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Lost Charles Towne: Local Manifestations of World Events

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On May 29, 1664, colonists arrived in what is now Brunswick County to establish a town. Most of the arrivals were English. They chose a site on a low knoll at the mouth of Town Creek, a large tributary of the Lower Cape Fear River. Considerations in selecting this site would have included navigation, anchorage, defense, and centrality of position within the colony. The settlement was intended to be an agricultural one. By the fall of 1667, the colony was abandoned. Forces far removed from the colony contributed to its decline, including failure to obtain essential patents and charters from the king and lords proprietors, England�s war with Holland, and internal squabbles among the colony�s backers. Loftfield discusses what excavations reveal about the colony.
North Carolina Archaeology (NoCar E 78 S55 S6), Vol. 54 Issue , Oct 2005, p36-48, il, bibl