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The emerging national controversy over the socio-economic and environmental impacts of corporate pork production on rural communities raises claims environmental injustice. The US swine industry has undergone a dramatic restructuring, expansion, and vertical integration of its pork production systems, locating in peripheral, rural locations like North Carolina. This article examines the relationships between key environmental injustice variables and the spatial concentration of swine waste in the Black Belt region of the state in order to assess the claims of environmental inequity central to this national issue.
North Carolina Geographer (NoCar F 254.8 N67), Vol. 9 Issue , 2001, p51-70, bibl, f
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At the fourth of six public hearings on proposed changes to state rules governing non-discharging waste disposal systems, representatives of the swine industry pleaded the need to keep local politics out of animal waste regulation. Strong local opposition to animal industry operations was evident at the hearing. Soil and Water Conservation Districts were urged to consider the issue of environmental equity in regulating animal operations.