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Playwrights Fund of North Carolina
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Playwrights Fund Of North Carolina, Inc. Records (#570), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
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Records (1981-1987), including correspondence, minutes, programs, clippings, literary manuscripts, photographs, and scrapbooks.

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December 12, 1988 (unprocessed), 8 cu. ft.; Records (1981-1987), including correspondence, minutes, programs, clippings, literary manuscripts, photographs, and scrapbooks. Donor: Board of Directors.

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Gift of Board of Directors

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Box 1 "Pull" by Terence Cawley With Programs, "A Red WheelBarrow" by Jean Battlo With Programs, "Ires of Winter" by Michelle Lang With Programs, "Last Flight of the Passenger Pigeon" by John Budd With Programs, 1983-1987
Box 2 "Waltz of the Iron Man" by Christine Rusch, "Cloudy Days" by Bonnie McCarson, "Blind Woman's Bluff" by Janet Schecter With Critical Note about Play, "The Appraisal" by Sallie Bingham, "Waiters" by David B. Hopes With Promotional Flyer, "Winter Isn't Over Yet" by Nathan Ross Freeman With Letter From Author to Someone at PFNC named Christine, "A Hundred Years" by Joseph Bathanti, "Pin Curls" by Gale Baker Shick With Letter for Contest Entry by Author and Author Bio, "No Marks, Just Memories" by Lawrence A. Wood With Programs, Submission Letter From the Author, and Evaluation Form of the Play, 1983-1987
Box 3 "How She Played The Game" by Cynthia L. Cooper With Submission Letter From Author, "A Broken Heart" by Michel Corbeil With Submission Letter From Author, "Dreams Die Hard" Donald Capparella, "Orinithon With Six" by Craig Calman, "No Time" and "Throw Away" by Sallie Bingham, "Father's Dreams" by John A. Brackett Jr., "Who Died?" "Ralphie's a Saint" and "One Night Stand" by J. Y. Barbarese, With Submission Letter From Author for "One Night Stand", "In August" by J.P. Clancy With Editorial Letter, 1980-1984
Box 4 "Seafood" by Kate Rindfleisch With Edited Copy of Script and Promotional Poster, "Special Pals" by Pamela Parker With Production Release Form/Casting Call/Promotional Materials, "Princess of a Darkened Night" by David Katz With Refusal Letter From Playwright's Fund/Request for More Plays, "Visiting Hours" by Catrine Filloux, "Suburban Cowgirl" by Christopher Woods With Biographical Materials, "Pot of Gold" by Gloria Monday With Promotional Material and Numerous Hand-written Illegible Notes, 1982-1988
Box 5 "One Moment" by R.E.Singdahlson With Editorial Letter,"Past Caring" "The Butler Did It" by Scott Ross With Editorial Letters for "Butler", "Hooks Revenge" by Joey Pollock, "Legend of the West" by Ray Irwin, "Primordial Soup: A Recipe" by Terence L. Moore, "Barbeque" by David Muschell With Critical Notes and Evaluation Form,"Life With Mother" by Lance Linnett With Evaluation Form, "Alamance" James S. Howard, "Eva Kavarich" "Identity Label" and "A Visit to the Mausoleum" by Bonnie Beardsley
Box 6 "Images From Within" by David Debolt, "The Flood of 1903" by Deborah LaPorteWith Request Letter for Editorial Reading, "One Acre and Forty Mules" by Andrea Clarke, "Turn of the Century" by Craig David, "Whose (sic) Afraid of Edward Albee?" by Jack Fournier, "Hallelujah CLouds of Glory", "The Mentor" by Grace Ellis With Programs, 1984-1986
