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North Carolina Collection #012
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ECU North Carolina Collection
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The Vertical File contains brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, and other printed ephemeral material pertaining to North Carolina people, organizations, places, history, and events. Files on a county, for example, typically include brochures / maps pertaining to natural or historic sites, cultural events, and local businesses.

Scope and arrangement

The Vertical File contains brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, and other printed ephemeral material pertaining to North Carolina people, organizations, places, history, and events. Files on a county, for example, typically include brochures / maps pertaining to natural or historic sites, cultural events, and local businesses.


Individual folders are listed alphabetically by subject heading.

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This material is made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to U.S. Copyright law.

Container list
NCR.012-s1-f1 4-H Clubs
NCR.012-s2-f1 Aberdeen
NCR.012-s2-f2 Aberdeen--History
NCR.012-s2-f3 Aeronautical charts
NCR.012-s2-f4 Aeronautics--History
NCR.012-s2-f5 Afro-American newspapers
NCR.012-s2-f6 Afro-Americans--Education
NCR.012-s2-f7 Afro-Americans--History--Durham
NCR.012-s2-f8 Afro-Americans--Library resources
NCR.012-s2-f9 Aged
NCR.012-s2-f10 Agriculture
NCR.012-s2-f11 Agriculture--Halifax County
NCR.012-s2-f12 Ahoskie
NCR.012-s2-f13 AIDS (Disease)
NCR.012-s2-f14 Airborne and Special Operations Museum (Fort Bragg)
NCR.012-s2-f15 Alamance County
NCR.012-s2-f16 Albemarle
NCR.012-s2-f17 Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study
NCR.012-s2-f18 Alexander County
NCR.012-s2-f19 Alleghany County
NCR.012-s2-f20 American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina
NCR.012-s2-f21 American Coating Technologies, Inc. (Greenville)
NCR.012-s2-f22 American Legion--North Carolina--Greenville
NCR.012-s2-f23 Angier
NCR.012-s2-f24 Anson County
NCR.012-s2-f25 Antiques
NCR.012-s2-f26 Antiques--North Carolina, Eastern
NCR.012-s2-f27 Appalachian State University
NCR.012-s2-f28 Apples
NCR.012-s2-f29 Apprentices
NCR.012-s2-f30 Apprenticeship programs
NCR.012-s2-f31 Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce
NCR.012-s2-f32 Archaeology
NCR.012-s2-f33 Artificial reefs
NCR.012-s2-f34 Artists
NCR.012-s2-f35 Ashe County
NCR.012-s2-f36 Asheim, Lester Eugene, 1914-1997
NCR.012-s2-f37 Asheville
NCR.012-s2-f38 Asheville--Description and travel
NCR.012-s2-f39 Association for Retarded Citizens
NCR.012-s2-f40 Atlantic Beach
NCR.012-s2-f41 Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
NCR.012-s2-f42 Aurora
NCR.012-s2-f43 Automobiles--Seat belts
NCR.012-s2-f44 Avery County
NCR.012-s2-f45 Aviation--North Carolina Women
NCR.012-s2-f46 Aycock, Charles Brantley, 1859-1912
NCR.012-s2-f47 Ayden
NCR.012-s3-f1 Bald Head Island
NCR.012-s3-f2 Banks and banking
NCR.012-s3-f3 Barbecue
NCR.012-s3-f4 Barrax, Gerald
NCR.012-s3-f5 Bass
NCR.012-s3-f6 Bate, Harold Herbert, 1907-2000
NCR.012-s3-f7 Bath
NCR.012-s3-f8 Beaufort
NCR.012-s3-f9 Beaufort County Community College
NCR.012-s3-f10 Beavers
NCR.012-s3-f11 Bed and breakfast accommodations--Asheville
NCR.012-s3-f12 Belair Plantation (New Bern)
NCR.012-s3-f13 Bellamy Mansion of History and Design Arts (Wilmington)
NCR.012-s3-f14 Benson
NCR.012-s3-f15 Bentonville Battleground State Historic Site
NCR.012-s3-f16 Bertie County
NCR.012-s3-f17 Bicycle trails--Alamance County
NCR.012-s3-f18 Bicycle trails--Outer Banks
NCR.012-s3-f19 Bicycle trails--Transylvania County
NCR.012-s3-f20 Biggs, Asa, 1811-1878
NCR.012-s3-f21 Biltmore Estate (Asheville)
NCR.012-s3-f22 Biltmore Industries (Asheville)
NCR.012-s3-f23 Bingham, Robert, 1838-1927
NCR.012-s3-f24 Biotechnology
NCR.012-s3-f25 Blackbeard
NCR.012-s3-f26 Blackbeard: Knight of the Black Flag
NCR.012-s3-f27 Black Mountain
NCR.012-s3-f28 Black Mountain College
NCR.012-s3-f29 Blind
NCR.012-s3-f30 Blowing Rock
NCR.012-s3-f31 Blueberries
NCR.012-s3-f32 Blue Ridge Parkway
NCR.012-s3-f33 Boone
NCR.012-s3-f34 Boone, Herman
NCR.012-s3-f35 Boyd, Boston Napoleon, 1860-1932
NCR.012-s3-f36 Boyd, Eva Narcissus
NCR.012-s3-f37 Boyette, Bob
NCR.012-s3-f38 Brewster, Lawrence Fay, 1907-1999
NCR.012-s3-f39 Brinkley, David
NCR.012-s3-f40 Brunswick Community College
NCR.012-s3-f41 Brunswick County
NCR.012-s3-f42 Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant
NCR.012-s3-f43 Brunswick Town
NCR.012-s3-f44 Budget
NCR.012-s3-f45 Bulbs
NCR.012-s3-f46 Bullock, Sandra
NCR.012-s3-f47 Burke County
NCR.012-s3-f48 Burroughs Wellcome Company
NCR.012-s3-f49 Busing for school integration
NCR.012-s4-f1 Cabarrus County
NCR.012-s4-f2 Cabarrus County--Genealogy
NCR.012-s4-f3 Caesar, Shirley, 1938-
NCR.012-s4-f4 Caldwell County
NCR.012-s4-f5 Camden County
NCR.012-s4-f6 Campbell University
NCR.012-s4-f7 Canoes and Canoeing
NCR.012-s4-f8 Canova, Antonio, 1757-1822
NCR.012-s4-f9 Cape Fear Museum (Wilmington)
NCR.012-s4-f10 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
