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Wright Brothers - Publications - Dare County Homecoming Edition

Dare County Homecoming Edition
Included in this section are publications contemporary with the Wright Brothers, describing in detail the geography and history of Dare and Currituck Counties. The other publications are rare written accounts directly concerning the interrelationships between the Wright Brothers successes at Kitty Hawk and those curious citizens that wondered at, partook in, and witnessed the many experiments with flight.

Dare County Homecoming Edition Items
Date     Title
1926 August 13  [Ad for Steamer Trenton, East Carolina Transportation Company]
1926 August 13  [Ad for Manteo-Norfolk Line]
1926 August 13  [Ad for Kramer Brothers Company]
1926 August 13  [Ad for Sharber & White Hardware Co.]

Date    Title
1926 August 13  "Dare County's Fame Spreads Across Globe"
1926 August 13  "How to Get There and What to Do"
1926 August 13  "Homecoming Program in Dare Next Week"
1926 August 13  "Not a Mishap in a Million Miles"
1926 August 13  "Principal Figures in the Dare County Homecoming Celebration Which Will Attract the Attention of Two Nations All Next Week"
1926 August 13  "Roanoke Island Ready for its Noted Visitors"
1926 August 13  "Warren Tells Congress Lost Colony Story"
1926 August 13  "Largest County of Coast Guards"
1926 August 20  "Praise For a Good Piece of Work"
1926 August 27  "National Memorial to Aviation to be Sought"
1926 October 29  "Prosperous County in a Prosperous State"
1926 October 29  "Here Sportsmen Find Their Paradise"
1926 October 29  "Beautiful Winter Homes in Currituck"
1926 October 29  "Currituck Close to Roanoke Island Now"

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