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Horsford's Acid Phosphate

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
The front of the card depicts a young baby sitting propped up against some pillows holding a small envelope of "Prof. Horsford's Acid Phosphate" with a caption above that says "Horsford's Acid Phosphate for Mental and Physical Exhaustion Dyspepsia and C". The caption below states "It makes a delicious drink with sugar and water only". The reverse of the card states that Horsford's Acid Phosphate is for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Headache, Mental and Physical Exhaustion, Nervousness, Hysteria, Night Sweats of Consumption, etc. "Prepared according to the directions of Prof. E.N. Horsford, of Cambridge, Mass." There seems to be no difference of opinion in high medical authority of the value of phosphoric acid and no preparation has been offered to the public which seems to so happily meet the general want as this. Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, Rhode Island. more...