NCR.012-s4-f11 Cape Hatteras National Seashore
NCR.012-s4-f12 Cape Lookout National Seashore
NCR.012-s4-f13 Carnivorous Plants
NCR.012-s4-f14 Carolina Ballet
NCR.012-s4-f15 Carolina Bays
NCR.012-s4-f16 Carolina Beach
NCR.012-s4-f17 Carolina Charter Tercentenary Commission (Raleigh)
NCR.012-s4-f18 Carolina Dogwood Festival (Statesville)
NCR.012-s4-f19 Carolina Pregnancy Center (Greenville)
NCR.012-s4-f20 Carolina Power and Light Company
NCR.012-s4-f21 Carr, Elias, 1839-1900
NCR.012-s4-f22 Carteret County
NCR.012-s4-f23 Carteret County Museum of History and Arts (Morehead City)
NCR.012-s4-f24 Cary
NCR.012-s4-f25 Cashie Wetlands Walk (Windsor)
NCR.012-s4-f26 Cashiers
NCR.012-s4-f27 Caswell County
NCR.012-s4-f28 Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
NCR.012-s4-f29 Catawba County
NCR.012-s4-f30 Catawba River
NCR.012-s4-f31 Cemeteries
NCR.012-s4-f32 Central Carolina Community College
NCR.012-s4-f33 Chapel Hill
NCR.012-s4-f34 Charlotte
NCR.012-s4-f35 Charlotte College
NCR.012-s4-f36 Charlotte--Description and travel
NCR.012-s4-f37 Chatham County
NCR.012-s4-f38 Cherokee County
NCR.012-s4-f39 Cherokee Indian Reservation
NCR.012-s4-f40 Child abuse
NCR.012-s4-f41 Childbirth
NCR.012-s4-f42 Child care--Pitt County
NCR.012-s4-f43 Child support--Law and legislation
NCR.012-s4-f44 Children--Health and hygiene
NCR.012-s4-f45 Children--Legal status, laws, etc.
NCR.012-s4-f46 Children with Special Needs in Pitt County
NCR.012-s4-f47 Chinqua-Penn Plantation (Reidsville)
NCR.012-s4-f48 Chowan College
NCR.012-s4-f49 Chowan County
NCR.012-s4-f50 City planning--Greenville
NCR.012-s4-f51 Civic improvement--Greenville
NCR.012-s4-f52 Civil rights demonstrations
NCR.012-s4-f53 Cleveland County
NCR.012-s4-f54 Clinton
NCR.012-s4-f55 Clinton, Richard
NCR.012-s4-f56 Coast Changes
NCR.012-s4-f57 Coastal boating guide
NCR.012-s4-f58 Coastal ecology
NCR.012-s4-f59 Coastal zone management
NCR.012-s4-f60 Cobb family
NCR.012-s4-f61 Columbia
NCR.012-s4-f62 Columbus County
NCR.012-s4-f63 Community colleges
NCR.012-s4-f64 Community Council for the Arts (Kinston)
NCR.012-s4-f65 Cookery (Fish)
NCR.012-s4-f66 Contentnea Creek Shooting Preserve (Greene County)
NCR.012-s4-f67 Convention facilities--Greenville
NCR.012-s4-f68 Contractors
NCR.012-s4-f69 Cotton
NCR.012-s4-f70 Coulter, Myron L.
NCR.012-s4-f71 Counties--Maps
NCR.012-s4-f72 Country music
NCR.012-s4-f73 County Doctor Museum (Bailey)
NCR.012-s4-f74 County government
NCR.012-s4-f75 Craven County
NCR.012-s4-f76 Crime
NCR.012-s4-f77 Crime prevention
NCR.012-s4-f78 Croatan National Forest
NCR.012-s4-f79 Cumberland County
NCR.012-s4-f80 Currie, Katherine Sholler, 1931-
NCR.012-s4-f81 Currituck County
NCR.012-s4-f82 Cypress Glen Retirement Community (Greenville)
NCR.012-s5-f1 Daniels, Josephus, 1862-1948
NCR.012-s5-f2 Davidson College
NCR.012-s5-f3 Davidson College.  E. H. Little Library
NCR.012-s5-f4 Davidson County
NCR.012-s5-f5 Davis, Paige
NCR.012-s5-f6 Davis School (La Grange)
NCR.012-s5-f7 Day care centers
NCR.012-s5-f8 Day care centers--Pitt County
NCR.012-s5-f9 Day, Thomas, ca. 1801-1861
NCR.012-s5-f10 Deaf
NCR.012-s5-f11 Decorative arts
NCR.012-s5-f12 Diabetes--Halifax County
NCR.012-s5-f13 Dillsboro
NCR.012-s5-f14 Directions and Dialog
NCR.012-s5-f15 Dinoflagellates
NCR.012-s5-f16 Dioxins
NCR.012-s5-f17 Dismal Swamp Canal
NCR.012-s5-f18 Dorothea Dix Hospital (Raleigh)
NCR.012-s5-f19 Driver's handbook
NCR.012-s5-f20 Duke University.  Center for Documentary Studies
NCR.012-s5-f21 Duke, Wilton R.
NCR.012-s5-f22 Dunn
NCR.012-s5-f23 Duplin County
NCR.012-s5-f24 Durham
NCR.012-s6-f1 Eakin, Richard Ronald, 1938-
NCR.012-s6-f2 Earthquakes
NCR.012-s6-f3 East Carolina Safety and Health School
NCR.012-s6-f4 East Carolina University.  Department of Human Resources
NCR.012-s6-f5 East Carolina University.  Field Station for Coastal Studies at Lake Mattamuskeet
NCR.012-s6-f6 East Carolina University.  Football
NCR.012-s6-f7 East Carolina University.  Health Sciences Library
NCR.012-s6-f8 East Carolina University.  Roanoke Colonies Research Office
NCR.012-s6-f9 East Carolina University.  School of Medicine--History
NCR.012-s6-f10 East Carolina University.  Visitors Guide
NCR.012-s6-f11 East Carolina Village of Yesteryear
NCR.012-s6-f12 Eastern Carolina Cardiovascular Center
NCR.012-s6-f13 Eastern Carolina Vocational Center
NCR.012-s6-f14 Eastern North Carolina Poverty Committee
NCR.012-s6-f15 Eden House (Bertie County)
NCR.012-s6-f16 Edenton
NCR.012-s6-f17 Edgecombe County
NCR.012-s6-f18 Edgecombe County Genealogical Society
NCR.012-s6-f19 Edgecombe County--Genealogy
NCR.012-s6-f20 Education Wall (Raleigh)
NCR.012-s6-f21 Ehle, John, 1925-
NCR.012-s6-f22 Election districts--Greenville
NCR.012-s6-f23 Elections, 1996
NCR.012-s6-f24 Electric utilities
NCR.012-s6-f25 Elizabeth II (Ships)
NCR.012-s6-f26 Elizabeth City
NCR.012-s6-f27 Elizabeth City--Description and travel
NCR.012-s6-f28 Elkin
NCR.012-s6-f29 Elon College
NCR.012-s6-f30 Enfield--History
NCR.012-s6-f31 English language--Studying and teaching--Foreign speakers
NCR.012-s6-f32 Environmental education
NCR.012-s6-f33 Environmental educators of North Carolina
NCR.012-s6-f34 Eppes, Charles M.
