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Hood's Sarsaparilla

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Hood's Sarsaparilla depicting a green and white card in the shape of a water lily on three lily pads. There is a scene within the water lily of a pond with tall grass, water lilies, and lily pads. There are trees and two buildings on the far side. Within the lily pads are the words: "Take Hood's Sarsaparilla. 100 Doses One Dollar." The reverse of the card has the heading: "What It Is". "Hood's Sarsaparilla is a concentrated extract, carefully prepared from Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, Pipsissewa, Juniper Berries, Mandrake, Dandelion, and other valuable vegetable remedies." Prepared only by C.I. Hood & Co., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. more...