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Buzzard Town's Baseball Heritage

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Buzzard Town, located about twenty miles north of Rocky Mount, was a small town that received little publicity. During the Great Depression the Resettlement Administration placed a number of farmers around Buzzard Town. When many of these farmers failed, they went to work in the local mills. Buzzard Town became famous for a baseball game played between the hometown Bears and the Enfield Eagles. The Bears had not beaten the Eagles that season and were losing again 15-1 in the last game. A Bears hitter, however, finally drove a homerun. The ball bounced and landed in the car of a passing train. According to the rules at that time, the Bears hitter could continuously circle the bases till the ball was put back into play. An Eagles team member jumped on a horse and recovered the ball in Rocky Mount. By the time he returned, the Eagles were losing 120-15. The Eagles decided to forfeit the game, so the Buzzard Town Bears won the game.
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