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14 Impressions

david smith

chip lambeth

steve walker

Those of us who have been at ECU since the great boycott/visitation marches/ Fountainhead obscenity case of 1970-71 seem to have been through just about everything by now. We've seen the rise of the student movement, the immediate decline of the same, and now: streaking.

The inclusion of streaking along with student politics may seem inappropriate at first. However, ECU's student issues have never stemmed from earth-shaking things; the war in Vietnam caused only token interest, but visitation nearly had the campus in shards. ECU has always been what major campuses have only now become, a private- interest campus. We are, in short, interest- ed in our local cosmos.

Some observers claim that streaking at ECU is indicative of a great human/sexual awakening; the liberation of the student, and see tremendous social significance in nude running. A less profound thought is that streaking beats sitting around the Rat or the Crow's Nest, and is less trite than yet another parity raid. This editor can't agree fully with the "social significance" argu- ment; however, when you consider the progress made at ECU in general terms, streaking must fit in somewhere.

Four years ago getting visitation back was a vision of sorts, with students-versus- the Board of Trustees, and a march down Fifth Street - just to have co-ed visitation from 12 to 12. Today visitation is uniform, with one co-ed dorm and promise of a second. Four years ago this newspaper was under fire for printing obscenities, with students cheering on one side and adminis- tration and Greenville citizens writhing on the other. This year, the Buccaneer came out with at least half a dozen items which were declared either objectionable or obscene by critics. Instead of re-establishing the old students-administration rift, everyone established his or her own view of the matter. Most people simply said, "So what else is new?" and went about their business.

There have been changes in four years; we've seen a developing maturity in ECU students, or at least in student attitudes. And even the crowds who gather to watch streakers, or who participate in streaking, don't have the semi-obscene nature of the old panty-raiders. There's shouting, all right, and kidding around, but it's a cele- bration of sorts - no one's there just to stare or watch bodies. As for nudity - "So what else is new?"; but as a celebration of being alive, and of feeling secure enough and confident enough in living to streak, and of bringing in Spring with something nore natural than a panty raid or a three-day hangover, you can't beat streaking.

No, streaking doesn't signify any great new social order. It's basically a friendly sort of thing, rather brotherly-sisterly, and marks for all its convival madness, another small change at ECU, from the expected to the human. At least today, before it's hit the stage of triteness, nothing could be less indecent than streaking.

pat Crawford

march 7, 1974 Fountainhead editorial

charles griffin

Passing on the street, conversing in the halls,

Just a glance or a word or two.

Brief encounters of great influence

That come to mind years later

In reflections of times both good and had.

Impressions . . .

Here now, gone in a moment.

fust important enough to implant memories

That become twisted and jumbied,

Often iost in the mass confusion of thought.

Life . . .

A continuous pattern of impressions.

Reflections that continue to become one

Yet split to become many

To enlighten or sadden each new day.

Everything acknowledged

Leaves an impression upon the mind.

Impressions, reflections, memories . . .

Necessities in life, motivation for emotion

For lacking would he stoic and dead.

monika Sutherland

William toney

william toney

william toney

William toney

david smith


I watched as the water trickled over the broken rocks

And spilled its liquid laughter

In ever-widening circles on the pond.

And I marveled at the coldness of its touch on my palm.

When all the world was sunny and warm.

Things are not always as (hey seem.

I watched as a snake slithered into the water,

And his motions were as fluid as the substance which buoyed him.

He was a patchwork of green, gold, and grey.

His beauty hypnotized me.

Then he struck and killed a baby loon.

Things are not always as they seem.

I watched a plane fly overhead -

A wonder of technology -

Its wings and body silver against the blazing sky.

Then it dumped its load of insecticide over a field.

I could see the animals flee to find clearer air to breathe.

Things are not always as they seem.

1 watched an old man walk softly through the trees.

He picked his way carefully among the underbrush.

He stopped suddenly, and for the first time

I could hear the panicked squeals of a trapped animal.

Then he reached down and removed the animal from the trap.

I noticed with cold anger the hunting bag on his back.

But he sat down on a fallen log

And making sure the creature was unharmed,

He soothed its fears

And let it go.

Things are not always as they seem.

helen marinne creech

richard goldman

ed worthington

i'm almost moved in

it's lonely and quiet

i hear distant voices

muttered and matted music

laughter that has no jokes to go with it

the clock ticks

and steps are heard in the hall

and cars drive by

it's dark outside

and lonely

like everyone is living in a silent world

with glass walls

there are so many people living all at once

and anything is happening

but no one knows

who speaks the words

who sings the songs

who laughs

who walks down the hall or

where the cars are going

debe hicks

Nielson at the Lectern

This morning once again, as yesterdayM\

I'll stand at lecture here.Each time I start

Impassive, stony faces meet my eyes

With flagrant unconcern. They sense a fear.

Oh, let me touch you, children! Smile at me!

I stare, dumb, at the words that I will read

Today, choking words that glue my throat

Like so much muciJage or so much paste

And strangle thoughts before they can be voiced:

Michelangelo's life, his painting

A ceiling on his back, creating both

Creation and a pitiless demise,

The way the other Michelangelo

Seems to have died, murdered as he was

And by a nameless infamy whose sin

Against humanity has not been fathomed,

Yet who could not have known the power in

Those hands, that face, that Puckish, girlish face

He painted often, painted lovingly:

Symmetric, feminine.

God, to have been

His Lover!

Michelangelo liked boys, they say,

And he was sought by ciergy, sought by popes.

Then here am I. An aging, dying man,

I see myself grown senile, toothless, soft:

How will I face a mirror, or a glass?

Uncreative - but I appreciate

And that is half of art. Someone must look:

Someone must love. Perhaps I'll grow a beard.

To touch those hands! Those magic, artist's hands

That painted God so real He seems to fall,

That fondled young King David in the everlasting stone.

Who must have stood for that? Who felt the eyes

Of Michelangelo caress his adolescence?

So David danced before his Lord. The Lord,

If He appreciates aesthetic things,

Small wonder He crowned David as His king!

Still, what of me? What canvasses would I

Cover with the passion that was his?

The form? The color? Could I if I would?

Children, will you teach a balding fixture

The artistry of youth? Will your lithe limbs,

Your musky bodies (so in contrast here

With my forced, feigned respectability

All Listerined and Old Spice aftershaved)

Turn them toward me! Turn them toward a man

Who comes to you as Michelangelo

Lacking just his gift, his artist's hands

I see you in the mind with no less dream

Or vision in my heart.

There is a child

Who has come early in the room today,

I see him; he stares through me to the wall.

Would Michelangelo have sculptured that

Or would he, jealous, guard from others' eyes

The muscle and the sinew and the warmth

That will not last, that cannot he preserved?

He must have loved the Virgin very much.

Why else provide her with a young man's arm?

The other had no popes, but he had friends:

A life so different from his work, and yet

Because, they say, religious at the end

Though stabbed to death beside a Roman whore.

Christ too, of course, found Mary Magdalene

Not, shall we say, in Temple on her knees.

Those grinning boys he painted in his youth!

Triumphant Eros smiling so you'd think

With such a puzzled near self consciousness

The painter had just told an obscene joke

The boy could only partly comprehend

So laughed full loud to hid his ignorance.

Still, Monte paid more than d'Arpino could

And so the second Michelangelo

Became religious, painted holy saints

Old Matthew and the Virgin's bloated corpse,

And so he died. A moral must be there.

doug mc reynolds

Before Jason there was no one, only emptiness and despair, and then he taught me to laugh

and I saw things through a different light.

There is no love to compare with a child's,

no smile can say as much as his.

And now, no one can take his place my Jason.

kathy jones

trespassing on minutes

life walks

bereaving, bestowing

from year to year

the parting words of warriors

whispered on December's deathbed

become only silhouettes

reflected in a memory mirror

and the infants' January cry

the prologue of procreation

now in the age of Superman and Wonderwnmun

heaven and earth

embedded in zenith

entwine titanic tbighs

mountain und valley merge

sword impregnates deita

yielding generations

Darwin, the godfather

of these Spartan sons,

smiles at the colossal conception

blessing the future of the fittest

teresa speighl

i had no choice; it was set before me and i was forced to try it though i hungered not

at first

i disliked its acridity, its dual flavor of acidity and baseness, but now i've acquired a taste for life

teresa speight

david smith

david smith

Chancellor Leo W. Jenkins...


Alexander, S. Rudolph Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Bailey, Donald E. Dean of General College

Baker, Worth E. Registrar

Boudreaux, Robert M. Financial Aid Officer

Boyelle, Joseph G. Dean of Graduate School

Buck, Melvin V. Director of Personnel

Capwell, Richard L. Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

Cullop, Charles P. Associate Dean of Graduate Schoo

Fulghum, Carolyn Dean of Women

Holt, Robert L. Vice-Chancellor and Dean

Horne, John Dean of Admissions

Howell, John M. Provost

Irons, C. Frederick Director of Student Health Services

Irons, Malene G. Dir. of Dev. Evaluation Clinic

James, Furney K. Director of Placement Bureau

Lamm, Doris T. Administrative Assistant

Lang, John A., Jr. Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs

Leggett, Donald Y. Director of Alumni Affairs

Lowry, James Director of Physical Plant

McDaniel, Susan J. Assistant Provost

Rowe, Claiborne C. Assistant Dean of Men

Smith, Nancy J. Assistant Dean of Women

Threewitts, George Assistant Director of Public Relations

Tucker, James H. Dean of Student Affairs

Ussery, Robert M. Director of Institutional Research

Vainright, Julian R. Assistant to the Business Manager

Weigand, George R.J. Dir. Of Guidance and Counseling

White, Henry A. Director of Accounting

White, James L. Coordinator of Special Projects

Willis, Thomas W. Dir. of Regiona Dev. Institute

Wooten, Dan K. Director of Housing


Acevez, Luis Foreign Languages

Adler, Carl G. Physics

Ajmera, Ramesh C. Physics

Arledge, Alice Education

Arnote, Thelma Child Development and Family Relations

Arwood, Frank Elemetnary Education

Bailey, Garlan F. Continuing Education

Baker, Ira L. English

Baro, Jose Foreign Languages

Bassman, Michael Foreign Languages

Bearden, James H. Business

Becker, Laura Speech, Language, and Auditory Pathology

Belcik, Francis P. Biology

Benjamin, Lloyd W. Art

Berrier, John D. Aerospace

Bezanson, Warren B. English

Birchard, Ralph E. Geography

Bishop, Bobby A. Geology

Bland, Charles E. Biology

Blok, Jack H. Geography

Boone, Robert L. Health and Physical Education

Boyce, Emily S. Lib. Science

Brandon, Dorothy Accounting

Briley, Anne Library Science

Brinson, Mark M. Biology

Broadhurst, Ruth Nursing

Broussard, George L. Music

Bovi, Wayne English

Brown, Charles Q. Institutional Development

Brown, Robert M. Education

Browning, Hazel Nursing

Bruton, Earl D., Jr. Aerospace

Bunger, Robert L. Sociology and Anthropology

Byrd, James W. Physics

Carroll, Diana Home Economics

Chamberlain, Charles F. Art

Chantrill, James A. Library Science

Clark, Amos O. Education

Clemens, Donald F. Chemistry

Cohle, Charles R. Science Education

Colcord, J. Marshall Accounting

Collins, Donald E. Library Science

Collins, William H. Business

Congleton, Donna English

Connelly, Ernest J. Library Science

Corwin, Betty Psychology

Coulter, Byron L. Physics

Cramer, Robert Geography

Creech, Rober L. Mathematics

Crickmore, Vivian Continuing Education

Christman, Russell M. English

Dancy, Donald R. Allied Health

Daniel, Hal J. Speech, Laugange and Auditory Pathology

Daniels, Frances Business Education

Daugherty, Patricia Biology

Davis, Dennis C. Physical Therapy

Davis, Graham J. Biology

Davis, Tranton G. Environmental Health

Debnath, Lokenath Mathematics

Debter, Ouida C. Accounting

Dewar, Thadys Business Education

Donnalley, Judith Library Science

Downes, sheldon C. Allied Health

Durham, William H. Business Education

Eagan, Elsie Education

Abbs, John D. English

Edmiston, Robert S. Art

Edmiston, Sara Art

Edwards, Vivian Allied Health

Eller, Frank W. Science Education

Eutsler, Nellvena English

Evans, Tom L. Art

Everett, Grover W. Chemistry

Fabisch, Gerald A. Aerospace

Fadely, Ernest W. Aerospace

Fahrner, Alvin A. History

Farnham, Emily Art

Fernandez, Esther Foreign Language

Fernandez, Joseph A. Foreign Language

Fleming, Ruth English

Franke, Robert H. Political Science

Fuller, Frank G. Education

Gantt, Robert B. Health and Physical Education

Gartman, W.J., Jr. Allied Health

Giles, David H. Special Education

Glover, Erma English

Gordley, Tran Art

Gray, Wellington B. Art

Grimsley, Jimmie R. Health and Physical Education

Gross, Dawyer D. Philosphy

Gross, Tennala Mathematics

Gulati, Umesh C. Economics

Haggard, Paul W. Mathematics

Haigwood, Thomas J. Technology

Hamilton, George F. Physical Therapy

Hawkins, William W. Geography

Hardison, Janice English

Harrison, Alice Business Administration

Hausafus, Cheryl Home Economics

Heard, John M. Music

Heckel, Edgar Chemistry

Heckrotte, Carlton Biology

Henderson Ronald F., Sr. Aerospace

Herring, Elizabeth Library Science

Hill, Helga Foreign Languages

Hill, Joseph A. Business Administration

Hix, James E., Jr. chemistry

Holmes, Keith D. Education

Hoots, William R. Technology

Horne, Marguerite C. Library Science

Hudson, Keith C. Education

Hume, W. Garrett Speech, Language, and Aud. Pathology

Hurley, Patricia Home Economics

Ito, Takeru Biology

James, Kenneth C. Accounting

Jeffreys, Donald B. Biology

Jennigs, A. Ray Geology

Johnson, F. Milam Mathematics

Johnson, Ludi W. Library Science

Jones, Ray L. Business Administration

Jones, Ruth Accounting

Joyce, James M. Physics

Kelly, John T. Technology

Kelly, Patricia Home Economics

Keusch, R.B. Business

Kilpatrick, Janet Library Science

King, Katherine Library Science

Knox, David Sociology

Lapas, Martha Library Science

Lamb, Robert C. Chemstiry

Lambeth, H. D., Jr. Counseling and Guidance

Lambie, Ruth Home Economics

Laniet, Gene D. Library Science

Lao, Rosina Psychology

Lao, Y.J. Allied Health

Laurie, John S. Biology

Leahy, Edward P. Geography

Leahy, Palmyra Geography

LEggett, Janice Nursing

Leith, Robert W. Technology

Lewis, Frederick C. Allied Health

Li, Chia-yu Chemistry

Limer, Edmond W., Jr. Continuing Education

Little, Monte F. Health and Physical Education

Long, Thomas E. Psychology

Loquist, John S. Aerospace

Love, Nash W. Home Economics

Lowe, Velma Business Education

Lowry, Jean Geology

Malherbe, Francoise Foreign Language

Manning, Nannie Mathematics

Martin, George Geography

Mattheis, Floyd E. Science Education

McAllister, Warren A. Chemistry

McDaniel, James S. Biology

McDonald, Maylon E. Education

McGlohon, Leah Library science

McGrath, Harold M. Business education

McLendon, Waller J. Education

McMillan, Douglas J. English

McReynolds, Douglas J. English

Mitchell, Charles C. Psychology

Moe, Halvor English

Moore, Charles A. Psychology

Moore, Elizabeth Library Science

Moore, Judy Library Science

Moore, Miriam Home Economics

Morales, Manuel Foreign Languages

Mueller-Roemor, Peter R. Mathematics

Muzzarelli, Robert A. Allied Health

Neel, Francis L. Art

Nicholson, James D. Science Education

O'Connor, Michael P. Geology

Owens, Phoebe Library Science

Padgett, Richard E. Environmental Health

Patrick, Joseph E. Business

Patterson, Nancy Library Science

Pendered, Norman C. Technology

Perry, Marguerite Foreign Language

Pignani, Tullio J. Mathematics

Pittillo, Cherie Biology

Pritchard, William F. Education

Quinn, Ben D. Education

Rachal, John R. English

Ratcliffe, Lona Nursing

Read, Floyd M. Science Education

Riggs, Stanley R. Geology

Rivenbark, Henry G. Education

Russell, Ralph E. Library Science

Ryan, Edward D. Biology

Sanders, F. David English

Sanderson, William C. Education

Satterfield, Dorothy Art

Saunders, Frank W. Mathematics

Saunders, Jo Health and Physical Education

Sayetta, Thomas C. Physics

Seykora, Edward J. Physics

Scharf, Ray Health and Physical Education

Schmidt, Elisabeth Home Economics

Scott, Alice Home Economics

Scott, Blondy E. Technology

Scott, Ralph L. Library Science

Sehgal, Prem P. Biology

Shea, Jannis Home Economics

Smith, Vernon M. Geography

Snyder Waldron Business Administration

Snuggs, Thelma Home Economics

Sorenson, Mary English

Sowell, Katye Mathematics

Speight, Francis Art

Splitter, Rosalie J. Home Economics

Stapleton, Hazel Psychology

Steer, Helen Drama and Speech

Steila, Donald Geography

Stephenson, Marilyn Library Science

Stephenson, Richard A. Geography

Stephenson, William English

Strumph, Gunter Foreign Language

Sugg, Howard A. I. Political Science

Suggs, Joanne Nursing

Sykes, Marion P., Jr. Continuing Education

Tien, Pei-Lin Geology

Thornton, Jack W. Economics

Todd, Richard C. History

Tucker, Carol Health and Physical Education

Varlashkin, Paul G. Physics

Vickers, Joel E. Allied Health

Waldrop, Paul E., Jr. Technology

Watson, Ann Library Science

Wells, Audrey Allied Health

Wells, Richard F. Allied Health

Wiggins, Minnie Library Science

Wilcox, Tilton L. Business Administration

Williams, George E. Health and Physical Education

Williams, Mary Library Science

Workman, Daniel W. Education

Yadav, Geneva H. Home Economics

Yamashita, Katsutaka Political Science


Allen, Mary H. Greenville

Beaman, Jane R. New Bern

Brooks, Allan F. Greenville

Bullard, Kay S. Greenville

Burch, James D. Greenville

Capeci, Robert L. Jacksonville

Carawon, Robert E. New Bern

Clark, Rhonda J. Greenville

Creech, Jimmy E. Wilmington

Cullifer, Betty K. Charlotte

Culton, Martha A. New Bern

Dameron, Tim L. Burlington

Daniels, William C. Greenville

Dyer, Nancy E. Kinston

Folsom, Richard K. Fayetteville

Freeman, Steve A. Morehead City

Fulcher, Diane Atlantic

Giles, Billy E. Greenville

Glosson, George E. Burlington

Hall, Braxton, B. Morehead City

Hart, Raymond J. Southport

Helms, Charles D. Greenville

Helms, Karen G. Greenville

Horne, Diane F. Kinston

Huffman, William H. Greenville

Johnston, Barry F. Greensboro

Jones, Luther C. Micro

Landsperger, Walter J. Greensboro

Lassiter, Lottie M. Ashokie

Lee, Do Y. Seoul, Korea

Loesche, Patricia J. Greenville

Mann, Jody L. Colonial Heights, Va.

Mare, Charles A. Greenville

McCullough, Gary L. Norlina

McLaughlin, Lee R. Greenville

McMann, David W. Greenville

Mowbray, Anne R. Wilmington

Nelson, Patrice M. Havelock

Newman, James B., Jr. Greenville

Noble, Douglas T. Kinston

O'Neal, Everette L. Pantego

Overton, Gary P. Ahoskie

Parkinson, Alan S. Massena, N.Y.

Patterson, Carol A. Greenville

Perry, Marie R. Kitty Hawk

Pollard, M. Regina Dunn

Purvis, Frieda W. Greenville

Quinn, Wendy E. Washington, D.C.

Rabold, Gail M. Newton

Rawls, Julian R., Jr. Greenville

Robertson, Harold R. Littleton

Royal, Mark A. Fayetteville

Shah, Rajul V. Bombay, India

Stanley, Cynthia S. Clarendon

Stroud, Joseph E., Jr. Fuquay-Varina

Taylor, James F. Newton, N.J.

Tedder, Judith L. Greenville

Tharp, Peter J. Greenville

Thinakaran, Nachiappan G. Greenville

Thomas, Eric C. Wilson

Vincell, John H., III Garner

Vinson, Noma C. Swansboro

Walker, Eddie L. Asheboro

Willis, Michael M. Morehead City

Willis, Tomianne Farmville

Wilson, Sandra W. Greenville

Wilson, Stancil W. Greenville

Yates, Royal Goldsboro


Abene, Stephen G. Ayden

Abrams, Martha L. Raleigh

Adams, Constance Newport

Adams, Darrell H. Merry Hill

Adams, Diana L. Salisbury

Adams, G. Randy Roxboro

Adams, Kenneth C. Yadkinville

Akers, Beverly A. Kinston

Akers, Bruce D. Kinston

Allen, Ava T. Concord

Allen, Irvin M. Warrenton

Allen, Jackie B. Lexington

Allen, Maxter E., Jr. Ansonville

Aman, Iris M. Dunn

Anderson, Carol L. Tarboro

Anderson, Jonell Aberdeen, Md.

Anderson, Mary G. Greensboro

Andres, Renee J. Winston-Salem

Andrews, Ruth E. Smithfield

Ange, Patricia A. Pantego

Angel, David W. Greensboro

Annarino, Will R. Asheville

Anthony, Ronald W. Raleigh

Applegate, Joseph B. Greenville

Arlin, Roxanne Gisbonia

Armstrong, Connie L. Nashville

Arthur, Toby R. Trenton

Ashby, Rebecca H. Greenville

Ashe, Raymond B. Williamston

Ashley, Joan M. Roxboro

Askew, Milton H. III New Bern

Austin, Dorcas D. Greenville

Austin, William B. Burlington

Aydlett, Michele E. Greenville

Bagnall, Constance R. Valley Stream, N.Y.

Bailey, Beverly J. Williamston

Bailey, Judy K. Greenville

Bailey, Merrimon S. Greenville

Baird, Ann E. Kings Mountain

Baker, Sharon G. Dallas

Ball, Jane Madison, W. Va.

Ballance, Bernice J. Morehead

Ballentine, Martha J. Charlotte

Banks, Eddie M. Trenton

Banks, Melva L. Greenville

Bannermon, Joan E. Kinston

Barbee, Deborah J. Greenville

Barbee, William C., Jr. Greenville

Barber, Catherine F. Charlotte

Barbour, Robert D. Fayetteville

Bardill, Carolyn H. Durham

Bardill, Harold W., Jr. Jacksonville

Barefoot, Richard R. Greensboro

Barnes, Anita P. Severn

Barnes, Brenda K. Greenville

Barnes, Debra A. Clayton

Barnes, Joseph E. Lewiston

Barnes, Robert B., Jr. Roanoke Rapids

Barrick, Dennis M. Silver Spring, Md.

Barrentine, Clarence M. St. Pauls

Barrington, Debra Greenville

Barrington, Slyvia G. Raleigh

Barrow, Susan L. Raleigh

Bashford, Nancy J. Raleigh

Bass, Ann M. Raleigh

Bass, Brenda A. Nashville

Bass, Don C. Newton Grove

Bass, Joan E. Raleigh

Bass, William T. Edenton

Battle, Nan L. Rocky Mount

Bayer, Sheryl A. Bloomingdale, N.J.

Beam, David B. Raleigh

Bean, Carrie L. Kannapolis

Beaver, Javier E. Waynesboro, Pa.

Becker, Jeff F. Albemarle

Beddingfield, Jenny C. Wilson

Bell, A. Carl New Bern

Bell, Mary K. Rocky Mount

Bender, John H., III Pollocksville

Bengtson, Frances A. Lumberton

Bennett, Doris E. Lillington

Bennett, Edward J. Greenville

Bennett, Sharyn Y. Havelock

Benson, Douglas M. Angier

Bennett, Marcia G. Greensboro

Betts, Meredith D. Milford, Del.

Biddell, Ruth C. Laurinburg

Binkley, Ronald B. Miami, Fla.

Black, Ernest C. Charlotte

Black, Rober M. Whiteville

Blackard, Barry L. Burlington

Blackwelder, Harold L. Concord

Blackwelder, Linda A. Greenville

Bland, Willie Sue New Bern

Blowsky, Gary A. Morristown, N.J.

Bodenhamer, William H., III Jacksonville

Bogue, Betty A. Fremont

Boles, Sadie D. Walnut Cove

Bonner, Angela S. High Point

Bonner, William R., Jr. Edward

Bost, Debora G. Kannapolis

Boubnight, Joyce A. Washington, D.C.

Bowers, Ronald J. Jacksonville

Bowles, William E. Crewe, Va.

Boys, Robert Greenville

Brame, Jeffrey W. Burlington

Brame, Nancy D. Clemmons

Brantley, Barbara J. Rocky Mount

Brett, Suzette R. Como

Bretting, Michael M. Palos Verdes, Cal.

Brickhouse, Rita F. Columbia

Brinkley, Nora L. Rutherfordton

Brinn, Harriett L. Rocky Mount

Britt, Nancy B. Lumberton

Brock, Brantley A. Durham

Brock, Kathy L. Tarboro

Brock, Sandra E. Greenville

Broughton, Durwood L. Rocky Mount

Brooks, E. Tracey Greewich, Conn.

Brown, Carol J. Lillington

Brown, Gloria J. Smithfield

Brown, Jean T. Jacksonville

Brown, Judith A. Selma

Brown, Nancy N. Greenville

Brown, Ralph A. Greenville

Brown, Rebecca J. Kannapolis

Brown, Roma K. Williamston

Brown, Ronny G. Selma

Bruce, Kerry L. Havelock

Bruton, Jasper b. Thomasville

Bryant, Joan R. Charlotte

Buchanan, George A. Kinston

Buchholz, John F., Jr. Southern Pines

Buckley, Joseph L. Greenville

Bullock, Peggy J. Williamston

Bunch, Michael L. Belvidere

Bunn, Jimmy D. Tarboro

Bunn, Richard A. Rocky Mount

Burke, Gregory D. Winston-Salem

Brukhead, Mary E. Fayetteville

Burnette, Robin L. Greenville

Burns, Karen S. Newark, N.Y.

Burroughs, Arlene W. Havelock

Burrow, Mildred L. King

Butler, Trudy A. Annaplis, Md.

Byrd, Martha c. Raleigh

Byrer, Frederick S. Charles Town, W.Va.

Byrum, Betty N. Edenton

Calhoun, Brenda M. Rocky Mount

Campbell, Geraldine M. Newport

Cmapbell, Rhonda S. Sanford

Campbell, Susan D. Greensboro

Campbell, Thomas J. Sanford

Canady, Harriette A. Richlands

Capshaw, Sarah L. Warminister, Pa.

Cardwell, Deborah S. Madison

Carriker, Cynthia S. Charlotte

Carroll, Garthie A. Autryville

Carson, Debra J. Greenville

Carson, Jerry A. Robersonville

Carson, mary S. Lillington

Carter, Steven J. Greenville

Cash, Marhorie A. Oxford

Castevens, Charles M. Greenville

Caudill, Alaska R. Havelock

Caulton, Kevin W. W. Trenton, N.J.

Cayton, Sandra M. Greenville

Chadwick, Mary R. Norfolk, Va.

Chadwick, Ivey T. Straits

Chadwick, Marilyn W. Smithfield

Chambers, Art Seven Springs

Chambers, Harvey H. Kinston

Chapman, Kathryn C. Rocky Mount

Chappell, John E. Richmond, Va.

Cherry, Mildred G. Whitakers

Chick, Janet L. Silver Spring, Md.

Claiborne, Janet M. Greensboro

Clark, Carmen P. Arlington, Va.

Clark, Frieda A. Cary

Clark, Jerry W. Greenville

Clark, Robert D. Reidsville

Claybrook, Cheryl L. Ayden

Clayton, Susan C. Roxboro

Clopton, Martha K. Henderson

Cobb, Peggy A. Farmville

Coble, Ray M. Snow Camp

Coggins, Carol S. Sanford, N.C.

Cole, Max T. Eagle Springs

Cole, Patricia D. Sanford

Cole, Susan T. Whiteville

Coleman, Barbara E. Neptune, N.J.

Collier, Dora B. Williamston

Cook, Elizabeth H. Lake Waccamaw

Cook, George G. Greenville

Cook, Harriet E. Wilson

Cook, Simon H. Rocky Mount

Cooley, Jan E. Mooresville

Cooper, Jan J. Burlington

Cope, Ronald E. Greenville

Corbett, Janice E. Greenville

Corbett, Sandra C. Goldsboro

Corriler, Randall A. Salisbury

Covington, James T., Jr. Winston-Salem

Cox, Guy O., Jr. Wilson

Crandall, Lela K. Robersonville

Crawley, Michael E. Littleton

Creech, Minya C. Pine Level

Creech, Patricia O. Kinston

Creech, Teresa J. Smithfield

Cromartie, Mary B. Chapel Hill

Crooke, Janet E. Monroe

Crosby, Johnnie J. Kosciusko, Miss.

Crotts, Deborah B. Jamestown

Crumley, Peter H. Morehead City

Culbreth, Barbara A.Greenville

Cullifer, Christopher Charlotte

Cummings, Alta A. Greensboro

Cunningham, Gerald A. Greensboro

Curlee, R. Judy Norwood

Cutts, Karen B. Dothan, Ala.

Cutts, Vicki M. Rocky Mount

Dail, Evelyn B. Dunn

Daly, Thomas F. Durham

Dameron, Beverly R. Burlington

Daughtry, K. Jan Asheboro

Daughtry, Patricia A. Goldsboro

Davenport, Frances E. Durham

Davies, Ralph D. Jacksonville

Davis, Aleene J. Elizabeth City

Davis, Beth S. Virginia Beach, Va.

Davis, James H. High Point

Davis, Karen L. Calpyso

Davis, Kenneth A. Wilson

Davis, Lynn E. Morehead City

Davis, Mamie L. Cerro Gordo

Davis, Pamela J. Rocky Mount

Davis, Paula M. Jamesville

Davis, Samuel K. Edenton

Davis, Stephen W. Alexandria, Va.

Davis, Susan B. Wilmington

Dawes, Karen R. Rocky Mount

Day, Marilyn L. Roxboro

DeBerry, Ginger C. Roanoke Rapids

DeBerry, Steven H. Conway

Dees, Mary M. Goldsboro

Deese, Jean D. Pageland, S.C.

Dennis, Edna P. Bethel

Denny, K. Elaine Concord

Denton, Thomas N., Jr. Greenville

Delamar, Dennis W. Oriental

Dempsey, Joanna H. Jamesville

Derrick, E. Leo, III Asheboro

Dewar, Theresa E. Bethel

Dillon, Charlotte D. Greensboro

Dixon, Sherry S. Winston-Salem

Dixon, Vivian A. Pittsboro

Dolacky, Deborah A. Havelock

Dodd, Debra A. Raleigh

Dollar, Kenneth L. Greenville

Dowd, Judy L. White Oak

Dowd, Kathy T. Edenton

Dowty, Lawrence E. Beaufort

Dudley, Jean D. Scotland Neck

Dudley, Sandra L. Washington

Duncan, Stephen T. Greenville

Dunn Edward G. Greenville

Dunn, Ernest C. New Bern

Dunn, James A., Jr. Kenansville

Dunning, Melissa M. Durham

DuPree, Deborah L. Angier

Eagan, Margaret D. Jacksonville

Eason, Troy E. LaGrange

Eastwood, Joanne H. Winterville

Eastwood, Norman E. Greenville

Edmonds, Leon D. Warrenton

Edmondson, Stuart W. Grifton

Edwards, James L. Granite Falls

Edwards, James O., III Greenville

Edwards, Michael D. Greenville

Edwards, Penny L. Wilson

Edwards, Roger D. Roseboro

Elliott, Elizabeth A. Hialeah, Fla.

Ellis, Mary F. Oxon Hill, Md.

Ennis, Wayne L. Raleigh

Ellis, Sue E. Fuquay-Varina

Epley, Timothy A. Asheville

Ervin, Harold M. Greenville

Estes, Walter R. Bay Shore, N.Y.

Eure, Beverly J. Roduco

Eure, Donna G. Greensboro

Eure, Joseph L., Jr. Eure

Eure, Joseph L. Gatesville

Eure, Rebecca E. Hertford

Eutsler, Stuart K., Jr. Kinston

Faber, Al Haledon, N.J.

Faddis, Jean A. Winston-Salem

Failing, Barbara A. Wilmington

Fairley, Thomas Laurinburg

Faison, Pamela V. Littleton

Fallon, Patricia D. Fayetteville

Faulk, Marcia J. Sanford

Faulkner, Pamela E. Albemarle

Ferguson, Edwin, G. Suffolk, Va.

Ferguson, Lesley A. New Bern

Ferrell, Kathy A. Gerner

Fisher, Sandra R. New Bern

Fischesser, Mike Winston-Salem

Filch, Janice M. Burlington

Fitzgerald, Linda S. Wilson

Fitzsimmons, Dora A. Wilmington

Flanary, Philip D. Fayetteville

Flowers, Richard C. Atlantic Beach

Floyd, Lawrence N. Middleburg

Fogleman, Joel L. Gibsonville

Ford, Patricia E. Chapel Hill

Forrest, John E. Vanceboro

Foster, John R. Winston-Salem

Foster, Joyce B. Richmond, Va.

Foster, Mary G. Kinston

Foster, Nancy Z. Greenville

Foster, Richard H. Mocksville

Fountain, Patricia L. Richlands

Fraser, Gloria J. Chapel Hill

Franz, Thomas H. Washington

Frazelle, Nancy B. Jacksonville

Frazier, Thomas H. Maple Hill

Freeman, Richard D. Wilson

Freeze, Carol A. Rockville, Md.

Frodella, Judy A. Merritt Island, Fla.

Fryar, William D., Jr. Greenville

Frye, Martha L. Wilmington

Fulcher, Ginger L. Morehead City

Fuller, Gail L. Garner

Fuller, James K. Pinetops

Fulp, Martha J. Walnut Cove

Futrell, James W. Bethel

Futrell, Sarah B. Branchville, va.

Galloway, Frances H. Creswell

Galloway, Jim R. Greenville

Gardner, Janet G. Warrenton

Garner, Suzanne K. Greensboro

Garrett, Rick Richmond, Va.

Gates, Donna K. Hickory

Gibson, Elizabeth A. Laurinburg

Gibson, Joseph R. Franklin, Va.

Giesentanner, Debra A. Asheville

Gilliam, Richard A. Fayetteville

Gillikin, Jesse E., Jr. Morehead City

Glasson, Linda C. Fayetteville

Glosson, Dally L. Siler City

Godwin, Charles B. Rocky Mount

Godwin, James E. Elm City

Godwin, Mary B. Elizabeth City

Goettman, Diana Greensboro

Gooding, Mary K. Winterville

Goodling, Richard T. Durham

Gould, Walter T., Jr. Greenville

Grant, Laura C. Beaufort

Gravlee, Lynne H. Greenville

Gray, Clifton D. Kinston

Gray, Robert A., Jr. Lillington

Greene, Larry D. Eure

Greenway, Vicky L. Henderson

Greiner, Karen L. Jacksonville

Griffon, Christopher Rocky Mount

Griffin, James W., Jr. Williamston

Griffin, Reggie S. Edenton

Griffin, Robert G. Washington

Griffith, Susan R. Greenville

Grimes, Rose M. Rocky Mount

Grochmal, Philip A. Virginia Beach, Va.

Grose, Donna J. Marion

Guenther, Carol M. Pomona, N.J.

Gunderson, Jons N. Winston-Salem

Guptill, Richard J. New Bern

Gurganus, Margaret C. Washington

Gutierrez, Joseph A., Jr. Winston-Salem

Haithcote, Nancy K. Greenville

Hall, Clyde S. Hickory

Halsey, Cynthia L. Jacksonville

Halyburton, Jennifer Hamlet

Ham, Dennis M. Snow Hill

Hamshar, Alice D. Durham

Hancock, Joel G. Harkers Island

Handsel, M. Lee Vass

Haney, Phyllis L. Autryville

Hardee, Daphne A. Elizabethtown

Hardman, Ray H. Roanoke, Va.

Harkins, Sophia S. Asheville

Harland, Sally L. Norfolk, Va.

Harrell, Docia V. Gatesville

Harrill, Kathryn M. Rockingham

Harris, Andrew J. Macon

Harris, Deborah L. Rocky Mount

Harris, Gerald L. Fayetteville

Harris, Phil A. Littleton

Harris, Richard D., Jr. Farmville

Harris, Tyler, B. Greenville

Harrison, Darrell L. Wake Forest

Harrison, Emily H. Snow Hill

Harrison, Peggy L. Garner

Hartness, Thomas S. Rocky Mount

Haskett, Karen J. Hertford

Hathaway, Kandice D. Asheboro

Haubenreiser, Joan Charlotte

Hawkins, Betsy A. Garner

Hawkins, Jacqueline Greenville

Hawley, Katie A. Lucama

Hawley, Thomas E., Jr. Dunn

Hayes, Christopher D. Sanford

Hayes, Jimmy B. Randleman

Heath, Pattie J. Allentown, Pa.

Heidenreich, Jan M. Greenville

Hemmerle, Richard L. Rocky Mount

Herring, Edward E., Jr. Durham

Herring, Hannah W. Fayetteville

Hester, Deborah J. Elizabethtown

Hickman, Patricia A. Charlotte

Higgins, James B. Alexandria, Va.

Hilbert, Sheila D. Newport

Hill, Robert M. Greenville

Hiliard, Ronald B. Macon

Hilton, Elizabeth W. Williamston

Hines, Samuel G. Goldsboro

Hinton, Quen Kinston

Hix, Cynthia E. Charlotte

Hobbs, Joe B. Easton

Hobby, Edward O. Durham

Hobgood, Earl W. Wilson

Hodges, Rita S. Grimesland

Hodson, Kay A. Washington, D.C.

Hoffman, John H. Holmdel, N.J.

Hogue, Robin M. Virginia Beach, Va.

Hoinville, Susan Greenville

Holcomb, Inglis G. Mt. Airy

Holden, Brenda F. Supply

Holder, Laster B. Lillington

Holley, Anita L. Colerain

Holliday, Randolph E. Greenville

Hollowell, Thomas L. Kinston

Holt, Stephen B. Fitchburg, Mass.

Holton, Deborah A. Creswell

Hooker, Sharon L. Concord

Hopewell, Janeth H. New Bern

Horne, Deborah L. Wilmington

Horne, Katherine C. Greenville

Horne, William H. Falls Church, Va.

Horton, Elizbeth C. Rocky Mount

House, Walter P. Greenville

Howard, Gayle R. Pink Hill

Howard, Millard D. Middlesex

Howe, Joseph L., jr. Asheboro

Howe, Patricia M. Raleigh

Howell, Kenneth W. Apex

Howell, Ruth B. Rocky Mount

Hudgins, Robert E. Lewisville

Hudson, Virgil F. Greensboro

Huffman, Anna K. Summerfield

Huggins, Margaret V. New Bern

Hughes, Phyllis L. Oxford

Hunicutt, Martin S. Clearwater, Fla.

Hunt, David M. Greenville

Hurst, Lawrence R. Fayetteville

Huse, Scott M. Little Silver, N.J.

Hutchins, Jacqueline K. Durham

Ingram, Deborah S. Norlina

Ivey, Peggy L. Lumberton

Jablonski, Harry J., Jr. Shallotte

Jackson, Mary H. Mountain Lakes, N.J.

Jacobs, Deborah L. Goldsboro

Jacobs, George D. Greenville

Jafari, Jamshid Greenville

Jarvis, Judy E. New Bern

Jenkins, B. Susan Gastonia

Jenkins, Ronald W. Wheaton, Md.

Jenkins, Thomas L. Rocky Mount

Jenkins, Wanda J. Wilson

Jernigan, Kenneth J. Dunn

Jewell, George T. Raleigh

Johnson, Bari L. Franklinville

Johnson, Becky M. Benson

Johnson, Christiana R. Kinston

Johnson, Franklin D., Jr. Greenville

Johnson, Lois J. Clayton

Johnson, Janet L. Raleigh

Johnson, Myra L. Warrenton

Johnson, Sandra K. Wake Forest

Johnson, Susan K. Apex

Johnson, Susie L. Henderson

Johnston, Margaret J. Concord

Jones, Cynthia D. Spindale

Jones, James R., II Farmville

Jones, Janice M. Buies Creek

Jones, Thomas D. Rocky Mount

Jones, William F. Selma

Jordan, Jeffrey H. Morrestown, N.J.

Joyner, Alvin Greenville

Joyner, Donald C. Henderson

Kale, Samuel B. Morehead City

Karr, Debra J. Albany, Ga.

Kassman, Janice F. Ithaca, N.Y.

Keel, Joseph G. Ahoskie

Keichline, Thomas D. Temple Hills, Md.

Kelly, Patricia E. Elizabeth City

Kelly, Sheila J. Dubuque, Ia.

Kendrick, Calvin L. Burlington

Kennedy, Albert G. Wilmington, Del.

Kennington, Kathy P. Chester, Va.

Kepley, William K. Salisbury

Kesler, Charles W. Greenville

King, Katherine H. Greenville

Konrady, Ronald E. Egg Harbor, N.J.

Krieger, Karen M. Fayetteville

Kirk, Emily R. Salisbury

Koonce, Debbie D. Raeford

Koonce, Junius H. Tarboro

Kornegay, Katherin G. Mt. Olive

Kornegay, William E. Rocky Mount

Krouse, Charles W. Morehead City

Lacks, Clifton F., Jr. Richmond, Va.

Lambeth, Susan B. Trinity

Lancaster, Joseph D. Rocky Mount

Lancaster, Ronald D. Greenville

Langley, Sandra L. Erie, Pa.

Laney, Michael N. Raleigh

Langley, Jennifer H. Greenville

Lanier, David C. Wilmington

Lassiter, Linda V. Selma

LaRussa, David C. Enfield, Conn.

Lashley, James W. Greensboro

Latino, Giovannia Greenville

Latour, Richard F. Greenville

Lean, Larry P. Fayetteville

Lee, James M. Smithfield

Lee, Joy E. Arapahoe

Lee, Michael J. Dunn

Lee, Michael S. Goldsboro

Lee, Katrina W. Salisbury

Lee, Lena M. Aulander

Lefler, Patrice D. Winterville

Lehman, Marie P. Delanco, N.J.

Lemons, Betsy A. Winston-Salem

LePors, Michael R. Faytteville

Lewis, Lois A. Raleigh

Lewis, Barbara C. Windsor

Lewis, Jimmie Brookly, N.Y.

Lilley, Cynthia J. Williamston

Lilley, William C. Williamston

Linville, Cheryl T. Farmville

Linville, Raymond N. Winston-Salem

Little, Thomas G., Jr. Greenville

Lloyd, Charles G. Durham

Lockee, Charles R. Lenoir

Long, Cathy J. Virginia Beach, Va.

Long, Marian F. Elizabeth City

Lovelace, Charlie E. Hurt, Va.

Lovett, Cindy L. Warren, Ohio

Lowry, Pamela S. Winston-Salem

Lucas, Robert V. Raleigh

Lynch, Donna A. Winston-Salem

MacDonald, James R. Hickory

MacDonald, John B. Greensboro

Machen, George H. High Point

Mackie, Fred M. Yadkinville

Macon, Sophia S. Newport News, Va.

Malone, Larry D. Raleigh

Malloch, Jo A. Gastonia

Mann, Marilyn S. New Smyrna Bch., Fla.

Mann, Ruth F. Pantego

Mann, Stephanie A. Charlotte

Mann, Terry L. Whiteville

Mann, Walter B., Jr. Cary

Manning, Norma E. Bethel

Manson, Ronald V. Havelock

Maron, Thomas E. Greenville

Marsh, Glenda R. Fayetteville

Marshall, Howard J. Currie

Marshall, Richard A. Hampton, Va.

Martin, Benjamin J., Jr. Hope Mills

Martin, Joanne Conway

Martin, Linda G. Fayetteville

Mason, Barbara E. Raleigh

Massengill, Dorie M. Fayetteville

Massey, Rose W. Greenville

Maughan, Elizabeth A. Raleigh

Mayo, Fred Selma

McCormick, Cornelia A. Fairmont

McCown, Robert W. Roanoke, Va.

McCue, Sandra A. Pitman, N.J.

McDaniel, E. Christianna Snow Hill

McDilda, Kenneth L. Emporia, Va.

McGhee, Muriel L. Greenville

McGinnis, Melody A. Kannapolis

McGowan, Ellen L. Greenville

McGram, Eileen Westbury, N.Y.

McKenzie, Syliva J. Fayetteville

McLawhon, Rhonda R. Wilmington

McLawhorn, Lynn A. Kinston

McLean, Judith K. Laurinburg

McLeod, Kathy E. Durham

McMahan, Patricia L. Wilmington

McMahon, Richard A. Vienna, Va.

McMichael, Lynda E. Wingate

McMillan, Laura A. Graham

McRae, Doris J. Fayetteville

Meads, Joyce J. Elizabeth City

Medlin, Jonsie L. Kinston

Mercer, Millard D. Lucama

Messer, William B. Clearwater, Fla

Metz, Linda M. Cary

Mickey, Sarah E. Lancaster, Pa.

Miller, Gerald W. Greenville

Miller, William D. Dunn

Millhiser, Tommy R. Roxboro

Mills, Craig K. Richmond, Va.

Mitchell, Jane F. Greenville

Mitchell, Linda D. Pittsboro

Mitchell, Paul C. Greenville

Mitchell, Richard S. Durham

Mitchener, Mary A. Concord

Mizell, Sonya O. Plymouth

Mobley, Alan L. Williamston

Monday, Gregg S. Vienna, Va.

Monson, Charles B. McLean, Va.

Montague, Samuel H. Goldsboro

Moody, Marilyn F. Winston-Salem

Moody, Sybil W. Raleigh

Moore, George E., Jr. Rocky Mount

Moore, Karen L. Lucama

Moore, Kathy J. Charlotte

Moore, Kenneth D., jr. Lexington, Va.

Moore, Shanna L. Franklinton

Moore, Stephen P. Reidsville

Moore, Teresa J. Charlotte

Moore, Wanda E. Macclesfield

Morgan, Linda C. Ellerbe

Morgan, Nancy J. Asheboro

Morris, Laura J. Charlotte

Morris, Lucy S. Miami, Fla.

Morrow, Thomas L. Greensboro

Morton, Albert F., Jr. New Bern

Muegge, Margaret Greenville

Mumford, Hal D. Greenville

Murphy, Jarvis R. Grifton

Musgrave, John N. Goldsboro

Myles, Dave M. Fairfax, Va.

Myrick, Michael D. Goldsboro

Nall, Judy M. Plymouth

Narron, John A. Goldsboro

Narron, John W. Wendell

Narron, Marcia P. Knightdale

Naylor, Gary L. Greenville

Neal, Susan W. Charlotte

Newsome, Carolyn A. Wilson

Newton, Doris L. Hertford

Nichols, Deborah L. Norwalk, Conn.

Nienstedt, James F., Jr. Morehead City

Nock, Amy R. Pocomoke, Md.

Norfleet, Patricia A. Pantego

Northcutt, Janice E. Cary

Nowell, Tommy T. Henderson

Noyes, Kathleen K. Marion

O'Brien, Michael J. Springfield, Va.

O'Neal, Kathy L. Louisburg

O'Neal, Margaret A. Stumpy Point

O'Neal, Melvin Wilson

Orr, Shirlene D. Dover

Outlaw, William B. Kinston

Owens, Bobby A. Hillsborough

Owens, Deborah J. Greenville

Owens, M. Kathryn Fountain

Owens, Teresa A. Garner

Overby, Herman W. Branchville, Va.

Ozment, Timothy H. Greensboro

Padgett, Charles E. Greenville

Page, Earl W. Durham

Page, Pamela K. Fayetteville

Palmer, John R. Charlotte

Parker, Annice D. Washington

Parker, Ruth G. Ahoskie

Parnell, Amelia A. Parkton

Parrish, Philip L. Durham

Parrish, Phyllis P. Smithfield

Parrott, Billy R. Kinston

Pate, June P. Beauford

Patterson, Thomas E. Durham

Paylor, Cheryl F. Kinston

Payne, Patsy L. Wanchese

Peacock, Ivan Y. Jacksonville

Pearce, Mary E. Durham

Pearson, Beth L. Pitman, N.J.

Peebles, Linda A. Fayetteville

Peeter, Pamela J. Granite Quarry

Pegram, Beverly A. Gastonia

Penfiled, Sandra W. Asheboro

Pennington, Betty A. Raleigh

Perkins, Vicki L. Goldsboro

Perry, William E. Kinston

Perryman, Thomas R. Winston-Salem

Peterson, Donna S. Arapahoe

Peterson, James N. Clinton

Peterson, William P., Jr. Clinton

Phelps, Debra G. Greenville

Phelps, Ellen J. Raleigh

Phillips, Carolyn C. Goldsboro

Phillips, Robert D. Fayetteville

Phipps, William W. Tabor City

Pickard, Wanda V. Durham

Pickens, Deborah A. Charlotte

Pierce, Cynthia E. Princeton

Pierce, T.R. Greenville

Pierpoint, Virginia P. Henderson

Pike, Douglas W. Littleton

Pitt, Michael H. Rocky Mount

Pittman, Barbara J. Scotland Neck

Pittman, Deborah F. Hookerton

Pittman, Robert D. Greenville

Pittman, Robert M. Rocky Mount

Pitts, John F. Charlottesville, Va.

Pollard, Rachael A. New Bern

Powell, Alfres W. Roanoke Rapids

Powell, Richard W. Newport News, Va.

Price, Dewey W. Brown Summit

Price, Tona M. Goldsboro

Prince, Robert G., Jr. Rocky Mount

Provo, Frances D. Greenville

Purcell, Samuel M. Salisbury

Quash, Earl L. Alexandria, Va.

Quick, Roy A. Hamlet

Rains, Linda S. Princeton

Rambo, Sarah K. Charlotte

Ramsey, Ronald W. Crouse

Ramsey, Wanda W. Charlotte

Ratliff, Robert W. Winston-Salem

Ray, Larry C. Greenville

Reavis, David C. Henderson

Redding, Kathy M. Concord

Redding, Thomas M. Lewisville

Reimann, Alan D. Sar Hills, N.J.

Renfrow, Sharon K. Kenly

Rettgers, Bonnie J. Alexandria, Va.

Revelle, Connie M. Warsaw

Rice, Christopher M. Winston-Salem

Rice, Linda L. Bellevue, Wash.

Richards, C. Thomas Richmond, Va.

Richey, Sara F. Westfield, N.J.

Ripper, Edward H. Arlington, Va.

Rippy, Robert S. Elon

Robbins, Linda S. Halifax

Roberson, Nan E. Robersonville

Roberson, Roosevelt Greenville

Roberson, William W. Robersonville

Robertson, Paulette L. Proctorville

Robinson, Cathy D. Gastonia

Robinson, Katherine E. Garysburg

Robinson, Sharon D. Charlotte

Rockwell, Keith R. Greenville

Rogers, Robin R. Greenville

Rogerson, Nancy D. Kenly

Ronzo, Elizabeth M. Midway Park

Rook, Kathy T. Bethel

Rose, Alice S. Belhaven

Roundtree, Edna R. Winterville

Rountree, Wilton G. Tarboro

Rouse, Beverly S. Jacksonville

Rouse, Iris H. Seven springs

Rouse, Linda A. Belhaven

Rowell, Ronnie E. Raleigh

Ruffin, Michael F. Greenville

Sanders, Brenda L. Youngsville

Sanders, Emily D. Four Oaks

Satterwhite, Teresa G. Henderson

Sauls, Barbara A. Goldsboro

Saunders, Frank W., Jr. Greenville

Saunders, Kirk Y. Kailua, Hawaii

Saunders, Linda R. Raleigh

Saunders, Sue W. Franklinville

Sawyer, Kenneth R. Plymouth

Sawyer, Theodore, H., Jr. Burlington

Sayer, Cynthia A. Bethesda, Md.

Schaler, David D. Arlington, Va.

Schmidt, Andrew H. Old Tappan, N.J.

Scott, David W. Morganton

Scronce, Jeanne J. Newton

Sealey, Linda J. Raleigh

Self, David B. Winston-Salem

Sessions, Janet Y. Whiteville

Sellers, Bonnie S. Whiteville

Settle, Willie L. Reidsville

Sharp, Judy D. Raleigh

Shearin, Harriet L. Rocky Mount

Shearin, Steven A. Rocky Mount

Shearon, Joel W. Greenville

Shelton, Marjorie T. Walstonburg

Sheperd, Francis D. Richmond, Va.

Shetterly, Jane Alexandria, Va.

Short, Daisy D. Siler City

Shuller, Carol Southport

Shumaker, Donald H. Merry Hill

Sibley, Barbara R. Greenville

Simmons, Cindy J. Goldsboro

Simmons, Larry d. Grifton

Simonds, Stephen H. Rockville, Md.

Singletary, Gregory H. Whiteville

Sitterson, Sue B. Robersonville

Sizemore, Joyce E. Germantown

Skinner, Margaret L. Williamston

Slaton, Joseph G. Monroeville, Pa.

Sloan, Jo Anne Durham

Smallwood, Shirley J. Windsor

Smith, James H., Jr. Dunn

Smith, Jane M. Rocky Mount

Smith, Jennifer L. Grifton

Smith, Kenneth W. Beaufort

Smith, Mary K. Clayton

Smith, Ralph L. Kitty Hawk

Smith, Ruby A. Kinston

Smith, Virginia L. Winston-Salem

Smith, William B. McLeansville

Snyder, Robert E. Burlington

Solier, George A. Alexandria, Va.

Soltys, Martha L. Midway Park

Southern, Thomas L. Chapel Hill

Speight, Jasper A. Greenville

Speight, Johnny L. Greenville

Speight, Vivian M. Wilson

Squires, Donald W. Elizabethtown

Stallings, Julie D. Spencer

Starling, Fred A. Greensboro

Steed, Michael R. Trinity

Steelman, Jack S. Greenville

Stein, Georgia A. Rocky Mount

Stephens, Doris M. Cary

Stocks, Donald A. Hookerton

Stoner, Albert L., III Macon

Stubbs, Harry W., III Greenville

Sturm, Vaughn E. Havelock

Styron, Anna G. Harkers Island

Suffern, Nancy A. Jacksonville

Suggs, Elizabeth K. Rocky Mount

Sullivan, Daniel K. Burlington

Sullivan, Robert M. Wilmington

Summerell, Vernon G. Virginia Beach, Va.

