. Do not fear a shut down,
we will have work for you every
Come and See the Work or Write
By virtue of a executed
delivered by I. I. Hill and wife,
ll. J h and Wife, to K.
James, on the day of March, 1909,
which of record in the
of the Register of lie. of Pitt county
in book K-ti the
will fr at on
before the court
ii- in . C, the
One lot in the of
situated on west tide of the A. C
L. and nor h Mile of . S. Hail-
-car the two
and being tame leased from the N.
S. receiver, and the ice plant all
the machinery, or every kin i
and description, with
used in on the
by Hill Johnson.
Al-o one other In the town of
Greenville, beginning at a st; on
the south side of Fifth St. west side
of extended and running with
Fifth street westerly course feat
to a thence a south,
across lot one hundred and twenty
feet to h on st. extended;
a northerly course with
street lo the beginning, being the lot
on which the old ice plant formally
This November the 1909.
I C A no longer Wire made by tin- Trust. Have
the D KALB
Strictly Car load arrive
La j Don't fail to it. E.
Just received Repeating
Rifles, icy he
Office on Third afoot, form
pi. ; by Bag i L
. . . , i.
d each. We will for ten days
t I
JULIUS BROWN II Come and see how we do it.
n. c.
H. .
Greenville N- C g
Barber S
ii Greenville,
N. Carolina
; ;.
Herbert Edmond,
don of the town
in operation each one pi
sided r by a barber, i
Our place is in icing, ors
Our tow Is c
dry and ; La-
waited on st their
At the close f A pt. I--.
By virtue of of sale con-
in a deed executed and
i by D. B. to Mis
Lena on the day of March
1908, y in the register
of of county. North
Carol-mi, in b page the on-
will expose lo public sale,
before the door in Green
for cash, to the highest bidder,
on Monday the day of November,
in- owing real
lot and being H the
t of Pitt N C,
on the west bide of street, be-
ginning a on Evans St. on the
south east corner of T. K. Moore's
thence running in a northerly
on parallel with Evans street
feet, thence in a westerly direction
with the line of W. T. Hunter's lot and
and parallel with street, feet,
thence in a southerly direction with J.
A Wilson's lot with Wash-
street, thence in an
Easterly direction with T. K. Moore's
lot parallel 12th
feet ti the containing one
fourth of an acre more or less, to
satisfy said mortgage deed.
This 14th day of October, 1909
s. Mortgagee.
J. L. Fleming.
Capital stock
i Surplus
652.60 Time deposits
-nil to check
Nat- bank other ,
Total Total
and r m
and Cash
for Hides, Pi r. Cotton Seed
Oil Barrens, Turkeys, Eggs,
Suit, baby Carriages, n-Cart,
Snuff, High Life Tobacco, Key
West Cheroots, George STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, County of Pitt,
I, R. Davis, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true to the beat of ray
edge and belief, j. r DAVIS, Cashier.
Overdrafts secured
Cash items
Silver coin, including
minor coin
Canned Cherries,
es, Apples, Pine Apples, Syrup,
Jelly, Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffee
Soap, Lye
Oil, Cotton Seed Meal and
Garden Oranges. Apples,
Nuts. Candies,.
Peaches, Prunes. Currants,
Raisins, Glass and
Wooden ware, and
era, Macaroni, Cheese, Beat
New Royal Si-win
and numerous other goods.
Quality and quantity for
cash. Come see me.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me, this day of Sent., 1800.
J, A,
R. I. Davis,
B. M. Lewis.
T. L.
Lame back comes on suddenly
and if extremely painful. It is
by rheumatism of the
muscles. Quick relief is afford-
ed by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment. Sold by all druggist.
I Not Quite
I often you can get a fa
nail or screw driver or
at Have a good
V tool and be prepared for
ft Our
In a foil desire,
we will see your tool
ft, box does lack a single
lie, useful
I You get
is Horse t c
J. P-
Most Popular Druggist Makes a
Remarkable Statement.