NCR.012-s6-f35 Ervin, Sam James, 1896-1985
NCR.012-s6-f36 Exports
NCR.012-s7-f1 Fair Bluff
NCR.012-s7-f2 Fairs
NCR.012-s7-f3 Family violence
NCR.012-s7-f4 Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina
NCR.012-s7-f5 Farmville
NCR.012-s7-f6 Farmville. Dogwood Festival
NCR.012-s7-f7 Farmville--Officials and employees
NCR.012-s7-f8 Faulkner, Frank
NCR.012-s7-f9 Faulkner, Janice Hardison
NCR.012-s7-f10 Fayetteville
NCR.012-s7-f11 Fayetteville--Description and travel
NCR.012-s7-f12 Fayetteville.  Dogwood Festival
NCR.012-s7-f13 Fayetteville State University
NCR.012-s7-f14 Ferries
NCR.012-s7-f15 Finger, Sidney Michael, 1837-1896
NCR.012-s7-f16 Fire/Rescue Drill Tower (Greenville)
NCR.012-s7-f17 First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Greenville
NCR.012-s7-f18 Fishing
NCR.012-s7-f19 Fisheries
NCR.012-s7-f20 Flowers, Percy
NCR.012-s7-f21 Food--North Carolina
NCR.012-s7-f22 Forest Products Industry
NCR.012-s7-f23 Forests and forestry
NCR.012-s7-f24 Forsyth County
NCR.012-s7-f25 Forsyth County Public Library
NCR.012-s7-f26 Fort Bragg
NCR.012-s7-f27 Fort Branch
NCR.012-s7-f28 Fort Fisher
NCR.012-s7-f29 Fort Macon
NCR.012-s7-f30 Fort Macon Ramparts
NCR.012-s7-f31 Fort Macon State Park
NCR.012-s7-f32 Fossils
NCR.012-s7-f33 Fountain, N.C.
NCR.012-s7-f34 Franklin County
NCR.012-s7-f35 Freemasons
NCR.012-s7-f36 Fulgham family
NCR.012-s7-f37 Fuquay-Varina
NCR.012-s7-f38 Furniture--North Carolina, Eastern
NCR.012-s7-f39 Furniture industry and trade
NCR.012-s8-f1 Gardens
NCR.012-s8-f2 Gardens--Edenton
NCR.012-s8-f3 Gardner, Ava
NCR.012-s8-f4 Gardner, Jim, 1933-
NCR.012-s8-f5 Gaston County
NCR.012-s8-f6 Genealogy
NCR.012-s8-f7 General stores
NCR.012-s8-f8 Global Transpark
NCR.012-s8-f9 Global Transpark Update
NCR.012-s8-f10 Gold mines and mining
NCR.012-s8-f11 Golf
NCR.012-s8-f12 Governor's School of North Carolina
NCR.012-s8-f13 Grady-White Boats, Inc. (Greenville)
NCR.012-s8-f14 Graham County
NCR.012-s8-f15 Grants-in-aid
NCR.012-s8-f16 Granville County
NCR.012-s8-f17 Granville County Museum (Oxford)
NCR.012-s8-f18 Grasses
NCR.012-s8-f19 Great Smoky Mountains
NCR.012-s8-f20 Great Smoky Mountains National Park
NCR.012-s8-f21 Great Smoky Mountains Railway
NCR.012-s8-f22 Greater Greenville Foundation
NCR.012-s8-f23 Green, Paul, 1894-1981
NCR.012-s8-f24 Greensboro
NCR.012-s8-f25 Greenville--Antiquities
NCR.012-s8-f26 Greenville--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s8-f27 Greenville--Cemeteries
NCR.012-s8-f28 Greenville--Churches
NCR.012-s8-f29 Greenville--Description and travel
NCR.012-s8-f30 Greenville--Directories
NCR.012-s8-f31 Greenville--Economic conditions
NCR.012-s8-f32 Greenville--Fleming House
NCR.012-s8-f33 Greenville--History
NCR.012-s8-f34 Greenville--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
NCR.012-s8-f35 Greenville--Maps
NCR.012-s8-f36 Greenville--Politics and Government
NCR.012-s8-f37 Greenville--Population
NCR.012-s8-f38 Greenville--Residential assisted living
NCR.012-s8-f39 Greenville.  Police Department
NCR.012-s8-f40 Greenville.  Recreation and Parks Department
NCR.012-s8-f41 Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce
NCR.012-s8-f42 Greenville Area Preservation Association
NCR.012-s8-f43 Greenville Chamber of Commerce
NCR.012-s8-f44 Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association
NCR.012-s8-f45 Greenville City Council
NCR.012-s8-f46 Greenville Country Club
NCR.012-s8-f47 Greenville Merchants Association
NCR.012-s8-f48 Greenville Museum of Art
NCR.012-s8-f49 Greenville Utilities Commission
NCR.012-s8-f50 Grifton
NCR.012-s8-f51 Grimes Plantation (Grimesland)
NCR.012-s8-f52 Grimesland--Economic conditions
NCR.012-s8-f53 Guilford College
NCR.012-s8-f54 Guilford County
NCR.012-s8-f55 Guilford Court House, Battle of, 1781
NCR.012-s8-f56 Guilford Court House National Military Park
NCR.012-s9-f1 H. L. Hunley (Submarine)
NCR.012-s9-f2 Hackley, Lloyd V.