Swain, Irvin R., Jr. Kinston

Swann, Jeffrey S. Greensboro

Swann, Margaret S. Asheville

Swanner, M. Darlete Edenton

Swanson, Deborah H. Rocky Mount

Swayze, Charlotte E. Lillington

Swensson, Karen C. Chadds Ford, Pa.

Swicegood, Jay A. Edenton

Sykes, Tanya S. Rocky Mount

Tart, Frances S. Kinston

Tayloe, Hulda M. Colerain

Taylor, Aruthur W., III Suffolk, Va.

Taylor, Debra B. Farmville

Taylor, Del K. Goldsboro

Taylor, Elizabeth J. Kinston

Taylor, Harriette R. Goldsboro

Taylor, Kathy A. Burlington

Taylor, Lou Anne Hookerton

Taylor, Marie E. Wilson

Taylor, Marilyn S. Wilson

Taylor, Roland E., Jr. Kinston

Taylor, Vicki S. Swansboro

Terrell, Lynne C. New Bern

Terrell, Steve S. Hickory

Thomas, Brenda F. Bunnlevel

Thomas, Judy E. Rocky Mount

Thomas, Susan D. High Point

Thompson, Becky J. Randleman

Thurman, Pamela J. Pennington, N.Y.

Tillery, John B. Halifax

Timanus, Della A. Charlotte

Tingle, Julia C. Oriental

Tipton, Freddie A. Havelock

Tippette, Burt T. Enfield

Tkach, Joseph A. Midway Park

Towe, James M. Greenville

Townsend, Charles W. Greenville

Townsend, Gerald A. Whiteville

Townsend, Susan A. Wallace

Trawick, Charles W. Burgaw

Tripp, Laura E. Washington

Tucker, Charles F. Roanoke Rapids

Tucker, Dale K. Greenville, S.C.

Turner, Susan M. Scotch Plains, N.J.

Tyner, Randolph A. St. Pauls

Urshel, Susan E. Stoneville

Van Wagner, Melisa J. Oakhurst, N.J.

Varela, Samari Costa Rica, C.A.

Vaughan, Joseph N. Murfreesboro

Vereen, David M. Greenville

Verlinden, Gregory F. Raleigh

Vincent, Janis N. Greenville

Vinson, Thomas M. Conway

Vinson, Trudy J. Clayton

Voliva, Susan K. Columbia

Volkman, Gilda E. Cherry Hill, N.J.

VonBartheld, Jon C. River Edge, N.J.

Vroom, Bob Commack, N.Y.

Vulgan, Joseph M. Charlotte

Wade, Nyra H. Kinston

Walden, E.G. Greenville

Waldron, Rosemary A. Whiteville

Walker, James W. Macon

Wall, Naomi B. Kinston

Wallace, Marian E. Washington

Walter, Joann L. Richmond, Va.

Ward, Teresa A. Pink Hill

Ward, Veronica Winterville

Warren, Barbara A. Newton Grove

Warren, Mary K. Statesville

Warwick, Peggy Fair Bluff

Waters, Donald D. Raleigh

Watkins, Fred O., III Greenville

Watson, Jewel K. New Bern

Watson, Mary R. Seven Springs

Waynick, Martha S. Greensboro

Weaver, Mary E. Kenly

Webb, Donna L. Wilson

Webb, Elizabeth M. Pinetops

Weeks, Rebecca A. Swansboro

Weintraub, Edward L. Long Branch, N.J.

Weirich, Mike J. Virginia Beach, Va.

Wells, Donald A. Greenville

Wells, Ilet B. Teachey

Werdal, James A. Greenville

Westmoreland, James R. Statesville

Whaley, Alta K. Beulaville

Whaley, William C. Goldsboro

Wharton, John H. Reidsville

Wheeler, Deborah L. Goldsboro

Wichard, Carolyn L. Bethel

Whisnant, Diana L. Hickory

White, Laura L. Adelphi, Md.

White, Mitchell E. Greenville

White, Peggy F. Hertford

Whitehurst, Cathy S. Robersonville

Whitehurst, Sharon R. Charlotte

Whitley, Beverly S. Greenville

Whitley, Charles D. Portsmouth, Va.

Whitley, Janet M. Rocky Mount

Wike, Donald J. Lewisville

Wilkerson, Lawrence T. Virgilina, Va.

Wilkinson, Henrietta D. Scotland Neck

Willer, Lonnie E. Greenville

Williams, Cynthia L. Raleigh

Williams, David L. Greenville

Williams, Emerson R. Snow Hill

Williams, Ethel G. Richards-Gebaur, Mo.

Williams, Gloria E. Kinston

Williams, James M. Durham

Williams, Nancy E. Apex

Williams, Loujeanie Deep Run

Williams, Robert E. Goldsboro

Williams, Vicki J. Rocky Mount

Williford, Robert L. Farmville

Wilson, Kay F. Greenville

Wilson, Nancy L. Rocky Mount

Windley, Charles B. Pinetown

Winslow, Janice L. Hertford

Wong, Henry D. Midway Park

Wood, Carol A. Richlands

Wood, Deborah L. Fayetteville

Wood, Deborah L. Vienna, Va.

Wood, George H. Greenville

Wood, Kenneth L. Charlotte

Wood, Sheila J. Randleman

Woodard, Anne T. Woodland

Woodard, Calvin S. Severn

Woodward, Jeffrey L. Alexandria, Va.

Wolfe, Carol A. New Bern

Woolard, Almeta A. Washington

Woolard, Janet P. Washington

Woolard, Sharon L. Washington

Wooten, Joan Walstonburg

Wray, Marsha L. Greensboro

Wyatt, Leslie J. Goldsboro

Wyks, Donald W. Wenowah, N.J.

Yelverton, Harold D. Fremont

Yardley, Jeffrey M. Durham

Yopp, Edward R. Charlotte

York, Cathy L. High Point

Yount, Stephen B. Rockingham

Zalewski, Christine M. Dickson City, Pa.

Zellon, Sylvia C. Greenville


Ackert, Rebecca S. Havelock

Adams, Kathy G. Raleigh

Adiele, Andy C. Nigeria, Africa

Advincula, June A. Spring Lake

Albea, Catherine S. Raleigh

Allison, Gail M. Bridgeton, N.J.

Alphin, Sharon G. Mt. Olive

Ambrose, Deborah K. Pinetown

Andrews, Paul Milton Wilson

Andrews, Willie L. Robersonville

Anderson, Jenni Chantilly, Va.

Ange, Cynthis A. Jamesville

Angel, Phyllis K. Sanford

Archer, Pamela F. Roanoke Rapids

Arthur, Robert C. New Bern

Auman, Kathryn A. Roanoke Rapids

Aussant, Kin M. Wilson

Averett, J. Cynthia Greenville

Avery, Carol L. Raleigh

Awar, Samie A. Konnayel, Lebanon

Aycock, Merry S. Wilson

Bailey, Daphne J. Williamston

Bailey, Margert J. Wake Forest

Baker, Brooks P. Raleigh

Baker, Frances S. Windsor

Baker, Janet L. Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Baker, Sandra K. Calypso

Baldwin, Barbara J. Durham

Bales, Trudi A. Winston-Salem

Bales, Mollie M. Winston-Salem

Ballard, Doris A. Tarboro

Ballard, Eva E. Concord

Banks, Robert B. Trenton

Barclay, Patrick J. Elizabeth City

Barefoot, Robert A. Fayetteville

Barnfield, Marilyn K. Merry Hill

Barnes, Debra M. Spring Hope

Barr, Robert F. Kinston

Barrett, Glends A. Roanoke Rapids

Basnight, Eleanor D. Camden

Bass, Roy R. Edenton

Batchelor, Karen L. Rocky Mount

Baysden, Sheila C. Richlands

Beaman, Jackie C. Farmville

Beaman, Mary K. Snow Hill

Bear, Belinda A. Springfield, Va.

Beavers, Kathryn A. Enfield

Beckner, William H., III York, Pa.

Bedini, Leadra A. Washington, D.C.

Beeson, Christopher S. Kennersville

Bell, Lesa S. Clinton

Bell, Robbie S. Greenville

Benbow, Kenneth M. Whiteville

Bender, William E. Norlina

Bennett, M. Elaine Lillington

Benton, Douglas F. Eden

Best, Olivia G. Goldsboro

Best, Reba A. Raeford

Bickley, Gary S. Kinston

Billings, Sarah A. Lexington

Bisplinghoff, Gail L. Durham

Blust, Paul E. Greensboro

Boggs, Sydna J. Springfield, Va.

Bogue, Wanda L. Fremont

Boham, Linda S. Jackson

Boiselle, Kathy D. Fayetteville

Bond, Ann K. Holland, Va.

Bone, Gloria S. Rocky Mount

Bone, Troy L. Roanoke Rapids

Borst, Janice K. Charlotte

Boutilier, Janice K. Havertown, Pa.

Bowe, Michael G. Toms River, N.J.

Bowen, Carrie D. Windsor

Bowen, Debra S. Woodland

Boyd, Rae A. New Bern

Boykin, J. Ray Sharpsburg

Bradley, Robert A. Winston-Salem

Bradner, Sydney M. Chester, Va.

Brammer, Harold L. Elon

Brammer, Howard L. Elon

Brann, Eugenia C. Snow Hill

Brenner, Holly A. Greenville

Bright, Martha A. Ayden

Briley, Cathy D. Reidsville

Briley, Judith C. Greenville

Brim, John R. Winston-Salem

Brooks, Janice E. Winston-Salem

Brooks, William M. Greenville

Broom, Hazel I. Goldsboro

Brothers, Marilyn B. Elizabeth City

Broughton, Pamela S. Durham

Brown, Carl E. Durham

Brown, Carolyn S. Goldsboro

Brown, Henry C., Jr. Goldsboro

Brown, Sarah E. Huntersville

Browning, Paula L. Durham

Brumbeloe, Rebecca A. Farmville

Bryan, Kathy L. Virginia Beach, Va.

Bryan, Phyllis J. Rocky Mount

Bryant, Kathy M. Sanford

Buffaloe, Alice K. Rocky Mount

Bullock, David M. Greenville

Bunn, Nancy C. Spring Hope

Burch, Joni P. Henderson

Burden, Wingate R., Jr. Annandale, Va.

Burnette, Wilbert T. Pittsboro

Burroughs, Janice L. Charlotte

Butler, James M., Jr. Lewiston

Butler, Marsha M. Clinton

Byerly, Eddie B. Winston-Salem

Bynum, Jack L. Pinetops

Byrne, Joel A. Rocky Mount

Campbell, Ann J. Durham

Cannon, Gwynne L. Penns Grove, N.J.

Carpenter, Marcus G., III Durham

Carr, Sharon D. Wilson

Carr, William H., Sr. Miami, Fla.

Carreh, Linda M. Penns Grove, N.J.

Carrow, Ann Penns Grove, N.J.

Carson, Jacqueline L. Bethel

Carter, Ivy T. Wallace

Carter, Peggy J. Angier

Caruthers, Carolyn K. Burlington

Cauley, Vernon L. Kinston

Cashion, Jackie O. Sanford

Casstevens, Denise C. Yadkinville

Cates, Tom W. Selma

Cederberg, Donna M. Rocky Mount

Chadwick, Jeffery L. Silver Spring, Md.

Chance, Larry D. Robersonville

Chen, Winston E. Greenville

Chesson, Larry G. Roper

Childs, David S. Wadesboro

Christenberry, Julia D. Tarboro

Clapp, Debra A. Siler City

Clare, Thomas M. Stanford, Conn.

Clark, Cathy M. Greenville

Clark, Elaine A. Kinston

Clark, Vicky G. Greenville

Clemens, Paula J. Garner

Cobb, Constance N. Winston-Salem

Cobb, Patricia D. Wilson

Coble, Rebecca A. Alexandria, Va.

Cofer, Richard S., III Greenville

Cohen, Fred B. Raleigh

Coker, Claire L. Benson

Collins, Betty E. Louisburg

Collins, Jenny W. Fayetteville

Collins, Kenneth G. Pollocksville

Collins, Marie M. Virginia Beach, Va.

Comer, L. Kathi Carthage

Constant, Catherine A. New Bern

Conyers, Edith P. Franklinton

Cooper, Patricia B. W. Trenton, N.J.

Cooper, Thomas C., Jr. Windsor

Costin, Gail Warsaw

Covert, Jon B. Newport

Cox, Carol L. Burlington

Cox, Deborah S. Sanford

Cragg, Patricia R. Salisbury, Md.

Craig, Terry S. Gastonia

Crandall, Larry E. Plymouth

Crawfrod, Cathy S. Greenville

Creech, Willie R. Selma

Cribb, Suzanne M. Roanoke Rapids

Crissman, Dorothy E. Broadway

Crocker, Syliva Z. Selma

Crone, Douglas A., Jr. Springfield, Va.

Croom, Ashley C. Robersonville

Cullipher, Merlin V. Merry Hill

Cunningham, Vicki Monroe

Cutler, Clyde D., Jr. Pinetown

Darnell, Thomas B. Silver Spring, Md.

Davenport, Deloris F. Columbia

Davidson, Donna S. Statesville

Davis, Betty G. Greenville

Davis, James M. Mt. Olive

Davis, Jean J. Morehead City

Davis, Lisa N. Beaufort

Dawson, Dennis L. Wilson

Deal, Vickie K. New Bern

Dellinger, Loy J. Greenville

Denton, Laura R. Whitakers

Derence, Sam D. Greensboro

Dickens, Barbara G. Whiteville

Dill, Hal G. New Bern

Dill, William L. New Bern

Dillon, John M. Dunelleh, N.J.

Dills, Helen M. Greensboro

Dixon, Debra J. Hendersonville

Dixon, Jean E. Hubert

Dobson, Jeanne L. New Bern

Dodd, Kristy L. Wilmington

Dodson, James W. Greensboro

Dodson, Sidney L. Franklin, Va.

Domme, Cynthia A. Virginia Beach, Va.

Dudley, Jannette O. Knightdale

Dunn, Mary T. Oriental

Dunn, Shirley M. Murfreesboro

Durham, David A. Kinston

Dussinger, Sharon L. Alexandria, Va.

Eargle, Judyth A. Raleigh

Easterling, Cyntha L. Greenville

Edwards, Deborah R. Greenville

Edwards, Joyce A. Winterville

Edwards, Lollie C. Pendleton

Edwards, Marian L. Tobaccoville

Edwards, Richard C. Raleigh

Edwards, Wanda S. Wilson

Edwards, Thomas C., Jr.

Ellison, Stephen L. Greensboro

Englert, David H. Dix Hills, N.Y.

Ertis, Michael Kinston

Erwin, Alice R. Rockingham

Evans, Larry G. Henderson

Everett, C. Blair Garner

Ey, Alice N. New Bern

Farmer, William L. Rocky Mount

Farrar, Jackson L. Cary

Fauntleroy, Talmage R. Hampton, Va.

Feezor, Marion J. Siloam

Ferguson, Lydia S. Suffolk, Va.

Ferrell, Walton J. Lucama

Field, Bruce E. Newport News, Va.

Fishel, Emma R. Franklinton

Fisher, Sharon J. Greenville

Flake, Patsy J. Farmville

Flanagan, Terrence G. Myer, Va.

Fleming, A. Wilkes Greenville

Flinchum, Sharon A. Carthage

Flora, Steven W. Winston-Salem

Flowers, Ramona L. Rocky Mount

Floyd, Robin L. Henderson

Forman, Margaret L. Durham

Foster, Susan B. Burlington

Franke, Leo P. Winterville

Franklin, Nancy V. Raleigh

Franks, Horace R. Tarboro

Freeman, Donald S. Highland Park, N.J.

Fulton, Amy C. Durham

Futrelle, Frances K. Kenansville

Gardners, Julie D. Raleigh

Garris, Debbie Fountain

Garrison, Robert E. Burlington

Gautier, Nancy K. Washington

Giambalva, Roxanne T. St. James, N.Y.

Gibson, James H., Jr. Rockingham

Gibson, William B. Rocky Mount, Va.

Glass, James D., Jr. Newton Square, Pa.

Gobble, Clarence L. Winston-Salem

Godfrey, Deborah A. Washington, N.J.

Godwin, Rhonda H. Smithfield

Goff, Virginia A. Wilson

Goldman, Elaine H. Norfolk, Va.

Goodell, Robert D. Greenville

Goodman, Deborah L. Statesville

Goodrich, Catherine L. Mt. Olive

Gordon, Stephen H. Greensboro

Gorham, Janet E. Battleboro

Graham, George M. Fayetteville

Gray, John L. Thomasville

Gray, Rodney E. Greenville

Green, Michael M. Salem

Green, Sydney A. Franklinton

Gresham, David S. N. Wilkesboro

Griffin, Marsha G. Winston-Salem

Griffin, Rebecca J. Snow Camp

Grissom, Kathryn L. Wilmington

Gunderson, Mark C. Winston-Salem

Gupton, Kyle L. Chester, Va.

Gurkin, Jack R. Chocowinity

Guthrie, Jellen R. Swansboro

Guy, Philip W. Rocky Mount

Hackney, Robert E. Greensboro

Hagan, C. Jeanne Goldsboro

Hagna, Lydia L. Marion

Hall, Denise M. Ruthin Glen, Va.

Hamilton, Gary N. Adana, Turkey

Hamilton, Virginia S. Brookly, N.Y.

Hanna, Nancy C. Salisbury, Md.

Hannan, Emma-lou P. Greenville

Hannibal, Alice S. Kinston

Harbaugh, Gregory A. Westfield, N.J.

Harbers, Kathleen E. Albemarle

Hardin, Melva A. Kannapolis

Hardison, Chester C., Jr. Plymouth

Hardy, Phillip A. Pikeville

Hare, Paul R. Murfreesboro

Harrell, Deborah A. Graham

Harrell, Michael A. New Bern

Harrington, Robert M. Ayden

Harris, Alan M. Roanoke Rapids

Harris, Becky New Bern

Harris, Norman G., Jr. Henderson

Harris, Susan E. Gastonia

Harris, Sharon M. Trenton

Hart, Karol A. Farmville

Hartwell, Judith M. Statesville

Hatch, Joseph E. Mt. Olive

Hay, Christopher Simsburg, Conn.

Hedrick, Robert S. Thomasville

Hellekson, Sally J. Maxton

Heller, Lisa Farmville

Hemenway, Pamela J. Rocky Mount

Henderson, Donna M. Kinston

Herring, William B. Tomahawk

Hicks, Elizabeth E. Rocky Mount

Hill, Elnora Y. Garland

Hill, Enda E. Washington

Hilliard, Jerry E. Raleigh

Hobbs, Cheryl L. Greensboro

Hobbs, Gary L. Elizabeth City

Hobgood, Linwood T. Fayetteville

Hodges, David K. Rocky Mount

Hoggard, Minnie C. Windsor

Holden, Susan L. Bronxville, N.Y.

Holland Ricky T. Mt. Olive

Holton, Alexander, M., Jr. New Bern

Honnet, Janice E. Havelock

Horne, Nelda S. Whiteville

House, Jean C. Bethel

House, Lonnie F. Hobgood

Hubbard, Patricia J. Omaha, Neb.

Hudnell, Milburn, R., Jr. Belhaven

Hughes, Ronald A. Fayetteville

Hulsey, Barbara J. Carthage

Hulsey, Julie G. Atlanta, Ga.

Humphries, Susan L. Brandon, Miss.

Hutcherson, Valerie L. Ahoskie

Icard, Charles A. Evergreen

Ilsley, Dale H. Wiliston, N.Y.

Ipock, William R. Pollocksville

Jackson, Andrew S. Elizabeth City

Jackson, Ava E. Goldsboro

Jackson, Cathy L. Dunn

Jackson, Sallye J. Fairfax, Va.

Jackson, Terry L. Hamptonville

James, Debra L. Greenville

James, Marcia K. Greenville

Jefferies, Anna C. Burlington

Jefferson, Gretchen A. Farmville

Jeffords, Daphne G. Wilmington

Jenkins, C. Glenn, II Dallas

Jenkins, Charles F. LaGrange

Jenkins, Cynthia J. Robersonville

Jennings, Jane L. Wilmington

Jernigan, Charlotte R. Aulander

Johannesen, Robert W., Jr. Greenville

Johnson, Claudia E. Fayetteville

Johnson, Joseph L. Goldsboro

Johnson, Karen J. Colonial Heights, Va.

Johnson, Landrea K. Maxton

Johnston, Lloyd W., Jr. Greenville

Jones, Eva D. Cove City

Jones, Iris M. Nakina

Jones, Kathy D. Smithfield

Jones, Laura A. Goldsboro

Jones, Michael D. Virginia Beach, Va.

Jones, Phoebe Richlands

Jones, Teresa L. Wheaton, Md.

Jordan, Cheryl A. Colonial Heights, Va.

Jordan, Letha G. Fayetteville

Joyner, Elizabeth R. Farmville

Justice, Gary P. Snow Camp

Kasper, Linda K. Silver Spring, Md.

Kaylor, Alice L. Goldsboro

Kearney, James J., III Littleton

Keeter, Rebecca J. Greenville

Keith, Angela G. Lillington

Keller, Virginia C. Cerro Gordo

Kelly, Susan E. Cameron

Kemezis, Lea M. Closter, N.J.

Key, Jayne G. Winston-Salem

Key, Paula S. Ararat

Keyser, Bonnie M. Clemmons

Killingsworth, Kathy T. New Bern

Kimmel, Frances M. Dunn

Kirk, Edward B. Durham

Klenke, Dwight A. Travis AFB, Calif.

Kluttz, Hugh L. Concord

Kluttz, Pamela D. Mt. Pleasant

Knight, Leslie E. Charlotte

Knox, Auretta D. Cornelius

Koonce, Kathy N. Trenton

Kornegay, Susan E. Tarboro

Krause, Gary K. Elizabeth City

Krewek, Ray A. Greenville

Kuczynski, Lynn A. Goldsboro

LaGrange, Perry K. Rocky Mount

Lamm, Jim LUmberton

Lamp, Nancy E. Oxford

Lancaster, Alice L. Rocky Mount

Landis, Jodie P. Rocky Mount

Langston, Jeannine B. New Bern

Langston, Lucretia L. Temple Hills, Md.

Lanier, Philip J. Winston-Salem

Lasater, Edward U. Erwin

Laskowski, Constance Livingston, N.J.

Lawrence, Nan G. Mount Airy

Layden, Rita M. Belvidere

Leach, Lynwood W. Cameron

Lee, Jack Lumberton

Lee, Robert T. Rocky Mount

Leggett, Nancy C. Greenville

Leggette, Evangeline Bridgeton

Leonard, Jeryl G. Beaufrot

Letchworth, Stanley A. Tarboro

Leutgens, Kevin M. Jacksonville

Levine, Zev B. Reidsville

Lewis, Lois R. Hillsborough

Lewis, Wilburn L., Jr. Greensboro

Light, nancy J. Newark, Del.

Liles, Philip F. Sanford

Lindell, Judy D. Fayetteville

Lindley, John T. Raleigh

Little, William T. Roanoke Rapids

Long, Anita L. Durham

Long, David E. Durham

Longworth, Nancy E. Virginia Beach, Va.

Lovell, Kirk M. New Bern

Lowrance, Patricia A. Charlotte

Lowry, Frieda N. Pembroke

Lucas, Blaine K. Virginia Beach, Va.

Lucas, Dalphine Elm City

Lucas, Robert M. Erwin

Lundy, Sara A. Charlotte

Luper, Anita Y. Rocky Mount

Lupton, James L., Jr. Washington

Lyerly, William J. Kinston

Lynch, Kathie I. Hillsborough

Mahaffey, Charles O., Jr. Winston-Salem

Mangum, Baxter D. Angier

Mangum, Shirley F. Lillington

Manley, Margaret A. Falls Church, Va.

Manely, Marolyn L. Conway

Manning, Jessica S. Roper

Marsh, Jeffery F. Wadesboro

Marsh, Tom K. Washington, D.C.

Martin, Kenneth M. Wadesboro

Martindale, Belinda Y. Greensboro

Martino, Patricia L. Adelphi, Md.

Mason, Anna K. New Bern

Mason, Susan M. Greenville

Masotti, John W. Charlotte

Massengill, R. Craig Smithfield

Matthews, Leonard C. Enfield

Maultsby, James e. Hope Mills

Maxwell, Charles S. Fayetteville

Mayer, Ellen P. Danvers, Mass.

Mayo, Carolyn A. New Bern

McAlister, Louise E. Charlotte

McCoy, Alva R. Elizabeth City

McDonald, Carolyn A. Charlotte

McDonald, Tanya V. Charlotte

McDougall, Micki J. Wilmington

McGaffin, Karen J. Raleigh

McGaughey, Patricia A. Fayetteville

McIntire, Elaine S. Norfolk, Va.

McKay, Rick J., Jr. Lilesville

McLamb, D., Gaye Clinton

McLaughlin, Ann B. Columbia

Meadows, Paula D. Annandale, Va.

Mendenhall, Carol A. Williamston

Mendenhall, Debbie N. Winston-Salem

Mendenhall, Franklin K. Walnut Cove

Merrell, Dan L. Aydlett

Milburn, William T. Winston-Salem

Miller, E. Kaye Laurel Springs

Miller, Patricia F. Oriental

Mills, Barbara R. New Bern

Mitchell, Patricia J. Fayetteville

Mizelle, Brenda L. Windsor

Mizelle, Kenneth E. Windsor

Mobley, Lois d. Williamston

Mohle, Becky S. Aayden

Monroe, Fonda B. Raeford

Moore, Barbara M. Wilson

Moore, Elna Hurdle Mills

Moore, Katie B. Spring Hope

Moore, William D. Greenville

Moore, William M. Littleton

Morgan, James G. Calpyso

Morris, Annie F. Havelock

Morris, Elizabeth B. Gastonia

Morrone, Robert J. Cherry Hill, N.J.

Morton, Van R. Pollocksville

Moser, Chere D. Charlotte

Moser, Deede Charlotte

Moss, Cheryl D. Kannapolis

Moss, Janice L. Durham

Mudrock, Joyce R. S. Plainfield, N.J.

Mumford, Vivian L. Ayden

Murphy, William H. Snow Hill

Murray, Kathryn J. Salisbury

Musser, Deborah L. Elon

Myers, Mary P. Candor

Myers, Wayne R. Winston-Salem

Nazmi, Ansari M. Tehran, Iran

Nestor, Kathleen M. Wayne, N.J.

Newby, Cynthia E. Elizabeth City

Newton, Cheryl K. Falls Church, Va.

Newton, Naomi Marston

Nichols, Devera A. Wilson

Nicklaw, Kathleen K. Wilmington

Nielsen, Linda G. Dunn

Niklason, Gary Greenville

Nimitz, Charles H. Virginia Beach, Va.

Nipper, Rick Greensboro

Nixon, Cynthia G. Edenton

Noble, David S. New Bern

Nobles, Tana L. Plymouth

Noffsinger, Sarah J. Wilmington

Norell, Nancy E. District Hgts, Md.

Norman, Shirley A. Winston-Salem

Norman, Walter E. Creswell

Norris, Tommie R. Chocowinity

Obrecht, William F. Baltimore, Md.

O'Briant, Deborah E. Durham

Ogden, Donna F. Roanoke Rapids

Olmstead, Glenn F. Raleigh

Oliver, Cathy L. Chapel Hill

Oliver, Juila B. Greenville

O'Neal, William D. Rockingham

Ormond, Barbara B. Pinetown

Orrell, Mike H. Winston-Salem

O'Shea, Thomas E. Lexington Pk., Md.

Ouellette, John Ontario, Canada

Outlaw, Barbara S. Kinston

Packer, Betty J. Clinton

Page, Jane M. Greenville

Page, Willard F., Jr. Fayetteville

Palese, Gerry E. Baltimore, Md.

Pardue, Rebecca A. Sanford

Parker, Barbara F. Goldsboro

Parker, Mary B. Garner

Parker, Roger D. Pollocksville

Parris, Steve A. Freemont

Parrish, Freda D. Rocky Mount

Parsley, Elizabeth A. Statesville

Parsons, James C., Jr. Greenville

Patterson, Debra M. Winston-Salem

Paul, Jo A. Ayden

Pearce, Gwendolyn R. Woodland

Pearce, Jean W. Zebulon

Pearman, Stella J. Goldsboro

Pegram, Glenda S. Townsville

Perkins, Calbert L. Goldsboro

Perkins, Kenneth T. Greenville

Perry, Audrey J. Rockford, Ill.

Perryman, Timothy W. Rocky Mount

Peterson, Cynthia L. Elizabethtown

Peterson, Kristin A. Fayetteville

Pharr, Jonathan Plymouth

Phillips, Gail L. Rockville, Md.

Phillips, Kathy M. Bunnlevel

Phillips, Kathryn M. Charlotte

Phillips, Randall S. Greenville

Phillips, Thomas C. Columbia, S.C.

Phinney, Pamela G. Fayetteville

Pinkston, Caroline D. Whiteville

Pitt, Sheila E. Rocky Mount

Pittman, Lynn W. Greenville

Pittman, Will B., Jr. New Bern

Plott, Deborah A. Waynesville

Plyler, David C. Thomasville

Poindexter, K. Randy High Point

Poore, Linda T. Chocowinity

Powell, Francelle Ca-Vel

Powell, Kathon M. Brunswick

Poyner, Mary G. Moyock

Praisarnti, Surhum Bangkok, Thailand

Prescott, Diana A. Swansboro

Prevatt, Frank W. Lumberton

Prevette, Richard L. Greenville

Prezioso, Rhonda C. Virginia Beach, Va.

Price, Donna C. Williamston

Price, Karen J. Charlotte

Price, mary J. Ellerbe

Price, Norma R. Jamesville

Prince, Cathy S. Apex

Prince, James R., III Charlotte

Proctor, Carol A. Fountain

Puente, Fernando R. Toms River, N.J.

Pugh, Pamela T. Durham

Pulliam, B. Elaine Henderson

Punte, Mary E. Chapel Hill

Quinley, Sherrie L. Newport News, Va.

Quinn, Susan A. Kinston

Rabens, Dea C. Fayetteville

Ragazzo, Jo Ann Chapel Hill

Raines, John E. Edenton

Ramsey, Joseph B., Jr. Rocky Mount

Ratcliff, Patricia J. Pantego

Ray, Constance J. Chapel Hill

Reams, Sidney J. Havelock

Redding, Sidney D. Hubert

Reid, Vivian S. Charlotte

Reville, Lynn A. Woodbridge, Va.

Rich, Lillie A. Clinton

Riddle, Gail R. Fayetteville

Riggs, Thomas W., Jr. New Bern

Rigsby, Thomas E. Weldon

Ring, Dennis J. Carthage

Rivera, Luis E. Faytteville

Robbins, John T. Rocky Mount

Robbins, Martha C. Pinetown

Roberson, Gregory L. Robersonville

Roberson, Linda K. Williamston

Robertson, Joseph L. Greensboro

Robertson, Tommie L. Goldsboro

Roe, Deborah A. Hendersonville

Rogers, Debbie V. Raleigh

Rogerson, Ebbie J. Williamston

Rose, Rheta C. Kinston

Rose, Sandra J. Clinton

Russell, Suzanne C. Granite Falls

Russo, Loretta M. Hyattsville, Md.

Sadler, Suzanne M. Greenville

Safy, Laura E. Rocky Mount

Sale, Paula L. Mechanicsville, Va.

Sanford, Mary A. Charlotte

Sauls, Dean P. Fremont

Sauls, Robert H. Greenville

Saunders, Lynda L. Ramseur

Sawyer, Stephanie A. Greenville

Schiffel, Erhard P., III Charlotte

Schmidt, Caryl E. Elon College

Schmidtke, Mary L. Fayettville

Schofield, Jannette S. Charleston, S.C.

Scoggins, Joyce R. Godwin

Seacord, Barbara L. Charlotte

Sedgwick, Susan E. Jacksonville

Seymore, Susan B. Greenville

Shackleton, James R. Burlington

Shackleford, Lorraine Pikeville

Shallcross, Jacqueline M. Smithfield

Shankle, Georgia A. Norwood

Shannon, Mary P. Vienna, Va.

Sharpless, Ronald L. Chinquapin

Shaw, Susan J. Washington

Shea, Michael R. Virginia Beach, Va.

Shearin, Deborah M. Louisburg

Shearon, Beverly P. Greenville

Sherman, William D. Fayetteville

Shingleton, Susan C. Stantonsburg

Shore, Thomas R. Durham

Shreve, William H. Wilson

Sibley, Richard D. Greenville

Sigmon, P. Denise Newton

Silberman, Bruce I. Statesville

Siler, Darrell K. Greensboro

Simmons, Lynda M. St. Thomas, Virgin Is.

Simonds, Lawrence J. Rockville, Md.

Sink, Stephen C. Durham

Sloan, M. Carol Durham

Sloan, Phyllis G. Mt. Olive

Small, William F. Elizabeth City

Small, Yvonne F. Edenton

Smith, Catherine H. Goldsboro

Smith, David C. Rockingham

Smith, George T. Winterville

Smith, Janet C. Atlantic

Smith, Karen D. Ramseur

Smith, Mary A. Greenville

Smith, Nan H. Laurinburg

Smith, Peggy D. Kinston

Smith, Ronald E. Spring Lake

Smith, William J. Greenville

Smith, William M. Jacksonville

Snypes, Luther J. Goldsboro

Southard, Alan J. Greenville

Southerland, mary S. Chinquapin

Spain, Linda A. Greenville

Speas, Deborah S. Morganton

Speight, Robert S., Jr. Elm City

Spell, Robert G. Clinton

Sprouse, K. Denise Monroe

Staggs, Ronald L. Englewood, Ohio

Stainback, Gary J. Raleigh

Stampar, Gail L. Wrightsville Beach

Standock, Stephanie M. Fayetteville

Starling, Elizabeth J. Fayetteville

Stauffer, Kennard S. Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Steinbeck, Jensina Greenville

Stephenson, Beverly G. Angier

Stine, Lynda L. Greenville

Stokes, Rebecca P. washington

Stone, Debra E. Dunn

Strange, Barbara J. Annapolis, Md.

Strickland, Brenda L. Raleigh

Strickland, Lewis R. Greenville

Stricklin, Cathy Jo Durham

Stuckey, M. Lydia Raleigh

Sugar, JoAnn St. Pauls

Suggs, Terray F. Whiteville

Sumerell, Danny C. Kinston

Sutton, David A. Kinston

Sutton, Patti E. Monroe

Swain, Guy S. Columbia

Swain, Patricia G. Southport

Swann, Steven D. New Castle, Ind.

Talbot, Clarence N. Fayetteville

Talley, Warren Greenville

Tallon, Valerie H. Greenville

Tart, Elizabeth A. Newton Grove

Taylor, Jacqueline M. Greenville

Taylor, Phillip C. Rocky Mount

Taylor, Sherl D. Charlotte

Temple, Gwen Fayetteville

Terry, Diane Roxboro

Tharrington, Hazel C. Raleigh

Thomas, Doris A. Spring Lake

Thomas, Gene D. Beaulaville

Thomas, Martha F. Williamston

Thomas, Robert W. Fayetteville

Thomas, Wendy E. Virginia Beach, Va.

Thompson, Andrea L. Greenville

Thompson, Terry V. Elizabeth City

Thorton, Alan C. Havelock

Thorton, Debbie H. Greenville

Thornton, Linwood E. Mt. Olive

Thornton, Jennifer O. Mt. Olive

Tilley, Rainelle Kinston

Tipton, Vickie L. Havelock

Toler, Noah A., Jr. Elizabeth City

Totty, Sara L. Earlysville, Va.

Towns, Rita C. Raleigh

Tripp, Dennis L. Greenville

Tromsness, John H. Greenville

Tudor, Pauline E. Plumouth, Minn.

Turner, Tony M. Newport

Uhteg, Sharon E. Kinston

Vail, Luke H. Pikeville

Vail, Robert E. Greensboro

Vance, Keith Z. Jamestown

Vanderford, Addie L. Robersonville

Vandever, Frank A. Havelock

Vaughan, Vickie J. Durham

Vincent, Larry G. Winterville

Voliva, William G., Jr. Columbia

Wade, Martha C. Kinston

Wagner, Linda K. Newport News, Va

Wagner, Nancy E. East Northport, N.Y.

Wagner, Rebecca M. Washington

Wallace, Hettie L. Edenton

Waller, Dwight D. Mt. Olive

Walker, Michael S. Greenville

Walters, William J. Greensboro

Ward, Carolyn M. Nakina

Warren, Mark R. Roxboro

Warren, Nancy E. Wilson

Warwick, Rebecca E. Elizabethtown

Washington, Shirley A. Kinston

Watkins, Patricia J. Garner

Weaver, Joy Y. Angier

Webb, Curtis O. Winterville

Webb, George H. Asheville

Webb, Kathryn D. Macclesfield

Webb, Marietta A. Asheville

Weber, Douglas A. Haddonfield, N.J.

Weeks, Debora S. Bethel

Wells, Jerry H. Wallace

West, Kenneth M. Goldsboro

West, Sandra M. Kenly

White, Alice M. Elizabeth City

White, Barbara J. Williamston

White, Joselyn J. Manson

White, Karen F. High Point

White, Terry D. Belvidere

White, William M. New Bern

Whiteford, William F. Greenville

Whitley, Dolores S. Charlotte

Whitley, Martha A. Mt. Pleasant

Wiggins, James L. Louisburg

Wilcox, James M. New Bern

Wilder, Linda L. Baltimore, Md.

Wilkerson, Kathryn, E. Greenville

Williams, Brenda K. Roanoke Rapids

Williams, John K. Autryville

Williams, Carolyn F. Jamesville

Williams, Christopher K. New Bern

Williams, Dale L. Greenville

Williams, Daniel R. Jacksonville

Williams, Elizabeth A. Albertson

Williams, Judy K. Newport

Williford, Katherine E. Elm City

Willis, Lucy A. Wanchese

Willis, Shelby, Jr. Beaufort

Wilson, Donald M. Tar Heel

Wilson, Emma D. Sanford

Wilson, Gloria J. LaGrange

Wilson, Worth B., Jr. Greenville

Winborn, Linda J. Ahoskie

Winstead, Wanda F. Elm City

Winston, Helen R. Nelson, Va.

Wolfe, Martha S. Rocky Mount, Va.

Wood, Gary F. Godwin

Wood, Rebecca L. Tarboro

Wood, Susan J. Mamers

Woodruff, Jeffery C. Tarboro

Woody, Cynthia A. Roxboro

Worsley, Anne L. Rocky Mount

Worthington, Edward A., Jr. LaGrange

Worthington, Jesse D. Chadbourn

Worthington, Linda L. LaGrange

Wrenn, Pamela G. Roxboro

Wright, Debra L. Hobbsville

Wyatt, Carol Federalsburg, Md.

Wylie, Deborah Y. Charlotte

Wylie, Gladys W. New Bern

Yancey, Oliver H. Norlina

Yokley, Nina G. Mount Airy

Young, Barbara A. China Grove

Zirbs, Carol A. Elkins, W.Va.

Zum, Brunnen, Janelle L. Salisbury


Adams, Bobby R. Goldsboro

Adams, Cheryl M. Merry Hill

Ainsley, Charles Tarboro

Aldridge, Stephen W. Greenville

Allen, James E. Cary

Anderson, Heidi K. Wake Forest

Anderson, James R. Havelock

Andrews, Allyson R. Farmville

Andrews, Debbie K. Durham

Angle, Karen G. Oxford

Archibald, John A. Statesville

Armstrong, Dorothy A. Staten Is., N.Y.

Atkins, Nancy E. Norfolk, Va.

Atwell, Larry S. Concord

Austin, Frederick W. Medord, N.Y.

Austria, Jaime N. Norfolk, Va.

Bailey, Kathy L. Roanoke Rapids

Bailey, Vicky L. Wilson

Baker, Brenda L. Rocky Mount

Baker, Jacquelyn H. Greenville

Baker, Jennifer L. Willow Springs

Baker, Peggy E. Aulander

Baldwin, Edward L. Riverside, N.J.

Barbee, Aubrey K. Garner

Banber, Jasper D. Charlotte

Barefoot, William T. Four Oaks

Barnes, Edward W. Murfreesboro

Barnes, Judith W. Virginia Beach, Va.

Barnes, Karen S. Roper

Barnes, Vikkie S. Rocky Mount

Barnes, Wanda G. Lucama

Barnette, Evelyn D. Raleigh

Barnhill, Kenneth M. Rocky Mount

Barnhill, Sarah H. New Bern

Barrett, Sarah E. Roanoke Rapids

Barrow, Vickie L. Kinston

Bartlett, Patricia G. Charlotte

Bass, Allison E. Fay

Bass, Linda G. Wilson

Bass, Michael B. Burlington

Bass, Robert P. Newton Grove

Batchelor, Paula S. Wilson

Batten, Sandra M. Whiteville

Batts, Hazel M. Rocky Mount

Baucom, Kathy G. Walstonburg

Baynor, Susan E. Plymouth

Beaston, Geoff D. High Point

Beddard, James R., Jr. Roanoke Rapids

Beddard, Mary C. Roanoke Rapids

Beddingfield. Howard W., Jr. Spring Hope

Belcher, Cheryl C. Oxford

Bell, Beverly M. Durham

Bell, Carolyn S. Chesterfield, S. C.

Belton, Phyllis A. Mt. Airy

Benjamin, Steven D. Woodbridge, Va.

Bennett, Richard D. Roanoke Rapids

Berry, Margert E. Hurdle Mills

Berry, Paul R. Wendell

Best, Edward P., Jr. Winston-Salem

Betts, Wilmer C., III Raleigh

Biddell, Joe A. Laurinburg

Biggerstaff, Teresa C. Rocky Mount

Bishop, Susan Statesville

Bittner, Susan J. Morehead City

Blackwood, Sandra G. Greensboro

Blake, Jasper E., Jr. Ahoskie

Bland, Dianne Wallace

Blue, Claudia D. Sanford

Bobbitt, Lili D. Spring Hope

Boggs, Karen D. Springfield, Va.

Bolt, James M. Winston-Salem

Bosnick, David R. Syosett, N.Y.

Boswell, Pamela A. Durham

Bottoms, Marilyn N. Wilson

Boyette, Ethel M. Faison

Boyette, Josephine E. Greenville

Boyette, Stephen V. Raleigh

Boykin, Carolyn E. Garner

Boykin, Donna L. Kenly

Boykin, Patricia L. Wilson

Bradford, Elizabeth O. Eden

Bradford, Karin Wilmington

Bradner, Kenneth L. Greensboro

Bradshaw, Mary R. Raleigh

Bradsher, Sally E. Hurdle Mills

Bragunier, Debbie Indian Head, Md.

Branch, Emily A. Orrum

Branch, Lena K. Winterville

Branch, Linda Sue Orrum

Branch, Mark T. Fayetteville

Braxton, Carolyn A. Maury

Brazell, Deborah A. Weldon

Brett, Jerry Murfreesboro

Brewer, Jeffrey L. Silver Spring, Md.

Bridges, Sidney R. Kenly

Briggs, Linda D. Swansboro

Broaddrick, Sylva E. Greenville

Brock, Ginger K. Warsaw

Brodsky, Mark W. Greenville

Brooks, Vicki A. Winston-Salem

Brooks, Vicky J. Bath

Browder, Bannister R., III Winston-Salem

Brown, Alex C. Jacksonville

Brown, Brenda A. Goldsboro

Brown, Debra A. Rose Hill

Brown, Karen L. Charlotte

Brown, Martha E. Raleigh

Brown, Nancy K. Greenville

Brown, Sanford M., Jr. Roanoke Rapids

Bruce, Richard K. Durham

Bryan, Lynwood S. Oxford

Bryant, Frances D. Durham

Bryant, Patricia G. Lillington

Buck, Nancy L. Winterville

Beuhler, Jane A. Fairfax, Va.

Bullock, Cynthia M. Williamston

Bunce, David B. Stedman

Bunn, Lauralyn New Bern

Bunting, Gregg J. Greenville

Burdett, Donna L. Raleigh

Burnette, Mark E. Morehead City

Burroughs, James, Jr. Roanoke Rapids

Burton, Doris J. Washington

Butler, Linda D. Winston-Salem

Butler, Mary C. Tabor City

Butner, Freda A. Tobaccoville

Byrd, Kathryn A. Charleston, S.C.

Cagle, Monte F. Asheboro

Callihan, Cathy E. Elizabethtown

Cameron, Carole B. Greenville

Campbell, Janet D. Rockingham

Campbell, Kimberly A. Silver Spring, Md.

Campbell, Robert J. Jacksonville

Campen, Mary D. Chesapeake, Va.

Cannan, Michael W. Mays Landing, N.J.

Capps, Ricky D. Erwin

Carmone, Claudia Norfolk, Va.

Carpenter, Connie S. New Bern

Carr, Jennifer L. Richmond, Va.

Carter, Frankie J. Charlotte

Carter, Kathy J. Winston-Salem

Castleberry, Susan B. Wendell

Cate, Charlotte J. Reidsville

Cates, Sheila D. Durham

Caudell, Holly J. High Point

Cavanaugh, Janet L. Rocky Mount

Champion, Nancy J. Raleigh

Chan, Joseph T. Hong Kong

Chapman, Barbara J. Fayetteville

Chapman, Joseph S. Fayetteville

Chapple, Randall B. Raleigh

Chavasse, Elizabeth A. Raleigh

Cheney, Fred K. Arlington, Va.

Clark, Donna S. LaGrange

Clark, Felicia A. Charlotte

Clark, Lu A. Pinetops

Clark, Mark L. Havelock

Clark, Robin C. Durham

Clark, Sidney P. Wilson

Clemons, Eldred Y. Durham

Clodfelter, Vickie E. Thomasville

Cobb, Janice C. Elm City

Cobb, Sherry B. Kinston

Cole, Barbara D. Goldsboro

Coley, Margaret A. Faison

Colglazier, Joan M. Raleigh

Collins, Debbie E. Elizabeth City

Combs, Richard C. Kannapolis

Comby, William B. Conover

Compton, Linda L. Virgilina, Va.

Compton, Vicky R. Burlington

Conlyn, Doris J. Prince Frederick, Md.

Cook, Ronald G. Fayetteville

Cooper, Kenneth A. Scotland Neck

Coppage, Jesse L. Robersonville

Corbin, Becton W. Jacksonville

Cottrell, Candice A. Henderson

Council, Mary L. Pinebluff

Cowan, Deborah C. Burlington

Cowan, William K. Windsor

Cox, Craig M. Greenville

Cox, Lynda D. Wilson

Cox, Mary L. Wilmington

Cox, Wanda S. Washington

Craft, Annie M. Norlina

Creath, Judith A. Burlington, Mass.

Creef, Ludford T., III Chesapeake, Va.

Cress, Christine J. Rural Hall

Crissman, James D. Aberdeen

Crosland, Mary P. Charlotte

Crowe, Oneda M. Belvidere

Crump, Debra E. Lenoir

Cunningham, Robert L. Winston-Salem

Curlee, Robert H. Greensboro

Currie, Neil M. Rocky Mount

Culchin, Anna K. Rocky Mount

Daniel, Letitia G. Collinsville, Va.

Daniel, Sylvia D. Wilson

Darby, Marshall A. Anderson, S.C.

Daughtry, Luther S. Plymouth

Davenport, Carolyn Rocky Mount

Davidson, Alariche Z. Charlotte

Davis, Jennie L. Colerain

Davis, Paul G. Jamesville

Davis, Terry R. Fremont

Day, Devin F. Raritan, N.J.

Dean, Patricia G. Elkton, Va.

Deans, Amy J. Wilson

Dean, Rhonda R. Elkton, Va.

Deardorff, Carole E. Rockville, Md.

Deese, Virginia L. Albemarle

DeMeter, Nancy L. Fayetteville

Derrough, Julia L. Asheville

Devins, William Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Diener, Frank J. Greenville

Dickens, Celest R. Littleton

Dickens, Sandra L. Whiteville

Dickson, Walter M. Gastonia

Diffee, Denise L. Burlington

Dildy, John A., Jr. Wilson

Dixon, Carolyn R. Raleigh

Dockey, Marcia E. Conover

Doss, Ellen C. Burlington

Downes, Cindy A. Raleigh

Doyle, Mary P. Bethesda, Md.

Dudley, Jane L. Clinton

Duncan, Thomas G. Durham

Dunlap, Mark E. Durham

Dunnagan, Michael G. Raleigh

Duperock, Suzanne K. Wilmington

Durham, Charles H. Durham

Durham, Jan E. Greenville

Durham, Lucretia J. Snow Camp

Dwiggins, Michael L. Mocksville

Ealy, William C. Charlotte

Eason, Richard A. Macclesfield

Ebbs, Laura R. Greenville

Edgerton, Jo Anne Morehead City

Edgerton Mary A. Morehead City

Edinger, Kathryn Medford Lakes, N.J.

Edwards, Charles A. Greenport, N.Y.

Edwards, Charles R. Lewiston

Edwards, Karla M. Washington

Edwards, Michael C. Pendleton

Elesha, Mary L. Winston-Salem

Ellington, Martha D. Greensboro

Elliott, Sharon L. Charthage

Ellis, Linda C. Fuquay-Varina

Ellrod, Dorothy L. Tarboro

Elwell, Mark S. Springfield, Va.

Engiman, Gilda K. Kernersville

English, Betsy Kenansville

Ennis, Janet P. Burlington

Ennis, Marshall Erwin

Eubank, Cheryl Y. Trenton

Evans, Gary J. Quantico, Va.

Evans, Judith A. Fremont

Evans, Karen S. Fayetteville

Evans, Mary L. Goldsboro

Evans, Stephen J. Greenville

Fahrenbruch, Kathy A. Cherry Hill, N.J.

Faircloth, Thomas A. Stedman

Falk, Thomas J. Millersville, Pa.

Farina, Bradley C. Jacksonville

Feeney, Bob Neptune, N.J.

Feher, Amy L. Ahoskie

Ferebee, Janet B. Andrews

Ferguson, Charlene D. Virginia Beach, Va.

Finch, Jacqueline E. Henderson

Fisher, Sharon D. Fayetteville

Flaherty, Tama J. Rockville, Md.

Fleming, Linda A. Greenville

Fletcher, Bonnie L. Durham

Flint, Brenda J. Tarboro

Flythe, Rheta J. Aulander

Floyd, Barbara A. Wilson

Folsom, Jan L. Fayetteville

Fondren, Anne E. Roanoke Rapids

Fort, Graham C. Kinston

Fowler, William N. Colerain

Franklin, Vicki Y. Graham

Freeman, John D. Arlington, Va.

Freeman, Sally L. Greenville

Frye, Barry E. Brown Summit

Frye, Donna C. Hickory

Frye, Janice L. Mt. Airy

Futrell, Joseph M. Tarboro

Gambella, Diane Goldsboro

Garber, Suzanne K. Woodbridge, Va.

Gardner, Scot G. Suffolk, Va.

Garris, Cynthia d. Ayden

Garris, Vickie J. Greenville

Gaskins, Deborah K. New Bern

Gaskins, Stephanie A. Manteo

Garreston, Jayne D. Washington

Gay, Jacqueline A. Kinston

Gebhardt, Robert D. Old Tappan, N.J.

Gentry, Catherine R. Roxboro

Ghent, Ginna Alexandria, Va.

Gibson, Julia A. Raeford

Giddings, Martha E. Jacksonville

Gidley, Mary E. Greenville

Gillette, Wray Y. Wilson

Goodard, Judy D. Robersonville

Godwin, Betty S. Linden

Goodman, Victoria G. Louisville, Ky.

Goodson, Barbara E. Kinston

Gorrie, Elizabeth M. Williamston

Gosnell, Linda K. Murfreesboro

Gosnell, Pamela F. Murfresboro

Gould, Juanita F. Greenville

Graham, Ridgely M. Reidsville

Gramling, Paula A. Cranford, N.J.

Grant, Robert L. Hendersonville

Gray, Barbara G. Kinston

Gray, Frederick L. Williamston

Green, Karen S. Lumberton

Greene, Roger L. Chesapeake, Va.

Greene, Sara K. Swansboro

Greene, William C. Naples, Fla.

Griffin, Deborah J. Rocky Mount

Griffis, Dianne A. Kinston

Grimes, Mary G. Scotland Neck

Grimsley, Jackie F. Pollocksville

Gulledge, William B. Raleigh

Gundlach, Herb L. Greensboro

Gunter, Paula J. Sanford

Hahn, Billy J., Jr. Albemarle

Hall, Barbara J. Virginia Beach, Va.

Hall, Harris, M., Jr. Mebane

Hall, Nancy E. Fayetteville

Hall, Susan C. Tarboro

Hanna, Judy L. Winston-Salem

Hanner, Nancy E. Randleman

Hanrahan, Teresa J. Falls Church, Va.

Hardee, Mona G. Greenville

Hardin, Warren L. Saxaphan

Hardwick, Donald E. Burlington

Hardy, Carolyn R. Burlington

Hardy, Debbit A. Concord

Hargett, H. Glenn, Jr. Jacksonville

Harmon, Glenn L. Kings Mountain

Harrell, Alice E. Wilson

Harrell, Charle M., III Hertford

Harrell, Connie R. Goldsboro

Harrill, Shelly N. Durham

Harris, Celia E. Farmville

Harris, Diane M. Grifton

Harris, Edward L. Belhaven

Harris, Norris R. Statesville

Harris, Veleta M. Greenville

Harrison, Sherwood M. New Bern

Harrison, William P. Durham

Hartel, Vickie A. Granite Quarry

Hartis, Margaret L. Kinston

Hartis, Marsha E. Matthews

Hartsell, Debra J. Greenville

Hartsfield, Jeanne S. Kinston

Harvey, Willie H. New Bern

Harward, Cheryl L. Durham

Hatch, Betty L. Goldsboro

Hatch, Debbie A. Mt. Olive

Hatcher, Rhonda L. Garner

Haverty, Barbara A. Hillside, N.J.

Heffner, Cindy R. Durham

Heid, Gretchen L. Union, N.J.

Heidenreich, James R. Greenville

Helms, Brigitte I. Beaufort

Hendrix, Robin E. Tyner

Hendrix, Steven C. Winston-Salem

Hermann, Mary J. Richmond, Va.

Hile, Patricia C. Williamsburg, Va.

