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Ayer's Cherry Pectoral

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for Ayer's Cherry Pectoral depicting a lovely young woman dressed in blue and red carrying a basket of cherries. In her left hand is a bunch of cherries. The caption in the lower left corner states: Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Cures Colds, Coughs, and all Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. The reverse of the card states that Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is an effective treatment and every hour of delay is dangerous and may be fatal. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is for Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Quinsy, Catarrh, Consumption, Croup, Whooping Cough, and Influenza. Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. more...