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T. Hill Mansfield's Capillaris

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
The front of this card depicts a young girl with long blond curly hair wearing a blue bonnet with a feather. On the left top side it states "Everyone can know by using a bottle of Mansfield's Capillaris that it has no equal for the toilet in the wide, wide world". Beside the girl there is a large brown dog carrying a sign in his mouth that says "Used and Recommended by Physicians and Druggists, T. Hill Mansfield's Capillaris for the Hair, Scalp and Toilet. It has proved itself a positive cure for dandruff, falling of the hair, and all scalp diseases. It contains not one particle of lead, sulphur coloring matter or anything injurious (put up in pomade form only)." The reverse of the card states "Capillaris. The many persons recommending it, after trying and receiving no benefit from similar compounds, proves it has no equal. See 96 strong reliable testimonials, gratuitously given, on other cards and circulars. The only article now, or ever on the market, that does all that is claimed for it. Its use will give you an abundance of Luxuriant Hair." Followed by four testimonials. Presented by T. Hill Mansfield, Proprietor, Portland, Maine. It is sold by Dealers in Medicine and Medicinal Toilet Articles, Price 65 cents per bottle. more...