NCR.012-s9-f3 Halifax Baptist Church (Halifax)
NCR.012-s9-f4 Halifax County
NCR.012-s9-f5 Halifax County--Census, 1990
NCR.012-s9-f6 Hamilton
NCR.012-s9-f7 Hammocks Beach State Park
NCR.012-s9-f8 Hamrick, Grace R.
NCR.012-s9-f9 Handicraft
NCR.012-s9-f10 Harnett County
NCR.012-s9-f11 Harrington, W.D. (William D.)
NCR.012-s9-f12 Hatteras
NCR.012-s9-f13 Hatteras Hammocks (Greenville)
NCR.012-s9-f14 Haywood County
NCR.012-s9-f15 Hazardous substances
NCR.012-s9-f16 Hazardous wastes
NCR.012-s9-f17 Health status indicators
NCR.012-s9-f18 Helms, Jesse, 1921-
NCR.012-s9-f19 Henderson
NCR.012-s9-f20 Henderson County
NCR.012-s9-f21 Hendersonville
NCR.012-s9-f22 Harriot, Thomas, 1560-1621
NCR.012-s9-f23 Herring fisheries
NCR.012-s9-f24 Hertford County
NCR.012-s9-f25 Hickory--Description and travel
NCR.012-s9-f26 High Point
NCR.012-s9-f27 Highlands
NCR.012-s9-f28 Hillsborough
NCR.012-s9-f29 Hispanic Americans
NCR.012-s9-f30 Historic buildings--Bath
NCR.012-s9-f31 Historic buildings--Bertie County
NCR.012-s9-f32 Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration
NCR.012-s9-f33 Historic buildings--Craven County
NCR.012-s9-f34 Historic buildings--Franklin County
NCR.012-s9-f35 Historic buildings--Greenville
NCR.012-s9-f36 Historic buildings--Halifax County
NCR.012-s9-f37 Historic buildings--Jones County
NCR.012-s9-f38 Historic buildings--Mecklenburg County
NCR.012-s9-f39 Historic buildings--Moore County
NCR.012-s9-f40 Historic buildings--New Bern
NCR.012-s9-f41 Historic buildings--Perquimans County
NCR.012-s9-f42 Historic buildings--Raleigh
NCR.012-s9-f43 Historic buildings--Trenton
NCR.012-s9-f44 Historic buildings--Warrenton
NCR.012-s9-f45 Historic buildings--Washington
NCR.012-s9-f46 Historic buildings--Washington County
NCR.012-s9-f47 Historic buildings--Wilmington
NCR.012-s9-f48 Historic preservation
NCR.012-s9-f49 Historic sites
NCR.012-s9-f50 Historic sites--North Carolina, Eastern
NCR.012-s9-f51 Holshouser, James E., 1934-
NCR.012-s9-f52 Hope Plantation
NCR.012-s9-f53 Hopkins, Lila
NCR.012-s9-f54 Horn in the West
NCR.012-s9-f55 Hospitals--Chapel Hill
NCR.012-s9-f56 Hospitals--Greenville
NCR.012-s9-f57 Hotel Albert (New Bern)
NCR.012-s9-f58 Howard, Mary Ferebee
NCR.012-s9-f59 Howell, Claude, 1915-
NCR.012-s9-f60 Humber family
NCR.012-s9-f61 Humber, Robert Lee, 1898-1970
NCR.012-s9-f62 Hunt, James B., 1937-
NCR.012-s9-f63 Hunter, Jim, 1946-1999
NCR.012-s9-f64 Hurricane Floyd, 1999
NCR.012-s9-f65 Hurricane Fran, 1996
NCR.012-s9-f66 Hurricanes
NCR.012-s9-f67 Hurricanes--Safety measures
NCR.012-s9-f68 Hyde County
NCR.012-s10-f1 Indians of North America
NCR.012-s10-f2 Industrial Accidents--Hamlet
NCR.012-s10-f3 Industries--Greenville
NCR.012-s10-f4 Insurance, Automobile
NCR.012-s10-f5 Iredell County
NCR.012-s10-f6 Ivy, Gregory
NCR.012-s10-f7 Jackson
NCR.012-s10-f8 Jackson County
NCR.012-s10-f9 Jacobs, Harriet Ann, 1813-1897
NCR.012-s10-f10 James Sprunt Community College
NCR.012-s10-f11 James Sprunt Institute
NCR.012-s10-f12 Jamestown
NCR.012-s10-f13 Jardine, Kathleen
NCR.012-s10-f14 Jews
NCR.012-s10-f15 Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training Program
NCR.012-s10-f16 Joel Lane Museum House (Raleigh)
NCR.012-s10-f17 John H. Kerr Reservoir
NCR.012-s10-f18 Johnson, Andrew, 1809-1875
NCR.012-s10-f19 Johnston Community College
NCR.012-s10-f20 Johnston County
NCR.012-s10-f21 Jones, Walter Beaman, 1913-1992
NCR.012-s10-f22 Joseph Keasbey Brick School
NCR.012-s10-f23 Jugtown Pottery (Firm)
NCR.012-s10-f24 Juvenile corrections
NCR.012-s10-f25 Juvenile delinquency
NCR.012-s10-f26 Kannapolis
NCR.012-s10-f27 Kenansville
NCR.012-s10-f28 Kenly
NCR.012-s10-f29 Kernersville
NCR.012-s10-f30 Kerr Lake
NCR.012-s10-f31 Kill Devil Hill National Memorial
NCR.012-s10-f32 Kinston
NCR.012-s10-f33 Kinston--Description and travel
NCR.012-s10-f34 Kinston--Politics and government
NCR.012-s10-f35 Knightdale
NCR.012-s10-f36 Kuralt, Charles
NCR.012-s11-f1 La Grange
NCR.012-s11-f2 Lake Gaston
NCR.012-s11-f3 Lake Mattamuskeet
NCR.012-s11-f4 Lake Norman
NCR.012-s11-f5 Land use--Greenville
NCR.012-s11-f6 Land use--Pitt County
NCR.012-s11-f7 Landlord and tenant
NCR.012-s11-f8 Langford, Verona Joyner
NCR.012-s11-f9 Lawson, John, 1674-1711
NCR.012-s11-f10 League of Women Voters of Pitt County
NCR.012-s11-f11 Lee County
NCR.012-s11-f12 Lee, William C., 1895-1948
NCR.012-s11-f13 Lenoir County
NCR.012-s11-f14 Lexington
NCR.012-s11-f15 Libraries--Bath
NCR.012-s11-f16 Libraries--Greenville
NCR.012-s11-f17 Lifesaving Stations
NCR.012-s11-f18 Lillington
NCR.012-s11-f19 Lincoln, Abraham (Paternity)
NCR.012-s11-f20 Lincoln County
NCR.012-s11-f21 Lincolnton
NCR.012-s11-f22 Linville Caverns
NCR.012-s11-f23 Literarcy
NCR.012-s11-f24 Lobbying
NCR.012-s11-f25 Local Finance Bulletin
NCR.012-s11-f26 Local transit
NCR.012-s11-f27 Long, Noyes Capehart
NCR.012-s11-f28 Lost Colony
NCR.012-s11-f29 Louisburg--Buildings Structures--Etc.
