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Trichophytosis Barbae

Date: 1910 | Identifier: LL02.49.00.113
Dermatologic stereoview card. Front of card depicts male patient with evidence of Trichophytosis Barbae covering his lower jaw area. The reverse of the card describes the condition as well as diagnosis and treatment options. Ringworm of the beard is noted as a fairly uncommon condition. The disease starts as one or more round, slightly scaled patches. Inflammation from the disease produces a lumpy appearance on the skin. Hair loss in affected regions is a common occurrence. it is noted that in every case of ringworm it is worth determining if the course of infection may be a horse, cat, dog, or other domestic animal with which the patient has come in contact. Trichophytosis Barbae may also be known as Tinea sycosis, seu barbae, sue trichophytina barbae, Sycosis parasitica, seu parasitaria, seu hyphomycotica, Herpes tonsurans barbae, Barber's itch, or Ringworm of the beard. more...