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Letter written by Union soldier William Davis Brackett Jr.

Date: May. 15 1863 - May. 17 1863 | Identifier: 1007.1.a.3
A letter documenting William Davis Brackett Jr.'s service as a private in the 45th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment in eastern North Carolina. The letter, not specifically addressed to anyone, was written by Brackett from Camp Massachusetts near Newbern (New Bern), North Carolina. In this letter Brackett mentions city versus camp life, noting the number of graves of those dying in the city being buried near soldiers’ graves and describes the graves. He also talks about assigned duties and leisure time, including gambling parties after soldiers get their pay. Also mentioned are day-to-day routines, local conditions, and the weather. He also writes of health issues, including the fact that he himself suffered from a mild form of diarrhea. Also of importance is the mention of differences in regiments, in particularly their supply of clothing, and noting that among them are drafted Pennsylvanians who constructed log homes. Also of interest, Brackett describes soldiers participating in target practice at nearby forts resulting in the injury of soldiers outside the fort, camped nearby. Other news mentioned includes the ‘Adams’ Express schooner’s shipment being halted, the mail boat Dudley Buck and Brackett’s knowledge of other major battles learned from newspapers obtained. more...