NCR.012-s11-f30 Low Income Energy Assistance Program
NCR.012-s11-f31 Lumbee Indians
NCR.012-s11-f32 Lumberton
NCR.012-s11-f33 Lumber trade--Hertford
NCR.012-s12-f1 Macon County
NCR.012-s12-f2 Macon, Nathaniel
NCR.012-s12-f3 Madison County
NCR.012-s12-f4 Mars Hill College
NCR.012-s12-f5 Martin County
NCR.012-s12-f6 Martin County--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s12-f7 Martinsborough--History
NCR.012-s12-f8 Mathews
NCR.012-s12-f9 Mattamuskeet Foundation
NCR.012-s12-f10 Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge
NCR.012-s12-f11 McCorkle, Jill
NCR.012-s12-f12 McDiamid, Kate R., 1881-1981
NCR.012-s12-f13 McDowell County
NCR.012-s12-f14 McPherson, Holt, 1906-1979
NCR.012-s12-f15 Meherrin Indians
NCR.012-s12-f16 Mecklenburg County
NCR.012-s12-f17 Medical care--Pitt County
NCR.012-s12-f18 Menhaden
NCR.012-s12-f19 Meteorites
NCR.012-s12-f20 Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Classic
NCR.012-s12-f21 Migrant labor
NCR.012-s12-f22 Mills, William C., 1836-1904
NCR.012-s12-f23 Mine safety
NCR.012-s12-f24 Mines and mining resources
NCR.012-s12-f25 Minerals
NCR.012-s12-f26 Minorities--Health and Hygiene
NCR.012-s12-f27 Mitchell County
NCR.012-s12-f28 Mitchell, Joseph, 1908-1996
NCR.012-s12-f29 Moore County
NCR.012-s12-f30 Monitor (Ship)
NCR.012-s12-f31 Morehead City
NCR.012-s12-f32 Moseley Brothers (Greenville)
NCR.012-s12-f33 Motion picture industry
NCR.012-s12-f34 Mount Olive
NCR.012-s12-f35 Moye family
NCR.012-s12-f36 Murfreesboro
NCR.012-s12-f37 Murfreesboro--Description
NCR.012-s12-f38 Murfreesboro Historical Associations
NCR.012-s12-f39 Muse, William V.
NCR.012-s12-f40 Museum of the Albemarle
NCR.012-s12-f41 Museum of the Cape Fear
NCR.012-s12-f42 Museum of the Cherokee Indians
NCR.012-s12-f43 Museums
NCR.012-s13-f1 Nags Head
NCR.012-s13-f2 Nash County
NCR.012-s13-f3 National Humanities Center
NCR.012-s13-f4 National parks and reserves
NCR.012-s13-f5 National School Lunch Programs
NCR.012-s13-f6 Nature Conservancy.  North Carolina Chapter
NCR.012-s13-f7 Nature Trails
NCR.012-s13-f8 Neuse (Ironclad)
NCR.012-s13-f9 Neuse River
NCR.012-s13-f10 Neuse River Council of Government
NCR.012-s13-f11 New Bern
NCR.012-s13-f12 New Bern--Description and travel
NCR.012-s13-f13 New Hanover County
NCR.012-s13-f14 New Hanover County Library
NCR.012-s13-f15 North American Fiberglass Corp. (Greenville)
NCR.012-s13-f16 North Carolina.  Economic conditions
NCR.012-s13-f17 North Carolina.  International Trade Division
NCR.012-s13-f18 North Carolina (Ship)
NCR.012-s13-f19 North Carolina--Biography
NCR.012-s13-f20 North Carolina--Climate
NCR.012-s13-f21 North Carolina--Description
NCR.012-s13-f22 North Carolina--Description and travel
NCR.012-s13-f23 North Carolina--Government organization
NCR.012-s13-f24 North Carolina--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
NCR.012-s13-f25 North Carolina--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Deserters
NCR.012-s13-f26 North Carolina--History--Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775
NCR.012-s13-f27 North Carolina--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
NCR.012-s13-f28 North Carolina--Politics and government
NCR.012-s13-f29 North Carolina--Population
NCR.012-s13-f30 North Carolina, Eastern--Description and travel
NCR.012-s13-f31 North Carolina, Western--Description and travel
NCR.012-s13-f32 North Carolina Amateur Sports Letter (Periodical)
NCR.012-s13-f33 North Carolina Aquarium
NCR.012-s13-f34 North Carolina Archaeological Society
NCR.012-s13-f35 North Carolina Art Work for State Buildings Programs
NCR.012-s13-f36 North Carolina Arts Council
NCR.012-s13-f37 North Carolina Barbers and Beauticians
NCR.012-s13-f38 North Carolina Botanical Garden
NCR.012-s13-f39 North Carolina Boundaries
NCR.012-s13-f40 North Carolina Central University
NCR.012-s13-f41 North Carolina Coastal Federation
NCR.012-s13-f42 North Carolina Community Shares
NCR.012-s13-f43 North Carolina Council on the Status of Women
NCR.012-s13-f44 North Carolina Department of Labor
NCR.012-s13-f45 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
NCR.012-s13-f46 North Carolina Department of Transportation
NCR.012-s13-f47 North Carolina Division of Occupation Safety and Health
NCR.012-s13-f48 North Carolina Environmental Education Clearinghouse
NCR.012-s13-f49 North Carolina Estuarium
NCR.012-s13-f50 North Carolina Executive Mansion (Raleigh)
NCR.012-s13-f51 North Carolina Friends Historical Society
NCR.012-s13-f52 North Carolina Gazette
NCR.012-s13-f53 North Carolina Guardian Ad Litem Program
NCR.012-s13-f54 North Carolina Highway 12
NCR.012-s13-f55 North Carolina Information Highway
NCR.012-s13-f56 North Carolina Language and Life Project
NCR.012-s13-f57 North Carolina Literary and Historical Associaton
NCR.012-s13-f58 North Carolina Literary Festival
NCR.012-s13-f59 North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame
NCR.012-s13-f60 North Carolina Maps.  SEE: State Transportation Maps
NCR.012-s13-f61 North Carolina Maritime Museum
NCR.012-s13-f62 North Carolina Medical Board
NCR.012-s13-f63 North Carolina Medical Database Commission
NCR.012-s13-f64 North Carolina Museum of Art
NCR.012-s13-f65 North Carolina Museum of History
