Eastern reflector, 16 July 1909

In Charge of S. C. CARROLL
A r The Eastern and Vicinity- Advertising on Application
A. W. Ange Co. have sum- j and eggs a specialty, j OAKLEY ITEMS.
d robes and dusters. Come and get the beet
R-. Mr Armstrong, of Harrington. Barber ft Co.
den. was in town a F improved
. . ; mowing machines, repairs etc.
A new line of bi St crockery
Harrington. Barber A Co.
Col b left for her
home at Conetoe
V- ; v carrying sewing ma-
all kinds. Don't
be bewildered if you breaK th
last one on hand. s ha
them, A W. Ange Co,
see H Barber Co.
We are carrying a nice line of
Coffins and Caskets. Prices are
right and can nice hoarse
service. A. G. Cox Mfg. Co.
Cox is visiting in
Greenville this week.
You will need lime to repair
I nose furnaces. have
it and can give you a good price
on it. A. W. Ange Co.
Make your tobacco barns tight
will the from many
miser, . enable him to rat
he prevent
the food assimilate
the body, give keen appetite.
Mrs. L. T. West,
Kinston, spent Wednesday here by using good sheathing paper.
visiting supply you.
. . V was in A. Ange Co.
town We wish to say to our custom
i. r- that we have just received
Oakley. N. C. July
Miss Carson, of
visited Mrs C last
Friday and Saturday.
T. W. Whitehurst and bride,
of visited J- B.
Whitehurst, his father, Sunday.
our clever sec-
master, spent Saturday and
Sunday in Washington.
Mrs. Taylor went to
Saturday and returned
Miss Carrie Bell, of Scotland
Neck, came and re-
cause the to as
the body, give I
and solid sugar
Take No Substitute.
. . Harri i Barber carload of land plaster and can
Wed -.- give you a good price on same,
i. he . yours is going.
v. Harrington Barber ft Co.
there. Mr. j Mrs. B. T. Cox, Mrs. Magpie
B . Butt, Master Horace Butt, Miss-
i . p Lucretia Hughes and
. -.- yesterday in Green-
. .
ti . crops and fat
I , We have iI j
A. .
. . . of
,. -v d V
Car of
nice bright
A. W. Ange Co.
turned Sunday.
Eli Rogers went to Washing-
ton Monday.
We regret to note that little
Maggie Belcher is quite sick.
Miss Minnie Whitehurst is
visiting in Greenville this week.
A man by the name Hudson
had a moving picture show ad-
for this place or June
He came on time and it
was the rearer, nothing that
l ever came to this place.
J. E. Hires, of C,
nay j spent Sunday night here and
returned to his home Monday.
George of Butter-
worth. is spending a few
days here with his friends.
The remains of Mrs. Bettie
Large in Cam Before the
On the of July prohibition
under the state law had
in effect only six months. For
some years previous to
time sale ins had been closed in
Greenville and the town bad a
dispensary, Even that change
had brought about a noticeable
difference in sobriety of
the people, and this has been
all the more pronounced since
the dispensary was closed and
prohibition I as prevailed.
To get at some statistics
bearing upon the improve con-
The r call d
At the close of business, June 1800.
Loans discounts
Overdrafts secured
and unsecured
Furniture and fixtures
Demand loans
Hue- from
Cash items 6.00
Hold coin 95.00
Silver coin, including
minor currency 862.06
Nat bank notes and other
V. H. notes
Capital stock
. Surplus fund
Undivided less
expenses and taxes pd 850.80
Bills payable 8,000.00
Time of deposit 203.30
Deposits to ck
Due in and 87.27
check 1.00
We, J. E Green, Cashier and F. A. Edmondson, Asst. Cashier
of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
is true in the of our knowledge and belief
Subscribed and .-worn to be-, Correct-
fore me, this day of Jane,
B H. Hunsucker,
Notary Public.
J. E.
F. Harrington,
I;. II Hunsucker,
A. Cox.
a r. and grooving our
Rues for years past.; Andrews were brought for
to and . Saturday afternoon from
that v- have good material. N. C. Mrs. Andrews
,, ; and about years old, a
. of Primitive
TI where w II church, a loving mother, a most
banking in a business co, w r I excellent neighbor Always
W . . very much,
Winterville, N. C.
upon Mayor H. W.
ascertain what his court dockets
show before and since
went into i The
result of this investigation was
marvelous and show, an
that is most gratifying
The period of examination cover-
ed tile r six months that the
was in operation.
from July t to December 31st,
i, with the first
six months u prohibition,
from 1st to Jun- 30th,
1909. figures speaK for
ti six months in 1908.
July to December inclusive, the
total amount of -es
In the State North at the close business, June 23rd, 1909
Loans and Discounts 788.10
Banking house,
Due from
Silver coin,
minor com
Capital Stock
Surplus fund 500.00
Undivided profits,
less cur. ex. tax's pd
Bills payable
Time certificate
Deposit subjects
to check
Cashier s Checks
f 21,175.01
A. . .- ,
Sever went
t i i la it to a
. i
Anew .
it just in.
I t
suit to drunkenness or
while for
v hip. Pr i
cl, . Call . formerly here
Co. Winterville, i but now i S C,
All kinds, that do. h all thing well, but yet;
. IV.
A nice la S a i I in
I . this noble woman.
. or Co.
of i .-
JACK items.
Black Jack. N. C, July
I. ;, T. Gardner, of the above-named bank, do sol
em swear that the Is true to lest of my
knowledge and belief,
G. Cashier.
L, J, Chapman,
John Brooks,
Subscribed to be-l
y of June
the death of this goad woman Is
a sad shook to all that know her. n ,,.
A large crowd was present at the tiger.
to i . t i st tribute of
by liquor was
the same six months
X. .
In. C,
J. Kittrell went to Green-
ville today.
We are going to sail out our
lot at once, at
If you want a pair
of units cheap see us.
A. Ange Co.
Fruit jars all all sizes.
A. W. Co.
Y team is working very
hard now. You be good
to them using to
keep the off. It is
teed Call on us for it.
Harrington, Barber Co.
Shoes of all kinds. Another
lot of shoes came
in yesterday. Everybody wears
because its right, it wears
right and its price is right.
Come and get a before the
lot is picked over.
A. W. Ange Co.
Land plaster plenty of it.
Try some under peas and
you will see that you will have
absolutely no pops.
A. W. Ange Co.
When you want a cold drink
you want the that
made right. You want to get it
from a nice, perfectly clean
fountain, and from a kind clerk
who will treat you right. I have
such a place. Come and get a
drink and you will come again.
W. L. House Co.
Mrs. C S. Smith returned from
Kinston Monday morning.
Eunice of Le
county, is here visiting her
O. C.
, mi on a visit to his parents, I Mayo, who died Saturday morn
The total number of cases of i
kinds tried by the mayor
I the six months of
and the six months in 1909
y were only
Thus it will be seen that e J
J. A. C V. Clark, nM not, a
left Saturday evening , whiskey cases, but tic-;
the of funeral their uncle, Ell all of
offenses against the law has
Mr. P. H. Kittrell. near . been almost ls great. It was
A G. M. G. Bryan, L. L. E- L- for noticeable that of the case
d N. W. went N. Y. last Wednesday I mayor has tried since
.-. .
to Greenville Mom
to take a business course.
I went into effect
There was quite a large crowd i them were of such I
of Stokes, Saturday attended Sunday school at Gal- minor gravity that he did not
night and Sunday here visiting impose fines exceeding a penny, j
Misses Kate and Chapman, morning. deeming the payment
Ur J W Bryan of Greenville Jesse went Green- for the
Will to the ville Monday. j offense.
classes of I wont to Washing-
the Baptist Sunday school next, ten Monday to attend the meet- A NIGHT RIDER RAID.
at o'clock. inK of th Red Men. I The worst night are
at o or noes They raid
A number of our citizens at- i Lena Maggie ,., rob you fl
ClarK and Lucy Arnold were the with Dr. New Life Pit's. They
. . . never
guests Of Misses Stella and .,,,,,,
Bertha Gaskins Saturday headache, malaria, at
n and Sunday.
Misses Mattie Mills and , ,,. , ,
Annie Clark spent Saturday Officers
night aid Sunday with MUs At the regular meeting of,
Lula Arnold. Greenville Lode A. F. A. M.
Mrs. A. O. Clark and Monday night the following
I I , .
II . 1- . . . K .
c. ii I
. t.
. . . an
, at II i.
. SM,
I P-T. in
V . elocution. for
n all
CANNON, JR. M. A., Principal.
tended preaching at
Branch Sunday.
Capt. Whitehead and
Cooper went to Washington
The following went to More-
head from here last Sunday;
Miss Crawford, Messrs.
N. B. J. R. Johnson, J.
Horner Military School
North Carolina
I or Military
Ar W
dine with and Indus family. Hi.
; . . r l
lint menial, Mindy
lawn, on r track.
M helpful In the
of The
for over u century MAO
I for
Col. Horner, Principal, N. C.
F Harrington E. F. Tucker, A of returned officers Installed by Past
O. Mr. g after spending a few days Master R.
Kittrell and M. Crawford. with her here.
The farmers are very busy
curing tobacco. The crop
fairly good in this section, while
in other it is not so good.
H. A. White and several other
gentlemen from Greenville came
over yesterday in an
Mrs. Annie Nelson and
C. F. Chapman, of Vanceboro,
are visiting R. G. Chapman.
Rev. E. L. Malone, of Bath,
preached an excellent sermon in
the Episcopal church here last
Sunday night He left last night
for Kinston.
Try a can of roe,
cents, at S. M. Schultz.
July 7th we will re-
duce the price on all colored
lawns; quality to
quality to lie; quality to
inch, wear guaranteed, black
taffeta at
The Central Mercantile Co.
J. F. Davenport, Mgr.
L. H. Pender, W. M.
H. B. Harriss. S. W.
C. B. Whichard. J. W-
W. B. Wilson, Treas.
S. J. Nobles, S. D.
J. W. Brown. J. D.
Marriage Licenses. Crop Condition
of Deeds Moore Washington, July 2.-Reports
has Issued the following licenses of the condition of the cotton
since crop of the bureau of statistics,
white. of the department of agriculture,
B. Frank Tyson and Lena K. estimated from reports of its
King. . on June was
and f
per cent, of normal as com-
pared with 81.1 per cent. May
D. W. J. n ., Forbes and Per cent- June
Jennie, last year; June 1907; 80.8
Sam Flake, Tiler.
per ten year average.
When you have baggage to go
to trains No. ti will treat you
a cold b a CHICAGO
or CO.
D. J. Editor and Owner
Truth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
ct North Caro-
Kinston, July 9.-The board of
aldermen election
on a bond issue of for
the water, and
electrical lines the city.
Passenger train No. from
t Asheville. was
eked near E wan ion
about ten miles b Hen
at Saturday
afternoon, and while none of
the passengers were killed
eleven w. re more or
hurt Asheville
July .- Policeman
Miller, who was seriously
by Bill Baldwin a. Blowing
Rock Tuesday afternoon, died
this morning at
m, N. C. July
Mrs. James Jones, residing
near Hall gathering grape-
leaves Saturday, bitten on
the arm by a The swell-
passed from arm to the
other and her condition I day to
regarded hopeless. The swell-
is extending over Mrs. Jones
effort on the of tho
Board of Agriculture
agents to promulgate or With the Has
any portion of the legislative Come for Thousands,
or the regulations by the board Not so long sines it was the
under the act are enjoined pend- j with the of
the hearing August on his lips who
when the issue will the Sunday for his
says Mabel Potter
for Aug-
public sentiment
I said, he's worked six days; let
Renewed Talk Cf From
i No. I. U. U-
Railroad. N. C, July It is with sorrow that we are
signing the ancillary order by again called upon to record the
of yet another restraining
order to hold while the litigation
as to the constitutionality of the
act is pending.
Judge H. Connor, of the
Eastern Carolina U. S. District
Court, for the foreclosure sale
of the Norfolk nil h Rail-
road, in the hards of receivers
death of one our beloved
members. Brother
Brother was years
One Dollar Per Year
A Good Kan Pistes After a
Mr. J. T. died at the
hospital in Kinston Saturday
night at after a brief ill-
of just one week. He was
taken the previous Sunday with
i r w. j-------
old, leaving a wife and six child- peritonitis and his n get
living. Hi- was a
A fowl with four legs and feet Mm enjoy
is a freak, although they are
sometimes seen. Mr. K, W
Brewer, of Springs,
Halifax county, has a
with four well developed leg
and feet, an i makes use of ail o
them in of locomotion.
fowl i two months old and
with the exception of tho
of feet and is not unlike
the seventh- So
there were handed over to him.
seldom legally, but rather by
common consent to his need, the
Sunday saloon and the Sunday
ball and the Sunday ex-
and the Sunday theater.
