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Cammann binaural stethoscope

Date: 1852 - 1899 | Identifier: Country Doctor Museum
Invented in 1852 by George P. Cammann of New York City, the Cammann Binaural stethoscope was the first commercially available binaural stethoscope. Tiemann and Company sold Cammann stethoscopes for 4.50 in 1889. This particular stethoscope was used by Dr. Joseph Hollingsworth, a country doctor in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, who was the personal physician to conjoined (or “Siamese”) twins Chang and Eng Bunker, their wives, and their twenty – one children. The Bunkers, famous for touring with P. T. Barnum, lived in two residences in White Plains, North Carolina, near Mt. Airy, following their retirement. more...
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