Rev. Ivey James Wall, Jr. Collection

ca. 1940-2005, undated
Manuscript Collection #1068
Wall, Ivey James (Jr.)
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2.772 Cubic Feet, 361 items
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Rev. Ivey James Wall, Jr. Collection (#1068), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
ECU Manuscript Collection
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Administrative information
Custodial History

April 21, 2006, (unprocessed) 320 items, 2.25 cubic feet; Genealogical files (ca. 1960s-2005) relating to Greenville, Pitt County, and Eastern North Carolina, ca. 1761-2005, including research notes, photocopies and extracts of documents, and Bible records. See preliminary inventory attached. Donor: Betty Manning Wall & Lynn Testerman Wall

May 3, 2006, (unprocessed addition 1) 31 items, 0.022 cubic feet; Collection (ca. 1940-1971, undated) of genealogical notes and records relating to the Bland family of Pitt County, North Carolina, including manuscript typescripts and photocopies. Donor: Betty Manning Wall & Lynn Testerman Wall

January 16, 2007, (unprocessed addition 2) 10 items, 0.50 cubic feet; Collection (ca. 1966-1971, undated) of notebooks containing genealogical information, relating to Edgecombe County, Jones County, Lenoir County, & Pitt County, North Carolina families. Spiral bound. See preliminary inventory attached. Donor: Betty Manning Wall & Lynn Testerman Wall

