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Pritchard Type Student Microscope

Date: 1847 | Identifier: LL02.48.02.08
James Smith, who made microscopes for Lister and Darwin, took Richard Beck as a partner in 1847. They soon introduced several lines of microscopes. Before 1847, Smith made microscopes in a variety of designs. This instrument has a divisible objective and no fine adjustment. The trunnion mounted bar limb is designed after a model by Pritchard. This relatively simple, easy-to-use type of microscope was preferred by physicians for use in the 1840-1855 period. The style is referred to as to as a medical achromatic microscope and is illustrated in G.T. Fisher's Microscopic Manipulation, Figure 16 published in 1846. The approximate date of manufacture is 1847. (Thanks to Tony Jarratt and members of the Quekett Microscopal Club for assistance with identifying and verifying this microscope.) more...