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Agricultural Resources Center Pesticide Education Project Records (#905), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
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Records (1971-2000) including correspondence, clippings, reports, publications, information on environmental and pest management topics, etc.

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Records of the Agricultural Resources Center Pesticide Education Project, including correspondence, clippings, reports, publications, information on environmental and pest management topics, etc.

Guide to Acronyms:

ARC: Agricultural Resources Center CCNC: Conservation Council of NC CFSA: Carolina Farm Stewardship Assn DOL: NC Dept of Labor DWQ: Division of Water Quality (part of NC DENR) EFNC: Environmental Federation of NC EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency ESNC: Earth Share of NC (formerly Environmental Federation of NC) FIFRA: Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act JSNF: Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation IPM: Integrated Pest Management MRBF: Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation NCAMP: National Coalition against the Misuse of Pesticides NCCPPR: NC Center for Public Policy Research NCDA: NC Dept of Agriculture NC DEHNR: NC Dept of Health, Environment & Natural Resources NC DENR: NC Dept of Environment & Natural Resources (formerly DEHNR) NC EMC: NC Environmental Management Commission NCAP: Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides NCSU: NC State University NPR: National Public Radio NYCAP: NY Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides OTA: US Congress Office of Technology Assessment OPP: Office of Pesticide Programs (part of EPA) PESTed: Pesticide Education Project (part of ARC) RAF: Rural Advancement Foundation/ National Sharecroppers' Fund SAWG: Sustainable Ag Working Group SECC: State Employees' Combined Campaign (workplace philanthropy) SSAWG: Southern SAWG SPH: School of Public Health (UNC-CH) UFW: United Farm Workers USDA: US Dept of Agriculture USGS: US Geological Survey WAJF: W. Alton Jones Foudnation WRRI: Water Resources Research Institute (UNC-CH) ZSRF: Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

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February 26, 2003, (unprocessed), 47 containers, 47.0 cubic feet; Records (1971-2000) including correspondence, clippings, reports, publications, information on environmental and pest management topics, etc. See also preliminary inventory by donor and "Guide to Acronyms." Donor: Fawn Pattison, Executive Director.

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Gift of Fawn Pattison

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Agricultural Resources Center
Agricultural education--North Carolina
Pesticides--Environmental aspects--North Carolina
Pests--Control--North Carolina

Container list
Box 1 CFSA Field Days 1986-1993
Box 1 NCAMP National Forums 1984-1983
Box 1 NCAMP Board Packets 1985-1990
Box 2 NCAMP Board 1990-1995
Box 3 Press Clippings 1986-1994
Box 3 CCNC 1984-1996
Box 3 Going Wild 1990-1997
Box 3 Pesticide Action Network (PAN) 1997
Box 4 Financial Statements 1992-1994; some 1995
Box 5 Rurual Advancement Fund (RAF)
Box 5 NC Section 18 exemptions
Box 5 Medfly 1993
Box 5 EPA Pesticide Re-regulation Rejection Rate Aanalysis
Box 6 Herbicides & National Forests 1988
Box 6 EMF Reports
Box 6 1987 Farm Chemicals Handbook
Box 6 Beneath the Bottom Line: Economic Impacts of Reduced Chemical Usage
Box 7 Financial Statements 1992-1995
Box 7 Phone Logs 1991-1998
Box 7 Forum grant files (1987-1994): Z. Smith Reynolds, Public Welfare Fdn, Ruth Mott, Coalition for Human Needs, Apple, Triangle Comm. Fdn., Kellogg, JS Noyes Fdn
Box 8 Everyone's Backyard 1990-1996
Box 8 Alternative Ag Newsletter 1989-1997
Box 8 Center for Policy Alternatives 1990–1993
Box 8 Biotech Info
Box 8 Farmland Preservation (NC and Orange County)
Box 8 Negligible Risk (NCAMP)
Box 8 Farmers Markets
Box 9 Biotech
Box 10 Gorgas Community spraying
Box 10 Present-use value
Box 10 Erick Umstead
Box 10 Hazardous waste
Box 11 NOSB
Box 11 Public Housing
Box 11 NC Agriculture
Box 12 NCSU Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Box 12 1981 – Misc. files
Box 12 NC Pesticide Board 1993-1994
Box 13 Journal of Alternative Ag
Box 13 Nebraska Groundwater Fdn – The Aquifer
Box 13 NC Clearinghouse – Environmental Bulletin
Box 13 Parents for Pesticide Alternatives
Box 13 NYCAP News
Box 13 Progressive Farmer
Box 13 USDA/ERS Farmline
Box 13 WRRI News
Box 13 Dispute 1995
Box 13 Bob Jones lawsuit
Box 13 CEFS - NCSU
Box 13 Environmental Caucus
Box 13 Misc. articles: sustainable agriculture (sust. ag.)