Source of acquisition

Gift of Betty Manning Wall

Gift of Lynn Testerman Wall

Processing information

Encoded by Mark Custer, March 12, 2008

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Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Container list
Box 1 Folder a Adams [Other names referenced: Elks; Smith; Weeks; Chapman; Emery; Wyatt; Pearce; Forguson; Grover; Blanks; Lindsay; Jackson; Parker; Stokes; Mills; Campbell; Demby; Garrett; Briley]
Box 1 Folder b Adams; McKinney-Others [Other names referenced: Stokes; Kirkman; Bland; Gaskins; Fornes; Gardner]
Box 1 Folder c Albriton; Armstrong
Box 1 Folder d Allen; Arnold
Box 1 Folder e Atkinson
Box 1 Folder f Baker; Barber
Box 1 Folder g Barnes; Bynum
Box 1 Folder h Barnhill; Baldaree
Box 1 Folder i Becton
Box 1 Folder j Bell [Other names referenced: Albritton; Jelks; Pearce; Cherry; Kunsell; ]
Box 1 Folder k Bland [Other names referenced: Reunion Corres]
Box 1 Folder l Blount
Box 1 Folder m Bonner; Blackledge
Box 1 Folder n Bowden
Box 1 Folder o Boyd [Other names referenced: Edwards; Wall]
Box 1 Folder p Braxton; Brewer [Other names referenced: Skinner]
Box 1 Folder q Briley; Brinkley
Box 1 Folder r Brown; Browning [Other names referenced: Corey, Bryant]
Box 1 Folder s Bryan
Box 1 Folder t Buck [Other names referenced: Rolin; Dixson]
Box 1 Folder u Burney; Bullock [Other names referenced: Barrow; Brooks; Pugh; Wilson]
Box 1 Folder v Campbell [Other names referenced: Forbes, John]
Box 1 Folder w Carmack [Other names referenced: Testerman]
Box 1 Folder x Carr
Box 1 Folder y Carrell
Box 1 Folder z Causey
Box 1 Folder za Cavanah
Box 1 Folder zb Cayton [Other names referenced: Dixon]
Box 1 Folder zc Chapman
Box 1 Folder zd Cherry
Box 1 Folder ze Clark [Other names referenced: Chapman; Weeks; Lancaster; Bright]
Box 1 Folder zf Cory; Coart; Cowart; Coward [Other names referenced: Stafford; Shipp]
Box 1 Folder zg Coward; Cowell
Box 1 Folder zh Cox; Cobb
Box 1 Folder zi Crisp; Crafton [Other names referenced: Kinsaul; Bland; Gwaltney; Joyner; Wiggins; Venters]
Box 1 Folder zj Daniel
Box 1 Folder zk Davis; Drake
Box 1 Folder zl Dawson; Dail
Box 1 Folder zm Dixon
Box 1 Folder zn Dudley
Box 1 Folder zo Dupree; Darden
Box 1 Folder zp Eabanks
Box 1 Folder zq Ebron; Ernul
Box 1 Folder zr Edmondson
Box 1 Folder zs Edwards; Elks [Other names referenced: 1663-Hudson, Wall, Nelson]
Box 1 Folder zt Evans; Ewell
Box 1 Folder zu Fonvielle
Box 1 Folder zv Forbes [Other names referenced: Forbes, Arthur, Clement]
Box 1 Folder zw Fordham
Box 1 Folder zx Foreman
Box 1 Folder zy Fornes [Other names referenced: Mills, William]
Box 1 Folder zz Forrest
Box 1 Folder zza Frizzel; Frizzle
Box 1 Folder zzb Gainer; Chance
Box 1 Folder zzc Garris [Other names referenced: Pugh, Brooks]
Box 1 Folder zzd Gaskins
Box 1 Folder zze Gatlin
Box 1 Folder zzf Godley; Goff [Other names referenced: Wall]
Box 1 Folder zzg Graves; Grainger
Box 1 Folder zzh Griffin
Box 1 Folder zzi Grist; Gray [Other names referenced: Grimes; Wall]
Box 1 Folder zzj Gwaltney
Box 1 Folder zzk Haddock; Highsmith [Other names referenced: Wall; Stokes; Adams]
Box 1 Folder zzl Handcock [Other names referenced: Nelson; Cannon; Mills]
Box 1 Folder zzm Hanrahan [Other names referenced: Kennedy; Bryan; Simpson; Easton]
Box 1 Folder zzn Hardee; Hardy
Box 1 Folder zzo Harper; Harvey [Other names referenced: Dixon]
Box 1 Folder zzp Harris
Box 1 Folder zzq Harrison; Harris
Box 1 Folder zzr Hart; Hearn
Box 1 Folder zzs Herring
Box 1 Folder zzt Herrington; Harrington [Other names referenced: Haddock]
Box 1 Folder zzu Herrington; Brooks [Other names referenced: Moore; Bland]
Box 1 Folder zzv Hill; Hines
Box 1 Folder zzw Hodges; Holland
Box 1 Folder zzx Holding; Hopkins
Box 1 Folder zzy Holloway [Other names referenced: Wilson; Pittman; Smith; Chapman; Coward; Joyner; Wall; Peterson]
Box 1 Folder zzz Hooker [Other names referenced: Hookerton]
Box 1 Folder zzza Howell; Hudson [Other names referenced: Elks]
Box 1 Folder zzzb Isler
Box 1 Folder zzzc Jackson
Box 1 Folder zzzd Jarrel; James [Other names referenced: Wilson; Cannon]
Box 1 Folder zzze Jarvis
Box 1 Folder zzzf Jenkins [Other names referenced: Kittrell; Cannon; Smith]
Box 1 Folder zzzg Johnson [Other names referenced: Salter; Cannon; Herrington]
Box 1 Folder zzzh Jones; Jordon [Other names referenced: Howell]