Hill, Betty L. Garysburg

Hills, Marsha W. Greenville

Hill, Sara E. Durham

Hiltz, Fredrick P. Charlotte

Hinnant, Danny E. Selma

Hinson, Roger L. Wilmington

Hinson, Ronald L. Tarboro

Hinton, Patsy A. Rocky Mount

Hinton, Randy T. Princeton

Hirschi, Carlton F., Jr. Burlington

Hobbs, Joseph S. Smithfield

Hobbs, Sheila M. Raleigh

Hobbs, Willie R. Newton Grove

Hodges, Elizabeth H. Washington

Hogshire, Beverly E. Rocky Mount

Holding, Debra J. Wake Forest

Hollowell, Kathy L. Southport

Holt, Joan A. Kinston

Honeycutt, Dennis G. Kannapolis

Honeycutt, Jimmy A. Clinton

Honeycutt, Philip L. Chadbourn

Hooper, John R. Buxton

Horner, Cynthia V. New Bern

Houghton, Ray H. Charlotte

House, Cheryl J. Franklinton

Howard, Mark A. S. Pines

Howell, Gregory L. Annandale, Va.

Howell, Donna L. Goldsboro

Howie, Max M. Matthews

Hudson, Catherine D. Louisburg

Hudson, Larry D. Greenville

Huggins, James L., Jr. Midway Pk.

Hughes, Donald R. Tar Heel

Hughes, Emily A. Red Springs

Hughes, Julia A. Wilmington

Hunike, Nancy G. Durham

Humbles, Jannette E. Ayden

Hunsucker, Anne R. High Point

Huntley, Thomas M. Greensboro

Hurley, Frederick A. Conover

Hux, Velna R. Roanoke Rapids

Hyman, Gary S. McKee City, N.J.

Ibrahim, Ali L. Raleigh

Jackson, Ceba A. Mt. Olive

Jackson, Jerry A. Havelock

Jackson, Susan E. St. Pauls

Jacques, Janice A. Kinston

Jafari, Parvin Tehran, Iran

James, Robyn A. McLean, Va.

Jarvis, Mary L. Ayden

Jefferson, Barbara G. Pinetown

Jenkins, Myra E. Robersonville

Jernigan, Laura E. Aulander

Job, Gill C. Allendale, N.J.

Johnson, Cynthia G. New Bern

Johnson, Donnie R. Pilot Mtn.

Johnson, Jeffrey A. Durham

Johnson, John R. Raleigh

Johnson, Lyn C. Raleigh

Johnson, Michael W. Raleigh

Johnson, Pamela G. Farmville

Johnson, Philips B. Richmond, Va.

Johnson, Sallie M. Shannon

Johnson, Trudy L. Rocky Mount

Johnston, Cheryl A. Kitty Hawk

Johnston, Jena J. Fayetteville

Johnston, Jo Rocky Mount

Jones, Cranford A. Greensboro

Jones, Helen C. Raleigh

Jones, Jennifer I. Vanceboro

Jones, Melvin T. Raleigh

Jones, Patricia A. Whiteville

Jones, Stephen C. Cary

Jones, Vickie S. Williamston

Jordan, Linda C. Clinton

Joyner, Alice D. Oak City

Kalameja, A. James Buffalo, N.Y.

Katz, Rhona M. Arlington, Va.

Keanon, John R. Manassas, Va.

Keel, Patricia G. Robersonville

Keistler, Joey L. Charlotte

Keith, Rebecca A. Kinston

Kelly, Madolin R. Durham

Kennedy, Mary C. Winston-Salem

Kennington, Debra A. Wilmington

Kesler, Laura H. Greenville

Keys, Robert C. Washington

King, John B. Durham

Kirby, Clinton W. Lucama

Kirby, Harryette C. Charlotte

Kirby, Karen S. Winston-Salem

Knoll, Craig R. Raleigh

Knott, Alvis L. Raleigh

Kolody, Clarinda Fayetteville

Kornegay, Eric K. Smithfield

Kupke, Kathryn A. Hickory

Kuzmuk, Kim G. Washington, D.C.

Kyle, James H. Fayetteville

LaGarde, Denise L. Raleigh

Lamm, Marianna P. Lucama

Lamphier, Deborah S. Fayetteville

Lancaster, Dixie G. vanceboro

Lancaster, Gary O. Wilmington

Langley, Georgia A. Rocky Mount

Lau, Nancy C. Rockville, Md.

Lawson, Donna J. Eden

Lee, Franky S. Hamilton

Lee, Melissa J. Gaithersburg, Md.

Lewis, Elizabeth A. Chocowinity

Lewis, James M. Hertford

Lewis, Mary F. Elon

Lieberman, Larry W. Charlotte

Linthicum, Wayland H. Charlotte

Lipke, C. Neal Woodbridge, Va.

Lisane, Palmer L. Rose Hill

Little, Mary P. Farmville

Lockamy, Sara E. Burlington

Lockemy, Randall T. Henderson

Lockwood, Mark E. Charlotte

Loftin, Donna W. Ayden

Loftin, Patsy A. Ayden

Long, Susan M. Elizabeth City

Looman, Richard G. Greensboro

Loudon, Marla A. Sidney, N.Y.

Lowder, Debra F. Winston-Salem

Lucas, Mary J. Plymouth

Lucas, Terry L. Asheboro

Lukaweez, Deborah A. Jacksonville

Lynch, Kenneth S. Westwood, N.J.

Lyon, Barbara J. Whitakers

Mann, Deborah L. Durham

Manning, Lena F. Greenville

Manning, Terry L. Greenville

Mansfield, Carolyn Goldsboro

Marcellus, Candace S. Gloversville, N.Y.

Marion, Martha A. Rocky Mount

Marion, Sharyn E. Charlotte

Marshburn, Anna L. Rocky Mount

Martin, Stephen A. Lutherville, Md.

Massey, Louis C. Eureka

Matthews, David C. Burlington

Matthews, Donna J. Matthews

Matthews, Paul G. sanford

Mattson, Cynthis M. Newport

Maxik, Marie M. Havelock

May, mary C. Charlotte

Mayo, Deborah J. Selma

McAdams, Luanne C. Mebane

McAllister, Susan G. Cornelius

McCarthy, Arlyne J. Falls Church, Va.

McClelland, Lloyd C. Snow Camp

McCollum, Holton W., Jr. Reidsville

McCombs, Melinda P. Greenville

McCormack, Doug P. Durham

McCrae, Deborah G. Durham

McCrimmon, Alfred E. Vass

McDonald, Donna E. Sylva

McDonald, Gale M. Pfafftown

McDonald, Rodney F. Durham

McKinney, Luther K. Burlington

McLawhorn, John D., III Cary

McLellan, Georgina A. Denville, N.J.

McLendon, L. Elaine Fayetteville

McNeill, Walter D., Jr. Rocky Mount

McNulty, Mimi C. Greensboro

McPhail, Barbra A. Lexington

McPhail, Lonnie F. Autryville

McPhatter, Alvin R. Sanford

McQuaid, Thomas H. Beaufort

McQueen, Judy C. Ellerbe

McRae, Jane M. Rowland

McVeigh, Margaret A. Wilson

Melcher, Becky Fayetteville

Melton, Nancy J. Lumberton

Melton, Robert F. Richlands

Melts, Maria P. Jacksonville

Mercer, Trey Wilson

Meredith, Millie H. Wilmington, Del.

Merrell, Paula C. Beaufort

Metzger, Debra L. Greensboro

Meyers, Louis J. Durham

Miller, Gretchen B. Beulaville

Miller, Harry D. New London

Miller, Penny A. Gastonia

Mills, Carolyn L. Greenville

Mills, Patsy Goldsboro

Mills, Paula L. Tabor City

Minges, Libby B. Fayetteville

Minshew, Paul M. O-Fallen, Ill.

Minzenmayer, Niki L. Canton

Mitchell, Lynne M. Alexandria, Va.

Mizell, Glenda K. Windsor

Mizelle, William H., Jr. Williamston

Modlin, Anna E. Beaufort

Modlin, Susa S. Washington

Moffett, Debbie Wenonah, N.J.

Monroe, Randy W. Eagle springs

Moore, Jeanne R. Farmville

Moore, Mary Louise Newton Grove

Moore, Vivian E. Kinston

Moran, Debra J. Roxboro

Morse, Barbara J. Rockingham

Motteler, Larry G. Washington

Mulkey, Amelia P. Farmville

Myers, Sally E. Washington

Myers, Valerie Jamesville

Myhrum, Karen S. Jacksonville

Nalley, Christie M. Raleigh

Natella, Gary S. New Bern

Natrella, Steven P. Arlington, Va.

Nelson, Charlotte V. Beaufort

Nelson, Elizabeth C. Charlotte

Nelson, Glenn R. Durham

Nicholson, Dallas S. Candler

Noble, Audrey K. Deep Run

Noble, Sherry A. Deep Run

Norfolk, Craig P. Greenville

Norman, H.P., Jr. Farmville

North, Gary L. Charlottesville, Va.

Nowosielski, Cynthia A. Manville, N.J.

O'Boyle, Irene R. Charlotte

O'Conner, James E., Jr. Havelock

O'Neal, David D. Clayton

O'Shea, Kevin R. Lancaster, Pa.

Odette, Robert L. Raleigh

Oliver, Teresa J. Raleigh

Outlaw, Ernestine E. Colerain

Overcash, Barbara C. Kannapolis

Owens, Douglas L. Albemarle

Parker, Margaret A. Roanoke Rapids

Parks, Jerry L. Edenton

Parks, Robert L. Gastonia

Parrish, Beverly A. Clayton

Parrish, Michael E. Durham

Parson, Leslie G. Bethesda, Md.

Patrick, Christine L. Rockingham

Patterson, Carl L. Kannapolis

Patterson, Rachel L. Farmville

Patterson, Roslyn D. Kinston

Patterson, Victoria C. Raleigh

Paul, Melba R. Oriental

Peace, Pratt A. Henderson

Peacock, Judith L. Alexandria, Va.

Peaden, Linwood E., Jr. Falkland

Peedin, Larry W. Selma

Peele, Ted W. Edenton

Pennington, LaDonna D. Albemarle

Perry, Bonita J. Edenton

Perry, Charles D. Winston-Salem

Perry, Della I. Kitty Hawk

Perry, Julia G. Merry Hill

Peterson, Linda S. Jacksonville

Petterson, Lynne M. Greenville

Petty, Robert K. Owensboro, Ky.

Phelps, Ann M. Hubert

Phelps, Vickie L. Greenville

Phillips, Carla E. Greenville

Phillips, Gary W. Spencer

Phthisic, P. Ann Edenton

Pierce, Danny C. Princeton

Piercy, Robert M. Wallace

Pike, Larry L. Trenton

Pittman, Angela K. Kinston

Pittman, Susan D. Newport

Plaster, Louise A. Winston-Salem

Plazak, Martie Laurel, Md.

Pollard, Susan E. Durham

Pomeroy, Robin P. Cherry Hill, N.J.

Pond, Samuel B. Springfield, Va.

Porter, Katherine L. Durham

Post, Roxanne E. Charlotte

Powell, Burwell D. Warrenton

Powell, Eugene H. Gibson

Powell, Georgia A. Greenville

Powell, Ruth E. Greensboro

Poyner, Catherine A. Moyock

Price, Gary Chapel Hill

Price, Roger G. Four Oaks

Priddy, Betsy R. Sandy Ridge

Prince, Barbara S. Richmond, Va.

Procopio, Joyce T. Durham

Proctor, Ronald F. Fayetteville

Provost, Paul M. Havelock

Pugh, Barbara C. Raleigh

Qualls, Barbara J. Camp Lejeune

Quinn, Bronnie L. Trenton

Raines, Donna J. Clayton

Raines, Donald B. Princeton

Rambo, John W. Charlotte

Ramey, Jean C. Greenville

Ratledge, Nancy J. Greensboro

Ray, Linda S. Mebane

Raybin, Jacqueline P. Chapel Hill

Rayford, Blanch R. Greenville

Reddy, Brigid E. Cherry Point

Reece, Charles P, Jr. Wildesboro

Reece, Mitzi D. New Bern

Reed, Jo Anne Pinetops

Reep, Roxanne C. Charlotte

Regan, Ducand C. Oxford

Reid, Beverly J. Raleigh

Repass, Brenda G. Jacksonville

Rich, Dana D. Wallace

Richards, Nancy M. Richmond, Va.

Richardson, Patrick L. Siler City

Richardson, Rebecca R. Lake Waccamaw

Ricks, Keith H. Conway

Ringler, Marjorie A. Jacksonville

Ripper, Eric G. Arlington, Va.

Rivenbark, Linda D. Wallace

Rivens, Robbie D. Davidson

Robbins, Cynthia V. Elizabethtown

Roberts, Martha A. Pittsboro

Roebuck, Denise G. Greenville

Rogers, Donna L. Candler

Rogers, Roy W. Williamston

Rogerson, Joan C. Williamston

Rollins, Julia A. Smithfield

Romer, Karen L. Silver Spring, Md.

Rose, Martha J. Newton Grove

Rosenberg, David P. Reston, Va.

Russell, Patricia G. Sanford

Ryan, David B. Winterville

Ryherd, Rhonda L. Charlotte

Sadak, Buddy F. Middleburg, Va.

Saitta, Daria M. Blauvelt, N. Y.

Salter, Elwood L. Havelock

Sampson, Kathyrn J. Upper Marlboro, Md.

Sanderford, Susan M. Chapel Hill

Sasser, Sharon L. Goldsboro

Saunders, Mary Jo Greenville

Saunders, Nancy S. Butner

Saunders, Rosemary L. Rocky Mount

Sazama, Robin K. Rocky Mount

Schaffer, Debbie L. Jacksonville

Schenck, Mary Elln Canton

Schlosser, Gail Sparta, N.J.

Seaman, James B. Jacksonville

Seaton, Alyce B. Elizabeth City

Shackleford, Scott L. Fayetteville

Shain, Joyce E. Lumberton

Shallcross, John S. Smithfield

Shannon, George W., Jr. Laurinburg

Sharp, Willis D. Wilson

Sharpe, Carol E. Clemmons

Sharpe, Rhonda G. Burlington

Shaw, Meredith C. Carney's Pt., N.J.

Sheehan, Kathleen A. Parris Island, S.C.

Sheek, Camilla D. Clemmons

Shell, Jeannie Roanoke Rapids

Shelton, John A. Winston-Salem

Shivers, Karen E. Raleigh

Short, Bobby J. Hickory

Sibley, L. Bryan New Bern

Simonds, Tom Rockville, Md.

Skelly, Frances M. Washington, D.C.

Slavin, Teresa L. Rocky Mount

Smiley, Linda S. Ormond Beach, Fla.

Smith, Betty J. Wilmington

Smith, Beverly J. Winterville

Smith, Cynthia M. Grifton

Smith, Janet C. Princeton

Smith, Leonard J. Roseboro

Smith, Mary D. Chocowinity

Smith, Melissa D. Walnut Grove

Smith, Miranda P. Greenville

Smith, Samuel F. Kingstree, S.C.

Smith, Stephen R. Winston-Salem

Smith, William C. Carolina Beach

Smithson, Lawrence D. Aldie, Va.

Smithwick, Nancy C. Windsor

Soles, Michael W. Durham

Speight, Charlie R. Greenville

Speller, Nancy L. Williamston

Spence, Deborah C. Rutherfordton

Spiegel, Edward F. West Nyack, N.Y.

Spires, Linda W. Greenville

Sprecher, Geri J. Charlotte

Spruill, William M., Jr. Cresell

Starling, Virginia C. Lancaster, Pa.

Stefureac, Ssuan M. Raleigh

Stephens, Cecil W. Raleigh

Stephens, Jan M. Lillington

Stephenson, Eleanor K. Clayton

Stewart, Bert Fayetteville

Stewart, Carolyn C. Winston-Salem

Stewart, Julianne Smithfield

Stewart, Ronald C. Jacksonville

Still, Susan E. Greenville

Stocks, Donna M. Kinston

Stone, Gary F. Salisbury

Strain, Joeann Hubert

Stravinskas, Laura A. Wiltempstead, N.Y.

Strayhorn, Kenneth E. Havelock

Strohofer, Cynthia M. Springfield, Pa.

Summerlin, Elizabeth C. Alexandria, Va.

Sumner, Nancy E. Washington

Sutherland, Blanche R. Laurinburg

Sutton, Deborah

Tart, Linda S. Coats

Tatum, Karen L. Winston-Salem

Tayloe, Frank W. Aulander

Taylor, Debra K. Kinston

Taylor, Diane Goldsboro

Taylor, Lynn L. Rocky Mount

Templeton, Michael B. Raleigh

Taylor, Martha J. Tarboro

Taylor, Thomas D. Greenville

Teel, Doris M. Farmville

Teer, Marion L. Durham

Tesh, Patrick A. Midway Park

Tew, Margaret K. Williamston

Theodore, Andrew S. Linwood, N.J.

Thigpen, Sylvia J. Beaulaville

Thomas, Sheila K. Clayton

Thompson, Michael L. Rocky Mount

Thompson, Pamela J. Wilmington

Thornton, Chris D. Havelock

Thornton, Thaddeus N. Four Oaks

Tiedje, John N. Charlotte

Tise, Allan B. Winston-Salem

Todd, Karen F. Fayetteville

Toler, Ben F. Rocky Mount

Tripp, Angela G. Raleigh

Tripp, Charlotte R. Greenville

Trull, Deborah J. Martinsville, Va.

Tucker, Margaret J. Fayetteville

Tufo, Jean M. Vienna, Va.

Turlington, Neale N. Clinton

Turner, Cheryl J. Tarboro

Turner, Kenneth B. Fayetteville

Turner, Vickie J. Clemmons

Tuttle, Teresa L. High Point

Tyler, Charles R. Winston-Salem

Tyndall, Michael T. Arapahoe

Upchurch, Glenda S. Lillington

VanGundy, Robert D. Charlotte

Van Horn, Leslie Winston-Salem

Van Hoy, Sharon M. Winston-Salem

Vallery, Chris E. Fayetteville

Vance, Zelma Charlotte

VandeWalle, Suzanne Richmond, Va.

Vaughn, Robin P. Winston-Salem

Vick, Philip B. Morehead City

Vickers, Jerry W. Elm City

Vreeland, Karen E. Winston-Salem

Wagstaff, James T., Jr. Ayden

Walker, Rhonda L. New Bern

Ware, Mary R. Toano, Va.

Warren, Janice M. Kinston

Warren, Lewis L. Fayetteville

Waters, Deborah L. Silver Spring, Md.

Watkins, Larry G. Rocky Mount

Watkins, William J. Clemmons

Webb, Billie D. Pinetops

Webb, Margie J. Garner

Weeks, Vickie D. Rocky Mount

Welton, Robert L. Annandale, Va.

West, Marsha E. Fayetteville

West, Susan E. Wilmington

Weston, Billie T. Greenville

Wetherington, Judith L. Kinston

Whisenhunt, Jackie E. Beaufort

Whitaker, Carolyn L. Windsor

White, Stephen F. Windsor

White, Wilton A. Windsor

Whitehurst, Anita R. New Bern

Whitley, James C. Jamestown

Whitsell, Dwight L. McLeansville

Whiteside, Mary M. New Bern

Whitlark, Richard O. Macclesfield

Whitley, Phyllis A. Raleigh

Whitne, Phyllis E. Washington

Whitten, Bruce M. Henderson

Wilder, Sammie J. Raleigh

Wilhoit, Gary F. Albemarle

Wilkinson, Lee A. Wilmington, Del.

Williams, Cahty E. Henderson

Williams, Clarence R. Whiteville

Williams, Jacqueline Charlotte

Williams, James S. Jacksonville

Williams, Jane G. Rocky Mount

Williams, Mary S. Asheboro

Williams, Stevens C. Greenville

Williams, William T. Rocky Mount

Willis, William S., Jr. McGuire, AFB, N.J.

Wilson, Cathy M. Greenville

Wilson, Keith G. Walkertown

Wilson, Monte L. Kittrell

Wilson, Sheila J. Winston-Salem

Wilson, Susan C. Garner

Winbourne, Larry T. Wilson

Winch, Joanne M. Wilmington

Windham, Jennifer L. Wilson

Winstead, Mary P. Macclesfield

Winstead, Merlyne D. Rougemont

Winters, Mary Walkerton

Witt, Madelyn F. Boone

Wood, Carlo A. Jacksonville

Woodard, Helena Sharpsburg

Woodley, Jane M. Creswell

Woods, John S. Enid, Okla.

Woolard, Betty A. Beaufort

Woolard, Marshall N. Washington

Worley, Ron L. Fayetteville

Worsley, Earl M. Bethel

Wrenn, Barry D. Greenville

Wright, John M. Goldsboro

Wright, Pamela K. Roanoke Rapids

Wruck, Ernest R. Brookhaven, N.Y.

Wulzyn, William N. Burgaw

Wynn, Debra L. Williamston

Yarboro, Pamela J. Roxboro

Youngblood, Peggy A. Albemarle

York, Leta L. Randleman

Zayton, Kelly J. New Bern


Adams, Gloria E. Newton

Adcock, Jennifer L. Wilmington

Akers, mary P. Roanoke Rapids

Albea, Eleanor A. Raleigh

Allgood, Susan S. Tarboro

Aman, William D. Swansboro

Ambrose, Beverly G. Aulander

Anderson, Linda K. Jamestown

Anderson, Ronnie J. Goldsboro

Ansell, Jean A. Winston-Salem

Anselmo, Sandra F. Jacksonville

Armstrong, William III Gaithersburg, Md.

Arnold, Ginger L. Rocky Mount

Arny, Michael L. Springfield, Va.

Ashely, Elbert G. Durham

Askew, Martin L. Kinston

Atma, Virginia L. Charlotte

Avery, Katherine M. Greenville

Avinger, Randy A. Graham

Ayers, Annette Raleigh

Baker, Cathy J. Charlotte

Baker, Della A. Fayetteville

Baldwin, Barbara A. Wilmington

Ballance, Naomi M. Selma

Barbour, Debra L. Raleigh

Barefoot, Janet L. Clinton

Barfield, Marcia J. Merry Hill

Barham, Marcia R. Rolesville

Barham, Patricia L. Roanoke Rapids

Barker, Sandra D. Graham

Barnhill, Benjamin T. Robersonville

Barnwell, Belinda G. Langley AFB, Va.

Barrett, Janet G. New Bern

Barrett, Judy F. New Bern

Bartholomew, Brenda L. New Bern

Bass, Marilyn M. Kernersville

Batchelor, Dianna J. Fayetteville

Batten, Herbert C. Roxboro

Beaman, William A. Farmville

Bean, Vernon J. Winston-Salem

Beauchaine, Stephanie R. Raleigh

Beddard, Lindsey V. Greenville

Bell, Phyllis E. Faison

Bell, Terry J. Morehead City

Bender, Wade H. Pollocksville

Benge, Patricia E. Lenoir

Bennett, Dorothy W. Rich Square

Bennett, Elizabeth A. Somers Point, N.J.

Bennett, John J. Winston-Salem

Bennett, Joy C. Ash

Benson, Glenda M. Deep Run

Best, Pamela K. Fayetteville

Belton, Gail Millsboro, Del.

Bird, Thomas M. Murfreesboro

Birdwell, Milton L. Dudley

Bishop, Dana C. Falls Church, Va.

Bivens, Cheryl L. High Point

Blackmon, Wanda K. Fayetteville

Blizzard, Valerie E. Charlotte

Blount, Brian C. Raleigh

Boardway, Nancy L. Willow Grove, Pa.

Bobo, Willie F. Wake Forest

Boykin, Wanda J. Selma

Boham, Kenneth A. Jackson

Bolick, Sheila L. Granite Falls

Boone, Deborah L. Canton

Boone, James H. Stokes

Boose, Michael C. Fayetteville

Bost, Debra L. Durham

Boyce, Lisa C. Charlotte

Boyles, Mary C. Gibsonville

Bramar, David G. Fayetteville

Brammer, Cynthia A. Reidsville

Branch, Jesse A., III Winterville

Brannan, Stephen W. Greensboro

Brantley, Melissa A. Jacksonville

Brantly, Robert E. Willow Grove, Pa.

Braswell, Don D. Fayetteville

Braswell, Kimberly L. Roanoke Rapids

Braxton, Tonie A. Creedmoor

Bray, Ann L. Semora

Brett, Jetta D. Ahoskie

Brewer, Sarah J. Wilson

Britt, Mary K. Newton Grove

Brock, Teresa E. Cary

Browder, Michael D. Winston-Salem

Brown, Jeffery V. Kinston

Brown, Lee Hendersonville

Burroughs, Deborah L. Edenton

Bushing, Stephen R. Pitman, N.J.

Butler, Kay L. Erwin

Byrd, David K. Raleigh

Byrd, Nancy E. Ahoskie

Caddell, Melda G. Carthage

Calder, Mark C. Ahoskie

Cameron Cherie A. Winston-Salem

Campbell, Kenneth Whiteville

Campbell, Pamela C. Ossining, N.Y.

Canady, Judith E. Clayton

Cannady, John D. Powellsville

Cannady, Terry L. Dunn

Cannon, Linda L. Winterville

Cannon, Ramona J. Greenville

Capps, Marilyn J. Micro

Carmack, Judy D. Bethel

Carpenter, Eloise G. Durham

Carter, Mary C. Raleigh

Case, Tracey S. Raleigh

Cassedy, Gary R. Wilmington, Del.

Cayton, Teresa D. Greenville

Chadwick, Edward D. Charleston, S.C.

Brown, Debra A. Kinston

Brown, H. Thomas III Greenville

Brown, Jimmie Hillsborough

Brown, Linwood O. Stokes

Brown, Wanda J. Oak City

Brumbles, Billy B. Orrum

Bryan, Carol D. Broadway

Bryant, Debra L. Burlington

Bryant, James P. Fayetteville

Bryant, Mary L. Havelock

Burch, Judith A. Fayetteville

Byrum, Sheila L. Edenton

Buchanon, Larry J. Belmont

Bulla, Keith P. Midway Park

Bullock, Cynthia J. Durham

Bullock, Regina G. Richmond, Va.

Bunch, Rebecca Edenton

Bundy, Michael B. Williamston

Bunn, Dolan R. Tarboro

Bunn, Donnie L. Rocky Mount

Bunting, Flo D. Scotland Neck

Burch, Barbara B. Annandale, Va.

Burden, Anthony C. Raleigh

Burgess, Thomas T. Silver Spring, Md.

Chalkey, Louise R. Jacksonville

Chambers, Wallace A. Durham

Chandler, Cynthia A. Raleigh

Chandler, Suzanne E. Matthews

Charlton, William H. Goldsboro

Charlton, Katherine A. Fayetteville

Cherrix, Carol A. Salisbury, Md.

Cherry, Charlotte A. Mooresville

Cherry, Edward M. Windsor

Chesnult, Sylvia G. Roseboro

Chesson, Debra S. Roper

Childers, Nelda F. Raleigh

Christley, Vickie L. Ruffin

Chu, Paul Chapel Hill

Ciesla, David J. Raleigh

Clark, Linda A. Chesapeake, Va.

Clarke, James A. Asheville

Clayton, Sheilah R. Timberlake

Clement, Rebbecca J. Sneads Ferry

Clifton, Julia E. Eden

Clontz, Wanda S. Morganton

Cobb, Carl G. Charlotte

Cobb, Joan A. Greenville

Colcord, Christing L. Greenville

Coleman, Robert E., Jr. Lillington

Collier, Samuel E. Goldsboro

Collins, Paula A. Winston-Salem

Combs, Sherman J. Greensboro

Conger, Catherina A. Falls Church, Va.

Congleton, Dan B. Stokes

Conoly, Gail F. Raeford

Cook, David E., Jr. Tabor City

Cook, Deborah T. Wendell

Cooney, Carolyn A. Virginia Beach, Va.

Cooper, Lois F. Columbia

Cooper, Myra D. Wake Forest

Coppage, Jan C. Enfield

Cotton, Brenda S. New Bern

Cotton, Russell D. Rocky Mount

Coril, Judy An Shallotte

Cowart, Cathy L. Jacksonville

Cox, Eleanor A. Durham

Cox, Jerry W. Winterville

Cox, Marilyn D. Greenville

Cox, Randolph G. Pleasant Garden

Cox, Tricia D. Chocowinity

Coyle, Patricia C. Rocky Mount

Craddock, Constance L. Spring Hope

Craig, Herman M. Gastonia

Crawford, Frances A. Burlington

Creech, David A. Smithfield

Creech, Harold E. Durham

Creech, Walter R. Wilson

Crisp, Laddie M., Jr. Rocky Mount

Crissman, Bonnie L. Broadway

Crocker, Larry C. Mt. Olive

Cromer, Robin L. King

Crown, Audrey L. Washington, D.C.

Crumpler, Wanda P. Dunn

Cuddington, Levi G. Kenly

Curtiss, Carole R. Elizabeth City

Dail, Nancy E. Willard

Daily, Thomas R. Fayetteville

Dameron, Cathy L. Burlington

Dando, William T. Alexandria, Va.

Daniel, Otho A.. III Winston-Salem

Daniel, Richard A. Old Fort

Daniels, Charles E. Beaufort

Daniels, Dorothy L. New Bern

Daniels, J.L. Goldsboro

Daughtry. Dorothy J. Goldsboro

Davenport, Jewel Y. Kinston

Davenport, Willbur C. III Plymouth

Davis, Alice V. Wilson

Davis, Anita E. Erwin

Davis, John H. Windsor

Davis, Julia A. Kinston

Davis, Richard L. Winston-Salem

Davis, Wilma J. Conway

Day, Dorothy J. Rockville

Dean, Dorothy D. Wake Forest

Dean, Katherine B. Kinston

Dean, Mary B. McLean

Delamar, Mary A. Garner

Deloatch, James M. Roanoke Rapids

DelPapa, Susan C. Kinston

Deanning, David L. Dunn

Denning, Marc S. Cary

DeNunzio, Lois M. Oakton

DeRolf, Robert S. Jacksonville

DeSio, Neil New Bern

Delvin, Maria E. Virginia Beach, Va.

De Vries, Holly E. Wilmington

Dews, Madge G. Winterville

Dickens, Charles D. Wilson

Dickens, Thomas B. Rocky Mount

Dickie, Robert S. Verona

Dickinson, Julie K. Charlotte

DiGiulio, Joseph M. Havelock

Dingman, Henry Fayetteville

Dixon, Diane J. Hendersonville

Dolan, William M. Greensboro

Dominick, Christine N. Raleigh

Doub, Randy D. Pfafftown

Doughtie, Beverly L. Roanoke Rapids

Driver, Gwendolyn C. Durham

Dudley, Frances C. Greenville

Dudley, Patricia K. Durham

Dungan, Michael J. Chadbourn

Dunn, Amy D. Selma

Dunn, Donald G. Fayetteville

Dupree, Elizabeth K. Angier

Durham, Joseph K. Pittsboro

Dwulet, Barbara A. Lakewood

Eatmon, Golden Wilson

Edwards, Carol A. New Bern

Edwards, David G. Rocky Mt.

Edwards, Jennifer C. Four Oaks

Edwards, Keith A. Havelock

Edwards, Patricia D. Chocowinity

Edwards, Stan E. Liberty

Edwards, Terria D. Selma

Edwards, Worley T. Clarkton

Eller, Charles E. Bowie, Md.

Elliot, Jonathan H. Fayetteville

Englesby, Brenda J. Fayetteville

Ennis, Nancy L. Garner

Etherdige, Jill V. Raleigh

Etter, Kathleen A. Virginia Beach, Va.

Eure, Shirley P. Eure

Evanovich, David Burgaw

Evans, Carolyn R. Roanoke Rapids

Evans, Debra L. Skyland

Evans, kathy O. Roxboro

Evans, Kevin T. Laurinburg

Evans, Phileria A. Williamston

Everette, Anthony R. Wilson

Eversole, Catherine L. Jacksonville

Ezzell, Frances K. Mount Olive

Faison, Helen L. Littleton

Fales, Deborah L. Wilmington

Falter, Wendy M. Rocky Mount

Faser, Karen E. Greenville

Faulconer, Cynthia R. Greensboro

Foust, Kathy L. Murrysville, Pa.

Fehrs, Robert J. New Bern

Fentress, mary E. Bayboro

Fetchko, Michael E. Warren, N.J.

Fetner, Jane E. Hamlet

Fields, David M. Greensboro

File, Nancy D. Salisbury

Fish, Mary S. Charlotte

Fisher, June A. Albemarle

Fisher, Linda E. Rocky Mount

Fisher, Pamela J. Wilmington

Fitch, Teresa G. Durham

Fitzgerald, Evelyn S. Pine Level

Flye, Richard I., Jr. Henderson

Flynn, Helen L. Chapel Hill

Forbes, Robin K. Raleigh

Fox, Susan R. Portsmouth, Va.

Foy, Michael D. Roxboro

Francis, Kathy I. Conway

Frander, Doris L. Fayetteville

Franke, Annette L. Winterville

Frazelle, Deborah L. Kenansville

Frazier, Bridget K. Henderson

Freeman, Suzanne M. Charlotte

Freeze, Freda S. High Point

French, Kenneth E. Fayetteville

Fry, Barbara J. Fayetteville

Fuller, Lana J. Newport

Futch, Michael R. Rose Hill

Gagham, Timothy S. Alexandria, Va.

Gaines, David S. Statesville

Gainey, Connie D. Clinton

Gale, Chaucer L., Jr. Salisbury

Garner, Marvin E. Greenville

Garren, Beverly K. Andrews

Garrett, Michael G. Norlina

Getsinger, Douglas B. Goldsboro

Gibbs, Kay F. Engelhard

Gilbert, Phillip L. Dunn

Glass, Carter L. Newton Sq., Pa.

Goad, Sandy K. Winton-Salem

Gooding, Michael F. Winterville

Gordon, Robin P. Goldsboro

Gossett, Susan J. Charlotte

Grainger, Bruce L. Asheville

Grant, Warren D. Beaufort

Grauel, Gregory W. Sarasota, Fla.

Gravley, Jeannen L. Fayetteville

Gravely, Susan J. Charlotte

Gray, Earl Eugene, Jr. Angier

Gray, Gail L. Belcross

Gruziosi, Gene S. Glen Cove, N.Y.

Green, Melissa J. Roanoke Rapids

Gregory, Robin S. Durham

Gregory, Susan C. Wadesboro

Greiner, Deborah E. Jacksonville

Griffin, Martica A. Valdosta, Ga.

Griffin, Rhonda C. Charlotte

Grimes, Laura S. Swan Quarter

Grimmett, Billy D., Jr. Richmond, Va.

Gunderson, Neil R. Winston-Salem

Gupton, David C. Wilmington

Gurkin, Brenda K. Williamston

Haggar, Nathaniel, Jr. Newport News, Va.

Haggerty, Dave B. Springfield, Va.

Hahn, Maxwell G. Virginia Beach, Va.

Halstead, Nancy S. Lumberton

Hammer, Delores L. Candler

Hammond, Nancy J. Silver Spring, Md.

Hardee, Miriam T. Sims

Hardison, Deborah F. Plymouth

Hardy, Nancy L. Seven Springs

Hargett, Sheila B. Fort Bragg

Harloe, Karen E. Mancehster, Mo.

Harlow, Julie M. Raleigh

Harman, Andrea L. Richmond, Va.

Harper, Jane C. Kinston

Harrell, Berta H. Scotland Neck

Harrell, Cynthia L. Powellsville

Harrell, Deborah J. Jackson

Harrell, Sheila K. Graham

Harrill, Jan A. Asheboro

Harris, Deborah G. Rocky Mount

Harris, Nancy C. Eden

Harris, Steven M. Winston-Salem

Harrison, Alta L. Plymouth

Harrison, Paula J. Hertford

Harrison, Terri L. Enfield

Hart, Charles A. Washington, D.C.

Hart, William D. Raleigh

Hartman, mary E. Washington, D.C.

Hartlaub, Donald E. Woodbridge, Va.

Hatch, Edwy G. Mt. Olive

Hatch, Mary A. Fayetteville

Hathaway, Jeffrey H. Fayetteville

Hayes, Jill E. Lumberton

Hayes, Nancy N. Willesboro

Hearne, Jan E. Burlington

Heely, Nancy L. Portsmouth, Va.

Helbig, Janet C. Havelock

Helsabeck, Dawn E. Germany

Hembree, Beverly K. Greenville, S.C.

Henderson, Jesse J. Wendell

Henderson, Vanessa A. New Bern

Hendren, Howard G. Lumberton

Henley, Cynthia D. Richlands

Herbin, Jan M. Greensboro

Hester, Wanda F. Hahn, Germany

Hewett, Gwenevere D. Tabor City

Hickman, Nellie F. Bladenboro

Higgins, Helen B. Durham

Hight, Jeannette E. Henderson

Hill, Barbara A. Wilmington

Hill, Gwendolyn S. Reidsville

Hill, Marjorie A. Murfreesboro

Hill, Teresa V. Eden

Hines, Debra A. Jamestown

Hinson, Brain M. Charlotte

Hinton, Jan C. Rocky Mount

Hoar, Eric J. Hampstead

Hobbs, Grace L. Rocky Mount

Hobbs, Rebecca C. Tyner

Hobart, Teresa L. Sanford

Hodges, Carolyn G. Williamston

Hodges, Helen H. Washington

Hoff, Linda L. Goldsboro

Holland, Teresa A. Garner

Hollen, Mary K. Hialeah, Fla.

Hollingsworth, Jane C. Jacksonville

Holloman, Deborah A. LaGrange

Hollander, Ian J. Richmond, Va.

Holton, Cynthia L. Henderson

Hopper, Douglas W. Matthews

Horne, Ruth Beulaville

Howard, Phillip F. Trenton

Howard, Rebecca L. Jacksonville

Howell, Teresa J. Murfreesboro

Hubard, Virginia J. Roanoke, Va.

Huckabee, Dora J. Wilmington

Hudgins, Priscilla A. Lewiston

Hughes, Norman J. Fayetteville

Humphrey, Dennis V. Beulaville

Humphrey, Terry W. Maysville

Hunnicutt, Sherree L. Winston-Salem

Hunt, Cyndy S. Durham

Hunt, Robert D., Jr. Franklinton

Hunter, Elizabeth H. Belmont

Hurdle, Adrienne G. Elizabeth City

Hutchisson, William R. Rocky Mount

Ireland, Wendy J. New Bern

Isenhour, Nancy E. Kannapolis

Jackson, Brenda C. Greenville

Jackson, James E., Jr. Dunn

Jackson, Rosemarie Nashville

James, Melvin W. Bowden

James, Michael R. Rocky Mount

Jarvis, Helga M. Swan Quarter

Jefferson, Ethel L. Rocky Mount

Jenkins, Kathy A. Roanoke Rapids

Jenkins, Phyllis R. Bethel

Jernigan, Jeffrey S. Dunn

Jernigan, Stella T. Statonsburg

Jirva, Josephine H. Roanoke Rapids

Johnson, Betsy A. Four Oaks

Johnson, Cynthia R. Benson

Johnson, Leslie V. Ridgeway

Johnson, Marcus W., Jr. Ahoskie

Johnson, Marion H. Fayetteville

Johnson, Mona K. Trenton

Jones, C. Jane Durham

Jones, Charles A. Raleigh

Jones, Daphne E. Mt. Olive

Jones, Dean H. Jacksonville

Jones, Freda H. Raleigh

Jones, Mildred D. Halifax

Jones, Pattie A. Jacksonville

Jones, Paulette E. Maysville

Jones, Sandra K. Henderson

Jones, Sharon K. Raleigh

Jonges, Neil M. Winston-Salem

Jordan, Donna P. Henderson

Jordan, Julie K. Wilmington

Joseph, Kelly R. Benson

Joyner, Gwendolyn M. Rocky Mount

Joyner, Jarvis D., Jr. Farmville

Joyner, Robert M. Rocky Mount

Joyner, William T. Rocky Mount

Kellas, Lance D. Carmel, N.Y.

Kerr, Douglas S. Winston-Salem

Key, Richard V. Winston-Salem

Kincaid, Jeff D. Goldsboro

Kinton, Robin M. Fuquay-Varina

Kinsland, Glynda G. Knightdale

Kirn, Nancy E. Richmond, Va.

Kluttz, Debra J. Mt. Pleasant

Kluttz, Tony L. Kannapolis

Knowles, James d. Wilson

Kopanski, David A. Fayetteville

Kramer, Mary L. Elizabeth City

Krauss, Patricia J. Hendersonville

Krieger, Kim S. Fayetteville

Kurle, Sheila M. McLean, Va.

Kwiatkowskie, Eileen M. Washington

Lancaster, Susan E. Chesapeake, Va.

Lane, Joseph S., Jr. Chadbourn

Lane, Linda C. Blytheville, Ark.

Langston, Georgia E. Lillington

Lenning, Tara D. Spencer

Larrimore, Vickie C. Roanoke Rapids

Lassiter, Janice L. Columbia

Lassiter, Paula W. Ahoskie

Latham, Richard L. Shelby

Layden, Glenda C. Goldsboro

Layton, Charlotte A. Edenton

Lee, Debra D. Mebane

Lee, James H., Jr. Dudley

Lee, Vicky A. Havelock

Leith, Robert W., Jr. Greenville

Levi, Kenneth A. Raleigh

Lewallen, Wanda L. Havelock

Liles, Junius H. Garland

Lindley, William C. Raleigh

Liverman, Addie D. Columbia

Liverman, Susan M. Williamston

Loeblein, Carolyn W. Salisbury

Loman, Thomas Winston-Salem

Long, Betty J. Murfreesboro

Long, Thomas A. Hampton, Va.

Longwell, Pamula J. Rocky Mount

Lopez, Hilda C. Jamestown

Lowery, Jane E. Spencer

Lucas, Stanley E. Lucama

Luciani, Barbara Northfield, N.J.

Lusk, Shelia C. Raleigh

Lynch, Joyce M. Burlington

Lyon, Terrie D. Northside

MacKenzie, Patricia R. Roanoke Rapids

Maready, Sandra E. Chiquapin

Marion, Sharyn E. Charlotte

Markie, Susan H. Portsmouth, Va.

Marks, Pamela L. Jacksonville

Marrow, Veronica Y. Enfield

Marsh, Amy E. Hickory

Marshburn, Charlotte A. Raleigh

Marshburn, Ernest G. Burlington

Martin, Brady A. Woodsdale

Martin, James M. Jacksonville

Martin, Martha A. Jacksonville

Martin, William T. Winston-Salem

Mason, Constance W. Morehead City

Matthews, Barbara A. Charlotte

Matthews, Michael D. Lewisville

Mayer, Jeffrey A. Villanova, Pa.

Mayo, Jesse R. Aurora

Mayo, Tracy A. Wilson

McAdams, Laurie A. Charlotte

McAlister, Mary Beth Charlotte

McAllister, John M. Lowell

McCaffney, Michael P. Havelock

McCain, Marilyn A. New Bern

McClintock, Susan D. Kinston

McCutcheon, Barbara L. Ridgewood, N.J.

McDonald, Connie R. Albemarle

McDuffie, Mary M. Charlotte

McEntire, Debra Y. Old Fort

McFall, Laura A. Durham

McKinley, Anne g. Morehead City

McKinney, Donna R. Marion

McKinney, Maureen M. McLean, Va.

McKinney, Valerie L. Greevnille

McLaurin, Sean H. Springfield, Va.

McLeod, John T. Charlotte

McMahon, Patricia L. Durham

McManus, Terrie R. Midland

McMillan, B. Carolyn Greensboro

McNeill, Karen J. Sanford

McNeill, Teresa J. Sanford

McQuaid, Marilyn R. Beaufort

McQueen, Linda M. Ellerbe

McQuiston, Alan S. Annandale, Va.

McRae, Jane L. Fayetteville

McRorie, Kathy J. Raleigh

Meachum, Ramona Y. Lilesville

Meehon, Patricia A. Havelock

Meffert, Thomas S. Durham

Melville, Alice A. Statesville

Merchant, Karen S. New Bern

Merritt, Randy L. Burgaw

Michael, Nancy E. Asheville

Miguel, Beverly A. Fayetteville

Miller, Cindy A. Ahoskie

Miller, Gary W. Fayetteville

Miller, Janet L. Albemarle

Miller, Sara R. New Bern

Miller, Vickie S. Wilmington

Millsaps, Karen E. Statesville

Mills, Randy S. Washington

Mitchell, Fredric W. Charlotte

Mitchell, Luois C. Raleigh

Moberg, Lynn A. Laurinburg

Modun, Larry T. Jamesville

Monds, Dennis C. Tyner

Moore, Alice L. Cary

Moore, Dianne M. Roxboro

Moore, Leslie S. Winston-Salem

Moore, Mary L. Lucama

Moore, Nancy B. Wilson

Moore, Renee A. Elizabeth City

Moore, Terri L. Thomasville

Morgan, Nancy F. Ellerbe

Morin, Kenneth D. Palm Bay, Fla.

Moritz, Carol A. Clinton

Moser, David F. Winston-Salem

Myers, Christine E. Fayetteville

Nachman, Deborah A. Vienna, Va.

Narron, Ginger K. Wilson

Narron, Libba E. Wilson

Nash, William D. Monroe

Newby, Golar C. Elizabeth City

Newsome, Staris P. Pikeville

Nichols, James P. Greenville

Nobles, Walter S. Washington

Norris, Bonnie K. Burlington

Norris, Ethel M. Petersburg, Va.

Northcott, Dale A. Colerain

Nunnery, Sherry L. Fayetteville

O'Boyle, James E. Charlotte

Odom, Amy L. Wilmington

Odum, Sherwood B. Swansboro

Ogilvie, William S. Massapeque Pk., N.Y.

Olson, Fredric M. Hubert

O'Neal, David A. Richmond, Va.

O'Neal, Debra D. Newport

O'neil, Brian J. Durham

Osmon, Angela S. Elizabeth City

Otte, Gale L. Fayetteville

Owen, David C. Raleigh

Owen, Laura A. Littleton

Owens, Elizabeth L. Wilson

Owens, James F. Bessemer City

Owens, Linda L. Raleigh

Packer, Nancy J. clinton

Padgett, Bictor K. Jacksonville

Page, David R. Fayetteville

Painter, Ronald A. Toms River, N.J.

Pardue, Stephen W. Sanford

Parker, Kim E. Greenville

Parker, Millie C. Clinton

Parrish, Ginger S. Angier

Parrish, Rose M. Lucama

Pate, Lois A. Tarboro

Patterson, Kirby E. concord

Pearce, Carol L. Castalia

Pearce, James A. Princeton

Pearson, Jeanne R. Raleigh

Peedin, Faye M. Durham

Peopies, Pamela J. Raeford

Perry, Rodney F. Washington

Perry, Teresa J. Hillsborough

Peterson, Joan C. Harrells

Peterson, Sandra C. Jacksonville

Pharr, mary T. Plymouth

Phillips, Cheryl A. Durham

Phillips, Michael C. Thomasville

Pickett, Dorie F. Arlington, Va.

Piddington, Susan O. Fairfax, Va.

Pierce, Romona Jacksonville

Piercy, Deborah A. Hickory

Pinkston, Sherryl L. Greenville

Pledger, Mary P. Columbia

Plonowski, Mary Ann Jacksonville

Plumlee, Everlyn R. Sophia

Poisson, Martha J. Charlotte

Pollard, Dorice A. Greenville

Pope, Frank L. Rocky Mount

Pope, Sylvia D. Wadesboro

Postel, Elizabeth m. Raeford

Powell, Curtis L. Cary

Powell, Jeff A. Durham

Powers, Julia F. Grantsboro

Presson, Kathryn L. Raleigh

Preddy, Virginia C. Kittrell

Price, Steven T. Lowell

Prichard, Terry L. Burlington

Pridgen, Mary L. Tarboro

Proctor, Sandra R. Wilson

Pronier, Constance L. Fayetteville

Pugh, Craig B. Sophia

Quinn, Jill Raleigh

Radford, Pamela A. Kenly

Ragan, Phyllis K. Holly Springs

Rains, Lynwood, Jr. Princeton

Ralston, Grant B. Fayetteville

Rambeau, Rebecca A. Raleigh

Ramee, Gail S. Fairfax, Va.

Randolph, Amelia G. Marion

Raper, Teresa G. Raleigh

Rebello, Laurie A. Fayetteville

Redd, Cindy Maysville

Redwine, Jeffrey L. Albemarle

Reed, Deborah A. Jacksonville

Rehm, Charles R. Rocky Mount

Reynolds, Cynthia M. Roanoke Rapids

Reynolds, Janice L. Fayetteville

Rhodes, Mary J. Kenansville

Rich, Candace E. Charlotte

Richardson, Bennett C. Williamsburg, Va.

Ricks, Debra A. Durham

Ridge, Steve W. Greensboro

Riley, Melinda M. Efland

Rivenbark, Pansy A. Goldsboro

Rivera, Maria T. Havelock

Roach, Scott B. McMurray, Pa.

Roberson, Cecilia A. Robersonville

Roberson, Cordelia D. Robersonville

Roberson, Jerry L. Rocky Mount

Roberts, Douglas D. Durham

Robertson, Jeanne C. Greenville

Rogers, David W. Fayetteville

Rogers, Judy L. Roxboro

Rogers, Mary C. Durham

Rogers, Mary K. Virginia Beach, Va.

Rogers, Vickie E. Morganton

Rollins, Ferrell L., Jr. Tarboro

Rooker, Thomas R. Warrenton

Ross, Billie K. Burlington

Ross, Cynthia Oak City

Rountree, Nancy C. Raleigh

Rowe, Loretta J.Wilson

Rowe, Sherre E. Raeford

Roxbury, Laura E. McLean, Va.

Rubinstein, Hope T. Silver Springs, Md.

Ruddle, Susan L. Newtown, Pa.

Ruffin, David W. Fayetteville

Rufyy, Melonie A. Salisbury

Rusinowski, Joseph W. Valley Stream, N.Y.

Rulledge, Debbie M. Raleigh

Sain, Bobbie J. Charlotte

Salleer, Vera G. Jacksonville

Samoriski, Juliana P. Fairfax, Va.

Sanders, Cathy B. Durham

Sanger, Robert G. Staunton

Sanges, Beverly J. Albemarle

Sauls, Sheila A. Fremont

Saunders, Carol E. Burlington

Sause, Michael R. Cambridge, Md.

Saver, Sandra L. Lumberton

Schubert, Lynn M. Columbia, S.C.

Scott, Sheila A. Fayetteville

Sellars, Anita L. Cary

Senter, Jamie P. Kipling

Sexton, Johnnie E. Garland

Shackelford, Ernest D. Asheboro

Shank, Barbara B. Havelock

Sharpe, Roger W. Burlington

Shaw, Vicki L. Richlands

Shearin, Karl L. Warrenton

Shelton, Frances A. Ashland, Va.

Sherman, Ida S. Burgaw

Shipley, Linda L. Weldon

Shipman, Carolyn P. Holly Hill, S.C.

Short, Sheila M. Charlotte

Shull, Linda E. Stratford, Conn.

Simpson, Cynthia A. Carthage

Simpson, Leonard B. Lucama

Simmons, Sharon B. Winston-Salem

Sims, Louisa E. Greensboro

Sipe, Shirley D. Newton

Slade, Tamara L. Rich Square

Slaughter, Lynn D. Reston, Va.

Sloppy, Kay J. Alexandria, Va.

Smallwood, James M. Windsor

Smith, George F., Jr. Liberty

Smith, Lee A. Wilmington

Smith, Linda K. Ayden

Smith, Marlyse A. Reston, Va.

Smith, Melanie A. Mt. Holly

Smith, Patricia D. New Bern

Smith, Rebecca G. Charlotte

Smith, Robert C. Belmont

Smith, Steven E. Charlotte

Smithwick, Catherine M. Tacoma, Wash.

Smothers, Robert C. Reidsville

Soden, Deborah D. Rocky Mount

Sossaman, Janet M. Charlotte

Southerland, Loretta C. Jacksonville

Spargo, Vickie L. Raleigh

Spears, Donald R. Fayetteville

Spencer, Robert E., Jr. Asheville

Spencer, Sam J. Merritt

Spengeman, Craig C. Chatham, N.J.

Spivey, Julia W. Tabor City

Spruill, Wanda K. Oriental

Stancil, Michael F. Middlesex

Stanley, Barbara A. Four Oaks

Stanley, Deborah J. Hendreson

Stanley, Rebecca L. Aberdeen

Stell, Denise D. Sanford

Stevens, Charles A. Fayetteville

Stockstill, Susan J. Richmond, Va.

Stokes, Catherine A. Greenville

Stone, Janne E. Durham

Stone, Sallie E. Bluefield, W.Va.

Strannahan, Jacquelynn Federalsburg, Md.

Strickland, Deborah L. Ft. Stewart, Ga.

Strickland, Jackie M. Kenly

Strickland, Kimberley Tarboro

Stubbs, Fletcher G. Bennettsville, S. C.

Sutherland, Monika L. Goldsboro

Swain, Jay H. Creswell

Swanson, Deborah L. Rocky Mount

Szabo, Valerie Emporia, Va.

Talbert, Katherine C. Havelock

Talton, Susan R. Clinton

Tanton, Vickie L. Fayetteville

Taylor, Deborah P. Lumberton

Taylor, Kimberly S. Cary

Taylor, Pamela M. Kinston

Taylor, Phillis K. Jackson

Tedder, Judy L. Raleigh

Tew, Sherry R. Clinton

Tharp, Barbara J. Morehead City

Thigpen, Barbara A. Maury

Thomas, Judy D. New Bern

Thomas, Nancy L. Wilmington

Thomas, Richard D. Dunn

Thomas, Sheryl L. Raleigh

Thomas, Terry Bethel

Thomason, Linda L. Fairfax, Va.

Thompson, Audrey J. Fayetteville

Thompson, Barbara J. Scotland Neck

Thompson, Patricia G. Windsor

Thompson, Ricky R. Henderson

Thompson, Susan I. Warrenton

Thornell, Mary L. Rocky Mount

Thornton, Rebecca B. Kelly

Tingle, Linda G. Oriental

Tollner, Carroll Greensboro

Tompkins, Denise P. Mebane

Toole, Robert J. Arnold, Md.

Topping, Deborah L. Littleton

Tucker, Frances L. Raleigh

Tugwell, Jeffery P. Farmville

Tully, Terry L. Vanceboro

Turner, Elizabeth L. Charlotte

Turner, James E., Jr. Rocky Mount

Twigg, Dana R. Sayre, Pa.

Tyler, David R. Greenville

Tyler, John M. Rockingham

Tyner, Jeffrey L. St. Pauls

Umphlett, Sheila P. Corapeake

Underhill, Susan F. Wendell

Utley, Donna N. Sanford

Van Berger, Michael H. Goldsboro

Vandiuez, Bobby K. Charlotte

Vann, Rose M. Fayetteville

Van Nortwick, Eric D. San Francisco, Cal.

