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Cutavaco, Dr. Abbey's Great Specific for Skin Diseases

Date: 1882 - 1882 | Identifier: LL02.
Advertisement for The Sexual System and Its Derangements by Dr. E. C. Abbey and Cutavaco, his cure for skin diseases. The picture is titled Toll Gate No. 3 and is a hidden picture puzzle. There are many animals, people and letters to find. At a glance the picture shows two men fishing by a stream with trees on both sides, a bridge and a house. The reverse of the card describes Dr. E. C. Abbey's book, The Sexual System and Its Derangements. It is a moral book for both sexes with vast amounts of information. 500,000 copies sold. Cutavaco is Dr. Abbey's cure for skin diseases. It is stated that "Skin Diseases are caused by a microscopic plant or animal growth in the skin. Cutavaco speedily and painlessly destroys this life with injuring the skin." Price $1.00 per bottle, 6 bottles for $5.00. more...