Now witness the he
brings these privileges
urging, them
And lo, it is the church militant
via in in --.-- .
the pan several months gives member of our fraternity and
renewed Impetus to talk among liked by ail who Knew We
well informed men here keenly feel our loss in the dean
that the Norfolk and of Brother Abrams. who
Southern, with North suddenly taken from our ranks.
Carolina holdings, the and token of the high
North Carolina and the in which he was held by
Raleigh and Pamlico Sound we place upon
roads, will into the bands
of the Nor folk Vi It is.
pointed out that under the in for a
North Carolina laws neither the I
the following
That our
ting worse until Tuesday, when
he was taken to the hospital to
undergo an operation, but was
too weak to it. tie grad-
grew weaker th
Abrams was y old
and leaves . widow, and six
n, one r and five
to His
be draped i children are, is J. E.
cl T. A. W.
of i vi H. W.
citizen who
and ii perfectly well he y. ail ,,
Leaf. m .,,.,
It was the laboring man who
Beds the Sunday cigar and
Sunday drink, who runs
train and the Sunday
steamboat and who does the Sun-
day vaudeville turn, who
began to ask others,
did he get off in the
galaxy of pleasures
a while brothers in ether
callings ignored these petulant
But of
they ha
Lincolnton. July J. A.
of this place, m t
with a tragic death yesterday in
western part of county. He
was going with a threshing
machine, which he was part
owner, when t an place
in road the machine showed
Wilson July of turning over and h-
alias a duck-legged sought to steady it by bracing
was up before Mayor himself against it, but he was
Briggs this morning on two unable to do so and the machine
counts-disorderly conduct and turned over on
for retailing. Owing to injuries from which
of counsel the case was continued few hours lat. r.
until tomorrow-
Southern north .- .
Line could be a bidder and the family of our deceased
Line would our heartfelt sympathy in this
be a r. On the their hour of
r hand area number 3rd. u copy o
of vital u Norfolk resolutions no spread upon u
. .; want this minutes, that a copy be pub
That we extend to w, of R Mount; J. P.
Charlotte. M. C, July
Chi f was sum-
hurriedly to Second street
yesterday afternoon on a
that a man had been cut to
Selma, July 12.- Another
homicide was added to the
crimes of Johnson county today.
This morning at within
three miles of Selma, Joe Pulley
was killed by his step-daughter,
Marie E. Pulley, with an
New Bern, July 0.-A
attempt d to wreck a fain net r .
en the Wilmington
and New Bern railway by put-
an obstruction on the
A ran over it without any
serious results. The matter was
rep A section master pass-
found the obstruction again
on the track spiked down, show-
in that it was the work of par-
ties nearby. Officers were put
on the trail and located a
house near by but the had
property. By
from to a
now through. for outlet
the Norfolk and Western coal
traffic would be an established,
covering a large part of Ea tern
Carolina that would otherwise be
Line and Ch rad coal
carry i i- com just loom
ii hi-mi one of the great coal
from Durham to Raleigh from
the Norfolk to con-
and a copy sent to
our d r.
E E. Griffin,
D. C. Moore.
L. II. Pender. I
been the numbers drawn into the
ranks Sunday to make
. . .- em
had been cut
r and only his legs
left chief went to the scene j
and up a leg. There
signs of 8.1 accident, popcorn
barbers, druggist, and
and bakers,
July -In an
altercation this morning at Sixth
and Campbell streets, Ernest E.
Shields, years old, was shot
through the heart and almost
instantly killed by Joseph C
Stephens, also aged about
The men were employed by rival
sanitary contractors of the city
as collectors and bad blood had
existed between the two for
several days. This morning they
met, had further words and an
altercation ensued, Stephens
drawing a pistol and shooting
Shields through the heart.
No one could explain
the extra leg. An Investigation
was instituted arid it. was
learned that recently at one of
the city hospitals a leg hid been
amputated from a patient.
head nurse had turned
superfluous limb over to a
who was directed to bury
The funeral service were
duly held and the leg placed
under soil, but the hole made
was not deep enough and a
bond had unearthed the
thing and dragged it to the place
above named
small shopkeepers. And since
. i the community has lost th
of providing for itself in advance
Saturday, there are others
k .-n, milkmen, and
delicatessen dealers. Thus the
widened until so many labor-
were employed or
that it seemed tint a few more
could more greatly ii-
or the whole of .
Carolina than i .
the Is of .
tern. This prospect along with
that link of from
Spring Hope to Raleigh bring
the Atlantic Line ti e
capital city give to in-
here buoyancy
and sanguine of rapid
P. M. and Miss Rosa D.
Smith went to W s-
J. i;. Smith went to
C. E. wen to
B, P. and I
chi ii, of Farmville, ed
at Smith's school
Mrs. R was
Smith, and MisS
U mid Or. lie.
n em r of
the Free Will Bay i i i, of
r.-. . and a consist-
enC ; man. Elder
W. ; .
-i at real-
in Gr
o'clock . after
which th i m J were taken
in charge b n mt Lodge
o. he was a
m and i w Barber
burial grounds, he was
em by ti with
the c y e order.
The p. i Messrs.
A. Ell- Moore. W.
, I Brawn, J. R.
Con y a.- C. E Mo
entire c extend
to the
their sad bereavement.
A Friend.
day less
. w
ex .-n
An unexpected condition of
the temporary restraining order
by United States Judge J. C.
Pritchard in the suit by the
independent oil companies in-
the act of the recent
legislature for the inspection of
illuminating oils is that It
pends the collection of the one-
half cent per gallon tax on all
oils offered for sale in the State
as well as the regulations for
the inspection of the oil. There
was a copy of the petition by the
oil companies that provided for
the payment of the tax to con-
pending the termination of
the litigation, but it seems that
it was found that Judge Prichard
would sign an order that
the payment of the lax
as well as all other of
City, N. C, July
The Recorder has a news item
from the country saying that on
Walter Osborne, of Hem-
lock, shot himself accidentally,
dying in about seventeen min-
He stopped at a spring to
drink and picking up his gun
carelessly, causing it to explode,
the load entering his cheat. He
leaves a wife and one child.
Hendersonville. N. C. July
D. years old,
struck and instantly killed
by lightning here this morning
at o'clock.
might as well be. Then the growth.-New Bern Sun
factory belts began to turn.
How large do yen suppose is
become this army of Sunday la- I
borers in United States In i
the last ten years they have in-
creased fifty-eight P cent.
Statistics probably haven't count-
ed them all, but it is known that
they are more than four million.
And these are four million men
who want their Sunday
C. E has taken a
n to cure tobacco for
. Mi Is Smith, A. L.
BI w and himself and made some
good cur.-, list week.
Mills Smith and one child
spout day Sunday at Wm.
lit I
i cl . up to
a t of
John P.
I Cleveland .
, the 2nd
i.,, issued for
, i. number
Misses Mattie and Cal
lie Smith went to A- J.
Saturday to visit their
cousins, M. B. and J. Smith, and New Hanover, .-
returned Sunday. i its provisions Hanover
Miss Gertie Smith went to
Sunday to spend I
Jurors for August Court.
The following have been
drawn by the county commission-
as for the August
term of Pitt Superior
license Mr.
inform d the
would be to test
he ground n
Whitehurst. W Z Tedie
Pollard, H A James, W H Gray,
,,. ,,,., LR Whichard, S M Bailey T
at o'clock . Young J J.
the son of Jim and was W A Peel. W M
we,, known in city. One O
two black spots on the body are J F Evans, J W
the only marks of the terrible H D
death. He had a basket of veg- JO
in his hand at the time W D Smith, W II Arnold.
By No. A. F.
Whereas, J. M. Blow, who
was a member of this lodge, and
who departed this life May 27th.
A. D 1909. being called from
labor in our earthly, to refresh- cousins. j instrument of
in the lodge celestial, be it I rs, of Ports-1--instead
That while j mouth, Va. who is visiting at that
bow in reverence and Smith's, went to the tax on
to the solemn order Saturday and returned Monday stood the test of a suit
Joe Smith went to Kinston j he said he would probably nave
Saturday and returned Monday-,; his machine hanged
John Wainwright and
Craft had their threshing Tc
J. Flanagan Sunday to spend I regret at having made
several days there with her aunt j of buying an auto-
,;. pleasure
traction engine
have been so
the roads.
cf the Grand Master above,
realize that this lodge ha lost a
lilt . .
L Cherry. valuable member h n
vehicle of
kind and loving brother, his Craft
county one of its most valuable I machine in and politicians will
he was struck and they
scattered to the wind.
and respected citizens.
2nd That in the many
of trust and confidence be-
stowed upon Brother Blow, he
has always filled the same with
ability, fidelity and honor.
3rd That a page be set apart
in our minutes to his memory
and inscribed with these
4th. That we extend to the in
bereaved family our
threshing oats last I ever dare to levy a special lax.
He regretted ma-
Mrs. C. E.
been suffering with boils such nuisances to
for the last few days though she j taxes where per-
is a little better at this Writing, j milted at all. Land-
Rev. S. P. and Kev. G. j mark.
Hinton Grumpier expect to
Arnold, Harvey L H
Worthington, J B Pierce, G W
D W E T Forbes,
The peach crop in this section; w A M Allen, J F, .,
an entire failure this d j D H J
There have been no shipments at g mending the
Second week J E Whitehurst.
T F Proctor, J H Edwards,
Wall, W E Boyce, B N Caraway,
a protracted meeting at
Smith school house 3rd Sunday
all from the large orchards of J.
Van and John A.
At Southern Pines, however,
where Mr. has
peach trees, he has shipped ,
too good to be unkind.
5th. That th; secretary Of
this lodge furnish the family of
Pierce, J B and to
peach trees. M oh .- pierce, J B f n u w-
worth of peaches far, and R L Humber. J R Corey, L The Eastern r,
expects and equally large Josephus. j. M- Dixon,
MM the last of July of th El- , ,. j A Gard-
the act. So this was done, All
J. Ti. Com
S. A. Jerkins, I
Farmer Institutes.
Again let us remind the farmers
that two farmers institutes will be
held in Pitt county this month, one
in Wednesday. 28th,
and one in on Friday,
89th. These meetings will be of
I especial interest to farmers and
their and should a
large attendance,
Multitudinous Cabbage.
Friday Mr. M. H.
showed The Reflector a cabbage
that was a remarkable curiosity.
It was grown by Mr. Fred Craw-
ford, of this township, and con-
a large head with thirteen
small heads clustered around it.
All of the heads were perfect
and firm. We have before seen
a cabbage with a bead
around which r
first noticed heads
and all of them as hi per
feet as the center head.
j m

About i i i. i a Henry
son, a tared nun living on the Life
Mi- ;, ,,,,.
r in in id was
Give the Help and
pie Will be Happier
lightning, knocked
a it was
was i but he is
was in low n a
. .-.
i petting worse every minute.
v. i you hi then
s I have lit
thousands of sufferer tack
the of
Will any form of kidney trouble.
St . tin Mount. N. C
give my name in
n's Kidney as hey
I suffered for
a nagging back-
a and in my
I .- a was restless at id
Killed. ; the morning unfit to commence
. I no relief
from I use and
I nit of ever being
i.; Do n's K Tills were
recommended to me. began their
truck by
now up an I
lip Co ;
head broke his watch chain and
mule he
. was j
. m ii. d
i ma Toe mute he a
. Hilliard
i . unit could soon a e that they were
Vim live in the lower part of
-i county, was killed d improved my heath iii
day afternoon by a limb a , , ,
, . . , . , For by all dealer. Price
falling Striking him on Co, Buffalo.
head. down the tree New Yr , sole agents for
. v. ring u swarm
of bees in its trunk, and as the
. . limb was broken
loose the man so
a-- his neck, causing in-
Fill a bottle or common plans with
and it stand twenty-
and a or settling
indicate an thy condition of the
if it your linen it is
ct kidney trouble; too
t I it or pin in the back
also hat the kidneys
and bladder are out of or.
to J. W. Bryan and pet a box
of P. lie d and K t
ard if they do not W.
an will give you money I
There is comfort in the knowledge
so often ex that
and K Tablets the great kidney
remedy fulfill- every in
p in in the tack,
liver, bladder and every part of the
nary pas age. They
t I water and scald pain
in it. i r bad effects g
e of I wine or beer. over-
e mes that t necessity of be-
to go often th
day, and to get up times during
The mild a-d the i
of Blood
Kidney Tablets is sou realized, v
stand the highest for their wonderful
cures of the no cat
mail The .