Box 1 Folder zzzi Keel [Other names referenced: Pridgen; Wilson; Holliday; Crandall; Woolard; Jenkins; Carraway; Latham; Wynn; Page; Whichard; Cherry; Albritton; Moore]
Box 1 Folder zzzj Kennedy [Other names referenced: Simpson; Brooks Hanrahan; Eason]
Box 1 Folder zzzk Kight [Other names referenced: Burney; Stafford; Pugh; Kennedy]
Box 1 Folder zzzl Kilpatrick [Other names referenced: Pugh; Cannon; McKinney; Pittman; Patrick; Freeman; Tucker; Burney]
Box 1 Folder zzzm King [Other names referenced: Fornes; Adams; King, Jerusha; Boyd]
Box 1 Folder zzzn Kinnion; Kenon [Other names referenced: Hill; Wall; Sparkman ]
Box 1 Folder zzzo Kinsaul; Kinsall [Other names referenced: Brooks; Pearce; Wadsworth; Joiner]
Box 1 Folder zzzp Kinsey [Other names referenced: Isler; Wiliams; Brook; Brown]
Box 1 Folder zzzq Kirkman [Other names referenced: Anderson; Huggins; Dudley; Gardner; Cannon; Clark; Gaskins; Stokes; Causey; Wingfield; Gwaltney; Harris; Stocks; Smith]
Box 1 Folder zzzr Kittrell [Other names referenced: Nobles; Langley; Witherington]
Box 1 Folder zzzs Knox [Other names referenced: Gwaltney; Forbes, Martha Evans; Nobles; Kittrell; Brinley; Anderson; Anderson; Grist; Sheppard]
Box 1 Folder zzzt Kornegay [Other names referenced: Simmons; Brook]
Box 1 Folder zzzu Lancaster; Langley [Other names referenced: Dixon; Pollard; Skinner; Bland; Mayo; Manning]
Box 1 Folder zzzv Laughinghouse [Other names referenced: Elks; Dixon; Nelson; Wall; Trinity Cemetery]
Box 1 Folder zzzw Lawrence [Other names referenced: Williams]
Box 1 Folder zzzx Letchworth; Lanier
Box 1 Folder zzzy Lillington; Linnington
Box 1 Folder zzzz Little; Latham [Other names referenced: Williams; Colonel Thomas Latham Graveyard; Perry; Latham Bible 1795; Watkins]
Box 1 Folder zzzza Loftin [Other names referenced: Herring; Gardner]
Box 1 Folder zzzzb [No title]
Box 1 Folder zzzzc [No title]
Box 1 Folder zzzzd Lwellyn [Other names referenced: Bowers; Manning; Stanton; Ashley & Charlotte Manning]
Box 2 Folder a Mace
Box 2 Folder b May [Other names referenced: Tyson; Sherrod; Forbes; Grimes; Peterson; Dixon; Perkins]
Box 2 Folder c McCotter [Other names referenced: Brooks; Tingle; Riggs]
Box 2 Folder d McDaniel
Box 2 Folder e McIlwain [Other names referenced: Simpson]
Box 2 Folder f McKinney [Other names referenced: Sutton; Buck]
Box 2 Folder g McLawhorn; McGlohorn [Other names referenced: Harrington, Polly Elizabeth-Daughter of William Barber]
Box 2 Folder h Mewbern
Box 2 Folder i Miller
Box 2 Folder j Mills [Other names referenced: Smith, David; Hardee; Wall; Div. of Land; Baker; Dixon]
Box 2 Folder k Moore; Mooring
Box 2 Folder l Moore; Matthew
Box 2 Folder m Moye [Other names referenced: Forbes]
Box 2 Folder n Murphy
Box 2 Folder o Nelson [Other names referenced: Laughinghouse]
Box 2 Folder p Nobles [Other names referenced: Williams]
Box 2 Folder q Norcott [Other names referenced: Clark; Simpson; Brickell]
Box 2 Folder r Norman [Other names referenced: Hathaway]
Box 2 Folder s Nunn [Other names referenced: Smith]
Box 2 Folder t Parker [Other names referenced: Brooksland; Tucker; Haddock]
Box 2 Folder u Patrick; Palmer [Other names referenced: Coart; Grist]
Box 2 Folder v Paul; Page
Box 2 Folder w Pearce; Pierce
Box 2 Folder x Perkins; Pierce
Box 2 Folder y Pollard [Other names referenced: Averrett; Williams; Simpson; Causey]
Box 2 Folder z Pollock [Other names referenced: Cemetery Listing by Dot Buchanan; Trenton NC]
Box 2 Folder za Preddy
Box 2 Folder zb Proctor
Box 2 Folder zc Pugh [Other names referenced: Burney]
Box 2 Folder zd Putnall
Box 2 Folder ze Quinnerly [Other names referenced: Chapman; Ernul; Gardner; Brooks; Simpson; McIlwean]
Box 2 Folder zf Randolph [Other names referenced: Cannon; Hearne]
Box 2 Folder zg Rieves; Rives; Ringgold [Other names referenced: Ringgold; Braxton; Childs]
Box 2 Folder zh Roach [Other names referenced: Parker; Stokes; Bond]
Box 2 Folder zi Ross [Other names referenced: Browning]
Box 2 Folder zj [No title]
Box 2 Folder zk [No title]
Box 2 Folder zl Rountree; Rogers [Other names referenced: Forbes, Sally; Harrington, Alonza; Sugg; May; Harper; Hart; Cannon]
Box 2 Folder zm Salter; Sanders
Box 2 Folder zn Shipp; Snoad
Box 2 Folder zo Simmons
Box 2 Folder zp Simpson
Box 2 Folder zq Slade; Spivey
Box 2 Folder zr Slaughter [Other names referenced: Cannon; Surmons; Tripp; Smith; Dail; Evans; Anderson; Turner; Cooper; Sylvester; Anderson; Evans; Lacy]
Box 2 Folder zs Smith; Allen
Box 2 Folder zt Smith - 1