Dr. J. W. Bryan has at lust obtained
the agency for a remedy which they
are selling on a positive guarantee to
cure any if food does
not digest well, if there is gas or pain
in the if the tongue is coated
and breath bad, if there i-
and Liver Pills
will cure you. do not you have
Dr. J. W. personal guarantee
to return your money. Liver
Fills give quick relief and make per-
cures of Constipation,
and all Liver Troubles These are
ills, but Dr. Bryan is
giving his customers a chance to prove
the truth, and if purchasing a
box of Liver you
are not satisfied with the results go to
Dr. Bryan and ask for your money.
Also for sale by M. M. Sauls at
den. N. C.
R. L. DAVIS, Pres. J. A. V.-Pres.
H D. BATEMAN, Cashier.
The Bank of Greenville
With the Experience of o Years.
By virtue of the power of sale con-
in n certain mortgage deed
and delivered by J.
Forbes to B. V. Tynan on the h day
of 1909. and duly recorded in
the register of deeds office of
county. North Carolina, in book D-9,
page the undersigned will expose
to public sale, before the court house
door in to the highest bid-
on Monday the 6th day of Decent-
1909, a certain tract or parcel of
land lying and being in the county of
Pitt and State of North . and
as follows, to One lot
in the town of Greenville in that
of town known as Stump or
New town, adjoining Hickory Hill
Baptist church lot, Brown and
others and the same lot which
descended to said Martha J. Forbes
from Sarah her mother, and
being the same lot whereon the Said
Martha J. Forbes now resides, to
said mortgage deed. Terms of sale
This 2nd day of November, 1909.
B. F. Tyson, Mortgagee.
Board of Directors
And a Capital of
We are in position to take good care of our old
customers, and also prospective ones.
Business Cordially Solicited.
Opposite Center Brick Warehouse.
General Merchandise.
Pulley bowen
Home of Fashions, Greenville C
is Sm on Fit room it.

In Charge of Wm. G. MORRIS j
Agent of The Eastern Reflector for and Vicinity-Advertising Rates on Application
the of the Hunting
and I Pump p-p Then see us
;, Ca AW Ange A Co. love forever
T service
know an, Baptist church 3rd That a copy
it. ,. .,.;.,. be Had, ism to two solutions be our
,. . ., , , p per. If and three your record a copy be sen. to the
. . ; . bereaved family and a copy be
I . ;. just Reno
; , . to anew lot and can supply
Do You Own a Piano
Stimulate the TORPID LIVER.
strengthen the organs.
the bowels, and arc
In their
arc widely as
seas peculiar properties In freeing
the system from that tie-
sugar coated.
Take No Substitute.
Th c r. v. in your
Ill -i- Ci
can b
A W. Ange Co.
Al Barker spent Saturday .
Sunday t visit
i . Co.
. an . i es in.
. Barber Co.
, e Cox mother, of
A; . . did here
m. .-
, . . Co.
v. . II. C. In y have
the right price
in of spent
Bu . . ii siting friend.
. . b,
relatives and fr
a new supply rare
A. W. Co.
series of at the
Baptist cloned
i was very much
I good by
G. A. Kittrell, Corr,.
J. F. Harrington.
S. W. Clark, of came
in Wednesday, to enter W. K-
M. G. Bryan returned from
Wilmington Wednesday-
L. Z. T.
ten. of Greenville, were la town
. attendance
i , from country, were in town
call writ- A. G. ah f Thursday.
a preacher, v. ear-.- L
glad to-earn that Ed. Walking Bryan went to Green-
will preach right, Thursday
A new lot of in. of traveling
Harrington, Barb r Co were in our town
. . b . , Mrs. J. H. C. Dixon went to
Watch List Crow, and Help Some-
body Votes.
