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Dolls are now collectors' items that can be worth large amounts of money. Old dolls, however, are often in need of repair. Charlie and Carrie Miller of New Bern specialize in this craft. Both are retired teachers from New Jersey who decided to move south to enjoy their latter years. The Millers restore dolls' wardrobes, cosmetology, teeth, eyes, and bodies. Their talents have also been seen in rebuilding old homes. The Millers chose to buy one of New Bern's historic homes. The reconstruction is complete and the home is now a stop on New Bern's tour of homes. The Millers gained notoriety for standing up to the railroad industry. After restoring their historic home, passing coal trains were switched to another track that passed within a few feet of their home. The passing trains shook the ground so hard that the Millers feared the house might be shaken off its foundation. The two decided to stand in front of a train and make it stop as they hoped to gain media attention for their cause. As of publication, no decision has been made by the railroad to change the coal train's routes.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 51 Issue 2, July 1983, p18-20, por
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