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Date: 1933 | Identifier: Country Doctor Museum
This type of simple microscope was invented by Anton van Leeuwenhoek in the 1600s. Sometimes called a pinhole microscope, it can be used to magnify things that a person can not see with the naked eye. Leeuwenhoek used his microscope to look at protozoa, small one celled organisms. If Leeuwenhoek wanted to look at a solid object such as an insect with the microscope, he would place it on the skewer or pin located along the length of the microscope. There was a small handle on the end of the pin used to rotate it back and forth beneath the lens, which was spherically shaped and made of glass. The body of the microscope, along with all of its other parts, was made of metal. This microscope is a replica of one of Leeuwenhoek’s microscopes. It was made in 1933 by Bausch & Lomb Optical Company in Rochester, New York. more...
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