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Parisian Rose Cream Glycerine, Aromatic Dental Cream, Neutraline, Triple Extracts, Bay Rum, and Bay-Rum Essence

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement "Compliments of Murray & Co., Nashua, N.H." depicting a lovely young woman wearing a yellow skirt and gray short sleeve jacket with an ivory lace collar and blue ribbon. She is holding a jar of cream. The reverse of the card gives attention to five products. Parisian Rose Cream Glycerine beautifies the complexion, removes sunburn, prevents dandruff, and is a superb hair dressing and is 25 cents. Aromatic Dental Cream cleanses teeth and sweetens breath and sells for 25 cents. Neutraline neutralizes all fetid odors and is 25 cents. Triple Extracts are choicest odors from imported Pomades from which all popular Colognes are made. Bay Rum [deodorant] and Bay-Rum Essence are the best on the market. Murray & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Nashua, N.H. more...