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The principals in an operation that is unique to state prison systems in the United States, the work release program, is a plan where prisoners hold their outside jobs, commute to work regularly, and pay $3.25 each per day for room, board, and transportation. The work release program in North Carolina currently has 215 individuals enrolled and is beneficial for the families of prisoners, who are able to stay off of welfare, keep income flowing in, and save taxpayers millions of dollars. Initiated via a legislative act in 1957, participating prisoners have earned $288,946, $92,109 of which has been given to families of prisoners, $78,425 has gone to maintenance, $15,171 to transportation, and the remainder is placed in a fund that is dispersed to prisoners upon their release.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 30 Issue 8, Sept 1962, p12, por
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