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The Records of the Department of College of Arts and Sciences are comprised of annual reports, department minors and majors programs, program proposals, chair correspondences, newspapers, and miscellaneous: announcements, brochures, and publications.

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The Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences has the largest and most diverse academic units at East Carolina University. These units include 15 departments and 16 interdisciplinary programs that span the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics.

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This collection contains the administrative records for the East Carolina Department of Records of the College of Arts and Sciences. Record Types include annual reports, department minors and majors programs, program proposals, chair correspondences, newspapers, and miscellaneous: announcements, brochures, and publications from 1909-2014.

Administrative information
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Container list
UA25.01.01.01 Annual Reports, 1979-1986
UA25.01.01.02 Annual Reports, 1986-1989
UA25.01.01.03 Annual Report, 1988-1989
UA25.01.01.04 Annual Report, 1989-1990
UA25.01.01.05 Annual Reports, 1989-1993
UA25.01.01.06 Annual Reports, 1990-1991
UA25.01.01.07 Annual Reports, 1991-1992
UA25.01.01.08 Annual Report:Classics Minor Program, 1991-1992
UA25.01.02.01 Annual Reports, 1992-1993
UA25.01.02.02 Annual Reports, 1993-1994
UA25.01.02.03 Annual Reports, 1993-1996
UA25.01.02.04 Annual Reports, 1994-1995
UA25.01.02.05 Annual Reports, 1995-1996
UA25.01.02.06 Annual Report: Prehealth Prof. Adv. Office, 1996
UA25.01.02.07 Louis Simpson Lecture, 1996
UA25.01.03.01 CAS Annual Report, 1996-1997
UA25.01.03.02 Annual Reports, 1996-1997
UA25.01.03.03 Annual Reports, 1996-1998
UA25.01.03.04 Annual Report- LIT & National Fellowships, 1997
UA25.01.03.05 Brochures, 1997
UA25.01.03.06 Annual Reports, 1997-1998
UA25.01.03.07 Center for the Liberal Arts, 1997-1998
UA25.01.03.08 Annual Reports, 1997-1999
UA25.01.03.09 Dean's Advacement Council, 1997-2001
UA25.01.03.10 Annual Reports, 1999-2000
UA25.01.03.11 Center for the Liberal Arts, 1999-2000
UA25.01.03.12 CAS , 1999-2000
UA25.01.04.01 Annual Report, 2000-2001
UA25.01.04.02 Washington Post Advertisement, 2001
UA25.01.04.03 Annual Report, 2001-2002
UA25.01.04.04 Center for the Liberal Arts, 2001-2002
UA25.01.04.05 Annual Report, 2002-2003
UA25.01.04.06 Center for the Liberal Arts, 2003-2004
UA25.01.04.07 Annual Reports, 2003-2004
UA25.01.04.08 Annual Report, 2004-2005
UA25.01.04.09 CAS Annual Report, 2004-2005
UA25.01.04.10 Annual Report, 2005-2006
UA25.01.04.11 CAS Annual Report, 2005-2006
UA25.01.04.12 Annual Report, 2006
UA25.01.04.13 CAS Annual Report, 2006
UA25.01.04.14 CLA Annual Report, 2006-2007
UA25.01.04.15 CAS Annual Report, 2007-2008
UA25.01.04.16 CLA Annual Report, 2007-2008
UA25.01.05.01 Center for the Liberal Arts, undated
UA25.01.05.02 Annual Report: Institute in Science for the Handicapped, undated
UA25.01.05.03 A Briefe and True Report: A History of Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, 1909-2004
UA25.01.05.04 A Briefe and True Report: A History of Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, 1909-2004
UA25.01.06.01 Request for Authorization, 1996
UA25.01.06.02 Biology Programs, 1996
UA25.01.06.03 CAS: Fact Sheets, 1996-2003
UA25.01.06.04 CAS Logos, 2000
UA25.01.06.05 Memorandum CAS, 1996-1997
UA25.01.06.06 Classics Program
UA25.01.06.07 Classical Studies, 1994-1997
UA25.01.06.08 Chemistry Programs, 1996-1997
UA25.01.06.09 Coastal Studies, 1996
UA25.01.06.10 Coastal Studies: Lake Matta Muskeet, 1990-1997
UA25.01.06.11 Field Station of Coastal Studies at Mattamuskeet
UA25.01.06.12 Coastal Studies Brochure, 1996-1997
UA25.01.06.13 Communication, 1996
UA25.01.06.14 Comm. Council, 2005
UA25.01.06.15 Economics Programs, 1995-1996
UA25.01.06.16 English Programs, 1996
UA25.01.06.17 Ethnic Studies Program, 1992
UA25.01.06.18 Foreign Languages, 1996
UA25.01.06.19 Geology Studies, 1996
UA25.01.06.20 Geography Programs, 1996
UA25.01.07.01 Graduate Programs, 1998
UA25.01.07.02 History Programs, 1996
UA25.01.07.03 Humanities, 2000
