Explore over 7,500 images of Eastern North Carolina History

The more than 7,500 historic images from The Daily Reflector, Greenville, NC's daily newspaper, document the sweeping changes in Eastern North Carolina between 1949 and 1967. This period of dramatic social and economic change saw the increasing power of federal and state governments, improvements in industry and agriculture, and social upheavals related to race relations — not just in Eastern North Carolina, but across the country.

Once Upon a Time in Greenville

Historian David Cecelski has written several award-winning books and hundreds of articles about history, culture and politics on the North Carolina coast. In December of 2020 he posted an article about the Daily Reflector Collection.

...I found them to be much more often about the small, often intimate moments in the day-to-day lives of Pitt County’s people: a child’s first day at school, teenagers discovering rock ‘n roll, a choir at a tent revival, victims of the polio epidemic learning to stand in their braces, Girl Scouts selling cookies and countless other images that remind us of the daily stuff of life back then.

Check out his take on the Daily Reflector Collection by clicking the link below.

Read Once Upon a Time in Greenville by David Cecelski

EXPLORING the Collection

Use different tools to explore the facets of the collection including browsing the collection by theme, exploring an illustrated timeline, navigating the "subject cloud," or watching the development of Greenville through historic maps.

The HISTORY of Greenville and Pitt County

Learn more about the historical period documented in these images to understand the development of the city and county and get an inside look at the development of the paper.


A workshop November 4, 2009 with 25 K-12 educators on the advantage of the Seeds of Change collection in aiding the development of National History Day projects. Workshop materials are now available for download.

The Creation of the Online COLLECTION

The Daily Reflector Image Collection took more than a year to complete. Find out more about the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating the digital images and the online collection...

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