Boston. Mass. Mao for sale by M. M.
Sault, N. C.
the and
re r. i
Tl n when Mr. Hy-
came in town to
Farmers should boar in mind
that two institutes are to be hold
in Pitt county this month, are
in Greenville on Wednesday,
Two Deacons Elected.
At a conference meeting of
Memorial Baptist Church, Wed-
night, two additional
deacons. Messrs. E. B. Thomas
The ordination service will
place tin Sunday morning
in this month.
id Infantry -th- and in on
. at Morehead he Friday. Both these
Dr, ,. ;. B . him a fifty should have a large ate of Dissolution.
I d, which he presented dance of farmers and their
I with
r wives.
. u t
At Pikes Peak.
Tl evening The U c-
tor received a telegram from
Mr. C. who with
-a. Mu and their son,
C . I ft last Saturday with
; party for a tour of the
st, stating that they had
r i Pikes and were all
. . They will take in the
a huge boiler, exposition
several ins iron and timber
i hurled hi
several men hi
that did . mu i last
Charlotte, N. C . July A
s and roar that
. .
the city c this afternoon
about o'clock, when the
b of Cotton
v i m; hi. I y
. and
r. ts
from death. John James,
a color a in, was hurled
;. a . , but was
seriously C. A.
returning and we are sure the
v hole trip will be a delightful
Corns D.-iii.
Capt. W. T. Lipscomb had the
the manager, and William Beat- Bryan Grimes Drum Carps out
tie were m re or i injured by . Thursday night.
tailing The boys made a creditable
July all parts ranee and looked well in their
or t. . re now white suits. A large crowd was
day i . e witness the
. mi i Ion to t e drill
Commission s .-.--------
OF t
To all m th -.-e may come
a-. U to
by duly
of the for the
of all the . ;.
ii. in my office, that M. P. Jo
Company. of i is
Mate, whose office la situs
in the t f County of
Pitt, State of North Carolina I.
Walker, Jr., being the th
i i charge of, upon who ii pro
may b
the of -1.
of OS, entitled
preliminary to tie issuing of
Now, fore, I, Bryan Grimes,
S of State of the of
North Carolina, do hereby certify that
the h i d i d, on I be la d
of June, file in my office a
execute and attested c t writ
to the of corpora-
n, executed by the
th ell consent and the record
of the proceed are now
on file in my said office, as provided by
In Tea I have here-
unto set my hand an official
seal at this 21st day of June,
A D. J. n Grimes,
By of the power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed
by Henry to
J. R, J. G. o of
August, and r. e in t e
register of office of Pitt
North Carolina, in y pate
undersigned mill expose to public
j sale, before the door in
Greenville, to the In I id I r on
Monday d. a in
or parcel Ian I living
in the i St -if N r h
an i as to
Two n ts on the
south side ah street and east
of i treat, and the tie i
half of No. as shown on map
made by f. m for ti e
Land and C .
the inter i
of and Clark on south
and east side of Cl
runs with dark
Street 1-2 feet to a s a ; then ea t-
and with I it. street
in a line b.-
lot- arid then northward-
with sail dividing lino about 1-71-2
feet to 18th then west
feet to Clark the be-
ginning, containing 1-1 acre more or
less. i one lot, being the
No. as
On I map made Matthews in
lot about 1-- feet
and is feet deep, a g lot
on eh Henry now son the
If a p of tin- Ian Is con-
to I. C. bur and Nellie E.
Arthur by i Hines, Receiver an.
conveyed l. . e ii from L. Arthur
and wife Henry to satisfy
said i ,. d of
This 22nd, of J
J. R. J Mortgagees.
ii. James So,, Allys.
Notice to Creditors.
Having duly I b fore the
p r I car. el Pitt s .-
editor of the testament
of J. N. deceased, is
given i nil lie s Ind to
the I. i ; i t
to the I. r . i all ; i r-i
n said estate
same for pay m to the
on or m fore t day of Jut e.
or this notice be p i-i bar of
i .
day of June, .
Maggie A. H;
R. Extra
ltd . f J N.
J R. L. J. A.
j JAMES L. I H. D. BATEMAN, Cashier
The Bank of Greenville
North Carolina.
Stock Increased to
R. L. DAVIS Davis W. E. PROCTOR, of i. Bro.
N. C. N. C.
R. A. FOUNTAIN, cf Fountain L Co. R. R. FLEMING,
Fountain, N. C. N. C.
J. A. AS R W. KING, J. R.
W. B. J. G. S. T. HOOKER,
Increase ii; About
to Bank.
Business Cordially Solicited.
Notice to Creditor.
qualified before the
t of n i ad-
the e int. M, T
Horton, deceits, d, is hereby
g to ail i the
estate malt payment
ti the and all
having claims st the estate are
notified that they trust present the
same to the undersigned pay mo t
in or 18th day of June,
or this notice will be plead in bar of
This 18th day of i .
f If. B. Horton,
u r
Atlantic; Coast Line Railroad Co.
g Between Norfolk, Washington, Plymouth, Greenville,
and Kinston, April 1st, 1909.
T. C. WHITE, G. P. A.
N. o.
Notice to Creditors.
assess e
stock of her of the
rations the State
that this assess-
when another
mule owned by was bit-
l . and killed. A i by
A i h symptoms
,; ; rate ex.; hydrophobia and k
Th. i- was tied. Daring the night it
th two and ,,
to these figures they can now at in
have a hearing in the office of neighborhood are being
the commission within ton without regard to I
after the receipt the n
Officers or . for corpora- who deeds
that are not satisfied with evil as he prefers
the assessments are coming to light, stole nine of
almost every day to Le B Sunday
and their general complaint is week.-Snow Hill
that the ass are
higher than One of our town recently
has been the practice heretofore sent twenty-five cents for a re-.
by the State auditor who has in
the made these assessments.
It is. estimated by some that the
Increase in this corporate excess
taxation this year will be as
much as per cent. On the
to promote and preserve
beauty. She received the fol-
lowing reply; your moth-
and stay at home of i
Lee News.
Roper. N. C, July.
Notice of Sale of Land.
lit; County.
o power and authority
d I. . wife,
e K. i n i ox
l. to i
i V- Comp
i id will, on Al th
day of us . v. hi of
em n, or
door in Greenville, Pitt for
c sh to the ii bidder, the low-
d tract t reel of i
i-i ruin tr. cl I I, and be-
in Pitt county, S ate i f North
Bethel p, and described
and b tit. I s b
lug in Pitt county, I
adjoining M. Lloyd, K. i
A Cherry and others, g a
stake in J. M. line, and i N,
1-2 K. with the poles to i
a e; Hi. in, N K. to Cherry's
line, in the run of a branch; thence
with mid line aid the branch
corner in the Cot-I
patent S to
the begin it corn lining
acres, more or less
This day of 1909.
Nor h Stale Ufa Co.
Ron e A-
the Si
o I as
. tor slat i Lei
Having duly
i- d . u I. i I . is hen
i I i I to the i
to i Iii I payment
the ed; n i mi
said ate
that ii inn i present the same to t
undersigned for p on or
the 18th day m . I HO, this c
will be plead bar of n c very
Thia of Jo . hi.
In a I.
hand there are said to be S. a prominent farmer
largo corporations in the State
whose assessment in this con-
and lumberman, shit
himself Monday afternoon. He
Notice to Creditors.
qualified the Superior
court clerk of Pitt county us
or of tie of Washington
Mills, deceased, notice is hereby
to all indebted to the to
make payment r-
and all claims
d estate are notified that
they must present the to
for payment or before the
of June, 1910, this notice
will be plead in of
Thia day of
J. H. Mills,
of Washington Mi Is.
Chesapeake Steamship Co.
in the past have not riding in a with a
amounted to as much as their between
surplus actually on hand. It
will he weeks before the
completes its work
in connection with the assess-
The State
will meet next year in New
The Capital Hose team of
Raleigh, lowered the world's
record an won prise at the
recent tournament in
Winston Salem, N. C, July
A. mad has broken out
in Davidson county. This morn-
a mule to
bus of went
mad. The animal was bitten
shot-gun between his knees.
The muzzle pointed to his left
arm when it fired cutting away
most of th flesh near the body.
Salisbury, N. C, July
spending a day in jail for killing
Jim Miller, colored, at Spencer
Sunday morning. Special officer
R. G. Fitzgerald, of the Southern
Railway force, was exonerated
by a coroners jury here
day afternoon. It was shown
that the officer attempted to
arrest the and that the
latter beat him severely and,
struck him twice with a rock
before he fired the fatal shot in
self defense. Fitzgerald was
liberated at once, and the
buried at the expense of the
By virtue of the power of sale con-
in a certain Deed ex-1
by Martha j. to J.
Kirks on the day Feb
1909, and duly r in tie Register
of heeds office of Pitt Norm
Carolina, in Rook i ill, the
will expose to i i e,
before the e door in Green-
ville, to the mi Friday,
day o July a certain track of
or parcel hi d lying and being in the
county of state of
and described s follows,
The lot by Martha Forbes
from her moth r, Sarah Co per. the
same in age to Ricks
work aid for further description
see Lumber
Company to Copper to satisfy
said mortgage deed. Terms of stile
This 19th day of June 1909,
Kicks, Mortgagee.
Call and see P. M. Johnston Jg
when in town fir general engine
and boiler repair work and any-
thing you may need. Shop op-
Hotel Bertha. xv
d. w. mm,
Cotton I i e
vs on
Fresh floods kept con-
In Stock, Country
Produce Bo- gin and Sold
D. W. Harden
N or t h C a r o n a
i and September 2nd,
7th, 16th. t, e- Co. will
sell i ti m N. Va . an . Point Comfort, to Ni-
Falls, the v low of ti final limit r return,
f-em of Liberal st i.-v r Write the
for any further informal n.
C. I-. HOPKINS, T. P. A., Norfolk. Va.
Training School
Established and maintained by the State for the men and
women who wish to qualify themselves for the profession of teaching.
Buildings am equipment new and modern. Sanitation perfect.
opens October
For prospectus and information, address
H. WRIGHT, President. Greenville, N. C.
d w mos
Furniture and House Furnishings
Homer Military School
North Carolina
or Military
N years on.
the and ,. Ms m .
and educates.
tare, no
moral, and social
lawn, one quarter mile running track.
lures. Ideal Ill the
tor over u century an educational
ready distributing
C. Oxford, N. C.
Floods in Several Western Slates
Kansas City, Mo., July 8.-
Disastrous are
throughout this State, and
in Illinois, Indiana,
and Colorado.
lives are reported lost in i
and hundreds of are ii
floods. Hundred;
of thousands of acres of l
and corn have been ruined arc
starvation threatens to
such destruction of crops
State Industrial school for I.
is was i-
outs mill landslides.
Scientist have in a cave
of men, who lived
years ago. when life was in
the as shown by A. Brown
of r. Me , i y from dead-
Is disease, If it end not been for
King's New Hi-co e y. which cared me,
I could not have be s,
as did from a severe
trouble and co i Toe re
Sore Cold.-, obstinate Coughs,
and prevent pneumonia, it's the
on earth. and
i by a l Trial
Suit Annual
were fill today in th
of the clerk of court bring-
suit to annual
of J. S. Longfellow and
Bruce Swift, of this city. Tin-
marriage, which in
Norfolk on May, first is sought to
be by family Mi-s
of the fact that at
the time it was entered into J. S.
Longfellow had a wife living
in Wilmington. N. C, from
whom he not y
I. is now under
t and nut on bond to
appear at the August term of
the Superior court of Lenoir
county to answer to the charge
of bigamy. The summons in the
case for the of the
marriage the
of the court afternoon.
Kinston Free 7th.
t. N
I If,, I I . I'M
I m EX .-o- . .-
TO I'll
Write Mention
. J
wt . i ,
I .
all c. eds, etc. .
I n very s
of s R. N. .