Today the closing of
another week in The Reflector
piano and the list pub-
below shows what the
candidates, and their friends
have been doing. Miss Mary
Johnson, who started out with
a good still holds this
with Miss Lottie Blow not
far behind in place. The
vote of other candidates also
climbs higher each week.
There are not many more
weeks in which to work, as the
contest will end Dec. 24th at
noon, and one can tell what
the closing weeks will
The vote is not so but what
II not, and you e to own
soon, you owe it o yourself to ex-
the ma display
shown at the White
rooms. A display really
to a large city.
In a will inspect a
line pianos not alone stand
in character of tot c, and
general in a class to
itself, but you m et with prices
that stand here and
incomparable where. Eight
different makes t select from, none
of those cheap v c tern department
store stencils, but each one a stand-
ard, of acknowledged fame and
reputation in the trade, hour
player-pianos of be known
We will take your piano in
exchange for one of these self play-
We also carry the
ORGAN, the standard of the world.
Old organs and pianos taken in ex-
change, terms to s lit your
When in Greenville visit our
Next door to Carr Hardware Co. store.
In the State cf Carolina, at the close of business, Sett. 1st,
. .-.
. I repairs, on a
u. barb
., of .
Thursday, and returned. some down
Mi-s Ethel Carroll, who or eVen a new one,
;. with
p I laid.
. . i carrying a nice line
t i race
service. G. Mfg. Co.
Julia Smith, from the
Barber Co.
i. a large lot
for winter
M. M. and daughter,
at J
let of o s.
at came catch up lead.
yesterday afternoon to spend The should all do their
A. Co.
T. Ii King leaves here
u day ft r den on
want to
buy R. D. bail Co.
We are glad to
Prof. Carlyle, Woke Forest
the at her home near here. friends to
Quite a number of our help them, from now until the
attended the inauguration
Greenville Friday.
contest closes,
will count.
Every day's
and the more
Airs. H. T. who has the better your
been visiting relatives and or winning the beautiful
Loans and
Banking cur. ex.
Due from
Silver coin,
minor coin cur. notes other U. S. Checks outstanding
friends in Kinston,
i heme Sunday.
returned Boudoir piano which
will lecture in . . be seen at the music room
auditorium Monday night, of Bethel White. ft worth
Nov 6th. in working for. and working hard.
The A. G. Cox Co. made Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. ., -n M merit
a i of a solid car of ., Id value, possessing volume
, Better place your or-
A ,
N. C.
I car of Pitt G- Bryan. . and value, possessing volume
today. The Mrs- J- and and tone to the best made,
y increasing Miss Blanch of Shel-j Who jg
manufactured The A, G. Cox
Manufacturing Company are
neat and
are liberal.
In the come to see
us, nave the for ya.
Preaching in the Free Will
Baptist church next Sunday.
We have them Fri-
day and Saturday nights.
R. D. Co.
Several Masons attended the
, . , . ,, .,.
u ca services at Greenville
Lex spent . . . .
day at heme.
j illy glasses, fruits
of ah kinds and butter and
see A. W. Ange Co.
Miss Mamie spent
it her
We can give you a bargain in
Barber Co.
Rosa Bell Taylor spent
Saturday and Sunday Miss
-heating stoves
and just received. All
of best material and up-to-date.
Harrington Barber Co.
M. G. left here Monday
for Wilmington to attend the
a .
The County School
are tbs desks for you. Thy are
cheap, comfortable.
Prices i and workmanship
guaranteed. A- G. Cox Mfg.
C . N. C.
L b Satterthwaite, of
i as peen sick at
I. me, i . i M
r, . m W. H
J ; c r c iv d, a nice lot
I . shoes.
. B . her
I, G. T. Gardner, Cashier of the above-named bank, do sol-
that the above Statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief. G. T. GARDNER, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
fore me, this 10th day of
1909. R. F. JENKINS,
Notary Public.
John Z. Brooks.