NCR.012-s13-f66 North Carolina Museum of Natural History
NCR.012-s13-f67 North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company
NCR.012-s13-f68 North Carolina Newspaper Project
NCR.012-s13-f69 North Carolina Poverty Project
NCR.012-s13-f70 North Carolina Preservation Consortium
NCR.012-s13-f71 North Carolina Railroad Company
NCR.012-s13-f72 North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center
NCR.012-s13-f73 North Carolina Seal
NCR.012-s13-f74 North Carolina State Archives
NCR.012-s13-f75 North Carolina State Capitol
NCR.012-s13-f76 North Carolina State Museum of Natural Science
NCR.012-s13-f77 North Carolina State Ports Authority
NCR.012-s13-f78 North Carolina State University--Curricula
NCR.012-s13-f79 North Carolina Supreme Court
NCR.012-s13-f80 North Carolina Tidal Saltwater Classification Systems
NCR.012-s13-f81 North Carolina Writers' Network
NCR.012-s13-f82 North Carolina Zoological Park
NCR.012-s13-f83 North Carolina.  America's Four Hundreth Anniversary Committee
NCR.012-s13-f84 Northampton County
NCR.012-s13-f85 Nucor Steel
NCR.012-s13-f86 Nursing--Study and teaching
NCR.012-s14-f1 Oconaluftee Indian Village
NCR.012-s14-f2 Ocracoke Island
NCR.012-s14-f3 Octagon House (Hyde County)
NCR.012-s14-f4 "Old North State"
NCR.012-s14-f5 Old Salem
NCR.012-s14-f6 Outlying Landing Field (OLF)
NCR.012-s14-f7 Onslow County
NCR.012-s14-f8 Onslow County--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s14-f9 Ophthalmology
NCR.012-s14-f10 Optometry
NCR.012-s14-f11 Orange County--Description and travel
NCR.012-s14-f12 Oregon Inlet
NCR.012-s14-f13 Oriental
NCR.012-s14-f14 Outer Banks
NCR.012-s14-f15 Outer Banks--Description and travel
NCR.012-s14-f16 Outer Banks History Center
NCR.012-s14-f17 Oysters
NCR.012-s14-f18 Pamlico County
NCR.012-s14-f19 Park, Roy H.
NCR.012-s14-f20 Parks
NCR.012-s14-f21 Parks--Wake County
NCR.012-s14-f22 Partnership for the Sounds
NCR.012-s14-f23 Patton, Frances Gray, 1906-
NCR.012-s14-f24 Paul Green Foundation
NCR.012-s14-f25 Pearson, Henry, 1914-
NCR.012-s14-f26 Pembroke State University
NCR.012-s14-f27 Pender County
NCR.012-s14-f28 Penland School of Craft
NCR.012-s14-f29 Pepsi-Cola Company
NCR.012-s14-f30 Perkins, J. Vance
NCR.012-s14-f31 Perquimans County
NCR.012-s14-f32 Pettigrew family
NCR.012-s14-f33 Petty, Richard
NCR.012-s14-f34 Peyton, Boyd E., 1908-
NCR.012-s14-f35 Pfesteria
NCR.012-s14-f36 Pinehurst
NCR.012-s14-f37 Pisgah National Forest
NCR.012-s14-f38 Pitt Community College
NCR.012-s14-f39 Pitt Community College.  Learning Resources Center
NCR.012-s14-f40 Pitt County.  Board of Commissioners
NCR.012-s14-f41 Pitt County.  Focus 2000
NCR.012-s14-f42 Pitt County.  Health Department
NCR.012-s14-f43 Pitt County--Agriculture
NCR.012-s14-f44 Pitt County--Description
NCR.012-s14-f45 Pitt County--Directories
NCR.012-s14-f46 Pitt County--Economic conditions
NCR.012-s14-f47 Pitt County--Food products
NCR.012-s14-f48 Pitt County--Gazetteers
NCR.012-s14-f49 Pitt County--Genealogy
NCR.012-s14-f50 Pitt County--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
NCR.012-s14-f51 Pitt County--Officials and employees
NCR.012-s14-f52 Pitt County--Politics and government
NCR.012-s14-f53 Pitt County--Public works
NCR.012-s14-f54 Pitt County--Schools
NCR.012-s14-f55 Pitt County Agricultural Fair
NCR.012-s14-f56 Pitt County Arts Council
NCR.012-s14-f57 Pitt County Development Commission
NCR.012-s14-f58 Pitt County Historical Society
NCR.012-s14-f59 Pitt County Memorial Hospital
NCR.012-s14-f60 Pitt County Mental Health Association
NCR.012-s14-f61 Pitt Technical Institute
NCR.012-s14-f62 Pittman, Hobson
NCR.012-s14-f63 Plymouth
NCR.012-s14-f64 Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
NCR.012-s14-f65 Poe, Clarence
NCR.012-s14-f66 Polk County
NCR.012-s14-f67 Polk, James Knox
NCR.012-s14-f68 Pope House Museum Foundation
NCR.012-s14-f69 Pork
NCR.012-s14-f70 Post office buildings--Greenville
NCR.012-s14-f71 Postal service--Employees--Greenville
NCR.012-s14-f72 Postal service--History--Greenville
NCR.012-s14-f73 Pottery
NCR.012-s14-f74 Poverty
NCR.012-s14-f75 Powell, William Stevens
NCR.012-s14-f76 Prange, Sally Bowen
NCR.012-s14-f77 Preservation North Carolina
NCR.012-s14-f78 Proctor and Gamble Company
NCR.012-s14-f79 Public health
NCR.012-s14-f80 Public schools--Greenville
NCR.012-s14-f81 Public Service Company of North Carolina
NCR.012-s14-f82 Public utilities
NCR.012-s14-f83 Public welfare
NCR.012-s14-f84 Public works--Greenville
NCR.012-s15-f1 Quakers
NCR.012-s15-f2 Race Relations--Charlotte
NCR.012-s15-f3 Race relations--Pitt County
NCR.012-s15-f4 Radio Reading Service of Eastern North Carolina
NCR.012-s15-f5 Ragan, Samuel Talmadge, 1915-1996
NCR.012-s15-f6 Railroad Travel
NCR.012-s15-f7 Railroads
NCR.012-s15-f8 Railroads--Raleigh
NCR.012-s15-f9 Raleigh (N.C.).  Capitol
NCR.012-s15-f10 Raleigh (N.C.).  Legislative Building
NCR.012-s15-f11 Raleigh--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s15-f12 Raleigh City Museum
NCR.012-s15-f13 Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618
NCR.012-s15-f14 Raleigh's Roanoke Colonies, 1584-1590
NCR.012-s15-f15 Randolph County
NCR.012-s15-f16 Rape
NCR.012-s15-f17 Real estate development--Law and legislation
NCR.012-s15-f18 Recycling (Waste, etc.)