Cat Island, weeks
unable to do On
IS. n d a mil r attack, j n
took Chamber and
which mu
relief, I c in it one of the
eat it In the x .
and ball tin believe
won d have saved me a hundred dollar
doctor's bi I, Sold b. J, L.
and Coward
Oil Inspection i i Up
N. .
Judge i id
States Circuit Court hen; today I
granted a temporary
order, enjoining the Board of
Agriculture of North Carolina
and Commission of Agriculture
Graham from enforcing the
inspection passed by the
last legislature until the hearing
the of case on its merits before
Judge Connor, in the United
States district court. This means
matter will be fought out in
the United states courts. The
case was before the court on
complaint of the Red C. Oil
Manufacturing Company of
Baltimore, with former Governor
C. B. Aycock and Judge R.
Winston appearing for the com-
Vat Seal All the Way From
to Get the
According to the
Journal, at Cincinnati, the
American Co . ha i in-
d a hi i
taken by a traveling n n
not be unless pay
was made in advance, ard
they received the following
from the buy
want you
understand t I ain't no
fool. i that i
from that read Headed
yores he tole me that you
him all the way from
order for
he lying and i told him
i hurt all my the j
and he tole me he sold the
and would sell me
he sole the now
you writes me a printed let-
and if I you the
you will send me
Buys, I you will, m
fool do that
would not a Bit send In
rink the
but when i recollect how
you and yore done me i
refuse to do it. if j would
me right and me
letters in and not sent me
that newspaper like i was a
fool and could not read i
would a tuck the
the cash, now i i
wont fr h i u . i
inn . . . i i ,
next u id
man has got tn put I o.
on the -d I may i
have as liming in
as you got i i yon or
dam that
wants to try m a
ye r.- I ;
hi r om
i writes I,. S of Hi tr
K., till doctors and
. .- f Hit I. ti A Sail
. it- d m Infallible for i- J. a, urns,
cuts, boil eczema,
salt rheum, corns.
by all .
-on is Default in the Interest or
Mortgage For Three Interest Periods.
Norfolk. Va- July
Vast Company of America
the Norfolk am
and refunding bond issue.
if May 1900. in the Federal
today filed a supplemental
ill of foreclosure calling for an
settlement by
default in the interest on said
for three interest
periods from May. to this
of the Norfolk and Southern
property which has been in the
hand of receivers since July,
1908, is asked.
The supplemental bill asks th; t
all, and singular, the said mart
property with the
and franchises in
mortgage mentioned, or
may be covered thereby,
may be sold in one lot and as
unless a sale in parcels
lie required under the pro-
visions of article of
tic first and refunding
i re, in which case such sale to
made in parcels as in
The supplemental bill calls for
an answer by the defendant
corporation at the next
of the Federal court which is
Sheriff Tucker ard Deputies
On Wednesday night in
Creek township, about half wax
between Haddock's Cross
and Cox's Mill. Sheriff L. W
Tucker with Deputy Sheriffs R,
Hyman and G, A. Jackson am
Policeman G A. Clark,
a large moonshine still. Tin
still was located in a dense
was well fitted
business. The still captured
was of gallons capacity.
The cap and worm were missing.
these having been removed.
Several barrels of beer found
around the still were destroyed
by the officers, and they brought
the still to Greenville to be turn-
ed over the
The place to buy your Hardware. Com-
stock to from, t first quality
goods only.
laments A Specialty
Consisting Plows. Mowers, S
Cutters, Rakes and high grade
both riding and walking,
in the most pop aw
., k I
II i
North Carolina Industries.
For the week ending July 7th.
the Tradesman
reports the following new
tries established in North Caro-
Or . 1.000,000 textile
Bessemer City
-1150,000 man-
and company.
Ell hardware com-
realty com-
76.000 textile
For Daughter That Wasn't Married
There will be a very unique
A certain lady has never been
married, and as ad her r.-
married and pretty
clothes and wedding presents
her father announces that he
wants to do a well by her and
will give her a mock
She will have much m
to spend on clothes as If
were to a bride, and after she
has them all made her father
will give her e party and
all of her kin that they must
carry presents as if to a bride.
Then he will send the girl on a
trip to the seacoast, where
can wear her new clothes and
have more fun than if there
to pi r use
the . . .
teed per cent pi
Th e to
will do well lo see
but lit.- bust. L
It you contemplate building
call. We will n j d
will take care o your .- j
. e prices. Win n wish
in the above don't t ii to up
B a k e r
. .
were a man tagging
At the close of June Ir I, 1909.
1.02 Cap
J. Y. Joyner Honored.
Denver. Col., July and
election of James Yadkin Joyner, Overdrafts secured
of Public and unsecured ,
of North Carolina, as Furniture and I
of the National Educational
, ,, I
n today is regard d by ,;, 507.50
his supporters as a victory coin, including
their fight any minor coin
of the prices of school text
books. Mr. Joyner was elected;
over Ben head of the
St. Louis schools, and Ur. J. II.
Phillips, of Birmingham. Ala. OF NORTH CAROLINA, I of
r's k n r.
. J. K. Davis,
swear the above is
Mrs. Hays Dead, edge and belief.
Th itching and
i i t c skin diseases,
ii t y by applying
s by J. Wooten and Coward
A telegram was received in the and
city today announcing the death me,
Can be made and frozen in
minutes at cost of
Ons Cent a Plate.
Stir contents of one package
into a quart of milk and freeze.
No cooking, no heating, nothing
else to add. Everything but the
ice and milk in package.
This makes quarts of the most
delicious ice cream you ever ate.
Kinds i Vanilla. Strom-
packages st your grocers,
or by mail if he does not keep it.
Book Free.
Th Pure Food Co. t Boy, H. Y. ,
Small Things.
While it takes every one of the
degrees to complete a circle;
while won't make a
a wheel is made of
many spokes, there are no
While a cent will buy the news
of the world; while a minute
will catch an important tram;
while a finger mark will discover
a criminal; while a two-cent
postage stamp will take a letter
five thousand miles, there are no
little things.
While a battle may be lost for
a moment's delay; while a man
may starve for a morsel of food,
or famish for a glass of water,
there are no small things.
While s smile may brighten a
whole life-time; while a single
kind word may avert despair,
there are no small things.
It takes only a small percent-
age of imports to pay the Federal
expense. It takes only a
of one per cent to educate
the world. It takes only a little
time and effort to improve the
mind. So how can there be any
Slogan Buttons.
slogan Green-
ville, y you is to be
on buttons to be for
. the and the
are placing orders.
for them for free
The Reflector has received
of the buttons and they are
very pretty. A canvasser has
not. had opportunity to see
all the business men of the town,
but all will be given an
to get some of the buttons
and all should help distribute
them. They will be a splendid
advertisement for the town.
My little boy, four years old. had a
re attack of We find i
two both of them gave up.
We gave him Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and remedy, which
cured him and believe hi life.
William H. Carbon Hill, Ala.
There is no doubt but his remedy saves
the lives of many children each
Give it with oil according to the
printed directions and a cure
certain. For by J. I. Wooten and
Coward Wooten.
of Mrs. Nannie
which occurred this morning at
Hospital Ashe-
ville The remains will be
brought to Kinston for inter-
Kinston Free Press, 8th.
was a sister
Mrs. W. King, of
Higgs Bros, are breaking;
to build a block of six
brick on their Dickinson
avenue property near the A. C, j
L railroad.
Notary c.
The Bethel Banking
I . T.
c. I G.,
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts secured
i 1,276.00
Due from 11,050.73
repairs to all ind f coin
e y, Steam erecting Engines, i ,., .
Tobacco machinery, all a
Agent for Machinery . ,
Electrical novelties. Give us a i ., . r
All work guaranteed and terms STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, County I M
enable. Message loft at H. I. I, II. of the above-named bank, do sol-
will receive prompt or phone swear that, the above statement is true to the best of my
Capital Stock 0.000.00
surplus fund
I less
and taxes 1,572.30
Time of i ; 1,078.76
See P. M. Johnston for mill
repairs and Terms
Grimesland Masonic Officers.
At the regular meeting of
Grimesland Lodge A. F- A. M.
Tuesday night, the following of-
were installed by Past
Master J. J.
J. C. Galloway. W. M.
W. E. Proctor, S. W.
L. D. Phelps, J- W.
J. O- Proctor, Treas-
A. O. Clark,
W. S. S. D.
W. S. Elks, J. D.
W. E. Tucker, S. S.
T. F. Proctor. J. S.
J. R. Mobley. Tiler.
Not Quite
How often you can i .
nail or screw driver or
lacking. Have a good
tool box and tax prepared for j,.
emergencies. Our line of tools
Is a you could desire, and
we will see that your tool
box does not lack a single
useful article.
Of Course
You get Mann
Horse Goods . c A
of ,
knowledge and belief.
sworn to be-
fore me, this 20th day of June,
T. Carson,
Notary Public, j
W. Cashier.
M. Blount,
Robt, Staton,
S. M.
I west
in Th of the la Mt forth by Its
in ruction under positively
by the Methodist Church, not to but lo f-n
place when ran be given training in body, mind, and heart at a i
Th 1-. n so fully -i nut that a
if T it of its i of mi
all for the year, table board, room, lights,
Mt, laundry, medical attention, physical culture, and tuition In all i
except elocution. Apply for and blank to

D. J.
Six Months
The people of a town are often
more or judged by the care
they for tin- burial place of
their dead- When such
are object of special care and
attention ii betoken a tender
Advertising rate may be had upon
business office in T-
Reflector Evans
Tim-. street.
Entered in the pa t at Greenville
N. C.
w 1909.
If the oil lose their
there will be ten with
The Season a
Social Events.
Editorial I Charlotte baa a city license of
Atlantic Hotel. or the privilege of selling
N. July the open near beer. A man named Dan-
hearted, devoted people,
this respect Greenville Dot
of the Atlantic Hotel. went there opened
at City, early in June, sale without paying the required
the I been a purpose being to
success and the next few weeks test the right of the city to levy
as a tax. a after
it might do. Cherry Hill
does not shew such care.
. . her-, with the
and attention s is creditable to
the town, the purpose of
this of it is in the hope
regimen of the North Carolina
National in ramp at Oar-
City, near
is i . be case, i
high of cotton comes too
late to I., the farmer.
p., I is an affliction
up. ii the Ki an party.
. th-
h turn more than to
the axles with printer's
the ii inspectors are t
draw w
while the I a
it i e ire for
; . of Tennessee
hope they will do at least as
well a- the night
m v trial.
Greens is about the
town work on the map.
Another trickster has fleeced a
. t near
if spirit improve-
,. train adds greatly to th
crowd with several warrants and
the outcome will he watched
with interest, as the result may
determine v. hat other towns can
and to make I
;.; about.
Sun lay the new
It will he no great while
pi pie there
The man ho dis
that watermelon seed u a i
cure . is on tin
right track to make that
Tis folly to argue who pays
the tariff when it is n
enough that the burden falls u
the consumer.
Rockefeller's additional
often millions the cause
education may mean another a I-
in the price of oil.
It is always good policy to l l
ahead, is why the
dealer goes the round
orders right in the hottest part
of July,
In Kent county. Kentucky,
live brothers wed live sisters, all
the marriages being in one
That was a family
fair, sure enough.
Si the cemetery hen
tty place, and proper
care could be male a spot o
real beauty. The chief
U method has be
us. in its ere. The only funds
ave available for use
c has been the
pro from the sale
lots. lie aldermen have
kepi ; from other funds
and in keeping up fences,
laying out an I maintaining
and the Id lots.
Ev, n this work was done only at
intervals when absolutely
tin re has bi en very
little system about it. When-
v.-r a lot sold the care of
I particular lot then devolved
upon the owner, and the a
committee had
n further interest in it. There
has never any concerted
a among the ow in rs as
. cl or beautifying he
.-Ii doing ibis
a . r it .-. d his
n i r . Hence it is
an exception w the . meter
las a whole presents anything
a creditable appear
but the rule is that when
some of the lots are clean others
are rank with weeds,
ones trading from th
But now the bulk of the lots
have been sold and -non there
will be no funds from this
do even the little
work In r. Ii fore done. Then
is evident ; hat some other plan
must be vised to care for the
cemetery, and it is with this ii
view that The Reflector has u
suggestion to oiler.
reached ML there is a for more
. in Greenville. The open-
of the East Carolina Teach-
Training School in October
will be the cause of many people
moving here and they will wain
houses. Now is a good time to
,;, m regimental
a days interval
, the present one. so
interest will be pro-
longed into August.