Box 13 Mailing lists/contacts directories
Box 13 Recognition of Pesticide Poisonings (EPA 1989)
Box 13 NC Pesticide Complaints survey (N. McIntyre)
Box 13 NDSB 1994
Box 14 Pesticide Reform/Sust. Ag 1993
Box 14 National Dialogue for Sust. Ag, 1994-1995
Box 14 NC Envtl Management Commission (EMC) – Groundwater 1993
Box 14 Don Hornstein (UNC law)
Box 15 NCAMP 1993-1995
Box 15 Environmental Federation of NC (EFNC) 1993
Box 15 Misc files 1996-1997
Box 16 H. Ray Meads lawsuit
Box 16 Legal Matters
Box 16 Dioxin
Box 16 NC Pesticide violations survey (early 1980s) – N. Barnhardt
Box 16 ARC History: ARC Virginia
Box 16 Adopt-a-Chemical
Box 16 FIFRA – local pre-emption
Box 16 Beyond Pesticides Incident reports
Box 16 IPM/Sust. Ag. Workshop Dec. 1994
Box 16 Women's conference: breast cancer, Raleigh 1995
Box 16 Beyond Pesticides 1995
Box 17 Dennis Avery
Box 17 HB 1102 Pesticide Trust Fund
Box 17 Sustainable Development Consensus Conference 1995
Box 17 DEHNR Howes 1993
Box 17 Pesticides in Children's Food (Nat'l Academy of Sciences)
Box 17 Ellen Cash project (Winston-Salem)
Box 17 Martha Whittinghill – Chapel Hill public housing
Box 17 NCSU Crop Science (spring 1993)
Box 17 ARC/RAF 1986
Box 17 Mt. Olive pickle boycott
Box 17 Orange County ag. Summit
Box 18 EPA – environmental health threats 1996
Box 18 Groundwater & Agrichemicals 1989
Box 18 NC Nonprofit Network 1997
Box 18 NC Environmental Indicators (DEHNR) 1995
Box 18 NC Clean Water Fund – Paw Creek 1994
Box 18 The Green Shalom Guide: Toxics Reduction 1995
Box 18 American Agribusiness Summit 1994
Box 18 Manual of Horticulture Arts: compost
Box 18 Franklin Cty. Solid Waste composting (T. Glendenning)
Box 18 Sust. Ag. Summit (NC A & T) 1995
Box 18 Cost of producing milk on Grade 'A' farms 1987
Box 18 Pesticides & Health in the Southeast 1992
Box 18 Pay to Spray (Envtl Working Group)
Box 18 Hazardous Exports (customs)
Box 18 Mothers & Others (NRDC)
Box 18 Into the Sunlight (Methyl Bromide – ozone)
Box 18 Guide to NC Environmental Groups 1990
Box 18 Bruce Ames 20/20 background info
Box 18 Bhopal: No Place to Run
Box 18 NC Legislative Research Commission: Pest Control 1989
Box 18 Choices for the Heartland: Biotech & Family Farms
Box 18 Birth defects
Box 18 Pesticides & the Consumer (EPA 1987)
Box 18 Journal of Freshwater 1988
Box 18 1990 Farm Bill (groundwater)
Box 18 Safer products 1989
Box 18 "Attack" natural pest controls (Reuter)
Box 18 Misc. articles 1989
Box 18 EPA Strategic plan: Ag. Chemicals in Groundwater 1987
Box 18 Iowa Groundwater protection strategy 1987
Box 18 Danger Down Under: Groundwater in NC 1989
Box 18 Chemical Sensitivity (NC Dept of Health) 1989
Box 18 EPA Non-occupational pesticide exposure study 1990
Box 18 Neurotoxicity US OTA 1990
Box 19 Organic Farming: Searching for the O-word (Org. Farming Research Fdn), M. Lipson
Box 19 EPA Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Annual Report 1994
Box 19 Farmer to Farmer: Pesticide Reduction Strategies 1995
Box 19 Whole Farm Planning at Work: Success Stories of 10 Farmers (MN)
Box 19 Sustainable Ag. Research & Education (SARE) 1998
Box 19 Pesticide Safety Training Manual for Farmworkers (Quandt/Arcury) UNC-CH 1998
Box 19 Reuben Hernandez, Graham & Swain Cty. NC 1997
Box 19 The Network Guide (NCAMP) 1986
Box 19 Fertilizing on the Brink (Nat'l Wildlife Fed.)