Box 7 "The Jewish Problem" by J.T. Barbarese, "Ten Cent Valentine" by Lewis F. Spitzer With Submission Letter From the Author, Acts 2 and 3 of "Very Well" by Ruth Rowan and Burt Youngman, "Sunrise-Sunset" by Bryan Anthony Putnam With Evaluation Form, "All Passengers Who Have Arrived On the Thru Bus..." by Nora A. St. John With Partially Illegible Critical Letter, "Cathy and the Hungarians" by J.W. Rivers, "A Redneck Story" by Nora A. St. John With Programs, "Election Year" by Richard Oldham With Evaluation Form, "My Father the Brother, My Brother the Father" by Donald Roebuck, "Betsy Loves Snap Beans" by Constance Ray With Submission Letter, "Graduation Dress" by Claude B. "Kip" West With Programs, 1978-1986
Box 8 "Afomo" by Joseph Bathanti With Programs, "Trading in Futures" Synopsis by Robert Clyman, Synopsis of an Unknown Play by Bonham (All in Same Folder),"Booking Hold" by Wendy Hakam With Critical letters, "Malagasy Figs" by Craig David, "When I was Your Age" by Susan Vick Programs-No Script, "Reunion" by Christine Rusch Programs-No Script, News Clippings (Photocopies) and Promotional FLyers for "Aint We Got Fun" by Marcia Savin and "Phantom of the Blue Letters by David Hopes, "The last Spin" by Arch E. Manning With Programs, "Prettiest Girl in Lafayette County" by Jason Milligan With Submission Letter, "Firing Harry" by Dan Mackie, Synopses of "Come On-A My House" or "Iggy and Rosemary Clooney" and "The Crystal Ball" and "Raised Eybrows" by Frank Ananicz With Author Publishing Bio, "Leftovers (renamed "A Special Occasion")" by Bronson Dudley With Programs, Programs for "When the Owl Cries, Indians Die" by J.W. Rivers, Programs for "Waltz of the Iron man" by Christine Rusch, Programs for "Moving North" by Charlene Redick, Programs for "Zing-Zang" by Lynn Snyder, "Follow Your Nose" by Victor Truro With Submission letter, Programs for Dark Towers by Rudy Wallace, Program for "Bright Star" by Terry Theodore, Program for "The Bubble Gum Time Warp" by Christine Rusch/ Ginny Baldree/ Reggie Barrow/ Ellen Cotter/ Joy Flynn/ and Laura Hough, Programs for "Matinee Idyll" by Dean Corrin, Programs for "The Chute" by Stanley V. Longman, Promotional Flyers for "Memorial Park Lounge" by Jim Carey, Program of the Ayden Theater Workshop: "Voices" by Richard Lortz/ "Pigeons" by Lawrence Osgood/ "The Sandbox" by Edward Albee, Programs for "Rubbings" by Mark St. Germain, Programs for "Trading in Futures" by Robert Clyman, Programs for "Citizen Klein" by Phillip Slater, Programs for "The Jewish Problem" by J.T. Barbarese, Programs for "Muggins" by Christine Rusch, Program for "The War Brides" by Terri Wagener, 1982-1988
Box 9 "Terminal" by Bonnie Beardsley With Programs, "The Clearing House" "Streetdate" "Shooting Dogs" by Jeff Johnson, "The Son of a Bitch" by J.T.Barbarese, Unnamed Game" by Jennifer Scalisi, "Multiplication and the Golden Fleece" by P.D. Johnston, "The Hold-Up" "Suite for Five" "Food" by Jean Colonomos with Short Bio in "Suite", Revised Version of "Two for the Price of One" by Matthew Gould, "Sister Jesu" by Jean Battloand Synopsis for "Lately, La Mancha" and "Sister Jesu" in same folder With Reply from Playwright's Fund (including postcard referenced in reply) and Letter of Introduction from Ruth Ann Norris and Publication History of Battlo, 1981-1986
