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Paul Grainger, aged 72, was murdered in Randolph County in 2008. His wife and two of the killers accepted pleas bargains, but his daughter wanted a trial and was convicted and sentenced to life. Daughter Brandi continued to appeal and the NC Supreme Court is now deliberating her case which centers on the definition of \"constructive presence\" at a crime scene. For a first-degree murder, \"this means that a suspect must be constructively or actively present. North Carolina has defined constructive presence as being \"close enough to a crime scene to render assistance\" to the perpetrators. That, however, was written before the digital era and brings this question--\"Can someone help commit a murder from miles away, as in this case, via cellphone?\" This is the first time the NC Supreme Court has considered this question. A ruling is expected later this year.
Indy Week (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57), Vol. 31 Issue 4, Jan 2014, p8, por Periodical Website
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