NCR.012-s15-f19 Recycling (Waste, etc.)--Greenville
NCR.012-s15-f20 Recycling (Waste, etc.)--Pitt County
NCR.012-s15-f21 Red Springs
NCR.012-s15-f22 Red Wolf
NCR.012-s15-f23 Reidsville
NCR.012-s15-f24 Releaf (Greenville)
NCR.012-s15-f25 Research Triangle Metropolitan Area--Description
NCR.012-s15-f26 Reynolda House Museum of American Art
NCR.012-s15-f27 Richmond County
NCR.012-s15-f28 Rivers
NCR.012-s15-f29 Roanoke Canal Trail
NCR.012-s15-f30 Roanoke-Chowan Community College
NCR.012-s15-f31 Roanoke Rapids High School
NCR.012-s15-f32 Roanoke River Canoe Camping Trail
NCR.012-s15-f33 Roanoke River Partners
NCR.012-s15-f34 Roanoke River Wildlife Refuge
NCR.012-s15-f35 Robeson County
NCR.012-s15-f36 Rockingham County
NCR.012-s15-f37 Rocky Mount--Description
NCR.012-s15-f38 Rocky Mount--Politics and government
NCR.012-s15-f39 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
NCR.012-s15-f40 Rodbar Corporation
NCR.012-s15-f41 Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina
NCR.012-s15-f42 Rowan County
NCR.012-s15-f43 Rubin, Louis D., 1923-
NCR.012-s15-f44 Rural electrification
NCR.012-s15-f45 Rutherford County
NCR.012-s16-f1 Sacred Heart College
NCR.012-s16-f2 St. Mary's College
NCR.012-s16-f3 St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Greenville)
NCR.012-s16-f4 Salisbury
NCR.012-s16-f5 Sampson County
NCR.012-s16-f6 Sampson, John
NCR.012-s16-f7 Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967
NCR.012-s16-f8 Sandhills Community College
NCR.012-s16-f9 Sanford
NCR.012-s16-f10 Savings and loan associations--Greenville
NCR.012-s16-f11 School improvement programs
NCR.012-s16-f12 School violence
NCR.012-s16-f13 Scotland County
NCR.012-s16-f14 Scottish Heritage Symposium
NCR.012-s16-f15 Self-defense for women
NCR.012-s16-f16 Senate Bill 2
NCR.012-s16-f17 Senator Bob Martin Agricultural Center
NCR.012-s16-f18 Senior Academy for Intergenerational Learning
NCR.012-s16-f19 Seven Springs
NCR.012-s16-f20 Sharrock family
NCR.012-s16-f21 Shelby
NCR.012-s16-f22 Shelters for the homeless--Greenville
NCR.012-s16-f23 Sheppard Mill Farm (Pitt County)
NCR.012-s16-f24 Shipwrecks
NCR.012-s16-f25 Shopping centers--Greenville
NCR.012-s16-f26 Simpson Industries Inc.
NCR.012-s16-f27 Skis and skiing
NCR.012-s16-f28 Slaves' writings, American
NCR.012-s16-f29 Small business
NCR.012-s16-f30 Smith, Dean
NCR.012-s16-f31 Smithfield
NCR.012-s16-f32 Spring Hope
NCR.012-s16-f33 Social service
NCR.012-s16-f34 Soil surveys
NCR.012-s16-f35 Somerset Place
NCR.012-s16-f36 Southeastern Community College
NCR.012-s16-f37 Southern Pines
NCR.012-s16-f38 Special education
NCR.012-s16-f39 Spring Hope
NCR.012-s16-f40 Stagville Plantation
NCR.012-s16-f41 Stanly County
NCR.012-s16-f42 State Bank and Trust Company (Greenville)
NCR.012-s16-f43 State Center for Health and Environmental Statistics
NCR.012-s16-f44 State Transportation Maps
NCR.012-s16-f45 Statesville
NCR.012-s16-f46 Stenhouse, Richard
NCR.012-s16-f47 Stephenson, Hunter
NCR.012-s16-f48 Stephenson Millwork Company (Wilson)
NCR.012-s16-f49 Stick, David, 1919-
NCR.012-s16-f50 Stock car racing
NCR.012-s16-f51 Stokes family
NCR.012-s16-f52 Stone, David, 1770-1818
NCR.012-s16-f53 Substance abuse
NCR.012-s16-f54 Surry County
NCR.012-s16-f55 Swain County
NCR.012-s16-f56 Swine
NCR.012-s16-f57 Sword of Peace
NCR.012-s17-f1 Tarboro
NCR.012-s17-f2 Tar Heel (Name)
NCR.012-s17-f3 Tar Heel Junior Historian Association
NCR.012-s17-f4 Tar River
NCR.012-s17-f5 Teenage pregnancy
NCR.012-s17-f6 Teenagers
NCR.012-s17-f7 Teenagers--Health and hygiene
NCR.012-s17-f8 Television in education
NCR.012-s17-f9 Terra Ceia
NCR.012-s17-f10 Thomasville
NCR.012-s17-f11 Thomas S. Program
NCR.012-s17-f12 Tibbits, Edith Jane, 1947-2001
NCR.012-s17-f13 Tobacco Buyout
NCR.012-s17-f14 Tobacco Farm Life Museum
NCR.012-s17-f15 Tobacco industry
NCR.012-s17-f16 Topsail Island
NCR.012-s17-f17 Tourism
NCR.012-s17-f18 Town Creek Indian Mound
NCR.012-s17-f19 Transportation
NCR.012-s17-f20 Transportation--Greenville
NCR.012-s17-f21 Transylvania County
NCR.012-s17-f22 Tranter's Creek Resort and Campground
NCR.012-s17-f23 Trees
NCR.012-s17-f24 Trichomoniasis
NCR.012-s17-f25 Tryon Palace
NCR.012-s17-f26 Tweetsie Railroad
NCR.012-s17-f27 Tyrrell County
NCR.012-s17-f28 Underground railroad
NCR.012-s17-f29 Underground storage
NCR.012-s17-f30 Union County
NCR.012-s17-f31 United States.  Congress
NCR.012-s17-f32 United States.  Congress.  House--Elections
NCR.012-s17-f33 United Way of Pitt County
NCR.012-s17-f34 University of North Carolina at Ashville
NCR.012-s17-f35 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
NCR.012-s17-f36 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Department of Transportation and Parking
NCR.012-s17-f37 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Department of University Housing
NCR.012-s17-f38 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Independent studies catalog
NCR.012-s17-f39 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  North Carolina Collection
NCR.012-s17-f40 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill--Centennial celebrations, etc.
