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Early English Achromatic Microscope signed J Dancer, Liverpool

Date: 1835 | Identifier: LL02.48.02.17
This early instrument is attributed to Smith because of the similarities in construction to known examples in the Science Museum of London and the National Museum of Scotland. It is signed "J Dancer Liverpool", which would be either Josiah Dancer, who died in 1835 or his son John B. Dancer (who always signed his name as, J B Dancer), who moved to Manchester in 1839. Smith did not start using his own name until 1839, but worked for the trade. The base of this instrument was probably a tripod originally and the nosepiece has also been replaced. The lenses appear to be original. J.J. Lister ground many of the early lenses for Smith. Smith was known to use the unusual type of rack and pinion arrangement and the Turrell type mechanical stage seen in this instrument. more...