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World War II Japanese souvenir flag

Date: 1939 - 1945 | Identifier: 0677-082-fos1-i2
Item is believed to be a souvenir flag obtained by an American soldier from a Japanese soldier during World War II. The flag was presented to a drafted Japanese soldier, Nakamura (surname) Tomezoo (given name), upon his leaving for military duty. Along with the hand prints of a child are several wishes by friends and family members. These include: "Do your best and wait for answer from a supernatural power" (an old proverb from the soldier's father), "Take care, my Brother," "Congratulations for your draft," "Keep fighting and keep winning," "Take good care of this country," "God is on our side," "Sacrifice your body to the country," "Rapid stream," "Win, Triumph, Loyalty," "Don’t stop shooting," and "I wish you the best for your military success." Date approximated. more...