;. here, not a day nor a
light passing that is not marked
i brilliant event. Both
ID and night there are
dances, the number of young
people here being large, and the
bull room especially at night is
a scene of brilliancy.
From all pans of North Caro-
and other State-,
here en the seaside
its. The management of
the Atlantic Hotel is excellent
everything done for me
pleasure sis.
There are present here from
Greenville, and Mrs. T.
Jarvis, Mrs. F. lames and
sou. Mrs. K. and
daughters, Misses Irma, Lucille
Ruth. K. While. Frank
Skinner, J, Whichard and
two s ins, -I and Walter
Linden, There are also several
Greenville people at Beaufort,
just across the sound, town
also being tell of summer
Friday night in the Atlantic
hall room there was a fancy dress
ball and on Saturday night a
plan for building them.
Louisburg, one of the towns
that owns its water and electric
light plants, is going after the
matter right to induce the
people of the town to use the
service. That town
water taps with pipes to the
curb line free of charge, and j
wires houses for customers with-
out any charge except for the
actual material used, the labor
necessary to do the work being
furnished by the town.
The Reflector believes that
Greenville has made a mistake
along this line. Here a custom-
is required to pay for a
water tap and pipe to the curb
line, and when ii comes to
having wiring done the property
owner not only for the
material but also pays high
price for the work a well.
And if you do not believe
plumbing and wiring costs
something, just start out t.
nave a job done.
Made by Texas.
The latest for flying
machine honors is John Nichols,
of Bell county. Tex, who is
taking out patents on a Hying
machine that he claims to have
successfully navigated in the air
says the Dallas Morning
News. Nichols is a barber and
has been patiently working on
his invention for the past
years. He states that he took
his out for a trial trip a
few days aim an j found it would
work, and that he has hit upon
the correct principle.
will vote or
has been a recent-
much used head line over As the only revenue the water
news from Washington. What and light-plant has is the
senate expects to do and monthly rentals paid by i
what it does seems to at miners, it would be good policy
The agitation for street preach-
has led some of the minis
tors this State to try it. and
and where they have done so re-
on the part of the town to hold
out inducements t the people
to become regular users of the
service. There are many people
in Greenville today who are;
sticking to their pumps for
will you
Heart Action
There are certain nerves
That control the action
of the heart. When they
become weak, the heart
action is impaired. Short
breath, pain around heart,
choking sensation,
Guttering, feeble
or rapid pulse, and other
distressing symptom fol-
low. Dr. Heart Cure
is a medicine especially
adapted to the needs of
nerves and the mus-
structure of the
heart itself. It is a
strengthening tonic that
brings speedy relief.
Tit it.
ports say the audiences were ad burning kerosene for
for lights, when they would b
military b
in both of which
To have out-of door
preaching late in the afternoon;
regular patrons of the town's
and do away with night services j but for that first cost of
the churches hot Water taps and wiring.
weather, might not be a
idea. Farms for sale. Money to loan.
I Apply to J. L. Fleming,
will treat you ltd for
l with what I
ti. 01-. when
, . do m toM
,, , . i h many
when Hit Mil ; i
Into m and I to
try i -n-. have
taken II i. and now i am
not l
i- did it. I h in
in- ii will attract th at-
r I i l SM.
Mala be, Ky.
Your Or. Heart
Cure, .- n to return
Brit It
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Any tariff duty that enables a
manufacturer to charge that
much more for Ins product is
protection, and the consumer
bears the burden of it.
If every kicker was a booster
there would be that many more
boosters. Which class are you
in The man who cannot stand
up for his town is not much help
to it.
fully two hundred couples
participated. Every night after
the there are
sailing parties.
Mr. K. White tonight gave
a sail to twenty couplet.
Today Governor took
The Reflector man with a party
out on a sail trip
there was big luck at
There are no dull moments at
and it is most de-
place on the coast.
D. J. W.
The Observer says there are
automobiles Char
lotto, but very few of them has
paid the registration license
tax. The reason assigned for
The aldermen should employ a
regular keeper of the cemetery,
paying him a stipulated monthly
salary, who should do all the
work there. It should be his
duty not only to care for the
walks and few unsold lots, but
also for the sold lots, and the in-
lot owners should be
assessed a small annual tax to J this is that a test is to be made
help pay the salary of the keep- f the constitutionality of the
Aside from the law requiring
property owners in town to
their sidewalks, civic pride
cause every one to keep
the premises and all surround-
in good order.
It is a peculiar kind of love
that leads a man to shoot a
man because she will not marry
him, yet several cases of that
kind have occurred. Women
will have to be careful how they
let men go to see them.
The keeper should also dig
the graves and for each these
there should be a stipulated fee
to apply as a part of his salary.
In this way the cemetery would
be practically self-sustaining, or
so nearly so that there would be
little additional to pay. The
aldermen could readily enact
cemetery ordinances carrying
out this plan if it is deemed best,
and under this the entire
tery could be kept in good con-
all the time.
tax, in that it makes a double
tax on automobiles-
Ten thousand people
gating on the lawn around the
Minnesota capitol to listen to an
address by J. W. Bryan does
not indicate that he has lost his
magnetism or that people have
grown tired of hearing him.
It is keenly regretted that
Editor J. P. of the
Charlotte Observer, has suffer-
ed a relapse and had to be taken
to the hospital again. Home
months ago he had a stroke of
paralysis, but until recently was
Go over the schedule, see what we ask for
it, and then write us. It's a PEACH.
One two-story brick building, price
One residence, price
One residence,
Notes in good standing
Accounts in good standing
good lots at each
good lots at each
Five tracts
Miscellaneous accounts, etc
They have arrested the Devil
in Net York. His name
was Benjamin and the charge
against him was burglary. much improved that an early
Devil is noted for butting restoration had been
where he is not needed.
looked for.
we will substantiate what we say.
National Loan and Trust Co
. -v
Authorized Agent of The Easier,. for A and vicinity. Advert rates furnished
seed at S Mer. Don't , . , when j Money buy better
v you can get nice Bailing for they
M. M. Sauls makes the best
frames to order J. K.
returned go Dixon
day from City,
cold drinks that can be made at
the fountain- cold the
round Try one.
Robert Worthington went to
tell me that J. R. Smith
Co., Dixon are
as good wagons, carts and bug-1
as can W found v here, j
See them before buying.
Mrs. J. K. Turnage v.
Kinston Tuesday.
If you vast the best wire
fence buy. American.
E. Turnage Co.
J. W. Moore went to Kinston
Seed peanuts for by J- R.
Smith Co.-
I. J. and Richard
vent to Greenville
Spring dress cools and
to match at J. R. Smith
J. L. Reining. S. C. Wooten
and H. A. White, of Greenville,
registered at Betel Tues-
A car load of American Wire
Fencing just received.
E. Turnage Co.
L. E Jackson, of Plymouth,
came in Tuesday to organize the
Modem Woodmen of
H. M. Sauls has just received
a fine lot of perfumed toilet
war .
ReV. ii. U .
tot, c n i W
If y u a-am i
mouth, Va. came in
r to some with Miss
s ed and seed for
by J. K. Smith Co.
; . rt Griffin end Rod j r
Brooks, Sam Bar-;
v. of
man, came
to satisfy,
shoe dealers every where
Smith Co.
For good, gentle
cheap. Apply to box
N. C
Disc Harrows. Feed Cutters
all improved firm
be had from
E. Turnage Co.
W. E. Books, of Fremont,
r-r time with
Miss Nunn, who has-
Mi-s s Lorena and
Lizzie for a few
returned to her home in
Mrs. Robert
returned Monday from a t
her daughter. W. M-
Miss Jen-tie Turnage U
Monday to visit lust
p.- E a
an .-.;. a.
Id a, Kinston,
ti j-. i Wed-
V. L.
Gr at -i.
i ., turn i.
j. R. Smith Co.
ii. U C i.
is ,.
to spend time
. -i. F. Ban V
i. cement, window, doors,
leeks and hinges at J. it. Smith
Ben Joyner, of was
in town Friday.
wagon's are
of H. C
ten. E. Turnage Co-
Coward, of
town a while
at J. B. Co.
E. L- M.;. left
Don't forget that your hay
will need baling id that you
can a hay from
E. Turnage Co., your
own terms.
D. Gibb returned Friday
your mules
hoists, repair your bug-
and wagons on short notice,
J. R. C . Dixon.
M . ht. B. of Beth I,
m t i
She .- ltd M i y.
V. a I. i use
third leas than J- B.
Kit a Mamie Ruth
e.- i . i to
days with r
sail received at J. ii
ii Co.
Moore, who was in our
town a few days ago.
Smith and J. J- Mines
went op the road Monday
the same day.
A. R. and J. D. Cannon went
returned sometime this m rm i
cl Br r i
rightfully entertained a large
number of her friends the
in risk friend .
and returned Sunday. ;,, i, her cousin, Mis
All kind sewing machine- net . of
Va. the i
. . by Mr. and Mrs. E
. ; sh
the parlor re Miss i
. th c r
. Br ;
. . d over the punch bow .
i . joyed the evening
god r their
homes o
i. present a
Mary of Mew B
with i. A. Mis
with S, F. ;
Kim t n. J. V-
I . .
rm A. R. Can
Miss Annie w
P Fred Tucker
Turnage with J. J-
Miss Carrie Johnson h
;,. . . with
R L. Boss Rand
F. Mann, of
Miss Florence Blount with
Newton T- Miss Alice
SB. shuttles, bobbins and
e d thread rs for sale by J.
B, Smith Co.
Miss Mary Carraway, of New
who has been spending
time with Misses Lizzie
and Florence Blount, left Sunday
We wire surprised to find that
J. R. Smith Co. Dixon are ea-
line of
caskets of all prices and
lea, see them when Deeding
in this line.
Mrs. W- L Browning
her brother. Wayland Smith, left
Monday for Plymouth to
f. k
Hugh Corey, after pending a
days with his parent, left
Monday for Florence, S. C
Mrs- C. C. Moore went to
Greenville Monday.
Mil D. Gaskins, T. L Moore, U;
ending some time with
Mrs- D. G. Berry,
Miss Minnie Smith, of
is visiting Miss
W. E. I
night by G
W. L. went up l
B Smith and H. S.
. . and fun I
tended church at Fount in E
W. W. Worth
. i i; i .
I ed a bad ii
. ; V B n i -i
. Irene Smith
. V. . F
. , it and Saturday J
H i. Tyson.
. and
. were in j
and Jay.
5- is Hinson
. u I
Mr . Lucy t.,
. . i .
r, Mr I
. . a .
of were in n
; Irene Smith
v . .-.; I
in Fountain, her sister,
Rosa Williams.
lb Friday
i in i
f and a
W. h. and v. if went I
C. t attended the concert
at F y of
time with Miss Ore Matthews
J. Gardner. J. H.
Monday for her home in
Dr- and Mrs. C R. t . , .
turned Monday from Elizabeth Coward and Bland.
City, re they have been .-
At the Close of June
Monday morning.
. .
Con, I
., ii . cf
.- . I i
. E.
with his Mrs.
. U lost a barn of to-
Thai. day y
We to know that L.
r. All u. who has been right
is in proving.
C Moore is on the list.
B ii E
. . off
I. off P .;
. I by r
Stolen b .
hit of game
Umpire Bi-n i. Batt rim
D b
Lani -r i .
Miss Marie mm returned to
Wednesday from New Bern lo
visit her sister, Mrs. C. Noble,
a few days. She is on her way
home at Rocky Mount.
The Brick tobacco ware-
house is for rent. It is
located and lighted. The
right man can do a good business
here this season. Apply to J. R.
Smith Bro.
Mrs. C. Mrs. Prank
Burroughs and Miss Olivia Berry
went to Greenville Thursday.
Don't fail to buy from
E. Turnage Co. where
you can buy them at
J. H. Tripp went to Greenville
If you expect to buy a gasoline
engine E. Turnage Co.
can make price and terms
Mrs. of
Norfolk, who has been visiting
Mrs. D. G. Berry for days,
left Thursday for Hertford.
Harrows and cultivators at J.
K. Smith Co.
C. E. of
in town Wednesday.
Mason's fruit jars, cape and
rubbers for at J. B. Smith
Cora and Hen.
Moore, of came in
to visit Misses
and Jennie Turnage.
and Mow-
era and rakes for sale at old
price, E. Turnage Co.
