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Verruca Acuminata

Date: 1910 | Identifier: LL02.49.00.127
Dermatologic stereoview card. Front of card depicts penis infected with Verruca Auminata. Reverse of card discusses the condition as well as diagnosis and treatment. Verruca Acuminata are outgrowths or warts whose characteristics distinguish them from the common wart (Verruca Vulgaris). These warts are found usually upon the genetalia and anus in both sexes, and occasionally in other areas. Their localization is due to the presence of moisture and venereal discharges. It is noted that the growths are contagious and autoinoculable. Verruca Acuminata may also be known as Condyloma acuminatum, Pointed condyloma, Venereal, moist or pointed wart. more...