Box 10 "Burnt Offerings" by Jacks Bonham (The Play to the untitled Synopsis by Bonham in Box 570.8, "Afomo" folder) With Programs and letter From Author, Synopses and Script Samples of "The Spice of Life" and "The Hero" byRichard Mansfield and a Note From the Author, "Eye of Morning" by Jim Fox, "Dialogues With Clovis I" by Dedwydd Jones With Biographical Note, "Avenue of Dream" by Elyse Nass With Submission Letter, "My Present Condition" by Richard Garrick With Submission Letter, "Related Strangers" by Richard Kolezar, "Two Realists" by Mark Bruce Rosin, "Ghetto Blues" by Joe Shogeke, "The Affadavit" by Janet Schechter With Flyer of Other Plays by Schechter and Letter of Introduction/Submission, "Fire on The Mountain" by Nora St. John (unfinished), 1981-1987
Box 11 "Good Eats" by Anne Russel, "The Christmas Angels" by Don Roebuck, "Family Reunion" by Glenn Rawls With Program/ Release Form/ Submission Letter/ and Evaluation Forms, "A Comedy of Errors--Revisited" and "The Interviews" by Norma Reed, "Icy Waters" by Craig David With Programs, "Potato Girl" and "Whitewater Rep" by Christine Rusch With Programs for "Potato Girl", "The Porch" by Anne Russel With Program and Biographical Note, 1979-1987
Box 12 "Birds in the Weather" and "Something In My Dreams" by David Muschell With (a lot of) Programs for "Birds", "The Rest of the Iceberg" by Andrew MacBeth With Programs, "Nightwalker"- no Author Listed, "Spearing Time" by Deborah LaPorte With Actor's Copy of Script/ Evaluation Form/ Programs/ Synopsis and Biographical Note, "Sure Shots" by Shiela Turnage, "Partial Loss" by Kate Rindfleisch With Evaluation Forms, "Fame Lottery" by Judy Montague, "Just Be a Clown" by Don Christopher, "The Hoouse on Second Street" by Jean Battlo With Program and Submission Letter, "Waiting for Joe" by Jonathan Lowe With Biographical Note and ad For "Doctor Whom" by the Author, "Child of Promise" and "A Father's Crimes" by Niall Dixon Mahone with Evaluation Forms and Submission Letter from Author, "Song At Twilight" by Marcia Savin With Programs, Drafts 2 and 3 of "Nicky and the Theatre for the New World" by Ernest Joselovitz With Programs and Photo, 1979-1987
Box 13 "On These Shores" by Ruth A. Barbour, Lonesome Cello" by C.D. Cormac, The Nunnehi" by Gary Carden With Letter of Submission, "The Day the Devil Cried" by Ernest A. Roth, "Flyin' Through the Air With Santa" by Connie Stenquist With Submission Letter, "A Killing In Clams" by June Griffin, "The Bed" by D.K. Oklahoma, "Comeback Memories" By John Ferzacca, Programs for "The Porch" by Anne Russell, "King 'Bacco" by Ida Wooten Tripp With Program, Frog Prince" by Richard L. Spencer, "Snake Hunt" by Dobby Jones, 1983-1987
Box 14 "Timothy Liberty" by David Brenan Hopes With For-Sale Published Copies, "Something In My Dreams" by David Muschell With Programs, "Home Place" by Phil Hines
Box 15 "Ord-Way Ames-Gay" by Susan Vick With Program and Production Update Letter, and Program for 1980-81 North Carolina Council Artist Fellowship Exhibition, "It's Hard to Accept" by Marie Williams, "North Carolina Tryptich: Part one, The Comin' of the Roads by Paul F. Wilson, "When I was Your Age" by Susan Vick With Rehearsal Scripts and Props List, "Triptych: Ducks, Rattlesnakes and Tricycles" by Robert McLane, "Guess Who" by William F. Devlin With Revisions Note From Author, "Hundred Zillion Sold" No Author Listed, "You Can't Look for Little Spots of Blood in the Dark" by Steve Cleveland, "Slaves" by Randy Noojin With Revisions Letter and Evaluation Form, "The Umberella" by Harold J. Skinner With Submission Letter and Response Letter With Suggested Revisions, "Love Killers" by Gale Bake Schick With Submission Letter, "Sisters" by Clarence R. Cuthbertson With Submission Letter, 1979-1987