We are very glad to see Mies
Lizzie Blount out again.
Any kind of sewing machine
needle you want at J- R. Smith
A. L. Blow, of Greenville,
was in town Thursday.
J. R. Smith Co. have the
largest sign in den, Us-
Shoes for Ladies and
Misses Vi r Cox. of Winter-
and Hughes, of
Washington, after spending a
few With Miss
Winterville Fri-
N. C. cut herrings at J. It.
Smith Co
L. of
was in town Saturday,
School books, tablets, Bibles
and Testaments at It. Co.
Mrs. Ann and
Miss left Saturday
bushels nice country
at per bushel at J- R
Smith. Co.,
Mrs. J. J. Elliott, who has been
spending sometime with her sis-
Mrs. M. M. Sauls, returned
to her home in Richmond
Ask Mr. E. E. about the
mill he purchased and let
him tell you all about it,
K. G. Cox, of Greensboro, was
in town Saturday.
Field peas, rape and millet seed
at J. B. Smith Co.
Miss Gay Johnson, a trained
nurse from Wilson sanatorium,
came in Saturday to spend some
time with her parents near here.
King Edward, of Great Brit
is one of the greatest of the
of Europe. There's
only one in Amer-
but that's the greatest of all
shoes, and only one bears
mark of
For sale by J. R. Smith Co.
C. L. Wilkinson, of Greenville,
was in town Monday night.
If you want a Mower or Rake,
we can give you any at
lower prices than we can replace
them. E. Turnage Sons Co,
J. T. Blount, of Richmond,
came in Saturday to spend a few
days with his father, W. S.
Blount, . , ,
Buy your brackets, balusters,
railing, poet
and flooring of J. R. Smith
Co. Dixon.
Resources j
as end discount. I stock
overdrafts unsecured
and fixtures
Demand loans
Due from
Bold coin
Undivided profits, less
minor coin cur.
bank and other
S. Notes 4.089.00
Total 180,080.12
8.402.861 cur. exp. and taxes pd. 884.87
206.001 Dividend unpaid TWO
Deposits sub. to check
Cashier's outstanding
n 1838 there a great deal
Dysentery and i-
h w s it Mm that
Colic, Di r-
Remedy w brought into
mi Ii mow
i r remedy or treatment, ind
I tin year
that r-cord. a
i i has to every
of Unite i SI and to many
of will t their
opinion la they
profit. Ii he
upon, even i-i the moat
cat . F L.
and Coward
I J It Smith, Cashier of the above named bank, do
statement is to the best o. U
Subscribed and sworn to be-
fore me. this of June,
Notary Public
We are prepared to furnish you with
House and Kitchen Furniture
at the very lowest prices. Cash or
Come to see us and we will convince you
of Good Road
Th good roads movement is
so rapidly
the and the interest is
becoming intense those
which fail to
approve of the rood roads sen-
will doubtless become
back numbers. roads,
regardless of how they come,
open up a much brighter future
for any
Mountain Herald.
Black Jack, X
Mies L Si
u i and i am av w .
Martha Williams.
and Henry
near Simpson visiting
Jessie w to Green-
ville Saturday.
Mr. H. J. Smith and grind-
daughter, Lucy, returned to-me
Sunday after spending few
days with her daughter, lire, a
Annie Gaskins spent
Saturday night with Misses
Lulu and Lucy Arnold.
In re was i i crowd
I from here attended Sunday
house Sunday morning.
We were glad W see such a
large attendance at our Sunday
school yesterday. We are doing
some fine work on our lessons.
We cordially invite all come
out and help us carry on the
to vi before you make purchase.
Tripp, Hart Co., Ayden, N. C.
It would bi- to overstate
wonderful of my mother since
she began to use Elector Bitters,
writ.-s Mrs. W. L. of Dan
forth, Me past she
seems really to i e growing young again.
She suffered untold misery from
for years. At last the could
neither eat, drink nor sleep. Donors
gave her up remedies failed till
Electric Bitters worked such wonders
for her They invigorate all
vital organs, cure liver and kidney
troubles, induce sleep, impart strength
and appetite. Only at all ts.
the old people to come out and
be with us. need help
in this work. So come out and
bring your children. Not send
them, but come and bring them
along with you.
We are having some fine
weather to put in tobacco, and the
farmers are making good it.
We want our customer, lo better
first this year we will surely you.
Yours to serve,
will treat you right
Dr Joseph
Musician and Surgeon
Office over Bank Building
W. H. Smith has purchased
the interest of A. D. Cox in the
Carolina Milling
Co. and will conduct the bus-
at the same place- All
work promptly looked after. Mr.
Cox will still with the
After doctoring for about twelve
years tor a ball e. and
spending nearly live hundred
medicine and fee,, I
ed my wife one box of a
Stomach and
her so mu h that the to
them have done m-j,
good than all of the medicine I
This medicine is for sale by J- I. woo-
ten and
Graduate Nurse
Ayden, North
will treat you will treat you

Monday, July 11th, 1909
in our store will be greatly re-
in price, as
s ft sole Oxfords to were
Oxfords too. were
11.5, were
A too. were
to were
to were
Oxford Tim to were
51-2 to s. were
1-2 to were
to were
Straps 1-2 to were
1-2 to S. were
to were
o 1-2 t. were
Oxford Ties 1-2 toll, were
to w. re
S 1-2 to It. were
to w re
Ankle 1-2 to were
to were
1-2 t were
Misses t. were
. 1-2 to
Oxford Ties wire
1-2 to were
Straps 111-2 to were
1-2 to were
1-2 to were
Oxford Ankle Straps, were
. were
Urn u were o the
toed floor on th
waiting for an and
n. I well.
r. .
. replied. real estate
Ml . j. on
they waited for the elevator
Kansas Times-
Tie., were
GO now
now SO
SO now
n w
l W
n w i
i v, w
n w
i v l
no 1-
now to
mi ;. w
i i ow
now Co
-I t ow
now If
ll ; . In
i .- f.--t i.-n ago. Now
at i
it Why. he's sot
I to d basal
Th- Half.
, In coaling
. I .; the corns the
sea I I .
I no.
l the
-1. i
Th Sets
dues be sold
l-t. Come before they
tr-- . J.
; in. ii
and rarely questioned the opinions
of others about matters
which were supposed to in-
j One she came home
. u new pair of under her
it at she
n they're the best I
r . .
t , her son. for whom
U . .-. wore intended.
the said that
could walk in than in
any others without getting tired,
and said that you couldn't walk
far just on ac of
your knee, you know, and he said
he meant farther for the
distance. So bought them, and
i here they arc. string,
She not notice the smile on
her son's face as he undid the p
e was spared the trouble
of explaining. Youth's
m Mrs.
M. A. White I tin-Singer to . e
r ; i
milk for
I .- i; and c i,,
i . . lie .-. I ask your pair
I-i Mis. M. A. White.
I haw to the John-
son pi am
better prepared ever to
a I Dairy
in T 2-4.
S. i.
When you have to
to No. II
ind J. G.
Should Have Special Attention at this Season
International Stock Food,
International Worm Powder
and Vermin Destroyer
Just Received
of Wire, and inches
Also a Car Load of Machinery
just arrived, consisting of
mowers, rakes, gasoline en-
disc harrows, smooth-
harrows, weeders and all
kinds of farming implements
in every line
.- . . .
We have some shapes that are not selling still this season's straw, such as
If Panamas, French Chips, Leghorns, Bleached and Grass Hats, and
we are going to sell for just one-half of former price. Our Milliners
will be here only a short time as this season's business is almost over, we think it courtesy we owe
many lady customers who have bought Millinery of us in the past that if you need a new hat
cheap or the old one remodeled for the summer's last days, the ladies here in the store will be
only too glad to help you any way they can in selecting one of these styles cheap, or fix-
the old one for you
Don't Hesitate at These Low Prices
shapes while they last
shapes while they last
shapes while they last
shapes while they last
shapes while they last
C. T.
Ground in Greenville
I am now offering some very desirable Residence lots for sale.
If you are expecting to build you a home or want to make a paying investment
it will be to your interest to see me.
I also have some splendid Manufacturing sites on railroad sidings for sale.
Terms to suit
L- C- ARTHUR, Greenville, N. C.
A t- the
hoes. If have aching feet,
try Allen's It rests the
feet and makes new or tight shoes
easy. Cures aching, swollen, hot,
sweating feat. and
bunions of nil pain gives rest and
comfort. Try it to day. Sold all
druggist and Don't
accept any to. For tree trial
package, Free of the
Ease Sanitary Corn-Pad, a new
invent on Allen S.
N. Y.
Acting and Overacting.
ii a much simpler thing to
t to in declares a writ-
in the Yorkshire Post on
tin- In this
i North Carolina Mountains
A Enough
On the before Memorial day
in one of cities s
the school board w
primary i after
is the
canto from
do you do on Decoration
the i
came in n chorus.
do you decorate their,
graves any more than
This was a poser, but Anally
little fellow held up
why i ho was
they are dead and
he adds, there is a good j
story told of Sir W. S. re-1
of Yeomen of the j
at the Savoy. A gentleman I
of the chorus who had a very minor
part made his entrance in a most
exaggerated manner, much to
author's disgust.
don't enter like I
said Gilbert. want any
beg your replied the
abashed chorus gentleman.
thought you meant the part to
so I do, I don't want,
you to tell the audience you're
man. They'll find it out, if I
To Make a Hit.
the girl.
responded the ardent
matter what the
why not send up II
bunch of tomorrow id.
It would be as expensive and
would make a big hit with
bur P.
In adversity It la easy to despise
life. The Is he
can n
Nicely furnished, every
Working the very
best barbers. Second to
none in the State.
Cosmetics a specialty.
Opposite J. R. J. G, Move
understand yon began life a i
observed n friend to a
replied the millionaire.
one has eon fooling yon. I
life as
Wholesale and retail Grocer
and Furniture Dealer. Cash
paid for Hides, Fur, Cotton Se d
Oil Turkeys, OaK
Bedstead, Mattresses, etc
Suits. Baby Go-Carts,
Parlor suits Tables, Lounges,
P. and Gail Ax
His-h Life Tobacco, Key
West Cheroots, Kerry George
Cigars, Canned Cherries, Peach,
es. Apples, Pine Apples, Syrup,
Jelly, Flour. -Hi--.
Lye Magic .
Oil, Cotton Se and .-.
Garden Seeds, .-v;
Candle, d Apples-
Peaches, Prunes
Wooden ware, and Crack-
en, Macaroni. Best But
New Sewing
and numerous goons.
Quality and quantity cheap
cash. Come He me.
In the of North Carolina, at the
close of June d,
Loam and discounts
Overdrafts secured and
V. X. Bonds to secure cir-
Banking house, furniture,
and fixtures
Due from National tanks
reserve agents
Due from State
and Bankers
Due from approved re-
serve agents
Checks other cash
for clearing
Notes ox other National
Fractional paper currency.
and cents
notes 1,600
Redemption fund with V.
S. Treasurer per cent.
S 1ST, 467.03
n so it t
The Greenville Trust Co.,
At the close of business, June
It I with
e. N, C . via I
Durham, Greensboro an i on
Overdrafts secured
Other stocks, bonds
Furniture fixtures
m. Ar p. m. loans
m Raleigh Ar p. m. from
I 9.8 a. m. I v Ar p, m. items
51-88 8.10 p. m. I silver coin, Including
I minor cm currency
4.4 o. m. a. m. j Nat hunk notes
Do y
discounts 1160,581.86 Capital stock
Surplus fund
1,087.96 Undivided profits. It
esp and taxes
1,000.00 Notes Kills re-
4,632.89 discounted
Bill payable
f 24,90.60 I
I . to i.
Che-i s
i o
6.07 p. m. r
p, m. Ar
6.88 p. m. Ar at n
n. m Ar Ash
I a in.
; . in
other U. S. notes
To ml
Other convenient Schedules and
LOG Through Car
Trip will en sill
Total 220,816.17 IS.
For Information as to Cares,
etc., cull on Agent this Company
Capital paid in or the
Surplus fund J. H. WOOD, R. H.
Undivided profits less cur- p j, p j ; p j
N. C. H. C. C.
rent expenses, taxes paid
National hank
Individual deposits
subject to check
Time I
Cashier's checks
outstanding I
j and
Industrial college
Maintained by the State the Women
j Carolina Four regular Courses
. . , m r. I to Degrees. Curs.-.
tall a
I. r. J. Forbes, cashier of the above- . j sir ,
named bank, do swear hat ,,,.,. , ,
the is true to the best e.,,,,,.,.