Vaughn, Jo B. Burlington

Vernon, Debra F. Warsaw

Woddell, Michael G. Charlotte

Walker, Eric C. Charlotte

Walker, John T. Chadbourn

Walker, Patricia L. Durham

Wall, Tawny L. Chocowinity

Waller, Helen S. Kinston

Wallen, Nancy B. Burlington, N.J.

Wallner, Marica D. Burlington

Walton, William C., III Raleigh

Ward, Barbara G. Winterville

Ward, Vera T. Jacksonville

Warren, Ann M. Washington

Warren, Laura G. Newton Grove

Warren, Gary L. Greenville

Waters, Patsy L. Goldsboro

Watkins, Leigh H. Durham

Watson, Janet M. Kenly

Weeks, Caroline P. Creedmoor

Whatley, Amy S. Durham

Wheeler, Beth W. Durham

White, James L. Greenville

White, John J. Dayton, Ohio

White, Sharon R. Raleigh

Whitehead, Michael H. Washington

Whitehurst, Marie A. Plymouth

Whitford, Mary S. New Bern

Whitley, Beverly A. Charlotte

Whitley, Ella P. Roanoke Rapids

Whitley, June C. Grifton

Whitley, Mona G. Wilson

Whittington, Sara J. Fuquay-Varina

Wiggins, Lucy L. Ahoskie

Wiggins, Wanda R. Seaboard

Williams, Annie K. Rocky Mount

Williams, Carol L. Wilmington

Williams, Emily M. Greenville

Williams, John T., Jr. Asheboro

Williams, Karen L. Hillsborough

Williams, Kathye A. Chapel Hill

Williams, Kennen D. Concord

Williams, Robin L. Greenville

Williams, Rosalee B. Huntersville

Williamson, Danny Clinton

Willis, Donna J. Grantsboro

Willis, Marilyn Y. Morehead City

Wilms, Cathy L. Rumson, N.J.

Wilmoth, Lee P. Winston-Salem

Wilson, Glenda J. Old Fort

Wilson, Laurie E. Wilmington

Wilson, Russell E. Eden

Wilson, Vivian E. Martinsville, Va.

Wimberley, Patricia A. Aberdeen

Wingo, Karen L. Rocky Mount

Winstead, Linda J. Louisburg

Wood, Terry J. Winston-Salem

Woodall, Linda K. Angier

Woodard, Deborah K. Conway

Woodard, Marshall W. Goldsboro

Woolard, Patricia A. Washington

Wrenn, Beverly A. Raleigh

Wright, Debra A. Leesburg, Va.

Wright, June A. Roanoke Rapids

Wright, Susan M. Roanoke Rapids

Wylie, Harold T. New Bern

Wysocki, Annette B. Raleigh

Yezarskie, Linda L. Morehead City

Younger, Elizabeth C. Winston-Salem

Yount, Carol J. Rockingham

Yount, Cathy L. Rockingham

Zahran, Joseph P., II Greensboro

Zanger, Thomas J. Moorestown, N.J.

Who's Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities

Top left: Edwin Clary Bartlett

Above: Ellen Virginia Baldwin

Left: Robert Franklin Beard, III

Top right: Debra Jane Carson

Above: Freida Ann Clark

Right: Janet Mary Claiborne

Top left: James Harold Davis

Above: Patricia Ann Crawford

Left: William Hayes Bodenhamer, Jr.

Top left: Rebecca Elizabeth Eure

Top right: Donna Jeanne Grose

Above: Sally Lee Harland

Right: Jacqueline Hawkins

Top left: Linda Jayne Gardner

Above: Raymond Hyder Hardman

Left: Joel Grant Hancock

Top: Sasndra Wtherill Penfield

Above: Jeffrey Allen McGinnis

Right: Mary Kathleen Langan

Top left: Michael Dewayne Myrick

Top right: Doris Jeanne McRae

Above: Sandra Lee Langley

Left: Ivan Peacock

Top left: Donna Peterson

Top right: William Winslow Phipps

Above: Thomas Walter Schubert

Right: Cynthia Eldean Rhodes Pierce

Top left: Tona Marie Price

Above: Edward Henry Ripper

Left: Carl Leigh Summerell

Top right: James Roger Westmoreland

Above: Carol Anne Wood

Right: Linda Dianne Vann

Not pictured:

Lawrence Rush Atkinson, IV

Linda Lee Crandall

Anne Watts Durham

Thomas Wesley Durham

Albert Gibert Kennedy

Ralph Conley Worthington, Jr.

Harry Lee Yoder



Accounting Society

Glenda K. Albert; John Aldridge; Larry Bissette; Linda Blackwelder; Debra Carson, Pres.; Preston Clark; Willie Creech; David Englert, Sec.-Treas.; Danny Minshew; John Narron; Paul L. Nunn; Miss Gwen Potter, Adv.; John Robbins; Barbara Sauls, V.-Pres.; Bruce Siberman, Corr. Sec.

Angel Flight

Cheryl Berry; Karen Buggs; Doris Burton; Chris Carroll; Teresa Carter; Melinda Daniels; Alice Ey; Brenda Harden; Linda Harden, Administrative Officer; Diane Harrell; Phyllis Hughes, Commander; Valeria Huggins, Executive Officer; Cathy Long, Operations Officer; Ann Lundy; Elaine McClendon; Pam Peeler; Carol Proctor, Comptroller; Carol Vance Becky Warwick

Janet Barbee; Marilyn Barfield; Kathy Beaman; Mary K. Bell; Cherryl Berry; Marilyn Bottoms, Rep.; Genie C. Brann; Melissa Brantley; Leila Brown; Kathy Bryan; Alice Buffaloe; Mary Burhaead; Janice Burroughs; Martha Byrd; Mary Carawan; Deborah Cardwell; Sheila Cates; Martha Chambers; Mary Clement, Treas.; Janice Cobb; Evelyn Daill; Lisa Davis; Wanda Dickerson; Emily Dixon; Rebecca Edwards; Donna Eure; Sandra Garrett; Janet Gorham, V-Pres.; Virginia Hamilton; Docia Harrell; Peggy Harris; Gretchen L. Heid; Patricia Herman; Sara Hill; Wanda Jackson; Susan James; Christiana Johnson, Pres.; Pamela Johnson; Janice Jones; Jeanne Knight; Connie Lawkowski; Rebecca Lewis; Carolyn Mansfield; Glenda Marsh; Belinda Martindale; Carolyn Mayo; Carolyn McDonald; Patricia McGaughy; Gave McLamb; Pa-

tricia McMahon; Cara Merritt; Deborah Midgett; Cindy Miller; Judy Moir; Katie Moore; Linda Morgan; Mary Morris; Martha Munn; Linda L. Neilson; Nancy Nicklin; Julia Oliver; Laura Owens; Betty Pacher; Ann Parsley; Jean Pearce; Beverly Pegram; Glenda Pegram; Joan Pitcher; Donna Price; Linda Rice; Martha Riddle; Deborah Scott; Elaine Shook; Daisey Short; Jo Anne Sloan; Mary Kay Smith; Carolyn Stewart; Judy Surratt; Linda Tart; Jackie Taylor; Diane Terry; Angela Tripp; Martha Wade; Hettie Wallace; Susan Walton; Emily White; Cathy Whitehurst; Donna Wilkins; Carolyn Williams; Judy K. Williams; Linda Winstead; Debbie Wisneski; Gary Wong; Carol Wood; Susan Wood; Jane Woodley; Janet Woolard, Sec; Joe Yates; Sylvia Zelkin


Home Economics


Arnold Air Society

Roster not available


for Computing Machines

Barry Blackard; Matthew Crovitz; Tom Deaton, Pres.; Bob Hudgins, V-Pres.; Marcia James, Sec; Dr. F. Milam Johnson, Adv.; Dianne Lefler; Tom Redding, Treas.

74 Buccaneer

Carlene Boyd; Debra Carson: Pat Fountain; Jeanne Hagan; Kathy Jones; Kim Kuzmuk; Nancy Leggett; Gary McCullough; Chris Mills; Patsy Mills; Will Pittman; Monika Sutherland; Rick Tombs

Cadets in Blue

Kerry Bowers; James Brown; Dolon Bunn; George Caroon: Clarie Coker; Jeannen Gravely; Glenn Harmon; Barbara Haverty; Kent HObson; Michael Hunter; Lee Korb; Eugene Powell; Grant Ralston; Jose Ramos; Rick Rogers; Jeff Stepp; Charles Walker

Chamber Singers

James Allison, V-Pres.; Dianne Braak; Nancy Brown; Ken Davis, Pres.; Talmadge Fauntleroy, Lib.; Mike Haithcock; Vicki J. Harrison; Susan Hill; Mary Ann Ipock; Wesley Letchworth; Susan Marlowe; Robert McDuffie; James McQuiston; Linda Montague; Dr. Charles Moore, Dir.; Glenn Moore, Accomp.; Debra Stokes, Sec; Frank Tatem; Benjie Templeton; Melissa Thrasher; Charles Townsend (Photo courtesy of The Daily Reflector)

Club Football

Roster not available

Concert Band

Elizabeth Austin; Annette Ayers; Keith Bailey; Katrina Baynard; Patricia Berr; John Birge; Shirley Blandino; Diane Bockes; Karen Brown; Travis Brown; James Bryant; Thomas Bumgarner; Donald Bunch; Gary Cassedy; Carol Cherrix; Linda Clark; Larry Clayton; Carolyn Cooney; David Dawson; Rohert Dickie; David Englert; Deborah Fales; Jane Fetner; Candace Flowers; Chauncey Gale Michael Green; Billy Grimmett; Maxwell Hahn; Debra Hardy; Andrea Harman William Hart, Donald Harllaub; David Herring; Barbara Hill; Joseph Hodges; Gary Hudson; Frederick Hurley; Denise Jackson; John Keanon; Larry Lamkin;

Edith Landon; Richard Latham; Arthur Mayfield; Carl McCombs; Barbara McCulcheon; Stephen McKinney; Alan McQuiston; Ben Mullen; Christine Myers; Deborah Nachman; Ben Newhall; Ethel Morris; Robert Parks; Jeanne Parrett; Leslie Parsons; Curtis Pitsenbarger; Gail Ramee; William Reinhart; Paul Rigsbee; Mary Rutledge; Robert Sanger; Cynthia Simpson; Carl Smith: Samuel Smith; John Spence; Charles Starr; Jane Stowe; Fletcher Stubbs; Charles Taylor; Stephen Thompson; Robert Tyler; Michael Walker: Stephen Walker; Glenn Walsh; James White; Nancy White; Mary Williams

Trudy Allen; Belly Austin; Debby Barbee; Carol Brown; Joan Bryant; Ed Cappadge; Chad Chadwick, V-Pres.; Carmen Clark; Jan Coolery; Deborah Crolts, Sec; Alta Cummings; Suzanne Duperick; Kelly Givin; Milton Hall; Wade Hobgood; Rick Latour; Elaine Mclntire; Lucy Morris; Sherry Mumford; Shep Shepherd, Pres.; Jove Singleton; Karen Swenson; John Tiedje; Delia Timanus; Phyllis Whitley; Carla Wilmoth.

Design Associates

ECU Playhouse

Jenniler Applewhite; Joyce Baker; Theresa Baker; Vickie Batchelor; Rosalyn Barlowe; Robert Beard; Barbara Benjamin; Montj Biggs; Mitchell Bowen; William M. Brooks; Doug Burnett; Laura Burroughs; Carol John Caldwell; Russell Chesson; James Dalessandio; Roger Dennehy; Bill Devins; Leah Dunn; Stan Edwards; Rodney B. Freeze; Steve Geiger; Mick Godwin; William Gurganus; Chestei Hardison; Vickie Harrison; Kim Hodges; Emil Holloway; Pam Jenkins; Jerome Jones; Susan Lambeth; Cathy Maness; Tom Maney; Marshal McAden;

Robbin McDowell; Susan McLeod; James McQuiston; Tony Medlin; Jennifer Mil- ler. Dana Mills; J .in Newsome; Terry Pickard; Rick Price; Theresa Riviera; Stephen Roberts; Francine Rouls; Mark Swartz; Sheila Scott; Lorraine Shackleford; Jackie Shallcross; Linda Simpson; Gregory Smith; Kirk Thayer; Larry Thomas; Martin Thompson; McCall 'Thompson; Terry Thompson; Judy Townsend; Janice Vertucci; Clarence Williams III; Teri Woodard; Jeff Woodruff; Pattv Yates




Dean Rudolph Alexander, Adv.; Mary Cromartie, Films Chrm.; Jackie Hawkins, Lecture Chrm.; Wade Hobgood, Spec. Concerts Chrm.; Gibert Kennedy, Pres.; Tona Price, Pop. Entertainment Chrm.; Marilyn Rocks, Rec. Chrm; Don Squires, Theater Arts Chrm.; Doris Stephens Sec.; Dake Tucker, Artist Series Chrm.; Bill Womble, Coffee House Chrm.


Pat Crawford, Editor; Dave Englert, Asst. Sports Ed.; Betsy Fernandez, News Ed.; Linda Gerdner, Bus. Mgr.; Ann Harrison, Layout Ed.; Elizabeth Kinnerly, Layout Ed.; Alice Leary, Typist; Perri Morgan, Ad Mgr.; Jack Morrow, Sports Ed.; Mike Parsons, Asst. News Ed.; Skip Saunders, News Ed.; Darrell Williams, Asst., News Ed.

French Club

Sarag Barnhill; Sherry Le Brown; Muriel Bui; Mark Bunch, V-Pres.; Ruth Ann Copley, sec.; Kay Conner; Dennis Craig; Martha Culton; Pam Diffee; Joyce Edwards; Lee Farmer; Leo Franke, Treas.; Holly Glenn; Lynn Grawlee; Lynn Hanold; Terri Harrison; Donna Hawkins; Tom Hawkins; Valerie Hutcherson; Mohammed Jagiri; Jonathan Keathly, pres.; John Leys; Whit McLawhorn; Ghaouti Mehidi; David Owen; June Pate; Sharon Renfrow; Hubert Renie; Harold Robertson; Pauline Tudor; Barbara Turner; Jewel Watson

Mazter Allen; Roald Birnkley; Ed Campbell; Dr. Elmer Erber, Adv.; Thomas Fleming; Glenwood Garner; Robert Griffin; Jack Gurkin; Thomas Haigwood; Sally Harland; Bill Hoffman; William Hoots; John Hodges; Dan Jones; L.C. Jones; John Kelly; Benny Knox; Ron Lancaster; Raymond Lewis; John Mooney; Charles Oates; Alan Parkinson; Billy Parrott; Mike Pitt; Mike Pittman; Gene Riddle; Steven Shearin; Del Taylor; James Taylor; Johnny THomas; Charles Tucker; Warren Van Male; Larry Vincent; Paul Waldrop.







Andy Adiele, W. Africa; Mehrshid Anrari, Iran; Caryl Barnwell, Guyana; Santi Baru, India; Maininder Bolaria, India; Muriel Bui, Viet Nam; Joseph Chan, Hong Kong; Dar-Hang Chin, Taiwan; Chao-Kang Chu, Taiwan; Paoul Chu, Taiwan; Armado Deleon, Mexico; Robert Dickie, Scotland; Nancy Foster, Bolivia; Abdul Ali Ghori, Afganistan; Yukikiro Gushi, Odinawa; Jen-Ming Hus, Taiwan; Ali Ibrahim, Lebanon; Anthony Ishichei, Nigeria; Jamshid Jafari, Iran; Parvin Jafari, Iran; Byung-Chin Kim, Koriea; Joseph Lee, Taiwan; Katrina Lee, Hong Kong; Betty ma, Viet Nam; Kien Chi Ma, Viet Nam; Fotehmonin Mohmahali, India; Luchy Oronoz, Puerto Rico; Sukhum Praisarnt, Thailand; Hubert Renie, France; Luis Ribera, Puerto Rico; Mohammad Saba, Iran; N. Thinikaran, Malaysia; Ralph Trelles, Colobia; Michael Van Bergen, Netherlands; Samari Varela, Costa Rica.

Jazz Ensemble

Dough Adams; John Birge; Phil Bryant; Bruce Burns; Gary Cassedy; Bob Conger; Robert Dickie; Dwight Flichenger; JOhn Goodall; Mike Haithcock; Glenn Harris; John Higgins; Alex Holten; Gary Hudson; John Keanon; Larry Lamkin; Rick Latham; Art Mayfield; Danny McCrary; Tony McCutchen; Richard McMahan; Jesse Nelson: Ben Newhall; Bert Owens; Lee Parks; David Pollard; Wayne Powell; Alan Rutledge; Bob Sanger; tom Secor; Mike Shartiz; Tom Shields; Cindy Simpson; Alan Smith; Lynn Stanley; Phil Thompson; Buz Tyler; Steve Walker; Glenn Walsh; Larry White; Edwin Williams

Judo Club

Jaime Austria; Jack Collins; Jim Crissman; Kristy Dodd; Debbie Eagan; Hilln Elam; Jane Hayes; Mike Hayes; Judy Hewitt; Phil Hewitt; Brian Higgins; Dennnis Honeycutt, V-Pres.; Liz Koszulinski; Lou Meyers; J. R. Murphy; Martha Jane Poisson; Stan Sams, Pres.; Ken Sawyer; James Silva; Jim Thompson

Karate Club

Roster Not Available

Law Society

George Bedsworth; Sieve Benjamin; David Boone; Richard Calvin; David Childs; Linda Crandall; John Crawley; Jack H. Derrick; Randy Daub; William C. Ealy; Barbara Edwards; Cynthia Farmer; Chris Farrell; Grier Ferguson; Steven Geiger; Bobby Gibbs; David Griggs; Dwight Hall; Joe Henderson: Randy Hudson; Cedric F. Jones; Martha Kellam; |nhn Kellogg; Jayne Key; Frank King, Jr.; Lenwood Lee; Robert Lucas; Jack Miller; John Narron; Gary Naylor; Iver Petersen: John Prevelle; Ron Ramsey: Brigid Reddy; Dr. Waldron Snyder, Adv.; Donald Spears; Michael Springle; Hubert Stroud; Harry Stuhhs; Gene Thomas; Brandon Tise; John Versteeg; Perry Walton; Mike West; Ernest Wruck; Cindi Easlerling

Lyle Barlowe; Vicki Bass: Steve Benjamin; Pam Boswell; Marilyn Bottoms Steve Boyd; Karen Campbell; Mark Clark, Pres.; Julia Cleveland; Cathy Cowart; Allen Daniel, Rep.; Dr. John D Ebbs, Adv.; Laura Ebbs; Pam Fisher; Ann Fleming; Andrea Harman; Alice Harrell, V-Pres.; Karen Haskell; Debbie Holloman; Ann Hudgins; Marcia James; Mike Kegereiss; Jeff Kranlz; Beth Lambeth; Linda Lassiter; Barbara Matthews, Treas.; Art Mayfield; Alan McQuiston; Mike Moore; Pam Radford; Julius Register; Patrick Tesh; Bob VanGundy; Linda Wagner, Sec.; Sally Williams

League of Scholars

Jennifer Adcock; James Allison; Dorothy Armstrong; Michael Amy; Annette Avers; Keith Bailey; William Barbe; Diane Barbour; Katrina Baynard; John Birge; Leroy Bland: Shirley Blandino; Brian Blount; Debra Bost; Lisa Boyce; Holly Brenner; Karen Brown; Travis Brown; James Bryant: Regina Bullock; Thomas Bumgarner; Donald Bunch; Doris Burton; Gary Cassedy; Carol Cherrix; Linda Clark; Sidney Clark; Larry Clayton: Catherine Conger; Carolyn Cooney; Claudia Connally; Lela Crandall; David Dawson: Mary Dean: Robert Dickie; Deborah Gahagan; Chauncey Gale; Scott Gardner; Michael Green; Billy Grimmett; Richard Guptill; Maxwell Hahn; Michael Haithcock; Andrea Harmon; Mary Hart; William Hart; Donald Hartlaub; Wardlow Hawes; David Herring; Nellie Hickman; Barbara Hill; Carlton Hirschi; Joseph Hodges; Gary Hudson; Debra Humphreys; Frederick Hurley; Denise Jackson; Philips Johnson; Janet Jones; Cheryl Jordan; John Keanon;

Robin Kinton; Sheila Kurle; Larry Lamkin; Edith Landon; Richard Latham; Bruce Mack; Arthur Mayfield; Barbara McCutcheon; Stephen McKinney; Alan McQuiston; Kalhy McRorie; Teresa Meeks; Anne Melvin; Penelope Miller; Ben Mullen; Christine Myers; Deborah Nachman; Benjamin Newhall; Ethel Norris; Robert Parks; Jeanne Parrett; Leslie Parsons; Curtis Pilsenbarger; Virginia Preddy; Gail Ramee; William Reinhart; Candace Rich; Mary Rutledge; Juliana Samoriski; Sidney Sanders; Robert Sanger; Ronald Sharpless; Sheila Short; Phyllis Sigmon; Susan Sikes; Cynthia Simpson; Kay Sloppy; Samuel Smith; John Spence; Charles Starr; Jane Slowe; Fletcher Stubbs; Charles Taylor; Judy Thomas: Stephen Thompson; Karen Todd; Robert Tyler; Raymond Tyndall; Michael Walker; Stephen Walker; Glenn Walsh; Joann Walter; Wanda Washington; James While; Mary Williams; Herbert Woolard; Marsha Wray

Marching Pirates




Fred Austin; Larry Chesson; Richard Cook, Bill Harrison, Sec.; Joey Hobles; Dennis Honeycutt; Joe Johnson, Pres.; Tim Lowery; Jim Morgan; Don Rains, Treas.; Allen Reiman; Barry Self; Run Sharpless; Joe Zahran,

National Association of Industrial Technology

Bert Austin; Roberl Barr; Millard Barrow . Run Binkley; Dr. Fred L. Broadhurst, Adv.; Billy Burk; Keith Cline; Clyde Culler: Walter Gould; Butch Harris; Jamshid Jafari. V-Pres.; Alton Jones; Dan Jones, Sec.-Treas.; Alvin Joyner; Sam Kale; Gars Krause; Tony Kulesla; Ron Lanaster; Bill Lilley; Randy Lilley; Alan Lockamy; Eddie Martin; Ben Miller; Lee Miller; Chuck Padgett; Robert Pillman; Dewey Price; Steve Shearin, Pres.; Km Smith; Steve Smith; Al Stoner; Waren ralley; Mr. Jerry Tester, Adv.; John Tromness; Ken Truelove; James Walker; Chuck Windley.

National Assocation of Social Workers

Vickie Casuby; Bill Edwards; Mrs. Gladys Frankford; Debra James; Dr. C.G. Kledaras; Joe Slaton; Mr. Gerald Southerland; John walton

Student Speech and Hearing Association

Roster not available

National Society of Interior Design

Roster not available

North Carolina




Roster not available

Delegation to the North

Carolina Student


Vernon Bean; DiAnne Bowen: Frieda Clark. V-Chr.; Jim Davis; John Davis; D. D. Dixon, Sec.; Mike Edwards; Sally Freeman; Rick Gilliam; Jimmy Honeycutt; Maurice Huntley; Susan Jewell; Lee McLaughlin, Adv.; Greg McLeod; Steve Nobles; Jane Noffsinger; Angela Pennins; John Prevette; Susan Quinn; Debbie Rutledge; Harry Stubbs, Chrm.; Valerie Szabo; Mike West; Sandy West

Carrie Bean; Sid Clark; Mike Carney; David Dawson; Lowell Harper; Sally Helton; Carlton Hirschi; Harold A. Jones, Dir.; Rick Lathour; Tony McCutchen; Alan Smilh. Wayne Strickland; Karl Taylor; Danny Tindall; Larry While

Percussion Ensemble

Physical Therapy Club

Gloria Bone; Scarlett Bunch; Karen Di Risio; Douglas Drew; Jean Ennist; Sieve Freeman; Charles Hardesty; Joan Haubenriser; Brenda Holden; Dale Muggins; Karen Hudson; Jim Irvin; Marion Lehmon; Anna Mason; Steve McMillan; Paula Mitchell; Donald Owen; Willie Settle; Susan Seymour; Carvon Short; Martha Short; Susanna Thompson; Wanda Ward; Gail Williams; Gloria Wilson

Poetry Forum

Roster not available

Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Service

Steve Abene; Paul Albertson; Kay Barnes; Cathy Barber; Leandra Bedini; Ron Bosers; Forrest Brown, Pres.; Sheila Brothers; Joe Buckley; Eddie Byerly; Jerry Campbell; Gene Cole; Bub Cowan; Tim Cramer; Dare Crawford; Frances Davenport; Jim Deans, Stud Coordinator; |o Dennis; Marcia Faulk; Patsy Fluke; Gin Fox; Ray Franks; Mackie Garner, Pres.; C. L. Gobble; John Hoflman; Tim Huz; Mary Kelly; Linda Lockhart; Gail Lytle; Ken Martin; Betty McDade; Kick McKay; Leslie McNair; Beth Olsen; Jerome Owens; Ellen Phelps,. Sec.-Trea.; Gail Phillips; Sarah Rigsbee; Greg Robertson; Marilyn Rocks, Ext. Sec; Carol A. Smith; Carol E, Smith; "Snuffy" Smith; Beth Stanley; Dr. Ralph Steele, Adv.; Elisa Troutman; Bill Volivia; Randy Wade; Mary Winters

Marty Askew; Ginny Baldwin; F.d B, ill- icit; Carlton Batten; Ranch Baxter; Doug Benson Tommy Bird; David Bremer |oseph Chan; Vondell Clark; Bart Cleary; David Cook; Ramly Cox; Lain Crocker; Ernest Dunn; Rodger Feldhause; Ann Fleming; Bill Fowler; Joseph Givson; George Howard; Steve Horner; Gary Hyman; Gregg Jones, Chrm. Steering Comm.; Jeff Kincaid; Stanley King; John Lambeth; Tom Landen, Pres.; Buck Linthicum; Barbara Luciana; Bill Martin;

Michael Martin; Bob Mashburn; Tillel Mills, Zeb Moseley; Bob Neal; Fred Obrect; Harold Overcash; Ron Painter; Ivan Peacock; Ken Perkins; Will Perry; Jerry Quinn; William Robinson, Pres Elect; Rodney Sawyer; Dan Scruggs; Harry Severance; Eric Simmons; George Sober; Bub Simler; Wayne Stephens; Larry Surles; Dolores Thomas; Terry Thompson; Mark Tyler; Ray Tyndall; Bill Vurnakes; David Watson; John Wharton; Fred Whitehurst; Larry Whitlock

Pre Med


Phillip Arrington, Editor; Marvin Hunt Co-Ed.; Glenn Lewis, Art Dir.; Sandy Penfield, Co-Ed.; David Swink, Bus. Mgr

Publications Board

Phil Arrington; Pat Crawford; Tommy Dairs; Wanda Edwards; Karen Jo Haskett; Kenneth Howell; Kayhy Jones; Gary McCullough; Bob McKeel, Chrm.; Chris Mills; Brenda Sanders

Review Board

Douglas Benson: David Englert; Jane Key; Chuck Maxwell; Bill Phipps; Bruce Silverman

Society for Advancement of Management

Sidney Bridgers; Linda Carrel; Welfred Clifford; Randall Corriler; Kenneth Dollar; Robert Faries; Rick Gilliam, Pres.; Phyllis Haney; Linwood Hobgood, Sec.-Treas.; David Honeycutt; Terry Huchisan; Allan Jones, V-Pres.; Robert Kirkland; Cynthia Lilley; Jack Miller; Joyce Mudrock; Richard Phillips; Thomas Pittman; Christopher Rice; Robert Royal; Theodore Seaman; Donald Shumaker; Kenneth Smith; Bill THomas; Gregory Verlinden; E.G. Walden; Calvin Woodard.

SGA Executive Officers

Bill Bodenhamer, Pres.; Frieda Clark, V-Pres.; Mike Ertis, Treas.; Sandy Langley, Sec.

SGA Legislature

Vern Bran; Bill Beckner;Sheila Bolick; David Boone; Gayle Bust; David Bullock; Kathryn Byrd; Laddie Crisp; John Davis Tom Dickens; D.D. Dixon; Cindy Domme; Kathy Drake; Mike Kdwards; Grier Ferguson; Rick Garrett; Rick Gilliam; Bonnie Grantham; Braxton Hall, Speaker; Jimmy Honeycutt; Natham Kelly; Kaki King; Patrice Langdon; Yvonne Marlindale;

Lee McLaughlin; Paula Merrel; Doug Miller: Nancy Morgan; Jane Noffsinger; Kathy Owens; Eric Ripper; Cynthia Robbins; Nancy Rogerson; Debbie Rutledge; Pat Samoriski; Jackie Shallcross; Harry Stubbs; Charlotte Swayze; Lou Anne Taylor; Tommy Thomason; Craig Thorton; Brandon Tise; Vickie Vaughn; Jim Westmoreland; Mimi Whiteside; Terry Wood.

Spanish Club

Luis Acevez, Adv.; Belinda Barnwell; Betty Buck; Mary Campbell, Pres.; Armando de Leon; Nancy Foster; Penn Hall; Alan Jones; Debbie Jones; Marsh McGaha, Sec.-Treas.; Lynda McMichael V-Pres.; Cheryl Peevy, Asst. V-Pres.; Joyce Propopio; Luis Rivera, Asst. Sec.-Treas.; Samari Varela-Rivas

Student Council for Exceptional Children

Roster not available

Student National Education Association

Roster not available

Symphony Orchestra

Douglas Adams; Dorothy Alden; Edgar Alden; James Allison; Nancy Atkins; Linda Bass; Joanne Bath; Pamela Bath; Gary Beachamp; Ben Bezanson; Dee Anna Braxton; Bill Brya; Jane Brown; Robin Brown; Karen Campbell; Claudia Carmore; Candace Cicerone; Sid Clark; Robert Conger; Marshall Craig; Marie Davis, Carolyn Dixon; Larry Dowdy; Scott Gardner; John Goodall; Richard Guptill; Marion Harding; Mary Ruth Hardy; Andrea Harmon; Wendy Harmon; Robert Hendrick; John Heard; Carlton Hirschi; Timothy Hoffman; Alexander Holten; Elizabeth Horton; Lisa

Huffman; Tim Jewell; Lance Kellas; Jan Kittrell; Jim Kittrell; Leslie Kopp; Michael Levin; Bruce MacDonald; Joan Mack; Mark McKay; Penny Miller; Deborah Minetree; Suzanne Moore; Laura Morgan; Steve Natrella; Jesse Nelson; Vincent Pitt; Mardee Reed; Thomas Reed; William Reinhart; Rodney Schmidt; James Searl; Thomas Secor; Erik Sieurin; Steve Skillman; Janis Skoda; Michael Smith; Elizabeth Stoney; Robert Sullivan; Peter Takacs; Robert Thomas; Wendy Thomas; Phil Thompson; Danny Tindall

Symphonic Wind Ensemble

James Allison, Pres.; Keith Bailey; Carrie Bean; Steven Benjamin; Tonna Bnbhit: ]ohn Bryan; Donald Bunch; Karen Camp- bell; Mike Carney; Robert Conger; Candy Flowers; Scott Gardner; Sandy Gerrior; Mike Green; |ohn Goodall; Andrea Har- mon; Lowell Harper; Sally Helton; David Herring; Alexander Holton; Lisa Huffman, V-Pres.; John Keanon; Leslie Kopp; Larry Lambkin; Margaret Latschar;Tony McCutchen; Richard McMahan; Alan McQuiston; Cheryl Newton; Herbert Owen; Ron Payne; Curtis Pitsenbarger; Vince Pitt; David Pollard; Wayne Powell; Gail Ramee; Mardee Reed; Donna Russell; Mike Sharitz; Tom Shields; Steve Skillman; Sam Smith; Wayne Strickland; Earl Taylor; Robert Thomas; Phil Thompson; Mac Travis; Linda Wagner; Mike Walker; Steve Walker; Susan Zeigler

University Chorale

Roster not available

University Marshals

Judy Bass; Doris Burton; Jean Dixon; Debra Dodd; Sherry Dussinger; Debbie Garris; Wanda Jackson; Susan Kornegay; Paula Mitchell; Pam Page; Suzanne Kussell; Lindsay Sale, Chief Marshal; Diane Taylor; Kay White; Carol Wood

Veterans Club

James Adams; Dave Amon; Bernice Ballance; Millard Barrow; Angelo Battista; Harold Blackmon; Ronald Binkley; James Bobbit; Carl Brown; Fred Browning; Dale Canup; Michael Clemons; Gene Cole; Randall Coniles; George Cook; Kenneth Cooper; Warren Cottingham; Jerry W. Cox; Ludford Creef; Eric Cirssman; Henry Crowon; James Davis, Pres.; Devin Ray; Ron Dees; John Dixon; S.T. Ducnan; Larry Edney; James L. Edwards; Jim Edwards; Jo Erickson; Mike Ervin; Donald Fleming; William Fryar, Jr.; Glenn Garner; Rick Gilliam; Don Gray; James Herring; Quentine Hinton; John Hodge, Sec.; Joe Holmes; Fred Holt; Dave

Hope; Walter House; Bill Howe; James Huggins; Lecter Hyder; Goerge Jacobs; Gahlon James; Bob Johanson; Frank JOhnson; Allan J. Jones; Allan R. Jones; David E. Jones; Gregory Jones; Thomas Kelly; Larry Klutt; Tony Kulesza; Edward Kwawnick; Ron Lancaster; Bill Lange; James Langley; Jim Lattimore; Bill Laughinghouse; Charles Leonard; Grover Lockamy; William Lovic; Jan MaclAge; John Maloney; Cleo McCoy; Debbye McCoy; Lee McLaughlin; Bob Marshburn; Eddit Martin; Edwin H. Miller; Pete M. Miller; Paul Mitchell; Bill Moore; John N. Musgrave; Tony Murchison; Ken Myers;

Paul Nunn; Eric Orders; Bill Outlaw, Treas.; Chuck Padjett; James Pappas; Al Parkinson; James C. Parsons, Jr.; Mike Parsons; J.R. Pearson. W.E. Perry; T.R. Peirce; Darwyn Pittman; Richard Prevette; Lee G. Price; Randy Randolph; James Rarty; Bill Royall; Bob Sauls; Steven Shepard; Edward Slagle; Bob Stanfield; Tony A. Stanley; Al Stoner; Hary Stroud; Steven Susan; JOhnny Troth; Bobby Tripp; Edwin Trulington; Greg Verlinden; Bill Vurnackes; E.G. Walden, V-Pres.; Bill Walker; Fred Watkins; Art Weatherwax; Dana Webster; Edward R. Williams; Kenneth Wood


Shane Atwell, Program Dir.; Carlton Benz, Adv.; Blake Comby, Chief Announcer; Alan Dehmer, News Dir.; James Edwards, Music Dir.; Kevin Leutgens, Bus. Mgr.; Thomas McQuaid, Jr., Gen. Mgr.; Sara Miller, Traffic Mgr; James Perry, Album Dir.; Sven Erik Sieurin, Public Service Dir.; Kennen Williams, Sales Mgr

Women's Glee Club

June Advincula; Jennifer Applewhite; Nancy Alkins; Sue Bland; Maureen Boyd; Lucy Brown; Karen Burns; Cheri Cameron; Tracey Case; Mary Council; Audrey Crown; Madge Dews; Virginia Edmondson; Carol Edwards: Marcia Faulk; Jan Folsom; Debbie Frazelle; Janet Gardner; Kit Griffin; Mary Grover; Karen Harloe; Jane Hollingsworth; Cindy Million; Kathy Huggins; Emily Humphreys; Karen Keating; Robin Kinlon; Patrice Langdon; Mary-Beth McAlister; Linda Metz; Penny Miller; Barbara Morse: Janine Reep; Beverly Smith; Vickie Spargo; Melissa Thrasher; Jeannie Tufo; Janet Watson; Leah Wiggins; Rosalee Williams; Patsy Wimberly (Photo courtesy ECU News Bureau)

Women's Recreation Association

Roster not available

Women's Residence Council

Phyllis Bryan; Linda Carrel; Karen Campbell; Linda Charlier; Felicia Clark; Linda Clark; Debbie Dalton, 1st Vice-Chrm.; Mary Delamar; Carol Dickens; Anne Dismuckes; Kalhy Drake; Karen Harloe; Peggy Harper, Treas.; Cathy Hudson; Frankie Lee, Rec Sec.; Jody Mann; Paula Merrell; Marilyn McCain; Beverly Parrish; Betty Pennington; Donna Peterson, 1st Vice-Chrm.; Delaine Pinkslon; Sheila Scott; Janet Sossamon; Tommy Thomason; Teresa Vivo; Barbara Ward; Jackie Whisenhunt

Alpha Beta Alpha

Honorary Library Science Fraternity

Reba Best; Kay Billiard; Jane Bunch; Andrea Carlin; Pam Conyers; Janice Corbett; Deborah Sue Cox; Jean Dixnn Evern Entwistle; James Erway; Linda Gardner; Ginny Goff; Grace Hammock; Sharon Harrison; Patricia Knowles; Helen Lashua; Jody Mann; Richard Martin; Billie McDowell; Lee McLaughlin; Judy Nail; Carol Patterson; Kathy Phillips; Beth Punte; Betsy Ronzo; Harriet Rood; Brenda Sanders; Linda Stine; Joe Stines; Brenda Thomas; Alice Wahman; Anne Ward; Bert Wells; Peggy Wells; Thomas Weisiger; Gloria Williams; Kathrytn Wilkerson; Anne Woodard

Alpha Kappa Delta

Honorary Sociology Fraternity

Claude Alley; Jeanne Ballentine; Ray Brannon; Patricia Cole; Marvin Daugherty, Pres.; Charles Garrison; Susie Gutneckt; Barbara Ham; Jenette Joslyn; Youn Kim; David Knox; Dianna Morris; Tom O'Shea; Phillip Parlin; Buford Rhea; Stephen Simmonds; Jerry Sparks; William Stewart; Page Taylor; Paul Tschetler; Melvin William

Alpha Phi Gamma

Honorary Journalism Fraternity

Ira L. Baker, Adv.; Margaret Blanchard; Pal Crawford; Phyllis Daughtery; Linda Gardner, Sec.; Sydney Green, Bailiff; Edward Herring; Dr. Erwin Hester; Sandra Langley; Glenn Lewis, Treas.; Janet Loelkes; Christine Mills; Sandra Penfield; Brenda Sanders; Kirk Saunders; Mrs. Mary Sorensen; David Swink; Darrell Williams, Pres.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Honorary Business Fraternity

Ruth Andrews; Joby Arthur; James Bassler; James Bearden; Larry Bisselle; Linda Blackwelder; Dorothy Brandon; Charles Broome; Debra Carson; Marshall Colcord; William Collins; Albert Conley; Vernon Conyers; Timothy Dameron, V-Pres.; Frances Daniels; Paul Doulton; William Durham, Jr.; Eddie Dullon; Barbara Edwards; Robert Goodell; A. Marjorie Harrison, Pres.; Joseph Hill; Rachel Ipock; Kenneth James; Myron Jarman; Raymond Jones; Richard Kerns; Tora Larsen; Gorman Ledbetter; Harold McGrath; Doris McRae; Oscar Moore, Sec.-Treas.; Ben O'Neal; Gwendolyn Poller; Christopher Rice; Joseph Romila; Donald Shumaker; Waldrnn Snyder; Paige Stephen; Jack Thorton; Judson Wike; Louis Zincone

Chi Beta Phi

Honorary Science


Roster not available

Delta Phi Alpha

Honorary German Fraternity

Ed Bennett; Dr. Carolyn Boll, Adv.; Rosalind Dupin; J. Robert Dixon; Pat Ellis; Beverly Eubank; Leo Franke; Elaine Goldman; Bill Hogarth; Catherine Howland, Pres.; Charles Hulka; Michael Hunter; Judy Huwell; loey Keistler; Bill Mc- Ree; Debbie Metzger; Rose Phillips, Sec.-Treas.; Becky Robinson; Ray Stalon; Allan Tise; Pauline Tudor, V-Pres.; Barry Ward; Doug Weber; Juanelle Wehmer; Michael Willis, Co-V-Pres.

Delta Phi Delta

Honorary Art Fraternity

Trudy Allen; Elizabeth Austin; Larry Benfield, V-Pres.; Harold Brammer; Rebecca Brumbeloe; Carmen Clark; Ivey Chadwick; Jan Cooley; Deborah Gratis, Pres.; Glenn Eure; Donald Foster; John Foster; Carol Lynn Hemkamp; Wade Hobgood; Susan Humphries; Mary Jackson; Dorothy Kee; Brenda Kerby; Betsy Lemons; Cindy Lovett; Pat Mann; Susan Mason; Elaine McIntire; Sharon Mumford; Janice Northcutt; Barbara Rogers; Janette Schofield; Jeanne Scronce, Sec.-Treas.; Carol Sharpe; Carta Wilmoth

Gamma Beta Phi

Honorart Academic Fraternity

Rebecca Ashby; Pam Boswell; Mark Clark; Janice Corbett; Debra Dodd; Susan Harris; Bob Hudgins; Gerald Klas, Treas.; Sandy Langley; Linda Nielsen; Kathy Noyes; June Pate, Historian; Debra Patterson; Karen Price; Sharon Renfrow; Tom Redding; Delaine Sharp; Ralph Smith; Deborah Speas, Sec.; Anna Styron, V-Pres.; Debra Taylor; Linda Vann; Dwight Waller, Pres.; Wanda Ward

Gamma Theta Upsilon

Honorary Geography Fraternity

T.E. Austin, Sec.-Treas.; Sandra Brock; Paula Davis; Becky Marie Johnson; Mark Kuffin; Stephen Moore: Dan Sullivan; Vicky Taylor, V-Pres.: E.C. Trill, Pres.; Robert White

Kappa Delta Pi

Honorary Education Fraternity

Pam Archer; Joseph Ashworth; J.W. Batten, Treas.; Rebecca Beard; Jean Brantley; Holly Brenner; Anne Britt; Kathy Bullock; Jan Clairborne; Dorothy Crissman; Theresa Dewar; Gayle Dickens; Jean Dixon; Sandra Dudley, Sec.; Marlene Dunn; Sharon Dussinger; James Erway; Sue Fulcher; Cora Mae Garrett, 2nd V-Pres.; Don Garris; Ron Hartis; Rita Hodges; Betty Jo Holland; William Huffman; Cathy Jackson; L.C. Jones, 1st V-Pres.; Lynn Joyner; Richard Kaake; Charles Keith; Lottie Lassiter; Charles Mare; Micki McDougall; Waller McLendon, Pres.; Micky Mioduszewski; Pam Pugh; Sherrie Quinley; Mark Royal; Mary Shannon; Catherine Smith; Peggy Smith; Pat Stallings; Debra Stocks; Debbie Strickland; Gail Sykes, Hist.-Treas.; Elizabeth Tart; Nachiappa Thinakaran; Alan Thornquest; Ed Turlington; Sharon Uhteg; Linda Wagner; Talmadge Wall; Sandra West; Denise Whitaker; Sandra Wilson; Sylvia Winchester; Almeta Woolard; Llewellyn Worsley

Organizations 173

National Collegiate Players

Judy Townsend

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Honorary Economics Fraternity

Roster not available

Phi Alpha Theta

Honorary History Fraternity

Roster not available

Phi Beta Lambda

Honorary Business Fraternity

Mark Carpenter; Elizabeth Collins; Teresa Creech, Sec; Eddie Dutton, Pres.; Bobby Gibbs; Rick Gilliam, Treas.; Phyllis Haney; T.R. Pierce, V-Pres.; Eric Ripper;Bob Royal; Don Rundle; Buddy Salter; Bucky Sizemore; Dr. David B. Steven, Adv.; Everette Tedder; Phyllis Whitney

Phi Epsilon Mu

Honorary Physical Education Fraternity

Roster not available

Phi Kappa Phi

Honorary Society

Ruth Andrews; Mary Bailey; Harold Bardill; Edwin Barllett; Susan Barrow; Martha Beals; Linda Blackwelder; Charles Brantley; Debra Brantley; Michael Bretting; Tony Bright; Nancy Britt; Belinda Broome; Betty Buck; Billy Burks; Robin Burnette; Waller Calhoun; Debra Carson; Marie Chamblee; Mary Clement; Vernon Corners; Paula Davis; Steven Deberry; Joanna Dempsey; Theresa Dewar; Sandra Dudley; Lewis Dulton; Barbara Edwards; Phyllis Ellenberg; William Fowler; Leo Franke; Carolyn Greene; Barbara Ham; ]oel Hancock; Sophia Harkins; Susan Harper; Emily Harrison; Karen Haskell; Susan Heje; Georgette Hedricks; Rila Hodges; Brenda Holden; Russell Holmes; Margaret Home; Catherine Howland; Nancy Hudson; Teresa Hunt; Rachel Ipock; Becky Johnson; Joe Keeter; Emily Kirk; Elizabel Koszulinski;

Alice Lancaster; Marion Lehman; Barbara Lewis; Can McComber; Donna Miller; Sarah Moore; June Pate; William Perry; Ellen Phlegar; Cynthia Pierce; Patricia Postel; Linda Rains; Janine Reep; Christopher Rice; Daniel Roath; Linda Robbins; Brenda Roberson; Harriet Rood; Alice Rose; Sara Sagar; Diane Sardella; Mary Savage; Shirley Smallwood; Clarissa Smith; Martha Sparrow; Joe Stines; Anna Styron; Irvin Swain; Mary Tadlock; Debra Taylor; Susanna Thompson: Eunice Trammell; Elisa Troutman; Nancy Troutman; Warren Van Male; Gregory Verlinden; Robert Voight; Linda Wagner; Rosemary VValdron; Wanda Ward; Mary Weaver; Margaret Wells; Judith Wheeler; Barbara While; Janet Whitley; Henry Wilhite; Martha Wolfe; Almeta Woolard; Mare Worrell; Patricia Vow; Linda Zurface

Phi Mu Alpha

Honorary Music Fraternity

Jim Allison; Gars Beachamp; Don Carnohan; Sid Clark; Alan Davis: Tal Fauntleroy; Lowell Harper; Brian Hoxie; Fred Hurley; Tim Jewell; Tony McCulchen; Craig Mills, Pres.; Ron Payne, Treas.; Wayne Powell, Sec.; Bill Reinhart; Tom Richards; Bobby Sullivan, V-Pres.; Charles Taylor; Dale Tucker; Steve Walker; Keith Wright

Ed Bartlett; Mill Beckner; Jeff Bost; John Brown; William Brown; Ron Binkley; Barry Bailey; Tom Clare; Will Creech; Steve Deberry; Bill Edwards; David Englert; Bill Fowler; David Mains; Braxton Hall; Tom Harrington: David House; L.C. |ones: Meal Lipke; Boh Marcke; Chuck Maxwell; Bill Murphy; Fred Obrecht; Bob Ponda; Bill Phipps; Mike Pillman; Vernon Summerall; Gary Salt; Bruce Silberman; Cliff Tritt; Fred West; James Westmoreland; Worth Worthington; John Walton; Terry Thompson; Mike Wilson; Greg Verlinden; Bobby Vail; James Shame

Phi Sigma Pi

Scholastic Honorary Society

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Honorary Home Economics Fraternity

Diana Adams: Dianne Baker; Marilyn Barfield; Mary Beaman; Mary Bell; Marilyn Bottoms; Kathy Bryan; Alice Buffaloe; Janice Burroughs; Martha Byrd; Mary Ellen Carawan; Linda Charlier; Mary Clement; Leah Curie; Evelyn Dail; Donna Davidson; Wanda Dickerson; Pamela Eakins; Sherry Garris; Sandra Garrett; Susan Harris; Judy Hartwell; Emily Harding; Wanda Jackson; Doris Kincade; Alice Lancaster; Connie Laskowski; Carol Lennon; Glenda Marsh; Yvonne Marlindale; Rose Massey; Carolyn Mayo; Helen McMillan; Laveita Merrill; Deborah Midgett; Katie Moore; Linda Morgan; Ann Mowbray; Linda Nielson; Julin Oliver; Linda Overby; Ann Parsley; Beverly Pegram; Joan Pilcher; Angela Rich; Linda Robbins; Ebbie Rog-

erson; Kay Smith; Elizabeth Taylor; Hettie Wallace; Joselyn White; Carolyn Williams; Julia Wilson; Carol Wood; Cynthia Wood; Susan Wood; Claudia Yeatts; Ruth Lambie, Advisor; Janis Shea, Advisor; Miriam Moore, Advisor; Initiates - Jackie Allen; David Angel; Genie Brann; Johnnie Crosby; Nancy Gautier; Carolyn Hadley; Gretchen Heid; Patricia Herman; Susan Herring; Julie Hulsey; Gena Johnston; Dianne Joyner; Jessica Manning; Carolyn Mansfield; Louise McAllister; Judith Moir; Mary Jo Nason; Patricia Nelson; Gail Riddle; Debra Runnion; Carol Sloan; Nan Smith; Carolyn Stewart; Angela Tripp; Sherry Troutman; Martha Wade; Jane Woodley; Sylvia Zelkin

Pi Omega Pi

Honorart Business Society

Joan Bass, V-Pres.; Frances Daniels; Gail Hester, Historian; Ellen McGowan, Treas.; Jimmy Smith, Pres.; Patricia Stallings, Sec.; Denise Whitaker; Llewellyn Worsley, Hist.

Pi Sigma Alpha

Honorary Political Science Fraternity

George Bedsworth; Sandra Blackwell; Ronny Brown; Pat Crawford; James M. Cronin; James Davis; John Dixon; Terry Everett; Grier Ferguson; Susan Gerlach; Joel Hancock; David Harrington; Christopher Hay; Joseph Henderson; Billie Jo Hobson; Katherine Home; Randy Hudson; Scott Keter; Martha Kellam; Craig Krupa; Kathy Langan; Edwina Lee; Bill Little; Robert Lucas; Sybil Moody; James Nail; John Narron; Oral Parks; Mike Parsons; Gary Naylor; Becky Robinson; Bert Sessoms; Thomas Schubert; Craig Thornton; Juanelle Wehmer; James Westmoreland; Edward Wheeler

Psi Chi

Psychology Fraternity

Alice Ahrens; Gay Alexander; Sarah Anama; Donna Armstrong; Kathryn Auman; William Baker; Deborah Bannister; Harold Bardill; Nan Battle; Jane Beaman; Norma Beaman; Sharyn Bennett. |nn Benlz; Cathy Briley; Belinda Broome; Ka- ren Bumgardner; Patty Burke; Karen Bur- rus; Susan Campbell; Diane Carlson; Ed- na Cascioli; John Chase; Murry Chesson; John Childers; Thomas Clare; Henry

Clark; Rhonda Clark. Library Chrm.; Martha Clopton; Patricia Cole; Roger Cole; Lola Comer; Donna Corey; Beverly Cotten; Terry Craig; Larry Crandall; Jane Dameron; Minnie Daughterly; Fred Davenport; Stephen Davis; Kathryn Denny; Charles Edward; Carolyn Eggers; Ronald Eggers; Phyllis Ellenberg; Marj Ellis; Mary Ellison; Mary Faulkner; Patricia Finch; Steven Flora; Jean Fogleman; Richard Flowers; Richard Formaini; Nancy Frazelle; Arnold Fruliger; Lewis Gidley; Sharon Girardey; Richard Goodling: Katherine Green; Sharon Green; William Grossnickle; Monty Grubb; David Hains, Pub. Chrm.; Denise Hall; Barbara Ham; Alice Hamshar; Thomas Harrell; Robert Hartis; Karen Haskett. Pres.; Patsie Hasty; Larry Haves; Myree Haves; Kurt Helm; Rebecca Helms; Bruce Hen-

derson; Jacqueline Hill; Mary Hill; Rita Hodges; Lecter Hyder; John Ingram; Mary Ipock; Robert James; Allan Jones; William Johnston; Mary Kelly; Paul Kelly; Kermil Keeter; Joseph Keyes; Gary King; Vivian Kirkpatrick; Fernand Landry; Carmella Lane; Rosina Lao; James Lashley; Vann Lathan; Helen Lauderhaus; Lena Lee; Thomas Long; Nancy Light; Larry Lundy; Bonnie Lunsford; Charlotte Lynch; Louise McAlisler; Wanda Maqurean; Victor Mallenbaum; Ronald Manson; Cathy Marlowe; Tom Marsh; E.T. Martocia; Nancy Matthews; Jerry Maynor; Jeanetle Meadows; Marcy Meurs; Charles Mitchell; Alan Mobley; Robert Montaquila; Cynthia Newby; Max Nunez; William Obrecht; Margaret O'Neal; James Osberg; Thomas O'Shea; Alton Patrick; Cynthia Peterson; Lloyd Pettus; Gail Phillips; Thomas Phillips; William Phipps, Treas.; Virginia Pierpoint, Sec.; Robert Poole; Diana Prescott; Frank Prevail; Clinton Prewett; Brian Riley; Linda Rose; Bobbe Rouse; Suzanne Sadler; James Silva; Eileen Slater; Clarissa Smith; Robert Spence; Jay Steinberg; Debra Stocks; Randolph Stokes; Deborah Strayer; James Stuart; Martha Stuckey; David Swink; James Taylor; Kathleen Taylor; Alan Thornquest; Robyn Timberlake; Nancy Troutman; Susan Turner; Robert Vail; Brian Van Dercook; Miriam Wallace, V-Pres.; Frances Walters; Ann Waring; William Watson; Art Weatherwax; Judy While; Richard While; Robert Whiteside; Sam Williams; Patricia Willis; Cynthia Wilson; Kenneth Wright; Harry Youngblood

Sigma Alpha Iota

Professional Fraternity for Women in Music

Jonell Anderson; Carrie Bean, Chaplain; Shirley Blandino; Kathryn Finklea; Candy Flowers; Donna Grose, Pres.; Sally Helton, Sgt.-at-Arms; Connie King; Leslie Kpp, Asst., Treas.; Linda Metz, 1st V-Pres.; Carole Miller; Linda Montague, Corr.Sec.; Cheryl Newton, Ed.; Debbie Rhodes; Donna Russell, Ed.; Beverly Rouse, Treas.; Pat Shannon; Suzanne Shepherd; Debbie Stokes, 2nd V-Pres.; Ellen Reithmaier, Adv.

