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Hoover cart at election day demonstration

Date: 1951 | Identifier: 0741-b1-fd-v1.d.57
Two people in a mule-drawn Hoover cart reminding voters of Herbert Hoover's administration and urging them to vote for Adlai Stevenson in the 1952 Presidential election. The sign attached to the side of the cart reads "This is life in Hoover Days, Demonstrating Republican Ways 1932". The Hoover cart was driven by North Carolina farmers as a form of transportation during the Depression and was built by taking the rear wheels off of a car and attaching them to a cart. The cart was then pulled by either mule or horse. The drivers of these carts would stop at service stations for water for the horse or mule and air for the tires, for which there was no cost. Date from negative sleeve. more...