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Date: 1910 | Identifier: LL02.49.00.78
Dermatologic stereoview card. Front of card shows a hand with Scabies. The reverse of the card describes the dermatologic conditions as well as the diagnosis and treatment. Scabies is a contagious, animal parasitic disease of the skin caused by the itch mite, Acarus scabiei, and characterized by intense itching, a few lesions produced directly by the parasite and many caused by scratching. The only lesion peculiar to the disease is the cuniculus or furrow made by the burrowing female. This is a tunnel in the epidermis 1-10 mm. long, appearing as a straight or curved, sometimes slightly elevated, white line usually dotted at intervals with black specks. The burrows may be present in any of the regions commonly affected by the disease, but are seen most often on the hands in the interdigital folds. Scabies may also be known as Itch. more...