Box 19 The Case for a Chlorine Phase-out (Greenpeace)
Box 19 Pesticide Residues in Ready-to-Eat Fruits & Vegetables (Envtl Working Group)
Box 19 Pesticides: Better Data Can Improve Usefulness of EPA's Benefits Assessments. General Accounting Office (GAO) 1991
Box 19 Drawn with the wind: Toxic air emissions Across NC (NC Envtl Defense Fund) 1989
Box 19 Trouble Downstream: a citizen's guide to surface water protection in NC (Clean Water Fund NC) 1990
Box 19 The World's leading seed & biotech companies Vol. II 1990
Box 19 Who Owns NC? (Inst. for Southern Studies) 1986
Box 19 A new technological era for American ag. (OTA) 1992
Box 19 Understanding the true cost of food (Inst. for Alt. Ag.) 1991
Box 19 NY Atty. General: Brief on Pesticide Notification Law 1988, and NY Farm Bureau: Respondent's Memorandum on Law 1988
Box 19 GAO Reports: 1990 Alternative Ag: Federal Incentives & Farmers' Opinions; 1992 Pesticides: Adulterated Imported Foods are Reaching US Grocery Shelves; 1992 Pesticides: Comparison of US & Mexican Pesticide Standards & Enforcement; 1994 Pesticides: Options to Achieve a Single Regulatory Standard
Box 19 National Home & Garden Pesticide use survey (Research Triangle Institute) 1992
Box 19 Managing Nonpoint Source Pollution (EPA) 1992
Box 19 Paying the Farm Bill (World Resources Inst.) 1991
Box 19 The Big Three's Prime Cut (Prariefire Rural Action) 1990
Box 19 Drinking Water: Community Action Guide (Concern) 1986
Box 19 NCSU AE: Private Pesticide applicator recertification manual
Box 19 Sust. ag. VA Conference 1987
Box 19 USDA Returns to corn pest management practices 1983
Box 19 Inst. for Alt. Ag. Symposium 1984
Box 19 Drinking Water Safety (Blue Ridge Press) 1982
Box 19 The Pesticide Review (USDA) 1987
Box 19 The Farm Pesticide Industry (USDA) 1983
Box 19 Pesticide Use on Selected crops (USDA) 1977-1980
Box 19 Transnational Corporations in the Fertilizer Industry (UN) 1982
Box 19 License to Kill: EPA's special review program (CongressWatch/Public Citizen) 1988
Box 19 It's Not all sunshine & fresh air (Center for Rural Affairs) 1984
Box 19 The Guide to Envt'l Orgs in NC (NCCPPR) 1983
Box 19 Integrated Pest Mgmt (Council on Envtl Quality) 1979
Box 19 NC's Threatened Agriculture (Report to governor) 1986
Box 19 Uncertain Harvest: Report on NC Agriculture (RAF) 1985
Box 19 How to protect your child against pesticides in food (Mothers & Others/NRDC) 1989
Box 19 Harvesting our Choices: Study of the VA food system 1984
Box 19 National study of hospitalized pesticide poisonings 1974-1976 (EPA)
Box 19 Pesticides in groundwater database (EPA) 1988
Box 19 Summary of Kepone study results (VA Water Control Board) 1987
Box 19 Intolerable Risk: Pesticides in our children's food (NRDC) 1989
Box 20 9 GAO Reports 1986-1991 on pesticide and sustainable ag. topics
Box 20 Dioxin and human health effects; 1984
Box 20 The Debate about Risk (EPA Journal) 1991
Box 20 Field manual for characterizing spray from small aircraft (NCSU) 1984
