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Dental case

Date: 1844 | Identifier: Country Doctor Museum
Rectangular wood box has a lid hinged at the back. The lid has brass fittings on corners. Crest shaped inlay is missing from top of lid. Beneath the lid, a glass cover rests on interior tray fitted for 30 ivory handled dental instruments. Two mirrored strips run front to back in tray. Brass knob and rod fasteners at each end of tray. Front edge is missing metal shield for lock. At the bottom front l is one drawer. The drawer is lined with faded velvet and contains: a steel spoon - like instrument with wood handle, forceps inscribed "Cemorson New York", a second forceps inscribed "360 Broadway", a file inscribed “[R] Murphy Phila”, a lancet with a curved blade and tortoise shell handle, and 7 miscellaneous instruments. One drawer opens from either end of the box. Each drawer interior is lined with faded velvet. Left drawer holds 11 ivory handled instruments, an ivory tongue depressor, a small metal saw, and a hollow conical instrument. Right drawer contains 28 metal instruments, and three brass pieces from corner edge. more...
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