Sigma Tau Delta

Mary Arnett; Mr. Ira L. Baker; Dr. Warren Bezanson; Mark Blalock; Dr. William Bloodworth; Angie Bonner; Dough Burch; Sam Byer, Hist.; Bennett Cole; John Crawley; Carolyn Davis; Leigh Duque; Wanda Edwards, Sec.; Mrs. Nellvena Eutsler; Mrs. Nell Everett; Mr. Paul Farr; Mrs. Marie Farr; Jill Fitgerald; Pat Fleming; Joel Fogleman; Pat Fountain, Treas.; Barbara Hall; Georgette Hedrick;Diane

Horne; Valerie Hutcherson; Janet Kemper; Sandy Langley; JoAnne Latino; Gary McCullough; Dr. Douglas McMIllan, Adv.; Mrs. Dorothy Mills; Carolyn MObley; Dr. Frank MOtley; Douglas NOble; Pam Page, Pres.; Sidney Reams; Shirley Smallwood; Dr. Malcolm South; Teresta Speight; Harold Stephens; Ruby Wade, V-Pres.; Cynthia Williams; Linda Wooten

Sigma Theta Tau

Honorary Nursing Society

Barbara Adams; Diane Aldridge; Sandra Alphin; Edith Averelle; Carolyn Barnes; Frances Bennett; M. Lee Bennett; Claudia Benzon; Audrey Biggers; Ruth Broadhurst; Teresa Burt; Donna Cederberg; Helen Chamblee; Donna Dorsey; Sarah Flanary; Lana Foushee; Beebe Frazer; Faye Freeze; Judy Garrison; Ida Gaskill; Peggy Grinds; Louise Haigwood; Rachel Hall; Bettie Hooks; Dayne Howell; Vainda Isenhower; Dorothy Jenkins: Estelle Johns; Jackie Jones; Jeanette Jones; Sue Jordan; Frances Krom; Judy Kuykendall; Elaine Laffiteau; Theresa Lawler; Charlotte Martin; Phyllis Martin; Inez Martinez; Dottie McGee; Katherine McKinley; Valerie Miller; Ina Modlin; Ellen Morton; Lenore Morton; Edith My-

ers; Diana Nelson; Peggy Nelson; Phyllis Nichols; Linda Noel; Nancy Odham; Jean Owens; Barbara Oyler; Frances Parker; Virginia Payne; Mallie Penry; Evelyn Perry; Eldean Pierce; Sarah Pike; Frances Porter; Deborah Price; Karen Price; Cathy Prince; Lona Ratcliffe; Robbie Riddle; Chris Riley; Emily Rivenbark; Linda Schmehl; Susan Shaw; Sylvene Spickerman, Nancy Stevenson; Karen Tillwick; Donna Thigpen; Jacklyn Travis; Joyce Turnage; Judy Viereck; Bonnie Waldrop; Sharon Walker; Patsy Wallace; Eva Warren; Patricia Wenkman; Alta Whaley; Elizabeth White; Martha Wolfe; Patricia Worthington; Jeannie Yount; Patricia Yow; Artista Zangas

Sigma Xi

Honorary Science Research Fraternity

Full Members--Carl Adler; Charles Bland; David Bosley; Joseph Boyette; Dudley Bryant; Hubert Burden; Tilden Burrus; Myron Caspar; Donald Clemens; Hal Daniel; Graham Davis; Gerald Dohm; Gorver Everett; Robert Fulghum; Teddy Grindstaff; William Grossnickle; Carolyn Hampton; Edward haseley; Dean Hyeck; Christine Helms; Elvins Holstius; Takeru Ito; Donald Jeffreys; William Jones; Richard Kerns; Robert Lamb; IrvinLawrence; Joseph LeConte; James Lemley; Jean Lowry; Warren McAllister; Richard McCorkle; James MCcDaniel; Susan McDaniel; Terence McEnally; Joe McGee; John McLean; Edgar Meibohm; Hugh Patterson; Garland Pendegraph; David Phelps; Norwin Peirce; Tullio Pignani; Edward Ryan; Thomas Sayetta; M.R. Schweisthal; Alice Scott; Prem Sehgal; James Sherer; Robert Tacker; Pei-Lin Tien; Paul Warlashkin; Blanche Watrous; George Weidgan; Wallace Wooles; Associate Members--Ramesh Ajmera; Wendall Allen; Donald Barnes; Francis Belcik; Vincent Bellis; Bobby Bishop; Jack Brinn; Byron Coulter; Charles Gilbert; Carlton Heckrotte; James Hix; William Hume; Albert Jennigs; Robert May; Stanley Riggs; Everett Simpson; Local Members--Lokenath Debnath; Gray Richardson; Robert Hursey, Jr.; Robert Klein; Rochard Weimar, Jr.; Edwin Monroe; Milam Johnson; Pat Daugherty; Yoon Hough Kim; William Spickerman; Charles O'Rear; Sam Pennington; Dorothy Lemley

Alpha Delta Pi

Susan Anderson; Allyson Andrews; Nancy Bagley; Nancy Bashford, Sec; Dana Bishop; Dewey Bryant; Robin Clark; Pam Coley; Amy Collelle; Ann Cottros; Tish Daniel; Brenda Eagles; Blair Everett; Janet Ferebee; Jean Forrest; Cindy Freeman; Shawn Gallagher; Karol Hart; Jan Heindenreich; Nancy Higginson; Gretchen Jefferson; Beth Lockamy; Linda

Lyons; Susie Macon; Faye Maness, Treas.; Arlyne McCarthy; Mary Kemp Mebane; Connie Minges, Pledge Tr.; Carol Morgan; Annelle Piner; Sandy Sanker; Mary-Jo Saunders; Nancy Saunders; Lyn Stewart; Susan Temple; Beth Todd, V. Pres.; Teresa Tuttle; Judy Wetherington; DiAnna Whitaker, Pres.; Connie Wrenn.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Sheila Bunch; Linda Clark; Aldriche Davidson; Gloria Fisher, Treas.; Mary Fisher; Jackie Hawkins; Cynthia Henly; Janice Hobbs, Corr. Sec.; Lena Lee; Marolyn Manly; Debby McCoy, V. Pres.; Annie Morris, Rec Sec; Cvnthia Newbv; Mildred Ramsey; Willie Settle; Shirley Smallwood, President

Alpha Omicron Pi

Marly Boyan; Myra Cooper; Diane Dean; Joanne Dobson; Jo Anne Egerton; Mary Anne Egerton: Barbara Floyd; Lanette Getsinger, Corr. Sec; Teri Hanrahan; Faye Hightower; Leslie Jones; Deborah Knowles; Donna Lawson; Cathy Manley; Charlotle Marshburn; Tricia Martino; Lvnne Massengill; Ann Melvin; Undine Miller; Vicki Miller; Karen Moore, Pres.;

Marsha Murphey, Treas.; Barbara Overcash; Jenny Pale; Kathy Pinyoun; Pam Reganhardt; Debbie Rogers, Rec. Sec; Rhonda Ross; Cindy Sayer; Jane Schiller; Cher Sheppard; Debbie Strickland, V. Pres.; Carol Wedel; Betty While; Leigh Williams: Kate Woolen; Pat Yow; Kathy Pechal

Alpha Phi

Becky Ackert; Dianne Aycock; Barmen Barber; Anita Bass; Sheryl Bayer; Stephanie Beauchaine; Sharyn Bennett; Dianne Bowen: Jane Bunch; Barbara Car- ter; Kathy Charlelon; Karen Colquitt. V. Pres.; Gail Conoly; Glenda Denton; Kar- en Ellsworth, PL Trainer; Susan Fish; Sally Freeman; Karla Fuller; Linda Gardner, Treas.; Patty Hilo; Kaki King; Pat Krauss; Sherry Lewis; Jo Van Lockwood; Donna Lynch; Cynthia McNeil; Candie

Marcellus; Ramona Meachum; Lynne Mitchell; Susan Mooney, Rec. Sec; Sandy Penfield; Angela Pennino; Johanna Reich; Karen Romer; Brenda Sanders, Pres.; Sandra Saver; Peggy Shcarbach; Linda Shull; B.J. Slarling; Rosalynn Strowd; Angela Tripp; Peggy Upchurch; Jenny Warren; Susan Walton; Cheryl Willard; Gail Williams; Vivian Williams; Rebecca Winston

Alpha Phi Alpha

James Adams; Gregory Carter; James Carter; Kenneth Gilbert; Palmer Lasane; Charlie Lovelace, V- Pres.; Larry Malone; James Mitchell, Pres.; Delma Moore; Tommy Patterson, Sec; Jose Ramos Treas.; Tyrone Williams

Alpha Phi Omega

Rick Balak; Dennis Barrick; Larry Bissette; John Bogatko; Doug Davenport; Jim Godfrey, Pres.; Steve Hayes; Tom Jamieson, Treas.; Bob Krainiak; Mike Mahne; Greg McLeod, 2nd V. Pres.; Bennie Meeks; Glen Miller; Mike O'Brien; Greg Pace, 1st V. Pres.; Gene Riddle; Danny Scott; Al Solier; Jackie Spright; Vic Stanfield; Bill Swanson; Bill Taylor; Mel Toler; Steve West, Sec.

Alpha Xi Delta

Debbie Ainsworth; Donna Armstrong, Cor.Sec; Ginger Avery; Denise Brewer; Cam Brown, V. Pres.; Paula Browning; Janice Burroughs; Anna Carson; Lucy Coward, Rec. Sec; Teresa Culbreath; Mahala Dees, Pres.; Judy Eargle; Lydia Ferguson; Diane Gerrior; Sandy Gerrior; Kathy Greene; Rosanne Hager; Penny Hall; Mary Alice Holt, Pl. Trainer; Linda Harrell; Linda Hoff; Patricia Huff; Ellen Kelly; Cindy Kornegay; Sherry Killen; Carolyn McMillan; Joyce Mudrock, Treas.; Tona Price; Sharon Overby; Lynn Reville; Becca Robinson; Rose Ann Robinson; Nancy Sellers; Frances Shellon; Beth Skillman; Lynda Simmons; Dale Wilson; Kay Wiman; Nancy Wiman; Leslie Wyatt

Chi Omega

Ann Bass; Joan Bass; Gayle Best; Brenda Calhoun; Mamie Cicerone; Vickie Cutts; Debra Dodd; Diana Goettman, Treas.; Sandy Langley; Nancy Morgan, Pres.; Kathy Noyes; Kathy Owens; Sharon Renfron; Cathy Robinson; Jane Shelterly, Sec; Margaret Skinner; Betsy Suggs; Kathy Taylor, V. Pres.; Lou Anne Taylor; Ellen Blackwell; Mary Campbell; Lisa Davis; Peggy Farr; Linda Briffin, Rush Chrm.; Lydia Hagna; Susan Harris; Anita

Luper; Missy Manley; Janice Moore; Linda Nielsen; Debbie Patterson, Pl. Tr.; Gail Phillips; Debbie Roe, House Man.; Debbie Runnion; Vickie Vaughan; Hettie Wallace; Gladys Wylie; Cathy Callihan; Kim Campbell; Frankie Carter; Kathy Carter; Nancy DeMeter; Tama Flaherty; Kim Kuzmuk; Elizabeth Nelson; Jean Ramey; Daria Saitta; Rita Waring; Minn Whiteside; Joanne Wilfert; Sherran Brewer; Leslie Moore

Delta Sigma Phi

Edward Barnes, Sec; Sam Boyd; John Englehart; Kevin Evans, V. Pres.; Larry Evans, Treas.; Rod Freeze; Burl Gibbs; Doug Gourley; Billy Greene; Gene Graziosi; Stan Hall; Steve Horner; Buzz Johnson; Michael Laney; Doug Miller; Win-

ston Mayhew; Steve Micham; Tom Perrin; Percy Perry; Wesley Price; Larry Ray; David Reavis; Art Richard, III; Brady Sadak; John Scidel, Sgt.-at-Arms; Ricky Teague; BobThorsen; Wayne Wooky; Barbara Wells, Sweetheart

Delta Sigma Theta

Renee Andrews; Joyce Bouknight; Carol Caldwell; Eldred Clemons; Veronica Coburn, Treas.; Debbie Collins. Corr. Sec. Mamie Davis; Linda Ebron; Janice Jakes Pat Jones; Louise Jenkins; Kathy McLead; Harriette McCullers; Naomi Newton, V-Pres.; Denise Patterson; Edna Roundtree Linda Simpson; Terry Thompson, Pres.; Veronica Ward; Shirley Washington; Gloria Williams, Rec. Sec.

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Ann Carrow; Jackie Cashio; Celesl Dickens; Gilda Engiman; Jeannie Hagan; Emma Lou Hannon; Joan Harrison; Beannie Hembree; Pam Hemenway; Lynn Hohbs; Kathy Jones; Marilyn Mann; Alice Mathern; Patty McMahon; Baldwin Morris; Casey Parsons; Donna Peterson; Pam Plant; Loretta Russo; Lindsay Sale; Carol Sharpe; Robin Stover; Karen Vreeland; Rhonda Walker; Dena Webb; Emily Williams

Kappa Alpha

Lee Askew; Rass Bagley; Richard Bilbro; Jack Blackburn; Jimmy Bond; Jim Buckman; Donnie Bonn; Rick Byrd; Mike Carter; John Calhoun; Craig Cox; David Diehl; Chris Furlough, Pres.; Radford Garrett; Rip Graham; Robin Greenwood; Bill Harper; Hugh Hawfield; Kevin Hendon; Jock Hernig; Chuck Hester; Marty Holmes: Skay House; Ben James; Leonard Jones; Charlie Knight; Chick Lamb; Fred Lemmond; Bill Lipscomb; Ernie Massei; Al Nichols, V. Pres.; Sandy Peele; Van Powell; Kevin Pric; Fred Proctor, Corr. Sec; Mike Roberson; John Robertson; John Rodman; John Stauffer; Bert Stewart; Donald Taylor; Ronald Taylor, Par.; Bruce Tillery, Rec. Sec.; Jimmy Todd, Historian; Buxton Turner, Treas.; Pete West; David Wilson

Kappa Delta

Elizabeth Caldwell; Kathy Caston, Rush Chrm.; Renea Compton; Linda Cox; Susan Craig, Asst. Treas.; Debbie Dawson; Dilly Dills; Kathy Fahrenbruch; Charlene Gerguson; Debbie Fridle; Martica Griffin; Kathy Gentry: Denise Hall; Kathy Koonce; Nancy Light; ]anet Loelkes; Mary Loughran; Dianne Lucas; Bit Lun- dy. Ed.; Patrice Myers; Patti Myers. Treas.; Gail Nixon; Martie Pendleton, Sec.; Robin Pomeroy; Becky Richardson; Donna Riggs; Chris Riley, Pres.; Meredith Shaw; Kathy Sheehan; Elizabeth Slocks, V. Pres.; Donna Suggs; Rita Towns; Mary Wilson; Pam Wright

Kappa Sigma

Bill Balchelor; Ed Balson; David Bradley; Bob Brantley; Mark Brodsky; David Bullock; Sam Byrer, Grand Master; Carl Cobb; Jim Collins; Buddy Daves; Leo Derick; Mike Deutsch; Tim Dew; Grier Ferguson; Jim Godwin; Tom Hancock; Punky Hardman; Richard Harris; Bobby Johnson; Steve Kluttz; Chuck Mahaffey; Keith Mangun; Tom Matthews; Tom McCann, Grand Scribe; Bill McGee; Allen McKae; Steve Moore; Mark Newton; Bill

Parks; Mike Parsley; Randy Poindexter Bill Price; Grant Ralston; Chris Ripper, Grand Treas.; Eric Ripper; Scott Rhodes; Greg Rouse; Don Rundle; Don Sanders; Joey Sanders; Dennis Sarrell; Keith Siler; Bucky Sizemore; John Staley; Mike Ste adman; Greg Sparks; Bob Sullivan; Art Taylor; Steve Thompston; Jim Towe; Tommy Vicars, Grand Procurator; Park Warne; John Wharton; Mike White; Master of Cer.; Ken Windley; George Wood

Lambda Chi Alpha

Jaime Austria; James Beachan; Bill Burnett; Stephen Boyette; Chuck Clodfelter; Blake Comhy; David Cottle; Doug Coyle, Fret. Ed.; Bub Cox, Rush Chrm.; David Crawford; Jerry Cunningham, V. Pres.; Glenn Cutrell; Ken Dickerson, House Mgr.; Richard Drogos; Fraysure Fulton; Stuart Gaines; Hubert Gibson, Treas.; David Gies; Glenn Groves; Gregg Gul-

ghum; Gil Hendrix, Ritualist; James Ingram; Schol. Chrm.; David Jarema; Bil Lackey; Thomas Matthews; Rick Mitchell; Andy Schmidt, Soc. Chrm.; Porter Shaw, Pres.; Mike Stout; Vern Strother; Dan Tew, Pub. Chrm.; John Thomas; Luke Vail, Sec.; Tommy Way; Brownie Wilson; James Wilson; Steve Yount

Omega Psi Phi

Cedric Dickerson; Eddie Dungee; Jackson Farrar; Willie Harvey, Chaplain; Dennis Humphrey; Maurice Huntley, V. Pres.; Michael Jones, Pres.; Alvin Joyner; C.R. Knight; Marshall McAden, Treas.; Dalton Nicholson; Gary Phillips: Les Strayhorn

Phi Kappa Tau

John Ammons; Jeff Becker; Bill Benson; Jim Byrd; John Carpenter, Sec.; Mike Cascio, Treas.; Tim Chambers; Ray Church, Stgt.-at-Arms; Glenn Critcher; Kim Dudleck; Warren Hardin; Chris Isley; Greg Ingalls; Bill Jones; Jimmy Kaurohalious; Leslie Knight; Butch Long; John

Lynch; Bruch Mann, V-Pres.; Keith McKinney; Davy Plyler; Billy Rippy; Bobby Rippy, Pres.; Mike Russell; jack Snypes; Timmy Stephenson; Gary Stone; George Stuphin; Bruce Terrell; Thad Thornton; Andrew Wheeler; Rick Wynn.

Pi Kappa Phi

Mike Bass; Keith Beatty; Waller Benton; Daryll Braswell; Bob Brewster; Jesse Brown; Reynolds Calvert; John Coble; George Daniels; Jack Dillin; Carl Ealy; John Evans; Mark Fackrell; Jim Forshaw; Mike Gerber; John Gunnells; Robert Hacknev; Bill Hardwood; Ed Harris; Sonny Hart; Hill Heard; Tom Henson; Harry Helmer; Terry Hodge; Randy Hug-

gins; Larry Huston; Nathan Kelly; Wayne King; Andy Kozel; Eddy Lassiter; Rick Llewellyn; Jay Lucas; Rodney McDonald; Milton McLamb; Fred Morton; John Rambo; Keith Rockwell: Bill Shelton Brian Sibley; Craig Sink; Reed Spears Griff Vincent; Mark Walser; Eric Walker; Hank Wylie

Pi Lambda Phi

Joe Bicldell; Don Christian; Keith Cline; Fred Cohen; Robert Cutler, Pres.; Kelly Davenport; Kenny Davis, Marshal; Jim Dickson; Ray Edwards; Ronnie Ferrell; Hal Finch; Steve Gordon; Phil Lanier, V. Pres.; Blaine Lucas, Scribe; Terry Lucas; Pal Minges; Chuck Monson, Treas.; Rick Nipper; Wayne Price; Sandy Retchin; Bill Shreve; Wayne Stephens

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Brett Bean; Paul Blustm Rec. Sec; Thomas Brown; Tony Burden; Bob Cande; Bub Carr, Corr. Sec; Ed Crotts; Jim Dwyer; Steve Faris; David Fields; Bobby Haithcox; Ian Hollander; Birdie Johnson; Mike Johnson; Avery Jones; Bob Joyce, V. Pres.; Gray Kimbell; Jergl Leonard; Bill Messer, Pres.; Jeff Miller; Howard Montague; John Moore; Ken Morin; Rocky Nelson; Kirk Thayer; Tom Ward; Bill Willis, Treas.

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Cincy Ange, V. Pres.; Roxanne Arlin; Gail Allison; Ann Baird; Lesa Bell; Harriet Brinn; Regina Bullock; Jennifer Carr, Pres.; Carol Cox, Corr. Sec; Cathy Dameron; Carol Deardorff; Sue Farmer; Julia Ann Gibson; Karen Greiner: Pal Harrison; Inglis Holcomb; Kathy Hollowell; Ginny Hubard; Robin James, Rus

Chrm.; Susie Johnson, Sch Chrm ; Diane Joyner, Rec. Sec; Jayne Key; Sharon Marion; Laura McFall; Tana Nobles, Treas.; Allison Plaster; Susan Quinn; Jo Ann Ragazzo; Tommie Robertson; Lynn Rodd; Louisa Sims; Joan Singleton: Lynn Slughler; Marlyse Smith; Liz Tart; Lisa Turner; Terri Wachler

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Syd Bailey, Pres.; Kirk Bass; Eddie Batchelor; John Beal; John Beard; Steve Beard; Bill Beddingfield, Pledge Tr.; Eddie Boger; Brian Brantley; Jimmy Butler; Joe Chesson; Tom Chipak; Collins Cooper; Bob Curlee; Larry Curry, V. Pres.; Jerry Gardner; Eric Gomo; Rodney Gray; John Grinnell; Bryon Haddock; Jimmy Hahn; Johnny Holland; Lee Howe, Chaplain; Jeff Hutchens; Dwayne Ingram; Joe Johnson; Tommy Johnson; Doil Killman; Widgie Kornegay; Phil Mahoney, Sec; Al Meeks: Tom Norman; Gary Owens; Terry Purkson; Bob Saunders; Pat Sullivan; Arnold Wallace; Kennen Williams; Russell Wilson; Glenn Wood; Nancy Wood, Sweetheart


Gary Averilte; Geoff Beaston; Wayne Bland; John Bullard; Mike Burbank; Danny Carpenter; Norman Davis; Terry Durham; Jack Elkins; Bob Feeney; Tommy Fleetwood; Bill Godwin; Bobby Harrison; Joe Heavner; Steve Herring; Mike Herring; Mike Hogan; Dave LaRussa; Ronnie Leggett; Rick McMahon; Randy Monroe; John Narron; Russ Smith; Ron Slaggs; Carl Summerell


Varsity - Greg Ashorn; Roger Atkinson; Buzzy Braman; Robert Geter; Kenny Edwards; Larry Hunt; Reggie Lee; Tom Marsh; Chuck Mohn; Donnie Owens; Tom Quinn, Coach; Nicky White Jr. Varsity - Tiim Brogan; Robert Carraway; Charlie Durham; Dickie Flye; Steve Harris; Al McCrimmons; Harry Miller; Larry Modlin; Craig Pugh; Tom Twitty, Coach; Tommy Williams; Tyrone Williams

Women's Basketball

Debbie Allen; Carlene Boyd; Sheila Byrum; Gale Chamblee; Marie Chamblee; Sheilah Cotten; Brenda Dail; Ginny Deese; Lollie Edwards; Dora Fitzsimmons; Ellen Garrison; Terry Jones; Marolyn Jordon; Laura Kilpatrick; Charlotte Layton; Susan Manning; Myra Modlin; Sharon Smith; Lu Ann Swain; Frances Swenholt; Velma Thomas; Terry Ward; Gail Betton, Scorer; Sue Calverley, Statistician; Lea Kemezis, Manager; Myra Lewis, Trainer; Miss Catherine Bolton, Coach


Kim Aussanl; Judy Barnes; Denise Bobbin; Sherry Cobb; Debbie Davis; Jerry Jones; Becky Keeter; Rodney McDonald; Rick Nipper; Mike Radford; John Rambo; Kathy Rambo; Bryan Sibley

Field Hockey

Gail Betlon; Catherine Bollon, Coach; Carlene Boyd; Dora Filzsimmons; Jane Gallop; Marion Hart; Terry Jones; Nancy Richards; Frances Swenholt; Lynn Schubert


Boh Bailey; Addison Bass; Ricky Bennett; Jim Bolding; Larry Bolger; Clay Burnett; Ned Cheely; Toni Chipok; Pele Conaty; Rod Compton; Jimmy Creech, Grad. Asst. Coach; Carlester Crumpler, Mike Crusie; Dave Dadisman; Tim Dameron, Grad. Asst. Coach; Bill D'Andrea, Grad. Asst. Coach; Tom Daub; Jonathan Deming; Jacob Dove; Stan Eure; Tom Frazier; Benny Gibson; John Grinnell; Cary Godette; Greg Harbaugh; Bucky Harrison; Billy Hibbs; Tim Hightower; Robin Hogue; Fred Horeis; Jimmy Howe; Danny Kepley; Dan Killebrew; Warren Klawiter; Rickv Leonard; Buddy Lowery;

Larry Lundy; Ernie Madison; Rusty Markland; Winston Mayhew; Ken Moore; Steve Mulder; Mike Myrick; Gary Niklason; Frank Novack; Greg Pingston; Reggie Pinkney; Chip Post; Sonny Randle, Head Coach; Mike Roper; Skip Russell; Mike Shea; Don Schink; Tedd Schoch; Butch Strawderman; Ken Strayhorn; Nelson Strother; Carl Summerell; Joe Tkach; Henry Trevathan; Greg Troupe; Larry Van Der Heyden; Bobby Voight; Mike Weaver; Vic Wilfore; Wilber Williamson; Jack White, Grad. Asst. Coach; Jim Woody


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Charlene Daniels; Jody Fountain, Coach; Joan Fulp; Linda Gosnell; Jenny Griffin; Linda Lane; Debbie Laurer; Mimi Miller; Myrna Ocasio; Gail Phillips; Carol Reeves, Coach; Melanie Rufty; Jane Smith; Beth Wheeler; Tim Winslow, Coach; Vicki Witt


Pete Angus; Chris Bain; Scott Balas; Doug Burnett; Winston Chen; Mike Fetchko; Bob Gebhardt; John Henderson; Rick Johnson; Monte Little, Coach; Lloyd McCleeland; Bucky Moser; Danny O'Shea; David Schaler; Brad Smith; Tom Tozer; Ed Wolcott, Asst. Coach


Sue Bengham; Lu Boyd; D.J. Conlyn; Cryo Conner; Caroline Cooney; Molly Crosland; Jo Greene; Cindy LaFollette; Mary McDuffie; Beverly Osborn; Eric Orders, Coach; Judy Peacock; Angela Pennino; Timmie Phaw; Marie Reichstein; Kathy Schlee; Linda Shull; Linda Smiley; Barbara Strange; Kim Strickland; Peggy Toth; Donna Welch; Cindy Wheler; Tracie White; Mary Winters

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Sue Calverley; Gale Chamblee: Marie Chamblee; Jan Glairborne; Susan Collie; Sheilah Cotten; Cookie Eagan; Emy Fishel; Charlotte Layton; Vickie Lee; Myra Modlin; Lu Ann Swaim; Terry Ward; Donna Woolard; Bobbi Baker, Chaperone; Ginny Merrifield; Trainer; Sharon Smith, Scorer; Abdul Ali Ghori, Coach.


Glenn Baker; Jim Blair; Willie Bryant; Bruce Hall; Bill Hill; Paul Ketchum; Tom Marriott: Mike Radford; Steve Satterwaite; Mill Sherman; John Welborn, Coach; Ron Whitcomb

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The Great Debate

ECU's Med School

Since its inception in the minds of progressive leaders in eastern North Carolina, the ECU med-school has travelled a long and rocky road. The road was seemingly never rockier, however, than during the great debate raised over the expansion of the one- year program established at ECU by the NC General Assembly in 1972. Eventually decided by a compromise bill passed by the Joint Appropriations Committee of the General Assembly, the debate raged between the UNC Board of Governors on the one hand and ECU forces on the other.

Often placed in a bad light by proponents of an expanded medical program at ECU, the University of North Carolina Board of Governors was not without a defense for its position. In a written statement to the Buccaneer,

Board chairman William A. Dees, Jr. emphasized the accomplishments of the Board in the area of medical education:

Recognizing North Carolina's great need for more doctors, the Board of Governors has given priority attention to medical education since it first assumed its responsibilities in the summer of 1972. The first result of this endeavor was a program for a major expansion of the School of Medicine of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which will bring an increase in enrollment from 427 in 1972-73 to 640 by 1979-80. Further, the Board proposed to increase the level of State assistance to the Bowman Gray School of Medi-

cine at Wake Forest University and to Duke University Medical School, with the understanding that these two institutions would increase their enrollment of North Carolinians. This expansion program, fully funded by the 1973 session of the General Assembly, is a great step forward in meeting the medical care needs of North Carolina.

According to Dees. "Expanding the existing medical schools was the action needed to train more physicians in the shortest possible time." In Dees' words, however, the Board nevertheless recognized that "more needed to be done." A special Panel of Medical Consultants composed of distinguished medical educators was therefore commissioned by the Board of

Governors to investigate possibilities for the expansion of the one-year medical school at ECU.

The report of this committee to the Board proved damaging to the ECU cause, and in it the Panel cited two reasons why expansion would be premature. First, a report issued by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in April. 1973, had been highly critical of the one-year program at ECU. Second, the clinical resources necessary for undergraduate medical education were largely committed to the expansion program already instituted by the Board of Governors and funded by the General Assembly.

Moreover, the Panel advised that the next important step in meeting North Carolina's need for more physicians was to expand post-graduate medical training rather than under- graduate. Toward this end the Panel suggested that a concentrated effort be made to expand the network of Area Health Education Centers. Dees outlined the main thrust of the Pane recommendation as follows:

It called for the creation of 300 new residency places in primary care specialties in North Carolina, and, most important of all,

it recommended that the network of Area Health Education Centers be expanded, so that undergraduate and post-graduate medical education, and the clinical training of other health professions students, could utilize the resources of community hospitals across the State. In this way, more physicians could be immediately provided, a better geographical distribution of physicians through the rural areas of North Carolina could be achieved, clinical education resources could be expanded, and the facilities and resources for medical care in all regions of the State could be strengthened.

The Board of Governors, on the basis of the Panels' report, developed a comprehensive plan for the expansion of medical education on a state-wide basis. The plan focused on the expansion of post-graduate medical education and Area Health Education Centers; expansion of ECU's one-year med school, however, was omitted.

In a Fountainhead interview Dr. Wallace R. Wooles, dean of the pres- ent one-year School of Medicine at East Carolina, gave his reaction to the Panel's findings. Wooles disagreed with the committee's conclusion that a four-year med school at ECU would not necessarily mean more doctors for eastern North Carolina. He also felt that the estimated cost of such a school - $65 million - was misleading. Dr. Edwin W. Monroe, vice chancellor of the ECU medical program, also indicated his disagreement with the Board's position in another interview for the campus newspaper. Monroe stated that it was possible for the decision to be amended by the NC General Assembly when it reviewed the Board of Governors recommendations in 1974.

Advocates of an expanded program for East Carolina were understandably dismayed by the Board's position, but were by no means quieted. Instead, ECU forces voiced their argu-

Opposite page. Top: Dr. McNeil directs students in anatomical locations. Bottom: Students spend many hours in lab probing and identifying. Left: Brinkley Eure identifies cranial nerves in the brain.

ments before the General Assembly's Joint Appropriations Committee.

State Senator Ralph H. Scott summarized the months of strenuous debate in a statement for the Buccaneer:

The turning point in East Carolina University's long struggle for expansion of its medical school occurred at a crucial meeting of the General Assembly's Joint Appropriations Committee on February 25. 1974.

For weeks and months the Committee leadership had sought to resolve the differences between the ECU forces on the one hand and the UNC Board of Governors forces on the other.

When these efforts failed, Co-chairman Carl Stewart and I introduced a compromise bill. It called for adding a second year to the one-year med school, which is what the ECU forces wanted, but it did not specify a hard-and-fast deadline for doing so, which is what the Board of Governors was trying to avoid.

Promoters of the compromise bill worked into the wee hours of the night on February 25 trying to line up the necessary votes. When the Committee convened the following morning, it was apparent that the effort had succeeded. The Committee approved the compromise bill by a comfortable margin of votes ....

Inserted into the main body of the

over-all State government budget bill, the compromise bill passed both House and Senate without debate.

The limited victory ECU advocates enjoyed in February, 1974, was only one of many they had won over a period of ten years. The push for the medical school began in 1964 when the possibilities of beginning such a school at East Carolina were first ex- amined. Starting in 1965, the NC Gen- eral Assembly appropriated funds to ECU with the idea of establishing a four-year school in the future. The already-established School of Nursing gave an added incentive for instituting a medical school at the University. The more recent establishment of the School of Allied Health with its nine departments - social work; correc- continued on page 271

Below: Pam Shirley and Sally Shu are ECU's two women medical students.


gettiri better every day!

Once a common target for criticism, Joyner Library made several recent improvements which helped meet the needs of the campus population. Dr. Ralph E. Russell, director of library services, stated in a Fountainhead article that "Our goal is to provide maximum access to library materials." Certainly the staff took significant steps in this direction during the 1973-74 school year.

The conversion from closed to open stacks during the summer ranked as the major improvement. Gone were the long lines of disgruntled students who paced the length of the circulation desk waiting for their books;

instead, students browsed the shelves at their leisure, skimming the books they thought might be of value before investing time in filling out call slips. Russell admitted that the physical structure of the building was less than ideal for an open stack arrangement; after the system had been in operation for a trial period, however, he was pleased with everyone's cooperation and reported that the system was working very well.

Another new feature of the library was the paperback exchange program, where students selected paperbacks from a special rack in the periodicals room in exchange for books they no

longer needed.

Attention focused as well on improving communication between the library users and its staff. Informative pamphlets acquainted incoming students with the many services Joyner had to offer. A question box by the library exit drew a number of queries regarding Joyner's operation, and replies were promptly posted for everyone's enlightenment. Expanded operating hours and an increase in the number of employees on the reference staff allowed users to profit further from their library .

Above: Massive columns rise up be- fore the entrance to Joyner.

Above: Joyner's reference room remains active eighteen hours a day.

Below left: Webster's unabridged provides another answer.

Below right: Joyner's serials catalog lists periodicals housed in the library.

Opposite page. Top left: Open stacks allow students to select books at their convenience.

dents to select books at their conveni- are commonplace during construction

Bottom left: Xerox machines of Joyner's annex.

Top right: Location maps aid students in finding materials.

Middle right: Cement blocks are commonplace during construction of Joyner's annex

Bottom right: Opinion boxes invite responses from all library users.

"It's Greek to Me!"

Forming generalizations about the Greek culture as it was found on the ECU campus in 1973-74 became as difficult a task as would have been the reading of a play by Sophocles in its original language by one untutored in the Greek alphabet. Such difficulties in generalizing had not always been the case. Once upon a time - and not a very long time ago it was - a Greek was a Greek was a Greek, and he stood out among independents as a leopard would have among a den of tigers. Alpaca sweaters, starched shirts, and drab khakis belted two inches above the navel formed the traditional male wardrobe, while the ensemble for coeds included light-fitting sweaters, strategically-positioned Greek pins, and Pappagalo shoes.

In its hey-day the Greek system was a world within a world, with brothers fraternizing almost exclusively with brothers, sisters with sisters. The only acceptable Friday night date for the "frat rat"' was the "sorority chick." The result was the promulgation of the Greek culture, and the culture flourished. Something happened. Change came to East Carolina with recognizable sureness. The coats and ties once worn by men to every campus social event - football and basketball games, concerts, plays - were left hanging in the closet, replaced first with casual wear, then with careless,

The Greek culture experienced change as well; unlike the one of pro-

Opposite page: Variety is the spice of the Greek life.

This page: The importance of the Greek system at ECU is evidenced by the fact that SGA President Hill Bodenhamer and Homecoming Queen Nancy Morgan are Greeks.

verbial reknown, the leopard changed its spots. A loss of identity ensued. When Greek styles shifted from the characteristic to the non-descript, the presence of the Greek culture' was no longer easily discerned. This loss of instant recognition, coupled with an "anti-establishment" sentiment (and the Greeks were definitely established), gave voice to the rumor that Greeks were an endangered species, soon to be extinct.

Time proved the rumor premature, however, if not altogether false. Certainly, dramatic changes had transpired, with none more noticeable than the sharp decline in the number of students pledging during each succeeding year. In spite of this decline, however, several national fraternities and sororities established local chapters at ECU, joining with those already established to offer a wider choice for students interested in pledging. This fact lent support to the claim that within the Greek system there was an ever-growing effort made toward developing the individuality of the Greek. Moreover, those pledging no longer did so merely to gain recognition and popularity; rather, they chose to "Go Greek" because they found the system genuinely appealing.

During the 1973-74 year, Greeks continued to play a greater role, proportionate to their number, in the day-to-day campus activities than did independents. A roll call of the SGA Legislature would have revealed a large number of Greeks at work for their fellow students. Greek voices were heard at committee meetings and in honorary fraternities, and much of the exhuberant spirit displayed at Pirate sporting events was attributable to the support Greeks gave to ECU athletic programs. The recall of the popular Homecoming parade, sorely missed during the disappointing '72 Homecoming, was sponsored by and made a reality through the efforts of the Inter-Fraternity Council.

Nor were Greeks limited in their activities to campus alone. Individual sororities throughout the Near contributed their services to fund-raising drives by various national health associations. Likewise. individual fraternities sponsored fund-raising campaigns for needy families, the Crippled Children's Association, and similar charities. Pitt County's Blood Bank profiled by a blood drive promoted by the IPC. Far from being extinct, the Greek system was alive and well at East Carolina.

Greeks portrayed an image of themselves during the year that was at once more universal, yet more individual and personal, than ever before - quite a different image from that projected by Greeks at the turn of the decade. Having reached the exaggeration point - Greeks dating Greeks. dressing Greek, and disassociating themselves from anything that lacked Greek approval -- the proverbial pendulum swung back.

Observers could no longer point out a sorority girl or fraternity man by any immediately recognizable trait - Pappagelo shoes, alligator belts, or blue Gant shirts. Greeks were rarely seen as different from other students because they were not different. The Greek did not wear his jersey for recognition as much as he wore it for reasons of personal pride, even as members of other campus organiza tions wore their insignia.

Once, the infamous "sorority chick" and "frat rat" attended school year-round and still needed five years to complete the' curriculum. In recent years, however, scholarship claimed more attention from these "professional students", and fewer Greeks found it necessary to raise QPs in the eleventh hour in order to graduate. ECU's eight sororities, for example, posted a combined grade point average of 2.6 in 1973-74 - an average higher than thai held by the typical ECU student.

Opposite page. Top left: Costumes and Greeks go together.

Center left: Connoisseurs of the femme physique delight in the Miss Venus contest.

Bottom left: Bright smiles and fun typify Greek socials.

Right: All-Sing participant Kim Kuzmuk dons costume and cosmetics for her part in the Chi Omega skit.

This page: Pi Lambda Phi's talents prove a winner at Alpha Xi's All-Sing.

Greeks - an Afterthought

(An open letter by Brownie WiJson)

Too often in life the moral beliefs and worthy objectives of a group become clouded in the quest for more easily accessible, tangible goals. The short-lived enjoyment of winning a contest or being the largest in numbers, however, soon fades away into u dim memory of the past. The true value of belonging to a fraternal organization lies not in material growth and social position but in the knowledge of people and a new compassion for their welfare.

Love and fellowship establish the basis for growth und wisdom in the Greek system. Frequently, people have ignored this foundation and have struggled through their college years with a misconception of its purpose. How sad it is that such a valu-

able opportunity has been misused.

One of the great lessons in life is respect for others - for their convictions, positions, hopes, and dreams. One should always strive to understand and appreciate those with whom he comes in contact. Respect for another person is a great gift and in turn earns respect for the giver. The Greek system teaches that love and respect are the two most important objectives a person can hope to achieve in life.

Perseverance and self-knowledge, also teachings of the Greek system, are the prerequisites to a better un- derstanding of the world and its gifts. The greatest asset to the Greek system is a person's giving of himself to help others. The satisfaction derived is equal to the labor expended.

Each day brings with it a new chal- lenge and a responsibility to live life fully. Without knowledge of the true

teachings of life a person is handi- capped in his attempt to meet this challenge. To reach out and help a person become a more complete being is the obligation of the Greek; to grow within as this special relationship develops and prospers is his reward. Each one reached in this manner in turn helps others find a more lasting peace. Fellowship grows by personal contact.

Love, fellowship, compassion, respect, and humility are the real teachings of the Greek system. Growth is attained only by following the lessons and by making a real effort to govern life by them. The final result of the Greek system is not a refined socialite, but a deeper, more caring individual. Those who learn this great lesson are on the path to a fuller, richer life.

Curtain Up!

For the East Carolina Playhouse, the 1973-74 season proved to he one of the most successful in its history. Five major productions - - The Merry Wives of Windsor, Hair, Indians, Mass, and Dracula - a new studio theatre, and the renovation of McGinnis Auditorium made the year a memorable one.

Shakespeare's bawdy comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor was not only the season opener for the Playhouse but also the first major production performed in the much-anticipated studio theatre. Albert Pertalion, Playhouse General Manager, saw the studio as a major asset to the drama department. According to Pertalion, the smaller theatre, seating between 100 and 300 people, provided the department with a much-needed area in which to train students interested in careers in films and television - the delivery of an actor in the studio theatre closely approximated that needed for film and television work. Pertalion predicted that the studio would be an important drawing point for students interested in drama.

Equally important were the intimate atmosphere and virtually unlimited staging possibilities the studio provided. For the production of Merry Wives, for example, the stage extended into the seating area so that during performances the audience bordered the stage on three sides; the close proximity between actor and audience generated a feeling of intimacy which breathed life into the lusty spirit of Shakespeare's comedy.

The Elizabethan set for Merry Wives, however, while; remarkable in its quaint, antique flavor, was, nevertheless, rather simple when compared with the elaborate staging employed in the production of Arthur Kopit's indians. An oval-shaped stage' encircled the seating area and converted the studio into a theatre-in-the-round. The increased staging area allowed scene designer Robert Williams to have a number of sets assembled on stage at the same time so that there was virtually no lapse in action between scenes during actual performances.

As with Merry Wives, the intimacy between the players and their audience strengthened the impact of the drama. Don Biehn directed the play, which is both a brilliant example of contemporary black humor and a social commentary of the American pre-occupation with violence'.

As controversial as Indians was, however, the production of the smash Broadway musical Hair drew considerably more attention. The interest centered, of course, on the play's nude scene. Although the cast of Hair was strongly in favor of doing the scene, a feeling among the production staff and the University administration that nudity might jeopordize the play's reception was cause for its ommission. Hair dealt with far more than just nudity, however, and the deletion was hardly noticeable. A product of the times, Hair exerted tremendous in- fluence not only upon drama itself but upon many aspects of American culture as well.

Another unusual problem accompanying the production of Hair concerned the availability of the show's musical score. East Carolina was one of the first universities to stage the play, and the Playhouse requested the show so soon after its release for non-professional production that the rental agency for the musical had not had time to have the scores printed. Originally scheduled for October, the production was postponed until December.

Director Edgar Loessin and choreographer Mavis Ray shared responsibility in producing Hair, while Barry Shank conducted the orchestra. Since Hair was performed in McGinnis Auditorium rather than the studio theatre, a rapport between the actors and audience was more difficult to establish; efforts were nonetheless made in this direction as cast members mingled with the audience prior to curtain call and frequently left flowers as mementos of their visit, During the finale, everyone was encouraged to join the cast on stage for a gala singing of "Let the Sun Shine. "

The second Playhouse musical, the fourth production of the season, as-

sumed a more reserved atmosphere. The four-day run at East Carolina of Leonard Bernstein's Mass was only the sixth production of the show of any kind, professional or non-professional. Those attending the play, in addition to enjoying a musical unique in its range of musical genres, also had an opportunity to view and hear two visiting performers: Ron Lake, one of the most famous boy sopranos in the nation, flew in from Los Angeles to take part in the production; and John Russell, an heroic tenor from Philadelphia, sang the lead role of the Celebrant.

Loessin and Ray once again handled the directing and choreographing duties. Robert Hause conducted, and Charles More was the associate musical director.

The season ended on a macabre note with the production of a classic melodrama: Dracula! Based on Bram Stoker's eerie account of the infamous Transylvanian count, Dracuia enjoyed enthusiastic reception by students. With the season already crowded with remarkable successes, the Playhouse added one more by presenting a special midnight performance of the Gothic drama; the late hour had little effect upon the size of the audience, though, as McGinnis hosted a capacity crowd.

Since 1964, the Playhouse had sponsored a Summer Theatre, but the many students and Greenville citizens who looked forward to the musicals were disappointed this year. Instead of the sound of music, the sound of hammers and saws reverberated through McGinnis as the Auditorium underwent long-awaited renovation. In addition to the needed remodeling, however, a lack of new Broadway musicals left the Playhouse with too-limited a number of plays from which to select and further contributed to the decision to forego the Summer Theatre for the 1974 season.

Comfortably seated in his theatre seat, a member of the audience had little to do but relax and enjoy the

continued on page 272

Top left: Indians stars Gregory Smith as Buffalo Bill Cody. Left; Bram Stoker's classic tale of the living dead comes to ECU (photo by Guy Cox). Right, top and bottom: Bernstein's Mass presents a unique range of song and dance (photos by Guy Cox).

Above left: Playhouse costumes display intricate detail.

Above right: Falstaff enjoys a flirtatious moment with a comely wench.

Below: Falstaff is the cetner of attention in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Opposite page. Colorful posterss announce the arrival of the most controversial play of the decade--Hair!

Opposite page. Top left: Bill Devins works the light board during Mass.

Top right: Constructing sets for Indians is one of the responsibilities shared by Janet Tremon and her fellow drama students.

Bottom left: Chester Hardison repairs a sofa for the opening of Dracula.

Bottom right: Grabbing a quick bite between costumes, Carol Beule watches assistant Susan Lambeth at work.

This page. Above: Carol Beule adjusts Judy Townsend's hair for her role in Dracula.

Above left: Transylvania's legendary Count and his sultry mistress embark on another night of feasting.

Above right: Tension mounts during the confrontation between Dracula and Van Helsing

Below: John Russell kneels in the shadows as ceremonial rites are performed in Mass

Opposite page: Colorful bonnets symbolize the warrier heritage of the American Indian exploited in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (photo by Guy Cox)


"Probably the most misunderstood student organization on campus" - this was how Gibert Kennedy. 1973-74 Student Union President, described his organization in a special Fountainhead article. Regrettably, many students remained unaware of the tremendous impact the Union had upon day-to-day life at East Carolina, despite the frequent efforts made by Kennedy throughout the year to inform the student body of the Union's activities.

In the newspaper article, Kennedy outlined the major responsibilities of the organization:

The Student Union is the primary souce of student programming, and as such it is our responsibility to provide such a wide variety of entertainment that no segments of the student body feel overlooked. Thus, we sponsor a number of different types of social, recreational, and cultural events ranging from pop concerts to professional theatre productions to bingo parties. In addition, we continually strive to be sensitive to changes in student programming demands and to be flexible enough to respond to these trends. Thirdly, we are always seeking to upgrade our existing programs. We serve the role of a trustee over a vast amount of student money and we would be shirking our responsibility if we did not see to it that the students are getting the best returns possible on their money.

The Union had only recently assumed these responsibilities. Prior to the spring of 1972. major programs

were scheduled by committees working under Ihe auspices of the SGA. Campus politics, however, often interrupted efforts to establish a consistent and responsive programming policy. Recognizing this weakness, SGA legislators, encouraged by a vigorous Union lobby, transferred the programming responsibilities to the Union, an organization which by its inherent nature was more suited to the task.

Accompanying this move was a restructuring of the Student Union itself. In previous years the Union had been a rather loosely-knit organization of interested students ("walk-ons," as Union ciritcs described them); in fact, it was just this lack of selectivity with regard toward choosing its members that had prevented the Union from taking over the reins of student programming years earlier.

The present system authorizes a Board of Directors to select the Student Union President. The Board is composed of the SGA President. Treasurer, and Speaker of the Legislature; the Presidents of the MRC, WRC, Panhellnic Council, and IPC; a representative from the Faculty Senate Committee; a representative from the Administration; Associate Dean of Student Affairs Rudolph Alexander; and the retiring Student Union President. The revised system more nearly insures that qualified individuals who have demonstrated their interest and ability are entrusted with the demanding responsibilities of the Union Presidency. Thus far, the Board has selected new Presidents from students who have previously worked within the

continued on page 226

Opposite page. Left: In concert with the Temptations are the Quiet Elogance.

Top right: The lyrics of "My Girl" call for a personal approach.

Below right; Under burning spotlights, the Temptations assert the world is just a "Ball of Confusion."

This page. Above: Within the dark void, a capacity crowd listens spellbound to the legendary Temptations.

Below left: John Hammond eases the tempo with his folk music (photo by Rick Goldman).

Below right: The rock sound of the Wet Willie Band headlines the Sunday Homecoming concert (photo by Rick Goldman).

continued from page 223

organization and have therein gained valuable experience. Wade Hobgood, for example, President-elect for 1974-75. chaired the Special Concerts Committee during Kennedy's administration. Once chosen, the President-elect appoints new committee chairmen who in turn recruit members for each committee. Within the committees was a representative cross-sampling of the campus population.

For the eight Union committees, the 1973-74 season was crowded with a variety of events, with occasional disappointments offset by several outstanding programs.

Receiving the majority of student attention during (he year was the Popular Entertainment Committee. In a Buccaneer interview, Kennedy and Hobgood discussed the major problems involved in booking "pop" entertainment. The primary difficulty was in scheduling artists that were at once both appealing to a majority of the students and within the financial capabilities of the Union. These two considerations alone were more than enough to make the Committee's task difficult. The diverse range of musical

tastes held by ECU students meant that scheduling an act with universal appeal was nigh impossible. Moreover, performers enjoying the success of stardom often demanded upwards of $25,000; since seating facilities at Minges are severely limited, the only way such an amount could have been raised would have been by drastically increasing the cost of student tickets, and experience has shown that students are generally reluctant to pay such high prices.

Other problems were encountered as well. Greenville is removed from what performers viewed as a more profitable route - Raleigh. Greensboro, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Poor transportation by car and plane further contributed to the problem. Kennedy remarked that these difficulties were compounded when the Union attempted to schedule concerts for specific dates, as in the case of Homecoming weekend; in the future, he explained, students may well expect to see concerts scheduled on odd dates - including weeknights, as hapened with the Commander Cody/ New Riders concert.

Date: October 4, 1973 Time: 8:15 p.m.

Place: Wright Auditorium at East Carolina University Admission: Reserved Section Seating

Students $2, Faculty and Staff $3, Public $5

Tickets May Be Purchased In The Central Ticket Office,

P. O. Box 2731, Greenville, N. C. Telephone 758-6278


Hobgood further noted that frequently popular recording artists were not successful in concert. Again witnessing the Commader Cody/ New Riders concert, the New Riders have enjoyed popularity for several years, yet ECU students found their performance in Minges stair. Finally. even when the Union was able to book a popular act. circumstances beyond its control occasionally prevented the show from becoming a reality, as exemplified by the cancellation of the Doobie Brothers concert in fall,

The Committee's efforts this vear

fell short of the students' expectations and raised much criticism. Most controversial was the scheduling of the Hanneford Circus in late March- the event, like several events before it, lost money. Despite the criticism, however, the Committee did bonk a variety of acts in an effort to provide something for every taste. The best-received and most profitable show of the year was the Temptations concert on Friday night of Homecoming weekend. Sunday's Homecoming concert featured three acts - the Wet Willie Band, John Hammond, and Lynard

Skynard- but netted little student interest.

The success realized by the Special Concerts Committee last year with the Karl Scruggs Revue prompted the Popular Entertainment Committee to schedule his return this year. The profit gained by the bluegrass concert, however, was offset by the losses by incurred by a later concert scheduled on a weeknight and featuring Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Air-men and the Low Riders of the Purple Sage.

Hobgood saw the unwillingness of the Committee to take the "big risk" in scheduling a popular, but expensive act as the primary reason for the financial losses. Hobgood widely publized plans to redirect the Committee's thinking; the 1974-75 Committee, re-

continued on page 230

Opposite page. Top: Christine Jorgenson discusses the harmful effects of the sexual conformity society imposes.

Bottom: Pantomimist Marcel Marceau poses as Bip the Clown.

This page, left: Posters announce the performance at ECU of the smash Broadway musical Godspell.

Below: Imogene Coca and King Donovan star in Neil Simon's The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Above: Earl Scruggs and son Randy bring the country sound to ECU.

Below: Cloggers generate excitement during the Blue Grass Festival.

Right: Fiddlin' up a storm, the Flatland Family Band performs in Minges.

Opposite page. Top: Raun McKinnon rends a soulful song.

Bottom: Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen entertain their audience with a boogie beat.

Above: Mark Chappell appears as "Mark Twain on Stage."

Right: The Cynthia A. Mendenhall Student Center nears its completion.

Opposite page: East Carolina is one of many colleges visited by the Hanneford Circus.

continued from page 227

named Major Attractions, will aim for big names in entertainment.

While the Popular Entertainment Committee met with disappointment, other committees experienced a tre- mendous year.

Spurred into being by the success of the ECU production of Slueth by a professional touring company, the Theatre Arts Committee was formed in the spring of 1973. In its first year it scheduled four plays, all popularly received- Godspell, a contemporary musical based on the gospel according to St. Matthew; The Prisoner of Second Avenue, a mad-cap comedy by Neil Simon starring the husband-and-wife team of King Donovan and Imogene Coca; the delightful impersonation by John Chappell of America's famed humorist in Mark Twain on Stage; and the outstanding musical RSVP: the Cole Porters, a story baser on the life of the celebrated composer


The Lecture Committee presented several notable speakers during the year, including Love Story-author Erich Segal. Segal, the second author to address ECU students, spoke on the future of literature. Earlier in the year James Dickey, author of Deliverance, discussed his first interest, poetry. Kaarlo Tuomi described his experi- ences as a double secret agent work- ing for the USSR and the United States. Reporter John McCook Roots outlined the new role China has taken as a major world power. Highlighting the series, however, was Christine Jorgenson, who spoke to a capacity audience on her sexual transformation which stunned the world in the early fifties.

Although the speaker series was well-known, fewer students were aware that the Lecture Committee also scheduled the Travel-Adventure series. This year the series again included filmed travels which literally spanned the globe, from a cinematic journey of Mark Twain's visit to the Swiss Alps to a feature on discovering New Zealand to a documentary on famous pioneer trails of the American West.

Headlining the Artists Series, world-renowned pantominist Marcel Marceau thrilled a captive ECU audience in Wright. From around the globe the Artists Series Committee selected its acts- the Philippine Bayanihan Dance Troupe, French pianist Philippe Entremont, the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Paul Hill Chorale.

Unlike the Popular Entertainment and Special Concerts committees, which book acts within months of the performance dates, committees such as Theatre Arts and Artists Series book a year in advance.

Acts for the 1973-74 Artists Series, for example, were chosen by the previous year's committee; the 1973-74 Artists Series Committee, meanwhile, made the necessary arrangements for each performance this year and assumed the responsibility for scheduling acts for the 1974-75 season.