C. J. Tucker,
W. W. Dawson,
We have just received a full
supply of furniture. Give us a
I am representing oldest
and Life and Fire
insurance companies in the world.
in Bank building.
J. S. Ross,
A nice lot of dry goods and
notions in.
A. W. Ange Co.
Stray taken and
white spotted bull, about four
years old; mark under bit in
both ears. Owner can same
by paying damage and other
cost. This October 1909.
J. R F. D. No
N. C.
Mill tor establish-
known as
Milling and MTg is now
for sale. consists of the fol-
One wheat mill, one
corn mill, one work shop with
. boring machine,
fish p.
apply to W. H. Smith, Winter-
N. c.
highest price paid for
. eggs, at A. W.
spent last night with That is the
Miss Elizabeth Boushall. It depends upon who has the
turkeys wanted. most votes , by noon Christmas
prices paid. A. W. Ange Co. j eye The way pay
We have just received a nice subscription to The
lot of cloaks, give us a call. A., or to if you are
W. Ange , not already taking the paper, or
M. B. Bryan, cf else to do so. Sub-
came in last night to spend a paid in advance count
few days with his parents, Mr. twice many voles as
and Mrs. M- G. Bryan.
The Bethel Banking Trust Co.,.
At the of business, Sept., 1st, MM,
twice as many votes as paying
. up arrears. Come on and get a
The assistant Bank examiner subScription receipt and vote for
Baa in Hp ,
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts tenured
mil unsecured 138.44
Furniture 1,876.00
Due from and 2,991.90
was in our town yesterday. He
reports that everything is in ex-
Friday night at o'clock, the
vote r g
If not convenient j 1,917.92
to come to the office send it by
mail and tell us who to cast your
for. The votes will be
Vance Literary Society and the you direct.
Society of people ought to
met in joint session in the Vance their subscription to The
Literary Society hall. The P. A. next five weeks.
L- S. furnished the music and many new be
added to the subscription list.
Every day as the end of
I the contest draws near it
. will increase in interest. Do
treat as this; it was a great not Jet opportunity pass to
and a pleasure to be present, j win this beautiful
Our people are continuing to nothing what-
preparations the ever n only have to
which convenes with t The
Baptist church here Nov. 16th, Reflector, or subscribe for it, and
17th and 18th. We are expect-; the. paper Rives you full value
one of the religious for your money,
gatherings has. Here lathe the vote stands
yet witnessed. Be sure to come today as far as the candidates
and enjoy the many good things n,
the V. L. S- gave a debate.
After the debate an
solo, by Miss Cox.
It is very seldom we have such a
Capital Stock
Surplus fund
Undivided profits less
expenses and taxes pd
Bills payable
Time certificates of 8,520.70
Deposits sub to check 21,446.38
for interest
and taxes 250.00
I, W. II. Cashier of the above-named bank, do
swear that the above statement is true to the best of my
W. H. Cashier.
knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
fore me, this day of Sept.,
S. T. Carson,
Notary Public.
Robt. Staton,
M. Jones.
M. O.
turned in.
rip saw and . blacksmith . Miss Mary
For further information f bought a nice piano Miss Blow
a B. Tucker
that there will be a . Evans
service in
Baptist church o'clock a. m.
At the close of business, Sept.
gt Co's. Turkeys a
Goldsboro, t rough the holidays.
. the Great Spirit has
iii fit to visit th i home of the
. h r of our brothers. W, A.,
J. L. and John Nobles and take
from them their loving brother.
sister, Mr;.
i , . i. week.
d him.
ed hi me.
I i for
A. W.
R .-. Sylvester Hassell, of
I will pr at Han-,
church the third Sunday That we the members of
in November, and Saturday I Tribe No No. O.
Elder Hassell is one of M. bow in humble submission
North Carolina's leading the will of the Great Spirit j m for two years.
Miss Maud Mooring
M, Morris returned n with
a wild turkey, which he cl
in Craven county, a few g, y,,.