Box 16 "Mindset" by Jed Bierhaus With Letter From Bierhaus to Christine Rusch and Evaluation Forms, "Figment by Brett Hursey and Jeff Jones, "Outlaw Fathers" by Drew Humphreys With Submission Letter, Program for "A LA Carte" by Christine Rusch, "The Monster That Ate Sound" by Tony Medlin With Newspaper Clipping asking for Play Submissions, "Absolution" Charlene Redick, "The Good Game" by Wilton Ragland Jr., "Family Fantasy" by Ron Pierce With Revision Letter, "The Promise Land" by Jean Colonomos, "Katie Ogray's Dilemma" by Cathy Chandler, "Blue" by Ron Hubbard, 1981-1987
Box 17 "Montage" by Sandra K. Small, "Street" (poems, not a play) by Luke Whisnant With Submission Letter, "Second Thoughts by Martha Harris, Poems by Barbara Lane Wells, "Wednesday's Child" by Karon Gleaton, Poems by Jane J. Young With Rejection Note, Poems by Elizabeth J. Braswell, "The Marriage of Waters" by Ruth Moose With Publication Bio, Poems by Evelyn Beasley, Poems by Carol Pearce Bjorlie, "A Poetry Collection" by Susan Bundy, "City of Ghosts: A Collection of French Rondeaus, 10 Line Form" by Bobby Sinda Hart, "A Cup of Warm Custard" (NOT A SINGLE POEM, IS HALF OF "MY GRANDMOTHER" NO REASON GIVEN FOR SPLITTING IT OFF), "My Grandmother" by Mrs. Kathleen G. Fain, "Portrait of Dreams" (Poems) by Doris D. Hall, "Made in the Shade" (Poems) by Paul Rice, "Poems/Ballads" by Vi Van Schuyver, "Marks in the Clay" (Poems) by John A. Youril, "Winter Wind" (Poem) by Linda Brown, "Haikus and Such" (Poems) by Everette Mann (Arch E. Manning), "Pursuit of Happiness" (Poems) by Carla Lucas,Poems by B. Denise Thompson, "Striving After the Wind" (Poems) by Beth E. McLain, Poems by Keith Peddie, "Like a Sack of Tobacco in the Rain: Songs and Poems" by Bruce Piephoff, 1984
Box 18 "Collected Works of David S. Barnes" by David S. Barnes, Poems by Charlotte Tomlinson, "Thoughts in Mind" (Poems) by Julie Mullis, "Reflections Within" by April J. Callahan, "Musical Poems and Fantasies" (Poems) by Carol P. Bjorlie, "Poems by Sumner Brown, "The Winter of Hearts" (Poems) by Joseph Bathanti, "Love, Dissapointments and A Modicum of Power" (Poems) by Kitty Beasley Edwards, Newspaper Clippings, A Folder Called "publishing", A Folder Called "msc. stuff and notes", 1987
Box 19 Unintelligible Hand-written Document from 1987, "Greenville Museum of Art Newletter" October 1982 No. 10, VIP RSVP Lists, Playwright's Biographies, "SASE: PFNC Newsletter", Concert Program for The Evelyn A. Johnson Community Singers, "Season: A Publication of the Virginia Canter for Creative Arts", Incorporation Papers, List of NC Playwrights, Resumes, Newsclippings from "Poet's Theatre", Non-PFNC Newsletters, Southern Appalachia Repretory Theatre Playwright's Workshop Participantss May 1-2 1981, Directories, Publicity Tips, Humanities NCHC, "Carolina Literary Companion" Booklets (Poems), "In Tribute to Survivors" Booklet (Poems), "This Moment" (Haikus) by Jane K. Lambert, Haikus by Archibald E. Manning, Dedication of Humber House booklets, SASE Notes 1984-85, Pensacola Junior College Newsletter Advertisement, Readings of Plays, 1981-1987
Box 20 Minutes of PFNC BOD Meetings, Misc. Budget and Tax Papers, General Correspondences and Form Letters, Comment and Feedback Sheet Outlines, "Carolina Shout!" (Poems) by Shelby Stephenson, Layout Pages for Printing "Human Values in New Plays: An Evaluation", Season Schedules, "In the Community" Interest update, Ads/ Registration Forms/ and Letters for PFNC Playwright's Conference and Workshops,PFNC Evaluations, 1981-1987
