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Syphilis Secundaria

Date: 1910 | Identifier: LL02.49.00.96
Dermatologic stereoview card. Front of card shows a man’s head and face. The man’s mouth is open wide revealing his tonsils, uvula, tongue, and some teeth. This view also reveals several grayish membranes and papules in his mouth that indicate Syphilis Secundaria. The reverse of the card describes the dermatologic conditions as well as the diagnosis and treatment. Mucous patches are the most constant lesion of secondary syphilis. They occur on the mucous surfaces especially of the mouth, as superficial ulcerated infiltrations covered with a grayish necrotic membrane, and are to be regarded as flattened abraded papules. They may be found upon any part of the oral mucous membrane sometimes in large numbers, though generally there are only two or three. When they occur at the angles of the mouth they are liable to be fissured. As a result of treatment, or sometimes spontaneously, the grayish membrane may become loose and easily detached, leaving an abraded and raw looking surface. Syphilis Secundaria may also be known as Syphilis papulosa mucosae oris, Mucous patch, Plaques opalines. more...