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The Records of Maury York are comprised of administrive files, committees, Friday Jones, grant projects, director search, First in the Family, history fiction project, and literary homecoming.

Biographical/historical information

Maury York was the Assistant Director for special collections. He has worked as a librarian and researcher since 1978 in North Carolina. Mr. York has received several awards including, Distinguished Alumni Award, School of Information and Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007; as well as Centennial Award for Excellence (Leadership) from East Carolina University in 2009. He has also published numerous articles and a book entitled The Privilege to Paint: The Lives of Francis Speight and Sarah Blakeslee (Greenville, N.C.: Greenville Museum of Art, 2002).

Scope and arrangement

This collection contains the administrative records for Maury York. Record Types include administrive files, committees, Friday Jones, grant projects, director search, First in the Family, history fiction project, and literary homecoming until 2013.

Administrative information
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Container list
Box 1 Basic Goals, 1994
UA90.45.01.02 Priorities for Action, 1995-2000
UA90.45.01.03 SACS Self-Study, 1995-2000
UA90.45.01.04 SACS Accreditation, 1997
UA90.45.01.05 UNC Library Study, 1997
UA90.45.01.06 Annual Report, 1998-2001
UA90.45.01.07 IPED Reports, 1999
UA90.45.01.08 Unit Evaluation, 1999-2000
UA90.45.01.09 Strategic Planning, 1999-2000
UA90.45.01.10 Strategic Planning, 1990-2000
UA90.45.01.11 Cooperative Planning, 1999-2000
UA90.45.01.12 Library Instruction, 1999-2000
UA90.45.01.13 SACS, 2000
UA90.45.01.14 Faculty Surveys, 2000
UA90.45.01.15 Interlibrary Loan, 2000
UA90.45.01.16 Assessment Materials and Reports, 2000
UA90.45.01.17 Digital Editorial Board, 2000-2004
Box 1 Stats and Floor Plans, 2001-2008
Box 2 Strategic Planning, 2002
UA90.45.01.20 Preservation Task Force, 2005-2009
UA90.45.01.21 Revisioning Task Force, 2007
UA90.45.01.22 Environmental Scan, 2007
UA90.45.01.23 Integrated Plans, 2007-2010
UA90.45.01.24 Space Planning, 2008
UA90.45.01.25 Planning, 2010
UA90.45.01.26 Institutional Values Assessment
UA90.45.01.27 HSL Planning Documents
UA90.45.01.28 Strengths and Weaknesses
Box 2 Task Forces
Box 3 Millionth Volume Celebration, 1995
UA90.45.01.31 Preservation/Conservation Needs Committee, 1995
Box 3 Reorganization and Restructuring Committee, 1996-1998
Box 4 Distance Education, 2000
UA90.45.01.34 Lawson Symposium
UA90.45.01.35 Minutes, 1995
UA90.45.01.36 Correspondences, 1995-2008
UA90.45.01.37 University Mace, 2006-2007
UA90.45.01.38 Library Memos, 1989-1998
UA90.45.01.39 Don Lennon Endowment, 1981-2011
UA90.45.01.40 Don Lennon Retirement, 1998
UA90.45.01.41 JFK Film Digitization, 2008
UA90.45.01.42 Harris Family Trust, 2010
UA90.45.01.43 Sewanee Internship, 2011
UA90.45.01.44 Notes
Box 4 Publications, 1994-1995
Box 5 Revisioning Task Force, 2007
Box 5 Revisioning Task Force, 2007
Box 6 Literature Symposium, 2004-2005
UA90.45.02.02 Literature Symposium II, 2004-2006
UA90.45.02.03 Strategic Planning Committee and Operational Planning Committee
Box 6 Administrative Committees, 2000
Box 7 Friday Jones, 1998
UA90.45.03.02 Committee, 1999
UA90.45.03.03 Correspondence, 1999
UA90.45.03.04 Finances, 1999-2000
UA90.45.03.05 Friday Report, 2000
UA90.45.03.06 Grant, 1998-2000
UA90.45.03.07 Narrative and Miscellaneous, 1999
Box 7 NCHC Workshop Publicity, 1999-2000
Box 8 Humanities Council Grant, 1997-2003
UA90.45.04.02 Rural Education Institute Grant, 2003
UA90.45.04.03 Seeds of Change Grant, 2007-2009
Box 8 Humanities Council Grant, 2011
Box 9 Director Search, 2007
Box 9 Director Search, 1997
Box 10 First in the Family, 2008-2009
Box 10 First in the Family, 2008-2009
Box 11 Museum Liason, 2004
UA90.45.07.02 History and Fiction Project, 2002-2003
UA90.45.07.03 Workshop, 2004
UA90.45.07.04 Titles to Digitize, 2004
UA90.45.07.05 Author Bios, 2004
Box 11 Digital Library, 2005-2006
Box 12 Publicity, 2004
UA90.45.08.02 Inspiration, 2004
UA90.45.08.03 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2005
UA90.45.08.04 Remarks, 2005
UA90.45.08.05 Literary Homecoming II - Publicity, 2005
UA90.45.08.06 Evaluation and Author Comments, 2005
UA90.45.08.07 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2006
UA90.45.08.08 Blank, 2007
UA90.45.08.09 Grant Proposal, 2007
UA90.45.08.10 Grant Application, 2008
UA90.45.08.11 Mileage Requirements, undated
UA90.45.08.12 Forms, undated
Box 12 Friday Evening Seating, undated
Box 13 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2006
UA90.45.08.15 Literary Homecoming, 2006
UA90.45.08.16 Literary Homecoming VI, undated
UA90.45.08.17 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2006
UA90.45.08.18 Literary Homecoming, undated
UA90.45.08.19 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2008
UA90.45.08.20 Literary Homecoming V, undated
UA90.45.08.21 Literary Homecoming IV, undated
UA90.45.08.22 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2002
UA90.45.08.23 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, 2005
UA90.45.08.24 Proposals, undated
Box 13 Literary Homecoming II - Remarks, 2006