Of my and belief. ,
F. J. FORBES. Cashier. , ,. , V OS.,
Subscribed and sworn to before me 6-181 mo w
this th day of June 1909.
H. BATSMAN. TL w ,, ,. .
Notary InC North
For Sale
The State's college national
. in and
in Civil, and
I In industrial
Any nu. iii for
one of
West N. C.
I. s. Cut, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
swear th. above is true to the best my
edge and
Subscribed and sworn to lie-
this goth day of June,
Andrew J. Moore,
Notary Public.
M. A. White,
i; ti.
Norfolk and Southern Railway
Important Changes in Schedules
Between Washington, Wilson and Raleigh, N. C.
N . i
d v
Cotton Factors and handlers c
Bagging. Ties and Bags.
and shipments
W. M.
Ladies and Gents Tailor, d
Greenville, N. C.
Altering. Dyeing,
Scouring, Chemical and Dry Cleaning.
Satisfaction or no charges.
In rear of Herbert Barber
. . .
. . .,
Preparatory school for boys and girls. New dormitories with all
equipment, and furnished with test of care for the health of pupils.
Certificate- without to University of North Carolina
and of the South. Course includes manual training.
School accommodates term begins 6th, Write now
for reservations.
Kindergarten Normal Course Department
Only students with High School certificates are admitted t this depart-
Course covers two years. The students of this course a-- given
opportunity of observing the methods of teaching, developing and executing
with the children a plan work for the year, under the supervision of an
The aim of the training school is to give a special training to all women
who have tho care of young children to others who wish to he aided by
thorough discipline and ii creased insight h the Study of the
n gives; and to prepare young women to take a, principals
of Kindergartens.
ready for distribution. Address
Cadillac, Four
H. P.
in first-class
Equipped with top,
two gas lamps,
three oil lamps, speed meter,
horn, tools, extra inner tubes
one set of tire chains, pump,
This car has not been
four thousand miles alto
her, and runs as quiet
and easy as a new car,
been well cared for.
For price and further par
write or call on
P. H. HANES, Jr.,
N. C.
man you are looking for
when you need
Bill Posting and Sign Tacking
and tor Adv.
Pictures Framed to Order
P. M.
II. u
P M.
No, i No No. S
. r.; pt
y a v
. M. A.
k i
7.- Grime ma
8.21 vole 8.4
8.45 0.1
11.85 l
A Al. ft. .
Sun lay
A. M.
Through Schedule Between Raleigh, Wilson, Greenville,
Washington and New Bern, i. C.
A. M.
Safety Blades Sharpened
at cents a
for Carbon
Paper Typewriter Ribbons
none hotter made.
All I tin
A. M.
P. M.
P. M
P. M.
P. M.
H. C
WANTED or good, sober, re-
For Tobacco Flues
MRS. N. P.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Now n Sam on Point.
General Merchandise.
liable men to on salary or . r. . .
commission. Must be able to give ,
bond if
Hart Ayden, N. C-
Barber Shop
Herbert Edmond, Prop.
in main business sec-
of the town. Five chairs
in operation and each one
sided over by a skilled
Our place is inviting, razors
sharp. Our towels clean.
m for
dry shampoo and J.
dies waited on at their homes. P. T. M.
to Norfolk, Va Return I
The Atlantic Coast Line will
have tickets for all trains,
each Saturday and for Sunday j
forenoon commencing Sat-
May 29th and continuing I
to Saturday 4th,
to return Monday follow-
date of sale.
An excellent opportunity to
visit the resorts
of Virginia and North
at a minimum cost.
For information call on
or write T. C. White,
G. P. A.
Next door to J. R. J, G. MOVE.
Bonds, Life and Fire.
Hone Women's Greenville ft C.
A .

In Charge of a C. CARROLL
I t of and Rates on
. , returned to Greenville
A. v. A. liter Saturday evening.
short program, the lit
, ,. W.
Anew best crockery
w s called to th
Hugh of
ere the electric In his showed
a ready table. Cake and cream
. . i , . Then th class a
. to. , or awhile to y
M . went of social goodwill before the
; it may not
Vi. . ma- but was in
; air a spirit of
. . to the school and classes
have represented. To all
. and God speed
. j v. . Land plaster plenty of it.
,, severs . i th p
j . . . G Cl j u ill s s that you will have
ma Bl no pops.
. .- i you
p to you
; .,. , ., clerk
, . . . tr a right. I nave
were n
i our tow
Whit Is known as the
Is seldom occasioned by actual exist-
external condition j, but In tho
great majority of case by a dis-
which may be demons-.-.-
by trying a
to I
C o.
i . r
In . i trip to
;. .
C. S. Smith went to Kinston
night and I y
with his son. Dowdy, who
is just from an
of We are all id
to see Dowdy home again, am
hop, that he will lie entirely we'd
J. K. of Ayden, was in
town M evening.
J. B. Kittrell returned from
Oak City Sunday
The program for Young
People's Christian Union next
Saturday night Is in-
All members are
, that urged to be present
J E. Greene went o
Monday night and returned
After spending Sunday h r
with his parents M. B. Bryan
r urned to Zebulon Monday.
F. A and W.
t to Ayden I
L. L. and son, Linwood,
to n y.
; . s will held in St,
They the
They to
mind. They bring health and elastic-
to the body.
j . You want to gel
m a nice, perfectly wean
. ;. . lace. Ci me and get a
a d you I c me e
w. L House Co.
C . land eggs a specialty.
Come and get the best prices.
Harri . n, Barber
. . s, r ; airs
E i c p church,
carrying a nice line of on Sunday .
Caskets. Prices are noons at o'clock,
p. to. ;. b en d.
Miss Carroll, from i r
and tan
at . . ; A. G. Cox Mfg. Co.
sh You will need lime to
i tobacco furnaces e
ii .- it and can give you a good price
L o, a.
. C--x and daughter, .
; to g. d sheathing
. We can supply you
. , .
,, to say ,
B that have i receive.
. Prices cheap. r load of land ran
cheap. on same.
Co., Winterville, , t is going.
N . Barber Co.
, . site, or Car load of nice bay
Pact . .- vi . . Mi s Janie just
Salt A. W.
rs. rd Buck,
. x i . an I. Buck I ft for
Miss Norma re-
tun ed in m Bethel last night
W. to note th
grass of Bank . f Aim. vine.
. . ;. up
can line
Kills, His.
K. P. Sec. and
Wei pie sure in calling the
attention of cur readers to the
of St. Paul's
t Beaufort, N. publish
d in a- of this
j up r. ;. i one of the best
in our state
for and Its
. of s with-1
out x t
of North Ci J
College of the h.
Fall term opens Sept.
In connection with this ex-
c . a
I. Sch
h v r- , pi
,. . . women
v , v ha. ere of i
. II ugh,
course of two Students
B ma Loans and discount.
high school certificates See overdraft a secured
the advertisement . and unsecured
Evidence of Positive Supremacy
There arc forty-six manufacturers of sewing
machines in America.
How many can you name How many did
you ever hear of
i One name comes to the mind of every
woman immediately the Singer-and
there's a very good reason.
The Singer makes and sells as many ma-
chines in a year as ell the forty-five
manufacturers combined.
Q The Singer Sewing Machine is known as
the best sewing machine in cry country
on the globe. There is a Singer store in
every city of world. Why
Because, when you buy a Singer you do
not buy simply so much wood and steel
you buy the latest result of the longest
and best experience.
Singer Sewing Machine Company
u, St,
At the close of business, June
Capital Block
. Surplus fund
Hill returned m
v. n . ires to i
i . . . . this
i i no i a i paid the
State tax the first day of j Nat bank notes and other
tins m who
have not . the
s t of Ohio has
and fixture s
Due from and
it. nu
Gold coin
a i
.,. , . St t ,,
. pa
i. . . .
. . of Pin.
L ii her pa
rents, Mr. W. B. Win-
. an g I
;.,. i r . pa t.
. i . u and bee d
; at ave g i d material,
d workman I ;
. n has a n
I r, I
M day.
Prof. F. C. Nye Is busily ea-
g.; ,. i n ii . at t
. Hi, h sell He
. m . pros s
a iv. bi .
; good. A
b . .,. . also
s not.
Undivided profits, It
espouses and taxes pd 860.86
Bills payable 2,000.00
of deposit 202.20
i Deposits t ck
862.05 Due to Bas. and
Cashier's cheek 1.00
F. A
I a license tux in
. th one d by
. id a
t In ams sections of
. , . is a d able tax
, i i . I., . ex;
b th p this tax
II tO I c I t St Its
We J. K Green, Cashier and F. A.
of the above named i do solemnly that the above state-
is true th best and belief.
A st. r.
day of
i ashier
II Hunsucker,
A. G.
y. om bi
. . . . only i c of pr.
with a large number ii b ate which is
of u. i .
Fruit . i all d, all
A. V Co.
After spending several days
her t
Mrs. F. C.
Nye, is. S. left
y for Na
Y. team working very
hard now, should be good
to them using to
the fl us off. It i
teed. Call on as for it.
Harrington, Si Co.
Moore, of Green
A. .
N. C.
line of trunks and suit
received. Ai kinds,
A. Ange Co.
A nice lot of Motions in.
Come end see our n. v. styles.
Harrington, Barber Co.
nice lot of furniture
; at and below cot.
East Carolina Supply Co.
For good ard comfortable
school desk call or write A. G.
C-s Co., Winter-
ville, N- C. y have the
. at the right price,
ville, spent last night .,,. ,
. d x, s i y i i tho
. d
me i can cl testify.
I pr pert is in
property its the of
the and some
Greenville, N. C. May
E. it. Esq,
Mgr. Mutual Insurance I are taxed three r
to, of N. Y.
; Observer.
On the 8th of last June, I
took through your District
Mr. H. Bently
at the of business June 1909
Owing to
I have decided to sell my
Loan I Li J. I
Banking H-u-e, Fur-
F ea
. Surplus fund
1199.621 less cur. ex. tax's pd
Bills payable
and Janie Miss
Moore is former of W.
H. and has many friends here,
all whom were indeed glad to
of all kinds. Another
shoes came,
Everybody wear, Ayden wore m town a short
because its right, it wears while Monday
Us price is Belcross,
. or., visiting Miss Janie Kittrell.
Fruit jars, and caps.
We make the best buggies in
th county, and see
and be convinced.
A. G. Cox Mfg. Co.
A. R. and D. Cannon, of
. Deposit
to check
I Cashier's Checks
288.001 outstanding
121,176.01 Total
a policy on the new yearly re- I have decided to sell my I
term plan for at n Princeton in
a cost of per Johnston county. Nine minor coin CUT.
for the whole. I am cleared. Good buildings of notes
today in receipt of cat b dividend livery kind including tenant notes,
for which is about per houses, other notes
cent the first year. This verifies pack houses. Grist mill, j Total
the reputation of the Old w mill and two . ,.
Life as paying million timber, all goes. STATE NORTH A County of
dividend. ; Land ii very productive. I. G. T. of above-named bank sol.
I have another policy for Good healthy, swear the above is true to the best of my
in this company. siding on knowledge and belief. GARDNER, Cashier.
Yours Truly, located with
L. J. Chapman,
John Z. Brooks,
W. Dawson,
. Directors.
lot is U over.
The of the Baptist
Mrs. R- H. Hunsucker is
visiting in the country this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Johnson
J. P. markets, schools and churches, and sworn to be-
Ten from fore day of June
miles from and ore ,., ,
mile from Princeton. The
night ,. . . , . t ,.
oil or pill. The could he into at least;
your mi rob of Sot. K tracts, each track
Notary Public.
The r , . . .-, .
Sunday school are indebted of Kinston,
very voting John Smith, Mrs.
time last evening. In the school Johnson . fa her
chap -I devotional exercises were j John of was
conducted by the in town Sunday.
Dr. J. W. Bryan, of Greenville, I Rev. E. T. Philips filled his
made impressive address appointment in the Free
the and Will Baptist church Sunday
movements. They morning and night.
for is Mrs. B. T. Cox. and daughter,
made for train for j Miss Grace, returned from
They teach the young ton Monday.
to consecrate their service to After spending the day with
Those v. ho heard Janie Kittrell, Ward
with Dr. New .
never or but a fine farm upon it open
always cleanse the cure cold. cultivation. Price upon
at , , , ,,
a I , plication. Terms J rash, balance
in ten years. Apply to me at
Id N. C. E. J. Holt.
