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C. H. Brantley Papers ( #CD01-80)

Papers of physician C.H. Brantley (1860 – 1942). The papers consist mainly of a medical school photograph with cadaver and prescription slips.

Rosemary Easton Papers ( #CD01-111)

Includes prescriptions, receipts for medical services, an American Felsol Company booklet, and a doctor’s ledger.

Wilson Pharmacies Prescriptions ( #CD01-98)

Prescription orders for various pharmacies in Wilson, North Carolina between 1888 and 1891. Pharmacies include Doane Herring, W.S. Anderson’s Drug Store, A.W. Rowland, E.M. Nadal, and E.L. Laurent.

Willie Jordan Batts Papers ( #CD01-03)

Papers of Willie Jordan Batts include medicinal drug recipes, typed transcription of the recipes, and "Dr. Willie Jordan Batts, Esq., Botanic Physician" by Hugh B. Johnston Jr.

Greenbury Crisfield Beeks Papers ( #CD01-05)

Papers of preacher, physician, and dentist Greenbury Crisfield Beeks, including correspondence, medical school documents, drug preparation recipes, and a biography.

Amis-Clark-Puryear Papers (Manuscript Collection #474)

Papers (1760-1849, undated) including correspondence, estates papers, receipts, promissory notes, land records and miscellaneous materials.

Dunn Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #7)

Papers (1859-1898) of Johnston County family, including correspondence relating to the election of 1860, conditions in Petersburg and Richmond, Va., in December 1862, the Battle of Fredricksburg and the Union raid on Mount Olive, N.C., agricultural conditions in North Carolina and Indiana; a crop lien, etc.

Della Barlow Papers (Manuscript Collection #107)

Papers (1866-1872) consisting correspondence to suitor, romantic and personal letters, receipt, bill of sale, difficulty of making train connection, dispute between older and younger, etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cole Collection (Manuscript Collection #188)

Collection (1838-1936) including correspondence, Genealogical information, account books, clippings of recipes, Treasurer's book, minute book, etc.

William Ernest Evans Papers (Manuscript Collection #375)

Papers (1791, 1846-1941) including correspondence, diaries, visitation books, account books, memoranda books, financial papers, minute books, photographs, land records and miscellaneous.

Grimes-Bryan Papers (Manuscript Collection #16)

Papers (1780-1969; bulk 1808-1924) including correspondence, land records, legal papers, financial papers, ledgers, etc., of two prominent Eastern North Carolina families--Grimes and Bryan--related through marriage. Other material concerns the Wharton and Conrad families of Clemmonsville, North Carolina, in Davidson County, who are also related by marriage to the Grimes family.