UA25.01.07.04 International Studies, 1995-1998
UA25.01.07.05 Latin American Studies, 1969-1977
UA25.01.07.06 Mathematics Program, 1996
UA25.01.07.07 Medieval & Renaissance Studies Program, 1992
UA25.01.07.08 Medieval & Renaissance Studies, undated
UA25.01.07.09 North Carolina Studies Minor, 1997
UA25.01.07.10 Philosophy Programs, 1996
UA25.01.07.11 Physics Dpt., 1996
UA25.01.07.12 Political Science Programs, 1995-1999
UA25.01.07.13 Psychology Programs, undated
UA25.01.07.14 Religious Studies, 1996-1997
UA25.01.07.15 Religious Studies Minor Program, 1992
UA25.01.07.16 Religious Studies Minor Program, 1993
UA25.01.07.17 Renaissance Programs, 1996-1997
UA25.01.07.18 Sociology Programs, 1996
UA25.01.07.19 Theatre Art Brochures, undated
UA25.01.07.20 Womens Studies, 2001-2003
UA25.01.07.21 Womens Studies Brochure, 1996
UA25.01.08.01 Art Education Doctorate Proposals, 1970
UA25.01.08.02 Art History Masters Proposals, 1970
UA25.01.08.03 Biology Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.08.04 Buisness Administration Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.08.05 Chemistry Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.08.06 Educational Administration and Supervision Doctoral Program, 1970
UA25.01.08.07 English Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.08.08 Elementary Education Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.09.01 History Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.09.02 Institute for the Handicapped in Science Proposal, 1987
UA25.01.09.03 Mathematics Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.09.04 Musical Arts Doctorate Proposals
UA25.01.09.05 Political Science Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.09.06 Psychology Doctorate Proposal, 1970
UA25.01.10.01 Named Chairs, undated
UA25.01.10.02 Chairs Announcement, 2007
UA25.01.10.03 Koninklijke Vlaamse Academic Van Belgic Voor Wetenschappen En Kunsten, 2002
UA25.01.10.04 A.R. Ammons, 2007
UA25.01.10.05 Dr. Robert Christian, 2007
UA25.01.10.06 Fantazzi - Distinguished Professor, 1993-1998
UA25.01.10.07 Distinguished Professor - Forestry and Brinson, 1967-1997
UA25.01.10.08 Distinguished Professor - Makuck, 1996-1997
UA25.01.10.09 Whichard Chair - Minnich, 2001
UA25.01.10.10 Robert Morgan, 2005
UA25.01.10.11 Robert Morrison, 2006
UA25.01.10.12 Distinguished Professor - Robert Morrison, 2006
UA25.01.11.01 Distinguished Professor Lecture - Bodo Nischan, 1939-2002
UA25.01.11.02 Whichard Chair - Post and Hornsby, 1994-1997
UA25.01.11.03 Distinguished Professor - Riggs and Yarbrough, 1994-1995
UA25.01.11.04 RH Rives Chair - English, 2004
UA25.01.11.05 Distinguished Professorship Lecture, 1997-2001
UA25.01.11.06 Distinguished Professor - Tom Shippey, 2004
UA25.01.11.07 Distinguished Professor (Whichard), 2004
UA25.01.12.01 Dean Correspondences, 1966
UA25.01.12.02 Dean Correspondences, 1967
UA25.01.12.03 Dean Correspondences, 1968
UA25.01.12.04 Dean Correspondences, 1969
UA25.01.12.05 Dean Correspondences, 1970
UA25.01.12.06 Dean Correspondences, 1971
UA25.01.12.07 Dean Correspondences, 1972
UA25.01.13.01 Dean Correspondences, 1973
UA25.01.13.02 Dean Correspondences, 1974
UA25.01.13.03 Dean Correspondences, 1975
UA25.01.13.04 Dean Correspondences, 1976
UA25.01.13.05 Dean Correspondences, 1977
UA25.01.13.06 Dean Correspondences, 1978
UA25.01.13.07 Dean Correspondences, 1979
UA25.01.13.08 Dean Correspondences, 1980
UA25.01.13.09 Dean Correspondences, 1981
UA25.01.13.10 Dean Correspondences, 1983
UA25.01.14.01 CCAS Newsletter, 1972-1978
UA25.01.14.02 Roanoke Newsletters, 1994-1999
UA25.01.14.03 Roanoke Newsletters, 1998 May
UA25.01.14.04 Roanoke Newsletter, 1999 May
UA25.01.15.01 90th Anniversary, 1997
UA25.01.15.02 Anthropology Log, Spring 1996
UA25.01.15.03 Awards Banquet - Advisory Committee, 1999-2000
UA25.01.15.04 Bookmark - News
UA25.01.15.05 Chapel Hill Info, 2006
UA25.01.15.06 Charitable Contribution Certification, 1996-2003
UA25.01.15.07 College Constitution, 1992
UA25.01.15.08 Concept Sheets, 1999-2001
UA25.01.15.09 Dean's Photo - Signature for Stone
UA25.01.15.10 ECU Publications, 1996-2000
UA25.01.15.11 Thomas Harriot, 2003-2004
UA25.01.15.12 Harriot Film Project, 2003
UA25.01.15.13 Harriot Lecture, March 2006
UA25.01.15.14 Harriot Magazine Information, 2006
