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Box 1 Folder a Letters (1917-1918) from Ira Penberthy, Calumet, MI; Gordon, Watertown, NY; Lt. Frank C. Benson, Houston, TX; John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, Marquette, MI; John A. Chapman, Springfield, MO; and Pvt. Jeff Lewis, U. S. Marine Corps, Paris Island, SC., to Sallie Lucille "Chic" Lewis (Lucille MacCracken Murphy), Denver, CO, Waco, TX and John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, and a postcard showing Gordon and fellow soldiers; Holographs. 10 items. 34 p
Box 1 Folder b Letters (1918) from John A. Chapman, Flora, IL, En route, Baltimore, MD & New York, NY and John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, Camp Merritt, NJ & on board ship to Sallie Lucille "Chic" Lewis, a telegram, and a clipping; Holographs. 13 items. 42 p
Box 1 Folder d Letters, Transcripts & a Postcard (1918) from John A. Chapman, Somewhere in France; John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, Mourn Hill Camp, Winchester, England; Edna Lindstrom, Marquette, MI & Minneapolis, MN; and Margaut J. Hatton, Chester, PA to Sallie Lucille "Chic" Lewis; Holographs & Typescripts. 14 items. 49 p
Box 1 Folder e Letters & Transcripts (1918) from John A. Chapman, 1st Lt., 125th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Brigade, AEF; John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, Supply / Quartermaster Sgt., 107th Engineer Train, AEF; Milton S. Hinkley, Capt. of Infantry, 32nd Division, AEF; Brion, Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, CA to Sallie Lucille "Chic" Lewis; Holographs, Typescripts & Clipping. 19 items. 69 p
Box 1 Folder f Correspondence (1918-1919, 1944) between John A. Chapman, John Lee "Lindy" Lindstrom, Camp Merritt, NJ, France & Germany; Joe, Officers Club, Camp Merritt, NJ; 2nd Lt. Peo J. Ughetta, Company D, 15th Machine Gun Battalion, AEF; Brion, Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, CA, enclosing photographic print; and Nell and Sallie Lucille "Chic" Lewis, Waco, TX, Marie C. Marietta [John A. Chapman's sister], Dayton, OH; Sim Lewis, and "Dad"; also includes a telegram & clipping; Holographs & Photographic print. 12 items. 39 p
Box 1 Folder g Alan R. MacCracken. Political Writings (1975-1981), including: A Jolly Day in the U. S. A.; Observation on Political Power and How to Get It, Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post; Robert B. Seay, Dallas, TX. Letter (undated) to "Dear Chic"; Also includes a clipping, a check, and several blank folders; Photocopies & Holographs. 9 items. 37 p