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Syphilis Secundaria

Date: 1910 | Identifier: LL02.49.00.97
Dermatologic stereoview card. Front of card shows the palm of a person’s hand with Syphilis Secundaria. The reverse of the card describes the dermatologic conditions as well as the diagnosis and treatment. The palms are usually involved in all the general secondary rashes except the earlier roseola. When the macular rash does include the palms the lesions there tend to become popular and persistent after the general rash has faded. The palms are not infrequently alone the sites of relapsing secondary eruptions, which may be identical with the earlier popular syphilid but are more often unilateral and prone to coalesce with the formation of irregular crescentic and serpiginous patches ad tracts, indistinguishable from the tubero-squamous and tubro-serpiginous palmar and plantar lesions of tertiary period. more...