Business Dull.
Register of Deeds W.
Moore says there do-
in the marriage
line, there not being a single
plication r July 2nd. is
an unusual thing for no licenses
to be issued is so bug a time.
The Reflector does job work.
Try a can of herring roe,
cents, at S. M. Schultz.
Among the Colleges for Women in the South. Four distinct
Art. and Sciences, Music, Elocution Art. Run at cost.
Write for R. T. VANN,
D. J. Editor and Owner
Truth in Preference to Fiction,
VOL. No.
One Dollar Per Year
GOVERNMENT Happening. o in North Cam-
Chief Page of State Senate,
man at U. S Academy.
N July 19-1 His many in the
Letter, on th. Nearly miles of the
Oil k, the of waterway Beaufort to the
ThU Month. river-designed to avoid chief .,. the en. for
U dangers of
Editor ff B
I beg that you will publish the The dredging Dow j-
letter Hen. C D. M now I cat d in a creek,
Hides, Assistant Secretary of much difficulty is being
the Treasury, the mat-
of the site for the public
FACTS ABOUT PITT woman suicide.
ONE OF THE BEST COUNTIES Walk, in River and;
Played UM
D 18.-
A well known
Drowns J said Cowles
Mrs Annie Allen, wife of Sam; has played h the
Shows of j Allen, com
Land aid Adaptability to
Mr. Bryant.
It. has been discovered in Sot-
land county that an average of
six to one white the
school t. In one school
district are
will note the conclusion of the
to purchase the
site of the area de-1
scribed, provided the purchase
money dues not exceed to every day. Ad
in Scotland county Next
It is now upon
citizens of Greenville and know tin bottom
owners of the property to be
for if it is
to so, and be prepared to
notify Assistant Secretary Concord, July -Dame
on or before the 27th inst. It is Turner and Cabarrus
sot for me to any advice to farmers of the extreme lower
of regard- end of the county, were
their duty in this matter. city yesterday from t era it
In the event the was learned that Friday aft. r-
property is not purchased, the noon about o'clock
Assistant Secretary has not in struck the barn of James Little,
so far as I am aware. Ia prominent farmer Big Let
what his second selection will be, township. Stanly county, Just
lam adopting this method of, over the Cabarrus line, which
giving the greatest publicity to destroy d the four
the present status of this matter, mules, some machinery, and
Very shocks of wheat aid oats. Mr.
examination hack
has just, passed his ex-
and was sworn in.
Midshipman Timberlake, who
is only sixteen years old, is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Tim-
of Raleigh, moth
was formerly Hit.
Gotten, daughter of Col. R
who ably
county in tin last
Col. Cotton has already
two sons in the
Bruce Cotton, in the Unit, d
State Army, and Lieut. Lynn u
in tho United States
came through mater
Lee News
and Observer.
of the
afternoon drowning herself. about the we thought
She seemed to plan self destine-1 we had things good, he
deliberately and walked an comes along an J throws the fat
hesitatingly to her Mr. in the tire by introducing an old
B was coming up measure that h-is
river in his launch and earthly chance of pas log.
woman drown herself, but has a mistake, the
not near enough to p-event which I cannot
KY says the woman It is too to make
just below the la error,
wharf and waded into the which leaves w in b J hole.
stopping before Our other Grant
deep, water to lie a towel around and Morehead. have . . too
her head. Upon reaching deep, much sense to b in any
water she sank and rose several trap, and they will never
times and then Wei give their
Tee was recovered be- can in North
H. Small.
Little was known in this and
Stanly county for his
Washington. July 1900 methods in farming
Honorable John H. Small,
House of Representatives.
Referring to the Federal build-
site to be acquired Green
ville, North Carolina, have the
honor to advise that several
delegations of citizens from
Greenville have recently visited
the Department. They seemed
unanimous in the opinion that
the so-called
property would make
an ideal site.
A building on this site would be
wedge shaped, and to secure the
necessary space to
the service, the
must be on the
lines. To get good results
great sympathy is expressed
him in his which will
gate probably without
Knit Have the en the Auto.
Raleigh, July c
counties Rid police of the towns
in North Carolina are to
ed on at once by the secretary of
state on the strength of an
ion from Attorney General
to make arrests of all
m owners who are operating
their machines without having
paid the state tax and without
the registration and
I crops.
also important
county h is been
are o
set far enough back from the
apex of the lot to permit the
front of the building to be at
least feet wide. These re-
in conjunction with
feet op-n space needed
for protection from fire
the acquisition of a lot
measuring at least feet on
Dickinson avenue by feet on
Evans street; the rear line to be
perpendicular to Evans street.
The Department is willing to
purchase the site
if a lot of at least the above
stated dimensions is ottered for
the appropriated.
To allow the an
to arrange to make such a
proposal, consideration of the
Greenville case will be postponed
until the 27th instant; but if by
that time no offer for a lot of the
required dimensions at a price
within the appropriation is re-
the department feels that
the property
should be eliminated from
Will you be good enough to
take the case up with the people
of Greenville and urge the gen-
having the matter in
change to the
of the proposal as
much as possible
C. D.
Assistant Secretary.
Rocky Mount, July 18.-j having
Having caught from the n, number, d
during an early hour Friday to law. I evident Corn. and
to the secretary of state a; a,
very large per sent, of tho
owners of motor cars have not
with the
wane time there is a
a off in the
for license.
c the secretary of state
t. ask for an opinion from the
attorney as to the enforcement
and h rules now that it hi
especially up to th; sheriffs of
the councils to make arrests
and that the chief of police
should also see to it tint arrests
are made in th.- towns.
Charlotte Observer, keeps an
eye open for Rood things con-
North Carolina A f w
d ago he sent The Observer
tho following interesting facts
about Pin
A interesting report on
the soil of Pitt
North Carolina, by Messrs. W.
Edward J. W. Nelson.
bureau of
Sta's of have heard no reason assigned
tore, and Frank of the I for the drown.
The following is a chief
summery of the
Pitt county cents r
mil sand is I in
the S It lies
most for general
farming most of
consisting level,
areas, which become gent-
roiling to rolling as the
streams and or
county well
watered in j. I sections, there
I being a sufficient number -f
to furnish Hood
outlets for most of it.
Th- of tho county is
in a prosperous condition
land the principal money crops
are tobacco end cotton About
pounds of tobacco is
illy grown, which s i r
about Between
and 26.000 bales cotton
. c in
., .
this really desires to see th
carry the J. P
News and Observer.
According to a bulletin of
United States department of Character.
agriculture Character is greater and high-
of tobacco were produced i. ii than money, or live.
country in 1908. Of amount it determine the use
689,414.905 were ard direction of three. It
reached by the character of th-.- man
Railway. Kentucky, which whether he
Carolina, be a or a curse
a South grew to society. It Li char r which
more more than per cent, of m h learned
the total crop of the man shall as
States. The of the destructive or as a constructive
different States in pounds was fores in It is character
Kentucky, North J which love
Carolina, 131.000,000; be a n havoc
000- South Carolina, and ennobling Ufa
morning, the home of Mr.
son VicK about six from
this city in Nash county, near
the Dortches section, was de.
by fire. His family,
who were the sole occupants of
the home, were forced to flee for
their lives and nothing was
saved. The loss represents
walls about That this planter
has the progressive spirit i-
evidenced by the fact that
Approximately, -vis act s the determining force
the fa-m value oft;. behind money, intellect, love,
pro of tobacco on Dec m- an it in th.; greatest in
s inti . human Realizing this all
necessity of
careful thought and
care in building character.
. Ti ought
the must be I though his home was destroyed
midnight, before the noon
hour yesterday be had a force
hands moving the ruins of t-e
old building, and bad already
the carpenters to begin
Goldsboro, N. C, July 19.-
eight miles from this
city, was the scene of a terrible
tragedy Sunday evening about
six o'clock and as a result of
which David Bivens is dead and
his brother, James Bivens, was
held under justified bond for
August term of court,
charged with the killing of his
brother. The two brothers lived
within one hundred yards of each
other; and the tragedy occurred
in a cotton field between the two
homes. James Bivens had just of
left his home when he heard his custom
wife screaming in the cotton already
field, and running towards the for
scene, grabbed a hoe at tho to-
barn. He was startled to
see his wife being choked to
death by his brother, David
Bivens, and struck. his brother
. descent, with tin
exception of a few de
Q lite a few p. ope nave
into the county fr
and some few from points
in she central part . the State.
There s a largo colored
all of the
Throughout the rural
the has
c within the
county is fairy;
well settled, but could easily
young white man, convicted of a population
larceny at the present term of from of its soils,
court and who was sentenced to it advantages to home
the chain-gang for three years, j and settlers in that it
He requested the judge to change. a variety of soils which
his sentence to five years in the are a number of
penitentiary from three on the
Raleigh, N. C, July
United States Marshal Claude
Dockery has gone to
road and th people .
to be
Pitt county U included the
I nod its
have be; derived from the
weathering of the materials of j
the Columbia formation. Per- in
hap, no in eastern North here this w--k h.
Car a greater and asking
of which are suited to a be real
wider diversity of crops than others
do k Pitt.
Eleven distinct types of sails
were recognized and mapped.
The Norfolk series
crops. There is much cleared
land which is not being utilized J
and there are bodies of gently
rolling cut-over uplands or pine
forests which could very easily
to serve papers on a number of I be brought under cultivation.
property owners in connection In addition to these are the large
with condemnation proceedings areas, particularly the
and other
smaller bodies which can be
drained and reclaimed and
house. Congress under cultivation. All
provided ample of the lands in the county, ex-
the lower lying
for acquiring adjacent property
by the government for the an-
the Wilmington
the enlargement.
Some very valuable adjacent
property is to be taken by the
government and some of it will
have to go through the full con-
course in the courts
some of
areas, can be reclaimed and
Land values range from
to per acre for
proved lands to and up to
for highly lands.
The county is well favored
with facilities and
u the head, rendering him seems impossible to reach
senseless. He died fifteen min-; an agreed price without an order
later As his brother fell lot the court for a commission h in good
, James the government of time on the
soils, but the roads
j to travel
M . have bean
cut cards
Some appear to
like be
able to and t them-
selves without begging, in
days it Joe; not lake much
embraces or misfortune to turn a
tea types which are by far the man from the pursuit of honest
most important and which labor and make a public beggar
been classed as sand, fine sand, out of A Charitable people
sandy loam, fine sandy loam, can hardly tell whereto draw
and very fine sand loam. Of j the line on beggars, but they are
these the Norfolk fine sandy often imposed upon-
loam is the largest most
important type. It is mellow
surface soil underlain by a friable
sandy day which peculiarly For the week ending 14th
it for the production of the Chattanooga Tradesman re-
tobacco. It is also well suited ports the following new
to Irish potatoes, to- tries established in North Care
truck crops, cotton and
peanuts. The Portsmouth soils, j Roanoke Rapids cot-
the loam, sandy loam ton mills,
and largely J cotton seed
ed More of the Portsmouth oil mill.
fine sandy loam is
than any other soil in this series, j company.
These soils are adapted to corn
and oats. LOCAL BRIEFS.
The mellow and easily tilled
soils of this county, coupled with Nice Bunch raisins a pound
the level and gently rolling at S. M. Schultz.
surface, invite the use of all
New North Carolina
from the blow
carried his wife to her home and
by vigorous saved her.
She had been nearly strangled to
death, being black in the face.
Upon his return to the scene of
the attack he found his brother
stone and iron fence tough, on account of
with all marble, material and sand working deeply in the road,
tools now on hand are offered for A few miles of sand-clay road
sale for cash. Good location for have been built and this proves
Farms for sale. Money to loan. dead. yard. For particulars an excellent road. The work of
Apply to J. L. Fleming, Lumberton. h. C July A apply to J. C. Lanier.
ltd for request was made by a M should be extended throughout
w .- Dr. H. 0- Hyatt will be in
kinds of labor saving machinery. Hotel Bertha. Aug.
The climate is mild. The the first Monday
sons, out u,
For Sale-My marble tomb- the more u
the pro of a wide range laMes
of crops and two more can work do. .
grow each year. j no fee unless
For sticks.
J. F. Pollard.
m w
The Reflector does job work.
. I

Eastern reflector, 16 July 1909
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
July 16, 1909
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