Box 20 Methods for sampling and assessing deposits of insecticide sprays released over forests (USDA) 1978
Box 20 Regulating Pesticides in Texas (UT Austin) 1984
Box 20 Pesticide Safety for Texas (UT Austin) 1984
Box 20 Our Promised Land (Southern Exposure) 1973
Box 20 EPA issues data requirements for pesticides (1984)
Box 20 Present & Potential Impacts of Toxic Substances on Municipal Groundwater Resources in NC (WRRI) 1983
Box 20 Survey of potential population exposures to chemical contaminants present in unprotected surface water supplies in NC. (WRRI) 1984
Box 20 National Water Summary 1986: Hydrologic events and groundwater quality (USGS)
Box 20 Consolidated list of products whose consumption and/or sale have been banned, withdrawn, severely restricted or not approved by governments (UN) 1988
Box 20 Recognition & Management of Pesticide Poisonings (EPA) 1982
Box 20 Defining the Toxic Threat: Controlling Pesticides & Industrial Waste (World Watch) 1987
Box 20 A Better Mousetrap: Improving Pest Management for Ag (World Resources Inst.) 1985
Box 20 The Necessary Catastrophe (Organic Gardening) 1993-1994
Box 20 Acres USA catalog 1995
Box 20 Carolina Bio Ag Inc
Box 20 Bozeman Biotech BBT Catalog 1992
Box 20 Gardeners Supply 1995
Box 20 Beneficial Insect Company 1990-1993
Box 20 Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America (CA EPA) 1994
Box 20 Guide to NC's Environmental Groups (UNC SPH) 1996-1997
Box 20 An Economic Analysis of Small Farms: What lies ahead in NC (NC A&T) 1982
Box 20 Environmental Hazards in Your School (EPA) 1990
Box 20 Toxics in the Community (EPA) 1990
Box 20 General Guidelines for Land Treatment of Sludge (King) 1983
Box 20 Monitoring Pesticides in Fish Tissue (NC DEHNR DWQ) 1986
Box 21 NC Organic Certification Committee (NC SAWG/CFSA)
Box 21 Editorial cartoons
Box 21 Umstead v. Graham – deposition of John Smith (files and video)
Box 21 National campaign for sust. ag. 1995
Box 21 Formation of Beyond Pesticides – call to action
Box 21 Pesticides in Schools (NCAP) 1994
Box 21 Surfree Foundation 1991
Box 21 Biotech Working group
Box 21 NC Draft Groundwater Management Plan 1993
Box 21 Groundwater study 1996 – comments
Box 21 Published groundwater study 1997
Box 21 Draft state management plan 1994: Interim report March 93; Field materials, surveys, reporting; Interim repor, May 1993
Box 21 Pesticide Groundwater contamination (EPA) 1981, 1992
Box 21 GAO Report: EPA Could do more… 1991
Box 22 State Regulation of Pesticides (NC Insight/NCCPPR) 1994
Box 22 ARC documents 1991-1995
Box 22 Poison Poles press conference Raleigh 2000
Box 22 Voices for Pesticide Reform report 1996
Box 22 Poison Poles 1997 report & utilities survey
Box 22 ARC brochures
Box 22 NC Community Shares
Box 22 ARC History 1986-1988
Box 22 Gorgas coverage: Independent Weekly 1987
Box 23 Golf Courses: Orange, Chatham & Brunswick Counties
Box 23 EPA Pesticide Exemption negotiating committee (FIFRA Sect. 18) 1984
Box 23 USAF Dare County Bomb Range 1988 – Garlon
