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Weather Data for 26 Sep 1900

Transcription Notes

Kitty Hawk Weather Station
Wind DirectionWind VelocityHigh TemperatureLow TemperaturePrecipitation
SENo Record7468No Record

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionENEENENENE
Wind ForceModerateModerateModerateModerate
ThermometerNo RecordNo RecordNo RecordNo Record
Vessels SeenNo Record
General RemarksCH Toler on watch for the day; Telephone Test at 6 am; Drilled on Signals; Griggs on day Leave
KeeperS.J. Payne Keeper

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionNENENE
Wind ForceLightLightLightCalm
Vessels SeenBrigs=2, Schooners=1
General RemarksFH Midgett on day Watch; Test 6 am; Drilled with Singals; Received 20 Sash Pullys, 2 = 14 foot oars, 4 = 16 foot oars, 50 fathoms 1 1/4 inch Manila Rope, 6 Rubber Buckets, 1 Boat anchor 26 Pounds, 2 Boat Hatchets, 1 Bat Mucilage
KeeperJ.E. Ward Keeper

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