J ago. i Johnson
b. Mary Smith Thurs-
day Mrs. G. Tucker,
A. G. Cox, who has
sick a few do t
Loans discounts
Overdrafts secured
and unsecured
Furniture and fixture
Demand loans
Due from and
Silver coin, including
minor currency
Nat bank and other
U. not.
Total 14,414.91
Wiley Nobles, therefore be it s
i well an excellent
A w lot of dry goods and
notions of all kinds just received
at Harrington, Barber Co.
Buck left here Monday for
Greenville, where he will work
with West.
and rely upon Him alone who Can mo th h--
I lit
2nd. That we extend to the,,
bereaved family our h
Force I into Exile
Wm. Oak. Okla,
was from home. Mountain
he thought, would cure a frightful
Icing c that had defied all
l. six
Dr. K n.
Now Disc writes,
t kin r x hot lea I am s
It th u- from
A Sc tided Boy's
d hi m Mrs. M It
Ii r ii Ni K who .,
all in l n die, H pa-
ls n him.
i d H
Vi r nun
. i i chi bl in , th
, plies,
ill J
Capital stock
Surplus fund
1,173.53 Undivided less
expenses and taxes pd
Bills payable 5,000.00
Time of deposit 808.80
Deposits subject to 3,130.65
We, J. E. Green, Cashier F. A.
of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above state-
is true to the beat of our knowledge
P. A.
Cashier. Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to be-1 i
A. Cox,
R. J. F. Harrington,
Notary Public. Directors
fore me, this day of Sept.,
Subscribe Reflector
vi it i
sympathy trusting that when or,
they can no follow the tis, asthma, croup,
i c . h. end trial
trails of tins life may they be by all
reunited with their loved one on gists.
to punt food and LAW.
or many Cough. and Bronchial Remedies, because It rids the
. bowels No op. to
or money Prepared by CO. CHICAGO. U. a. a.
D. J. Editor and Owner
Truth in Preference to Fiction.
One Dollar Per Year
VOL. No.
But Who is to be the is the
Everybody who into the
music store of White
sees a beautiful baby upright
N, piano bearing the placard
Piano is to be given
by The Reflector as a Christmas
That is a fast, the
is going to be given away,
but. who is to be the recipient of
this handsome price puns is as
much an uncertainly as the day
the contest the first of
October. Miss Mary Johnson
started out in the lead with
holds that position,
with Lottie Blow a
second- But others, as well as
these, are at work, and there is
no telling what surprises
closing few weeks of the c
will develop. of
December will tell the story.
From now until the close the
list will be published more
than that the
friends of the candidates may
keep in closer touch with their
standing in the list. True all
the votes are not published,
of the candidates are hold-
votes in reserve to come in
before the close, but the list
gives a idea of how they
stand. The candidates and their
friends should do their best work
from now on.
Of course the purpose of this
contest is to get more subscriber
to The Reflector, and if you
want help a candidate win
this piano you can vote for your
choice by subscribing for The
Reflector, or by paying up if you
are already a subscriber. This
must be done before noon on the
24th day of December if you
want the votes to count. It
costs nothing to vote, as the
paper gives full value for the
price of subscription. Here is
the standing of the votes
Miss Mary Johnson
Miss Lottie Blow
Miss Lillie R. Tucker
Miss Mavis B die Evans 4.865
Miss Beulah Mumford
Miss Maud Mooring
James Tingle
School 1.900
Miss Lelia Stokes 1,600
Mrs. D. E. Nichols 1,270
Subscribe or pay your
and vote for somebody. Do
it now.
Marriage License.
of Deeds, W. M.
Moore, has issued the following
marriage since last re-
D. A. Jamie and Annie R.
Thomas Beaman and M. Ellen
b. J. Pulley and Bessie H.
R. J. Tug well and Bettie
Butts and Sallie Money.
Tripp and Martha
James Jones and
Ned Brady and Daisy Staton.
