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Marketing card reciept imprinter

Date: 1950 - 2000 | Identifier: Tobacco Farm Life Museum
Upon the sale of a farmer’s tobacco at the warehouse auction, his plastic marketing card would be placed in a tobacco marketing card imprinter, like this one, in order to obtain a paper copy of all of the farmer’s information plus the transaction that had just occurred. The pounds of tobacco sold at the auction were set using the small knobs on the bottom right of the machine. The marketing card would then be placed in the pre-formed metal slots along with another plastic card containing the warehouse code and a paper slip that the information was to be printed on. Once the top of the machine was closed, the roller slid over the cards and the paper slip by pulling the handle on the top bar. The sales information was now printed on the paper slip and the pounds that were just sold were then recorded on the back of the marketing card. One copy of the paper slip stayed at the warehouse and the other went to the USDA’s Farm Service Agency office. The accompanying video describes the machine and its use. Date approximated. more...
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