NCR.012-s17-f41 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill--Curricula
NCR.012-s17-f42 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill--History
NCR.012-s17-f43 University of North Carolina at Greensboro
NCR.012-s17-f44 University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Department of Library and Information Studies
NCR.012-s17-f45 University of North Carolina Sea Grant Program
NCR.012-s17-f46 University of North Carolina (System)
NCR.012-s17-f47 University of North Carolina (System)--Admission
NCR.012-s17-f48 Unmarried mothers
NCR.012-s17-f49 Unto These Hills
NCR.012-s17-f50 Uptown Greenville
NCR.012-s17-f51 U.S. Open Waterski and Wakeboard Championship
NCR.012-s17-f52 Valle Crucis
NCR.012-s17-f53 Vance County
NCR.012-s17-f54 Vance, Zebulon Baird, 1830-1894
NCR.012-s17-f55 Vandemere--Centennial celebrations, etc.
NCR.012-s17-f56 Visual arts update
NCR.012-s17-f57 Vital records
NCR.012-s17-f58 Vital statistics
NCR.012-s17-f59 Vocational education
NCR.012-s17-f60 Voice of America (Organization)
NCR.012-s17-f61 Voter Registration
NCR.012-s17-f62 Voting
NCR.012-s18-f1 Wake County
NCR.012-s18-f2 Wake Forest
NCR.012-s18-f3 Walter B. Jones Alcoholic Rehabilitaion Center
NCR.012-s18-f4 Warren County
NCR.012-s18-f5 Warrenton
NCR.012-s18-f6 Washington
NCR.012-s18-f7 Washington County
NCR.012-s18-f8 Washington County--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s18-f9 Watauga County
NCR.012-s18-f10 Watauga County--Centennial celebrations, etc.
NCR.012-s18-f11 Water quality--Analysis
NCR.012-s18-f12 Water quality--North Carolina, Eastern
NCR.012-s18-f13 Water-supply
NCR.012-s18-f14 Waterfalls
NCR.012-s18-f15 Watermark Craft Co-op (Elizabeth City)
NCR.012-s18-f16 Wayne County
NCR.012-s18-f17 Weil, Gertrude
NCR.012-s18-f18 WEED (Radio Station: Greenville, N.C.)
NCR.012-s18-f19 Western Carolina University
NCR.012-s18-f20 Western Carolina University.  Mountain Heritage Day
NCR.012-s18-f21 Wetlands
NCR.012-s18-f22 Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve
NCR.012-s18-f23 Whalehead Club
NCR.012-s18-f24 Wheeler, John Hill
NCR.012-s18-f25 Whichard, Willis P.
NCR.012-s18-f26 White, Anne Hall
NCR.012-s18-f27 Whitehall--1912 Map
NCR.012-s18-f28 Whitehall (N.C.), Battle of, 1862
NCR.012-s18-f29 Wiggins, Minnie Marguerite, 1925-1999
NCR.012-s18-f30 Wild horses
NCR.012-s18-f31 Wildlife refuges--Hyde County
NCR.012-s18-f32 Wildflowers
NCR.012-s18-f33 Wilkes County
NCR.012-s18-f34 Williams, Wayne C.
NCR.012-s18-f35 Williamsborough
NCR.012-s18-f36 Williams-Vinson, Ella A.
NCR.012-s18-f37 Williamston
NCR.012-s18-f38 Williamston--Buildings, structures, etc.
NCR.012-s18-f39 Willie M.
NCR.012-s18-f40 Willis family
NCR.012-s18-f41 Wilmington
NCR.012-s18-f42 Wilmington--Description
NCR.012-s18-f43 Wilmington--History
NCR.012-s18-f44 Wilmington (N.C.)--Riot, 1898
NCR.012-s18-f45 Wilson
NCR.012-s18-f46 Wilson County
NCR.012-s18-f47 Windsor
NCR.012-s18-f48 Wine and wine making--Duplin County
NCR.012-s18-f49 Wines and wineries
NCR.012-s18-f50 Wingate University
NCR.012-s18-f51 Winston-Salem
NCR.012-s18-f52 Winterville
NCR.012-s18-f53 Winterville Machine Works
NCR.012-s18-f54 Wise, Naomi
NCR.012-s18-f55 Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938
NCR.012-s18-f56 Women--Legal status, laws, etc.
NCR.012-s18-f57 Worthington family
NCR.012-s18-f58 Wright Brothers
NCR.012-s18-f59 Wrightsville Beach
NCR.012-s18-f60 Wyatt, Edgar M.
NCR.012-s18-f61 Wynn, James Andrew, Jr., 1954-
NCR.012-s18-f62 Yadkin County
NCR.012-s18-f63 Yadkin/Pee Dee Lake Project
NCR.012-s18-f64 Yancey County
NCR.012-s18-f65 Zebra mussels