In only its second year of operation, the Special Concerts Committee booked acts that appealed to current fads in music. Capitalizing on the enthusiasm generated by the blue grass beat, the Committee scheduled no less than

four concerts featuring country artists. Matthew and Peter opened the series in September with their folk sound, and Kennedy firmly believed that the two were destined for stardom in years to come. A folk festival in March featured Raun McKinnon, a young lady who had enchanted ECU students a year earlier when she performed at the Canticle; appearing with Ms. McKinnon were the Dawson Boys. Billed as "the greatest electric blue grass band in the world." the Mission Mountain Wood Band played to a spirited audience during their April concert on the mall. Equally successful was the Blue Grass Festival featuring the Country Gentlemen, the Blue Grass Experience, the Green Grass Cloggers, and local favorites the Flathind Family Band. From mid-afternoon until late evening the mall was crowded with hand-clapping, knee-slapping students enjoying the music, the company, and the warm spring weather.

While blue grass groups predominated the series, rock also received attention. The groups Painter. Chick Corea and the Return to Forever, and

Southsound rounded out the Committee's programming.

Equally important were the programs sponsored by the Films. Coffee- house, and Recreations committees.

Occasional items in Fountainhead's campus events section announcing "Casino Day" or "Games Night" indicated that the Recreations Committee wasat work. Inaddition to these rather novel programs, the Committee sponsored more traditional events - tournaments, watermelon feasts, and ice cream bingo parties. Also offered were lessons on bowling and bridge. In anticipating the 1974-75 year, however, President-elect Hobgood commented that, unless greater interest was shown, the Recreations Committee might not be organized; at the time of the Buccaneer interview, no chairman had been appointed for the Committee.

"Free flicks" fell under the auspices of the Films Committee. In recent years the Committee made a move toward featuring current films for its Friday night audience. Frenzy, Let It Be, Klute. and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich were only a few of

continued on page 272

Opposite page: Bearing the scars of constant use, the entrance to the Elbo Room lures students out for a good time (photo by Rick Goldman).

This page. Above: Still Lums to old timers, the Crows Nest remains a popular spot with the college crowd (photo by Rick Goldman)

Below left: Students line the bar at the Buc.

Below right: Soft lights create atmosphere at the Buc.

Above left: Downtown is "where it's at" for most students.

Above right: Handstamping is a badge of honor for G-ville's night people

Below: When the city fire marshal ordered the night clubs closed, students gathered along Cotanche and Fifth Street to resume their interrupted partying (photo by Charles Griffin)

Above left: Anxiety shows in the face of this Pirate cheerleader as the Bucs mount a desperate drive in the final moments of the East Carolina/Carolina gridiron clash.

Left: Carlester Grumpier cracks through blue-jerseyed linemen on his way to another ECU first down.

Above top: With flanker Mike Shea running interference, Carl Summerell streaks to the outside during the championship game with the Spiders of Richmond.

Above center: ECU's "Little Horn," Kenny Strayhorn, eludes tacklers as the Pirates roll to a 44-14 devastation of Richmond and to their second straight Southern Conference crown.

Opposite page. Bottom: Wilder than ever, the fearsome "Wild Dog" defense of Danny Kepley and company smother the Tarheels' ground game.


The 1973-74 Sports Scene

excitement: /ik-'sit-mant/ n 1: the act of exciting: the state of being excited 2: something that excites or rouses: East Carolina sports

If Webster were alive today and still compiling his dictionary, he might well term "excitement" and East Carolina athletics synonymous. Certainly sports enthusiasts familiar with the Pirates' unique brand of action would. From the opening kick-off at Carter Stadium to the final out at Harrington Field, the 1973-74 season made "Purple Pride" more than just an alliterative slogan.

During the year Pirate fans saw stunning victories and heartbreaking defeats. watched long-standing records being smashed, and heard controversies over the status of crew and lacrosse, the Tangerine Bowl, and the firing of head basketball coach Tom Quinn. The short but illustrious era of head football coach Sonny Randle also came to an end; and new coach Pat Dye, fresh from the staff of Bear Bryant, brought with him a bit of 'Bama fever.' Championship foot- ball, wrestling, swimming, and base- ball teams brought Southern Conference crowns to Greenville, and the Purple and Gold collectively competed for the most coveted conference trophy of all - the Commissioner's Cup! "


For the Pirate football squad it was another fine year, one in which the Purple and Gold equalled the 9-2 record of the previous season and again claimed the conference crown as its own. For the second straight year the Pirates were undefeated at home (their last defeat at Ficklen Stadium being a 14-7 loss to Richmond during the 1971 season). On the road the Bucs won four of six.

NC State's Carter Stadium was the first port o' call for the Pirates; when the rout was over, it seemed East Carolina was doomed to a long season.

"Put the blame on me for not getting them ready. " Sonny Randle

Fumbles, interceptions, broken plays, and a porous defense were grim evidence that six weeks of grueling practice in dry-dock had failed to scrape

the barnacles from the Pirate ship. Scoreboard lights boasted "The Pack Is Back," and 40,500 - the largest crowd in the stadium's history - saw more than enough to convince them of its truth. The Liberty Bowl-bound Wolfpack scored almost at will, making ECU's vaunted "Wild Dogs" more nearly resemble toy poodles. State shattered its school record for total yardage by ripping off 585 yards en route to a 57-8 romp. If Pirate fans were purple this evening, it was with embarassment rather than pride.

"After the loss to State, everyone was scared. We knew what might happen if we iost to Southern Mississippi the next week, so we went out and won." Carl Summerell

Southern Mississippi's Golden Eagles had made the Pirates walk the gangplank in all four of their previous meetings; in light of East Carolina's opening disaster, a strong Eagle run- ning game, and the advantage of play- ing on home field, the Mississippians were again odds-on favorites. Four quarters of play proved pre-game speculation wrong, however, as the Pirates plucked the Eagles' feathers and carried home a 13-0 victory. The game marked several firsts: the first of three shut-outs for the Wild Dogs, the first game in which sophomore Kenny Strayhorn started, and the first of six straight Pirate wins.

"Here's the snap, the spot, the kick, it's up, it's . . . good!"Dick Jones

Few fans were able to travel to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to see the game, so they listened instead to "The Voice of the Pirates," Dick Jones. To hear Jones once was to remember him for life. An enthusiastic, dyed-in- the-wool Pirate fanatic, Jones was to a large degree responsible for popularizing the nickname "Wild Dogs" and the tags "Big Horn" and "Little Horn" for running back Les Strayhorn and his younger brother Kenny. During the Southern Mississippi game, Jones treated radio listeners to another nickname - the "Triple-S Offense" of Carl Summerell, Kenny Strayhorn, and Don Schink.

The trio managed only one touch-

down but helped set up two field goals by Jim Woody for a lucky thirteen points.

Bucs Down Southern Illinois, Furman

East Carolina was still on the road for its third game of the season, facing the Salukis of Southern Illinois at Carbondale. A Pirate TD and two con- secutive Saluki fumbles recovered by Danny Kepley in the end zone for touchdowns iced the game early. Southern Illinois eventually found paydirt, but the Purple and Gold came home with a 42-25 win.

Randle's raiders opened at home against the Furman Paladins, who posed the first threat to the Pirate bid to repeat as conference champions. A rather lack-luster affair, the Buc offense mustered only . two touch- downs. Two were enough, however, for the visitors were held to a mere second quarter field goal.

State Example Followed

Pirate gridders apparently learned more from State than what ABC's Wide Worid of Sports called "the agony of defeat." They saw how a team can not only win, but win big; in their game with Davidson the Pi- rates proved they learned their lesson well. While the Wild Dogs were mak- ing the Wildcats pussycats. stiffling the Davidson offense and recording their second shut-out, the Pirate offense went on a scoring spree that ended only after six touchdowns and a field goal. The "thrill of victory" belonged to the Bucs by virtue of a 45-0 rout.

VMI next felt the point of the Pirate sword. The Bucs responded to a first quarter Keydet touchdown by reeling off 42 straight points. What delighted fans as much as the scores, however, was the stunning performance of East Carolina's Carlester Crumpler. South- ern Conference Player of the Year in 1973, "Crump" had had his problems early in the season, fumbling away

Opposite page. Top: Carter Stadium's capacity crowd is evidence of ECU's drawing capability.

Center left: Crumpler scrambles through a rare gap in the Pack's defensive line.

Center right: State commits one of its few errors of the night.

Bottom left: Kenny Moore tries but fails to block this State pass.

Bottom right: Airborne Mike Shea hauls in a Summerell aerial. (All photos courtesy Raleigh News and Observer.)

two possible scores in the State game and generally not doing much to in spire confidence. Against VM1 he made amends.

"We Want Crump!" In one of the most memorable plays of the season, Crumpler scored a touchdown without ever laying a hand on the football! Ahead 14-7 midway through the second quarter, the Pirate offense nevertheless looked sluggish, and fans began voicing their discontent. The cry "We want Crump" began at the 50 yard line and spread in sup- port and volume. The Pirates, mean- while, had driven to mid-field, where they faced a third-and-five situation. At this crucial point, amid a deafing roar of approval. Coach Randle seemingly bowed to the fans' wishes by sending in Crumpler. The snap of the ball was awaited with breathless anticipation. Everyone, including the eleven defending Keydets, knew that East Carolina's hulking back would be given the handoff on a charge up the middle; everyone, that is, except the Pirate offense. Summerell faked the handoff to Crumpler; and while big number 32 was grappling with the Keydet line, Summerell calmly hit his receiver in the end zone for the score. Seconds passed before anyone in the stands fully realized what had happened, so beautifully had the fake handoff been executed. But the initial groan which had lodged in the throats of the fans - Crumpler had fallen short of the first down marker - suddenly gave way to a soul-shattering ocean of cheers!

A Word about Road Trips

Still another conference team fell victim to the Bucs when Pirate guns pounded The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Road trips for the Pirates were not as glamorous as one might have expected them to be, however, as the itinerary for the weekend in Charleston testified. Players boarded buses at 8:00 a.m. Friday; seven hours and one minor accident later, they arrived in Charleston. Complications with hotel reservations delayed the start of a light, one-hour workout at the stadium and in turn delayed dinner. Having the early evening hours to themselves, players were back in their rooms by 10:30, with lights out at 11:00. Wake-up calls sounded at 8:45 the following morning. Religious service and pre-game meal over, the team was back on the bus and headed for the stadium by 11:00. Two-and-a-half hours later il was the "Big Purple Gang" against the Bulldogs, a lop-sided bout which ended with the Pirates boasting a 34-0 victory. By 4:30 the team was back on the road, arriving at Scales Fieldhouse shortly before midnight.

"Go to hell, Carolina!"

October 27th saw the gold-jerseyed Pirates in perhaps their finest hour. The scene was Chapel Hill's Keenan Stadium; the foe. the Tarheels of North Carolina; the goals, revenge and respect. East Carolina nearly gained the first, certainly achieved the second,

A year before, Keenan Stadium had borne witness to the first gridiron

clash between these two stale rivals; heightening the tension then was the fact that each team was champion in its respective conference. East Carolina fell victim to a 42-19 decision in which rain and mud combined with a powerful Carolina attack to spoil Pi- rate dreams of upset. This year, riding a wave of six straight victories, the Bucs were determined the story would be different.

"I take my hat off to East Carolina. They carried the fight to us." Tarheel head coach Bill Dooley

Carolina took the opening kickoff and drove 73 yards in 12 plays for what seemed an easy touchdown. The Pirates, less impressive during their first possession, found their drive stalled at mid-field and punted. Applauding the Tarheel play thusfar, Carolina backers made their last audible sound for three quarters.

ECU's Vic Wilfore slapped the punt dead at the Carolina three, and on the ensuing snap Tarheel quarterback Billy Paschall fumbled the ball into the end zone. Initially signaled a Pirate TD, officials then ruled that Pas-

Opposite page. Top: Summerell calls the signals against Carolina.

Bottom: Kenny Strayhorn cracks through the Tarheel line.

This page. Top left: Fiery Sonny Randle exudes enthusiasm on the sidelines (photo courtesy Raleigh News and Observer).

Below: Don Schink blasts for yardage against Davidson's Wildcats.

chall had recovered his own fumble, thus allowing East Carolina only a safety. The decision drew vocal criticism from the Pirate spectators, as did a call moments later that ruled flanker Stan Euro out of hounds on his reception of a Summerell pass. ECU still managed points on the drive, however, as Jim Woody booted a 43-yard field goal to set a new school record.

Another Tarheel fumble put the Bucs back in control on Billy Hibbs' recovery near mid-field. The Pirates battled to the Carolina two before being halted, and Woody split the up-rights again to give ECU an 8-7 edge early in the second quarter.

Midway through the period, ECU was on the move again. Schink's 19 yard blast, a 21 yard aerial to Eure, and a 13 yard run by Summerell on the option highlighted the Pirate's first sustained drive. Grumpier capped the 88-yard march by hitting paydirt on two tries from the six. The significance of the missed point-after - Woody's kick was wide to the left - was not to be fully realized until late in the fourth quarter.

Jim Bolding's interception of a de- flected Tarheel pass set up the List score of the half. Crumpler zipped 19 yards, and Summerell swept around the corner for four yards and the score with seven seconds remaining.

"I've never been any prouder or sadder in my whole life. The one thing we wanted was for these people to respect us,

something they've never done. But if you tell me there was one person here today who didn't respect us, I'd say he ought to see a psychiatrist." Sonny Randle

With the Tarheels trailing 21-7 at the half, the Carolina card section threw away its posters in disgust. Pirate enthusiasts, meanwhile, were already speculating on how great a point-spread there would be; they were in for a rude awakening.

Carolina drew new life when Summerell, after leading the Pirates from their own 14 to the Tarheel 19, yielded the ball on a fumble late in the third quarter. A 20 yard sprint by tailback Mike Voigt and a fourth-and-six completion to wingback Ted Leverenz helped move the Tarheels downfield; Leverenz scored on a reverse from the seven.

The Tarheel defense stiffened, forcing the Bucs to punt. Four plays later Carolina hit paydirt again, knotting the score at 21-21.

The determination with which the Pirates had first taken the field bol- stered them in the final minutes. East Carolina ground out two first downs inside its own territory before Schink scrambled up the middle for a 30 yard gain. Crumpler then picked up five, seven, and four yards before he finally buffaloed his way across the goal line to put the Pirates back on lop.

The blocked PAT generated a Tarheel rally as well, however, and UNC

began its winning drive. Two key plays - a four-and-eight completion to Earle Bethea and a questionable interference call on Reggie Pinkney at the ECU eight - kept the drive alive. Carolina knotted the score again on Paschall's six yard pass to Dicky Oliver, Oliver's only reception of the game. Ellis Alexander booted the point-after to provide UNC with the winning margin.

Physically exhausted, the Pirates mounted an incredible drive in the waning seconds, moving to mid-field to set up a field goal attempt by Woody. 53 yards was too long to master, however, antl the ball rolled dead at the goal post.

Carolina eeked out a 28-27 victory, one of only four it was to enjoy all year. It was East Carolina that proved to be the true victor. Respect had been sought; respect had been earned. Even in defeat, heads were justifiably held high, and Purple Pride flourished.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, EC, you're still the one for me!" The Pirate Multitude

None of the three games played in November equalled the drama wit- nessed at Chapel Hill; Pirate enthusi-

This page: Jim Woody's field goal contributes to the 44-14 thrashing of the Richmond Spiders.

Opposite page: ECU's soccer squad boots its way to a second place conference finish.

asts savoured them nonetheless.

William and Mary's warring Indians journeyed to Greenville hell-bent on revenge. The Pirates had skippered a 21-15 victory at Williamsburg in the 1972 season that left William and Mary visiting Richmond the following week for what Randle whimsically dubbed the "Loser's Bowl ": a 6-0 league mark had already given ECU undisputed claim to the SC crown.

Taking offense at both the insult and the injury, W and M vowed an upset. Instead, a record crowd of 18,000 saw the Indians head homeward minus their scalps and sporting, among miscellaneous lumps and bruises, an embarassing 34-3 defeat.

"We're Number One!"

Attendance records were smashed again the following week when more than 22,000 thronged Ficklen's gates to view the much-heralded clash be- tween ECU and Richmond - two teams undefeated in SC action.

The championship game (which fate decreed should also be ECU's Home- coming] began when the Pirates received the opening kickoff. Two min- utes and an equal number of touchdowns later, the game was deadlocked 7-7. Talk of a defensive battle stopped, and fans prepared themselves for a nip-and-tuck, tension-filled duel that never materialized. ECU drove for a go-ahead touchdown with ten minutes left in the opening period, and the Pirate lead was never again seriously contested.

The Wild Dogs proved their bite far worse than their bark as Spider run- ning-back Barty Smith, sidelined with an injury in the second quarter, learned to his regret. The vaunted Pirate defense corralled Richmond and yielded only one additional Spider score - a touchdown in the third quarter that came too late to aid the visitors' cause.

Combined with this brilliant defense was an offense that made few mistakes. A fluke play which allowed the Bucs to reclaim their own punt took the starch out of the defending Spiders: Crumpler and company continued their afternoon-long scoring spree. Long before the final gun sounded, Ficklen shook with the cry, "We're Number One!" More than a win, the 44-14 thrashing of UR seemed a ticket to Orlando, Florida, and the Tangerine Bowl.

"We're Number One" (Reprise)

Only the point-spread was in question prior to the Pirates' match-up with Appalachian State. The Mountaineers battled stubbornly during the first half, but the Pirates struck like white lightning in the third and fourth periods.

The final Pirate score, in fact, seemed an appropriate finale for the entire season. Danny Kepley nabbed a desperate Mountaineer pass in ECU territory, shrugged off tacklers, and raced unscathed into the end zone lo wrap up a 49-14 triumph. Spectators, meanwhile, rejoined the previous week's victory cry.

In seven conference games the Pirates claimed seven victories. More incredible was the ease with which they demonstrated their superiority; outscoring SC foes 262 to 41, ECU left no doubt in anyone's mind as to where the conference champs were enrolled.

Disappointing Finish

The failure of Tangerine Bowl officials to recognize Pirate successes with a bid to the post-season game stung Purple Pride to the quick. Moping to land a "big name" team for the December 22 game in Orlando. Florida, officials outwore the patience of

the ECU players. The Pirate squad voted unanimously to withdraw its name from consideration. Miami of Ohio. Mid-American Conference champions, eventually faced and defeated the Universitv of Florida, 16-7.


Despite the 3-6-2 regular season record, the Pirate soccer squad gave ECU's bid for the Commissioner's Cup a boost by finishing second in the conference, very nearly upsetting Appalachian State for the SC championship.

The Bucs opened with a two-daj tournament at UNC-Wilmington, where they struggled with the hosting Seahawks to a 1-1 tie. Action with Campbell College the following day, however, found the Pirates physically overpowered as the Camels trod to an easy 7-0 victory. Buc goalie Scott Balas, knocked unconscious during a violent collision at the net, had reason to remember the Camels' ferocity of play.

ECU's home opener pitted the Pirate hooters against Madison College, ranked ninth in the nation in preseason. Madison gained an early lead with a chip shot into the net that sailed mil of reach of goalie John Henderson.

a former All-American player from Campbell. Following this score, both teams shut clown offensive maneuvers as the half ended without additional scoring.

"It was one of the most superb team efforts I have ever seen. I am quite proud of every purple-shirted player that was on mat field." Acting head coach Ed Walcott

ECU tallied in the second hall on a pass from co-captain Tom O'Shea to freshman Michael Fetchko, who knotted the score 1-1. Halfbacks Dave Myles, Dave Schaler, and Lee Ellis continued to apply pressure offensively during the second half, while defensively fullbacks Brad Smith, Bob Poser, and Allen Levitz thwarted Madison's drives to the goal. Sophomore Bunky Moser replaced Henderson at the goal in the final minutes of play; Moser proved equal to the task until Madison gained the advantage of a penalty shot late in the game. The visitors capitalized, booting in the winning shot and leaving their hosts with a 2-1 defeat and a 0-2-1 record.

Winless Streak Continues

Following the Madison game Monte Little assumed the head coaching chores while Ed Walcott returned to his duties as assistant coach. Little's first game as Pirate mentor was a disappointment, however, as the UNC-CH Tarheels made good 5 of 66 shots to down the Pirates 5-2. Nor was the season to improve immediately thereafter. A nip-and-tuck battle with VMI ended in a 2-2 tie; Appalachian Slate's Mountaineers pounded the Bucs 9-0; and a second half rally on Minges Field against the Duke Blue Devils fizzled as the visitors went on to a 5-2 victory.

Season Turns Around

Before a sparse crowd at Minges Field the Pirate hooters turned their season around with their brilliant play against conference foe William anrl Mary. In a match dominated by defensive play, ECU managed only two scores, but two were enough as the Bucs shut out the Indians altogether While only the first ECU win of the season, the divisional structure of the Southern Conference with regard to soccer meant that the 2-0 triumph gave ECU a berth in the SC championship

game. The Pirates prepared for the contest by polishing off their last two regular season opponents, NC Wesleyan and Methodist, by scores of 2-0 and 4-1.

Confident that they had at long last jelled, the Bucs hosted Appalachian State for the conference championship - one of two such battles to be fought that day on the ECU campus. The brisk November weather com- plimented the equally brisk play demonstrated by both teams. Appalachian State found the Pirates far worthier opponents than they had been in the first encounter. Scoring the first two points of the game, the Mountaineers saw their lead cut to only one late in the first half.

A small but spirited crowd urged the Pirates on in the second half, despite another Mountaineer score that put ASU up by two once again. The Pirates followed with a score of their own. leaving the outcome of the contest highly in doubt with minutes remaining. The teams fought to a stand-still, however, and the Mountaineers carried home a 3-2 win and the con- ference crown.

Soccer, classified as a minor sport ("minor." it should be noted, only in the sense that it was a non-revenue sport), typified the problems encountered by many Pirate sports.

Co-captains Brad Smith and Tom O'Shea explained in a Buccaneer in- terview their feelings on the recognition - or rather the lack of recognition - soccer receives. Both agreed that the best team effort of the season came in their match against William and Mary. Played on Minges Field, the game drew only a smattering of people - most Pirate sports enthusiasts were in Chapel Hill for the ECU-UNC football game. As disappointing as the poor attendance was, more depressing for the team was the absence of any representative from the administration to congratulate them for a victors which put the Pi- rates in the championship game. Smith and O'Shea further agreed that a spirited audience boosted the morale of the team and inspired the players to play at their best; conversely, poor attendance often resulted in lack-luster play.

Although lack of recognition was admittedly a problem, the limited budget was far more serious. Finan-

cial considerations were both many and complex. Soccer's $3,500 budget, for instance, could not afford to grant scholarships; nor could it afford the hiring of Al Tompson as coach, much to the dismay of the squad. Tompson. an All-South player from St. Andrews, was largely responsible for coaching the Pirates during the last half of the season, spurring the hooters on through his instruction to three straight wins and a bid lor the cham pionship. Budgetary limitations also meant that equipment could be purchased only in piecemeal fashion - shirts one season, shorts the next - and the players themselves had to pay for their shoes. Moreover, Minges Field remained the worst of any in the Southern Conference, and teams visiting ECU were; housed wherever the school could find room rather than in regular barracks which several other schools provided.

Another Side to the Coin

Clarence Stasavich, Director of Athletics at ECU, frequently found himself the target of criticism when such problems as those encountered by soccer were raised in f'ountainhead editorials. In his fourth year at the helm of the total Pirate program, Stasavich presented another side in a Buccaneer interview. "Coach Stas" summed up the criticism in one sen- tence: "The thing to do in athletics is to blame someone,"

Money - the absence of it - was the root of all evil. Contingent upon four things - student fees, Pirate Club donations, concessions, and gate receipts - the athletic budget could not adequately finance all ECU sports the way all ECU sports would have liked. Football received the lion's share of the budget; nevertheless. Coach Randle emphasized after the 28-27 loss at North Carolina that ECU was not on equal fooling with ACC teams and never would be without a considerably expanded budget. Soc- cer, like golf and tennis, bemoaned the limited funds which prevented the hiring of a full-time coach. Stasavich [jointed out, however, that before he assumed the reins of the athletic pro- gram, soccer had neither budget nor field. Golf and tennis, he admitted, needed an increase in funding more than the others.

Lacrosse, once budgeted sports venture, vocally remonstrated the

action which left it without funds in 1973; ECU continued, however, to recognize lacrosse, provided transportation, and arranged schedules. "They were not pleased," Stasavich noted, "but we do the best we can."

Crew also got the axe in 1973, and the Athletic Director defended the move with several arguments: facilities alone would have run $20-25 thousand, and the cost would have drained that much more from an already overburdened budget; no other schools in the Southern Conference sponsored crew, thereby making meets difficult to schedule; and those meets that were scheduled would have been at great distances from ECU. and the student both' as a whole could not have profited by them.

"You can lake the complaints if you can see progress being made." Athletic Director Clarence Stasavich

Recognizing the setbacks in the over-all program, Stasavich also recognized the tremendous advances ECU had made in recent years. "Noth- ing." the Pirate mentor remarked, "is static."

For the 1974-75 football season, only two teams (Appalachian State and East Tennessee State) remain in the college division, a statement which gains significance when compared with the gridiron schedules of the mid-sixties. In 1975-76, ECU will play no less than three ACC teams (NC State, North Carolina, and Virginia),

and the man responsible for their being on the schedule is Clarence Stasavich.

Stasavich emphasized as well the position swimming enjoyed. Coach Scharf's tankmen were fortunate to call Minges Natatorium - the finest in the Southern Conference and one oi the best in the entire southeast - home. Percentage-wise, however, the Pirate wrestling team received the largest increase in funding in recent years, and a fine program has con- sequently developed. This sport, Stasavich noted, was given priority because of the high interest it commanded in area high schools.

Operating with a total budget only one-half that of the average national major school budget, the Pirate pro- gram nevertheless recorded triumph after triumph. Four teams pirated conference championships, while three others claimed second place SC finishes. Moreover, although the school had once before shared the prize with William and Mary. East Carolina won the Commissioner's Cup outright in 1973-74. Symbolizing the best over-all sports program in the Southern Conference, the Cup was ample evidence that, despite acknowledged weaknesses, someone must have been doing something right.


Eight runners competed on the ECU Cross Country team, and Coach Bill Carson, in his seventh year at the helm, had nothing but praise for his harriers when interviewed bv the

Buccaneer. The season already com- pleted, Carson regarded junior ECU runner Ed Rigsby as "the finest we've ever had." Rigsby received All-Con- ference and All-State honors and qualified for both regional and national competition, the first Pirate ever to do so. The coach's admiration for senior Gerald Klas, the team captain, was equally high, and Carson called Rigsby and Klas "the best 1-2 runners in ECU history." Jerry Hillard, another junior, likewise ran well during the year and earned Carson's praise as "a solid performer." Backing up these upperclassmen were freshmen Scott Miller, Steve Michaels, Neil Bransfield, Raymond Michaels, and Larry Clark.

ECU enjoyed a successful year, one in which the Pirates upset Appala- chian State and Mount St. Mary's and placed fourth in the NC Cross Country Championship held in Raleigh. The harriers finished their season at Furman University, where they once again placed fourth, yielding first, second, and third place finishes to William and Mary, ASU, and Furman respectively.

"Running is 75 percent mental. Anyone can get in shape, but the difference between average and great is the mental con- ditioning of believing in yourself." Scott Miller

Success was not gained without the many sacrifices of the individuals who ran for personal glory and that of their school. Carson's harriers started their days early, running five to seven miles in the light of dawn while most ECU students still slumbered. An equal number of miles were run during afternoon hours. Runners also worked with weights, and strengthened leg muscles by climbing stairs with weights. Carson needed only one word to describe his runners: "Dedicated."


Coach Carson found dedicated athletes for his indoor track squad as well, and once again the determina- tion paid off handsomely as the Buc thinclads scored several impressive victories during the season.

Best in the State

ECU downed rivals North Carolina, Duke, and South Carolina in a January meet at Chapel Hill, with Pirates claiming many top honors. Gerald Klas placed first in the mile. Charles Lovelace, Ariah Johnson, Maurice Huntley, and Mark Whitmore finished first, second, fourth, and fifth respectively in the 60 yard dash. Art Miller won the pole vault at a height of 14' 6". Larry Malone leaped 23' 6 1/2" to edge out fellow Pirate Willie Harvey for first place in the long jump. Nat Hagger and Lawrence Wilkerson finished second and fourth in the triple jump, and identical finishes were enjoyed by Roy Quick and Glen Russell in the high jump and by Bill McRee and Charles Maxie in the 60 yard high hurdle. Third and fourth places in the shot put went to Tom Watson and Ivey Peacock. Cross country star Ed Rigsby came in fourth in the two-mile run. with Palmer Lisane taking third in the 600 yard event. Lovelace followed up his victory in the 60 yard dash with a third place showing in the 440; Johnson placed fifth.

Individual honors were also earned by three Pirate stars in earlier competition. At the East Coast Track Invitational in Richmond. Virginia, the Bucs challenged many outstanding track and field Olympian and NCAA champions. Mastering this wealth of competition. Sam Phillips took the silver medal in the 60 yard high hurdles. Phillips was clocked at 7.5, just missing the qualifying time of 7.3 for the nationals and trailing William and Mary's gold medal winner Charles Dodson by one-tenth of a second, Larry Malone, co-captain of the Pirate trackmen, finished second behind UNC's Hubert West in the long jump; Malone's distance of 24' 2 1/4" set a new Pirate record. Gerald Klas copped the third silver medal with a 4:15.8 running of the mile; a true photo finish, a judge's decisiongave Duke's Richard Schwartz the gold medal.


Predictions of a lackadaisical season for the East Carolina cageKS seemed erroneous at first, then proved accurate. Victories over UNC-Wilmington and Davidson, interrupted

Opposite page:Lonely paths stretch before ECU's harriers at the NC Cross-Country championship at Raleigh (photo courtesy Raleigh News and Observer).

This page. Top: Tom Marsh blocks one in action against Duke (photo courtesy Raleigh News and Observer).

Bottom: Coach Quinn discusses strategy with his players, as does assistant coach Dave Patton (in background).

by losses to Duke and NC State, found the Pirates at .500 four games into the season, but there was cause for hope. Good play in the first half against the future NCAA champion Wolfpack squad, followed by a thirteen-point thumping of long-time hardcourt nemesis Davidson, suggested that the Pirates might be Southern Conference contenders after all,

Bucs Lose Four, Win Five

Following their hornecourt triumph over Fairleigh Dickenson, though, the Pirates found disaster at every bend of their four road games. A 69-63 upset of the Hues by the Bulldogs at Charleston triggered the unwelcome streak, as ECU fell victim to Marshall. American University (in the Presidential Classic), and Richmond.

3-6 for the season, the Pirates started a streak more to their liking in their home game against VMI. Nipping the Keydets 59-58 (thanks to a free throw by Donnie Owens in the final seconds), the Bucs upended Appalachian Slate by an equally narrow margin, 53-52. William and Mary next felt the sting of the Pirate sword, falling 70-67, as did St. Peter's, bowing 84-75. Owens again became VMI's executioner as he popped in two shots from the charity line to snap a 55-55 tie and clinch ECU's fifth straight win. four of them

against conference rivals.

Cagers Bid For Lead

5-2 in the conference, ECU chal- lenged for a share of the SC lead when it hosted the Paladins of Furman. Ungracious hosts thusfar in the sea- son, having won six of six in Minges, the Bucs had an advantage considerably more important - Furman coach Joe Williams had benched Ferror "Moose" Leonard, the Paladins' star center, for disciplinary reasons. Reserve Clyde Mayes, however, saw to it that Leonard was never missed, as he paced the Paladins to an 89-80 triumph with 30 points. The Pirates, however, were not without stars of their own: Reggie Lee hit for 15 points; Nicky White. 14; Donnie Owens. 12; and Greg Ashorn and Tom Marsh, 10 each.

Old Dominion's Monarchs found victory at Greenville, too, but not without a struggle. Trailing by twenty points wilh ten minutes left in the game, the Pirates suddenly sprang to life, offensively and defensively. With thirty seconds on the clock, the Bucs

were down by only one and had the ball. Whal was almost an incredible comeback then vaporized as the Bucs fumbled the ball away and, after a Monarch free throw, lost 80-78.

Three days later the Pirates again took aim at the Paladins, this time at the Carolinas' other Greenville. Play- ing on home court and with the talents of "Moose" Leonard, Furman never- theless found the visitors stubborn adversaries, and the outcome of the contest was in doubl until the final buzzer. When it sounded, it was the Paladins who were once again on top, winning the regionally-televised game by only two points, 72-70.

See-saw Season Continues

Having lost three tough battles in a row, the Bucs took out their frustrations on Buffalo State, drubbing the Northerners 89-61. Enjoying that romp, the Pirates followed up with an even bigger win. thrashing W & M's Indians 93-63. Another win over Appalachian State gave the Bucs a crack at recovering second place in the conference, hut Davidson's 94-82 revenge

of its earlier loss, followed by Richmond's 76-68 triumph, look the wind out of Pirate sails. The Bucs closed their regular season with a ragged performance against The Citadel, hut nevertheless claimed the win before their hometown fans.

The final nail in the coffin was driven bj the Indians in SC tournament action in Richmond. The Pirates, comfortably on top midway through the second period, suddenly found

themselves in the midst of an Indian rally. The final bucket, a stay-alive shot at the buzzer to knot the game 63-63, was made, not by William and Mary, but by ECU. Overtime play proved fatal, however, as an invisible lid seemingly dropped over the Pirate basket. W and M reeled off eight straight points, dooming the Rues to a 75-67 upset. The loss sent the Pirates packing with a final record of 13-13.

Eight Year Reign Ends

Coach Tom Quinn, head coach of ECU's cagers for eight years, was sent packing also. Named the Southern Conference's Coach of the Year in 1969. when he guided the Hues to a 17-11 overall mark and a second place finish behind nationally-ranked Davidson. Quinn also had the distinction of coaching the 1971-72 Pirate squad to surprising wins over Davidson and Furman to give ECU its first basketball championship in the South- ern Conference tourney, a victory which sent the Hues to the NCAA Eastern Regionals.

Two reasons for Quinn's removal were cited by Athletic Director Clarence Stasavich: first, the Pirate basketball program had plateaued in recent years: second, as a result of the stagnation, support for the team had dwindled alarmingly, as evidenced by

the fact that wrestling often outdrew basketball in attendance. After a delay of several weeks, assistant coach Dave Patton was given the nod to succeed Quinn at the helm.


From the first match of the season to the last. Coach John Welborn's grapplers wrestled with authority as they authored an impressive 7-0 record. Wins over SC challengers Appalachian State and W and, a glorious 31-3 victory over the Wolfpack of NC State, an unprecedented sweep of the NC Collegiate Championships, and a third consecutive first place finish in the conference tournament proved the strength of the Pirate squad.

The first dual meet pitted ECU's matmen against nationally-ranked West Chester State; sluggish in the early going, the Pirates overcame a 10-10 tie and sailed easily from there to a 28-10 victory.

Travelling to Boone, ECU's grap-

Opposite puge. Far left: Nicky White outmaneuvers The Citadel's Rick Barger, while Robert Geter blocks out for the possible rebound.

Top center: Eric Gray snatches the rebound for Richmond as Roger Atkinson prepares to defend (photo by Tommy Forrest).

Top right: Gregg Asborn finds his shot blocked by Davidson's Sheldon Parker (photo by Tommy Forrest).

Bottom left center: Reggie Lee keeps a Pirate rally alive with a shot from the corner against Old Dominion.

Bottom right center: Donnie Owens passes off during action with VMI.

Bottom right: Airborne Kenny Edmonds drives past defending Paladins for the lay-up (photo by Tommy Forrest).

This page. Right: Wrestling's promotional pamphlet boasts the grappler's championship 1973 season.

Below: Paul Ketchum battles with his William and Mary foe.

East Carolina

N.C. Collegiate Champions

Front (L-R)--118 Jim Blair, 126 Paul Ketchum, 134 Mitt Sherman, 142 Tom Marritt, 150 Jack Stortz; Top (L-R)-- 158 Bruce Hall, 167 Ron Whitcomb, 177 Bill Hill, 190 Mike Radford, Hwt. Willard Bryant.

Southern Conference Champs

N.C. Collegiate Champs

Ga. Tech Invitational Champs

Maryland Federation Champs

Colgate Open Champs

Thanksgiving Open Champs

Wrestling 1974

plers put (he Mountaineers of Appalachian State to the sword in 9 of 10 matches, blasting their hosts 36-4. Equally magnificent was the Bucs' performance against the ACC's vaunted Wolfpack.

"Maybe this makes up a little for football and basketball." Mike Radford

The Pirates dominated the action in Carmichael Auditorium in much the same way as the Wolfpack had in Carter Stadium. Jim Blair, Paul Ketchum, Milt Sherman, and Tom Marriott each won easily in their respective weight classes to give the Bucs a 13-0 edge before State's Charlie Williams upended Steve Satterwhite in a 7-2 decision. It was the only match the Pack was to claim all evening, however, as Bruce Hall, Ron Whitcomb, Bill Hill, Mike Radford, and Willie Bryant conquered their opponents handily. State found the embarassing 31-3 clobbering even more frustrating because of its previously undefeated record.

The Pirates put their undefeated mark on the line in the dual meet competition held in Minges Coliseum with William and Mary. The Indians poised the most prominent threat to the Bucs' possession of the SC crown, and the meet was accordingly regarded as crucial. A large Pirate crowd was on hand to witness the event, and the Bucs made their audience more than happy, scalping the Indians 29-6. The contest was far more even than the

total score indicated, however, as four Pirates eeked out one-point decisions over their W and; M opponents. Moreover. Welborn felt that the Indians had not wrestled as well as they were capable of doing, and he therefore believed that the outcome of the conference championship meet, only weeks away, was still in question.

In the last home match of the season, the Pirates battled another tribe of warriors - the Pembroke State Braves - but the end result was the same; the Bucs waylaid Pembroke 43-3, upping their dual meet record to 5-0.

Three in a Row

Boone was the site of the Southern Conference Championship meet, but the home court advantage did not help the challenging Mountaineers; nor did it help the William and Mary squad. Instead, East Carolina made it three in a row as, despite indications that the meet would go down to the wire, the Pirates ran away from their com- petitors with ease.

Justly proud of his squad's performance, Welborn looked forward to the last meet of the season against the Monarchs of Old Dominion. The grapplers had little trouble in winning the match, and for the third straight season the Pirates posted an undefeated mark in dual meet competition.

View From The Top

Coach Welborn outlined in a Buccaneer interview the kind of dedication his wrestlers displayed in compiling their 7-0 record. While conditioning actually continued throughout the

year, supervised training began one week after the start of Fall quarter classes. During September and October, practice lasted one hour a day, four days a week; by November, however, the sessions were lengthened to two-and-a-half hours a day, seven days a week - a grueling pace which was maintained until after the NCAA Championships in March. Described by Welborn as "demanding," the sessions involved running, lifting weights, and maintaining the proper weight. According to Welborn, wrestling required "a special kind of athlete"; judging from the program he has established in his seven years at

This page. Left: ECU's Bill Hill (left) grapples with his William and Mary opponent; Hill, along with Jim Blair, Glen Baker, Tom Marriott, Bruce Hall, Mike Radford, and Willie Bryant, represented the Pirates at the NCAA Wrestling Championship at Ames, Iowa.

Above: Henry Morrow swims in home meet against South Florida.

Opposite page: The score-board tells the tale of East Carolina's domination of the SC Championship meet.

ECU, Welborn obviously had a good eye when recruiting. Beyond the obvious abilities required of the wrestler- strength, balance, quickness, agility, and a good repertory of moves- Welborn also looked for "gutty" individuals, men who could wrestle with minor injuries, could withstand pain, and had enough determination to perform to their limits in practice as well as in competition.

Stressing the cooperation he has received from the administration. Welborn happily reviewed the status Pirate wrestling has enjoyed in recent years. Enthusiastically supported by students and faculty - a fact which Welborn regarded as highly important- ECU's wrestling program was one of the finest in the nation and has earned national ranking. Welborn believed that the Pirates could fare well in wrestling were ECU to join the ACC, but added that in light of the increasing financial support ACC schools are giving to their minor sports. ECU's program would likewise need additional funding to maintain its present position. In 1974, the wrestling program worked with a budget

of $11,000; only two scholarships - neither of them full - were available at any one-time, but a $1,500 annual wrestling scholarship established by ECU alumnus Michael L. Bunting will be available in 1975.

Welborn recalled with a smile how his squad travelled as economically as possible on road trips, staying at the homes of friends along the way, if possible, in order to save money. Such frugal spending. Welborn explained, might allow for the scheduling of another meet, and only through actual wrestling could ECU hope to be nationally recognized.


The arrival of winter sports at ECU also marked the renewal of another Pirate dynasty - that of Ray Scharf's tankmen. While not boasting an un- defeated season, the Pirates neverthe- less dominated all conference rivals and fared well also in non-conference meets. Swimming was one of the sports in which East Carolina competed with many ACC teams, and the tankmen proved themselves worthy

opponents. Against powerhouse Maryland, the Pirates hung tight until the end, bowing by a respectable score of 03-51: NC State and North Carolina likewise enjoyed victories over the Bucs by scores of 65-47 and 68-45. Virginia, however, was not as fortunate, as the Bucs splashed by the Cavaliers 65-48. Only Army could justifiably claim to have beaten the Pirates with ease; the nationally- ranked cadets sunk the Bucs 76-37.

Generally, the Pirates enjoyed suc- cess with enough regularity to give them a victorious season. The losses to North Carolina and Army followed on the heels of a narrow 57-56 win over South Florida in the first meet of the season. The Pirates then rallied from their big loss to Army to devastate St. John's by an equally impressive score of 74-39 in the double dual meet at West Point. Following the losses to NC State and Maryland, ECU reeled off five straight wins, beginning with their swamping of Richmond, 70-42. Next came the victory over Virginia, succeeded by wins over Catholic University, Appalachian State, and VMI.

Entering the SC Championship meet with an impressive string of victories, the Pirate tankmen hosted their con- ference challengers in Minges Nata- torium. An enthusiastic crowd eagerly cheered on the Pirates as they com- pletely dominated the meet. Second place Richmond never gave ECU a

serious challenge as the Pirates once again claimed unquestioned right to the conference crown- for the eighth consecutive year. The first place finish gave ECU the lead in the race for the Commissioner's Cup.

"It's All between Your Ears!"

Another of ECU's winning coaches, Ray Scharf has been a coach at East Carolina for seven years. Joining the staff of Dr. Ray Martinese- a line coach who deserved the lion's share of credit for persuading administrators to finance the pool- in 1967, Scharf assumed head coaching chores the following year.

Scharf saw to it that practice for his squad was grueling, with workouts scheduled both in the early morning and in the afternoon, as the tankmen literally swam hundreds of miles over the course of the season. Coach Scharf viewed the individual swimmer as a "diamond in the rough"; continuing the analogy, he commented on the de- sign of his program: "We try to cut it, polish it, and place it in its proper setting. If we don't cut it light, it breaks." The Pirate mentor further noted that one of the most important things in his swimmers was dedication. As the tankmen enjoyed little glory or recognition, personal satisfaction was usually their only reward.

The emphasis Scharf placed upon

mental attitude - belief in oneself - was neatly summed up in his favorite motto: "It's all between your ears!" Interestingly, Scharf paid as much attention to the academic performance of his swimmers as he did to their performance during meets. In fact, to aid his freshmen in this regard, Scharf arranged a three-hour study hall on weeknights, following practice. Considering good grades highly important, Scharf demanded 100 percent in both sports and academics, and said with a grin, "You only get what you ask for."


Pirate netters suffered through another inglorious season as hopes of a winning record- the first in a long time- were stored in moth balls once again. The final results were even more depressing in light of the optimism which had prevailed in pre-season. Coach Wes Hankins had taken the 2-12 squad of 1972 to a 7-11 season in his first year at the helm, and the return of five players promised a good year in 1974 - "good year" being defined as anything between 7-11 and 10-8.

Instead, the Bucs finished at the bottom of the pile, recording only three victories all season long. So poor was the Pirates' luck, in fact, that

between their match with Glassboro State and the SC tournament, they failed to win as much as one set. While the football, wrestling, and swimming teams sailed through their seasons undefeated in conference action, the netters went unvictorious. For the second straight year the Bucs failed to score a single point in the tournament, and slim consolation was afforded by the lad that VMI's Keydets suffered the same humiliation, thus lying the Pirates for sixth place. Appalachian State claimed first place in the tourney, with Davidson finishing second.


Buc golfers carded another successful season this year behind rookie coach Bill Cain; Cain, ECU's Assistant Athletic Director, assumed the coach- ing duties formerly held by wrestling mentor John Welborn.

Headed by senior Eddie Pinnix, the Pirate squad carried impressive credentials in their bid for a Southern Conference championship. Pinnix, recipient of All-America honors, joined with returning lettermen Bebo Batts. Carl Bell, Tommy Boone, and Jim Ward to form a veteran front: newcomers Doug Owens, Steve Ridge, and Les Bass, meanwhile, strength- ened chances for the SC crown with their talented play.

During the year the Pirates competed in no less than three major invitational tournaments, meeting with varying results. The first measure of the Pirates' mettle came at the Pal- metto tourney held in Orangeburg. South Carolina. Georgia Southern bested the 22-team field in the three-day event, while the Bucs finished in a tie lor tenth with UNC-CH,

Following a 19-2 victory over UNC-Wilmington in dual match play, the Pirates hit the road again, competing against ten teams in the Camp Lejeune Intercollegiate Invitational. ECU, only two strokes off the pace after the first

This page: Dr. Leo Jenkins holds the Commissioner's Cup, symbolizing the best athletic program in the Southern Conference, as Athletic Council chairman Cliff Moore (left) and Athletic Director Clarence Stasavich look on (photo courtesy ECU News Bureau).

Opposite page: ECU's diamondmen slug their way to a 12-2 conference finish and the championship.

day, dropped to fifth place after its second outing. Rallying on the last day. the Pirates tied for third with Appalachian State behind NC State and UNC-CH. In sudden death play- in which the top man for each team met head-on- Pinnix won out over his Mountaineer opponent on the first hole to break the tie.

Less successful was the venture in Greenville, South Carolina, where the Pirates competed in the Furman Invitational. ECU finished thirteenth of twenty-two. and Coach Cain was understandably disappointed. The Pirate linkmen were simply not scoring as well as they had been expected to by this point in the season; moreover, both ASU and Furman finished ahead of ECU. the first time they had done so in the three tournaments in which they had competed. With the SC tourney rapidly approaching, Cain felt that the squad needed a great deal of work and more dedication.

Viewing the intervening dual matches as tune-ups, the Bucs worked hard to prepare themselves for the

main event. Carding a victory over Richmond just prior to the tournament, the Bucs journeyed to Florence, South Carolina as one of three teams given an even shot at winning the crown. The enthusiasm with which they entered the championship event, however, did not prevent the Bucs from opening with a weak round. Second day play brought the Pirates within six strokes of front-running Appalachian State and an equal number of strokes ahead of Furman. The standings remained unaltered on the final day of the tourney, and the Bucs had to settle for a second place finish.

Equally important was the effect the final standings had upon the race for the Commissioner's Cup. By virtue of their first place finishes in golf and tennis, the Mountaineers had suddenly put Appalachian State in the running with ECU and W and M for the coveted trophy; only in its second year as a member of the Southern Conference, ASU would have found the possession of the Cup an unbelievable dream-come-true.


Gray-haired followers of Pirate baseball might remember having heard in their youth stories about "the legend of the even year." The legend breathed new life during the 1974 season as the Bucs ran away with the conference crown, the fourth time they had done so since ECU joined the SC. Curiously, each championship had come in an even year - '66, '68, '70, and '74; only in 1972 did the even oddity fail, as the Bucs finished with a record of 11-5, two games shy of the Richmond Spiders.

Within the Southern Conference, the Pirates were all but unbeatable. Between their 1-0 loss to Furman in the first conference game of the sea- son and their 5-3 loss to The Citadel in the last SC bout, the Bucs reeled off twelve straight victories. In inter-conference play, however, ECU was less successful, compiling a 5-9 record. In action with the ACC, for instance, NC State (1974 champion in its league) swept three from the Pirates; Duke

copped two of three; Virginia, scheduled only once, lost 3-0; and Greenville weather shut-out both North Carolina and ECU in a rained-out game that was never rescheduled.

Head coach George Williams teamed with assistant Monte Little to produce ECU's winning squad. Williams, working with the stand-out talents of Dave LaRussa and Bill Godwin, coached the pitching Staff to noticeable successes- Buc hurlers collectively registered five shut-outs over their opponents while yielding only one run in each of seven other games. Little, meanwhile, supervised hitting practice and worked with the defensive play of the infield.

Practice for the champs began in January, with one week of running serving as the initial phase of the conditioning program. Williams, with only a limited number of grant-in-aids at his disposal, was fortunate in being able to round out his team with several talented walk-ons.

Easy-going, reserved, and quiet- even when angry- Coach Williams enjoyed his work, as well he might. Earning the respect of his players, the Pirate mentor had no disciplinary problems with which to contend; far from it, morale was exceptionally high throughout the season, aided as it was by the large crowds on hand for all the games played at Harrington Field. The portrait of Williams would thus have been an easy one to paint as the coach stood by the Pirate dug-out. Quietly chewing on his plug of tobacco, Williams viewed with satisfaction the championship play of this year's team and thought optimistically on prospects for the future.


Long since the home of the SC's dynasty in track. William and Mary had gotten a jump on other conference schools by being the first to offer grant-in-aids in this sport; with both money to recruit with and a winning tradition to recruit to. the Indian coach had consistently fielded a powerful team. The Pirates, perennial conten- ders, hoped the outcome would be different in 1974.

Opening against NC State and Wake Forest, the trackmen scored ten first place finishes out of eighteen events, and Carson was justifiably pleased. Less fortunate in their outing in Charleston, South Carolina, the Pi-

rates finished second to Baptist College; Baptist won the meet with 93 points, while ECU finished second in the tri-meet with 47 1/2, edging last place Princeton. Explained Carson, "Baptist has the third best track team in the South besides Tennessee and Florida. They would kill Maryland and William and Mary. Track is their main sport and that's what they put their money into.''

Sam Phillips paced the Pirates in the Atlantic Coast Relays in Raleigh, winning a gold medal 14.3 in the 120 yard high hurdles and setting a new meet record with his time of 14.2 for the same event in the morning trials.

Phillips teamed with Gerald Klas to take the honors at the Carolina Relays in Chapel Hill. Phillips again won the high hurdle event, while Klas pulled in a gold medal with his 4:09.9 running of the mile. While bowing to North Carolina Central, the Buc 440 relay team - Larry Malone, Palmer Lisane, Sam Phillips, and Maurice Huntley - broke an ECU record with a time of 41.5.

Miscues hampered Pirate efforts at the Mountaineer Relays in Morgantown. West Virginia, hut the Bucs nevertheless came home with prizes. A poor exchange of the baton lost the 440 relay team first place in that event, while running out of bounds on the baton exchange was cause for ECU's disqualification in the 880. Ivey Peacock finished third in the discus with a distance of 47'6", while Tom Watson claimed second in the shot put with a heave of 49'6". Klas again conquered competitors, running the 3-mile in 13:57.1, setting both a new meet and a new track record. Al Kalamaja also finished first in his specialty, the steeplechase, stopping the clock at 9:28.3. Also contributing to the Pirates' trophy case were Al McCrimmons in the high jump, Willie Harvey in the long jump and triple jump, and Glenn Russell in the triple jump.

Following a meet with South Carolina, the Bucs competed in the Southern Conference meet in Richmond. ECU took first place in seven events, but seven was not enough to dethrone William and Mary. It was enough, however, to give the Pirates second place, a finish which in turn gave ECU the prize it had long sought but had never before won: the Commissioner's Cup!


Coach: Sonny Randle

Conference Finish; 1st

8 NC State 57

13 Southern Mississippi 0

42 Southern Illinois 25

14 Furman 3

45 Davidson 0

42 VMI 7

34 The Citadel 0

27 North Carolina 28

34 William and Mary 3

44 Richmond 14

49 Appalachian State 14


Coach: Bill Carson

Conference Finish: 4th

0 Wyler 15

0 VPI 15

30 Pembroke 24

28 NC State 27

30 Appalachian State 24


Coaches: Al Tompson, Monte Little, Ed Walcott

Conference Finish: 2nd

1 UNC-Wilmington 1

0 Campbell 7

1 Madison 2

2 North Carolina 5

2 VMI 2

0 NC State 5

0 Appalachian State 9

2 Duke 5

2 William and Mary 0

2 NC Wesleyan 0

4 Methodist 1

2 Appalachian State 3


Coach: Ray Scharf

Conference Finish: 1st

57 South Florida 56

45 North Carolina 68

37 Army 76

74 St. John's 39

47 NC State 65

51 Maryland 63

70 Richmond 42

65 Virginia 48

65 Catholic University 44

11 Appalachian State

11 VMI 0

1st Southern Conference Tournament


Coach: Tom Quinn

Conference Finish: 5th

69 UNC-Wilmington 63

69 Duke 82

47 NC State 79

104 Davidson 91

77 Fairleigh Dickinson 73

63 The Citadel 69

81 Marshall 92

75 American University 82

60 Lehigh 47

78 Richmond 79

VMI 58

53 Appalachian State 52

70 William and Mary 67

84 St. Peter's 75

57 VMI 55

80 Furman 89

78 Old Dominion 80

70 Furman 72

89 Buffalo State 61

93 William and Mary 63

76 Appalachian State 68

82 Davidson 94

68 Richmond 76

78 The Citadel 66

Southern Conference Tournament

67 William and Mary 75


Coach: John Welhorn

Conference Finish: 1st

W West Chester State

W Appalachian State

W NC State

W William and Mary

W Pembroke State

1st Southern Conference Tournament

W Old Dominion


Coach: Bill Carson

W North Carolina

W Duke

W South Carolina

W NC State

L Ohio State

L Notre Dame


Coach: Wes Hankins

Conference Finish: Tied For 6th

Results Not Available


Atlantic Christian College

Appalachian State

William and Mary


Glassboro State


NC State

NC Weslevan




Old Dominion

Atlantic Christian College



Southern Conference Tournament



Coach: George Williams

Conference Finish: 1st

9 Campbell 1

11 Duke 6

NC State 1

1 NC State 4

2 Duke 3

0 Furman 1

6 Furman 4

3 Virginia 0

2 Shippensburg 1

6 Shippensburg 0

2 Davidson 1

12 Davidson 1

6 Richmond 0

2 NC State 8

8 William and Mary 2

3 Appalachian State 2

2 Appalachian State 0

0 Pembroke 3

3 The Citadel 2

2 UNC-Wilmington 3

0 UNC-Wilmington 1

12 William and Mary 2

8 Richmond 3

7 VMI 1

8 VMI 2

3 The Citadel 5

8 UNC-Wilmington 16

2 Campbell 4


Coach: Bill Cain

Conference Finish: 2nd 10th of 22 Palmetto Tournament

19 UNC-Wilmington 2

3rd Of 12

Camp Lejune Tournament

13th of 22 Furman Tournament

8 Southern Conference 3

361 Campbell 357

14 Richmond 7


Southern Conference Tournament


Coach: Bill Carson

Conference Finish: 2nd

Results Not Available

NC State/Wake Forest

Baptist College/

Princeton University

Atlantic Coast Relays

Colonial Relays

Carolina Relays

Mountaineer Relays

South Carolina Southern Conference

Pitt Invitational

Maryland Invitational

Tennessee Invitational


(and we ain't whistlin' "Dixie!")

