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Records of the School of Music (University Archives Collection #UA28.03)

Collection contains information on the East Carolina University School of Music. The School of Music offers degress in both performance and music education.

East Carolina University Annual Catalogs (University Archives Collection #UA50.02)

Includes annual catalogs, summer session catalogs, graduate school catalogs, and special topics bulletins published as issues in the same series as the catalogs.

East Carolina University Yearbooks (University Archives Collection #UA50.01)

The annual yearbooks of the university from 1923 through 2009 with intermittent years with no publication.

East Carolina University Campus Newspapers (University Archives Collection #UA50.05)

East Carolina University Commencement Files (University Archives Collection #UA50.06)

Includes commencement programs, invitations, and other printed material related to spring, summer and fall commencements.

Expressions: The Minority Magazine of East Carolina University (University Archives Collection #UA50.09)

Expressions magazine includes essays, art, poetry, and previews of upcoming events relevant to minority groups on campus. Expressions defines minority as any person who feels "outside the mainstream or norm."

Rebel: East Carolina University Literary & Arts Magazine (University Archives Collection #UA50.08)

The Rebel is produced by East Carolina University students to showcase creative arts and literature. Many of the featured works within were chosen owing to a reward or prize associated with the work. The copyright for printed material lies with the creating artist.

Pieces O' Eight (University Archives Collection #UA50.07)

Students under the direction of a faculty advisor produced Pieces O' Eight beginning in 1939 to share the literary talent of students. In addition to short stories and essays, other sections of the magazine included pages devoted to humor, opinions, and advertisements of campus events.

East Carolina University Student Handbooks (University Archives Collection #UA50.04)

The student handbooks include university hours, campus calendars, and social regulations.

East Carolina Poetry Forum (University Archives Collection #UA50.10)

The East Carolina Poetry Forum contains multiple poems from writers associated with East Carolina University. Each issue features the work of 3-5 poets.

Pulse: East Carolina University School of Nursing (University Archives Collection #UA50.21)

Campus Telephone Directory (University Archives Collection #UA50.20)

Campus directories contain listings of positions, locations, and services available to East Carolina faculty, staff, and students during the year represented. Many also include information on campus administrators, board of trustee membership, and special events on campus.

Beta Kappa News (University Archives Collection #UA50.22)

The Beta Kappa news chronicles the accomplishment's of East Carolina's School of Business student honor society.

A Fact Book (University Archives Collection #UA50.19)

Tar River Poetry (University Archives Collection #UA50.15)