Box 23 Uw'harrie National Forest Improvement Plan – Garlon 1995
Box 23 ARC Program info 1989
Box 23 NC Pesticide statistics 1987
Box 24 Orange County watershed
Box 25 DOL Field Sanitation standards 1984
Box 25 NC Pesticide Bill 1995
Box 25 Rogers grievance (Gorgas) 1987
Box 25 Gorgas – media coverage
Box 25 VIDEOS: UFW "Wrath of Grapes," NC NOW 2/25/97 Interview with Allen Spalt – pesticides in groundwater, Open NET 2/18/97 NC Pesticide Board, WRAL - Pesticides in Greenville Schools, "Planting Seeds of Hope" 10/1991, and "Seeds of Survival"
Box 25 AUDIO TAPES: Chlordane coverage, Gorgas coverage (NPR)
Box 26 Public radio/TV
Box 26 ARC recommendations
Box 26 ARC Founding – NC Ctr for Pesticide Reform 1986-1987
Box 26 Al McSurely – Plowshare Center, Carrboro
Box 26 Correspondence: Allen Spalt & Erick Umstead
Box 26 Contacts: P. Porterfield, S. Laird (Dursban)
Box 26 Kellogg Sustainable ag. Conference, Durham 1993
Box 26 RIGHT OF WAY SPRAYING: Memorandum of Agreement – public utilities 1998, Dept of Transportation – Roadsides
Box 27 News clippings 1995-1997
Box 28 Misc. right-of-way files
Box 28 Grant reports 1992-1993
Box 28 H. Ray Meads case
Box 28 Farmworkers & health care
Box 28 NC SAWG
Box 28 NC Ag cost-share program
Box 29 NC Pesticide Section and NC Structural Pest Control board, 1995-1997
Box 30 NC Legislature 1994-1998
Box 30 Legislative Fact Sheets
Box 30 CCNC Pesticide Project 1989
Box 31 ARC Raleigh
Box 31 Raleigh (Erick Umstead)
Box 31 Farmworkers; Raymundo Hernandez (farmworker who died)
Box 31 Bruce Ames
Box 31 Cooperating organizations
Box 31 ARC Work calendars: 1987, 1991-1994
Box 32 ARC Raleigh
Box 32 NC Pesticide Board
Box 32 Chatham County
Box 32 Gorgas, legislation
Box 33 ARC Raleigh
Box 33 Individual and incident case files: Jim Lewis, Brownie Van Dorp, Janet Orselli, etc
Box 34 ARC Raleigh
Box 34 Groundwater; Aldicarb; H. Ray Meades (major aerial case)
Box 35 Pesticide Board, 1989-1992
Box 35 SLN's (Special Local Need permits under FIFRA Section 24(c); chemigation
Box 35 PAN
Box 36 1986-1989, Correspondence/foundations/grant/financial
Box 37 Farmworkers
Box 37 Section 18 Emergency Exemptions Negotiated Rule making
Box 38 Finances, etc., 1989-1993
Box 38 Workplace fundraising (SECC/Community Shares/EFNC)
Box 38 ZSRF, Jesse Smith Noyes, etc
Box 39 Hazardous Waste/Chatham County
Box 39 Aldicarb
Box 39 Chlordane
Box 39 Pesticide Board, 1987
Box 40 1985-1993: General Assembly/Pesticide Study Committee (AS member)
Box 41 Biotech, 1988-93
Box 42 Workplace Fundraising ca. 1986; SECC; Weaver Street Market; NCAMP
Box 43 Finances, 1990-1991
Box 43 Former grants: ZSRF/MRBF/WAJF
Box 44 FIFRA: 1983-1986
Box 45 University Lake Watershed (Orange County): Amberly/watershed issues, 1985-1990
Box 46 TCA: Tri County alliance against Hazardous Waste
Box 46 Records of precursor grassroots organization, Chatham, Lee & Randolph counties, in which Allen Spalt got experience that led directly to work with Rural Advancement Fund and ARC/PESTed. 1970s
Box 47 Pesticides (Publications)