Box 21 Accordion Posterboard With All PFNC P_lays Staged from 1981 to 1987, Negatives, Photos, Programs for Somerstet Homecoming Event, 1981-1987
Box 22 "Milton and the Dragon" By Charles W. Wright, "Why Don the Sombrero Before the Storm?" by Susan Warshauer, "Graduation Dress" By Claude B. West, "The Atonement" by Malcolm Arthur Whyte, "Alaska Fire" by Matthew Whitten, "No Marks, Just Memories" by Larry A. Wood, "Greene In His Eye" and "Houseboat" by Lucia Hutchinson Peel, "The Library" Margaret Patton, "Weather Ahead" and "Billy Back-Up" by Bill Devlin, Act 1 of "Very Well" by Ruth Rowan and Burt Youngman, "American Chestnut" by Bill Bozzone, "Wolverine Blues" by Christine Child, Resident Artist Application Forms, "Remembered Music" by Karyn Traut, 1981-1987
Box 23 Hospitality Cards/ Letters/ Notices, "Moving North" by Charlene Riddick, "Waltz of the Iron Man" by Christine Rusch, "Vera" by Roland L. Reed, "A Redneck Story" by Nora St. John, Poems by Claire Cooperstein, "Rubbings" by Mark St. Germain, "Citizen Klein" by Philip Slater, Flyer for "WACS In Khaki" by Mary Steelsmith, "When I was Your Age" by Susan Vick, "Fabric and Mezmer" (Poem) by Sam Silva, "Ain't We Got Fun?" and "Muriel and the Sweet Rolls of Canarsie" by Marcia Savin,, 1981-1985
Box 24 "The Arts and the Law" (Seminar on Copyrights) By Mark Thomas, Misc Stuff From/For North Carolina Arts Council, Publicity Lists/ Letters/ Notes, Business Manager's Reports, Miscellaneous Papers, Donations Correspondences, Misc. Programs, Misc Data About PFNC, Newspaper Clippings, Catalogs/ Orders/ Invoices, Membership Drive materials and Correspondences, Invitations to Events, Business Meeting Minutes, 1981-1987
Box 25 Cassette tapes and Photos
Box 26 A"A Redneck Love Story" by Nora St. John, "King 'Bacco" Ida Wooten Tripp, "The Cromix" by Nancy Shires, Submission Letter From Marcia Savin for "Song at Twilight", "Home Stretch Harry" by Sheila Turnage, Unkown Play by Nancy Shires, "The Pelican" F. G. Arnstein
Box 27 Newspaper Clippings, Meeting Minutes, Production Notes, Membership Notes, Misc. Correspondences, Board member Listings, Correspondences From Dramaticist's Guild Inc., 1981-1987
Box 28 "Birds in the Weather" by David Muschelle with Program, "The Thrill of the Chase" by Anne Creed with Program/ Bio/ and/ Releases, "My Gentlemen of Conviction" by Brett Hursey and Jeff Jones, Audition and Director's Acceptance Letter for "Waiters", PFNC/ Southeastern Playwright's Conference Playwright Information Sheets, Notes on Act 3 for "Lullabys and requiems", Misc. Script Evaluations, 1987-1988
Box 29 "A Hell of a Heavenly Time" by Matthew Witten, "Click" and "Margo and the Girls" by John B. Ferzacca, "Masks and the All-American Game" and "Him" by Bill Barnett, "Tapped Out" by William R. Kanouse, "Friends" and "Five Hundred Miles" by F.G. Arnstein, "Dear Leslie" by Janet Schechter, "Tap Dancing Across the Universe" "Jumping" "I Want to be an Indian" and "May Day" by William Borden, "Red Clay Images" by Nora St. John, "Strikes" by Mark St. Germain, "A Hole In the Wall Rabbit" by William K. Kanouse, 1977-1983
Box 30 Scrapbook II, June 1984, 1984
Box 31 Scrapbook "The Beginning of the Playwright's Fund of North Carolina", 1981-1984
Box 32 Plaque of names of PFNC Presidents, 1981-1987