UA25.01.15.15 Harriot College Loan, 2003
UA25.01.15.16 Humber Symposium, 1995-1996
UA25.01.15.17 Interdisciplinary Initiatives, 1997
UA25.01.15.18 Job Description Internship, 1995-1999
UA25.01.15.19 Mailing Guidelines, 1999
UA25.01.15.20 MAIS Brochure, 1996
UA25.01.15.21 Memos, 1996
UA25.01.15.22 Mini - Humanities School
UA25.01.15.23 Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1997
UA25.01.15.24 Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1997-1998
UA25.01.15.25 Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1992-1998
UA25.01.15.26 Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications
UA25.01.15.27 National Humanities Center, 2000-2008
UA25.01.15.28 North Carolina's Down East Magazine, 2005-2006
UA25.01.16.01 NC Studies, Flyers and Letters, 1995-1997
UA25.01.16.02 Open House, 1996-1999
UA25.01.16.03 Open House PowerPoint - CAS, undated
UA25.01.16.04 Operational Planning Progress , 1996
UA25.01.16.05 Phi Kappa Phi, 1996-1997
UA25.01.16.06 The Philological Association of the Carolinas, 1997
UA25.01.16.07 Photos, 2004
UA25.01.16.08 Photos, 2004
UA25.01.16.09 Press Releases, 2003-2005
UA25.01.16.10 Press Releases, 1996-2001
UA25.01.16.11 Proposal to Support the Liberal Arts Center, 1996
UA25.01.16.12 Queen Anne's Revenge, undated
UA25.01.16.13 Releases to Report, 1999
UA25.01.16.14 Roanoke Voyages Studies, 1997
UA25.01.16.15 Signs for Open House, undated
UA25.01.16.16 Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh, 2004
UA25.01.16.17 Treasure Maps, 1995-2003
UA25.01.16.18 "The Two Cultures in the New Millenium", 2003
UA25.01.16.19 Wisconsin - Liberal Arts Survey, 2001
UA25.01.17.01 91st Founder's Day, 1998
UA25.01.17.02 92nd Founder's Day, 1999 March
UA25.01.17.03 Fall Convocation, 1995-1996
UA25.01.17.04 Fall Convocation, 1996-1999
UA25.01.17.05 Convocation Script, 2000
UA25.01.17.06 Fall Convocation, 2001
UA25.01.17.07 Fall Convocation, 2007
UA25.01.17.08 Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1968-1973
UA25.01.17.09 Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1974-1977
UA25.01.17.10 Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1978-1984
UA25.01.17.11 Correspondence and Minutes, 1972-1978
UA25.01.17.12 Chair Meeting Minutes, 1970-1979
UA25.01.17.13 Chair Meeting Minutes, 1980-1985
UA25.01.18.01 Rives Chair, 1999-2004
UA25.01.18.02 Chair File, 2004
UA25.01.18.03 New Chair Announcements, 2006
UA25.01.18.04 Budget, 1991-1992
UA25.01.18.05 Grant Activity, 1992-1993
UA25.01.18.06 Report to the Chancellor, 1973-1979
UA25.01.18.07 Space Allocation Reports, 1967-1974
UA25.01.18.08 Women's Studies Anuual Report, 1995-1997
UA25.01.18.09 IHCR Reports, 1996-1997
UA25.01.18.10 Strategic Framework Report, 2007
UA25.01.18.11 CRA Awards, 2006
UA25.01.18.12 College Research Award, 1999
UA25.01.18.13 Award Template, 2000-2001
UA25.01.18.14 Self-Study SACS, 1971-1972
UA25.01.18.15 SACS, 2010-2011
UA25.01.18.16 SACS, 2010-2011
UA25.01.19.01 CAS Home Page - World Wide Web, 1995
UA25.01.19.02 CAS Brochures, 1995-1996
UA25.01.19.03 CAS Directory, 1996-1997
UA25.01.19.04 CAS Telethon, 1996-1997
UA25.01.19.05 CAS Major Fair, 1997
UA25.01.19.06 CAS 8th Snnual Orientation - Tenure-Track Faculty, 1998
UA25.01.19.07 CAS Brochures, 1999-2000
UA25.01.19.08 CAS Orientation, 2000 Summer
UA25.01.19.09 CAS Annual Giving Campaign, 2000-2002
UA25.01.20.01 Blank or Unlabeled Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.02 Miscellaneous Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.03 SAM Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.04 CAS Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.05 CLA Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.06 Cornerstone Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.20.07 Program Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.21.01 Miscellaneous Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.21.02 CAS Diskettes, undated
UA25.01.21.03 Cornerstone Discs, undated
UA25.01.21.04 Blank Discs or CD Cases, undated
UA25.01.21.05 Miscellaneous Discs, undated
UA25.01.21.06 CAS Open House VHS, undated
UA25.01.21.07 Unlabled VHS, 2004
UA25.01.22.01 A Briefe and True Report: A History of Thomas Harriot College, 1909-2004
UA25.01.23.01 Assistant Dean- Correspondence, 1980-1985