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Carter's Little Liver Pills, Carter's Iron Pills

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
The front of this card features "Carter's Little Liver Pills" and the reverse of the card describes "Carter's Iron Pills". This card depicts a lovely bouquet of red and pink roses along with some other blue and white flowers. A tag on the bottom of the bouquet states "Presented by the makers of Carter's Little Liver Pills". The reverse of the card states that "gold is a most precious metal. So precious indeed, that precious few of us have much of it. Everybody wants it and every woman prefers it to any other metal in the world. Almost anything can be had for gold. If we except health and happiness, there is hardly a want that cannot be supplied through the use of gold and it even goes a long way to securing these. There is, however, another metal, not so bright, not so valuable as gold, yet which contributes largely to health, strength and comfort of the human race. This metal is Iron, and the great number of uses to which it is supplied is perfectly surprising. It is known to exist in the blood and is now given in all cases when the cheeks and lips are pale, the hands and feet are cold, and the body weak and feeble. As found in Carter's Iron Pills, it seems to put new life into those who use them, particularly women, giving them strength by day and good sleep at night. These pills are intended for all who are afflicted with a weakened condition of the nervous system, both men and women." They are sold in metal boxes for 50 cents. Sold by Chas C. Wells, Druggist, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. more...