Thomas Bryan and Nellie
William Jones and Esther
Walter Pitt and Julia Watson-
Frank Langley and
Samuel Pitt and Mary
Edmund Carr and Ella Tillery.
Henry Smith and Pleasant
Henry Hill and Little.
Ford and Mary Wooten.
A Day of Memorial Baptist
Church -Collection for Orphanage.
All the services in Me
Sunday were under
the direction of Superintendent C.
W. Wilson, of the Sunday school,
and it proved a day of unusual
interest to the large
in attendance. The
of Sunday school work was
emphasized in all of the services,
and a greater interest was
that will result in
much good. The Sunday school
which met at recorded an
attendance of
At o'clock Rev. B. W.
of Kinston,
a large audience, his subject
being Problem of the Big
Mr. spoke of
that period in the life en
he is crossing from childhood
to young large
to be longer regarded as a child
yet too small to be looked upon
as a young with much
interest pointed out the duties of
the Sunday school especially the
teacher, toward these big boys.
He said that per cent, of the
boys in this of life are
lost to the Sunday school, and of
the per cent, remaining
per cent, become members the
church, hence is seen the import-
of doing something to hold
the per cent, who are being
lost to the Sunday school.
suggestions were given by
which this may be
keeping in touch with the
boy and knowing his life.
by giving him something to do
in his class room, and making
j the Sunday school so interesting
that it will attract him. Boys
are naturally drawn where they
find something doing, and he
sail he knew of no instance
where a boy had attended Sun-
day school regularly for twenty
years without becoming a
of the church.
At the evening there
were three interesting Sunday
school addresses. Superintendent
Wilson spoke on Duties to
the Mr. J. W. Bryan
on Duties to the Young
and Prof. W. H.
on Duties to
The choir gave excellent music
at each of the services, and the
splendid solos by Mr. M.
Davis, of Beaufort, were greatly
enjoyed. A voice superior to
to Mr, Davis, is seldom heard
and he sings with much sweet-
Announcement was made be-
fore the conclusion of the morn-
service that no service would
be held on Thanksgiving day
and that the church might make
a Thanksgiving donation to the
orphanage a collection was taken
for that purpose, amounting to
To be Held in City Dec
6th and
of in Caro-
Washington. Nov. 19.- N. C,
Hon. A. Fox, who has just W. O. Stone came near being
returned to Washington alter crushed to death by a pound
completing his trip of the country bed which to ring.
j in the interest of the National The be. on a twelve foot
Rivers and Harbors Congress pole and fell, her on the
I found the most remark right side of cutting a
ably interest, at a of to the skull an at the same
of cities throughout the time bruising her shoulder. She
Coast, in the Southern was knocked senseless. is
rial Congress movement. remarkably well,
large number of prominent men,; N. C, Nov,
whom I had no idea knew of the; s
commend as one of of church,
the finest steps ever taken for i by j H
the advancement of any secretary of the National
of the United States, many Association of Chris.
log seriously considered the i um of 670.70
the same step for th Pacific wag cash
Coast States. It would in Baldwin,
surprise me at all to see Besides this
i Yield of Bushels Per Visitors Here and People
, Created Comment. Travel.
I Mr. J. F. d.
yield of bushes of com R. C. White went to Norfolk
on one acre has a great
of comment, as will be
.,,. . Besides this the
Trans Mountain Commercial of the Atlantic
Congress organized in
near future, with the same end
in co operative ad-
of the Rocky
and Pacific Coast States
The practical lines on which the
Southern Commercial Congress
is being carried out appeal to me
most strongly. It is an
for the purpose of
all other organizations and
not for the purpose of
in any way with any endeavor
made for any one place. I ex-
to attend all its sessions this
All in attendant upon the
Southern Commercial Congress
which is to convene here Dec.
6th and 7th, will be welcomed as
part of the National Rivers and
Harbors Congress, meeting
the Willard-place
December and Opening
by President Taft.