Several years ago the black student belonged to a minority that went largely unnoticed on the predominantly white ECU campus. Dramatic changes were initiated in 1969, however, when the newly-formed Society Of United Liberal Students (SOULS) gave voice to the black population.

In the spring of 1969, SOULS presented President Jenkins with a list of ten demands it felt needed to be met if blacks were to be truly a part of the college community. Included on the list were demands for black courses, black professors, the vigorous recruitment of minority students, and- perhaps the most controversial demand on the list- the banning of "Dixie" as the Pirate fight song.

A moratorium on the mall, a unique convocation in which Dr. Jenkins addressed the entire student and faculty body in Ficklen Stadium, and a demonstration before the administration building transpired during tension-filled days. Fortunately, reason prevailed, peace was maintained, and changes gradually came about.

Right: This ECU coed enjoys a Union-sponsored watermelon feast.

Below left: Class break allows for a moment's relaxation on the wall.

Below right: Students chat at the chief meeting place on campus- the CU.

As a result of the moratorium, when whites were able to listen to black leaders explain the reasons for the SOULS demands, blacks gained the support of their fellow students; in a special referendum, therefore, students voted overwhelmingly to ban "Dixie."

Since 1909, improvements have been continual. The SGA established the Office of Minority Affairs to give blacks an active voice in student affairs. Within the 1973-74 year the SGA also appropriated $1,000 for the publication of two minority recruitment booklets. Another development this year was the formation of the Black Arts Festival Steering Committee, which co-ordinated the programming for the annual Black Arts Festival, an event made possible through the joint efforts of SOULS, the Office of Minority Affairs, the Student Union, the SGA, and various departmental and administrative heads. The Festival was a revival of the original Black

Week, first sponsored by SOULS in 1972. "Rap sessions," lectures, work-shops, a film festival, and a sing-in highlighted the exhaustive event.

In addition to these improvements, several black professors have joined the ranks of ECU's growing faculty, while black courses in the areas of art. English, history, political science. geography, and anthropology have been added to the curriculum.

Social changes have also taken place, most noticably in the number of black fraternal organizations which have been formed within recent years. Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black fraternity to establish a local chapter on the East Carolina campus, has since been joined by two other fraternities and two sororities.

Secretary of Minority Affairs Maurice Huntley noted in a Fountainhead article that the major improvement needed today was in the recruitment of blacks to ECU. According to Huntley, black students already on campus need to take it upon themselves to personally recruit fellow blacks. Huntley also noted that the school needed more black graduates to further enhance the University's image in the eyes of black students interested in pursuing post-graduate degrees.

Certainly, times have changed and improvements will continue. And we ain't whistlin' "Dixie!"

Opposite page. Top: Black or white, students share the same hassles of university life, i. e., browsing the shelves of the book store for a bargain.

Bottom left: Election of Miss Black ECU has been an annual event since 1971.

Bottom right: Dr. Charles G. Hurst appears at ECU as a part oi the Lecture Series.

This page. Top: Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha highlight a Pirate pep rally with their mock burial of the Richmond Spiders.

Left: Omega Psi Phi pledges draw an interested audience.

a univepsfty survives puberty

Should one ever have the time and desire to do so. a visit to Joyner Library's North Carolina Reading Room would offer what would be an oftentimes amusing, oftentimes startling insight into a world that was. All but obscurred by neighboring volumes of Tarheel triumphs and trivia sits a collection of humble little volumes, scuffed with the scars of time and trial, tinged with an airy touch of antiquity. Student handbooks, they are, and an interesting tale they tell- one of the gradual growth of student freedom and of how a training school/college/university survived sixty-eight years of puberty.

Page after page in these dusty handbooks speak of Victorian morality, as various regulations quoted at random testify. The 1929-30 ECTC hand-book, for example, informs the reader that the institution once had a precise schedule which regulated student life:

Rising Bell - 6:30 A.M.

Breakfast - 7:30 A.M.

Recitations - 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Lunch - 12:50 P.M. except Sunday, 1:00

Recitations begin at 1:50 P.M.

Dinner at 5:55 P.M.

In effect at a time when "coed" referred to the school's male population, the regulations found in the handbook emphasized the traditional attitude toward women - the view of women as the weaker sex and therefore to be protected by the school authorities in accordance with the in ioco parentis theory. Each regulation was pointedly designed to keep a watchful eye on the wards of the institution. Under the heading "Social" appeared the following rules:

Calling hours are from 3:30 to 5:45 P.M. on week days; from 4:00 to 5:45 on Sundays; from 7:30 to 10:00 P.M. in the evenings.

After public entertainments students may converse with guests, but must bid them good night before leaving the building in

which the entertainment has been given.

Students must not dine at restaurants or go to any office or to any railroad station without special permission from the Dean of Women.

Students may speak to young men on the street, but may not carry on extended conversations with them, nor walk with them. Students must wear hats when calling or shopping.

On leaving or returning to the campus, students must register. Students must have a special permission sent directly to the Dean of Women from their parents for each out-of-town privilege.

Administrators also provided helpful suggestions on "Things to Avoid:" Talking from windows. Sitting in windows. Leaving shades up at night. Loud talking and other forms of disorder in the Administration Building and in the dormitories. Chewing gum in company. Going to town without hats. Walking too near the hedge. Reading, writing, or talking during chapel exercises.

Accustomed to liberal standards in motion picture content, today's stu- dent would likely find the following regulation, one of several "General Privileges," incredible: "Students may go to picture show once a week. The program at the approved theatre will be posted on Mondays."

The term "General Privileges" suggests that specific regulations existed as well, and so they did. Each class- junior-Normal, Senior-Normal, Junior, and Senior- had its own set of rules. The following regulations, for instance, were only a few of the many that greeted entering students:

Right: Today's barefeet and bluejeans would have been in violation of ECU's dress code six years ago.

Students may go calling twice a month.

Students may go shopping Monday and Friday afternoons.

Students may have company twice a month.

Students may spend two weekends each term out of town with permission mailed directly from parents to the Dean of Women.

Each succeeding class enjoyed additional privileges, until the senior was her own woman, with only a few restrictions with which to contend: Students may go to the theatre or to church with brothers by filing their names.

Students may go to church or to the theatre with a gentleman, provided there are two girls in the group and they return immediately after the show or church. The show must be approved.

Student may go to the picture show two afternoons or evenings each week provided they go in groups of twos. They must be back on the campus within thirty minutes after the first evening show is over. In no case must they be out later than ten o'clock. Students may go to town at any time during the day except at class periods.

Such was life at ECTC in 1930. Three decades later East Carolina was recognized as a college and regulations had altered with the times. By today's standards, however, the rules remained stringent. The 1958-59 Key specified several restrictions which continued to govern the school's female population. Under a section headed "Dating" appeared the following rules:

Students must sign out on special permission card for walking date when dating after 5:30 p.m. in the fall and winter quarters and 7:45 p.m. in the spring and summer quarters. Girls and their dates are not to walk in the arboretum or outdoor theatre or to loiter around the steps of classroom buildings, or the benches on front campus after the above time.

All riding dates necessitate signing out on special permission card regardless of whether it is day or night.

Another humorous rule fell under the heading "Riding": "Students must not sit at night in parked cars on campus."

Grouped under "Personal Conduct" were five administrative warnings:

Penalties will be given to students for undue familiarity and lack of dignity.

Shorts, dungarees, pedal pushers, and gym shorts are not to be worn in public except by special permission.

Women students must not visit in men's dormitories.

During the day women students may talk with gentlemen friends on the front and side porches, but not on hack steps of the dormitories.

Sun bathing may he done only in specially provided places on the campus.

Women students who violated the multitude of regulations had her day in court, and those found guilty of crimes against the establishment received demerits; an accumulation of 12 demerits resulted in the student's being placed on restriction. The following infrigements carried penalties of 1 to 3 demerits, depending upon the severity of the offense:

Walking to town at night with girls without signing out.

Failure to sign in within 30 minutes after return to Greenville from a weekend visit.

Talking out of windows.

Loitering with boys on back steps of dormitories.

Failing to take phone duty when assigned.

Visiting in town during the day without signing-out.

Walking to town at night by one-self.

Dating without signing out.

In 1967- the year in which the NG General Assembly granted University-status to the institution- regulations remained confining. Parental permission forms regarding modes of transportation, visiting privileges, and dating privileges were required of each coed. Strict dormitory closing hours were in effect for all coeds. Freshmen, however, had additional rules with which to contend, "closed study" being among the more prominent. Closed study required freshmen women to remain in their own rooms- no visiting was permitted- Monday through Thursday from 7:110 to 10:00 p.m. Other no-no's during these hours were dates, visits to the canteen, showers or baths, and telephone calls.

Thirty minutes after dormitory closing time the following privileges were denied freshmen:

Visiting or communicating with other students.

Taking showers or tub baths.

Using the telephone except to receive long distance telephone calls.

Washing and ironing

Using vending machines.

Playing radios, record players, and television sets or other musical instruments excessibly loud.

Cleaning rooms and moving furniture.

If the regulations cited thus far seem slanted toward the female population, it is only because the administrative policies regarding coeds were considerably more stringent than those regarding men. Men students had no curfews, never experienced closed study, filed no sign-out/sign-in forms, never received demerits. Regulations for men were adequately covered on two pages of the hand- book; those for women covered ten pages. Yet the University avowed adherence to a single standard.

1970 saw the first of several changes in the regulations. Closing hours for all women students were set back an additional half-hour: sign-out/sign-in was dropped; and an experimental visitation program was begun. The first-visitation lasted for two hours following a Sunday afternoon rock concert as part of Carousel weekend festivities. The interest shown in visitation at that time encouraged the Men's Residence Council to request expanded hours on future weekends, and the administration willingly agreed. By the end of spring term, men students were enjoying visitation on any weekend the MRC requested. Hours were from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. During summer vacation, the MRC Executive Council successfully argued for permanent weekend visitation privileges.

In October, 1970. the MRC moved to have visitation installed on a daily basis, with hours extended from noon until women's curfew. Dr. Jenkins replied by appointing an Ad-Doc committee to investigate such an expansion. Months dragged by. and the student body became increasingly an- xious and bothered by what it con-

This page: Visitation eases dorm living.

Opposite page: Frequent Fountainhead articles praise the success of ECU's co-ed hall.

sidered to be stalling tactics by the administration. The sending of questionaires to parents asking their views on visitation, co-ed dorms, and self-limiting hours for women further alienated students.

Early in February, 1971, the MRC issued an ultimatum to the administration- the Ad-Hoc committee was to issue its recommendation by the 22nd of that month. On that day the committee did issue its proposal, which called for visitation on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon until one-half hour before women's curfew.

Angered by this compromise pro- posal, the MRC passed its original plan for visitation in defiance. An apparent confrontation on March 9th- the day on which the MRC program was to go into effect- was staved off when Dr. Jenkins informed MRC members that the Board of Trustees had met and had instructed him to bring before the Board a proposal for visitation for their consideration. Another committee was appointed, this time with an equal number of representatives from the administration, MRC, and WRC. The committee met once for a two-hour session, and when it adjourned it had agreed on a

daily visitation program from noon until one-half hour before women's curfew for all men's dormitories, and visitation for women's dorms on an individual, week-by-week basis.

Again, there was a lung period of silence, during which the students were not informed of the progress of visitation. The silence ended abruptly one warm Tuesday evening at 11:00 p.m. when a boisterous throng of men swarmed down the "Hill," swept across campus, and literally con- sumed Cotten. From the first floor to the third, men students paced the halls of Cotten shouting, "Visitation Now!" The residents soon joined with them and encouraged a similar "raid" on Fleming. The "visitation" ended peacefully with the arrival of the campus police, but the spirited students Were not yet finished. Soon hundreds of men and women gathered outside President Jenkin's heme. The police ordered the crowd to disband, but no sooner had it been given than police began arresting students.

Ironically, the event occurred on the eve of a scheduled meeting of die Board of Trustees. Predictably, the Board voted to curtail all visitation in light of the previous evening's incident. What ensued over the following

weeks will likely never be forgotten by those who were involved. A boycott nf downtown Greenville merchants was called: cartoons by Ken Finch and a letter by Robert Snell raised charges of obscenity against the Fountuinhead and its editor, Hub Thonen; the members of the MRC summarily resigned in disgust, feeling that the Council's constitution, which authorized it to make regulations governing men stu- dents, was nu more than a worthless scrap of paper in lighl of the Hoard's action.

Eventually, tempers cooled and campus returned to normal: event\ually, visitation was re-established, and the guidelines were those outlined by the MRC in its original pro- posal of October, 1970.

Self-limiting hours for upperclass women likewise became a reality in 1971; and in 1972, Garrett Hall became ECU's first co-ed dorm.

While East Carolina had never led the way in liberalizing studenl life, it had come a long way, since the days ol previewing movies. Gone was the dress code, and in its place were bare- feet and bluejeans. Puberty- sixty-eight years long had been survived.


Ah, the memory of those dorm days . . . and nights. Winter mornings with no heat while neighboring floors sweltered at the mercy of iron steam monsters. Shriveled frog carcasses stored next to the mustard and pickle jars in the refrigerator because lab practicals loomed menacingly near. The "lived-in" look abounded- encrusted dishes on the desk, books heaped on the bed, piles of clothes carefully scattered on book shelves and in closets and around and under beds to give the room just the right touch of chaos.

One either loved the dorms or hated them. The environment lent itself

toward creating strong friendships between "roomies", suitemates, and parties down the hall. Speaking of parties, there always seemed to be one going on somewhere, especially on those- nights when studying was a real necessity.

Top sequence: Humid Fall weather and overladen cars make moving-in an ordeal.

Center left: Coeds find lugging their wardrobe a cumbersome task.

Center right: Residents on the "Hill" find moving-in equally laborous.

Left: Parking becomes a problem with the first day of Fall quarter and remains one throughout the year.


The idea of running down the hall to the bathroom soon got old, and the novelty of fixing pizza in a broiler oven and then trucking to the shallow basins in the washrooms to clean up the dishes wore off even faster. Once the cramped quarters brought on fits of claustaphobia, the symptoms of an evolving day student were evident. Armed with the SGA off-campus housing list, one spent hours looking for an apartment, a trailer, anything

The privacy was worth the trouble, and a roommate was worth half the expenses. The campus transit system helped in the travel department, but

Top right: Ginger and Liba Narron experiment with a dormitory delicacy.

Center right: Sunbathing remains a popular spring pastime.

Bottom right: Study continues into the wee hours of the morning.

Below: Scott is one of two men's dormitories that feature suites.

Opposite page. Left: Bicycles are a familiar campus scene.

Right: Dresser space is often cramped.

Dorm Life and Day Student Memory Prompter

(check where applicable)

Memorandum from:

The Dean of Student Affairs

The Dean of Housing

The Dean of Men

The Dean of Women

The Men's Residence Council

The Women's Residence Council

The Head Resident



Dirty laundry

Overcrowded laundry rooms with six washers out of order and two dryers too few

Power failures (at least one a quarter)

Waking up in total darkness in -January for an 8:00 class - and going back to sleep again

Noisy Janitors and maids working

Quiet janitors and maids standing around doing nothing more than looking at one as if to ask, "What is he doing here?"


in the elevator

Jn the stairways

in the commode

along the halls

in the parking lot






One broom (bristles bent out in assorted directions)

One dustpan (remaining forever unused in a corner of the closet)

One trash can (bent out of shape and never large enough to hold all your garbage

Bulletin boards crowded with memorandums and memoriablia

Sav-Haf toilet paper holders that never let one tear off more than one insufficient sheet at a time

Panty raids

1:00 a.m. hooting contests between dorms


Watching basketball and football games on television with evervone else on the >hall

Alarm clocks

Playboy pin-ups

Playgirl pin-ups

Black lights

Black light posters

Students Supply Stores calendars with the days etched out of existence with red pens or black Magic Markers

Stained, soft mattresses

Sore backs from sleeping on stained, soft mattresses

Bicycles everywhere

Intra-dormitory warfare:

People running up and down hallways

Shaving cream fights

Water balloon fights

Broom fights (what else were they to be used for?)

Hall proctors

Cold showers

Cold rooms in winter

Hot rooms in summer

Parking stickers

Parking tickets


NO parking places

Restaurant food

Empty mailboxes which remained empty


Chicken salad

Egg salad

Tuna fish salad

Ham salad

Peanut butter and mayonnaise

Peanut butter and jelly

Peanut butter


Bologna and cheese

Cheese and pickles

Cheese and egg

Creamed cheese and pineapple

Grilled cheese



Mustard and tuna

Upset stomachs

Problems with housing:

Too small

Too big

Too quiet

Too noisy

Too far from school

No grass for lying in the sun

No pets allowed

No children allowed

No kitchen

No furniture

No showers

No social life

Nosy neighbors

Lumpy beds



Broken air conditioner

Broken heater

Uncooperative landlord

Uncooperative paperboy:

Broken windows

Undelivered papers

Misplaced papers

Dog-shredded papers

Finding Housing:

Married couples only

Utilities included and too expensive

Utilities not included and still too expensive

No available roommate

Those first few days:

No phone

No water

No electricity

No garbage can

No light blubs

No heat

Uncooperative bicycle:

Flat tire

Broken chain

Pants caught in chain

Snapped gear lines





Bike ripped off

only for those lucky enough to live along its route. Otherwise a bike or car was a must. Cooking became true artistry, with soup and tuna fish heading the menu of cuisine concoctions and gourmet garnishings. At least MacDonald's was no longer the hangout at meal times, although a can of spaghetti still added a touch of variety.

For many the story changed here. Wedding bells between quarters demanded a change in life style. Mom and Dad no longer footed the tuition expenses, and the need for food, clothing and housing meant that someone had to assume a role other than full-time student. In the process, old friends lost contact and new ones sprang up. The whole marriage cycle brought school-related goals into focus, if for no other reason than that the couple could no longer afford the luxury of groping through general college for a life-time looking for a major that suited one's personality. Grades improved because of time spent at home, and the lights of downtown- the "call of the wild" for singles- were exchanged for the more humble lights of the living room. If both spouses went to school, meetings between classes tied the hectic hours together, but studying at home became largely a process of ignoring each other.

No matter what the residence, ups and downs of college life came and went with little regard for bank account balance or frame of mind. After four years, looking back on it all with a chuckle or two, and maybe a sigh, only pity was left for the incoming freshmen. Yet one wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Opposite page: Typical student refrigerators have little to offer at meal-times.

This page. Top: Mealtimes often reveal Roddy Semour in a compromising position with son Scott.

Center left: Scott finds his co-operation rewarded with chocolate pudding for desert.

Center right: Like father, like son. Scott relaxs on his dad's lap while Roddy catches up on the latest news.

Bottom: Tony and Leigh Duque find studying a process of ignoring each other.

Med School

continued from page 204

tional services; medical records science: physical therapy; medical technology; occupational therapy; environmental health: community health education; speech, language and auditory pathology; and rehabilitation counseling- further helped to serve a recognized need in North Carolina.

In the fall of 1972. the first class entered ECU's one-year medical program. Twenty students were admitted, trained, and scrutinized under a program prescribed by joint ECU/UNC-CH faculty direction. Students who had taken the exam at both schools said the diagnosis exam given to first year ECU students was harder than that administered to second year students at Carolina.

ECU med students interviewed indicated that, of the two medical schools, ECU was more clinically- oriented while Carolina was more research-oriented. "There is more patient work here." commented one East Carolina student. "Even with a big hospital and many patients at Chapel Hill, by the time a patient goes through all of the house officers and gets to the second-year student, he refuses to see the student."

Although the medical students at ECU had few comments on the debate over expansion of the med school, they did write letters to North Carolina legislators and talked to influential Greenville citizens. "Most people don't realize what a medical complex would do for the area." explained another student. "In fact, a lot of ECU students don't believe there are med students on campus now. When someone asks me what classification I am, and I say I'm a med student, he asks, 'What year are you?'"

Six hours a day were spent rooted in the one classroom or in one of the three labs. The curriculum prior to Christmas included anatomy, histology, psychiatry, and physiology; pathology, microbiology, immunology, phamacology. neuroscience. and physical diagnosis came after the holidays. Little time was left for relaxing.

Weekends incorporated much-needed study and. frequently, actual experience in Pitt Memorial's Emergency Room. The future doctors were required to attend four autopsies during the year in addition to a three-day period of practical training in offices of local MDs.

Although the need for general practitioners in eastern North Carolina is great, ECU students voiced the same desires tu specialize as those at four-year medical schools. When asked if any would come back to practice in Greenville because they had attended one year of medical school at East Carolina, most answered, "No." Explained one. "A one-year med school isn't the way to do it. Post graduate work, internships and residencies, will make a doctor more inclined to stay in eastern North Carolina. Statistics show that doctors tend to practice within 75 miles of their wives' hometowns. Naturally single young men staying here are going to get snatched up by girls from this area. You will also have more doctors in the east when there are better schools for their children to attend. When eastern North Carolina is a more attractive place in general, there will be more doctors."

Dr. Monroe's prediction on the growth of the East Carolina school was that by 1976-77 a two year program

would accommodate 40 to 50 students.

The basic difference in facilities between a one and two-year medical program is that more space is needed for the additional students. With the development of a four-year school will come the need for clinical facilities- a teaching hospital. The question of using Pitt Memorial as a teaching hospital will be a possibility once the new county center is completed. Pitt Memorial, however, would most likely not lie continued as a 200-bed hospital run by the University because it would duplicate many of the services offered by the new hospital.

Although ECU's School of Medicine is now in its infantile state, it may one day be the medical center of the state. According to Senator Scott, "The basic question has not been whether ECU would get its med school, but rather whether the General Assembly would respond tu the call of the people for more and better medical service and health care."

The staff of the Buccaneer '74 would like to express its thanks to the following individuals for their assistance in providing information for the above article: Dr. Dean H. Hayek; Dr. Robert E. Thurber; Dr. Edwin Monroe; Dr. Evelyn McNeil; William A. Dees. Jr.; and Senator Ralph H. Scott.

Right; Pitt Memorial may be the site of ECU's future teaching hospital.

Curtain Up!

continued from page 215

the many popular films shown during show. Those involved in the production, however, seldom had time for such relaxation. From the initial audition to the final curtain, the drama department remained a flurry of activity. The glistening lights, elaborate sets, splendid costumes, and dazzling choreography belied the tedious and detailed work that went into producing the end result- spectacle!

As elsewhere, finances were a major concern, and a minimal budget account for a multitude of costs: the printing of tickets, posters, promotlional mailings, and programs; set materials; costumes; make-up; guest actors; operational expenses; general upkeep; and, of course, royalties on the plays themselves. Frequently the royalty on a current play was beyond

the capabilities of the Playhouse budget.

For obvious reasons, therefore, material was conserved as much as possible. After a show's run, sets were carefully dismantled, and the material was recycled for later use. Oddly enough, however, the thousands of costumes stored by the department did not defray expenses as much as one might expect. Careful attention was given to accuracy in detail, and this included an awareness of fashion changes. Costumes used in a play set during England's Victorian period, for instance, could not be used in a play set in England at the turn of the century.

The spectator would likely be unaware also of the pressure time exerted upon those backstage. Five productions a year placed a constant demand upon the student. The technical work of building and painting the sets, hanging and operating the

lights, controlling the sound, and rur ning the show was all done by students, under the direction of Steve Lavino. When they were not in class, drama students had hours of wor waiting for them at the studio theatre or auditorium. Likewise, those involved with the costuming constantly raced with the clock, and many a actor went on stage on opening nigr in a costume completed only second before by Carol Beale or one of the assistants while he stood waiting anxiously in the wings.

The staff of the Buccaneer '74 extends grateful appreciation to Mr. Albert Pertalion, General Manager of the ECU Playhouse, for his co-open tion in providing the staff with hot information and pictures incorporated in this article. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are courtesy of M Pertalion.


continued from page 231

the year. Responsible as well for selecting the movies for the international films series, the Committee again offered a number of notable film ventures including Fellini Satyricon, Blow Up, and The Misfits.

In days when a quarter seldom bought much in the way of entertainment, the Union coffeehouse series provided just that - an evening of good music, good company, and refreshments, all for two bits. Once only an occasional event, the Coffeehouse Committee labored to make the series a frequent campus happening. Local talent usually headlined the Canticle, but often professional talent played under the spotlights in Room 201. Amateurs found their musical skills welcome at the Canticle as well, for an hour was provided after each program featuring local talent for auditions. With the coming of warm weather, the Canticle moved its lights, speakers, Pepsis, and pretzels outside to the Union patio to take full advantage of

the lush spring evenings.

In addition to the eight established committees, three new committees were planned for the 1974-75 year. Favorable response to the experi- mental video tape programs played in the Union lounge spurred plans to make this another regular Union feature. The new Video Tapes Committee will be responsible for presenting a wide variety of programs- concerts, sports, educational features, and nostalgia items. The Travel Committee is not slated for full operation until the 1975-76 school year, but one person will be working to outline the program during Hobgood's term. The purpose of the Committee is to investigate travel tours for ECU students during vacation periods. Possibilities for chartered tour sites include Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Mexico City. Finally, a new Art Exhibits Committee will supervise sidewalk shows, faculty shows, and sidewalk coloring contests (an apparent resurrection of the famed Chalk-ins).

The new student union building aroused much interest as the structure took shape. Named in honor of the late Cynthia A. Mendenhall, a person in- strumental in helping to establish the Union in 1954 and who serve ably as

its admnistrator until her death in 1972, the center boasts many outstanc ing features. An eight-lane bowlir alley, a billiards room, three tabl tennis rooms, television and vide tape rooms, a hobby crafts area, and permanent coffeehouse comprise th ground floor. On the main floor are located the information desk, central ticket office, and student bank; an 800 seat theatre; a multi-purpose rooi seating 200; a kitchen and small dining room; a snack bar; and the main lounge area. Union and SGA office a music listening room, and two reading rooms occupy the top floor.

The Student Union enjoyed succes during 1973-74, and as it entered its third year as chief source of studer programming and its first year in th new social center, the continued rea ization of the primary Union go; seemed assured- making people happy.

The staff of the Buccaneer '74 would like to extend its appreciation t Associate Dean of Students Affair Rudolph Alexander, Student Unio President Gibert Kennedy, and Sti dent Union President-elect Wade Hobgood.

FREE with three quarters' tuition


Volume I Number 1

1974 issue

Chancellor Leo W. Jenkins

"Ham of the Year"

Attention high school graduates!

Thinking about college?

Consider the advantages of EZU:

Stimulating lectures by more than 600 faculty members 53 disciplines will open your eyes to the world around you (especially during 8:00 A M classes I

- Equal to many of the finest high school collections in the nation, Joyner Library has many outstanding features

- located at the center of campus, the library is within 15 minutes of all the popular drinking establishments,

- open stacks let you select for yourself the books you need from the half dozen that are not already checked out,

- a new addition scheduled for completion by fall of 1974 will provide even more space for empty book shelves

- With a staff of highly-trained physicians, the campus infirmary is ready to handle any emergency arising between 8:00-4:30 on weekdays Regardless of the symptoms, a cold, flu, or mono is quickly diagnosed and the suitable medicine- tylenol- prescribed

- Starched underwear and mismatching socks are the specialties of the campus laundry, another fine service automatically paid for in your tuition

- Serving cold, bland food at steakhouse prices, two cafeterias are conviently located on campus to satisfy your appetite As there are seldom any customers, there is seldom any waiting

- Modern residence halls make living at EZU a delight Visitation privileges, self-limiting hours for women, and a co ed dormitory are ample evidence that EZU leads the way in meeting the desires of students. Truly the dormitories offer unique living experiences- just ask the freshmen and sophomores required to live in them

- Like the Doobie Brothers? John Denver? The Moody Blues? There are only a few of the popular recording artists who have not appeared at EZU within the past year

- All these advantages at low tuition prices that any millionaire can afford make EZU an outstanding choice



SEX: Male Female Hippie AGE: Date of Birth:

High Schools Attended

High School Activities

Grade Average: SAT Score: Average Family Income:

Does your father support the Pirates Club? Yes No Will He? Yes No

Will you vote for Chancellor Jenkins should he run for Governor? Yes No


Table of Contents

Statement of Intent 275

Dubious Awards for 1974 276

EZU: A Heavenly Place (fiction) 278

Trivia Quiz 279

New General College Courses 282

A Sop's Fable 286

plus an unusual assortment of photos, puzzles, games, and a BONUS . . .



EZU MUCK-IN-EAR is intended solely as a good-natured, tongue-in-cheek presentation of some of the laughable (in retrospect, at least) occurrences associated with life at East Carolina University.

The staff of the EZU MUCK-IN-EAR intends no malice toward any of the individuals, organizations, or institutions featured in the magazine; none should be inferred. Rather, inclusion in this magazine should be regarded as an honor; those featured herein have some claim to fame for which they are being recognized in a unique way.

Again emphasizing that honest fun is its only intent, the staff proudly presents the first (and presumably the only) edition of EZU MUCK-IN-EAR.



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The "Sound of Silence" Award to the campus chimes

The "Best Concert of the Year" Award to the Hanneford Circus (runner-up: Doobie Brothers)

The "Creative Photography" Award to the BUCCANEER '74 class portrait photographer

The "Graffitti" Award to the Men's Room 3rd Floor Austin

The "Damn Ram" Award to the UNC-CH Tarheels

The "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Award to supporters of a four-year medical school at EZU

The "Loser's Bowl" Trophy to the University of Richmond football team

The "???" to Coach Sonny Randle

The "Orange you sorry you didn't invite us?" Award to the Tangerine Bowl Committee

The "Token Woman" Award to Policewoman Judith Blake

The "Paper Tiger" Award to Dean James Tucker for his letter in the Fountainhead warning streakers of the penalties for indecent exposure.


The "Campus Canine" Award to "Dog"

The "Paragon of Printing" Award to the 1973 BUCCANEER (thanks, '73 staff, for making the '74 BUC look so good!)

The "Bebe Rebozo" Award to SGA Treasurer Mike Ertis

The "Better Luck Next Year" Award to the EZU Tennis Team

The "Figment of the Imagination" Award to Fountainhead editor Pat Crawford

The "Blue Meanine" Award to Policeman Bill Barnes (Chief Security Officer Joseph Calder said Barnes' tickets were "measured by the pound")

Special Award to "Bluelight Billie"

EZU: A Heavenly Place

When I dided, I was positive I'd get into Heaven with no trouble. I was brought up on the Bible and always tried to live it. The last thing I remember about life on earth was my family gathered around my deathbed.

When I opened by eyes again, I saw a line heading all the way around the Milky way. I hurried into the line. After a thousand years I reached the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter was there checking people in. The trick was to say your last name first, first name second, then your middle initial. I practiced it once: "Togan, Zaliver A!" "A" stands for angel.


"Togan, Zaliver A,!" I yelled proudly

"Heaven certification number?" They had me there. "Come on, Togan, what's your Heaven certification number?" I didn't have one.

"O.K. wise guy. Go to Mercury and talk to the people in booth K. You can't get in here without a certification number."

Mercury is not such a bad planet if you wear sun glasses, but the folks at booth K weren't too happy to see me.

"Sorry," they said, "but you can't get your certification number without your Permit to Sing Hymns signed by the choir director. You'll find her out on Pluto."

I didn't know how cold Pluto was. My frustration was calmed for a moment by the choir. But not for long.

"Permit me to sing Hymns? Sorry, but you have to take your harp 65 pretest first."

"Where?" I asked frantically.


Jupiter is a very heavy planet. I dragged my body over to the harp lab, but no dice.

"Sorry," he said, "you gotta get the most basic thing."

"What's that?" I choked.

"Your receipt of death."

"Why?" I asked dumbfounded

"To prove that you're really dead."

"And where can I get this receipt?"

"Just down that chute," he saind, pointing.

I slid down and down and down unti lI landed in a neat, air-conditioned office. Behind the desk sat a red man with horns and a tail. Pitchfork in the corner.

"Yes?" he said. "May I help you?"

"Death receipt," I gasped.

"Of course," he said, "Name?"

"Togan, Zalvier A."

He fumbled with the cards. "Here you are," he said. "Congratulations.'

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Oh, one other thing," he said. "Leave your soul in the box by the door when you leave."

"EZU: A Heavenly Place" was circulated on campus in mimeograph form bearing only the initials J.R.V. The Staff of the EZU MUCK-In-EAR trusts taht the anonymous satirist appreciates having his work published.


1) What campus landmark stands next to Memorial Gymnasium? What organization presented it to the school, in what year was it erected, and to whom is it dedicated?

2) Name the people presently holding the following administrative positions:

(a) Dean of Student Affairs

(b) Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Student Activities

(c) Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Women

(d) Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Men

(e) Assistant Dean of Women

(f) Assistant Dean of Men

3) Dr. Jenkins regarded this as "the greatest thing ever to happen to ECU!" To what was he reft

4) What is the oldest huilding on campus?

5) (a) What is the proper name of the arhoretum located behind Graham and Rawl Buildings? (b) What is the name of the outdoor theatre located behind Fletcher Dormitory?

6) What did the initials ECTTS represent?

7) In what year did the school become (a) ECTC? (b) ECC? (c) ECU?

8) Give the proper names for the following:

(a) Education-Psychology Building

(b) Social Science Building

(c) Memorial Gymnasium

(d) Music Building

(e) Administration Building (in which Chancellor Jenkins' office is located)

9) According to popular legend, how did a pirate come to be selected as the school mascot?

10) In what year was the school established?

Answers for the Trivia Quiz appear on page 285. For questions with more than one part, take one point credit for each part correctly answered. Score yourself as follows:

Perfect Score: Congratulations! You have just succeeded Jenkins as Chancellor.

20-24: Obviously, you have been around. You are either a music major or a senior who has changed majors three times.

15-19: Good. Consider yourself a trivia major.

10-14: Average. Give yourself a 'C'

5-9: Poor. You are hereby placed on academic probation.

0-4: Go home!





The following courses, recommendations for the improvement of the EZU General College program, are intended to better meet the needs of the typical student

Cutting 001

Fall, Winter, Spring TTh 11:00-12:30

Curriculum: Coursework is designed to help the student know when to cut, how to cut, and whom to cut. Initial work involves a careful planning of all anticipated cuts, i. e. 8:00 classes on all days, 9:00 and 10:00 classes on Mondays, all classes on Fridays, and all classes two days before and after vacation periods. Several lessons are devoted to learning the basic procedures to follow when cutting and to guarding against treacherous pitfalls (such as meeting the professor in the hall two minutes before you cut his class). Considerable attention is also given to discussing acceptable, high- percentage excuses that will allow the student to cut at will. The proper bearing, facial expression, and tone of voice to be used when delivering the excuse will also be discussed.

Grade Determinants: A comprehensive examination will be administered during the regular examination period. Only

students with perfect attendance records will receive passing grades.

Waiting in Line 101

(may be taken as a P. E. elective)

Fall, Winter, Spring

M 8:00-11:00

Curriculum: Emphasis in this course is on preparing the student for the numerous occasions during his college career when circumstances demand that he wait in line, i. e. at registration, drop-add, Student Supply Stores cash registers, student union programs, sports events, and graduation. The class meets on the steps outside Memorial Gymnasium once a week for a three-hour session. There are no lectures, no textbooks, and no outside assignments. Class members simply stand and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . .

Grade Determinants: Passing grades are assigned to any student who can stand up for three straight hours once a week for three months. Higher grades are given to those with better than average postures or attitudes.

Sleeping 111


M-F 8:00

Curriculum: Scheduled at an early hour to induce the proper spirit, the course is an introduction to the finer points of sleeping. Dull, lifeless lectures by experienced bores and guest sleeper speakers (usually department chairmen -the "Peter Principle" at work again!) will allow the student to drift into a relaxing, restful slumber which will keep him engrossed until the bell rings or the pencil slips from his hand and crashes to the floor. Variants such as dozing, day- dreaming, and "catching forty winks" will be discussed as time allows.

Grade Determinants: Successful application of the techniques discussed in class will assure a passing grade. Higher grades will be earned by students who refrain from snoring.

Drinking 121

Fall, Winter, Spring, 1st and 2nd Session SS M-F4:00

Curriculum: Informal class meetings will be held at popular bars according to when Happv Hours are scheduled. Topics such as "Is a Pitcher of Beer Really More Economical than Beer by the Glass"and "How To Survive a Night of Drinking on an Empty Stomach" will be discussed, as well as many others.

Grade Determinants: During the final examination period, class members will play "Pass-out." Game winner will receive an 'A', runner-up a 'B', and so on.

Pre-Marital Sex and Co-Habitation 069

(replaces Courtship and Marriage)

Fall, Spring


Lab W 9:00 P.M. -8:00 A.M.

Pre-requisite: Parental approval

Curriculum: While lectures will at times be given, group discussions will be encouraged. Manv audio-visual aids will be employed, and present plans include showings of Deep Throat and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. * Demonstrations will also be given to supplement lectures.

Grade Determinants: Course grade will be determined by an evaluation of the student's performance in lab. An oral ex- amination will also be administered during the last regular class meeting.

*There will be a $5.00 film charge required of each student.

Expletives 190

Fall. Winter, Spring

MWF 1:00

Pre-requisite: Public Speaking

Curriculum: Adopting the philosophy that the mark of a man's education is in how well he expresses himself the aim of this course is to see that the student is never left speechless. From mild oaths to scathing obscenities the course ex- amines expletives and the.r proper (and improper) usage. There is no textbook for the course as most of the language is not tit for print. The origins of words, proper spelling, usage, and corruptions will be studied.

Grade Determinants: Final examination includes filling in the blanks in the transcripts of President Nixon's tapes Vocabulary tests also contribute to determining the final grade. Originality is encouraged and rewarded.

Courses available on demand:

Dormitory Cooking 099 Grazing on the Grass 160 Excuse-Making 002

Bicycling 118 Cramming 101 Advanced Drinking 199

"Magic" Stick-ons


Cut out sticker.

Apply glue to reverse side

Press on smooth surface.

Presto! They stick like


$tudent $upply $tores

Elect Leo Jenkins


Go to Hell, Carolina

Recycle Term Papers

Bored of Trustees?


Please Do Disturb!


Answers to


(Quiz on page 279)

1) A victory bell stands next to Memorial Gymnasium. It was erected by the Veterans Club in 1953 and is dedicated to ECC men and women who served in the armed forces.

2) (a) James H. Tucker

(b) Rudolph Alexander

(c) Carolyn A. Fulghum

(d) James B. Mallory

(e) Nancy J. Smith

(f) Claiborne C. Rowe

3) ECU'S 31-15 victory over State's football Wolfpack in 1971.

4) Jarvis Dormitory is the oldest building on campus; ground was broken by ex- Governor Thomas Jarvis July 2, 1908.

5) (a) Davis Arboretum

(b) Sylvan Theatre

6) ECTTYS stood for East Carolina Teachers Training School.

7) The school became ECTC in 1920; ECC in 1950; and ECU in 1968.

8) (a) Speight-Brantley

(b) Brewster

(c) Christenbury

(d) Fletcher

(e) Spilman

9) A pirate was chosen as the school mascot because, according to legend, many pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard, sailed up the Tar River to safe harbor at Greenville.

10) ECTTS was established by an Act of the North Carolina General Assembly March 8. 1907.

Find the hidden object in this picture

Hint: Look for a paper cup.

The SGA Transit Bus is brought to you courtesy of Fountuinhead, Buccaneer, Rebel, School of Music, Drama Department, etc.


... a strange and terrible thing happened - the dread plague study-i-tis struck! The disease spread slowly one Monday morn- ing when students felt a mysterious drowsiness come over them as they sat in on their 8:00 A.M. classes. Many were unable to stay awake and so slipped into deep slumber wherever they could find

By Tuesday, the symptoms became far more obvious and far more frightening! The writing was on the wall - study-i-tis caused the skin of one's writing hand to break out in a black fungus.

As the day passed, more dreadful things began to happen. Some students grew a second head so that there would be more room in which to store all of the knowledge that study-i-tis forced upon them.

When on Wednesday morning the campus infirmary diagnosed the disease as either the flu or pregnancy, de- pending upon sex, the students took things into their own hands. A few attempted transcendental meditation, but thev discovered no relief.

More engaged in the practice of bleeding, hoping that study-i-tis was caused by tired blood, but they too failed.

Desperate, students engaged in sacrificial ceremonies, offering up their own bodies to the humilities and sacrifices of writing papers, taking exams, and studying through the dark hours of the night. Such efforts temporarily abated the disease, but it was no cure.

They took up drinking...

...and dancing...

...and experimenting with pleasures they had not yet known

Once upon a time there was a small teacher's college isolated from the civilized world by ninety miles of bad road. Ridiculed by those who attended the "big brother" schools to the West, the students at this humble institution studied diligently, ever trying to gain their just recognition, until one day . . .

Others, strong in body but weak in mind, reverted to the animalistic way of life of their ancestral cavemen. These unfortunates were committed lo Dorthea Dix hospital.

Other unfortunates struck with the diseas underwent strange contortions and died.

On Thursday morning the students surrendered all hope for recovery. Those that could stand the agony of the disease struggled to survive; the weaker ones, overcome by the plague, passed on to that great classroom in the sky. A few, unable to withstand the pain and suf- fering, did not wait for the plague lo claim them, but rather chose lo end their lives by their own hands.

Thursday evening a strangely garbed man told the students that if Ihey truly sought to be cured they should "Eat, drink, and be merry." At first the idea seemed blasphemous; but as no other means of salvation presented itself, students began closing their textbooks, boy- cotting the library, and shunning their professors.

Instead of studying hard, as had always been their wont, the students began simply lo hang around, shooling Ihe bull with others.

And so it came to pass that on Friday, the campus was deserted as the students went to downtown beer joints. By four o'clock the disease study-i-tis was on longer discerned in any student. Therefore, the hour was designated as "Happy Hour," and to this very day it is still prclaimed and worshipped by those who survived the terrible plague as the holiest of ceremonies. That evening the strange man who had shown them the cure was hailed by the students.

Amid cheers of "J.C., Superstar!" students knelt in his honor. His popularity was great and has since been equalled only by that of President Nixon, Chancellor Jenkins, and Elmer Fudd.

And that is Ihe true story of how EZU hecame known throughout the world as "Party School."

The End.

That's all, Folk!



Senior Summaries

ABENE, STEPHEN C., Parks, Recreation, Conservation. BSP; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society. Information Officers; FOUNTAINHEAD; Honor Roll; Parks and Recrealion Club; University Union.

ABERNETHY, KENNETH E., Industrial and Technical Educalion/Math; BA; Marching Pirales; Percussion Ensemble; Varsily Band.

ABRAMS, MARTHA L., Social Work; BSP; Child Welfare; Honor Roll.

ADAMS, DARRELL H., General Business BSBA; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for Advancement of Management.

AINSWORTH, DEBORAH J., Environmental Health, BSP; Alpha Xi Delia, President, vice President; Honor Roll; University Union, Popular Entertainment Secretary.

ALLEN, IRVIN M., Geology, BS; Drill Team; Geology Club; Judo Club; Pi Lambda Phi; WECU-TV

ALLEN, LLOYD W., Business Education, BSBE; Dean's List Honor Roll

ALLEN, MAXTER E. JR., Industrial Arts, BS; Industry and Technical Education Club, Treasurer

ALLEN, TRUDY, Commercial Arts, BFA; Interior Design; Delta Phi Delta; Design Associates; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Inerior Designers.

ANDREWS, RUTH E., Economics, BSBA; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Omega Pi; Society for Advancement of Management.

ANDERSON, CAROL L., Office Administration, BSBE; Honor Roll

ANDERSON, JONELL, Music Education, BME; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Student Music Education Assoc.; PI Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, Pianist; Women's Clee Club; University Chorale

ANNARINO, WILL R., Law Enforcement, BSP; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball, Softball.

APPLE, ROBERT. Environmental Health, BSP; AFROTC; Honor Roll

ARCHER, PAMELA F., Early Childhood, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer, Hall Representative; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta Pi.

ARMSTRONG, ANNETTE, Housing, BSP; Sociology; Delia Zeta, Recording Secretary, Activities Chairman, Panhellenic Representative; Dormitory Officer, Publicity; Panhellenic Council, Rush Chairman, Executive Board; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Outtanding Junior of Delta Zeta.

ARMSTRONG, CONNIE L., Health and Physical Education, BS; Honor Roll; Phi Epsilon Mu; Physical Educations Majors Club; Women's Recreation Assoc., President, Representative

ASKEW, LONNIE L., JR., Policital Science, BA; Geography; College Republican Club, Exectuive Committee; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha, Athletic Director.

ASKEW, MILTON H., III, Parks and Recreation, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman.

BAILEY ARCHIE L., College Rebpulican Club; Intramural Football; Phi Kappa Tau

BARILEY, MERRIMON S., Business Administration, B.S., Real Estate; Honor Roll; Tau Kappa Epsilon, IFC Represetnative, Co-Greek Representative, Fund Raising Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Social Committee Co-Chariman, Sergeat-at-Arms, Treasurer, President.

BALLENTINE, JEANNIE, Sociology, BA. Philosophy; Alpha Kappa Delta; Dean's List; FOUNTAINHEAD Circulation Staff; Honor Roll; Modern Dance Club; Phi Sigma Tau; Philosophy Club; Poetry Forum; Student Government Assoc. Legislature, Judiciary Committee Co-Chairman; Consumer Protection Committee-Chairman; WECU Radio, News Staff, Public Relations.


BARDILL, HAROLD W., Psychology, BA; Math; Deans List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi

BARNUM, HOWARD, Ceramics, BS; Honor Roll.

BARNES, ANITA P., Business Education, BSBE; Delta Zeta

BARRICK, DENNIS M., Correctional Service, BSP; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice President; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intra-murals; Lacrosse Team; Student Government Assoc., Public Defender.

BARRINGTON, SYLVIA, Early Childhood Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor List; League of Scholars; Student National Educational Assoc.

BASHFORD, NANCY J., Elementary Education, BS, Art/Math; Alpha Delta Pi, Jr. Panhellenic Delegate; Sr. Panhellenic Delegate; Recording Secretary; BUCCANEER; Dormitory Officer, Hall Pfoctor; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Panhellenic Council, vice president; Student National Educational Assoc.; Career Education Committee.

BASKERVILL, ROBERT D., JR., English BA, Geography; Honor Roll; Intramural Softball.

BASS, BRENDA A., Social Welfare, BSP, Child Welfare; National Assoc., of Social Workers.

BASS, JOAN E, Business Education, BSBE; Chi Omega; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Panhellenic Council Treasurer; Pi Omega Pi, Vice President.

BASS, JUDY B., Medical Record Science BSP; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Lambda Chi Alpha; Marshal; American Medical Record Assoc.

BATTLE, NAN L., Psychology BS; College Democrats Club; Deans List; Honor Roll; Psi Chi.

BEAM, DAVID B., Political Science, BA, Geography; Sigma Phi Epsilon.

BEAN, CARRIE, Music BME; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates; Percussion Ensemble; Sigma Alpha Iota Chaplain, Sergeant at Arms; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale

BEAVER, JANNIFER E., Industrial Education BS; Crew.

BECKNELL, WANDA, Housing and Mangement, BSP, Clothing and Textiles; American Home Economics Assoc.; Honor Roll; Young Home Designers.

BEDDINGFIELD, JENNY C., Library Science, BS, Business; Honor Roll

BELOTE, CHARLOTTE, Scultpure BFA, Printing/Painting; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Sigma Sigma Sigma

BENNETT, DORIS E., Social Work, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

BENNETT, EDWARD J. German, BA, History; Delta Phi Alpha.

BENNETT, MARCIA G., Early Childhood Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll

BENNETT, SHARYN Y., Speech, language and Auditory Pathology, BS; All A's; Alpha Phi, Vice President; BUCCANEER; Honor Roll; HOndern Dance Club; National student Speech and Hearing Assoc.; Phi Chi.

BIDDELL, RUTH C., Early Childhood Education, BS; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Karate Club; NC Education Assoc.

BILLET, STEVEN E., Political Science, BA; European Studies; College Democrats Club; Dean's list; Gymnastic Club; Student Government Assoc.

BISSETTE, LARRY D., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Honor Roll

BLACKARD, BARRY L., Math, BA; Computer Science; All A's; Assoc. for Computing Machines; Baptist Student Union; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball, Bowling, Horseshoes, Softball, Tennis; Pi Mu Epsilon.

BLACK, ROGER M. Psychology, BA; Intramural Bowling; Varsity Band

BLACKWEDLER, LINDA A., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; All A's; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi.

BLAND, LEROY, Music Education, BME; Piano; Concert Band; Concert Choir; Dean's List; marching Pirates; Men's Glee Club; NC Music Teachers Assoc.; SMENC Symphonic Wind Ensemble; University Chorale; Varsity Band.

BODENHAMER, WILLIAM H., JR., Political Science, BA; Broadcasting; College Democrats Club; Football team; Men's Residence Council, President, Treaurer; Men's Residence Council Court; Pi Kappa Phi; Presbyterian Center; Student Goverment Assoc., President; Who's Who; Chairman Board of Directors of Student Union; Athletic Council ECU Board of Trustees.

BONAR, WILLIAM R., Correctional Service, BSP.

BONNER, ANGELA S., English, BS; Alpha Xi Delta; Honor Roll; Sigma Tau Delta


BOWERS, RON, Parks, Recreation Conservation, BSp; Parks and Recreation Club

BRAME, NANCY D., Ceramics, BFA; Printmaking; Alpha Omicron Pi; Honor Roll; Intramurals.

BRANDON, SHIRLEY, Social Work, BS; Individuals and Groups; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Society of United Liberal Students.

BRANTLEY, BARBARA, Intermediate Education BS; Hnor Roll; Student National Education Assoc.

BRASWELL, THERESA M., Early Childhood Education, BS; Dormitory Officer, Vice President, Treasurer; Honor Roll; National Educational Assoc.

BRETT, SUZETTE, Socia Work, BSP; Child Welfare; Baptist Student Union; Dean's List; Dormiotry Officer; Honor Roll; Intramural Volleyball.

BRITTON, BRUCE B., Geology, BA; ECU Geology Club.

BROOKS, JEFFREY G., Deisgn; Printmaking; Dean's List; Honor Roll

BROWN, CARL, Business BSBA; Veterans Club.

BROWN, NANCY N., Music Education/Music Therapy, BME; Piano; All A's; Chamber Singers; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Sigma Alpha Iota; SNEMC; Student Council for Exceptional Children; University Choral; Women's Glee Club; Music Therapy Club; Outstanding Seniors.

BROWN, RALPH A., Music Education, BME; Baritone; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Jazz Ensemble; Marching Pirates; Pep Band; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; Varsity Band; University Chorale

BUCK, REBECCA A., Social Work, BSP; Child Welfare; Delta Zeta; Honor Roll.

BUNCH, JANE L. Library Science BS; Alpha Beta Alpha; Alpha Phi, Administrative Assistant; Honor Roll.

BUNCH, MICAEL L., Accounting Society

BURKE, GREG, Correctional Services, BSP; Law Enfrocement Correction; Football Team; Indoor Track; Outdoor Track.

BURKHEAD, MARY, Clothing and Textiles, BS; Housing and Home Management; All A's; American HOme Economics Assoc.; Campus Union Committe; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Young Home Designers.

BYRD, MARTHA C., Home Economics Education, BS; All A's; American Home Economics Assoc.; Dean's List; Home Economics; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Chaplain; Student Advisory Council in Home Ec. Dept.

BYRD, WILLIAM C., III, Psychology, BA; History; All A's; Dormitory Officer, President; Intramural Basketball; Softball; Tennis

BYRUM, BETTY N., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Delta Tehta Chi; Dormitory Officer, president, Vice President, Secretary; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Student Government Assoc.; Women's Recreation Assoc.; Women's Residence Council.

CAJIGAL, PETER L., Ceramics, BS; Dormitory Officer; International Relations Club; Men's Residence Council; National Educational Assocation; Spanish Club, Vice President

CALHOUN, WALTER T., Biology, BSP; All A's; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi.

CAMPBELL, GERALDINE M., Elementary Education, BS; Dean's List; N.C. Education Assoc.

CAMPBELL, SUSAN D., Psychology, BA; Sociology; All A's; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi.

CANADAY, SHARON, Mental Retardation, BS; Honor Roll.

CARNRIGHT, LUCILLE F., Early Childhood Education/Special Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Dean's List; Honor Roll; National Education Assoc.

CARROLL, ALLEN, Industrial Arts, BS; College Democrats Club; Honor Roll.

CARSON, DEBRA J., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society, President; Beta Gamma Sigma; BUCCANER, Business Manager; Honor Roll; Phi Kapy Phi; Omicron Delta Epsilon, Secretary; Who's Who; Outstanding Senior in Accounting; Oustanding Woman Student in Accounting

CARTER, ARCHIE T., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; Dean's List; Fottball Team; Honor Roll; Intramural Baseball, Basketball; Phi Beta Lambda

CARTWRIGHT, DONNA L., Social Work, BS; Dean's list; Honor Roll.

CASICO, MICHAEL, Correctional Service, BSP; Community; Concert Band; Intramural Basketball; Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer.

CASTELLO, JULIA, Intermediate Education, BS; Dormitory Officer, Secretary; Intramural Volleyball

CAULTON, KEVIN W., Business Finance, BSBA; Dean's List; Dormitory House Council; Honor Roll; Intramural Re.Karate Club; Wrestling Team; Coffee House Committee.

CLAGON, THOMAS L., Business Education, BSBE.

CLAIBORNE, JANET M., Health and Physical Education, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Girls Basketball; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Mu; Who's Who; Women's Intercollegiate Basketball; Women's Recreation Assoc.

CLARK, HENRY V., Psychology, BA; Biology/Chemistry; American Chemical Soc.; Chi Beta Phi; Dean's List; Karate Clug; Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Society; Psychology Club; Psi Chi.

CLEMENT, MARY, Home Economics, BS; All A's; American Home Economics Assoc., Treasurer; Dean's list; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll; Intramural Softball; Field Hockey; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

CLEMORS, MICHAEL G., Social WElfare, BSP; Individuals and Groups; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

COBLE, RAY M., Accounting, BSBA; Lacrosse Team.

