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Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap depicting a pair of swan's pulling an open box of Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap. Riding on top of the box is a cherub holding up a bar of soap. The caption reads: "Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap. The most healing and the best purifying Toilet Soap. Cures all eruptions of the skin." On the side of the soap box is: Jas. Buchan & Co. In tiny print on the lower right corner is: Wemple & Kronheim, N.Y. The reverse of the card states that Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap "Combines the cleansing qualities of a first-class soap and the wonderful healing and purifying properties of Carbolic Acid." Use it to cure diseases and eruptions of the skin, remove all unpleasant odors, and freedom from all contagious disease. Kidder & Laird, No. 83 John Street, New York. more...