Some Will Soon Move
Into Their New Building
Wherever The Reflector, man
strikes any of our home boys
who have cast their lot in other
places, it is always a pleasure to
find them getting along well and
making success of their business.
While in Norfolk Friday we took
enough time off from the
ties to look over the new building
being erected by Whichard Bros.
Co., wholesale dry goods and
notion dealers there. This firm
has had such a successful career
that though they have moved
once to larger quarters, it was
not long before they found them-
again cramped for room to
accommodate their growing
business. To provide for this
they decided to erect a modern
building, and for this purpose
secured a desirable lot on Ran-
street near the Atlantic
hotel. They now have nearly
the society, of the
institution, between
one hundred
By falling of heavy roof
girder a at a large fertilizer
being built in Wilson, Mon-
day afternoon, a colored man
was instantly killed and several
other laborers injured.
Wadesboro, N. C, Nov. 22.-
Telephonic advices received here
Saturday night told of the sud-
den of Mr. and Mrs.
James K. at their home
north of Marshville. just over
the line in Union county. Death
both of these old people
within the hour without previous
illness and was caused by heart
failure. They were settlers,
well known and honored, both
were over seventy years of age.
Three daughters and one son
survive. The funeral services
were held yesterday.
Wilmington. N. C. Nov. 22.-
Sheriff A. S. Richardson, of Co-
county, this State, was
twice shot and severely hut not
fatally wounded while engaged
with a posse in effecting the
capture of a white man named
charged with murder, in
a swamp near Causey, S. C,
yesterday. had fortified
himself in a camp in the swamp,
where he had been in hiding
since the murder, two weeks
ago, and as the d
fired ambush with a shot
gun. It was while returning the
fire that Sheriff Richardson was
wounded, having finally
surrendered under threat of the
posse to set fire to the swamp
and kill him on sight when he
came out of his hiding. The
prisoner was landed in jail at
Whiteville, N. C, today.
A frightful tragedy
Friday evening near
that has cast a gloom over that
the following letter to T. B.
Son from Mr. R H.
Stockton, presented by th
I Majestic Manufacturing Com-
of St.
St. Louis, Nov. 1909.
T. H. Son. Raleigh.
ed in your evening paper the
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 1909.
winner in the corn grow-
contest in this country was
announced today by Stat
Commissioner of Agriculture,
Mr. Graham, as Mr. J. F. Batts.
who had grown bushels on
The writer has been Interested
in matters of this kind, and
you not know that the
exploitation of corn growing ha.-
been progressing very rapidly in
the west and for two
Omaha has hid a corn
where in
has been given, but such re-
cord of production has ever been
shown. The writer also
offered a premium there for
the last two years. Last year
the premium was not worded
correctly and a seed man of
Connecticut captured it, but with
a great deal less number of
bushels than this.
Will you kindly advise what
security was thrown around this
measurement and inspection,
obliging. Yours truly,
R H. Stockton.
For the benefit of those who,
like Mr. Stockton, want to be
the proof Mr.
remarkable yield the facts in
the matter have been fully
investigated, and they bear out
the claim that has been made.
Mr. Batts, whose
address is Garner, in a written
certificate which he filed with a
committee consisting of Com-
missioner of Agriculture W. A.
Graham, Col. F. A. Olds and
T. B. Parker, says that during
the year 1909 he grew on out.
M. Jones went to
C. M. to Ayden
J. went to Norfolk
J. IT. Keel in
C, Warren went to
Harrington spent Sunday
in Wellington.
R. i . Harrington spent Sunday
in i d
D J. , returned
fr mi Norfolk.
W. B. Green, of Washington,
Hi . here.
i kins spent Saturday
in returning Sun-
A Payne left Sunday
for Henderson to spend
Thanksgiving week.
j Dr. and Mrs. M. I. Fleming,
Hamilton, in Sunday
evening to visit relatives.