COBURN, VERONIA, Pyschology, BA; Sociology; Delta Sigma Theta, Treasurer; Honor Roll; Society of United Liberal Students.

COGGINS, CAROL S., Medical Record Science, BSP; All A's; Baptist Student Union; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer, House Council; Intramural Baskeball; Student Government Legislature.

COLE, GENE, parks, Recreation and Conservation, BSP; AFROTC; Dean's List; Parks and Recreation Club; Veterans Club.

COLLIER, DORA B., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi; Student National Educational Assoc.; oustanding Women's Student in Intermediate Ed.

COLLINS, JAMES W., Distributive Education, BSBA; Basic Business; Intramurals; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta lambda; Society for Advancement of Management.

COLQUITT, BARBARA K., Clothing and Textiles, BS; Child Development; Alpha Phi, Vice president; Dean's List.

CONARD, DEBRA, Social Work, BSP; Honor Roll.

CONYERS, V. LEE, JR., Genral Business, BSBA; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Society for Advancement of Management.

COOK, ELIZABETH H., Social Work, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; National Assocation for Social Workers.

COOLEY, JAN E., Commerical Art, BFA; Painting; Delta Phi Delta; Design Associates; Grils Tennis; Honor Roll.

CORRIKER, CYNTHIA S., Commerical Art, BFA; Printmaking/European Studies.


COX, GUY O., JR., Science Education, BS; AFROTC; Assoc. for Computing Machines; Cheerleader; FOUNTAINHEAD; Honor Roll; Lambda Chi Alpha; Society of Physics Students.

CRAVEN, MICHAEL E., Business Administration, BSBA: Real Estate; Intramural Basketball, Softball


CRAWFORD, PATRICIA A., Political Science, BA; Journalism; Alpha Phi Gamma; Dean's List; FOUNTAINHEAD, Staff WRiger, Assitant News Editor, News Editor, Editor; Honor Roll; Pi Sigma Alpha; WECU Radio, Announcer; Who's Who; Political Science Honors Scholarship; Civil Service Outstanding Woman student in Political Science.

CRAWLEY, MICHAEL E., Business Administration, BSBA

CREECH, TERESA J., Business Education, BSBE; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary.

CRIBBS, JERRY S., Voice, BMME; Piano; All A's; Chamber Singers; Marching Pirates; Men's Glee Club; Opera Workshop; University Chorale; Varsity Band; Chairman School of Music Student Forum.

CROMARTIE, MARY B., Ceramics, BFA; Crafts/Design; Ceramics Guild; Film Committee; Circus-Nimbus Observers Unlimited.

CRONIN, JAMES M., Political Science, BA; European Studies; Honor Roll; Pi Sigma Alpha.

CROTTS, DEBORAH B., Commerical Art, BFA; Interior Design; Dean's List; Delta Phi Delta, president; Design Associates, Secretary and Treasurer; Honor Roll; Intramural tennis; Student Government Assocation; University Curriculum Committee; Academic Affairs Committee.

CROVITZ, MATHEW S., Math, BS; Assoc. For Computing Machines; Math Club, Vice President


CUTTS, KAREN B., Home Economics Educaiton, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

CUTTS, VICKI M., Speech, Lanuage, and Auditory Pathology, BS; Chi Omega; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Intramurals basektball, volleyball, football; National Student Speech and hearing assoc.; Panhellenic Council.

DAMERON, BEVERLY, Speech Pathology/Audiology, BS; Cheerleaders; Honor Roll; Miss ECU Football; School Spirit Committee; WECU Radio; National student Sepeech and hearing Association.

DAUGHTRY, PATRICIA A., Nursing, BSN; Honor Roll; Presbyterian Center; Student Nurses Assoc., President, Historian; Dean's Advisory Council

DAVENPORT, BELINDA D., Medical Records, BSP; American Medical Record Assoc.

DAVIES, RALPH D., Business Education, BSBE; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omega Pi.

DAVIS, CAROLYN A., English, BA; Journalism; Alpha Phi Gamma; Dean's List; FOUNTAINHEAD; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Simga Tau Delta; Univerity Union, Entertainer.

DAVIS, DEBORAH E., Printmaking, BFA; Design; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

DAVIS, JAMES H., Sociology/Political Science, BA; Alpha Kappa Delta; Dean;s List; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Government Assoc., Cabinet; Union Blwoing League; Veterans Club; Who's Who; NC Student Legislature; National Model United Nations; Greeville City Council; Human Relations Council.

DAVIS, MAMIE L., Child Development, BS; Psychology; American Home Economics Assoc.; Delta Sigma Theta; Omum Eta Chi; Drama Club; Cheerleader.

DAVIS, SUSAN B., Design, BFA; Ceramics; Dean's List; Outing Club.

DEAVER, RONDA, Social Work, BSP; Child welfare; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

DEESE, JEANE, Intermediate Education, BS; Social Studies; Dean's List; Honor Roll

DEES, MARY M., Intermediate Education, BS; All A's; Alpha Xi Delta, President; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta Pi; Student National Educational Assoc.

DELAMAR, DENNIS W., Elementary/Intermediate Education, BS; All A's; Dean's list; Honor Roll; N.C. Education Assoc.; Student National Educational Assoc.; Mr. student Teacher.

DEMPSEY, JOANNA H., Medical Record Science, BSP; All A's; Dean's list; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc.; Phi Kappa Phi.

DENNIS, EDNA P., Early childhood, BS; Assoc. For Childhood Education

DENNY, KATHRYN E., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Psi Chi; Women's Residence Council.

DEWAR, THERESA E., Early Childhood Eduction, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Student National Educational Assoc..

DICKINSON, STERLING T., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; Phi Beta Lambda.


DIXON, EMILY M., Home Economics Education, BS; American Home Economics Assoc.; Home Economics Club.

DODD, DEBRA A., Speech, Language, Auditory Pathology, BS; Cheerleader; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer; Dean's List; Domritory Officer; Gamma Delta Phi; Honor Roll; Intramural Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball; marshal; National Student Speech and Hearing Assoc.; Pi Omega Pi; University Union; Special Events Committee

DOLLAR, KENNTH L., Accounting Society; Men's Glee Club; Society for Advancement of Management

DOWD, JUDY L., Library Science, BS; Honor Roll.

DREW, DOUGLAS D., Physical Therapy, BS; Honor Roll; Physical Therapy Club.

DUBOSE, KATHERINE L., Mathematics, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Pi Mu Epsilon

DUNNING, MELLISSA M., Medical Record Science, BSp; Dean;s List; Domitory Officer; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc.


DUTTON, LEWIS E., Accounting Society; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Intramural Softball; Phi Beta Lambda, President, National Vice president; Phi Kappa Phi; Society for Advancement of Management

EASON, TROY E., Health and Physical Education, BS; Baseball team; Honor Roll.

EASTWOOD, NORMAN E., Industrial Arts, BS; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll.

EDMONDS, LEON D. Correctional Services, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Karate club

EDWARDS, BARBARA M., Accounting, BSBA; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Pi Kappa Phi.

EDWARDS, JAMES L., Correctional Services, BSP; Law Enforcement; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Veterans Club

EDWARDS, MICHAEL D., History/Anthropology, BA; FOUNTAINHEAD, Circulation Manager; Intramurals; Sigma Tau Sigma, Recording Secretary; Student Government Assoc., Legislature, Co-Chairman Rules Committee; Chairman Appropriations Committee, Chairman Judiciary Commitee, Spaker Pro Tempore, Parlimentarian; Best Legislature Award; N.C. Student Legislature.

ENNIST, JEAN, Physical Therapy, BS; Physical Therapy Club.

EURE, DONNA G., Housing and Management, BSP; Child Development/Family Relations; Home Economics Club; Young Home Designers.

EVANS, VICKIE V., Early Childhood Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramural Volleyball; National Educational Assoc.; N.C. Educational Assoc.; Student National Educational Assoc.

FACE, WILLIAM C., III, Parks, Recreation, and conservation, BSP; Gymnsatic Club; Honor Roll; Indoor Track; Intramural Basketball, football; Outdoor track; Parks and Recreation Club; Track team; University union; Phi Epsilon Kappa.

FAILING, BARBARA A., Medical Records Science, BSP; All a's; dean's List; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc.

FAISON, PAMELA A., Medical Records Administration, BSP; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc.; Society of United Liberal Students.

FERGUSON, EDWIN G., Political Science, BA; European Studies; Dean's list; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Football, Badminton, Basketball; Kappa Sigma; Law Society; Men's Resident Council; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Government Assoc.; Tennis Team.


FINCH, DAVID H., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Honor Roll

FINCH, PATRICIA A., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Honor Roll; Psi Chi

FITZGERALD, LAURA H., English, BS; education; All A's; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Sigma Tau Delta

FITZSIMMONS, DORA, Health and Physical Education, BS; Dean's list; Girls Basketball; Girls Field Hockey; Intramural Softball; Student National Educational Assoc.; Women's Intercollegiate Basketball.

FLEMING, PATRICIA L., English, BS; Honor Roll; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary.

FLOWERS, RAMONA L., Home economics education, BS; American Home Economics Assoc.; Baptist Student Union; Dean's List

FLOYD, LAWRENCE N., Marketing, BSBA; General Business Administration; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Softball; football; Sigma Phi epsilon; Society for Advancement of Management

FOSTER, JOHN R., Painting, BFA; Commerical Art; Dean's List; Delta Phi Delta; Honor Roll.

FOSTER, MARY M., English, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

FRANKLIN, FLOYD A., Intramural Football, basketball, softball, track

FRYAR, WILLIAM D., JR., Economics, BSBA; Dean's list; Honor Roll; intramurals softball, football, bowling, tennis; men's Glee club; Omicron Delta Epsilon, President; Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Sigma Pi; Society for Advancement of Management; Student Government Assoc.; Veteran's Club.

FULLER, GAIL L., Early Childhood Educaiton, BS.

FUTULL, CINDY, Library Science, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll

FUTULL, JAMES W., Mathematics/Informational Science, BA; Assoc. for Computing Machines.

GARDENER, ORBERT T., JR., INterior Design, BFA; Commerican Art; National Society of Interier Designers

GARRISON, ELLEN, Home Economics/Clothing and textiles, BS; Housing

GERRIOR, DIANE, Music education and Therapy, BME; Alpha Xi Delta; Concert Band; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer, Vice President; Honor Roll; Intramural Softball; Marching Pirates; Sigma Alpha Eta; Symphonic Wind Ensemble

GILLIAM, RICHARD A., Economics, BSBA; Colege Republican Club, President; Dean's List; FOUNTAINHEAD, Business Manager; Honor Roll; N.C. State Legislatur; Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer; Society for Advancement of Management, President; Student Government Assoc., Appropriations Committee Chairman; Veterans Club

GODWIN, WILLIAM D., III, Real Estate, BSBA; Baseball Team

GOODELL, ROBERT D., Accounting, BSBA; All A's; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Honor Roll

GOODING, KAY, Medical Records Sciences, BSP; All A's; Deans List; Honor Roll

GOODMAN, DEBORAH L., Child Development, BS; Psychology; Honor Roll; Student Government Assoc., Legislature; Student Nurses; University Union, Secretary, Special Events Committee

GOULD, WATLER T., JR., Industrial Technology, BSP; Espilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Intramural Softball; Naitonal Assoc. of Industry and Technology; Popular Films Comm.

GREGORY, GAIL C., Philosophy/Psychology, BA; FOUNTAINHEAD; Honor Roll; REBEL

GREINER, KAREN L., Intermediate Education, BS; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer

GRIFFEN, CHRISTOPHER G., Business Administration, BSBA; Alpha Phi Gamma; BUCCANEER; Honor Roll; Intramural Golf, Softball, Basketball

GRIFFIN, JAMES W., JR., Business Administration; Dean's list; Intramural Sofball, basketball; Campus Crusade for Christ

GRIFFIN, REGGIE, Social Work, BSP; Dean;s List; Honor Roll; Golf Team; Intramural Football; Student Government Assoc.; Drama Club

GASKINS, MARIE S., Library Science, BS; History

GRIFFIN, ROBERT G., Industrial and Technical Education, BS; Dean;s List; epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Indstury and Technical Education Club; Intramural Football, baseball; Basketball; National Assoc. of Industry and technology.

GRIMES, ROSE M., Intermediate Education, BS; Honor Roll

GROSE, DONNA J., Piano Pedagogy/Performance, BMP; Chamber Singers; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates Flag Corps; N.C. Music teachers's Assoc.; Opera Workshop, Accompanist; Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Pianist; Unversity Chorale; Who's Who; Women's Glee Club, Accompanist.

GUENTHER, CAROL, Intermediate Education, BS; Language Arts/Science; Dean's list; Honor Roll

GWALTNEY, LYNN, Social Work, BSP, Correction; Dean's List; honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers

HAIGLER, DEBORAH A., Mathematics, BA; Psychology; Honor Roll


HALL, LENWOOD, JR., Biology, BSP; Biology Club; Honor Roll


HAM, MICHAEL D., Accounting, BSBA.

HANCOCK, JOEL G., History, BA; Political Science; All A's; Dean's List; Delta Phi Alpha; Dormitory Officer, President; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball, Softball; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who's Who; History Honors Scholarship.

HANCOCK, CLARENCE T., Social Work, Corrections, BSP; Community Correction; Honor Roll; Intramural Softball, Volleyball; Kappa Sigma; Veterans Club.

HANEY, PHYLLIS L., Business Management, BSBA; Honor Roll; Intramural Volleyball; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for Advancement of Management.

HARB, JOHN, Environmental Health, BSP; All A's; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Intramural Football; Basketball, Softball.

HARDEN, LINDA S., Medical Record Science, BSP; All A's; Angel Flight Materials Officer, Administrative Officer; Dean's List; Drill Team; Honor Roll; Lutheran Student Assoc.; American Medical Record Assoc.

HARLAND, SALLY LE, Industrial and Technical Education, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Epsilon Pi Tau, Secretary, President; Honor Roll; Industry and Technical Education Club, Secretary; Intramural Bsketball; Who's Who.

HARPER, LOWELL S., Music Education, BME; All A's; Campus Union Committee, Artist Series; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Jazz Ensemble; Marching Pirate; Pep Band; Percussion Ensemble; Phi Mu Alpha, Historian, Parliamentarian; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; University Chorale; Varsity Band.

HARRELL, KATHRYN M., Library Science, BS; Social Science; Dean's List; Intramural Basketball; Lambda Chi Alpha, President

HARRIS, GERALD L., Political Science/History, BA.

HARRIS, TYLER, Political Science, BA; Urban Planning; student Planning Association, Senior Co-ordinator.

HARTNESS, THOMA S., Geology, BS; All A's; Chi Beta Phi; Geology Club, President; Honor Roll; National Educational Assoc.; N.C. Academy of Science.

HASKETT, KAREN JO, Psychology, BA; All A's; Chi Beta Phi; Dean's List; Gamma Beta Phi; League of Scholars; N.C. Leadership Foundation; Phi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi, President; Publications Board, Vice-Chairman

HAYER, JIMMY Social Work, BSP; Individuals and Groups

HAUBENREISER, JOAN, Physical Therapy, BSP; Dean's List; Girls Basketball; Girls Field Hockey; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; Intramural; Judo Club; Physical Therapy; Women's Intercollegiate Basketball; Women's Recreation Assoc., Repre.

HAWKINS, DONNA H., Social Work, BSP; National Assoc. of Social Workers

HEDRICK, FRANCES K., Intermediate Education, BS; Honor Roll; Student National Educational Assoc.

HEIDENREICH, JAN MARIE, Housing and Management, BS; Clothing and Textiles; Alpha Delta Pi; Reigstrar; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Young Home Designers.

HERRING, DEBBIE, Social Work, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll

HEMBREE, LAVENA R., Social Work, BS; Child Welfare; Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Girls Basketball; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers.

HILL, ROBERT M., Business Administration, BSBS; Honor Roll

HIGGINS, JOHN W., Parks, Recreation and Conservation, BSP; Concert Band; Intramural Softball; Jazz Ensemble

HODGE, JOHN ED., Industrial and Technical Education, BS; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Indstury and Technical Education Club; National Assoc. of Industry and Technology; Veterans Club, Secretary.

HODGES, RITA S., Mathematics, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Chi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Psi Chi

HOLDEN, BRENDA F., Physical Therapy, BS; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Physical Therapy

HOLDER, LASTER B., Accounting, BSBA; Business; Accounting Society; Honor Roll.

HOLLOWELL, THOMAS L., Business Asministration, BSBA; Business Accounting Society; Honor Roll.

HOLMES, RUSSELL N., Biology, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi.

HOLTON, DEBORAH A., Early Childhood Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Student National Educational Assoc.

HORTON, ELIZABETH c., Music Theory Composition, BMP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; SMENC; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale; Women's Glee Club.

HORNE, KATHERINE C., Political Science, BS; Urban Planning; College Democrats Club, president; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Pi Sigma Alpha; Varisty Band; Debate Team.

HOWARD, GAYLE R., Accounting, BSBA; Accouting Society; All a's; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon.

HOWELL, KENNETH W., Sociology, BA; Geography; Pabtist Student Union; College Democrats Club; Men's Glee Club; Publications Board; Student Government Assoc.

HOWELL, RUTH BENNETT, Social Work, BS; Dean';s List; Social Committee of ECU Union.

HOWLAND, CATHERINE M., German, BA; History; All A's; Dean's List; Delta Phi Alpha, President; French Club; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Phi Kappa Phi.

HUDGINS, ROBERT E., Mathematics, AB; Computer Science; Assoc. for Computing Machines, Vice President; Baptist Student Union; Program Chairman, Social Chairman; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Math Club, President; Poetry Forum; University Chorale.

HUDSON, KAREN M., Physical Therapy, BS; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Physical Therapy.

HUGHES, PHYLLIS L., Social Work, BSP; Angel Flight, Commander, Executive Officer, Information Officer; Drill Team; Honor Roll.

HUFFMAN, KATE, Science Education, BS; Biology; Chi Beta Phi; Student National Educational Assoc.

HUNT, TERESA N., Speech, Language and Auditory Pathology, BS; Psychology; All A's; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi.

HUTCHINS, JACQUELINE K., Medical Record Science, BSP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc.


IRVIN, JIM, Physical Therapy, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Physical Therapy.

IVEY, PEGGY S., Social Work, BSP; Individuals and Groups; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

JACKSON, SARAH F., Social Work, BSP; Individuals and Groups; Honor Roll.

JACOBS, DEBORAH L., Social Work, BSP; Child WElfare; Dormitory Officer, Hall Proctor; Hostess; Honor Roll.


JENKINS, THOMAS L., Correction,s BSP; Community; Honor Roll

JOHNSON, FRANCES S., Early Childhood Ecuation, BS; N.C. Education Assoc.

JOHNSON, RALPH N., Busines Administration, BSBA.

JOHNSON, SANDRA K., Early Childhood Education, BS; Alpha Omicron Pi; Aquanymphs; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Women's Recreation Assoc.

JONES, JANICE M., Institutional Management, BSP; American Home Economics Assoc; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Home Economics Club; Intramural Softball.

JONES, RICHARD A., Finance, BSBA; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Society for Advancement of Management, Vice President; Veterans Club.

JONES, THOMAS D., Industrial Technology, BSp; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Industry and Technical Educationl Club; Intramural Softball; National Assoc. of Industrial and Technology, Secretary, Treasurer.

JOYNER, DONALD C., Business Administration, BSBA; General Business; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball; Society for Advancement of Management.

JOYNER, WILLIAM O., Political Science, BA; History; Honor Roll; Intramrual Softball, Football, Referee; Marching Priates.

KARR, DEBRA W., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Delta Theta Chi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Honor Roll.

KEICHLIUE, THOMAS D., Environmental Health, BSP; Honor Roll.

KEIGH, ANGELA G., Early Childhood Education, BS; Alpha Xi Delta; Assoc. for Childhood Education.

KELLY, PATRICIA E., Early Childhood Education, BS; Student National Assoc.

KELLY, SHEILA J., Interior Design, BA; Intramural Basketball, Volleyball; National Society of Interior Designers, Secretary; Dormitory Officer, Secretary.

KELLY, THOMAS E., Political Science, AB; History.

KENDRICK, CALVIN L., Business Administration, BSBA; Society for Advancement of Management; Society of United Liberal Students.

KIGHT, RANDY H., Early Childhood Education, BS.

KIMSEY, JAMES R., Political Science, BA; History; College Democrats Club; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Symphony Orchestra.

KING, GARY M., Psychology, AB; Dean's List; East Carolina Debate Union; Honor Roll; Psychology Club; Psi Chi.

KNOX, BENNY, Indstury and Technology Education, BS; Bseball Team; Epsilon Pi Tau, Secretary; Honor Roll; Industry and Technical Education Club; National Assoc. of Indstury and Technology.

KOPP, LESLIE D., Music Performance, BMP; Honor Roll; Sigma Alpha Itoa; Symphinc Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra.

KORNBERGER, KAREN, Painting, BFA; Printmaking; Honor Roll.

KORNEGAY, SUSAN E., Mathematics, BA; Psychology; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer, Secretary; Honor Roll; Marshal; Pi Mu Epsilon; Psi Chi.

KRUPA, CRAIG, Political Science, BA; Sociology; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer; Honor Roll; Pi Sigma Alpha.

LACKS, CLIFTON, F., JR., Psychology, BA; Economics; Gymnastic Club; Honor Roll; Intramural Football.

LAMBETH, SUSAN B., Drama, BFA; Speech; Dean's List; East Carolina Playhouse.

LANDEN, WILLIAM T., JR., Biology, BA; Chi Beta Phi, Vice President; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Pre-med and Pre-dental society, President.

LANGAN, MARY K., Political Science, BA; ROTC; AFROTC, Administrative Officer; Arnold Air Society, Administrative Officer; Honor Roll; Intramurals Basketball, Softball; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who's Who.

LATOUR, RICH, Commerical Art, BA; Painting; Design Associates.

LATSCHAR, MARGARET B., Music Education, Bm; Concert Band; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Marching Pirates; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; SMENC; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; Varsity Band; University Chorale.

LEE, EARL, Mathematics, BA; Computer Science.

LEE, KATRINA, Social Work, BSP: Child Welfare; ECU Christian Fellowship; Inernational Relations Club; Karate Club; Student Council for Exceptional Children.

LEE, LENA M., Psychology, AB; Sociology; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Karate Club; Psi Chi.

LEE, MICHAEL S., English/Political Science, BA; Dean's List; Inter-varsity Youth Fellowship.

LEHMAN, MARION, Physical Therapy, BS; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Intramural Bsketball, Softball; Phi Kappy Phi; Physical Therapy.

LEMONS, BETSY A., Interior Design, BA; Delta Phi Delta; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Interior Designers.

LEONARD, DONALD R., JR., General Business, BSBA; Christian Athletes; Football Team.

LENNON, SALLY C., Home Economics Education, BS; Concert Choir; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron; University Chorale.

LEWIS, BARBARA C., Intermediate Education; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi.

LEWIS, MYRA G., Health and Physical Education, BS; Aquanymphs; Girls Field Hockey; Phi Epsilon Mu; Physical Educations Majors Club; Women's Recreation Assoc., Publicity Chairman; Owmen's Athletic Trainer.

LILLEY, CYNTHIA J., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; Honor Roll; Society for Advancement of Management.

LLOYD, CHARLES G., Political Science, BA; Sociology; Tennis Team.


LONG, CATHY J., Social Worker, BSP; Angel Flight, Operations Officer; Dean's list; Honor Roll.

LOWRANCE, PATRICIA, Child Development and Family Relations, BS; Housing and Management; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates; Operate Workshop; Pep Band; Student Music Educators Conference; Varsity Band.

LUNDAY, JULIANNA, Home Economics Clothing and Textiles, BSP; Housign and Management; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta; University Union.

MAHONEY, PHIL. Political Science/History, BA; College Democrats Club; Pitt County YOung Democrats Vice President; Inter-Fraternity Council, President, Vice President, attorney-General; Home coming, Steering Committee; Honor Roll; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Chaplain; University Union, Board of Directors.

MACKIE, FRED MARTIN, Business Ed., BSBE; Dean's List; Men's Glee Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Publications Board, Photographer

MANN, TERRELL LEONARD, Political Science/History, BA; Intramurals, Tennis, Basketball, Softball.

MANN, WALTER BURRUS, JR., Political Science/Sociology, BA; Crew; Honor Roll; Model UN; Student Government, Legislator, 1973, Exectuive Cabinet, Transportation Manager.

MARSHALL, RICHARD ALAN, Painting, BS; Lambda Chi Alpha; National Art Educators Club.

MARTIN, LINDA G., Intermediate Ed., BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

MASSEY, ROSE W., Home Economics Education, BS; All A's; American Home Economics Assoc.; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

McCORMICK, CORNELIN, Early Childhood Ed., BS; Honor Roll.

McCOWN, ROBERT W., Political Science/History, BA; College Republican Club; Concert Choir; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Baseball; Men's Glee Club, President; Men's Residence Council; Music Educators National Conference; Opera Workshop; Veterans Club; Political Science Club; Tutorial Society; University Chorale.

McCOY, CLEOPHUS, Political Science, BA; Biology.

McDADE, MAUDE E., Parks, Recreation, and Conservation, BSP; Dean's List; Karate Club; Parks and Recreation Club.

McDILDA, KENNTH L., Operations and Systems Analysis, BSBA; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Varsity Band; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for Advancement of Management; Union Bowling League.

McGAUGHEY, PATRICIA A., CDFR/Psychology, BS; American Home Economics Assoc.

McGOWAN, ELLEN L., Business Education, BS; Honor Roll; Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer.

McKEEL, ROBERT W., Social Work--Sociology/Composite, BSP; All A's; Campus Union Committee; College Democrats Club; Dean';s List; Honor Roll; Key, Editor 1974; Model UN; National Assoc. of Social Workers; Wesley Foundation; Who's Who (Nominee); Publications Board, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary; Spanish Club; student Goverment Assoc., Candidate for SGA Vice President; Student Government Assoc., Executive Councils, Secreatry of Consumer Affairs; University Board, Secretary, Chairman; University Union; ECU Theatre Foundation; N.C. State Student Legislature Delegat, Member of Following State Committees: Membership, Public Relations, Housing; East Carolina University Family Life Council.

McKENAIE, SYLVIA, Correctional Services, BSP; Dormitory Officer, Rep. 2 years; Honor Roll.

McLAWHOAN, RONDA R., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Dean's List.

MCOMBER, GARY B., Environmental Health, SP; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi.

MEDLIN, JONSIE L., Math, BS; Honor Roll.

NEWBORN, HORACE H., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society; Phi Beta Lambda.

METZ, LINDA, Music Ed., BME; Dean's List; Marching Pirates; Women's Glee Club, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, First V.P.; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale.

MIDGETT, DEBORAH M., Home Economics Education, BS; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

MILLER, WILLIAM D., Business Administration, BSBA; Delta Sigma Phi, president, Stg. at Arms, Pedge Maaster, Rush Director; Intramurals, Track, Football; Student Government Assoc., Student Affairs Comm; Intra-Fraternity Council

MILHISER, TOMMY R., Accounting, BSBA; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

MILLS, CRAIG K., Music, BME; Concert Band; Concert Choir; Honor Roll; N.C. Nusic teachers Assoc.; Pep Band; Varsity Band; Woodwind Quintet; Phi Ku Alpha, President; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale.

MINNER, CYNTHIA ELLEN, Psychology, BA; Composite; Honor Roll.

MITCHELL, COLLEEN, Social Work, BSP; Child Welfare.

MOBLEY, ALAN L., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Psi Chi.

MONDAY, GREGG S., Real Estate, BSBA; Intramurals, Volleyball, Softball; Volleball Club.

MONSON, CHARLES B., Business Administration, BSBA; Marketing; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Inter-Fraternity Counil, Treasurer; Pi Lambda Phi, Treasurer.

MOORE, EDGAR R., Accounting, BSBA; Honor Roll; Veterans Club.

MOORE, KAREN L., Speech, Language, Auditory Pathology, BS; Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi, Chapter Relations Rush, President; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Marshal; National Student Speech and Hearing Assoc., Treasurer; Panhellenic Council, Rush Chairman; Women's Glee Club; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Outstanding Women on Campus, 1973-74; Greek Hall of Fame, 1973-74.

MOORE, KATIE B., Home Economics Education, BS; American Home Economics Assoc.; Democrats Club; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Modern Dance Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

MORGAN, LINDA C., Home Economics Education, BS; Child Development and Family Relations; American Home Economics Assoc.; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

MORGAN, NANCY, Early Children, BS; Assoc. For Childhood Education; Cheerleaders, Freshman, Varsity Alternate; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, President; Class Officer, Sr. Class Vice president; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Homecoming Queen; Intramurals; Student Government Assoc., screening and Appointment Com., Student Affairs Com; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sweetheart; University Union, Special Events Committee, Spirit Committee.

MORRIS, LAURA J., environmental Health, BS; Biology; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

MORROW, WILLIAM H., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Honor Roll; Swimming Team

MORTON, ALBERT F., JR., Real Estate, BSBA; Pi Kappa Phi.

MOZINGO, RANDALL, Social Work, BSP; All A's

MUSE, CARLTON M., Environmental Health, BS; Honor Roll; Intramurals Softball.

MYERS, KATHERINE A., Ceramics, BFA; Painting/Textile Design; Ceramics Guild; Cirrus-Numbus Observers Unlimited, Honorary Member; University Union, Films Committee, Chairman.

NALL, JUDY M., Intermediate Education, BS; Honor Roll; Student National Educational Assoc.

NARROW, JOHN W., Political Science, BA; Accounting; Accounting Society; Honor Roll; Law Society; Pi Sigma Alpha.

NARRON, MARCIA P., Physical Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Epsilon Ku, President.

NAYLOR, CARY L., Political Science, BA; History; Dean's List; East Carolina Debate Union; Honor Roll; Law Society; Pi Sigma Alpha

NEAL, SUSAN W., Parks, Recreation, and Conservation, BSP.

NELSON, JESSE B., Music, BME; Voice; Brass Quintet; Concert Band; Dean's List; East Carolina Playhouse; Honor Roll; Jazz Ensemble; Marching Pirates; Varsity Band; Phi Mu Alpha; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale.

NEWLAND, DALE L., Geology, BS; Den's List; Dormitory Officer, Governor; Geology Club; Honor Roll; Men's Resident Council.

NICHOLS, DEBORAH L., Political Science, BA; Economics; Dormitory Officer, 1 year.

NUNN, HAROLD P., Accounting, BSBA.

NUNN, PAUL L., JR., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting Society.

O'BRIEN, MICHAEEL, Correctional Services, BSP; Research Composite; Alpha Phi Omega; Dean's List; Football Team; Honor Roll; Intramruals; Karate Club; Way Ministry Club.

OWEN, DONALD A., Physical Therapy, BS; Honor Roll; Physical Therapy Club, President

OWENS, DEBORAH J., Business Education, BSBE; Alpha Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda.

OWENS, MARY K., Intermediate Education, BS; Concentraion Math, Science, and Language; Chi Omega, Assistant House Manager; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; National Educational Association; N.C. Education Associaton; Panhellenic Council, Activities and Philanthropic Chairman; Women's Glee Club; Student Government Association, Rules Committee; University Union, Spirit Committee Secretary.


PADGETT, CHARLES E., Indstury and Technology, BS; Business; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Softball; National Assocation of Interior Designers; Veterans Club; Society for Advancement of Management.

PALMER, JOHN R., Communication Art, BFA; Painting and European Studies; Class Officer, Sophomore President; Honor Roll; Student Government Assoc., Exectuive Councils; Ring Committee; ECU Bonn.

PARKER, RUTH G., Intermediate Education, BS; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Softball, Basketball, Tennis; Women's Recreation Assoc.; National Educational Assoc.; N.C. Education Assoc.

PARRISH, PHILLIP, Business Administration, BSBA; Real Estate; Intramurals, Basketball and Softball.

PARRISH, PHYLLIS P., Social Work, BSP; Individual and Group; National Assoc. of Social Workers.

PARROTT, BILLY R., Industrial Arts Education, BS; Dean's List; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Industry and Technology

PATE, JUNE P., French, BS; Dean's List; French Club, Secretary; Gamma Beta Phi, Historian; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi

PAYNE MARY A., Intermediat eEducation, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

PAYNE, PATSY L., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

PEEBLES, LINDA A., Speech and Laguage Pathology, BS; Psychology; Dean's List; Gymnastic Club; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Volleyball; National Student Speech and Hearing Assoc.; Student Council for Exceptional Children.

PEELER, PAMELA J., English, BS; Angel Flight, Controller, Area B-2 Commander; Dormitory Officer, Dorm Hall Proctor, Dorm House Council; Drill team (Angel Flight); Honor Roll; Lutheran Student Assoc., Student Fund Committee; Who's Who, Nominee; Women's Residence Council; Women's Residence Council Executive Offices; WRC-MRC Committee

PEGRAM, BEVERLY A., Home Economics Education, BS; Dean's List; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Corresponding Secretary.

PENCOLA, MICHAEL A., Psychology, BA; Sociology; College Democrats Club; Intramurals

PENFIELD, SANDRA W., English, BA; Journalism; Alpha Phi Gamma; Aquanymps; Alpha Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant Ruch, Outstanding Leadership Award; Dormitory Officer; Panhellenic Council, President; Who's WHo; WHo's WHo in National Fraternities and Sororities; Publications Board; REBEL Managing Editor, Co-Editor, Editor; Stduent Government Assoc.; Outstanding Greek Woman; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Sports Information Hostess; Drug Board; Homecoming Steering Commitee; Oustanding Women On Campus; Artemis Award; Greek Hall of Fame

PERRY, WILLIAM E., Chemistry, BA; All A's; Dean's List; Chi Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Veterans Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-med and Pre-dental Society; Veterans Club

PETERSON, DONNA SU., Intermediate Education, BS; Concentrations: Language, Arts, and Math; Dean's List; Delta Theta Chi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Honor Roll; Who's Who; Women's Residence Council Ex. Officer, Secretary, rpesident; Student National Educational Assoc.

PHILLIPS, ROBERT D., Correctional Services, BS; Hnor Roll; Intramurals, Basketball

PHILLIPS, ROSE M., Acounting; Honor Roll; Delta Phi Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer

PHIPPS, WILLIAM W., Psychology, BA; Sociology; All A's; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Softball; Who's Who; Todd Scholarship Recipient; Phi Sigma Pi, Secretary, President; Psi Chi, Treasurer; Review Board, Chairman; Student Government Assoc., Appropriations Committee; University Board

PIERPOINT, VIRGINIA P., Psychology, BA; Sociology; All A's; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi, Secretary.

PITTMAN, ROBERT M., Industrial and Technical Education, BS; Dean's List; Epsilon Pi Tau, Treasurer; Honor Roll; Industry and Technical Education Club; Phi Sigma Pi.


POPE, MONTE D., Home Economics (CDFR), BS; Psychology; Delta Zeta; Honor Roll.

POWELL, RICHARD W., Music Education, BME; Dean's List; Concert Band; Honor Roll; Jazz Ensemble; N.C. Music Teachers Assoc.; Phi Ku Alpha, Secretary; MENC; Secretary and Chairman of Artist Series Committee; Saxophone Quartet.

PRICE, DEWEY W., Indstury and Technology, BSP; Business Adm.; Concer Band; Delta Sigma Phi; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Marching Pirates; men's Glee Club; National Assoc. of Industry and Technology; Pep Band; Varsity Band.

PRICE, WILLIAM L., Political Science, BA; Geology; All A's; Dean's List; Geology Club; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Football, Basketball; Phi Kappa Ttau; Society of United Liberal Students.


QUICK, ROY A., Math, BA; Computer Science; Indoor Track, Tri-Captain; Outdoor Track, Tri-Captain; track Team, Tri-Captain

RAMSEY, WANDA M., Social Work, BSP; Corrections; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Work

REDDING, THOMAS, Math, BS; Computer Science; Assoc. for Computing Machines; Baptist Student Union; Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Math Club; Varsity Band; Pi Mu Epsilon.

REHM, THOMAS J., Psychology, BA; European Studies; Honor Roll; Swim Team

RICE, CHRISTOPHER, Accounting, BSBA; All A's; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; Society for Advancement of Management

RICE, LINDA, Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles, BS; Housing and Management; American Home Economics Assoc.; Dean's List; Honor Roll

RICHARDS, CHARLES T., Music Education, BME; Concert Band; Concert Choir; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates; Pi Mu Epsilon; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale

RICHEY, SARAH F., Medical Records, BSP; All A's; Student Member of American Medical Record Assoc.

RIDDLE, MARVIN E., Indstury and Technology, BS; All A's; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Indstury and Technical Education; National Assoc. of Indstury and technology


ROBBINS, LINDA S., Home Economics Education, BS; All A's; American Home Economics Assoc.; Dean's Roll; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron.

ROBERSON, BRENDA T., Library Science, BS; Alpha Beta Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll.

ROBERSON, WILLIAM W., Business Education, BSBE; Intramurals; Marching Pirates

ROBINSON, CATHY D., Elementary Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Chi Omega; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Phi, Sweetheart, Little Sister

ROBINSON, FRANCES R., Political Science, BA; European Studies; Concert Band; Dean's List; Delta Phi Alpha; League of Schoalrs; marching Pirates; Pep Band; Pi Sigma Alpha

ROGERS, BARBARA G., Art Education, BS; Ceramics; Delta Phi Delta; National Art Education Club.

ROSE, ALICE, Math, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon

ROSE, LINDA M., Social Work, BSP; Child Welfare; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi.

ROUNTREE, KATHY, Music, BM; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Women's Glee Club; Pi Kappa Lambda; University Chorale

ROUSE, BEVERLY, Music Education, BM; Concert Band; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Marching Priates; N.C. Music Teachers Assoc.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; University Chorale.

ROUSE, IRIS H., Library Science, BS; Psychology; Honor Roll.

ROUSE, LINDA A., Business Administratio, BSBA; Marketing; Honor Roll; Karate Club

RUPERT, JOAN A., Social Work, BSP; Catholic Newman Club; Dean's List; Girls Tennis; National Assoc. of Social Workers; newman Club; Women's Varsity Tennis Team

SANDERS, BRENDA L., Library Science, BS; Honor Roll.

SCHOFIELD, SANDRA, Housing/Home Ec., BS; Psychology; Alpha Phi Sorority, Standards Chairman, Social Chairman; Concert Choir; Dean's List; Honor Roll


SETTLE, WILLIE L., Physical Therapy, BSp; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Physical Therapy Club, Treasurer; Society of United Liberal Students.

SHARP, JUDY D., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Gamma Beta Phi, Secretary; Honor Roll; Women's Recreation Assoc; Student National Educational Assoc.

SHARP, TONY L. Business, BSBA; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Softball; Society for Advancemen of Management

SHEARIN, DEBORAH M., Home Economics, CDFR, BSP; Psychology; American Home Economics Assoc.; Honor Roll

SHEARIN, STEVEN A., Industrial Technology, BSP; Indstury and Technical Educational Club; Intramural, Softball; National Assoc. of Industry and Technology, president

SHUBERT, THOMAS W., Political Science, BA; Aerospace Studies; AFROTC Group Commander; All A's; Arnold Air Society; Cadets in Blue, Commander; Dean's List; Dormitory Oiffcer; Dirll Team, Commander; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Who's Who; Pi Sigma Alpha, President

SHULLER, CAROL, Medical records Science, BSP; Student member of American Medical Record Assoc.

SHUMAKER, DONALD, Business Administration, BSBA; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Hnor Roll; Phi Beta Lambda; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Society for Advancement of Management

SIMPSON, LINDA D., Drama, BFA; Dance; Campus Union COmmittee; Delta Sigma Theta; East Carolina Playhouse; Gymnastic Club; Women's Glee Club; University Union.

SITTERSON, SUE B., Library Science, BS; Social Studies; Alpha Beta Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll.


SLATON, JOSEPH G., Social Work, BSP; Corrections; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers; Student Advisrory Committee, Social Work and Corrections, Treasurer, Vice President; Student Representative, Faculty Evaluation Committee

SMITH, JAMES H., JR., Business Education, BSBE; Dean's List; Pi Omega Pi, President

SMITH, JENNIFER, Social Work; Dean's List; Honor Roll

SMITH, NELDA B., Social Work, BSP; Child Weldfare; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll

SMITH, PEGGY, Social Work, BSP; Dean's List; National Assoc. of Social Workers

SMITH, RAYMOND D., General Business, BSBA

SMITH, VIRGINIA L., Art, BS; Dormitory Officer, Treasurer

SOLTYS, MARTHA L., Intermediate Education, BA; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer, President; Honor Roll; National Educational Assoc.; student National Educational Assoc.

SPENCE, NORA, Clothing and Textiles, BS; Housing; Honor Roll

SPRINKLE, KAY, Social Work, BSP; Honor Roll; Dean's List; Homecoming Rep.; National Assoc. of Social Workers

STANFIELD, ROBERT F., Accoutning; Accounting Society; Dean's List; Intramurals, Football, Softball; Veterans Club; Society for Advacement of Management

STALLINGS, JULIE, Business Education, BSBE; Alpha Phi Omega, Sweetheart; Honor Roll; National Business Education Assoc.

STEELE, BARBARA C., Early Childhood Education, BS; Hnor Roll; Student National Educational Assoc.

STEINBACK, JENSINA, Design (Crafts), BFA; Ceramics; Delta Phi Delta; Honor Roll

STEPHENS, DORIS M., Correctional Sevrices, BSP; Psychology; Dean's List; Dormitory Officer; First Christian Church College Fellowship; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Softball; Marching Pirates, Colorguard; Phi Beta Lambda, Corresponding Secrear; Student Union Commiette Officer, Secretary

STINES, JOE R., Library Science, BS; History; All A's; Alpha Beta Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi

STOCKS, BRENDA B., Art, BFA; Commerical, University Chorale

STOCKS, DEBRA L., Math, BS; All A's; Chi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Dean's List; marching Priates; Pep Band; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer; Psi Chi; Varsity Band; Kappa Delta Pi; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; N.C. Council of Teachers of Mathematics

STOCKS, DONALD A., Business Administration, BSBA; Honor Roll

STONIE, AMORY D., Social Work, BS; Individual/Group; Dean's List; Fountainhead, Staff Reporter; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers

STRAYHORN, LES, Social Work/Correctional Services; Football team; Intramurals, Basketball; Omega Psi Phi; Outdoor Track; Indoor Track; Who's Who; Society of United Liberal Students; Track Team; University Union

STUBBS, HARRY W., IV, Political Science, BA; History; Canterbury Club; Cheerleader; Circle K Club, President; College Democrats Club, Treasurer; Dormitory Officer; Honor Roll; Law Society; Men's Residence Counci; Political Science Club; Student Government Assoc., Judiciary Comm. Char.; N.C. Student Legislature, Delegation Chairman, membership Chairman

STYRON, ANNA G., Social Work, BSP; Individual/Group; Dean's List; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers; Phi Kappa Phi

SUGGS, ELIZABETH K., Social Wefare, BSP; Child Welfare; Chi Omega; Election's Committee; Senior Committee

SUMMERELL, VERNON G., Accounting, BSBA; Accounting society; Dean's list; Intramurals, Basketball and Softball; veterans Club; Phi Sigma Pi

SUMNER, LESTER B., Accounting, BSBA; Honor Roll; Accounting Society

SUTTON, PATTI, Social Work, BSP; Child Welfare; Honor Roll


SWANN, MARGARET S., Medical Record Science, BSP; All A's; Honor Roll; American Medical Record Assoc. Student Member

SWANSON, DEBORAH H., Health and Physical Education, BS; All A's; Dean's List; Girls Field Hockey, manager; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Undergraduate Asst., Women's Recreation, Assoc., President, Outstanding Representative; Phi epsilon Mu, Vice President; Physical Educational majors Club

SYKES, TANYA, Social Work, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; National Assoc. of Social Workers

TARNER, ROBERT N., Business Administration, BSBA; Intramurals

TAYLOR, HULDA, Elementary Education--Intermediate, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Volleyball; Student National Educational Assoc.

TAYLOR, DEBRA B., Early Childhood Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta Pi; Student national Educational Assoc.

TAYLOR, ELIZABETH J., Home Economics Education, Bs; American Home Economics Assoc.; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Phi Upsilon Omicron

TAYLOR, ROLAND E., JR., Music, BME; Concert Band; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates; Men's Glee Club; Pep Band; Percussion Ensemble; Varsity Band; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorale

TEDDER, EVERETTE, Business Administration, BSBA; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for Advancement of Management

TERRELL, STEVE S., Anthropology, BA; History; Dean's List; Honor Roll; men's Glee Club

TESH, LARRY A., Business Administration, BSBA; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Softball, Basketball

TRASHER, MELISSA M., Music Education, BME; All A's; Chamber Singers; Concert Choir; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Opera Workshop; Women's Glee Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Lambda; student Goverment Assoc.; SMENC

TILT, KENNETH M., Psychology, BA; Sociology; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Swim Team

TODD, ELIZABETH A., Speech, Language, and Auditory Pathology, BS; Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Chaplain, Vice Press.; Dean's List; Honor Roll; National student Speech and Hearing Assoc.; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Student Government Assoc.

TOMPKINS, STEPHEN G., English, BA; Journalism; Fountainhead, Staff writer; Intramurals, Bsketball, Tennis; Soccer team

TOPERZER, SHELLEY A., Business Administration/Accounting, BSBA

TOWNSEND, GERLAD, Accounting, BSBA; Dean's List; Honor Roll; East carolina Playhouse; Intramurals, Football; Karate Club

TUCKER, CHARLES F., Industrial Arts, BS; Dean's list; Epsilon Pi Tau, Reporter; Honor Roll; Industry and Technical Education Club, President

TUCKER, DALE K., Music, BM; Campus Union Committee, Artist Serioces Com., Secretary, Chairman; Honor Roll; Marching Pirates; Men's Glee Club; Opera Workshop; Pep Band; Varisty Band; Women's Glee Club; Phi Mu Alpha, Parliamentarian; University Choarle; Music Teachers National Assoc., Vice President

TUCKER, MARY E., Early Childhood Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Educ.; N.C. Education Assoc.; Student National Educational Assoc.

TUDOR, PAULINE E., French, BS; Dean's list; Delta Pi Alpha; Dormitory Officer; French Club; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Basketball

TWYMAN, JO ANN, Art, BS; Design; National Art Educators Club


VERLINDEN, GREG, Indsturial Technology, BSP; Dean's List; Epsilon Pi Tau; Honor Roll; Veterans Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma Pi; Society for Advancement of Management

VINSON, TRUDY J., Intermediate Education, BS; Dean's List; Honor Roll

WAGNER, JILL M., Inst. Management of Foods, BS; Campus Crusade for Christ; Cheerleaders, Co-Chief; Crew; Honor Roll

WAGNER, RECEBBA M., Early Childhood, BS; Honor Roll; Dean's List; Marshal; Math Club; N.C. Education Assoc.

WALDEN, E.G., Business, BSBA; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for Advancement of Management, Board of Directors, Committee Chairman; Veterans Club, Vice President, Executive Council

WARD, TERESA A., Health and Physical Education, BS; Dean's list; Girls Basketball; Girls Volleyball; Honor Roll; Intramurals, Women's Assitant; Women's Intercollegiate Basketball; Women's Recreational Assoc.; Phi Epsilon Mu; Physical Education Majors Club; N.C. APHER

WARD, WANDA B., Physical Therapy, BSP; Dean's List; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Intramuals; Women's Recreation Assoc.; Phi Kappa Phi; Physical Therapy Club

WATSON, JEWEL K., French, BS; Dean's list; French Club; Honor Roll; Phi Sigma Iota, Secretary-Treasurer

WATERS, DONALD D., Political Science, BA, English; Dean's List; Honor Roll

WAYNICK, MARTHA S., Interior Design, BFA; Design; National Society of Interior Designers

WEBB, LISE I., Early Childhood Education, BS; Dean's list; Dormitory Officer, WRC Court Rep.; Honor Roll; National Educationl Assoc.; N.C. Education Assoc.; Women's Residence Council, Court Secretary

WELLS, ILET B., Library Science, BS; History; Alpha Beta Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Campus Crusade for Christ

WESTMORELAND, JAMES R., Political Science, BA; Business Administration; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Senior Class Presdient, Commencement Com.; Hall Advisor; Richardson Leadership Foundation; Honors Program Participant in Political science; N.C. State Government Summer Intership program; Intramurals; Who's Who; Phi Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; Political Science, student Faculty Advisory Committee; Student Government Assoc. Apprpirations Comm., Judicial Review Comm.; Student Government Assoc., Executive Council

WHEELER, DEBORAH L., Social Work, BSP; Child Welfare; Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Chaplain; Honor Roll

WHISNANT, DIANA L., Office Administration, BSBEP; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta

WHITAKER, DI ANNA, Speech, Language, and Auditory Pathology, BS; Alpha Delta Pi, President; National Student Educational Assoc.

WHITE, PEGGY F., Early Childhood Education, BS; Honor Roll; Student National Educational Assoc.

WHITFIELD, CHRISTY C., Medical Record Science, BSP; Dean's List; American Medical Record Assication Member

WHITLEY, DAVID H., General Business, BSBA; Honor Roll; student Government Assoc., Secretary-Treasurer

WINSTEAD, PATRICIA, Music Education, BME; Dean's list; Honor Roll; Collegium Musicum; Opera Workshop; Women's Glee Club; SMECN; Univesity Chorale

WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER, Accountin, BSBA; Dean's List; Honor Roll. Intramurals, Wrestling, Basketba;; Union Bowling League.

WILLIAMS, DARRELL E., English, BA; Journalism; Fountainhead, News Editor; Honor Roll; Men's Glee Club; Alpha Phi Gamma, President

WILLIAMS, ETHEL G., Physical Therapy, BSP; Alpha Phi, Recording Sec., Activities Chr., Jr. Panhellenic Historian; Intramurals; Physical Therapy

WILLIAMS, GLORIA E., Library Science, BS; Child Development, Family Relations; Alpha Beta Alpha; Delta Sigma Theta, Recording Secretary; Dormitory Officer, 1st Vice President; Women's Residence Counci; Lenoir Community College (2 yrs.); Student Government Assoc., Sec., Pep Club, Vice President, Treasurer

WILLIAMS, JACQUELINE J., Intermediate Education, BS; Lang. Arts, Soc. Studies; Honor Roll; National Educational Assoc.

WILLIAMS, JAMES M., Distributive Education, BSBE; Honor Roll; N.C. Education Assoc.; WECU Radio; National Assoc. of Distributive Education; Phi Beta Lambda; Student National Educational Assoc.; National Business Education Assoc.

WILILAMS, JUDY K., Home Economics Education, BS; Home Economics Club

WILLIAMS, ROBERT E., Real Estate, BSBA; Honor Roll; Dean's List; Intramruals, Softball; Veterans Club

WILLIAMS, VICKI, Early Childhood Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Honor Roll


WILSON, KAY F., English

WINSLOW, JANICE L., All A's; Dean's List; Gamma Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Marshal; Kappa Deta Pi; Student National Educational Assoc.

WOOD, DEBORAH L., Early Childhood Education, BS; Assoc. for Childhood Education; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Intramurals

WOOD, DEBROAH L., Social Work, BSP, Child Welfare; All A's; Dean's List; Honor Roll

WOODARD, ANNE T., Library Science, BS; Home Economics; Alpha Beta Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll

WOODARD, CALIVIN S., JR., Business Administration, BSBA; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Society for Advancement of Management

WOODWARD, JEFF, Business Administration, BSBA; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Inter-Fraternity Council Representative; Kappa Sigma, Historian; men's Residence Council

WOOLARD, ALMETA A., Education, BS; Dean's List Phi Kapp Phi

WOOLARD, JANET, Home Economics, BS; American Home Economics Assoc., Secretary; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll; Young Home Designers League; Advisory Council for Dean of Home Economics; Intramurals; Young Home Designers, President, Vice President, Prgoram Chr.

YOPP, EDWARD R., Geology, BS; Geology Club


PUBLISHKD BY: The students of East Carolina University, Greenville, N. C. under the auspices of the ECU Publications Board.

PRINTED BY: Delmar Printing Company, Charlotte. N. C. by offset lithography.

PRESS RUN: 7,500

TRIM SIZE: 9 x 12

BINDING: Smyth-sewn, rounded and backed, with head and footbands.

COVER: Design debossed on brown cordoba material and enhanced with black overtone; brass die by Robert Fritsch. New Port Richey. Florida: type setting by Uiggins Typography, Charlotte, N. C; made by Delmar Printing Company.

ENDSHEETS: 65# Hopper Brown Sky- tone.

TIP-INS: 65# Hopper Brown Skytone; type setting by Higgins Typography.

PAPER STOCKS: Pages 17-48 on 80# Champion kromekote; pages 273-288 on 70# Westvaco contemporary matte; remaining pages on 80# Westvaco gloss enamel.

INK: Superior Printing Ink Company, Charlotte, N. C.

TYPE STYLES: Headlines: Melior; Century Bold Condensed; Valentine; Univers; Libra; Verger; Harlem; Kim- berly; Bold Outline; Quentin. Body Copy: Melior medium, bold, bold italic, and italic.

COLOR: Four color from combination of 35 mm. and 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 transparencies; color separations by Graphic South. Charlotte, N. C. and Delmar Printing Company.


EDITORIAL STAFF: Carleen Boyd; Debra Carson; Pat Fountain; Jeanne Hagen; Kathy Jones; Kim Kuzmuk; Nancy Leggett; Gary McCullough; Chris Mills; Patsy Mills; Will Pittman; Monika Sutherland; Rick Tombs; Mrs. Mary Sorensen, Advisor.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Class portraits by Smith Studio, Raleigh, N. C. All pictures not otherwise credited are by Publications Board photographer Guy Cox and his staff, with the following exceptions: page 4 (lower left) and page 5 (top right) by Ross Mann; page 2-3, 6 (left), 7 (right), 8, 9, 11 (top and bottom right), 15, 24, 205, 200 (bottom left and right), 207, 233 (bottom left and right), 234 (top right), 260-261, and 262 by Bob Anderson; photo on page 18 (lower left) by Steve Forest.



Buccaneer 1974
1974 Buccaneer, yearbook of East Carolina University. The first yearbook published by the students of East Carolina Teachers College, The Tecoan, debuted in 1923. The name of the yearbook changed to the Buccaneer in 1953. The Buccaneer suspended publication from 1976-1978 and 1991-2005, finally ceasing in 2018. It was superseded by Anchors Away in 2019.
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school yearbooks
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University Archives
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