Box 2 Folder zu Smith - 2
Box 2 Folder zv Stafford; Speight
Box 2 Folder zw Stancil; Staton [Other names referenced: Herrington]
Box 2 Folder zx Stewart; Speir; Shepherds [Other names referenced: Cotton; Cason; Hathaway; Salter; Randolph; Coker; Knight; Jones; Porter; Glasgow; Bough; Windley; Nobles; Eaton; Jeffries; Hill; Forbes, Robert; Hardee; McKinney; Scarbough; Simpson; Smith, Hardee; Hamilton; Conner; Tison; Smith]
Box 2 Folder zy Stocks [Other names referenced: Gwaltney; Forbes]
Box 2 Folder zz Stokes -two folders [Other names referenced: Adams; Gwaltney; Coward]
Box 2 Folder zza Sturdivant [Other names referenced: Williams; Broome; May; Adams; Hines]
Box 2 Folder zzb Summerall; Sumrell
Box 2 Folder zzc Sutton; Sugg [Other names referenced: Haddock; Smith; Boyd; Adams; Ives, Sarah; Tyson; Jones; Wallace; Mercer; Mound; Reading; Murphy; Howell; Lovette; Mace; Cromwell; Howell; Dupree; Aldridge; Pridgen; Armstron; Bonner]
Box 2 Folder zzd Taylor [Other names referenced: Wall, Joseph; Laughinghouse ]
Box 2 Folder zze Testerman; Livesay [Other names referenced: Wall, Lynn (Ivey's wife)]
Box 2 Folder zzf Tripp
Box 2 Folder zzg Tucker
Box 2 Folder zzh Turnage; Teal
Box 2 Folder zzi Turnstall
Box 2 Folder zzj Tuten
Box 2 Folder zzk Venters
Box 2 Folder zzl Vine; Vainwright
Box 2 Folder zzm Wall [Other names referenced: Laughinghouse; Warren; Blount; Slade; Elks; Hodges; Lawson; Baker; Kinnion; Cousins; Mayo; Godley; Bland]
Box 2 Folder zzn Ward [Other names referenced: Congleton; Aldridge]
Box 2 Folder zzo Whitehead; Whitehurst; Whichard
Box 2 Folder zzp Whitford [Other names referenced: Puifoy]
Box 2 Folder zzq Wiggins
Box 2 Folder zzr Wilson; Watkins [Other names referenced: Salter]
Box 2 Folder zzs Wingate; Wilkes
Box 2 Folder zzt Womble [Other names referenced: Pollard; Coggins; Belcher; Clark; Gwaltney]
Box 2 Folder zzu Wooten [Other names referenced: Whitfield; Bryan; Smith; Cannon; Randolph; Burney; Isler; Allen; Pugh; Forbes, Nancy]
Box 2 Folder zzv Worsley; Weeks
Box 3 Folder a Rev. Ivey Wall, Jr. Subject Notebook (Blue) Spiral bound.: His grandparents, Wall, Smith, Peterson, Joyner and other surnames (ca. 1960s) 1 vol. 151 p
Box 3 Folder b Bible Records from Ivey Wall Files (undated) 24 items. 61 p
Box 3 Folder c Bynum, Eason, Howell, Jefferies File (undated) 4 items. 14 p
Box 3 Folder d Alphabetical Index to Pitt County Marriages, 1761-1830 (undated). 1 vol. 39 p. Note: Records Date prior to, Deed Book, Page No., & Parties
Box 3 Folder e Extract from 1850 U. S. Census for Pitt County, NC. (undated). Photocopy typescript. 1 vol. 71 p. Note: Lists Districts & house numbers, Mortality Schedule & Residents
Box 3 Folder f List of Differences Between Ivey Wall's List of Maiden Names for Pitt County, NC 1850 Census and Elizabeth Ross (8/24/2005) Typescript. 3 items. 42 p
Box 3 Folder g Alphabetical Index (undated) to Surnames in 1850 U. S. Census Pitt County, North Carolina, Edited Typescript; Handwritten draft. 2 items
Box 3 Folder h Miscellaneous file (undated) Witherington, Godley, Cannon, Phillips families. 4 items. 27 p
Box 4 Folder b Book 1 (ca. 1969) including Wall, Blount, Bonner, Brooks, Cox Wilson, Gardner, Gwaltney, Johnson, Latham, Laughinghouse families. 1 item. 75 p
Box 4 Folder c Book 2 (ca. 1966) including Cox, Dixon, Laughinhouse, Mills, Pollard & Smith families & Edgecombe County & Jones County wills. 1 item. 37 p
Box 4 Folder d Book 3 (undated) including Gwaltney, Rives, & Tyson families & Lenoir County death certificates, 1914-1918. 1 item. 19 p
Box 4 Folder e Book 4 (ca. 1967-1968) including Adams, Boyle, Bryant, Herrington, Holloway, Laughinghouse, Rosier & Smith families. 1 item. 34 p
Box 4 Folder f Book 5 (undated) including Boyd, Edwards, Godley, Hill & May families. 1 item. 98 p
Box 4 Folder g Book 6 (ca. 1969) including Gardner, Gwaltney, Laughinghouse, Stokes, Wall families & Pitt County deeds. 1 item. 162 p
Box 4 Folder h Book 7 (undated) including Edwards, Johnson, Kennedy, Pearce, & Wiggins families. 1 item. 100 p. Note: pp. 1-66
Box 4 Folder i Book 8 (ca. 1971) including Brown, Gwaltney, & Rives familes. 1 item. 60 p
Box 4 Folder j Book 9 (undated) including Adams, Stokes, & Witherington families. 1 item. 100 p. Note: pp. 105-204
Box 4 Folder k Book 10 (undated) including Adams, Campbell, Dixon, Elks, Haddock, Hudson, Smith, Stokes, & Sutton familes. 1 item. 52 p. Note: 53-104