K. C. route agent of
the Southern Express
for this division, was here today.
Rev. and Mrs. B. W.
of Kinston, spent Sunday here
with Mr. and Mrs. D. J- Which-
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Mr-ore
went to Hamilton to
visit relatives and returned Sun-
day evening,
N. W- Outlaw, formerly of
Goldsboro, has arrived to open
law here. See card on
second page,
B. Taylor and
Charlie , of Washing-
ton City, the of Mrs.
W. H- Long.
Miss Ida of Sara-
toga, who has been visiting Miss
Leonard Wilson, returned
Friday night.
Postmaster R. C. Flanagan
Awarding of Gold.
Over fifteen hundred persons
witnessed the awarding of the
gold at the store of C. T. Mun-
ford last Saturday afternoon at
p. in.
Mrs. Ernest hold
coupon number won the
first prize of in
The second prize in gold
was won by J. T. Moseley who
held number and
Stocks drew third prize in
gold on coupon number
Little Miss Bertie Warren was
blind folded and drew the lucky
Mr. is tendered our
hearty congratulations on the
of this sale.
.-. .- mat a .-
completed a splendid building community. Mr. Shade
fast, four stories and Clark, a prosperous farmer living
basement, and expect to move near there, had out in his
intuit about the middle of field to pick some cotton
F. who know them, had been Ult over from the
and that includes nearly every
Eastern North Carolina retail
merchant, will be glad to know
that these
are meeting success.
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Barber Draw. Line on Long Faces
A Morven barber
and that if the men,
who sold cotton for ten cents
last spring, allow their faces to
grow much longer, he will charge
them fifteen cents per shave.
He declares that he cannot live
and shave these men at the
regular price of ten cents.
Bring your furs to
Schultz for high prices.
last picking and in the meantime
leaving his two children,
and years old respectively,
alone in the house. In some
known way the children pulled
some burning wood from the
fireplace which ignited the car-
pet and in a few moments the
entire house was in flames. Mr.
Clark seeing the fire rushed to
the house, but before he could
reach it the roof fell in and both
of the children were caught in
the ruins and burned to death.
Mr. Clark and family are pros
over their loss, and the
sympathy of the entire
is extended them in their
M. i bereavement.-New Bern J i
year . , . , ,
acre of land in Wake county went lo Raleigh Sunday to see
bushels of corn; that broth, r, E. G. Flanagan, who
is in a hospital there.
Miss Lillian Burch. who came
home to spend two days, left
Sunday evening to return to her
school near Washington,
J. B. Higgs returned today
from Norfolk where he had been
attending the waterways con-
and Taft celebration.
Representative M. L. Davis, of
Beaufort, who has been spend-
a few days with his sister,
Mrs- R. L. Humber, left today.
Mrs. J. L. Hearne, of Tarboro
home trim a visit
Kinston spent Saturday aft
j noon and night here with her t
Mrs. J. L. Starke-
measured the land in the
presence of J P. Edmundson
and J- J. Jordan, two disinterest-
ed freeholders, who are not re-
lated to the Batts; that he
gathered and measured the corn
in their presence. The land
was square tract
seventy yards on every
Mr. Batts certified to the above
Death of a Child.
On Saturday evening the in-
son, aged six weeks, of Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Flanagan, died
at their home on Evans street.
The little one hid been sick
through most of its brief life,
and its death was not
ed. A sad incident connected
Card of Thanks.
cu. an We take this means of
with the death of this child is the people of
that the father, who was so bad- vicinity tor their
injured in the automobile consideration during
two weeks ago. is
hospital in Raleigh and could sympathy
not be at home when his little membered and
lone passed away.
The funeral took place at
o'clock Sunday afternoon in
Cherry Hill cemetery, the
vice being conducted by Rev. D.
W. Arnold.
Mr. and
North Cart
Arnold Th .
were Me-.,
War ,.
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Eastern reflector, 19 November 1909
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 19, 1909
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