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Nichols' Bark & Iron

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Nichols' Bark & Iron depicting an outdoor scene with a girl pushing a baby in a wooden two-wheeled cart. A boy is holding the cart's long handle in his right hand and blowing a horn that he is holding in his left hand. A young girl is standing beside the girl pushing the cart. On the wagon are the words: Nichols' Bark & Iron, the best remedy for indigestion, dyspepsia. The reverse of the card has the heading: "Nichols' Bark and Iron an invaluable and never-failing remedy. For Clergymen, Counselors, Journalists and all Persons of sedentary habits." This iron tonic is for those suffering from exhaustion, depression, nervousness, malarial fevers, lost of appetite, and headache. Billings, Clapp & Co., Proprietors, New York, 35 Platt Street and Boston, 165 High Street. Donaldson Brothers, N.Y. more...