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John Lawson, An Adventurer
John Lawson's adventures are perhaps the best known part of his life. The two incidents that frame his time in North Carolina - his arrival and trek through the backwoods of the colony and his death at the hands of the Tuscarora Indians - characterize Lawson as someone who stepped out on a limb and tested himself against the world. The question is how well he handled this test.

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Adventurer Items
Date     Title
1709 October 3 To Secretary, SPG [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts]
1710 April 16 To Chenin and Boyd
1710 April 16 To Glover
1710 May 27 To Lawson
1710  Journal of the Proceedings of Philip Ludwell and Nathaniel Harrison
1711 January 29 To Alexander Spotswood, Governor of Virginia
1711 November 2 To the Honorable Robert Gibs and To the Honorable Council and General Assembly
1714  "Relation of my American Project"
1715 June 12 To Secretary, SPG [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts]
1939 May 4 "The Torch Leads On: 175 Years of New Bern School in Historic Review"
1951  Biographical Sketch of John Lawson
1992  Among the Tuscarora: The Strange and Mysterious Death of John Lawson, Gentleman, Explorer, and Writer
1992  Paradise Regained Again: The Literary Context of John Lawson’s A New Voyage to Carolina

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