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Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Athlophoros depicting the bust of a lovely girl wearing a wide brim hat with a feather. Her elbows are propped on a fabric covered surface and her hands are resting on her cheeks. She is wearing lacy fingerless gloves. Beneath the picture are the words: Compliments of The Athlophoros Co. The upper left corner has been stamped and it reads: W.M. Maynard, Druggist, Heyward's Block, Spencer. The reverse of the card states that the discoverer of Athlophoros suffered from rheumatism and devoted himself to search for a remedy. "By its expulsion of rheumatic and neuralgic acid from the system, its invigoration of the muscles and healthy lubrication of the joints, Athlophoros has triumphed in every instance." The Athlophoros Company, 112 Wall Street, New York. Price is $1.00 per bottle. more...